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									?The advantages of RGP lenses

1. good physiological compatibility, make long-term wear RGP lenses
not tend to cause corneal hypertrophy and edema.
2, permeable high and difficult to cause Anoxia and dry eye, it will
not cause corneal endothelial cell number changes.
3. to prevent myopia and astigmatism, vision correction than soft
contact lenses.
4, easy maintenance, long service life; the right care, lenses can
use up to 2-3 years. Children's Hospital Ophthalmology Wangyuan
5, long-term use lenses cost cheap.
6, long-term use can maintain the physical health of cornea, high
7, wearing soft contact lenses and long-term oxygen, eyes Bloodshot
or cause neovascularization, dry eye, vision correction sufferers,
eyes recovered after can be changed with RGP lenses.
8, according to the data displayed at home and abroad: RGP lenses can
effectively control the growth of juvenile myopia.

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