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									Join the Experts Today!
The North Texas Chapter of the Certified Commercial
Investment Members (CCIM) invites you to become a
member of the award-winning networking and educational
organization. If you are in the commercial real estate
profession, then you need to be aligned with this premier
organization today! Joining just might be the most “dollars                 2007 Membership Application
and sensible” thing you do all year!
                                                                                    CCIM North Texas Chapter
Join the CCIM North Texas Chapter and receive all                                      14070 Proton Road
of the following:                                                                        Suite 100, LB9
                                                                                        Dallas, TX 75244
Discounts & Incentives                                                                Phone: 972-233-9107
       Member discounts on Social Events                                              Fax: 972-490-4219
       Free Resume/Portfolio of Qualifying Experience                     
       Meet and learn how to do business with DFW’s most
        successful real estate professionals                            Name
       Network with DFW’s top deal-makers
       Benefit from access to the area’s best professional             Company Name
        contractors, architectural firms, banks, mortgage brokers
        and more                                                        Specialty
       Get the inside information on the market from the top
        local players                                                   Address
Meetings and Events
       Monthly luncheons with guest speakers on the hottest            City/State/Zip
        real estate topics
       Regular networking socials and Annual Holiday party             Telephone                Fax
       Annual Commercial Real Estate Forecast Competition
Chapter Involvement                                                     Email address
       Become active in the local industry supported
       National Conventions                                              Check Either:
       Contribute to your profession and community                       o New Member
Education                                                                 o Renewing Member
       Assistance and support while obtaining the CCIM
        designation                                                       Member Type                   Dues
       Remain informed of class schedules and MCE seminars               o CCIM Designee              $100
       Forum for new techniques and practices                            o CCIM Candidate             $100
Research Information                                                      o Affiliate                  $150
       On local listings, market Data, trends, and demographics          o Chapter Sponsor            $1,500
       Learn about new real estate developments
Industry & Legislative Information                                    Payments to North Texas CCIM Chapter are not
       Legislative Updates on local laws, rules, bills, and          deductible as charitable contributions for federal
        regulation affecting the real estate industry and impacting   income tax purposes, but may be deductible as
        you                                                           ordinary and necessary business expenses as
                                                                      allowed by law. Credit card payments and checks
Would you like to share your talents with the NTCCIM?                 are accepted.
          Then join one of our committees!
     Education, Membership, Programs, Marketing,                       Credit Card                      Exp. Date
Sponsorship, Promotion and Sporting Clays all need YOU!
  If you are interested in joining a committee, please fill out
                    the information below:
                                                                      To join the North Texas CCIM Chapter, please
     I am interested in joining the following committee:              complete this application and send it to the address
                                                                      or fax number listed above.

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