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					In life there is a time for celebration… and a time to reflect

      Registration Service Guide
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                                                                                       A wedding at the Cliffs Pavilion
                                                                                       offers a truly unique experience, with
                                                                                       the ceremony – and the celebrations
                                                                                       – all at Southend’s premier venue
                                                                                       Whether it’s an intimate gathering of
                                                                                       20 family and friends with canapés and
                                                                                       champagne in the newly refurbished
                                                                                       Maritime Room with its stunning
                                                                                       Estuary views, right through to 600
                                                                                       guests sitting down for a 3-course meal
                                                                                       in the dramatic Main Auditorium –
                                                                                       Southend Theatres will create a once
                                                                                       in a lifetime experience for you.

For more information
Talk to our Wedding Planners on 01702 344553, Email weddings@southendtheatres.org.uk
or check out www.southendtheatres.org.uk

The       team at Southend-on-Sea Registration Service is committed
          to helping you have an enjoyable and memorable occasion, whilst
providing you with high standards of service and customer care to ensure your
ceremony is carried out in accordance with the law.

Our brochure will guide you through both the legal requirements for marriage or civil
partnership, and outline the formal procedures and choices you have in the venues available
in Southend-on-Sea.

It will introduce you to the many additional services now on offer and give advice on our
Celebratory Ceremonies, Nationality Checking, Citizenship ceremonies and Remembrance

To make life even easier, the Registration Service also offers bespoke invitations and order of
service, coupled with a complete floral service to compliment your day whatever the occasion.

The Directory towards the back of the brochure will provide you with suppliers details and
useful telephone numbers.

Wedding Anniversary

  1st – Paper      11th – Steel

  2nd – Cotton     12th – Linen

  3rd – Leather    13th – Lace

  4th – Fruit      14th – Ivory

   5th – Wood       15th – Crystal

   6th – Sugar      20th – China

   7th – Wool       25th – Silver

   8th – Pottery    30th – Pearl

    9th – Willow     40th - Ruby

    10th – Tin       50th - Gold
Renewal of Vows

A   Renewal of Vows ceremony is often associated with a special anniversary such as
    a 25th, but is just as appropriate for couples at any stage of their marriage or civil
partnership. These ceremonies are particularly appealing to couples who have held their
ceremony abroad, especially if family and friends were unable to attend the occasion.

Each ceremony is tailor made to your individual requirements, creating a unique event that
you and your guests will remember. You can involve people who have special meaning in
your lives; you may wish to involve your witnesses or best man. The ceremony can be further
enhanced with some special music, readings or poetry. However they must have no religious
content. Like a marriage or civil partnership, you will also need to ask two people to witness
the signing of the certificate of the event.

A Renewal of Vows may take place
at any chosen venue, be it your
home or a venue, special to the
pair of you. Commemorative
Certificates are also available.

A Celebrant will be
appointed to conduct your
ceremony, but will not be
acting in any official capacity,

                                                                                                 Celebratory Services
even if they also work as a
Registrar. Nor do the ceremonies
have any legal effect and are
not legally binding on those who
Commitment Ceremonies

These             ceremonies are
                  intended for adult
couples of any gender who wish to
celebrate their commitment to each
without undergoing a marriage or civil
partnership. This includes couples who
cannot marry for legal reasons or those
who simply do not wish to marry. The
ceremonies carry no legal status.

Each ceremony is unique, made even
more so by the couple selecting words,
poems and readings that hold a special

The ceremony is conducted by a
Celebrant, who will meet with the
couple prior to the actual occasion to
offer advice and discuss requirements.
Please be assured that the Celebrant
will treat any details relating to the
ceremony with the strictest confidence.

It is a declaration of life-long
commitment, love and dedication
between two people. The occasion can
be shared with family and friends, or
the ceremony can be held in private
without guests.
Naming Ceremony

A   Naming Ceremony is a very special way of celebrating the birth of your child and
    welcoming the new arrival into the family and wider community. It is also ideally suited
to welcome an adopted child or children, or to embrace stepchildren into a new family, by
declaring, before family and friends, your promise to be as good a parent as you can.

Parents do not need to be married and can come from any cultural background, with any
spiritual or religious beliefs, or none. Any parent or legal guardian can make the arrangements.

The duration of the ceremony will depend on which options you choose when personalising
your ceremony. There are essential sections (Introduction and Welcome, Reading, Naming
of the Child, Parents’ Promise, Promises by Supporting Adults, Signing of the Record, Closing
Words) but others can be added, such as the Reasons for the Name, Hopes for the Child’s
Future or further readings. Remember, Naming Ceremonies are secular, and do not contain
any religious references.

Every Naming Ceremony is unique, and offers the flexibility to
meet the individual needs and wishes of the family – and the
ceremony is not just for babies: children of any age can have a
Naming Ceremony.

Naming Ceremonies do not have a legal
status – it is simply a celebration that

                                                                                                   Celebratory Services
you as parents choose to do as a public
gesture of love and commitment to
your child. It is not a replacement for
registering your baby, which is a legal
         We are pleased to offer                ����������������
       Memorial Cards                           ����������������������������
      & Order of Service                        �������������������������������������������������

Pre-set templates available or supply your
  own image for a more personal touch.

   For more information, or to place an order   �����������������������������������������
       Please contact The Register Office       �������������������������������

    Telephone: 01702 215009
Remembrance Funeral Ceremony

A   Remembrance Funeral Ceremony is a dignified
    ceremony to commemorate a loved one’s life and parting.
The option of having a civil funeral in which individual beliefs
may be reflected through words, readings and music can be
very comforting. The family can even choose where and when
the ceremony should take place. It gives family and friends
the opportunity to choose a unique and personal way of saying
goodbye to their loved one.

Family and friends are encouraged to participate in designing
the ceremony and will be asked for their personal memories
and other relevant details from which a unique and personal
tribute is created which can be kept and treasured. Such
a ceremony could include memorabilia, family tributes,
anecdotes, favourite music or hymn, readings, poetry or prayer.

Ceremonies can take place at any suitable venue other than a
religious building. A suitable venue could be a crematorium,
civil/municipal cemetery, natural burial grounds, your home, a
hotel, a special place to you and your loved one.

                                                                      Borough Council and Britain On View
                                                                      Image supplied by Southend-on-Sea
These ceremonies have no legal effect and are not legally

                                                                                                            Celebratory Services
binding on those who participate. The ceremonies are for
families and friends who wish to celebrate the life of a loved one.

At the end of the ceremony, the Celebrant will present a special
commemorative certificate with a copy of the eulogy to the family.
Giving Notice

To     give notice, you must have lived
       in your registration district in
England or Wales for at least 7 clear days
                                              Place of Residence: A utility bill or a
                                              bank statement (dated within three
                                              months of your appointment)
immediately before giving notice. If you
both live in the Borough of Southend,         As you will be making a legal statement,
you will need to make an appointment          the notice must be given in person.
at the Civic Centre. If you live outside of   There is also a fee for each notice given,
the Borough you must give notice at your      payable at the time of the appointment.
local Register Office.
                                              Once the notice has been given it will
Each party will need to produce               be displayed on a public notice board
documents when attending the                  at the Register Office for 16 clear days,
appointment:                                  after which time, provided all the
                                              documentation has been received and
Please be aware that you must supply          cleared, the authority for your ceremony
original documentation at the time            may be issued.
of your appointment, you cannot use
photocopies.                                  If either one or both of you are not
                                              British or EU citizens, there are slightly
Nationality: A current and valid              different rules and other documents that
passport, birth certificate or medical        you will need to produce. For advice
card                                          and further information on this please
                                              contact Southend-on-Sea Borough Council
Date of Birth: An original birth
                                              Register Office on 01702 215009, the
certificate or a current driving licence
                                              Nationality and Immigration Bureau on
Previous Marriage: A Decree Absolute          0870 606 7766, or visit
bearing a court stamp or the death            www.ind.homeoffice.gov.uk.
certificate of your former spouse
The Day of your Ceremony

The       Registration team is there to guide you through your ceremony to help make it an
          enjoyable and memorable experience.

Before the ceremony can begin, you will have a short interview with your Registrar. This is
to make sure that all the information given at the time of your Notice is still correct; it may
be that you have had a birthday, moved house or changed your job. It is important to let the
                                            Registrar know if any details have changed so that
                                            he or she be sure to enter the correct ones in the
                                            register. You will also be asked for your natural
                                             or adoptive father’s full name and occupation, for
                                             inclusion into the register.

                                             We appreciate that the bride may wish to uphold
                                             the tradition of not being seen by the groom
                                             immediately before the ceremony. If this is the
                                              case we will be happy to see you separately.
                                              If not, the interview will take place together.

                                              To ensure your ceremony starts on time, we

                                                                                                  Marriages & Civil Partnerships
                                              would recommend that you arrive at least 30
                                              minutes prior to the event if at an approved
                                              venue, or 15 minutes if at the Register Office.

                                              After your interview the ceremony is ready
                                              to begin… take a deep breath, relax, put
                                              yourselves in our hands….and enjoy yourselves!
Ceremony Types and Places
If you are planning a marriage or civil partnership in England or Wales, you can do so
either by a civil or religious ceremony.

Religious Ceremony
This can either take place in a Church or Chapel of the Church of England or Wales, or a
place of religious worship which has been registered by the Registrar General.

A Church Wedding
If you are getting married in any religious building, apart from a church belonging to
the Church of England (marriage according to the rites of the Church of England), it is
necessary to give formal notice to the Superintendent Registrar in the district(s) where
you live. You can only get married in a church in a different district to where you both
live if either of you usually go to worship in that building or if there is no building of
your religion in the district where you or the person you are marrying lives.

The religious building will generally have an appointed person who will register your
marriage. If this is not the case, a Registrar from the district covering the building
must be present at the ceremony by prior arrangement. All enquiries about marriages
in the established church (the Church of England) should be made to the Clergyman of
your local parish church.

Our staff will be glad to help and advise on this matter.

Civil Ceremony
This can either take place in a Register Office or an Approved Premise which has been
approved by the local authority under the Marriage Act 1994.
A Ceremony Abroad
A Superintendent Registrar may accept notice for a marriage or civil partnership to take
place in a foreign country between a British subject and either a foreign subject or another
British subject. He/she may be able to issue a certificate which can be produced to help
the procedure abroad. However, the rules vary and you should consult the Superintendent
Registrar and the Embassy for the country concerned.

Marriage or Civil Partnership can be solemnised in a foreign country under local law

Sometimes it is possible for a record of the marriage to be made under the Foreign Marriage
Order 1970, but this is not always the case and you should consult the Superintendent
Registrar for more details.

Civil Partnerships
A civil partnership is a legal partnership between two people of the same sex. In a marriage
the couple must exchange spoken words of declaration and vows, but in a civil partnership the
contract is formed when the second partner signs the legal document. However, to all intents
and purposes the result is the same, as couples have the same legal rights and obligations as
married couples.

You may register a civil partnership if you are both

                                                                                                Marriages & Civil Partnerships
the same sex, both over 16 (parental consent is
required for under 18’s), and not already married or
in a civil partnership and not closely related to each

Commemorative Certificates
These are available through the Registration Service
and can be organised before or after your ceremony.
Ceremony Vows
The ceremony will begin with an introduction by the Superintendent Registrar. The bride and groom
will then be asked, in turn, to repeat the following solemn declarations:
“I do solemnly declare that I know not of any lawful impediment why I … may not be joined in matrimony to…”
or     “I declare that I know of no legal reason why I … may not be joined in marriage to…”
or     “by replying “I am” to the question “Are you … free lawfully to marry … ?”

Each of the parties must also say to the other (choosing one of the statements given below):
“I call upon these persons here present to witness that I … do take thee … to be my lawful wedded wife (or
or     “I … take you … to be my wedded wife (or husband).”
or     “I … take thee … to be my wedded wife (or husband).”

The ceremony may be enhanced by making additional vows and commitments to each other beyond
the legally required ones. The following words may be included in your marriage ceremony:
“I give you this ring as a token of our marriage and a lasting symbol of the promises we have made today.”
or     “I give you this ring as a symbol of our marriage. I promise to be loving, faithful and loyal to you in
       living our married life together.”
or     “… as I take you to be my wife/husband, I promise to care for you in our future life together. I give you
       this ring as a symbol of our love and as a lasting reminder of the vows we have made here today.”

Having made your vows to each other in the presence of your witnesses (and guests) you become
Husband and Wife.
Music for your ceremony                              A selection of music for your
Music              plays a key role in
                   weddings from the moment
the guests enter the place where the marriage        Prelude
is to take place, to the important first dance. It   Handel – Air from The Water Music
is worth spending time and effort to choose          Boccherini – Minuet
the right music to reflect your style and to set     Grieg – Morning from Peer Gynt
the ambience that you want.                          Elgar – Chanson de Matin

For the ceremony there are four main places
                                                     Entrance of Bride
                                                     Clarke – Trumpet Voluntary (Prince of
where music is usually played:
                                                     Denmark March)
                                                     Wagner – Wedding March (Here comes the bride)
 When your guests enter the marriage
                                                     Handel – Arrival of the Queen of Sheba
  room it is pleasant to have music being
                                                     Verdi – Grand March from Aida
  played quietly in the background.
                                                     Purcell – Trumpet Tune
 A very special piece of music is played
  when the bride is escorted down the aisle.         Interlude
                                                     Vivaldi – Allegro from Spring, Four Seasons
 During the signing of the register.
                                                     Pachelbel – Canon
 A final and triumphant piece is played             Handel – Music for Royal Fireworks

                                                                                                     Marriages & Civil Partnerships
  as the newly married couple, followed              Bach – Air on a G string
  by their guests, leave at the end of the           Grieg – Wedding Day in Trondheim
Music played in a civil ceremony may not             Mendelssohn – Wedding March (Midsummer
have any religious connotations.                     Night’s Dream)
                                                     Widor – Toccata
                                                     Strauss – Radetsky
Andy Bennett and Tracey Richards
  Award winning photography

    01702 219040 • 07789 551408
A flower for every month

JANUARY      Carnation

FEBRUARY     Violet

MARCH        Jonquil

APRIL        Sweet Pea

MAY          Lily of the Valley

JUNE          Rose

JULY          Larkspur

 AUGUST       Gladiolus


                                  Marriages & Civil Partnerships
 OCTOBER      Calendula

 NOVEMBER      Chrysanthemum

 DECEMBER      Narcissus
Wedding Traditions

The        origins and meaning behind some of our
           most cherished wedding traditions may
surprise you. Many of the traditions associated with
                                                        Throwing confetti… originates from the ancient pagan
                                                        rite of showering the happy couple with grain to wish
                                                        them a fruitful union.
modern day weddings can be found to have their
roots in the customs and rituals of our ancestors.      Something old… signifies the bride’s link to her family
                                                        and the past. The bride might, for example wear
Why does the bride stand on the left and groom on       a piece of family jewellery or her mother’s/grand-
the right..? It is believed the practice goes back to   mother’s wedding dress.
times when the groom would ‘capture’ his bride by
                                                        Something new… Reflects hope for good fortune and
kidnapping her. Should the groom have to fight off
                                                        success in the future. The bride often chooses the
other men who also wanted her as their bride, he
                                                        wedding gown as the ‘new’ item.
would hold her with his left hand whilst leaving his
right hand free to use his sword.                       Something borrowed… is often an item already
                                                        worn by a happy bride at her wedding, such as a
Third finger, left hand… The Romans believed that       handkerchief or item of jewellery.
the vein in that finger runs directly to the heart.
The wedding ring represents a never-ending circle,      Something blue… Dates back to biblical times when
symbolising everlasting love.                           the colour blue was considered to represent purity
                                                        and fidelity. Over time this has evolved from wearing
Throwing the bouquet… In days gone by, women            blue clothing to wearing a blue band around the
would try to rip pieces of the bride’s dress and        bottom of the bride’s dress and in more modern
flowers in order to obtain some of her good luck. To    times to where the bride wears a blue coloured garter.
get away from the crowd the bride would toss her
                                                        …and a silver sixpence in the bride’s left shoe… is
bouquet and run away. Nowadays the bouquet is
                                                        a symbol of wealth. This is not simply to bring the
tossed to single women with the belief that whoever
                                                        bride financial wealth but also a wealth of happiness
catches it will be the next to marry.
                                                        and joy throughout her marriage.
Changes to your Passport

If  a person wishes to change their name on their passport for use immediately after the
    ceremony, the Passport Office will either issue a new standard UK passport which will be
valid from the date of the ceremony or alternatively will amend the existing passport to show
the new name. Neither of these will be issued more than three months prior to the marriage

Application forms can be obtained from the Post Office. Once the preliminaries have
been completed, the forms can be filled in by the applicant and the Minister of Religion or
Superintendent Registrar who is to celebrate the ceremony. The form should then be sent to
the Passport Office together with the application for a passport or amendment to the passport.

If you are going abroad, remember to book air tickets etc. in the
name you will have in your passport at the time of travelling.

                                                                                                 Marriages & Civil Partnerships
Traditional Birth Gem Stones
        JANUARY - Garnet
      FEBRUARY - Amethyst
      MARCH - Aquamarine
        APRIL - Diamond
         MAY - Emerald
          JUNE - Pearl
          JULY - Ruby
        AUGUST - Peridot
      SEPTEMBER - Sapphire

                               Marriages & Civil Partnerships
        OCTOBER - Opal
       NOVEMBER - Topaz
       DECEMBER - Zircon
                                   Southend-on-Sea Borough Council
Committed to meeting               Venues

your catering needs for
an exceptional day

01702 347942
Charter Suite, Civic Centre
Victoria Avenue, Southend-on-Sea
Essex SS2 6EA                                          Jubilee Room

                                                       Register Office
Register                Office Seating 24 guests, the
                        Register Office is small and intimate
with simple decoration. Ceremonies can take place Monday
to Saturday.

Jubilee            Room Tastefully decorated, the Jubilee
                   Room (Approved Premise) is a much
larger venue accommodating up to 92 guests.

Some flowers are provided in the rooms, but should you wish,
we are happy for you to supply flowers of your own choice,
ribbons and balloons. The rooms are also air conditioned and
fitted with a CD player.

Both venues are centrally located here at the Civic Centre
and easy for your guests to reach by road and rail. There is
a car park adjacent to the building and full disabled access if

Just a short walk away is the popular Churchill Gardens.
The gardens have attractive water features, extensive lawns
and mature landscape, and make a superb location for

Marriages and Civil Partnerships can take place at an
Approved Premise Monday – Sunday: 8.00 am – 6.00 pm.

Civic House, Porters
Built in the 15th Century with delightful gardens gently sloping down to a pond,
Porters is the perfect place for your very special celebration.

For further information or to make an appointment to view, please:
phone: 01702 215141 email: porters@southend.gov.uk visit: www.southend.gov.uk
Southchurch                          Hall Boasting its own moat and situated amongst
                                     attractive gardens, Southchurch Hall offers a unique
venue, accommodating up to 40 guests. The building dates back to the early 14th century and
has many fine features with its timbered ceiling and walled tapestries.

Some flowers are provided, but should you wish, we are happy for you to supply flowers of
your own choice, ribbons and balloons. The rooms are also equipped with a CD player.

For more information contact 01702 434449
A unique venue with a contemporary feel.
At room24, service is key and flexibility
is standard. We specialise in Weddings,
Birthdays, Christenings and Christmas Par�es.
We offer bespoke packages tailored to suit your
needs as well as your budget. No event is too
small and discounts apply for day�me hire.       room24, 24 eastern esplanade, s-o-s, essex, ss1 3er
Excellent tes�monials available.                 01702 60 24 24 or 07920 05 24 24
The Westcliff Hotel enjoys an outstanding location standing high           Our Savoy Suite can cater for smaller functions seating 50 for a sit-
on the cliff, overlooking the Thames Estuary and Cliff Gardens.            down meal and 100 evening reception, this Suite is also licensed for a
The Hotel has two main Function Suites, the Windsor Suite being            Civil Wedding Ceremony. This room benefits from wooden panelling,
beautifully decorated with large chandeliers its own integral bar, stage   natural daylight, its own integral bar and dance floor.
and dance floor.
                                                                           A complimentary Bridal Suite is offered (subject to availability &
                                                                           minimum numbers) to all our Bride and Grooms. Our Wedding
                                                                           Packages include a 3 course meal, coffee, Reception drinks, 2 glasses of
                                                                           wine and champagne.

The Windsor Suite can accommodate 125 for a wedding breakfast and          Contact details 01702 345247
225 for evening reception.
Duplicate Certificates                                         How to register a death

There             are many reasons why you may
                  require a duplicate certificate. These
are available for all registrations which have taken
                                                               Deaths              within the Borough of
                                                                                    Southend-on-Sea should normally
                                                               be registered within 5 days at the Register Office.
place in the Borough of Southend-on-Sea.
                                                               The staff will endeavour to be as sympathetic and
To apply for a duplicate certificate, simply call into the     supportive as possible, and will answer all the questions
Registration department and complete an application            that you may have.
form. Payment is required at the time of application.
                                                               An appointment
The certificate will be available for collection within five   must be
working days, or it can be posted out to you.                  made to
                                                               register a death.
                                                               Appointments are
                                                               generally available
                                                               in the afternoons.
                                                               However we try
                                                               to accommodate
                                                               customers at
                                                               other times
                                                               depending on
                                                               our resources.
How to Register a Birth

Any        birth within the Borough of Southend-on-Sea has to be
           registered within 42 days (six weeks) of the birth. An appointment
has to be made and the registration must be carried out in person.

If the parents are not married, both the mother and father must attend
together. If the father does not attend, his details cannot be entered onto the
child’s birth record.

Commemorative Birth Certificates are available to purchase through the
Registration Service.

                                                                                  Other Services
Advisory Service…..
Here to assist with life events: bereavement, becoming a parent, change
of circumstances

Our        service is available to assist you with dealing with the changes in
           life events, if you have become a new parent we can provide you with
information on child care services, benefits and other support networks. If entering into
a formal relationship through marriage or civil partnership we can advise various Council
departments and other organisations of your change of circumstance and address if
appropriate. Our service is particular helpful when you are dealing with the loss of a
loved one.

We recognise that in addition to coping with bereavement you are also faced with
making many arrangements and notifying a large number of organisations and Council
departments. This process can be confusing, distressing and time consuming and you will
often have to notify different organisations with the same information.

By signing a consent form this will give us permission and enable us to act on your behalf.

Here are some examples of the organisations and departments we can notify on your

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, Council Tax, Housing Benefits, Libraries, Social Care,
Children’s Services, Pension Services, Blue Badges, Care Line, Inland Revenue, Tax
Office, Hospital, Bank, Landlord, Family Doctor, Water Authority, School, Post Office, Car
Insurance, Priest, Religious Officials, Passport Office, DVLA.
What happens at the appointment:
The service is located within the civic centre so we will be able to book the appointment to
coincide with your birth or death registration appointment. Alternatively we can book you
an appointment at a time and date convenient to you. Please ring 01702 215009 and ask
for the Registration Advisory Service. You will be seen by one of our trained Advisory Officers,
who will collect the necessary information so that we can notify the relevant organisations.
They will then give you an information pack tailored to your personal situation.

To assist the Advisory Officer it would be useful for you to bring the following documents/
information to your appointment.

 A birth/death certificate (which will be given to you at the time of registration)
 The deceased’s National Insurance number
 With regards to bereavement, if you are the next of kin and you are in receipt of, or may
  be entitled to, benefits, please bring your own National Insurance number.
 If you are not the next of kin we will be able to help you, however we may not be able to
  offer all of the services without the next of kin’s written permission and signed consent.

Follow–up appointment
We also offer a follow-up appointment where we will check that everything has been
appropriately dealt with and answer any further questions you may have this can be done
face to face or by telephone.

                                                                                                   Other Services
Citizenship Ceremonies and Nationality Checking Service

In     2004 the Government introduced a requirement for all
       persons over the age of 18 applying for naturalisation
or registration as a British Citizen, to take a citizenship oath
                                                                   The nationality certificate will be presented by the Mayor or
                                                                   his/her Deputy on behalf of the Home Secretary, and can
                                                                   subsequently be used to support passport applications and
and pledge at a citizenship ceremony. The Government               to prove the individual is a British Citizen.
believes that those becoming British Citizens should positively
embrace the diversity of background, cultures and faiths that      Nationality Checking Service for British Citizenship applicants
living in the UK involves, and by taking a citizenship oath        is available through the Registration Service in Southend-on-
they will be encouraged to play an active role in society, and     Sea.
feel a sense of belonging to a wider community.
                                                                   In return for an administration fee, a Registration Officer will
The taking of a new citizenship oath and pledge will be            check applications are completed correctly and have been
a legal requirement, as this is the key moment when                submitted with all the necessary supporting documents and
citizenship is conferred. New citizens will be presented           the correct Home Office Fee. They will photocopy and certify
with their certificate and information pack and an official        valuable documents such as passports and will forward the
commemorative photograph can be taken.                             applications by special post to Liverpool. Where they will be
                                                                   formally processed,
Floral & Stationery Service

The       Registration Service offers an excellent Floral Service through its award winning
          parks department.

You can meet with a member of the team to discuss your personal requirements and view
designs from our picture library or bring along the design of your choice. We use high quality
materials and offer very competitive prices.

To complete your requirements we also offer a Stationery Service, with a variety of invitation
designs for weddings, civil partnership or renewal of vows ceremonies. In addition we also

                                                                                                 Other Services
offer birth announcements and memorial cards/order of service, which we can personalise by
including a photograph of your new born or loved one.
Useful Numbers
   BEREAVEMENT SERVICES                  01702 215015
   CEMETERIES AND CREMATORIUM            01702 603907 / 603908
   CHILD DEATH HELPLINE                  FREEFONE 0800 282 986
   CRUSE BEREAVEMENT CARE                0870 167 1677

   RAYLEIGH                              01268 770782
   ROCHFORD                              01702 545552
   SOUTHEND ON SEA                       01702 610610

CHILDLINE                                FREEFONE 0800 1111


FAMILY RECORDS CENTRE                    020 8876 3444

   CASTLE POINT AND ROCHFORD                 01268 361350
   GENERAL REGISTRATION OFFICE               0845 603 7788
   RAYLEIGH                                  01268 776362
   SOUTHEND ON SEA                           01702 215009

NSPCC                                        FREEFONE 0808 800 5000

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF WIDOWS               024 7663 4848

PASSPORT ADVICELINE                          0870 5210410

SAMARITANS                                   08457 90 90 90

SOUTHEND DIVORCE COURT                       01702 601991

TERENCE HIGGINS TRUST                        0845 1221200

WILLS AND PROBATE                            0845 302 0900

  Flowers and their mean

                  asting love
 ASTERS     Love & contentment
 CARNATIONS Admiration
 DAFFODIL   Respect, joy
 FREESIA         Friendship
                    ful love
IRISES        Wisdom
ORCHID           Magnificent
RED ROSE         I love you, passion
PINK ROSE       Happiness
                  hine of my life
WHITE LILY   Youth, beauty
Glen Parish Music Entertainment                                           07932 884 532
Classical Guitar/Live Bands/DJs please visit website.

JO CURTIS PHOTOGRAPHY                                                     01702 710911
93 Woodfield Road, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex SS9 1ET                            07796 693827
Fantastic Photography……..by very nice people!!

TRACY WILLIAMS STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY (TWSP)                                  07812 723103
5 Bramley Way, Chelmsford, Essex CM3 6ER
Female Photographer with passion, images to treasure forever

CAMELIA HOTEL                                                             01702 587917
178 Eastern Esplanade, Southend-on-Sea SS1 3GA
Weddings, Funerals, Parties, Sea views, large car park up to 100 people

CLIFFS PAVILION                                                           01702 344553
You’ve already found what you are looking for...
JUBILEE ROOM                                                              01702 215009
For further information or to make an appointment to view...
KURSAAL FUNCTIONS                                                         01702 468830
From the simplest ceremony to a grand and elegant reception...
PORTERS                                                                   01702 215141

For further information or to make an appointment to view...
Southend-on-Sea Borough Council
Registration Service, Civic Centre, Victoria Avenue
Southend-on-Sea SS2 6ER
Tel: (01702) 215009
Fax: (01702) 612610
Email: registeroffice@southend.gov.uk

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