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									?To recommend a book.


A Japan wrote the book the inedible medicine ", disease control,
Department of medicine and is learning to doctors, was born in Japan
in 1945, 1969 at Osaka University medical school approved by the
Ministry of health in Osaka, at Osaka-Chuo Hospital to 1997, 1986 and
Beppu macro state founded the non-pharmaceutical business of
medicines information publications-TIP (the correct treatment and
drug information on law and served as associate editor. The author
has chosen the drug harm cannot disappearance (Japan reviews), and on
this book's release as a turning point in 1997 from Osaka-Chuo
Hospital, founded the medical monitoring centre. In April 2000, as
non-legal medicine at camp have begun formal operational monitoring
centre. 2001 to editing and released quarterly, the main drug testing
is testing for life. Weishengbubeijingyiyuan acupuncture massage Lin

He has been committed to the drug's safety, proper use of research
and information gathering exercise.

Maybe my ignorance, in China, I haven't seen or heard of this
conscience of Western medicine, willing to put some truth telling

The following is part of the directory, we can look at, shocking:

Influenza vaccine: vaccine against influenza does not require

Anti-influenza agents dangerous and ineffective

Used for fever reduction of body temperature and instead make cold
hard to cure.

How to avoid cancer cholesterol-lowering agent.

Antihypertensive drugs: in accordance with existing standards use
drugs to control blood pressure will be dangerous.
Today's China is the leading practitioners of health care, but
doctors in China has turned sour, in the West continue to find a way
out from the traditional Chinese medicine, China has more "Western",
drugs of abuse to the extreme degree, irrespective of what disease,
seemed to transfusion medicine and American, etc. in the developed
countries, the performance of the infusion is seriously ill! many
drugs such as Prozac, hypoglycemic, life-long medication! abroad did
so! antihypertensive drugs is sometimes a calcium antagonist,

I'm the main on TCM, acupuncture, I always lost no time in advising
patients rarely used Western medicine, and try to use my knowledge of
Chinese medicine, acupuncture pain relief for patients by. But my
knowledge of Western medicine is not fine, when when bought online
the inedible drug law see, feel like I'm doing is right.

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werden so bald wie m?glich.


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