Revised _formate_ 2005 by hcj


									                                                                             Revised (formate) 2005
                                                                 PC-1 FORM

                                        GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN
                                         PLANNING COMMISSION


                                                       (SOCIAL SECTORS)

                                   Education, Training and

                                   Health, Nutrition, Family Planning &
                                    Social Welfare

                                   Science & Technology

                                   Water Supply & Sewerage

                                   Culture, Sports, Tourism &

                                   Mass Media

                                   Governance

                                   Research

Rev PC-1 to be submitted in the Meeting of the DDWP 11-12-2006
                                                                              Revised 2005

                                  GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN
                                   PLANNING COMMISSION
                                        PC-1 FORM
                                     (SOCIAL SECTORS)

1.        Name of the Project
         PAKISTAN HEALTH INFORMATION ONLINE: Health Information Resource Center

2.         Location Pakistan Medical Research Council, Islamabad, Sector G-5/2,
                             off Constitution Avenue

3.        Authority responsible for:

            i.     Sponsoring Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom Division.
           ii.     Execution Pakistan Medical Research Council (PMRC),
          iii.     Operation and maintenance PMRC
          iv.      Concerned federal ministry Ministry of Health

4.        Plan Provision
               i. If the Project is included in the current five Year Plan, specify actual
               allocations:                 NA
               ii. If not included in the current plan, how it is now proposed to be
               accommodated (inter/intra- Sectoral adjustments in allocation or other
               resources may be indicated): Intra sectoral adjustment in allocation
               iii. If the project is proposed to be financed out of the Block provision for
               program, indicate:           NA

                 Total block             Amount already Amount proposed       Balance
                 provision               committed      for this project      available

                             NA                 NA      Rs 9.46742 million         NA

5.       Project objectives and its relationship with Sectoral objectives

         To facilitate access to Pakistan health information through a one window health
         information resource.

HIRC Rev PC-1 Dec 07, 2006                                                                     2
       I. Development of a website for the dissemination of information generated within
          Pakistan through:
                    Major national health studies conducted by PMRC will be incorporated in the
                    Full text Pakistani journals currently recognized by Pakistan Medical & Dental
                     Council (PM&DC)
                    Linking to medical libraries of medical under and postgraduates institutions in
                    Directory of Health Research Pakistan.

      II. Establishment of a Health Information resource centre at the Pakistan Medical
          Research Council Head office for the support and maintenance of the website.
     III. Linking to website of health and medical science journals.
     IV. Conduct 05 training workshops to train 150 health professionals/ epidemiologists/
          biostatisticians/ data entry personnel on computer software for data compilation and its
          electronic conversion.

6.       Description, justification and technical parameters
         The Pakistan Medical Research Council was established in 1962 under the Ministry of
         Health, Labour and Social Welfare to coordinate and promote research in the fields of
         medicine and public health in the country. With the establishment of the Ministry of Science
         & Technology in January 1972, the PMRC was transferred to the administrative control of
         this Ministry. In 1997 the Council was transferred again to the Ministry of Health.

         The Council has supported clinical and bio-medical research activities by setting up its
         research facilities and laboratories in various medical colleges and major hospitals of the
         country, as well as in the National Institute of Health, Islamabad.
         PMRC has thus broad based research capabilities, which are spread, all over the
         country. However the focus on information processing and translating results of research
         conducted by researchers/scientists within country and abroad would help accelerate the
         health sector development specifically and overall development process in the country
         generally. The information resource centre will specifically focus on providing research
         results to health policy-makers and planners for sound decision making based on
         empirical evidence, this will help in getting maximum mileage out of the scarce resources
         spent on health.

         The Following are the details of databases that would be made available in the proposed

         1.   All Medical Journals of Pakistan with their full text articles
         2.   Health Research activities and Surveys of Pakistan Research Institutions
         3.   Directory of Health Research Pakistan
         4.   Health library resources in Pakistan
         5.   Links of the Pakistani health science libraries will be provided to access their
              recourses/ databases

HIRC Rev PC-1 Dec 07, 2006                                                                         3
         The ultimate aim of this project is to create a well-structured, planned and organized
         database of Medical Literature of Pakistan, which will be easily available to all health
         professionals, researchers, policy makers and planners.

         The target of this project is to become self-dependent, after the completion.

Self Sustaining:
       Support from PMRC own budget:
          The recurring cost of the project (1.966 M) will be borne by the council from its own
          budget through the following sources:

                    Every year there is allocation of Rs. 1 to 3 Million for research related activity
                    under non-development budget..

                   Besides this allocation, the Council also has Income Generation Projects (IGP),
                    in which some funds can be spared for sustaining of the project in future.

                   We also anticipate generating funds through advertisement from various leading
                    Manufacturer of medical equipment and Pharmaceutical companies of Pakistan
                    and International on the PMRC web.

                   Minimal subscription fee to access to International /Pakistani Medical Journals.

7.       Capital cost estimates:                      Rs 9.46742 Million (Annex-1)

          The project was approved 2003 at the cost of Rs 9.46742 million. Since the execution
           of this project Rs 7.495 million has been received by PMRC and
           Rs 4.59million have been spent.
          Details of all expenditure including is given at Annex – 2.
          Hardware expenditure details Annex 2 A.
          Item-wise comparison of revised cost with approved cost is given at Annex–3.
           Justification for the revision of the project is given at Annex – 4.
          Details of operating and library software. Annex – 5.

8.       Annual operating and maintenance cost after completion of the project:
         Annex- 6

9.       Demand and supply analysis NA

10.      Financial Plan and mode of financing
                   Federal Govt. of Pakistan, Ministry of IT, for the project period (two years) and
                   after the completion of the project the PMRC will bear its recurring cost.
11.      Project benefits and analysis

HIRC Rev PC-1 Dec 07, 2006                                                                             4
             i.    Financial: We anticipate generating funds through advertisement from various
                   leading Manufacturer of medical equipment and Pharmaceutical companies of
                   Pakistan and International on the PMRC web.
            ii.    Social benefits with indicators Health awareness to general public to make
                   their decision about health and health care to reduce the health problems. Health
                   professionals/ researchers, postgraduate students (FCPS,MD, MPhil, PhD, etc)
                   will also be benefited.
           iii.    Employment generation (direct and indirect)                 Nil
          iv.      Environmental impact                                        Nil
           v.      Impact of delays on project cost and viability              Nil

12.      Implementation schedule:                                       (Annex – 6)

13.      Management structure and manpower requirements including
         Specialized skills during execution and operational phases
                   The existing PMRC HIRC staff working under the supervision of the CRO
                   will do the additional assignment.
14.      Additional projects/decisions required to maximize socio-economic
         benefits from the proposed project

15.      Certified that the project proposal has been prepared on the basis of
         instructions provided by the Planning Commission for the preparation of
         PC-I for Social Sector projects.

Prepared by:

         Dr Jahangir A Khan                  ______________________
         Chief Research Officer
         Tel: 051-9205480

         Mr. Fayyaz A Pirzado                _______________________
         Tel: 051-9224325

Checked by:
         Dr Huma Qureshi                     _______________________
         Executive Director
         Tel: 051- 9217146

Approved by:
Syed Anwar Mahmood                           ________________________
Federal Secretary Health
Ministry of Health
Government of Pakistan

HIRC Rev PC-1 Dec 07, 2006                                                                        5

                                   SUMMARY OF THE CAPITAL COST
                                    (and its comparison with the approved cost)

  S. #               Item              Revised Cost               Approved Cost               Difference in
                                                                                               Cost (RS)
                                     Local         Total        Local         Total

    1     Hardware                   1.813         1.813        2.089         2.089               ↓0.276
    2     LAN setup                  0.146         0.146        0.480         0.480               ↓0.334
    3     Software                                                                              ↑3.05982
                                                                                          price is increased due to
                                                                                         the addition of the off-the-
                                    4.20822       4.20822       1.148         1.148         shelf-library software
    4     Web Portal Lib
          (upgradation)              0.330         0.330        0.550         0.550                 0.22
    5     Web Server
          Monthly Cost:
          Setup cost:
                +10,000=                                                                           0.470
                  0.730              0.365         0.365        1.200         1.200               ↓0.835
    6     Internet
          Connectivity                                                                            ↓0.970
          Monthly Cost
          (for02yrs each (S.# 1-
                  6) 7.265
             (S.# 1-6)6.86949        0.432         0.432        1.402         1.402
    7     IT training                                                                                00
          workshops and
          Data collection
          cost for:
          1st year: 0.9616
          2nd year: 0.9616
                1.9232               1.9232       1.9232      0.9616x2=      1.9232
    8     Advertising                                                                             ↓0.400
          Cost (1&2
          yr cost)
           0.25+0.25                  0.10         0.10          0.50             0.50
    9     Tender                                                                                     00
          Advertisement               0.15         0.15          0.15             0.15
               Total                9.46742      9.46742      9.46742       9.46742                0.00

Note: No Foreign Cost is involved in the Project. Therefore the column of foreign cost has been excluded
from the above table.

HIRC Rev PC-1 Dec 07, 2006                                                                                      6
                                    Pakistan Medical Research Council
                                       Health Information Resource Centre

                   Expenditure incurred against the amount released: Rs7.495 million
                   (Rs 6.995 released on 27.3.2003 and 0.5 million released on 25.4.2006

                                                                              Total Expenditure
            ( Computers, scanners, printers, servers, CD-writer, modem,              1.813
            multimedia etc)
            LAN setup and internet connectivity, training.                            0.58
            Software                                                                  0.98
            Web Portal (Lib)                                                          0.43
            Advertisement                                                             0.25
            Workshop/ data collection                                                 0.53
            Total                                                                     4.59

           * Details is given in Annex-2 A

HIRC Rev PC-1 Dec 07, 2006                                                                              7
                                                                                                       Annex-2 A

No                 Items          Unit     Qty   Revised Cost     Approved      Difference   Remarks/ Justification
                                  Cost           (Rs.)           Cost in PC-1
1.      G510 Server,              219600    2        439200        1350000       910800      Service cost of Rs. 1.350m
        Intel Xeon 2.4                                                                       was mentioned under Web
        GHz w/ 512K                                                                          Server installation cost. (page
        1GB DDRAM                                                                            22 of approved PC-1)
                                                                                             Having two servers
         40 GB HDD                                                                           justification is given Annex-4
         FDD, Keyboard
        CD re-writer, Ultre 320
        SCSIHdd, 15” Monitor,
        Mouse, integrated
        LAN 10/100 Mbps
2.      P-IV GHz,2.5              26210    28        882290        1480000       597710      Revised cost is lower than
        256 MBRAM                                                                            approved
        40 GBHDD
        FDD Keyboard               5850    10
        Mouse, integrated          4995    18
        LAN 10/100 Mbps with
        Monit-17”, SVGA CRT
        Monit-15“SVGA CRT
3.      Laser Printer             18975     1            18975      30000         11025      Revised cost is lower than
        (with 1300 dpi)                                                                      approved
4.      Desk-jet                   9545     2            19090      20000          910       Revised cost is lower than
        Color Printer                                                                        approved
5.      Scan-jet 7450C             39100    6        234600         60000                    The difference is occurred in
        Legal size With                                                         174600       ADF (auto document feeder)
        ADF, USB, ACSI                                                                       with Legal size USB, ACSI
6.      External CD                6960     1            6960       20000         13040      One has already been
         Rewriter                                                                            purchased from PMRC funds
7.      56K Modem                  3560     1            3560       10000         6440       Revised cost is lower than
        [US Robotics]                                                                        approved
        (10000 approved for
8.      Laptop PC, PIII 800MHz,   130000    1        130000        150000         20000      Revised cost is lower than
        128MB Ram, 10GB                                                                      approved
        HDD, FDD, CD-Drive,
9.      Multimedia                24300     1            24300     250000         7000       Revised cost is lower than
10.     PABX Exchange:            25000     1            25000      25000          00        Same cost, previously
                                                                                             mentioned under table-D on
                                                                                             page 23 in approved PC-1
11.         Telephone sets        1500     6            9000       9000           00        Same cost, previously
                                                                                             mentioned under table-D on
                                                                                             page 23 in approved PC-1
12.         Cables, wire,        20000                  20000      20000          00        Same cost, previously
             connectors                                                                      mentioned under table-D on
                                                                                             page 23 in approved PC-1
               Total                                1812975        2074000       1392325

HIRC Rev PC-1 Dec 07, 2006                                                                                           8

      Pakistan Health Information Online: Health Information Resource Centre
                             (This part should be filled up only for revised scheme)

1.       Project History:

                                                 PSDP Cost               Releases             Expenditure
        Date of approval                                                 (million)            (million)
                                      Local   Foreign   Total
                                      9.46742 Nil       9.46742 1) Rs 6.995 on                4.59
        January 06, 2003                                           27.3.2003                  details given
                                                                                              under the item
                                                                         2) Rs. 0.5           No.2

2. Expenditure incurred against the amount released: Rs7.495 million
(Rs 6.995 released on 27.3.2003 and 0.5 million released on 25.4.2006

                                                                                        Total Expenditure
( Computers, scanners, printers, servers, CD-writer, modem, multimedia etc)
LAN setup and internet connectivity, training.                                                0.58
Software                                                                                      0.98
Web Portal (Lib)                                                                              0.43
Advertisement                                                                                 0.25
Workshop/ data collection                                                                     0.53
Total                                                                                         4.59

HIRC Rev PC-1 Dec 07, 2006                                                                              9
3. Physical Progress

    As per schedule last sanctioned   Actual achievement                 Reasons for delay
    1. Hardware                       Purchased                          1. Owing to renovation,
                                                                            alteration and
    2. LAN                            LAN setup installation &              modifications of
                                      configuration and training            existing Library.
                                      completed.                         2. Evaluation & selection
    3. Internet connectivity          Completed                             of Lib Software
    4. Web Server hosting/ co-        To be decided after the purchase   3. Rapid changes in PMRC
    location                          of licensed software                  administration after
    5. Licensed software: OS,         Status: subject to the revised PC-    retirement of the
    [Oracle, Linux, windows]          1                                     Executive Director
    6. Website up-gradation           work in progress                   4. Presentations of firms
    7. IT training/ workshops and     Work has been started and will be     for Lib Software and
     data collection                                 th
                                      continued in 4 quarter of 2006        portal
    8. Website promotion              After the installation Lib SW      5. Revision evaluation of
    9. Tendering and re-tendering     completed                             PC-1

3. Reasons for the revision in cost estimate:

The total cost estimate of the approved PC-1 and the revised PC-1 is almost the same. However, re-
appropriation of approved budget has been made for the procurement dedicated servers, LAN
setup and off-the-shelf-library-software.

#        Items                             Reasons for the revision
a       Off-the-Shelf-Library-Software     Please see Annex-4 for detailed justification of off-the-
        (for Library Information           shelf-software
        Management System)
b       Database Server for Web-Portal     Database server (licensed software) to be required for the
                                           development of Web Portal
c       Database Server (software)         To be installed on library database server which is more
                                           stable, more secure from virus attacks
d       Anti Virus with media kit          This software will be required to protect PCs to be
                                           connected with LAN, etc.
E       Servers                            Two servers are required for the HIRC setup one for the
                                           Web hosting and Co-location purposes and other for the
                                           library database management/backup, for detailed
                                           justification of Servers please see Annex-4

HIRC Rev PC-1 Dec 07, 2006                                                                             10
       4. Item wise comparison of revised cost with approved cost:
       (No Foreign Exchange was required in the original approved PC-1 and also none
       in the revised)

                                                            Revised Cost                        Approved Cost
S. No.                   Item                      Local Foreign            Total      Local     Difference      Total
                                                         Exchange                                From
  1      Hardware                                  1.813       Nil          1.813      2.089      ↓-0.276

  2      LAN setup                                 0.146       Nil          0.146      0.480      ↓-0.334

  3      Software:                                4.20822                  4.20822     1.1484
         (Operating system and library
  4      Web Portal Lib ( up gradation             0.330       Nil          0.330      0.550       0.22
         of the present )                                                                         ↓-0.360
  5      Web Server Monthly Cost:                                                                  0.470
         30,000 for1yr and 10,000 setup charges    0.365       Nil          0.365      1.200
  6           Internet Connectivity
             Monthly Cost (for02yrs
                    each7.265                                                                                  6.86949
                     (item No. 1-6)                0.432       Nil          0.432      1.402      ↓-0.970     (item No. 1-6)

  7      IT training workshops and
         Data collection                          1.9232             1.9232          1.9232
                                                               Nil                                  00          1.9232
  8      Advertising Cost (1&2 yr
         cost) 0.25+0.25                            0.10       Nil          0.10        0.50      ↓-0.400         0.50
  9      Tender Advertisement                       0.15       Nil          0.15        0.15        00            0.15
                   Total                          9.46742              9.46742       9.46742

      HIRC Rev PC-1 Dec 07, 2006                                                                                   11
                                                                                        Annex - 4


A. Software:
One of the major components of the HIRC project is the library software. The basic components of
Library software are cataloging, acquisition, circulation ILL (Inter Library Loan System), OPAC
(On line Public Access) etc. Tender was given for hardware and software. Fifteen (15) firms
participated. Most of the firms submitted quotations for Library software to be developed locally
and only one firm quoted rates for the prepackage library software. Out of 15 firms 5 were short
listed and invited to present the simulated HIRC software before the committee comprising of
technical persons. None of the firms has come up with the software that we have envisaged,
because they do not have professionals who are experts in library software.
The committee members also checked the available library software on line that the firm claimed to
have developed. Also, discussed with the concerned persons who have been using the locally
developed software but we did not get any encouraging response or educational comments.
Since, lot of time has been lost in exploring and reviewing the library software without any real
success, the matter was discussed with IT experts to help, guide and advice PMRC for Library
Solution. Dr Faiz M Ishaq Professor and Dean, COMSATS, and Dr. Mohammad Ramzan, Chief
Librarian, LUMS, were contacted and the main objectives of HIRC were discussed.
Both these experts strongly suggested using the proven pre-packaged library software. (Their
comments are attached at Annexure 11 and 12). They suggested that off the shelf library software
[VIRTUA] package would be the best Library Solution for HIRC.
The off the shelf library software [VIRTUA] is over Rs. four million comprising of various
modules, however, at the moment PMRC (HIRC) requires the basic three modules that include
Cataloguing, Online Public Access Catalogue and Full Text of Journal Articles (which is
specifically designed for indexing, abstracting & full Text of journal article purposes).
Though the cost of the Virtua is little high as compared to the locally quoted rates for the software
but it is tested worldwide and accepted as one of the best library software. It is mentioned that the
cost of aforesaid software will be met out the approved budget of PC-1; however, some re-
appropriation has been done as mentioned in Annex-3.
Keeping in view our futuristic needs and various modules off the shelf library software [VIRTUA]
we hope this software would fulfill our aims and objectives.

B. Hardware:
1) In the approved PC-1 one of the 08 P-IV (1GHz) would be used as a server. However,
   IT advisors to PMRC recommended two servers for the HIRC.
2) Of these 02, one will act as a Web server and other for management of the Lib info
    system and LAN purposes.

HIRC Rev PC-1 Dec 07, 2006                                                                        12
Why Two Servers:

1. Lib. Server: (Data base Server)
 It is always better to have the one database server locally in such situations where heavy data
    entry and updation involves for efficient performance and data security.
 As the Library Software is LAN based that's why it would be fast and secure to enter, update
    and delete the information, as well as searching the information.
 No one can access the software from out side for administration purpose. Data will be available
    to view only from outside.
 The machine at PMRC premises will be used as a backup Server in case primary Web Server at
    ISP is down or attacked by virus.
 It will be dedicated sever for the management of library and information system

2. Web Server:
 One machine will be collocated at ISP premises for web server.
 The machine at ISP can be used as a Database server, incase Database server crashes.
 Security and Firewall
 Data access facility will only be through the web server.

Note: In future when PMRC has technical expertise in oracle and administration then both
machines will be us,- I as database servers simultaneously and the data required to be viewable
from outside will be replicated from local server to the live server at ISP.

Regarding price of the above-mentioned servers has been met out from the approved
allocated budget for hardware

3. Scanners:
Regarding the high price of the scanners, which has been increased reason being that we were
advised to purchase the heavy duty high speed with 50-page ADF (15 pages/m), USB, and SCSI
interface, having 2400 dpi unlimited enhanced resolution, it has integrated optical character
recognition (OCR) for multiple languages. It has also multiple file format built-in software.

Extension in the project period:

Reasons for the delay in the completion of the HIRC project are mainly: the renovation and
modification of the PMRC Library which needed complete structural changes to house
workstations, space for the severs, areas for the data processing/ scanning, consultation, system
administrator, selection of off-the-shelf library software, further details are given the Annexure-3.

For the reasons mentioned above the period of the project may be extended up to December 2007
for smooth running and successful completion of the HIRC project.

HIRC Rev PC-1 Dec 07, 2006                                                                        13

                                   LICENSED SOFTWARE

No             Items         Qty    Revised     Approved                Remarks/
                                   Cost (Rs.)   Cost (Rs.)             Justification

1.                           16    144000       1148400      Rs.1148400 was approved for
                                                             server setup, windows XP,
                                                             Omni page and MS Office XP
       System for
                                                             under the Software Head on
                                                             page 23-approved PC-1
       Off the shelf
2.                           1     3228570      00           This off-the-shelf-library
       software:                                             software was not mentioned in
       Operating                                             the approved but requested in
       System                                                revised PC-1 detailed
       [database]                                            justification is given in Annex-4
       for Lib. Solution

3.                           1     60000        00           This software was not
       Open source
                                                             mentioned in the approved but
       Server software
                                                             requested in revised PC-1
4.                           1     41650                     It was mentioned in the
       system 2003                                           approved PC-1 (sever setup
       server software
       including media
       kit and one CAL
       (Client Access
       License) (Web-
       Database Server
5.                           1     600000       00           This software was not
       Software for                                          mentioned in the approved but
       Web-Portal                                            requested in revised PC-1
       Word processing
6.                           6     120000       00           This media kit was not
       2003 with media                                       mentioned in the approved but
       kit                                                   requested in revised PC-1
       Anti Virus with
7.                           2     14000        00           This antivirus software was not
       media kit                                             mentioned in the approved but
                                                             requested in revised PC-1
          TOTAL                    4208220      1148400

                                                                                 Annexure - 6

HIRC Rev PC-1 Dec 07, 2006                                                                   14
           Annual recurring charges

           Internet Connection Charges           Rs: 636,000

           Dedicated Server Cost                 Rs: 600,000

           Maintenance and repair                Rs: 200,000

           Utility Bills                         Rs: 400,000

           Others: stationery, CDs, Disks etc    Rs: 130,000

                                         Total   Rs: 1,966,000

HIRC Rev PC-1 Dec 07, 2006                                       15
                                                                                                         Annex – 7
             Previous Activity Schedule

                 Time           Start                6                12               18            24
               Frame &
                                             months                months          months         months

                  Phase I Infrastructure development

                             Hardware      LAN setup,            Meeting with      Formation
                             purchase,                           editors of        of web site
                                                                 med journals

               Phase II                                          IT Training       IT Training   Marketing
                                                                 Workshops         Workshops

               Phase III                                Database of full text articles, research surveys
                                                         health directory
                                                        Linkages with libraries

12 months Activity Schedule for Revised PC-1:

                 Time          Start        Jan-Mar                Apr-Jun          Jul-Sep       Oct-Dec
               Frame &

                  Phase I Tendering, Acquiring off-the-shelf library software,
                             resolve the compatibility issue

                             Tendering   Tech training of         Web portal       Formation
                                         Lib SW, data             development      of web site
                                         feeding &
                                                                  Meeting with
                                                                  editors of
                                                                  med journals

               Phase II                                           IT Training      IT Training   Marketing
                                                                  Workshops        Workshops

               Phase III                            Database of full text articles, research surveys,
                                                     health directory, etc
                                                    Linkages with libraries/ institutions

HIRC Rev PC-1 Dec 07, 2006                                                                                      16
libraries/ institutions

HIRC Rev PC-1 Dec 07, 2006                                                                                      16

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