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									                           N.Y.C. CHINATOWN REUNION NEWSLETTER
                                                                                                    November 15, 2010
NEW YORK                    JULY 8, 2005                       When: Saturday, July 9, 2005, 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

A "Tell Your Friends and Family!" Announcement of              Where: Tours begin at MoCA @ 70 Mulberry Street,
Events, Exhibits and Programs at MoCA and Around               2nd Floor
New York City. For more information, visit www.moca- MoCA 1980-2005:       Celebrating 25 Years.           Fee: $12/Adult; $8/MoCA Member; $6/Student and
                                                               Senior; free/Children 5 and under. Advanced
NOTES:                                                 1)      reservations required. Please call (212)619-4785.
                                                               The earliest Chinese eateries in New York catered
UPCOMING EXHIBITS:                                  2)         strictly to the needs of Chinatown's turn-of-the-
Tuesday, August 16, 2005: "Archivist of the 'Yellow            century "bachelor society." Over time , however,
Peril': Yoshio Kishi Collecting for a New America"             Chinatown's restaurant industry would reflect the
Opens                                                          neighborhood's changing immigrant population and
                                                               needs. Through present-day and historical food-
PROGRAMS:                                       3)             related sites, this themed walking tour will trace the
Saturday, July 9: "From Coffeehouses to Banquet                evolution of Chinese American eateries and foodways
Halls" Walking Tour                                            in Chinatown, and highlight the ways in which these
                                                               eateries have both reflected and shaped this
4) Sunday, July 17: "What's Wrong with Frank Chin?"            community.
@ the Asian American International Film Festival --
Exclusive MoCA Member's Discount!                              4) "What's Wrong with Frank Chin?" @ the Asian
                                                               American International Film Festival -- Exclusive MoCA
******************************************1)                   Member's Discount!
As MoCA prepares for its new exhibit, "Archivist of the
'Yellow Peril': Yoshio Kishi Collecting for a New              When: Sunday, July 17, 2005, 2:30 pm
America," admission to the Museum will be $1 for all
guests! Dollar Days begin Tuesday, July 5th until              Where: Asia Society, 725 Park Avenue at 70th Street
Tuesday, August 16th.
                                                               Fee: General admission: $10; MoCA Member
2) "Archivist of the 'Yellow Peril': Yoshio Kishi Collecting   Discount: $8. For discount tickets, purchases must be
for a New America"                                             made IN PERSON at the Asia Society box office. MoCA
                                                               members must present their MoCA membership card
When: August 16 - December 31, 2005                            for discount (applicable to this film only). For box
                                                               office hours, visit
A rare glimpse into the Yoshio Kishi & Irene Yah Ling
Sun Collection, "Archivist" examines the real versus           MoCA cosponsors screenings of "What's Wrong with
imagined realities of Asian and Asian Americans. A             Frank Chin" at the Asian American International Film
provocative collection of yellow peril books, movie            Festival. The film captures Chin in all his full
posters, political cartoons and paper ephemera that            complexity and contradictions, unflinchingly displaying
document stereotypic representations of Asian peoples          both his literary accomplishments and his personal
are countered with art and literature by Asian American        controversies. Director Curtis Choy profiles Chin's
writers and intellectuals who fought to erase these            many accomplishments, from publishing the
perversions. The exhibit is organized by New York              groundbreaking Asian American literature anthology
University Asian/Pacific/American Studies Program &            AIIIEEEEE! to founding the annual Day of
Institute and MoCA.                                            Remembrance memorials. However, Choy is equally
                                                               devoted to examining the more contentious parts of
3) "From Coffeehouses to Banquet Halls: Historical             Chin's life. The film recounts the public battle
Walking Tour of Chinatown Eateries"                            between Chin and Maxine Hong Kingston, letter by
                                                               letter, blow for blow, neither coddling nor
                            N.Y.C. CHINATOWN REUNION NEWSLETTER
                                                                                                    November 15, 2010
condemning either author's position. Choy builds a            The background investigation examines:
portrait of Chin in full, unflinching detail, leaving it to   employment history, educational qualifications
the audience to draw their own conclusions about the          and any prior arrest and conviction records.
                                                              An independent evaluation board reviews the
man's legacy.
                                                              obtained information and makes a
                                                              recommendation regarding the candidate's
******************************************                    fitness for appointment.
Court Position Available
                                                              The psychological examination consists of a
Filing remains open for an exam leading to                    written assessment test and a personal
Court Officer Trainee jobs, the Office of Court               interview with a licensed clinical psychologist
Administration said.                                          and/or licensed psychiatrist.

Applications for the newly created title must be              Trainees must first complete 10 weeks of
postmarked by July 29. The starting salary is                 instruction at the Court Officer Training
33,203, which increases to $41,751 after two                  Academy. The classes cover physical training
years of service. Individuals assigned to work                and defense tactics, communication skills and
in the city and Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland, and                conflict resolution, emergency evacuation
Westchester counties will receive a $1,264                    procedures, fire safety, prisoner handling, CPR
location pay differential.                                    and basic first aid, and magnetometer/x-ray
Close to 9,000 applicants have filed so far, OCA
spokesman David Bookstaver said last week.                    Court Officer Trainees maintain order and
Eligibles on the resulting list will be hired to fill         provide security in courtrooms and court
thousands of projected vacancies throughout                   buildings. They are peace officers who are
the state over the next several years, an                     required to wear uniforms and may be
agency spokeswoman added.                                     authorized to carry firearms, execute warrants
                                                              and make arrests. Typical duties include:
Due to the large volume of applicants, the                    guarding and escorting criminal defendants,
written exam will be held in test centers                     judges, juries, and witnesses to court;
throughout the state on Oct. 22 and Dec. 10,                  handling court documents and forms;
2005. There is a $25 filing fee.                              providing information and assistance to the
                                                              public; physically restraining and calming
Candidates who rank near the top of the                       unruly persons; and operating security
eligible list can expect to be hired next spring.             equipment.

To qualify, by the time of appointment                        Further information can be obtained online at:
candidates must be 18 years old and have a           or
high school diploma or GED. They also must be                 by calling 212-428-2580. In addition, copies
U.S. citizens and state residents.                            of a detailed 25-page guidebook can be
                                                              obtained at any courthouse, or by sending a
The multiple-choice exam will test candidates'                large, self-addressed envelope to the Office of
abilities to read, understand and interpret                   Court Administration Examination Unit, Room
written material, as well as apply information to             1081, 25 Beaver St., New York, NY, 10004.
given situations. The exam will also cover
clerical checking and court record-keeping.                   LAS VEGAS, NEVADA

Candidates who pass the written exam will be                  The Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA)
called in order of their rank on the eligible list            and the OCA-Las Vegas Chapter will host
for a medical screening. There is also a physical             OCA’s 27th Annual National Convention from
test, a psychological assessment, and a                       July 28 – 31, 2004 at Bally’s Las Vegas in Las
background investigation, which includes a $75                Vegas, Nevada. Listed below are some of the
fingerprint processing fee. The entire screening              exhibitors at the Job Fair.
process usually takes six months to a year.
                             N.Y.C. CHINATOWN REUNION NEWSLETTER
                                                                                                   November 15, 2010
    Free Job Fair – Friday and Saturday, July 29-30,            Peace Corps
    2005                                                        PepsiCo
                                                                Sandia National Laboratory
    Bally’s Las Vegas                                           Social Security Administration
    3645 Las Vegas Boulevard South                              Starwood Hotels & Resorts
    Las Vegas, NV 89109-4307.                                   State Farm Insurance Companies
    Tel: 800-634-3434                                           The National Science Foundation
                                                                The TJX Companies, Inc.
    The Job Fair, with refreshments sponsored by PepsiCo,       United Parcel Service
    will run from Friday, July 29th, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm,        United States Postal Service
    through Saturday, July 30th, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.            US Census Bureau
    Recruiters from private companies, the federal              US Coast Guard
    government, and nonprofit organizations will be             US Department of Commerce
    interviewing job candidates in this exhibit area.           US Department of Energy
    Attendees should bring resumes for distribution.            US Department of Justice -- Community Relations
    Exhibitors include:                                         US Department of Justice
                                                                US Department of State/Diplomatic Security
           Abercrombie & Fitch                                 US Department of the Treasury
           Allstate                                            US Environmental Protection Agency
           Aon Corporation                                     USDA Forest Service
           AT&T                                                US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
           Avon Products, Inc.                                 Verizon
           Brinker International                               Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
           Bureau of Reclamation                               Waste Management
           Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services
           Citibank (West) FSB                                 MISCELLANEOUS
           Department of Health & Human
    Services/Administration for Children and Families           The Latest Scam: Robbing Females using the
           DHS/Customs & Border Protection (CBP)               bathroom at a Shopping Mall.
           Defense Intelligence Agency
                                                                The way the scam works is, a man slips into a
           Federal Bureau of Investigations
                                                                women's restroom and sneaks into a stall. He waits
           Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
                                                                until there is only one woman in the restroom in a
           Ford Motor Company
                                                                neighboring stall.
           Freddie Mac
           The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
                                                                The criminal then stands on the toilet and points a
           Hyatt Hotels Corporation
                                                                handgun into the next stall, demanding the woman's
           J.C. Penney Corporation, Inc.
                                                                valuables. After getting her cash and jewelry, he
           Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
                                                                demands that she remove all of her clothing and kick
           Los Alamos National Laboratory
                                                                them out of the stall. The thief tosses the clothing
           McDonald's Corporation
                                                                into a shopping bag, hangs an out of order sign on
           Mercedes Benz USA
                                                                the restroom door, and slips back into the mall. The
           MGM Mirage
                                                                out of order sign ensures no one will soon come to
           National Marrow Donor Program
                                                                the woman's rescue. It usually takes an hour or two
           National Security Agency
                                                                for the woman to work up the nerve to leave the
           Nielsen Media Research
                                                                restroom in the nude, giving the criminal ample time
           Northwest Airlines
                                                                to make his get away. The woman is left naked and
           OCA
                                                                humiliated in a mall full of strangers.
           OCA/2006 Convention
                          N.Y.C. CHINATOWN REUNION NEWSLETTER
                                                                                                  November 15, 2010
The best defense, say police, is to never go into a          So, mark your calendar at the beginning of August to
shopping mall restroom alone, as only women who are          see Mars grow progressively brighter and righter
by themselves are targeted.                                  throughout the month.

PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW.                    Share this with your children and grandchildren. NO
This has so far been a nearly perfect crime, as none of      ONE ALIVE TODAY WILL EVER SEE THIS AGAIN.
the perpetrators have been caught. Don't let this
happen to you or another woman. My own thought:              *****************************************
nowadays the robber could be a female too.
********************************************                 The following letter was sent by 80-20 President S.B.
A diet packed with vitamin E may help protect against        Woo to Labor Secretary Elaine Chao: The letter was
Parkinson's disease, recent research concludes, and          "Expressed Mailed" to Secretary Chao at the
almonds are a good source. Parkinson's is a chronic          suggestion of US Senator Tom Carper. He offered to
neurological condition that hampers motor function.          get Elaine Chao & me together in his office with him
Other good food sources of antioxidant vitamin E             playing the role of the host.
include hazelnuts, wheat-germ oil, sweet potatoes, and       Here is the letter: - - - - - - - - -
peanut butter Seek out a handful of almonds for a
                                                             May 17, 2005
serving of a potential Parkinson's fighter.

MARS SPECTACULAR!                                            The Honorable Elaine Chao
                                                             Secretary, Department of Labor
The Red Planet is about to be spectacular! This month        Frances Perkins BLDG
and next, Earth is catching up with Mars in an               200 Constitution Avenue, NW
encounter that will culminate in the closest approach        Washington, DC 20210
between the two planets in recorded > history. The
next times Mars may come this close is in 2287. Due          Dear Madam Secretary:
to the way Jupiter's gravity tugs on Mars and perturbs
its orbit, astronomers can only be certain that Mars has         History occasionally smiles upon a special
not come this close to Earth in the last 5,000 years, but    individual and gives that individual the unique
it may be as long as 60,000 years before it happens          opportunity to serve and shine.
                                                                 Such an occasion may be at hand. You are our
The encounter will culminate on August 27th when             Labor Secretary. You are entrusted by our nation to
Mars comes to within 34,649,589 miles of Earth and           faithfully enforce Exec. Order 11246 in order to
will be (next to the moon) the brightest object in the       ensure equal opportunity in workplaces for all
night sky. It will attain a magnitude of -2.9 and will       Americans. You are also an Asian American. It so
appear 25.11 arc seconds wide. At a modest 75-power          happens that Asian Americans (AsAms) are today the
magnification.                                               MOST underrepresented in management among ALL
                                                             minorities in America. You can help them
Mars will look as large as the full moon to the naked        win equal opportunity and in that process wipe out
eye. Mars will be easy to spot. At the beginning of          the last vestige of discrimination in workplaces owing
August it will rise in the east at 10p.m. and reach its      to race and national origin.
azimuth at about 3 A.M.
                                                                  Madame Secretary, a glass ceiling hangs above
By the end of August when the two planets are                more than 2.1 million Asian American workers, based
closest, Mars will rise at nightfall and reach its highest   on federal government data, easily accessible on WEB
point in the sky at 12:30a.m. That's pretty convenient       sites: ,
to see something no human being has seen in        ,
recorded history.                                  
                         N.Y.C. CHINATOWN REUNION NEWSLETTER
                                                                                                 November 15, 2010
asp, and                                                       I am writing to request a meeting with you.      Working closely together can create an ideal situation
sp.                                                        to help break the glass ceiling
                                                           for Asian Americans and through that process help
      Chart I shows that Asian Americans have only         make America a more perfect Union. It shall also be
55% of the chance to rise to the top rank in the private   my privilege to answer any questions that you may
Industries (1.9 million AsAm workers), 41% of the          have. Charts I and II and the accompanying
chance in universities (70,000 AsAm workers),              information have not been circulated widely other
and 30% the chance in the Federal government (86000        than within the 80-20 organization. For people
AsAm workers), as compared with that of an average         outside of 80-20, we want you to be among the first
Am. worker in the same positions                           to know.
i.e. the national average. For how we obtain these
numbers, see the last two columns of tables 2, 3 and 4         After having enlisted your leadership, we aim to
in the attached Excel document.                            release the shocking information to the public which
                                                           should make your job of enforcing EO 11246 on
    Chart II shows that although women are well            behalf of Asian Americans easier.
known to be facing the glass ceiling, Asian Americans
are more underutilized than women                             Looking forward to hearing from you, and may
in 8 of the 9 categories defined and used by EEOC in       you shine in not only Asian American history but also
measuring glass ceiling.                                   American history.

    You'll naturally want to check if I and the            Sincerely yours,
organization I head, The 80-20 Initiative, have drawn
such conclusions correctly. To expedite that task,         S. B. Woo,
please consult the two attachments. Attachment A is        President, The 80-20 Initiative, Inc. (,
an Excel spreadsheet in which we used government-          302 366-0259, 302 366-0909-fax)
provided data to do a step-by-step calculation. In the
last two columns of Tables 2, 3 and 4, we equate the       Cc: Senator Thomas Carper
ratios of [(number of persons in the top rank)/
(number of persons in its hiring pool)] to the             ------------------
opportunities to rise to the top. Attachment B is a
                                                               One might expect E. Chao to respond by
Word document which explicitly shows gross
                                                           addressing the issue. She could either say that your
underutilization of Asian Americans as compared with       data are right, let's work together to eliminate the
all minorities and of course Whites. [Note added by        discrimination against AsAms. Or she could say your
S.B. on 7/1/05:                                            data are wrong, let's meet I'll tell you why. Instead,
Please visit the DISCUSSION SITE to see the two            she avoided the issue altogether and chose to
attachments.]               address the form. She said she would not meet with
Your email address above is your PASSWORD to enter         a person who is the head of a political action comm.
                                                           (PAC), a curious answer since most of the senators
the site.
                                                           and representatives, probably including her husband
                                                           Senator M. McConnell, are heads of their own PACs.
    Rest assured that we are keenly aware that blacks,     She meets with senators & representatives often.
women, Hispanics and Native Americans may suffer
more severe discrimination than Asian Americans in             However, 80-20 will stick to the issue. We'll go
other aspects. However, in the matter of                   back to her & ask if you will meet with persons who
underutilization in management, Asian Americans            are NOT heads of a PAC to talk about the issue.
suffer the worst, and you are in a unique position to
help.                                                          If she still refuses to meet, or agrees to meet but
                                                           is unwilling to face the issue, what should 80-20 do?
                                                           Our current intention is to begin a grand national
                         N.Y.C. CHINATOWN REUNION NEWSLETTER
                                                                                             November 15, 2010
campaign to win EQUAL OPPORTUNITY FOR                      or broiling pan will help reduce the risk of
OURSELVES once & for all. But that is a huge               overcooking and creating harmful compounds. Avoid
undertaking. We need to hear from you. What is             eating overcooked or charred meats.

   Roll over and play dead? Just talk? Fight & I'll do
my share? Another choice? You may also comment on
other’s input seen after the charts. Most comments
are signed and/or numbered. This
DISCUSSION SITE is for all members to discuss HOW
ourselves and our children.

Visit the DISCUSSION SITE now:
Thank you.

Respectfully yours,
S. B. Woo
President, The 80-20 PAC, Inc.

P.S. Should 80-20's data be proven wrong, we'll let
you know. 80-20 prides itself in its dedication to serve
YOU but we aim to serve with integrity.

Cooking meats may create carcinogenic compounds,
especially if the meat is cooked at a high heat.
However, a recent study reveals rosemary may
minimize those compounds. In the study, adding a bit
of rosemary extract to hamburger patty mixtures
before cooking helped reduce the formation of the
harmful substances.

Cooking beef, chicken, pork, and fish at high
temperatures results in the formation of heterocyclic
amines (HCAs), compounds that can cause genetic
mutations that may increase the risk of colorectal,
esophageal, prostate, and breast cancers. In a recent
study, researchers compared the effects of rosmarinic
acid and rosemary extract antioxidant powder on the
formation of HCAs in ground beef patties fried at
different temperatures for different amounts of time.
Researchers found that antioxidants in both rosmarinic
acid and rosemary extract reduced the formation of
HCAs. To make cooked meat healthier, use the lowest
temperature possible to raise the meat's temperature
to the appropriate point to kill all food-borne
pathogens. Turning the meat often on the skillet, grill,

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