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                            FREE-STANDING MATHEMATICS UNITS

                             Foundation Level: Managing Money

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                                      ASSIGNMENT INVOICES

                             You have to use the Excel Workbook “Invoices” to produce
                             three different invoices. For each invoice you have to enter
                             figures in the blue cells to complete it.

                         For each invoice;
                        1. Type your name next to customer.
                        2. Make up your own figures to complete the bills and
     enter them into the blue cells.
3.   Print out a copy of the completed invoice.
4.   One of the invoices has a mistake built into the calculations. Find the mistake
     and correct the bill.
5.   By each of the letters A, B, C… write what the calculated amount is for, e.g.
     “standing charge” and also the calculator entries you have to make to
     reproduce the same calculation.
6.   If you want to gain high marks in this assignment, you must bring in some
     invoices from home and show how the values have been calculated at each
     stage of preparing the bill.

You must show clearly how values have been calculated at each stage of
preparing each bill.
Mark guidelines are given below. The maximum mark for each theme is 17.
              To achieve:    5 marks                          10 marks                15 marks
Structuring & presenting     Acted on advice to complete      Worked                  + Work structured logically
your work                    the task                         independently
Using appropriate            No major errors                  + Evidence of           + Appropriate, efficient &
mathematics & working                                         checking your work      concise working
Interpreting mathematics     Understands what solution        + Describe in words     + Summarise and draw
                             means in terms of the real       the main features of    appropriate conclusions.
                             situation                        the situation

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 Alison Brittle
Hopwood Hall College
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