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					?Treatment of radiation proctitis

?Radiation proctitis treatment 1, G-CSF 100 g plus saline 50ml rectal
administration, such as pain and lidocaine 5ml. 2, formaldehyde
(zhichangjing direct local use 4% formalin hydropathic), hemostatic
effect is good, but the side effects are more obvious. 3, herbal
enema: ٠wujin oral 20ml plus zhikang capsule 4 capsules (get rid of
cysts) Enema, lidocaine 2-5ml. ‫ڠ‬compound Yunnan baiyao enema Yunnan
baiyao 2.4g furazolidone 3g adrenaline 1mg procaine hydrochloride
sodium hydroxymethyl cellulose 5g 20g add distilled water to 1000ml
heating 36-38 㠃 enema. saline 15ml dexamethasone 5mg Berberine 0.3g
Belladonna mixture 10ml enema rhegf 5ml rectal Administration 4, at
the same time giving the hyperbaric oxygen treatment can receive
better results.

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