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									?Taking antiepileptic drugs
require regular visits during the

? Epilepsy specialists dealing with the patient after should account for attention, account when
the patient referral. Some doctors give patient, we must adhere to the 2 ~ 4 years, in the
absence of a detailed account, some patients do not understand, do not adhere to the medication.
Though persist, but the attack does not control, nor is it to find a doctor-drug or tune in to find the
cause of the outbreak control. Some had side effects (such as white blood cells, thrombocytopenia,
liver and kidney damage) he could not find that there was serious consequences. There are
patient control of 2 ~ 4 years destroyed. Therefore, the formal system for the treatment of
epilepsy, and always should be conducted under medical supervision. Treating the early stages,
the doctor must observe the initial selected drug effectiveness, dose is suitable, there are no
allergies and other side effects. After the regular review, on the one hand observation attack
control, through blood concentration monitoring, under the plasma concentration time, dose
adjustment in a timely manner to ensure that no recurrence. If the initial selected drug side-effects
of unsatisfactory or clear and difficult to overcome, should guide the patient safety medication.
While further observation of how the effect. Vis its, the doctor should the patient's mental status,
learning, life, marriage and other issues guidance, consultation. The last maintenance treatment of
epilepsy does not attack after a certain period of time, guiding the decrement. Until the attack does
not reduce relapse, and pharmaceutical. Wenzhou medical college affiliated hospital Pediatric
Neurology forest-East
Epilepsy patient referral time, at the start of treatment 1 months best every 1 ~ 2 weeks referral
1 times, such as seizure control, and no apparent side effects which occurred after the interval 1
~ 2 months visits 1 times. This period of illness when there are changes or side effects, should
be ready for re-visiting.

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