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                  Pine Bluff/Jefferson County Clean & Beautiful Commission
                            Donald W. Reynolds Community Center
                      211 West Third Avenue, Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71601
                                         May 29, 2008

Commissioners Present:

Randy Frazier, Chairman                                  Georgette Garner
Thurston Lamb                                            John Pope
Mary Smith

Commissioners Absent:

Laurie Black                                             Dixie Carlson
Bill Scruggs                                             Brenda Williams

Staff Present:

Robert Phelps, Brenda Halbert and Sarah Wruck

Guests Present:

Richard Davies and Gloria Robins, Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism
Julie Robbins of Mangan Holcomb Partners
Gloria Sumner, Executive Director, Pine Bluff/Jefferson County Clean & Beautiful Commission
Carl Redus, Mayor of Pine Bluff
Roy Ferrell, Chairman, and Sandra Graves, Secretary, Pine Bluff Facilities Board
David Steinmetz, Waste Management
Peter Daniels, Pine Bluff Mayoral Candidate
Steve Martin and Robert Hunter, Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality
Ezra Mann of the Pine Bluff Commercial
John Garner of Eureka Springs

Call to Order:

Randy Frazier called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.


Thurston Lamb presented the invocation.

Roll Call:

Ms. Halbert called the roll.

Chairman’s Acknowledgements & Recognition of Guests:

Randy Frazier acknowledged the Commission’s delight to be in Pine Bluff, his birthplace,
expressing appreciation to Gloria Sumner for the invitation.
KAB Commission Minutes
May 29, 2008 – page 2

Ms. Sumner introduced guests from the Pine Bluff area, including members of the Pine Bluff
Facilities Board and Mayor Carl Redus.

Mayor Redus welcomed the Keep Arkansas Beautiful Commission, stating he is a proponent of
the Commission’s work to keep Arkansas beautiful, as well as keeping Pine Bluff and Southeast
Arkansas beautiful. The city is currently working on a project with the AR State Highway &
Transportation Department to plant native flowers and shrubs to make the Martha Mitchell
Freeway a greener, more beautiful parkway in the interest of tourism, also promoting pride
among the citizens of Pine Bluff. He concluded by expressing appreciation to the KAB
Commission for all we do. Mr. Frazier presented a Keep Arkansas Beautiful logo pin to
Ms. Sumner and Mayor Redus.

Approval of Agenda:

Mr. Frazier asked for approval of the agenda:

        John Pope made a motion, seconded by Mary Smith, approving the
        May 29, 2008, KAB Commission meeting agenda. The motion passed.

Presentation of Minutes:

Mr. Frazier called for corrections or additions to the March 27, 2008, KAB Commission Meeting

        Thurston Lamb made a motion, seconded by John Pope, to approve the
        March 27, 2008, KAB Commission Meeting Minutes as mailed. The
        motion passed.

Financial Report:

Mr. Frazier requested comments or questions regarding the mailed KAB Financial Report for the
period ending April 30, 2008, reflecting 55% of the fiscal year budget expended.

        Mary Smith made a motion, seconded by Thurston Lamb, to accept the
        April 30, 2008, KAB Financial Report, as printed. The motion passed.

Chairman’s Remarks:

Randy Frazier mentioned that he had recently visited an IKEA store in Virginia. They are very
“green” conscious and charge 5 cents if they have to provide a plastic bag for a purchase. They
are leading the way to encourage customers to provide their own reusable bags as in Europe.

Special Presentation:

Mr. Frazier turned to Robert Phelps regarding the program. Mr. Phelps noted that the KAB
Commission has discussed frequently, over several years, what position to take on container
deposit legislation without a consensus of supporting or not supporting such legislation. Several
factors must be considered to gain adequate information to make an informed decision, the
concept as well as practices in other states that have adopted or plan to adopt such legislation.
KAB Commission Minutes
May 29, 2008 – page 3

Robert Phelps introduced special guests and presenters, Steve Martin, Deputy Director of
Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, and Robert Hunter, Manager of the Recycling
Branch of the Solid Waste Division of ADEQ, both well educated and experienced in recycling
and container deposit legislation.

Mr. Martin opened his presentation by reviewing briefly aspects of the new ADEQ headquarters,
the state’s first, “Leeds Certified” building, and what that means. He then addressed the subject
of “beverage container bills”. He reviewed his experiences of the need for recycling and the
market for recycling when he joined ADEQ in 2002. House Bill 2210 was introduced in 2003,
setting a pattern of “bottle bill” legislation to be introduced each subsequent session, without
passage. House Bill 2692 was introduced in 2005; House Bill 2771 was introduced in 2007
(copies of bills and talking points were made available). The purpose of every bill remained
basically the same:

       Meet municipal waste reduction goals
       Reduce litter
       Increase the opportunity for recycling
       Provide financial incentives to recycle
       Build upon existing recycling infrastructure
       Stimulate new jobs and wider employment in the recycling industry
       Help fund environmental education

Mr. Martin reviewed each bill, as follows:

     HB 2210 in 2003: 8 cents per beverage container, labeled “Arkansas only”, would be
      deposited to the Department of Finance & Administration, the container would inform
      consumers that the beverages were sold in “returnable” containers with a return value of
      at least 5 cents. At the end of the year, an unclaimed or unallocated fund balance in the
      grant fund would be transferred to a Keep Arkansas Beautiful account, not to exceed
      $200,000; remaining funds were for recycling environmental education and to clean up
      illegal dumps.
     HB 2693 in 2005: Set up very similar to the 2003 bill, lowered to 5 cents per beverage
      container, again deposited to DFA, with manufacturers informing consumers that the
      container was returnable at a value of 5 cents as in the 2003 bill. (Mr. Hunter interjected
      that the 2005 bill, with lowering of monies deposited from 8 to 5 cents, left little
      incentive for anyone to manage the funds; the previous bill allowed 3 cents to be
      distributed among the solid waste districts, the recycling centers and the fund allocation
      to Keep Arkansas Beautiful.) At the end of the fiscal year, any unallocated or unclaimed
      funds would be deposited in the beverage container litter reduction grant fund, basically
      an educational fund.
     HB in 2007: 5 cents plus 1.5 cents for handling per beverage container would be
      deposited to DFA with a return value of 5 cents. At the end of the fiscal year, any
      unallocated or unclaimed fund balance would be deposited to the Department of
      Education for Public Schools with the department providing grants to school districts for
      the construction of sustainable buildings.

Mr. Martin reiterated that each bill was a little different with changes geared to selling the
concept. He stated that the beverage container lobbyists came out strong in opposition to all of
the bills and probably helped quash them, so that faction has be addressed to gain their support.
KAB Commission Minutes
May 29, 2008 – page 4

Discussion followed with Mr. Davies stating that a bill might gain more support by adding an
incentive for the retailer, i.e., 1 cent to the retailer for handling the bottles.

Mr. Hunter noted that ADEQ would have a hand in administering the funds in each of the bills
and would likely write the regulations on the bills, simply because they manage recycling
throughout the state.

Mr. Hunter noted that bottle bill legislation currently involves at least 12 states and has been an
ongoing process since the 70’s. Ms. Garner said she had examined the bills of 11 states, and
Arkansas is among 6 more that are attempting to get a “bottle bill”. She noted the types of
accepted bottles have increased; also, one state has raised the returnable deposit to 10 cents,
indicating the practice is finally becoming more popular and successful.

Mr. Davies asked if retailers would have an option or be required to handle the returnable bottles
under the various bottle bills introduced. Mr. Hunter stated that issue has not been addressed but
would be included in the regulations. He said it was the intent that customers return the bottles to
current recycling facilities or certified, designated facilities like Wal-Mart. Reverse vending was
discussed where a used can or bottle can be put in a vending machine and a coupon for products
or credit is returned to the customer.

Some discussion was held regarding recycling of aluminum cans with the price per pound
dictating the amount recycled. Mr. Hunter stated that Arkansas lacks a good market for glass
because of the handling cost, but plastic is easy to market right now.

Mr. Daniels expressed support for the cottage industry of collecting aluminum cans or bottles.
He stated it would raise neighborhood morale by cleaning up litter as well as add to the beauty of
the city.

Mr. Hunter used aluminum can recycling as an illustration to promote the 5 or 8 cent return
provided in container legislation. It takes 22 aluminum cans to make a pound redeemed currently
for 60 cents or less than 3 cents per can; container deposit legislation would dictate 5 to 8 cents
per container or a minimum of $1.10 per pound.

Ms. Garner stressed the importance of educating and promoting container recycling. Mr. Martin
concurred, but stated if a stronger position is not offered the bottle industry for passage of a
container deposit bill, it will fail.

Mr. Pope relayed his discussion with legislators, one comment being Arkansas is too small a state
(other smaller states having implemented such legislation). In discussing the legislative process,
Mr. Davies explained the importance of the Governor’s role in the passage of legislation by his
endorsement, support, indifference or opposition. Mr. Davies noted that bills can be passed only
by neutralizing opposition, because we already know the positive reasons for passage, i.e., in this
case, community environment. The question was posed of what can be done to keep the retailers
and bottlers from being against it, and what have other states done to get them into the fold.

Mr. Martin reiterated that ADEQ would be responsible for making the recycling work in the real
world after the legislation is passed. He made reference to more information at He also mentioned cost effectiveness as a big factor; in Arkansas, it is easier
KAB Commission Minutes
May 29, 2008 – page 5

and cheaper to landfill some items rather than recycle. For example, paper and cardboard are
easy to recycle and there is an accessible market; conversely, glass has to be hauled to Jonesboro,
it is very heavy, amber and green glass is excluded, and the glass must be very clean.

Mr. Frazier asked Mr. Hunter, “In your opinion, what is the best bottle bill out there? Mr. Hunter
answered that he has not studied each of them well enough to provide an opinion. He commented
that no one bottle bill fits everyone’s needs.

Mr. Davies asked if there are recycling incentives in other states besides “bottle bills”.
Mr. Hunter provided an example of an Arkansas program in Madison County where the recycling
facility has established a “buy back” program and is turning a profit.

Mr. Phelps asked about curbside recycling. Mr. Hunter answered that approximately 78
communities in Arkansas have curbside recycling with drop-off available to about 135-140
communities. Mr. Phelps mentioned he has received several requests this week from
multi-family housing or condo dwellers that desire curbside. Mr. Hunter responded that most
apartment/condo management do not see it as a priority.

The legislative process discussion continued with Mr. Martin reminding everyone that legislators
consider 2500 – 3500 bills each session, so there are many issues to review and consider.
Mr. Pope suggested putting pressure on the opponents, noting that California threatened to put it
to the voters as a constitutional amendment. This type of initiative in Arkansas would place
pressure on the industry to do the right thing, going “green”, making them more reactive and us
more proactive.

After discussion regarding the importance of support from mayors and county leaders,
Mr. Hunter noted that the 2007 bill gathered the most momentum because of support from
mayors, Association of Arkansas Counties (county judges), Farm Bureau, AR State Highway &
Transportation Department, students and grass roots organizations.

Ms. Garner said the Mayor of Fayetteville, who had supported the 2007 legislation, stated a
majority of mayors expressed support of the bill at an AR Municipal League meeting that year.

Landfill tipping fees were discussed with Mr. Martin stating they are working with their attorney
to change a legislative mandate for collection of tipping fees, so they can waive the fee during the
spring and fall cleanup campaigns sponsored by Keep Arkansas Beautiful. However, Mr. Martin
said the current state’s directive should not prevent local landfills from lowering their fee or
waiving their fee during the two annual cleanups.

Ms. Garner said statistics show that litter we are removing from the roadways actually contribute
20% of greenhouse emissions to the landfills if not recycled. She stated Carroll County Solid
Waste conducts a bulky waste pickup in the fall, and the quorum court has already set aside
money for that recycling event, now in its fourth year.

Mr. Frazier expressed appreciation to Mr. Martin and Mr. Hunter, stating we have been fortunate
to have heard a presentation today from two of the most educated and experienced state leaders in
the recycling industry.
KAB Commission Minutes
May 29, 2008 – page 6

Executive Director’s Remarks:

Mr. Phelps stated his printed report was mailed previous to the meeting, noting he would be
happy to expand on the report if there are questions.

Ms. Smith asked about the November 12 event with Mr. Phelps stating it will be a one-day
symposium for training of KAB Affiliate Directors, county judges and mayors. Ms. Wruck said
she has confirmed the venue at the Little Rock Hilton.

Volunteer Services Coordinator:

Ms. Wruck referred to her mailed printed report, stating the AR Municipal League Conference,
June 18-20, in Hot Springs is where we will be introducing our 2008 Keep Arkansas Beautiful
SHINE Awards Program. Ms. Robbins of MHP will review details.

2008 Great American Cleanup - Arkansas:

Brenda Halbert, State Coordinator, referred to her printed report, stating the campaign has been
successful despite floods and tornadoes and will conclude this month with the last events
scheduled May 31. Updated information and timeline since March:

       77 events scheduled statewide with 18 events added since March
       40 counties and 75 cities participating with 10 new counties participating
       2 remaining events scheduled in Pulaski and Searcy Counties
       22 percent of the final wrap-up reports returned to the KAB office
       June 23 – official wrap-up report due at Keep America Beautiful
       July drawing and awarding of the two (2) Troy-Bilt Chipper/Shredder machines

Randy Frazier asked if volunteers could be counted more than once, and she answered they could
if volunteering at two separate events. Mr. Frazier noted the logos were self-identifying to the
campaign. Ms. Halbert stated, whenever possible, the logos were used in press releases, media
and other communication, providing added value to national sponsorships.

Ms. Garner complimented Ms. Halbert for the ready assistance she had given participants in the
Eureka Springs/Carroll County Area. Commissioners applauded Ms. Halbert for a great
campaign. She stated a final report will be provided at the July Commission meeting.

Mangan Holcomb Partners:

Ms. Robbins made a presentation on the new “SHINE – Keep Arkansas Clean & Green”
campaign that officially launched Sunday, April 20, two days before Earth Day, with a full-page,
color ad in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette statewide. Other initiatives have included the

     Black and white, smaller version of the ad published in 21 local newspapers – May 4;
      thanks to the Arkansas Press Association, most of the newspapers gave a second ad free.
     Billboard space purchased, plus 17 additional boards donated by the Arkansas Outdoor
      Advertisers Association; showed example of board and locations.
KAB Commission Minutes
May 29, 2008 – page 7

     Magazine ads purchased, maybe the first time we have purchased slick advertising, i.e.,
      At Home in Arkansas, Front Porch of Farm Bureau, City & Town of Arkansas Municipal
      league, Stand!, Little Rock Family and Rural Arkansas of the Electric Cooperatives of
     SHINE Posters will go up soon at 12 Welcome Centers of AR State Parks and 90 rest
      stops of AHTD.
     Trash can signs with the new SHINE logo replacing the old KAB “Fight Dirty” logo will
      be distributed thru AHTD at the Welcome Centers and the rest stops, approximately 600;
      they will also be posted at AR State Parks.
     AHTD coloring book – new activity pages will be added with the SHINE image.
     Seven AHTD signs along interstates – new SHINE signage with the “report littering”
     Media: Distribution to hundreds of radio stations around the state thru the
      Non-Commercial Sustaining Announcement (NCSA) program with ABA (played radio);
      TV, including cable (played TV).
     Internet: KAB website changes reviewed, including TV spot and news release; also
      additions to YouTube.

Ms. Robbins stated there will be other possibilities to promote the SHINE campaign, one being
the newly designed car litter bag with AHTD. The SHINE™ icon is now officially trademarked
to protect its use, thus MHP is putting together an explanation brochure, including ways it can
and cannot be used by other entities.

The 2008 KAB Awards will carry the Arkansas Shine Awards designation. There will not be a
lot of media promotion; it is for communities to enter, and the focus will be on mayors to take the
lead. Relaying the message includes:

     City & Town magazine of AR Municipal League: Ad in June issue
     AR Municipal League Conference, June 18-20: Ms. Wruck will promote exclusively the
      Arkansas SHINE Awards at the Keep Arkansas Beautiful booth.
     E-mail announcement to mayors as well as a mailing of the entry form
     Call for entries via news release
     July 31: Deadline for entries
     Winners will be honored in their local communities; 1 winner per population category
      with 6 possible winners
     Statewide press release announcing winners plus an e-mail to ARML members of the
      Arkansas SHINE Awards recipients and posting to the KAB website

Mr. Pope asked if judges have been chosen for the awards competition. Ms. Wruck said they
would be very qualified and kept confidential until the judging is complete.

Mr. Frazier requested the value of advertising we receive from our expenditure ($354,000).
Ms. Robbins stated we receive many things 2/1, some free, the NCSA is guaranteed 4/1, but our
current return is 13/1. Mr. Phelps said we can conservatively say we receive $750,000 to
$800,000 return value.
KAB Commission Minutes
May 29, 2008 – page 8

Advisory Reports:

Richard Davies, Executive Director, AR Department of Parks & Tourism reported on the

     Budget time: Preparation of the biennium budget for KAB, effective three years from
      now. Agencies that have revenue in the B or C categories are losing it next year and, in
      addition, the Governor is requesting anyone who receives any general revenue to submit
      a budget for the 7% cut as an option that would represent $2 to $3 million dollars of
      Parks & Tourism. It is not an issue for KAB, since we do not receive general revenue.
     Lake Fort Smith State Park has opened on the north shore of the lake, replacing the old
     Hobbs State Park Visitors Center will be the first “green” building at a State Park.
     Damage from flooding in State Parks is still undetermined, but employees are ready for
      the Memorial Day Holiday.
     AHTD wildflower program: Seed cost to plant one mile of a two-lane highway is
      approximately $500 or $750 a mile to plant an interstate. The Highway Department will
      plant them. (Ms. Garner, who has worked with the program for seven years, noted they
      also have a signage program if you purchase $1,500 in seeds.)

The meeting recessed for lunch around 11:45 a.m. and reconvened at 12:35 p.m.

Old Business:

     Business cards and mailing labels were distributed.

     Arkansas Governor’s Conference discussion was tabled at the March meeting to be
      revisited during the May meeting. Mr. Frazier reopened the discussion. Mr. Pope said he
      understood Mr. Phelps would be talking to someone about the proposed

        Thurston Lamb made a motion, seconded by John Pope, to take
        the Governor’s Conference issue off the table. The motion passed
        by acclamation.

Mr. Phelps stated he will talk to Nancy Clark, Assistant Tourism Director and coordinator of the
AR Governor’s Conference on Tourism, regarding recommendations of the KAB Commissioners
and how Keep Arkansas Beautiful can be more visible and actively engaged to promote the KAB
mission at that event.

     Container deposit legislation: Mr. Frazier stated he had hoped for an opinion or
      recommendation regarding bottle bill legislation as a result of today’s presentation, with
      ADEQ lending their support. During the presentation, three previous bills were
      reviewed, with the 2007 more specific as to allocation of funds. Lengthy discussion was
      held regarding DFA general funds and how the monies might be disbursed or trickle
      down based on specifics of the bill.
KAB Commission Minutes
May 29, 2008 – page 9

        Mr. Pope said he feels it important that he and Ms. Garner continue to talk to legislators
        that are involved in this issue and would still have a presence during the next legislative
        session. Representative Johnnie Roebuck is willing to speak to us in the future, although
        there is no current legislation. We could make a difference by staying in the loop as
        things evolve. Mr. Pope said he had spoken recently with a Coke representative
        attending a Fort Smith Chamber meeting, stating he (Mr. Pope) would like to discuss
        previous bottle bill legislation and whether or not a middle road could be reached. The
        company representative indicated he would be happy to meet on the issue. Ms. Garner
        said Representative Kathy Webb might be willing to speak to us as well. Ms. Garner
        says she is encouraged that we are going in the right direction for continued education on
        the subject.

        Ms. Wruck said she would like to hear from the opposition as well. Mr. Phelps reminded
        everyone of Mr. Davies’ suggestion that the opposition must be neutralized. Although
        we know who the opposition is, Mr. Phelps stated we don’t know how to align them. He
        concluded by noting we must arrive at some common ground to make it happen.

        Thurston Lamb made a motion, seconded by Mary Smith, to ask the “Bottle
        Bill” Committee to continue their research, report their findings and the
        Commission commends them for their efforts. The motion passed.

Mr. Frazier stated we appreciate the committee’s efforts and look to their leadership.

     Gelene MacDowell memorial: Mr. Phelps reported that he is working with Harold
      MacDowell and Phillip Moore of AHTD, with approximately $5,000 thru the KAB
      Foundation, to create a wildflower memorial for Gelene MacDowell. Donna Gardner of
      AHTD is in the process of selecting a desirable planting site in the fall.

New Business:

Mr. Frazier asked for nominations to attend Keep America Beautiful Conferences, based on travel
budget constraints, requesting Mr. Phelps’s guidance. Mr. Phelps noted he had sent a memo to
Commissioners outlining that, in FY2009, we are able to send three representatives to Keep
America Beautiful Conferences with the hope that one official delegate would attend the
Mid-Year Affiliates Forum July 30, 2008 in Atlanta; additionally, the Chairman and another
representative would attend the annual conference the first week of December. He suggested
those interested to self-nominate and a vote taken.

John Pope said he would not require assistance to attend the Mid-Year Forum, as he will receive
one-half from a grant and one-half from Keep Van Buren Beautiful. Mr. Frazier said he was in a
similar position, as he will be conducting a “board development” workshop on behalf of KAB.
Georgette Garner expressed interest and nominated herself to attend the annual conference in
December. Mr. Frazier asked for a motion:

       Mary Smith made a motion, seconded by Thurston Lamb, that Georgette
       Garner be sent as the official Keep Arkansas Beautiful Commission
       representative to the Keep America Beautiful Annual Conference in
       December, 2008, in Washington, D.C. The motion passed.
KAB Commission Minutes
May 29, 2008 – page 10

Mr. Phelps asked if any Commissioner has a state meeting they would like to attend as the official
representative of Keep Arkansas Beautiful during FY09. Ms. Garner asked if Mr. Phelps has a
list of meetings he would like Commissioners to attend. He responded, based on budget, as

       KAB Mid-Year Affiliates Form: Budgeted to send three; we will only be sending two.
       KAB Annual Conference: Budgeted to send four.
       KAB State Leaders Council in October: Mr. Phelps will attend as a board member.
       AR Recycling Coalition Conference & Retreat: Mr. Phelps will attend as a board
       KArB retreat: Nine Commissioners, three staff for an estimated total cost of $4800.
       AR Governor’s Conference on Tourism: Five total at a cost of $3000.
       AR Municipal League Conference: Two staff. will attend one of the two conferences.
       Association of AR Counties/County Judges: Two staff will attend one of three
       SHINE Awards local presentations: Six locations at an estimated total cost of $6,000.
       Commissioners’ regular meetings : Nine Commissioners to attend eight meetings at an
        estimated cost of $9,360.
       KAB Staff program travel.

Mr. Phelps stated this prioritizes everything, leaving very little budget for attendance at other
events by Commissioners. He said he is open to participation at other meetings where there is a
connection in support of the KAB mission, stressing the need to have a return on this investment
and be prepared to explain why taxpayer dollars were spent in such a way.

Mr. Pope volunteered to attend the 2009 Governor’s Conference on Tourism, since it will be in
Fort Smith, and there would be no lodging or travel cost.

Mr. Phelps proposed that the KAB Foundation send Commissioners to the “Get Motivated”
Seminar, June 17, at Alltel Arena for $4.95 each or as a group for $19. The live seminar will
include some of the country’s leading authorities and motivational speakers. Randy Frazier and
Thurston Lamb said they would like to attend; others expressed interest but will notify the KAB

Mr. Phelps asked Mr. Frazier to appoint a Request for Proposal Review Committee that will meet
to consider proposals for the advertising contract. Mr. Frazier asked Georgette Garner and
Thurston Lamb to serve on the committee, and they agreed.

Mr. Phelps referred to his handout January 24, 2008, regarding the professional service contract
review process. He stated this fiscal year we need to renew our professional services advertising
contract. The process will begin July 1 with the Keep Arkansas Beautiful Commission requesting
proposals from advertising agencies who wish to consider doing advertising/marketing work for
Keep Arkansas Beautiful. Agencies who express interest will be sent a questionnaire. The
completed questionnaires will be reviewed by the committee to determine the agencies’
qualifications and whether or not they have the staff and resources to fulfill our needs. The
committee will then determine who should be invited to make a formal presentation. Selected
agencies would be sent preparation instructions, and the presentations would be scheduled with
the KAB Commission. The Commission will decide which agency is to be awarded the contract.
KAB Commission Minutes
May 29, 2008 – page 11

Also, it was noted that the committee does not have to request proposals from interested agencies
that do not meet qualifications.

Mr. Phelps stated further that no government agency can have a contract for more than two years,
so we are required to review every two years. The Keep Arkansas Beautiful Bylaws state that we
will not automatically extend a two-year contract for more than three contract periods. Mangan
Holcomb Partners Agency is now working in that third contract period. After the request for
proposals and review process is complete, the Commission will arrive at a decision and offer the
successful agency a new two-year contract in January, effective July 1, 2009 thru June 30, 2011.

KAB Affiliate Reports:

Keep Pine Bluff/Jefferson County Clean & Beautiful:

Executive Director Gloria Sumner reported it has been a pleasure to have the KAB Commission
visit Pine Bluff. She announced two upcoming events:

     June 7: Grand opening of the Farmers’ Market at Saracen Landing
     August 2 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.: First annual scrap electronics recycling at the
      city’s hazardous waste recycling center

Keep Van Buren Beautiful:

John Pope reported, as follows:

     Keep Van Buren Beautiful has been an official Keep America Beautiful Affiliate two
      years this month.
     Service worker program funding has been retained for the remainder of the year.
     School recycling: Last report reflected 37 tons recycled.
     Crawford County Judge has begun a cleanup program in conjunction with Keep Arkansas
      Beautiful, averaging about 60 bags of trash daily.
     Personal initiatives have included contacts to Keep Fort Smith connected to Keep
      America Beautiful, then making local contacts to get them back in the system, resulting
      in their recent motion to re-affiliate with Keep America Beautiful, and they are now in
      the pre-certification process.

Sarah Wruck reported on the City of Lavaca, also in the Fort Smith area, that has conducted two
cleanups since Mr. Pope and Ms. Wruck’s involvement with that community. The mayor called
and said he would be attending the AR Municipal meeting in June and has interest in the KAB
Awards competition. The City of Greenwood has also expressed interest in our program.

Commissioner Report – Congressional District 2:

Thurston Lamb reported on another successful Great American Cleanup event at the Martin
Luther King – South End Neighborhood Association, commending Dr. Minnie Hatchett for
keeping that group organized and active. Rev. Lamb also participated in GAmC events and
distribution of KAB program material during a National Prayer Day celebration at the Jackson
County Courthouse and a subsequent cleanup around the AME Church in Newport.
KAB Commission Minutes
May 29, 2008 – page 12

Commissioner-At-Large Report:

Ms. Garner reported on the following:

     Shared her America-In-Bloom entry binder for Eureka Springs, including 85 local
      entries. She noted that 60 people had showed up on Memorial Day weekend to receive
      their local awards for judging in eight categories. The material covered numerous
      activities, including the preservation of 940 structures on the National Historic Register.
     Fayetteville and U of A activities:
      1) The Naturals Stadium: 30 recycling bins were in place on opening day; children
           went out the 7th inning and picked up;
      2) Former UA baseball coach, Norm Debriyn, is Vice-President of the Razorback
           Foundation and has an interest in our mission of recycling;
      3) Cigarette smoking will be eliminated from the entire campus this fall.


Chairman Frazier presented a coffee mug displaying the KAB logo and mission to KAB staff
members. He suggested it would be nice to have one to present county or city officials when
Commissioners visit them to promote KAB programs and activities.

Mary Smith commented on “bottle bills”since 2003, reflecting that they never got out of
committee, noting the impact of legislation on various groups and the great influence of politics.
She said she had recently visited numerous county judges regarding KAB’s mission and vario us
programs and activities, most recently the SHINE Awards campaign. She stressed the need of
having a professional looking brochure or packet of material to take and leave a lasting
impression. She also relayed her experience with visiting two hospitals in her area after they
received information regarding the CLPP program and how KAB can help with alleviating the
problems of cigarette litter around the parameters of a medical facility. She reiterated that her
visit would have been more effective had she left an appropriate KAB brochure with them.

Mr. Pope asked if we can include “bottle bill” material at the AR Municipal League booth
coming up. Mr. Phelps stated it is not the right forum, that we have reserved the venue for
announcement and promotion of the KAB 2008 SHINE Awards competition. Ms. Garner said
she would like to send something to the mayors, maybe a market search type questionnaire, to get
their input on container deposit legislation.

There being no further business, the following motion was made:

        Mary Smith made a motion, seconded by John Pope, to adjourn
        the meeting at 2:40 p.m. The motion passed.

The next meeting of the Keep Arkansas Beautiful Commission will be July 24, 2008, hosted by
Commissioner Georgette Garner at the Eureka Springs Convention Center.

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Robert Phelps, Director                          Randy Frazier, Chairman
Keep Arkansas Beautiful                          Keep Arkansas Beautiful Commission

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