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Conner Middle School
Instrumental Music Handbook

Mr. Jim Daughters, Director
Mr. Adam Proctor, Assistant Director
Mr. Osvaldo Altamirano, Assistant Director

Dear Band Student and Parent:

We are very excited about the 2008-2009 Conner Middle School Band! This year there are over
320 students enrolled (including 150 beginners) in the band program. This makes us one of the
largest middle school band programs in the state of Kentucky!!! We are sure that the
enthusiasm of these students will make this a great year for us. Many exciting things are
happening this year; we are making plans for the band and orchestra to travel to Disney World,
the University of Kentucky Symphony Band will be coming to CMS for a joint concert with us,
and we are commissioning a new piece by renowned composer Ralph Ford to be performed in
the spring. We welcome you in being a part of the tradition of excellence that the Conner Band
Program as maintained for many years.

We understand that certain instruments, due to sheer size and financial burden, are not always acquirable for
purchase. For this reason, the music department does maintain a limited inventory of instruments for student use
when one cannot be acquired outside of school. This includes larger instruments such as bass clarinets, tenor
saxophones, baritone saxophones, horns, baritones, and tubas.

    Instrument
    Pencil
    All music
    Technique book           6th Grade – Essential Elements Book 1
                              7th Grade – Essential Elements Book 2
                              8th Grade – Strictly Technique
    4 good reeds at all times and cork grease (reed instruments); valve oil and/or slide grease (brass) – buy a
     box of reeds at the beginning of the year. It will last the entire year!
    Instrument cases – clearly labeled with name and phone number

    Other maintenance supplies are recommended, but not required:
       FLUTES – cleaning rag or swab, tuning rod
        OBOES & BASSOONS – 2 good reeds at all times (rotated daily they will last longer and save money),
        small container to soak reed, cleaning swab (used after each playing period), cork grease;

        CLARINETNS & SAXOPHONES – 4 good reeds at all times – THIS IS REQUIRED; THERE ARE NO
        EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE, metal or plastic reed clip that holds 4 reeds, cleaning swab (used after each
        playing period), mouthpiece cover, cork grease, and bore oil and extra swab (for wooden clarinets only).

        BRASS – mouthpiece, valve oil, slide grease, mouthpiece brush, cleaning snake, cleaning rag.

        PERCUSSION – stick bag with all mallets *6th Grade required to be in private lessons/spring perc. Ens.

***Most essential equipment will be provided with the instrument, however there are specific items that have to be
replaced due wear-and-tear. For example, reeds for woodwind player, and valve oil/slide grease for brass players.
All of our local music stores will have these items.

Private lessons are not required for participation in band but are highly encouraged and have been shown to
bolster and accelerate the musical learning process. Students at this level typically respond very well to one on one
instruction that caters to each student’s individual needs. Unlike the groups that will meet during class time,
private lessons can continue through the year and are truly individualized. We encourage all students to study
privately if it is possible. You can see one of the local music dealers for private lesson information, or enroll in
private lesson program at Conner Middle. More information will be available in September.

Any band student is welcome to come to the band room after 7:00AM in lieu of the gym or cafeteria of the
morning. Students may practice music, peer mentor, help me, or even listen to music.

We are a team! It is important that we present ourselves as such. When we perform, we represent not only
ourselves, but a large whole – the Music Department, Conner Middle School, and our community. It is the first
impression our audience will have of our band and we want to look sharp! Concert dress guidelines are as follows:

        6th Grade/7th Grade Band
                        All: Red Band Polo, Black dress slacks, black socks, black dress shoes.
                        (These will be ordered in the fall. $12.00 per polo)

        Symphonic Band
                     Boys: tux vest, tux shirt, tie (provided by school) tucked in, with black pants, black socks,
                     black dress shoes.

                        Girls: All black (dress/formal) skirt (or dress), blouse, black hose, black shoes (all
                        provided by the student)

Students wearing jeans and sneakers will not be permitted to perform. If you have any difficulties obtaining any of
these items, please let Mr. Daughters know as soon as possible (not the day before the concert!) so that we may
assist you. It is extremely important that all students adhere to the dress code.

Perhaps the greatest aspect in joining band is that it is a mutual CHOICE that you made with your child. Math is
required, social studies is required, and even classes such as art and technology education are mandatory. Music
classes are the academic electives offered at Conner Middle School. What results is a class in which all students
WANT to be there! Since this is indeed the case, it is absolutely essential that students remain 100% committed to
the choice they made to be in the band.

An unwavering dedication to excellence has always been a key component of the music program at Conner. While
excellence certainly takes many forms in music, it must begin with the very essence of what we do, which is to
perform our art. Since performances require all members to be present in order to be truly successful (think of a
baseball game with no pitcher), attendance at all performances is absolutely critical. So, celebrate the choice that
was made to be involved in music making: be present for all required activities and performances!

Official Concert Attendance Policy
It is the policy of the Conner Middle School Instrumental Music Department that concerts and performances are an
integral part of the learning process in music education. It is expected that when students and parents choose to
participate in band, they accept the responsibilities that go along with participation. There will be evening concerts
during the school year. These events are considered part of the course requirements. Concert participation results
in a grade for all students. This grade is based on attendance, punctuality, concert dress, effort, and behavior.
Students are expected to stay for the entire concert and we again ask that students adhere to the concert dress code
as stated in this handbook.

It is understood that some legitimate conflicts may arise, we ask that all participating students and parents check
the performance dates as soon as they are announced and make every effort to arrange their schedules accordingly.
Please do not make other plans on these dates. Outside-of-school activities such as youth sport leagues, clubs, or
even private lessons should not take precedence over a graded school subject. Missing a concert because of these
outside activities will be considered unexcused and the student will not receive credit for that part of their band
grade. If transportation is a problem, understand that many students in the middle school are also attending the
concert. Please plan ahead with a neighbor or friend for alternative ways to get your child to the concert. Excused
absences include illness, religious commitments, and family emergencies.

There are guidelines for those students who have genuine, unavoidable conflicts. Mr. Daughters should receive a
note explaining the problem at lease ONE WEEK prior to the performance. Each conflict will be considered
individually. In compliance with school rules, if a student is absent from school the day of the performance, he/she
is not allowed to attend the concert and will be excused. In the event of an emergency on the day of the concert, the
parent should contact Mr. Daughters as soon as possible and/or send in a note the following day of school. Any
student who must miss a concert, for whatever reason, will be required to record their part on an audio tape in Mr.
Daughters office. Students who follow this procedure, and whose absence is approved, will be excused from the
event and their grade will not be jeopardized, provided they complete the alternative assignment. Most
importantly, please plan ahead and communicate with Mr. Daughters. More often than not, there are ways to
work around the conflict.

Performing groups are the ultimate team sport because every member is essential to a quality performance. Thank
you for your support and cooperation regarding concert attendance.

Minor instrument repairs can be performed by the band director in the band room. Please keep in mind that we
will do the repairs when we can in a timely fashion. If it is a personally owned instrument, you will need to take
the instrument in for repair if we cannot fix it in the band room. If it is a school-owned instrument, we will send it
to the shop for you. Mr. Daughters will make that decision.

Occasionally students will need money for the extra things they want to participate in – such as Select Band, Solo
and Ensemble, etc. Furthermore, basic needs such as reeds, valve oil, etc., will need to be replenished from time to
time. Keep in mind there is no set fee to participate in band and I will always be more than willing to help if

Fundraising must happen in order for us to provide opportunities for our students. Maintaining school
instruments (which is in the thousands of dollars every year), investing in new music, rehearsal and sectional staff,
transportation, etc. are all just a small example of the needs of the instrumental music program. With no budget
supplied to us, we must raise the funds ourselves.

We are planning 2 fundraisers for the year (provided we meet our goals). We will be selling mums in September
and Poinsettias in November. Students who meet their fundraising goals will be eligible for the end of the year trip
FUNDRAISING – but they must in order to participate in extra band activities.

I understand that we all get very tired of fundraising. Just as it takes money to run your household, it takes
money to run a large instrumental music program. Please stay positive about fundraisers – they are a great way
for your child to contribute without money coming out of your own pocket. Fundraisers are necessary in clubs,
athletics, and musical organizations.

Students will be assessed on performance based goals that are aligned with our core content. Performance goals
include concerts, curriculum specific learning targets, and practice time at home. Students will be given specific
details at the time of our first assignment. With that in mind, we do encourage students to practice 100 minutes per
week. In the event that students are not practicing regularly, they will be given practice slips to be signed weekly.

Required Grades outside of class: All performances, 100 minutes practice weekly, solo and ensemble OR audition
for Northern Kentucky Select Band.

                                                1. Supporting
                                               2. Encouraging
                                                 3. Listening
                                                 4. Accepting
                                                  5. Trusting
                                                6. Respecting
                                          7. Negotiating Differences
                                             8. Helpful to Others

                           STATEMENT OF CONSENT
                           (PLEASE READ EACH SIDE)

                                      Please initial each line.

Student        Parent

______      ______           I realize that band is a choice. I also realize that I should do
                             everything I can to be to class on time and ready to play. However,
                             conflicts may arise from time to time. When they occur, I agree to
                             explore options and pursue all other possibilities (such as carpooling)
                             for transportation. Most importantly, I will communicate with Mr.
                             Daughters and let him know in advance when I have a conflict.

______      ______           I realize that all concerts on the calendar are mandatory and that no
                             credit will be awarded for unexcused absences. In addition, a
                             pattern of unexcused absences may jeopardize participation in band.

______      ______           I understand that CMS does not offer band on a “trial” basis. By
                             signing this form, I am agreeing to a full-year commitment.

______      ______           I understand that one of the most important contributions I can make
                             to the band is being a cooperative and positive member. I will take
                             this expectation very seriously.

______      ______           I have read this Handbook in its entirety and am aware of the
                             policies and procedures of the CMS Instrumental Music Program. I
                             am also aware of the required supplies and book.

______________________________                           _____________________________
Student’s Signature                                      Parent’s Signature

Parent Email Address (for communication only)

Name ______________________________________ Email __________________________________________

             2006/07 Band & Orchestra Procedures Handbook

Starting Rehearsal (Winds/Strings)
       1. Enter the room quietly.
       2. Check the board for the day’s activities.
       3. Get your folder out of the folio cabinet.
       4. Get your instrument out of the storage room. Put instrument together and put the
           case away. * Do not bring cases into rehearsal space (except for flutes, clarinets, or
       5. Be seated in your assigned seat.
       6. Any questions or concerns should be noted on the “Question Taker.”
       7. Get your music in rehearsal order. (warm up quietly – long tones or buzzing). Flute,
           clarinet, and oboe bring cases to seat.
       8. When director stands on podium, ALL STUDENTS will immediately stand and
       9. No talking is permitted during this time.
       10. Listen for further instruction

Starting Rehearsal (Percussion)
       1. Enter the room quietly.
       2. Check the board for the day’s announcements and rehearsal selections.
       3. Get your permanent folder out of the folio cabinet by the door.
       4. Check percussion assignment chart on Percussion Cabinet.
       5. Get your instrument out (do not play). Get your music stand out.
       6. Any questions or concerns should be noted on the “Question Taker.”
       7. Stand behind your assigned instrument.
       8. Get your music in rehearsal order.
       9. When director stands on podium, ALL STUDENTS will immediately stand and
       10. No talking is permitted during this time.
       11. Listen for further instruction.

Ending Rehearsal (Winds)
When instructed to do so:
     1. Put your instrument away.
     2. Put permanent folder back into the folio cabinet in the correct slot.
     3. Return to your assigned seat.
     4. When dismissed or when everyone is seated – you will be dismissed by the director
         one row at a time.

Ending Rehearsal (Percussion)

All percussion will work together to put away equipment.
       1. Put away and cover all percussion instruments
       2. Put permanent folder back into the folio cabinet in the correct slot.
       3. Returned to assigned area.
       4. When dismissed or when everyone is seated – you will be dismissed by the director
          one row at a time.
       5. If all percussion equipment is not put away or covered, the percussion section
          responsible will have lunch detention the following day of class.

Playing Tests
We will use two methods for playing test.
      Audio Tape
      1. Enter the designated area and sit down.
      2. Start the tape recorder (release the pause button)
      3. Pause for a few seconds.
      4. Announce your name.
      5. Play the designated exercise.
      6. Pause for a few seconds.
      7. Stop the tape recorder. (press the pause button)
      8. Leave the taping area and return to your seat.
      Live performance (in Mr. Daughters office, or in class).
      1. Enter the designated area and sit down.
      2. Play the designated exercise.
      3. Leave the test area and return to your seat.

Section Seating
      At various times throughout the year we will rank the sections using a playing test. We
      will use one of three methods described in the Playing Test section. At the completion of
      the playing test, students will be ranked highest to lowest based on their score.

         1. Let the person you are challenging know 1 week prior to the challenge
         2. Agree on something to play.
         3. Both the challenger and the student are to sign the challenge sheet. The challenger
            will indicate what the challenge music will consist of. It must be music that both
            students have access too. It will be hanging in the front of the room on the board.
         4. On the day of the challenge the student in the lower chair will perform first.
         5. The student who performs the line the best according to the director will win the
         6. Students may only challenge the chair directly above them. (In other words, the
            3rd chair may not challenge the 1st chair).

          7. Students who forget their instrument on challenge day will automatically move
             down a chair.

Coming to the Band Room Before School
     1. You may come straight to the band room to practice before school. You may receive
         help from Mr. Daughters or participate in a private lesson.
     2. Proceed down the hallway directly to the band room (no rest room or locker stops)
     3. Students must remain in the band room until 7:25 then they may go to their locker.

Turning In Written Work
      Homework or in class work:
            1. Put papers in the appropriate class period next to the instrument storage room.
            2. Do this before or after rehearsal

Purchasing Books, Supplies, And Care Items
      Only reeds are sold in the band room. All other care items can be purchased by filling
      out a Wert Music order form.
             1. Get a Wert Music Order Form off of the side table (by the instrument storage
             2. Fill out the order form and include your money (cash or check)
             3. Place the money and order form in an envelope.
             4. Envelope must have name, date, grade, and instrument.
             5. Place the envelope in the West Music Order Box on the table (next to
                instrument room)

Major And Minor Instrument Repairs
      Leave in Mr. Daughters office with a note. Name and problem.

Absences/Make-Up Work
     Section Leaders are in charge of keeping materials that may have been passed out during
     class. If you are absent, see your section leader for assignments or music that was

Hall Passes
      Students will only be allowed to leave the band room for extreme emergencies.
      1. Ask Mr. Daughters if you may leave the room.
      2. Take the hall pass on the window of my office.
      3. Fill out your name, time, and location going.
      4. Return to the office window when done.

Permanent Music Folder
     1. Students will be given a band folder at the beginning of the year.

       2. Folders can be kept in the folio cabinets in the back of the room.
       3. 6th grade is in the front of the room, 7th & 8th are in the back. Students should pick up
          these folders as they enter the band room for rehearsal.
       4. Students should return these folders to the folio cabinet at the conclusion of rehearsal.
       5. Students may take their folders home for practicing.

Replacing Lost Music
      1. Fill out the instrument request sheet COMPLETELY on the wall next to the band
      2. The band librarians will copy it for you before the next class period.
      3. Your copied music will be placed in the grade level shelf with your name on it.

Concert Performance
     1. At a specified time prior to the concert, ALL STUDENTS IN ALL BANDS should
         report to the gym with music and instrument.
     3. 6th grade will sit in the concert set. 7th and 8th grade will be sitting in assigned seats on
         the floor.
     4. 7:00 PM concert begins.
     5. 6th grade performs
     6. 7th grade performs (6th grade will take their seats in chairs)
     7. 8th grade performs
     8. 8:30 PM dismiss (All students should help take equipment to band room).
     9. DRESS FOR THE CONCERT (See Handbook)

Earthquake Drills
      1. Move away from the walls of the band room.
      2. Make your self as small as possible on the floor and put your head under your chair.

Fire Drills
      1. Follow a director (with your instrument) out the band room door and outside using
           the door just outside the band room.
      2. Proceed behind the school to the field.
      3. Line up quietly for role check.
      4. When given the all clear follow the director back into the school.

Tornado Drills
     1. Proceed to the back wall of the band room or instrument storage room.
     2. Kneel sown against the wall and cover your head.
     3. DO NOT TALK.

Bomb Threats
     1. See fire drill.

Combined Class Practice During-School
     1. Report to the band room and get your instrument when you are instructed to do so.
     2. Go to the gym and be seated OR band room, depending on instructions.
     3. Follow Starting Rehearsal procedure for winds and percussion.

After-School Rehearsals
      1. Report to the band room when walkers and riders are dismissed.
      2. Follow Starting Rehearsal procedure for winds and percussion.

Procedure for Turning in Money (Fundraisers, Reeds, Trips, etc.)
For whatever reason, students will be turning in money at different times for different things.
We have envelopes for kids to use in the band room if they need them, or you can put it in an
envelope at home and have them bring it to school.

    1. Get an envelope from the money box or one you brought from home.
    2. Include the following on the envelope:
          o Name
          o Grade
          o Amount
          o What it’s for
    3. Place your sealed envelope and any appropriate order forms or permission forms in the
       band money box in by the band library. IF IT IS A WERT ORDER, make sure you place
       the order form inside of the envelope. All Wert order form payments should be payable
       to Wert Music NOT CMS.
    4. Sign the record sheet with your signature and the amount turned in.

   Students will not be allowed to turn in money that IS NOT in an envelope. It will be handed
    back to them.
   Mr. Olsen is in charge of all money turned in. If you have any questions, please do not
    hesitate to contact him.

Class Disruption Procedures
   1. If a student is continuing a disruption during class (after being asked not to by a staff
      member), he/she is to fill out the band discipline referral to be signed by a parent and
      brought back the next class period.
   2. If this continues to be a problem, Mr. Daughters will assign a lunch detention.

   3. If the problem persists, the student will be sent to the AA room or be asked to stay for
      after-school detention. Parents will be called.
   4. Principal.

Contacting Staff & Music Dealers

Mr. Daughters
james.daughters@boone.kyschools.us              Wert Music
S: 334-4410 x.234                               727-1138

                           Buddy Rogers Music


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