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Pumpkin Carving Templates Princess - PDF


Pumpkin Carving Templates Princess document sample

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									                                                            The Express
                                               Scrapbook Super Station                                                                                         August 2010

 Scrapbook                                                                                  What’s New
Super Station                                       New from Basic Grey: Oliver and                                       New food themes from Cook
                                                      Olivia collections.                                                     Bookin’: Mom’s Dinner, chocolate,
                                                    Making Memories new Slice car-                                          veggies, baking, picnic and more.
    Full Service Store
                                                      tridges: Happy Trails and Funka-                                      New from Carolees Creations: Rev
 Color Copier                                       delic.   Plus new      foam sheets                                      ‘Em Up, Princess, Be Happy, and
 Sony Picture Maker                                 (primary and neutral) and Draw-                                         Bugga Boo.
                                                      ing Tips for Slice. Also, the new                                     Paper Crafts Magazines new Card
 Custom Album Im-                                   Metals Embellishment collection,                                        Style idea book.
   printing                                           yummy!                                                                Tim Holtz’s new Flower and Bird
 Open Crop Area                                   Teresa Collins lines: Mr. and Mrs.;                                     Cages Dies.
 BPC Savings Club                                   Chic Bebe Boy & Girl; Travel;                                         Karen Foster’s new Journaling
                                                      Ledger and Welcome Home.                                                Templates, Photo Pack Templates
 Open 7 Days A Week                               New books from Annie’s Attic:                                           and new Statements.
 Monday to Saturday                                 Scrapbooking with Cricut and In-                                      New from Bazzill Basics: Flower
   10-9, Sundays 12-5                                 teractive Cards.                                                        Pot, Grosgrain Flowers, Bling
                                                    We R Memories new Out and                                               Stones, Lily Flowers, Organic Flow-
 Open at 9:00 AM                                    About and Heebies Jeebies collec-                                       ers, Vintage Buttons, Modern but-
   Wednesday                                          tions. Plus the new Cinch Binding                                       tons and Half the Edge Deco Edges.
 Gift Certificates                                  Tool.                                                                 Amanda Blu new albums: dragons,
                                                    New from Cricut: Cindy Lou (class                                       pirates, princess, circus, woodland
 Great Classes
                                                      in August!), Mini Monsters,                                             animals and robots.
 Personal Scrapper                                  Freshly Picked, H2O, October 31st,                                    7Gypsies new Vintage receipt
   Service                                            Pumpkin Carving and Create-A-                                           holder, printers tray, Victoria col-
 Friday Midnight &                                  Critter (class in September!) car-                                      lection, Avignon collection, Venice
   Sunday Crops                                       tridges.                                                                collections.

                                               Boarding Pass Club 2010
                             Shopper Club                                                        (4) 25% Off Coupons EVERY month*!
The Shopper Club is for our customers that can’t get in as often as they
would like, but still want coupons and rewards. For just $1 per month,
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    Quarterly BPC Member Sale (15% to 50% Off Storewide!)                                      Product of The Month 25% Off, no coupon needed!
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ous club, but with a more streamline Rebate schedule that is easier *SOME COUPON RESTRICTIONS APPLY. ONLY COMPETITOR COUPONS UP TO 40% OFF CAN BE ACCEPTED, BOTH THEIR RESTRIC-
                                                                         NOT COUNT TOWARDS
                                                                                               REBATES ARE
                                                                                                             EACH PERSON
                                                                                                                          ON FULL PRICE MERCHANDISE. RETREAT
                                                                                                                                                              MEMBERSHIP SHARING IS
                                                                         ALLOWED. NO DOUBLE INCENTIVES. REBATES BASED ON YOUR YEAR TO DATE SALES. REBATES MUST BE REDEEMED WITHIN 60
is what you’ll get:                                                      DAYS OF ISSUE DATE. CROP CASH IS REDEEMABLE ONCE PER QUARTER WITH CROP ATTENDANCE, MUST BE USED IN FULL AND
                                                                                            ON FULL PRICE MERCHANDISE.
Page 2                                                                                                                                         The Express

                                                              All Aboard
                 DESIGNED TO SCRAP:                to have that “girls night!” She will guide              fabulous products from Tattered Angels
                 This new class concept will       you while making cards every month,                     like: Glimmer Mist, Glimmer Glass, Glim-
                 help you scrap TWO of             throughout the year, for you to send to your            mer Chips, Glimmer Screens and more.
                 YOUR own pages quickly            friends & family. You will use stamps, inks             This is a hands-on class, kits are not
                 and easily because our            & mists, as well the latest and greatest                available. Thursday, August 19th at 6:00
                 Design Team will person-          products that arrive throughout the year to             PM, $20.00
ally help you! You will bring photos               make two each of four different cards, for a            TIPS & TRICKS-RANGER PART I:
enough for two pages and Karen and                 total of 8 cards! We will stay ahead of the             Back due to popular demand! Ranger
Tammy will show you what to do by pro-             seasons, making cards each month for up-                products like Distress Inks, Alcohol Inks,
viding you with a basic sketch and building        coming events and holidays. Get on board                Distress Powders and more will be taught
blocks. Once you’ve designed what your             and sign up for each month so that you                  in this class. Make tags that can be kept as
pages will look like, they will help you pick      don’t miss out on the fun! $10.00 This is               reference or that can be compiled to make
out just the right product to complete the         a hands-on class, kits are not avail-                   a beautiful art piece on a canvas. This is a
page. You keep your sketch and building            able.                                                   hands-on class, kits are not available.
blocks to help you out next time you are           FALL CLASS:                                             Tuesday, September 7th at 10:30 AM,
stuck. Each class is presents a new                Wednesday, August 4th, 10:30 AM                         $20.00
sketch and building blocks, so come                THANKSGIVING CLASS:                                     TIPS & TRICKS-RANGER PART III:
as often as you can so you can get                 Monday, September 27th at 6:00 PM                       Ranger Tips and Tricks continue in this
those pages done! This is a hands-on               TIPS & TRICKS-METAL EMBEL-                              PART III class. Learn even more about
class, kits are not available. $10.00              LISHMENTS: Metal embellishments can                     these wonderful versatile products. We’ll
UPCOMING DATES:                                    be a little daunting to use and even more               be using acrylic tags in this class that you
Tuesday, August 17th at 6:oo PM                    confusing how to handle them. Learn lots                can use on your pages or keep for refer-
Monday, August 30th at 10:30 AM                    of great tips and techniques for these kinds            ence. This is a hands-on class, kits are
Monday, September 13th at 10:30 AM                 of embellishments. This is a hands-on                   not available. Tuesday, September 21st
Thursday, September 30th at 6:00 PM                class, kits are not available. Monday,                  at 6:00 PM, $20.00
A YEAR OF CARDS: How would you                     August 9th at 10:30 AM, $20.00
like to have a night out with the “girls” and      TIPS & TRICKS-TATTERED ANGELS:                            DON’T FORGET, YOU GET A 10%
learn new techniques to make WOW cards             Raelene has another awesome T&T class                    DISCOUNT ON YOUR CLASS DAY!
to send to everyone?? Raelene wants you            lined up for you and it has to do with all the

              Scrapbook Design & You                                                                       relation to designing scrapbook pages is essen-
                                                                                                           tial to the development of well structured lay-
                                                                                                           outs. Combining this understanding with the
                                                                                                           building blocks (photographs, journaling, titles,
                                                         design.                                           enhancements, color, line, letter and shape) and
                                                       Opportunity to learn new techniques for           the principles of design structure will assist
                                                                                                           scrapbookers in the creation of strong layouts
                                                         matting photos, getting stickers out of your
                                                                                                           that complete a balanced and unified story.
                                                         collections, and giving new life to punches. 
                                                                                                           Tuesday, July 20th at 10:30 AM
                                                    Have fun completing layouts to keep and              Saturday, August 28th at 1:00 PM
                                                    And, you’ll receive a certificate of comple-         Part III: The Power of the Pen
                                                         tion upon finishing the entire course.            A picture is not always worth a thousand words.
                                                   The four sessions are described below in detail,        It is vital that every scrapbook designer develop
Scrapbook Design & You® teaches beginner           and class times are noted for the coming                an appreciation for the integration of the written
through advanced scrapbookers the essential        months. This extensive course is offered for just       word on a scrapbook page. The Power of the Pen
scrapbook theories and principles of design.       $60.00 (that’s just $15 per class!). Please note:       will provide students with basic writing tech-
SDU will dramatically enhance the skills of any    all class materials to make your layouts are pro-       niques and exercises to assist in the develop-
scrapbooker to help you create dynamic scrap-      vided with the class fee. You’ll use our tools in       ment of engaging titles and impact filled journal
book pages.                                        class and be able to determine what tools you           entries. Additionally, students will begin to
                                                   like best before you buy! So, register today so         understand the influence that hand lettering has
In each class, you will focus on specific theory   you can get the most out of your scrapbook              on their reader, and how to incorporate their
and techniques of scrapbook design. You will       experience! 724-287-4311                                personal script into each design.
have the opportunity to work hands on with                                                                 Tuesday, July 27th at 10:30 AM
your instructor to create scrapbook pages. By      Part I: Scrapbook Basics                                Saturday, August 28th at 4:00 PM
the time you have completed the entire course      In Scrapbook Basics, discover the inspiration
you will be well versed in how to develop strong   that comes from creating scrapbooks. This class         Part IV: The Final Touch
layout designs. The core SDU Curriculum pro-       will orient all levels of paper crafters to the tools   Embellishing scrapbook pages is a true testa-
vides you with:                                    of the trade, practical organization and the ele-       ment in the development of a paper crafter's
 A 4-part education booklet, appropriate for     ments of scrapbook design. Learn step-by-step           design process. Page enhancements such as
     every skill level.                            how to create focus and unity through a variety         titles, stickers and punch art, allow the designer
                                                   of matting techniques, and leave class with a full      to create balance, rhythm, movement, contrast
 A chance for you to get acquainted with the     understanding of the elemental components of            and depth with a layout. Design spectacular
     tools of the trade.                                                                                   titles, learn techniques that give new vitality to
 The opportunity for you to learn successful     Tuesday, July 13th at 10:30 AM                          your collection of stickers, develop knowledge of
     color selection & layout design theory.       Saturday, August 28th at 10:30 AM                       punch maintenance and the incorporation of
                                                                                                           punch art design in layout design.
 Gain an appreciation for the importance of                                                              Tuesday, August 3rd at 10:30 AM
     journaling, hand lettering and titles in      Part II: Building Blocks of Design
                                                   A working knowledge of color theory and its             Saturday, August 28th at 7:00 PM
Scrapbook Super Station                                                                                                                           Page 3

                           AUGUST 2010                                                                HOURS:              168 Point Plaza
                                                                                                    Mon to Sat 10-9       Butler, PA 16001
                                                                                                     Sunday 12-5             www.scrapbookstation.com

          SUNDAY             MONDAY             TUESDAY              WEDNESDAY           THURSDAY            FRIDAY              SATURDAY

   1      SUPER        2                  3                     4  A YEAR OF 5              6                            7
         SUNDAY                                                  CARDS: FALL SILHHOUETTE MIDNIGHTER                           KIT
           CROP                                                     10:30 AM                  CROP PARTY                     MANIA*
                                               SDU PART IV                        CLASS
       12:00 $10.00                             10:30 AM               $10.00 6:00 PM 20.00 7:00 PM $10.00
   8 SUPER             9 TIPS & TRICKS: 10                      11                  12                 13                14
                         METAL EMBEL-                           BEGINNER                                MIDNIGHTER
         SUNDAY             LISHMENTS                             CLASS
          CROP                  10:30 AM                         6:00 PM                                CROP PARTY          SIZZLIN’
       12:00 $10.00               $20.00                          $20.00                               7:00 PM $10.00    SCRAPAGANZA*

   15     SUPER        16                 17    DESIGNED        18                  19 TIPS & TRICKS: 20                 21
         SUNDAY                                  TO SCRAP                                  TATTERED    MIDNIGHTER
           CROP                                                                               ANGELS    CROP PARTY
                                                  6:00 PM                                     6:00 PM
       12:00 $10.00                                 $10.00                                     $20.00 7:00 PM $10.00

   22     SUPER        23                 24                    25                  26                 27                28
                                               CINDY                                                    MIDNIGHTER
         SUNDAY                                 LOO                                                     CROP PARTY
           CROP                               6:00 PM
       12:00 $10.00
                                                                                                       7:00 PM $10.00         SDU DAY*
                       30    DESIGNED     31

      SUNDAY                  TO SCRAP
        CROP                   10:30 AM
    12:00 $10.00                 $10.00

                                                                                                                             168 Point Plaza

                       SEPTEMBER 2010
                                                                                                    Mon to Sat 10-9          Butler, PA 16001
                                                                                                     Sunday 12-5             www.scrapbookstation.com

          SUNDAY             MONDAY             TUESDAY              WEDNESDAY           THURSDAY            FRIDAY              SATURDAY

                                                                1                   2                   3                4
                                                                                    BEGINNER            MIDNIGHTER        STIMULUS
                                                                                     6:00 PM
                                                                                                        CROP PARTY          CROP
                                                                                                       7:00 PM $10.00

   5                   6                  7 TIPS & TRICKS: 8                        9                   10               11
          SUPER            LABOR DAY                RANGER                                               MIDNIGHTER           COPIC
                            CLOSE AT                  PART I                                             CROP PARTY          MARKER
                              3:00                  10:30 AM         SDU PART I
       12:00 $10.00                                   $20.00          6:00 PM
                                                                                                        7:00 PM $10.00       CLASSES*
   12                  13    DESIGNED     14                    15                  16                  17               18
         SUNDAY               TO SCRAP                                              CREAT-A-             MIDNIGHTER
                                                                                    CRITTER              CROP PARTY
           CROP                10:30 AM                              SDU PART II     6:00 PM
       12:00 $10.00              $10.00                                6:00 PM                          7:00 PM $10.00
   19     SUPER        20                 21 TIPS & TRICKS: 22                      23                  24               25
                                                     RANGER                                              MIDNIGHTER
         SUNDAY                                      PART III
           CROP                                                      SDU PART III
                                                                                                         CROP PARTY
                                                     6:00 PM
       12:00 $10.00                                   $20.00           6:00 PM                          7:00 PM $10.00

   26      SUPER       27       A YEAR OF 28                    29                  30    DESIGNED
          SUNDAY            THANKSGIVING
                                                                                           TO SCRAP
            CROP                   6:00 PM                           SDU PART IV            6:00 PM
        12:00 $10.00                $20.00                             6:00 PM                $10.00

          Cancellation policy: Fees are non-refundable. Notify us 3 days prior to date & we will reschedule
        you to another class. If no notice is given, fee is forfeited. *Denotes workshop closed for special event.
Page 4                                                                                                                           The Express

         DIY Duos                         Referral Program                                              Kit Club
Visit    the    store                    Did you know we offer a BPC Mem-              So many people have asked
weekly because we                        ber Referral Bonus Program? It’s              for us to mail Double Features
release two brand                        super easy to participate. Simply             and Page Of The Month kits,
                                         pick up some business cards at the            that we have decided to open
new double page
                                                                                       an official Kit Club! Register
layouts every Mon-                       store next time you are in. Put your
                                                                                       today to automatically receive
day. They are dis-                       name on the back of the card in the
                                                                                       the four Double Features and/or the Pages
played on the back-                      appropriate place and give them to
                                                                                       of The Month! Not a local? We’ll mail it!
side of the workshop wall and set        your friends and family. If they join         Want to pick up your package? We’ll ring it
up just like the Double Features.        the BPC club they’ll re-                      up and hold it...no worries about us running
These layouts will only be avail-        ceive a discount and so                       out of stuff! BPC Member? If we mail your
able while supplies last, so be          will you! So, get in on                       package, you can apply all four coupons.
sure and visit us every week to          the fun and earn a $5.00                      Local customer? You can use two coupons!
see these beautiful pages!               credit or a free Crop.                        Register today!

         Page of The Month                                             Product of The Month
Karen has used Best Creations paper, Basic Grey           The Cinch Book Binding Tool is our Product of The
Buttons and Sticker Alphabets, May Arts Ribbon and        Month. Now you can make your very own books right at
Bazzill cardstock on this fun summery page. Great         home and it's so easy! Make notebooks; recipe books;
for water fun, picnic or amusement park! For the          journals; reports; calendars; albums and more! The Cinch
bottom swirls, she has used an Xacto knife to trim        binds your project in three easy steps: punch holes; thread
out the swirls from the background paper and then         sheets; and cinch wire. It also features a large; easy-to-
                                                          empty waste bin for catching all those punched holes; a
gently tucked the mat beneath the swirls. For the
                                                          handle clip so the Cinch can be stored easily; a sliding
                                top swirl, she has
                                                          measurement guide for perfectly centered holes every
                                cut the swirls from
                                                          time; and rulers in inches and centimeters. The easy to use lever means no batter-
                                the striped paper
                                                          ies or power supply needed! The Cinch uses double O wires or spiral binders. The
                                and layered them          Cinch punches stylish round holes instead of the rectangles used by many older
                                onto the striped          bookbinding machines. This gives your project a clean and contemporary look
                                pattern and photo         while making it easier to thread the binding through the punched pages without
                                mat.                      accidentally snagging or tearing the paper. Plus, you can “turn off” some of the
                                   Measurements           holes to make it versatile enough for all projects. The Cinch is fairly easy to use,
                                     Mat-8”x6”            but the instructions are printed directly on the machine so, you'll never have to
                                  Striped Pattern-        worry about misplacing your user manual again! It's lightweight, compact, and
                                      4”x7.25”            very sturdy. So, check it out today, I think you’re gonna love it enough to make it
                                                          your first choice in book binding. 25% Off this month for all members!

                                               Workshop Rules
1)   When there is a scheduled class or crop only registered participants are allowed to be in the workshop area. Please refrain
     from entering the area until the class is completely over. It is distracting to both the teacher and the students to have other
     people in the workshop area during class time This means you can not crop, layout photos or set up your gear during class
     time. Please wait until after the class has been dismissed.
2) If you have non BPC Members coming to crop with you during open table time there is a $2.00 an hour fee for any non-
     member to use the tables and equipment.
3) Any person occupying a seat at a crop or class must pay for that crop or class. There is no such thing as a “guest” at a crop or
     class who does not have to pay. If one exception is made , then everyone would want an exception made and there would be
     mass confusion and we would have too many people in the crop area, making it uncomfortable for everyone
     else paying to be there.
4) On Friday’s, open crop time will end at 6:00 PM, so that the staff has time to prepare the workshop for Mid-
     night croppers.
We very much enjoy being able to offer such a fantastic work space for all our customers and we hope that you
enjoy the advantages we offer you. Please help us be able to continue offering these services by cooperating with
the rules mentioned above. Thank you for helping us maintain a stress free, fun, place to be!
Scrapbook Super Station                                                                                                                              Page 5

                    Cricut Classes                                                               Croptoberfest
                 Cricut Classes                                              Croptoberfest is just around the corner! Join us for a fantastic, fun day of
                 Got a Cricut? Want a Cricut? Afraid of your Cricut?         classes and scrapping. We will have:
                 Well, here comes help…The Cricut System is a revolu-
                                                                                        -14 Hours of Cropping
                 tionary cutting system that’s cartridge-based and allows
                                                                                        -Two Classes
                 you to cut thousands of beautiful letters or phrases in a
                                                                                        -Make and Takes
                 variety of sizes and styles with a touch of a button.
                 Cricut Beginners Class:
                 Wednesday, July 7th at 6:00 PM, $20.00                                 -Goody Bags
                 Wednesday, August 11th 6:00 Pm $20.00                                  -Prizes for Everyone
                  This class will orient the beginner to the basic use                     October 16th 10 to Midnight
    of the Cricut and Cricut Expression cutting systems.                     All for the breezy cool price of only $40.00! Croptoberfest is just one
 Each class will be hands-on learning of the machine and its compo-        day, but why not make a weekend of it by also signing up for the Mid-
    nents and will include a single page layout using the Creative Fea-      nighter on Friday and the Super Sunday Crop? It’s never to late to plan
    ture keys.                                                               ahead, as Croptoberfest events usually fill up. So, call today to plan your
 Each participant will bring their own machine to class and will learn     fall escape! 724-287-4311
    using the cartridge that was supplied with the system. (George or
    Plantin’ Schoolbook)
 This is a hands-on class, kits are not available.                                                 ScrapAway
Cricut Cartridge Specific: Cindy Loo
                                                                             We are so very excited to host our semi-Annual ScrapAway at Mt. Chestnut
Tuesday, August 24th at 6:00 PM, $20.00                                      Nazarene Center in Butler, PA. This retreat is for ladies who wish to avoid
 This class will introduce one new font or shape cartridge each ses-       the circus-like atmosphere of large scrapbook vacations or conventions &
    sion.                                                                    concentrate on making friends & scrapping the weekend away. At our re-
 There will be a demonstration of the cartridge and its creative fea-      treat you'll get plenty of work space! You won't feel like a sardine when
                                                                             scrapping with us. We offer four meals, lodging, a commemorative Scra-
    ture keys in the form of four single page layouts.
                                                                             pAway T-Shirt, and a luxury class. All of this is included in the cost of your
 Participants must bring their Cricut or Cricut Expression                 package, as well as munchies around the clock. Plus, our rates are fantastic
    machine and their Cindy Loo cartridge.                                   compared to other retreats The Mt. Chestnut Nazarene Camp’s state of the
 The Cricut Beginner Class is a pre-requisite to taking this class.        art gymnasium facility and rooms with private baths offer the utmost in
Cricut Cartridge Specific: Create-A-Critter                                  conference center convenience. Plus, the size of the gymnasium allows us to
                                                                             offer a package WITHOUT lodging for all you local folks! We do not offer
Thursday, September 16th at 6:00 PM, $20.00                                  shopping at the retreat (except for card stock & adhesive), rather as a partici-
 This class will introduce one new font or shape cartridge each ses-       pant, you will receive a special discount coupon to be used in our store to
    sion.                                                                    stock up on all the latest and greatest stuff before and DURING the re-
 There will be a demonstration of the cartridge and its creative fea-      treat...just think, the largest store in the tri-state area to shop at and a dis-
    ture keys in the form of four single page layouts.                       count! Not inflated convention prices! Our store is just a few short miles
                                                                             from the center, making quick runs for that got to have item convenient and
 Participants must bring their Cricut or Cricut Expression                 fast. Die cutting equipment, a computer and printer will be at the retreat
    machine and their Create-A-Critter cartridge.                            center for your convenience. All participants will receive a bag of goodies
 The Cricut Beginner Class is a pre-requisite to taking this class.        when they arrive and a commemorative Scrap-Away T-Shirt. There will also
                                                                             be contests and other goodies throughout the weekend. You will not be
                                                                             disappointed! Ready to have some fun? Join us at Mt. Chestnut in Novem-

      Silhouette Beginner Class
                                                                             ber for the areas original and best store sponsored scrapbook retreat week-
                                                                             end! Registration forms are included in this newsletter and are available on
                                                                             our website.
The QuicKutz Silhouette SD is a digital craft cutter perfect for cut-                      November 5th, 6th and 7th, 2010
ting shapes and letters to use on your scrapbook pages, cards, and
more! The QuicKutz Silhouette SD machine requires a PC with
Windows 2000, XP, or Vista and an Internet connection. You can
                                                                             ScrapBox Furniture Free Shipping
also use it on a Mac, with the Adobe Flash Plug In. The Silhouette           Have you seen the awesome
Digital Craft Cutter SD gives you instant access to your entire digi-        Scrapbook Furniture from
tal design collection. There are 50 stylish Digital Designs included         ScrapBox that we now carry?
with the software including tags, shapes, words and more. It also            These wonderful pieces of fur-
gives you the power to create designs anywhere from 1/4” to 11”              niture blend seamlessly into
tall. The Silhouette SD will allow you to cut any TrueType font on           any décor and provide incredi-
your computer, create your own designs, and cut clip art already             ble amounts of storage in a
on your computer. Plus, you can use a variety of mediums with                small footprint. They are avail-
your Silhouette, including cardstock, patterned paper, magnetic              able in several different styles
paper, vellum, vinyl, and more.                                              and finishes and they ship direct TO YOUR DOOR. And now,
Basic QuicKutz Silhouette Class:                                             for a limited time, when you place an order through us for
Thursday, August 5th at 6:00 PM, $20.00                                      ScrapBox furniture, we will REFUND YOUR SHIPPING
ο At this class the beginner will learn the basics of using the              CHARGES* in the form of a Gift Certificate for our store! So,
QuicKutz Silhouette SD machine                                               now is the time to get organized and order your furniture TO-
ο During the class we will use the QuicKutz Silhouette machine to            DAY!
complete two pages                                                           *Refund amount based on actual freight charges. Gift Certifi-
ο Each participant will bring their own QuicKutz Silhouette ma-              cate must be used on regular priced merchandise. Because
chine and a laptop with the QuicKutz software pre-loaded                     this is a non-stock item and charges are made through Scrap-
                                                                             Box, BPC points are not earned on these items.
Page 6                                                                                                   The Express

              Chantelle’s Chatter                                           Raelene’s Ravings
                           My favorite time of the year is fall       Who doesn’t love “bling” on their scrap-
                           and EK as just got in the most beau-       book pages? Well for those of you who do,
                           tiful embellishments for fall! I just      we have received a fabulous collection of
                           want to get one of all of them. Some       metal embellishments by Making Memo-
                           of them look good enough to eat.           ries that I think you will love! Metal frames
There are candy apples, leaves, candy corn, spider webs, and          and signs, decorative brads, embossed
so many more. You will love them all because not only are             charms and even Page Marks that will not
there fall ones but there are adorable Halloween ones too.            only look awesome on your pages, but can
They are so cute that you can mix and match them between              also be altered to make a perfect needed
Halloween and Fall. That’s a bonus if you ask me! We also got         gift! Choose from gold,
the cutest Charlie Brown embellishments as well. And who
                                                                      copper or pewter finishes.
doesn’t love good old Charlie Brown? I know he is one of my
                                                                      We would love to hear your
favorite classics to watch in the fall. So, stop in before they are
all gone and you miss out on these adorable fall and Hallow-
                                                                      ideas, and see how you use
een embellishments. Also, don’t forget I would love to see            them on your projects!
your fall layouts!!!                                                  Hope to see you soon!

               Karen’s Korner                                                Cindy’s Closet
                    Whether you’re a veteran                   Believe it or not, fall is just around the cor-
                    card maker or just getting                 ner. If you want to get a jump on your fall
                    in on the fun, you’ll want to              or Halloween pages, check out our new
                    take a look at this Special                punches from EK Success and Martha
                    Issue of Paper Crafts, Card                Stewart featuring adorable spider webs,
                    Style. In this issue you will              pumpkins and bat borders. EK punches
                    find varied card styles from                                           now lock closed for
                    fun & cute and clean &                                                 simple and easy
                    graphic to classy & elegant                                            storage! So, stop
                    and shabby & vintage. You                                              by today and get
                    can even take a quiz to find                                           your supplies be-
out your own style. Over 250 card ideas with a                                             fore    they    get
special BONUS section on finding inspiration in                                            spooked and dis-
everyday items.                                                                            appear!!!!

             Marcia’s Message                                           Jennifer’s Jottings
If you have a Cricut machine you are in for a                  Teresa Collins newest baby line is here! Chic
treat! We just got in a selection of new                       Bebe Boy and Girl mixes basic black and white
shape cartridges. Everything for your gar-                     with pale blue and pink to create delicate pat-
den pages is covered with the Freshly                          terns of crowns, polka dots, and fleur de
Picked cartridge. Garden shapes galore plus                    lis. The line comes with coordinating ribbon,
shadows, signs, layers, words, and frames.                     alphabet stickers and
Create-a-Critter has a variety of creatures                    chipboard           ac-
from cutesy farm animals-to zoo and even
                                                               cents. Both boy and
bugs! Mini Monsters covers every category
                                                               girl also have a coordi-
from Aliens to Halloween. The Cindy Loo
cartridge gives you the look of folk art designs. The BEST     nating card set that
news is Carrie will be doing a class on the Cindy Loo car-     makes four cards. Per-
tridge on August 24th and a class on Create-a-Critter on       fect designs to comple-
September 16th, so you will get lots of help and great de-     ment any little prince
signs on these two cartridges!                                 or princess.
Scrapbook Super Station                                                                                            Page 7

     Marissa’s Monologue                                          Chelsea’s Chit Chat
                 Karen Foster is fabu-              Hey all you Cricut lovers we just received two new cartridges
                 lous!! She has designed new        for fall. One is called October 31st. With this one you get 50
                 templates to create your lay-      Halloween themed images. With this cartridge you can make
                 outs for titles, journaling and
                                                    your Halloween layouts extra special and they will be some-
                 placing photos. How fantas-
                 tic is that?! Karen’s Basic        thing that everyone will be talking about. The second one we
                 Layout Templates are the           got in is called Pumpkin Carving. This one is
                 ideal solution for planning        my favorite. You get 50 pumpkin carving
                 and designing scrapbook            themed images. They are very cute and fun.
pages. Perfect for all levels of scrapbookers       They are great especially if you have younger
from beginners to advanced, these templates         children that enjoy carving their pumpkins.
will help you design and sketch your page lay-
                                                    These two new Cricut cartridges are adorable
outs with ease. The templates are heavy plas-
tic shapes in standard photo sizes as well as       and would be a great addition to your collec-
handy journaling and title shapes. Refer to         tion of cartridges. I can promise you that your
page samples in the idea booklet to get             friends will be asking if they can borrow it.
started or jump right in and start designing!       Your pages will be something to talk about.

                Tammy’s Techniques                                       Angel’s Announcement
While you and I were busy soaking up the sun this summer We                              We just got in the Interac-
R Memory Keepers was working its magic on the new Halloween                              tive Cards book from An-
line for this fall called Heebie Jeebies. All in the classic                             nie’s Attic. This book has
                “BOOtiful” colors of the season are embossed                             many surprising designs
                stickers, chipboard, and tags. I just love the                           that spin, flip, slide, swing,
                four different die cut papers and other pat-                             and more. Not only are
                terned papers. Don’t forget to look at the pre-                          these ideas great for cards,
                made scrapbook pages that are quick and easy                             but are great ways to jazz up
                and cute to “BOOt”. The best thing is the 500                            your scrapbook pages mak-
                piece scrapbook pad that has everything you             ing them interactive. You can make a car
                need to scrapbook all your little goblins. So,          drive across a page, a dog play fetch, make a
                start planning because Halloween will be here           message pop up, and more. Stop in to check
                before you can say BOO!!!                               these ideas out before they slide away.

                          Val’s Vault                                          Maria’s Musings
One thing that Cricut and the Silhouette had before that our           Hey! To all you who own a
wonderful hand held electronic die cutting system, the Making          Cricut. We have the perfect
Memories Slice, did not was the ability to draw with a marker          book for you: Scrapbooking
                                                                       with Cricut from Annie’s At-
instead of cut. Well, that has all changed now!!! We have just
                                                                       tic. As it says on the cover, “A
gotten in Slice drawing tips in primary, brights, basics and black.    year of layouts to celebrate
These tips will allow you to be able to DRAW any of the images         life’s treasured moments!”
on your slice cartridge just as easily as you can cut them!! This is   And that what this book is.
perfect for tag making, titles and even could be used for short        Scrapbooking with Cricut has
journaling pieces such as adding a date or                             awesome layouts to celebrate every occa-
                                                                       sion. The best part is it gives you everything
single word accent to your page. Adding
                                                                       you need to make these beautiful layouts, like
this new feature to your Slice will also be                            skill levels, material list, and step by step de-
wonderful to use while making cards for                                tailed instructions. They make it so easy to
special occasions! Come in and pick up the                             create these colorful layouts with your
new drawing tips for your Slice while we                               Cricut. So, come in and get your copy of
still have them!!!                                                     Scrapbooking with Cricut today.
                 Kit Mania                                       Copic Marker Classes
We can’t believe you’re screaming for more KIT MA-         My name is Sally Lynn MacDonald and I
NIA already! As soon as we get one day done, you’re        am an independent instructor of mixed me-
asking for another! We are so tickled you love KIT         dia and paper arts. My goal is to teach sub-
MAIA as much as we do and so we have scheduled             jects using materials or techniques that
the next KIT MANIA DAY for August                          might at first have you saying, 'Huh?' and
7th. So, be sure and make some time
                                                           take you to, "Aha!" I truly value education.
on August 7th from 10-9 and stop
                                                           My classes tend to be very accessible and
in and check out the AWESOME kits
that Helen is working on. Our won-                         yet technique driven, covering a range of topics. They are
derful kits always sell out fast, so                       meant to inspire, educate and help you get your stories
be sure and stop as early as you can!                      told (as well as get past the creative fears that we all ex-

Sizzlin Summer Scrapaganza                                 In order to promote an excellent teaching experience, I
                                                           have obtained certification and/or endorsement from sev-
By the time August 14th rolls around, you just             eral manufacturers, including: Copic Markers, Clear
might be fried...by the sun and by your hectic sum-        Scraps, Graphic 45, Prima Marketing, Ranger, 7 Gypsies,
mer schedule! So, carve out some time for yourself         Tattered Angels and Webster’s Pages. I hope you will join
right now by registering for the BETTER THAN               me September 11th at Scrapbook Super Station so that
EVER Sizzlin’ Summer Scrapaganza.
                                                           I can share my knowledge with you! I will be teaching
                                                           THREE DIFFERENT classes throughout the day. Be sure
-four fantastic, fun classes!
                                                           and check the enclosed flyer for all the details!
-scrapping until MID-
-a great lunchtime meal!                                                      SDU Day
-goody bags!
-prizes for everyone!                                           Attend all four SDU
-sales throughout the day!                                      classes in one day…
All of this for the HOT low price of just $55.00.           Saturday, August 28th
Scrapaganza officially ends around 5:00, but can
                                                           Same great price, just $60, and you will complete
stay and crop until 12:00. Or, why not make a
                                                           all four classes in one day! See page 2 of the news-
weekend of it by also signing up for the Midnighter
                                                           letter for full descriptions of each class.
on Friday and the Super Sunday Crop? It’s never to
late to plan ahead, as Scrapaganza events usually
fill up. While we do classes at this event, this is also                 Stimulus Crop
a crop, so you do need to bring your supplies! Call
today to plan your summer escape! 724-287-4311             Budget bulging at the seams? Stressed out over the
                                                           economy? Then you need a day to blow off steam.
                                                           Why not try our Stimulus Crop?
                                                                   -14 hours of cropping!
                                                                   -goody bag!
                                                                   -one class!
                                      168 Point Plaza              -games and prizes
                                     Routes 356 & 68                All for only $30.00
                                     Butler, PA 16001         Saturday, September 4th
                                                                  10:00 AM to Midnight
                                        724-287-4311       I recommend early registration, as this event is al-
                        www.scrapbookstation.com           ways quick to fill. Why not make a weekend of it and
                                                           sign up for our Midnighter on Friday and the Super
                                                           Sunday Crop on Sunday? Give us a call today to reg-
                                                           ister! 724-287-4311
Copic Marker Classes
Three Classes with Sally Lynn MacDonald
                    September 11, 2010                          My name is Sally Lynn MacDonald and
                            Copic: What? How? & Wow!            I am an independent instructor of mixed
                                                                media and paper arts. My goal is to
                            10:00 AM to 12:00 PM $45.00         teach subjects using materials or tech-
                            What is so special about Copic      niques that might at first have you say-
                                                                ing, 'Huh?' and take you to, "Aha!" I
                            markers? These markers go way       truly value education. My classes tend
                            beyond coloring stamped images      to be very accessible and yet technique
                            to multi-surface applications on    driven, covering a range of topics. They
                            cardstock, transparencies, fabric   are meant to inspire, educate and help
                                                                you get your stories told (as well as get
                            and more surfaces than you can      past the creative fears that we all experi-
                            imagine. Learn about the differ-    ence).
                            ent styles of markers, and how
                            the markers work, without the       In order to promote an excellent teach-
                                                                ing experience, I have obtained certifica-
revealing brushstrokes so often associated with marker color-   tion and/or endorsement from several
ing. Unlock the secrets to choosing from the incredible 334     manufacturers, including: Copic Mark-
colors for blending and shading. Hands-on practice using        ers, Clear Scraps,
                                                                Graphic 45, Prima
four blending techniques that build upon each other and cul-
                                                                Marketing, Ranger, 7
minate with a three page handout that is yours to keep for      Gypsies, Tattered An-
reference and practice. An airbrushing demonstration will       gels and Webster’s
also be included as time allows. Taught by Sally Lynn Mac-      Pages. I hope you will
                                                                join me September
Donald, Endorsed Artist-Educator for Prima, Tattered An-        11th at Scrapbook Su-
gels, Ranger and Copic Marker.                                  per Station so that I can
                                                                share my knowledge
              Classes continued on the next page...             with you!

                                                          168 Point Plaza
                                                        Butler, PA 16001
        Clearly Capable:                                                                 Clearly Capable
Tropical Fling Acrylic Album,                                                          1:30 PM to 3:30 PM
 featuring Copic airbrushing.
   1:30 PM to 3:30 PM $45.00

Clear Acrylic products are all the rage
and this class will show you how to
not only cope with the design chal-
lenges of a clear surface - but how to
make it SHINE. We'll expose the
clear surface and show you how to            Tattered Angels
maximize your supplies along with
                                             Mixed Media with
ways to embellish and enhance the
surface with epoxies, ink and getting          Copic markers
double-duty from your embellish-            5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
ments. Sally Lynn will make it clear
and complete in simply no time at all
with techniques that you can use on
all your clear projects. This technique-    Glimmering Summer/Beach Album in a Tin : Featuring
packed workshop will focus on Copic          Tattered Angels Mixed Media Techniques & Copic
Marker ink and airbrushing as well as                   5:00 PM to 7:00 PM $45.00
Glimmer Mist and the many surfaces          We will be using the new FASTENATION FOLDERS* albums by Exclu-
and techniques used to color with           sively Heidi Swapp for Tattered Angels, along with a great tin from Prima
them. From layering colors on trans-        and loads of gorgeous embellishments and trim. In this technique-packed
                                            workshop we are going to spritz, paint and glimmer like never before with the
parencies, to airbrushing on acrylic as     secrets of Glimmer Mist, Glimmer Glam, Glimmer Glaze and techniques for
well as coloring 'bling', stickers, flow-   their use revealed. We will explore ways to add depth to your project using
ers and chipboard, Sally Lynn Mac-          the newest colors of coordinating Glimmer Mist, chipboard and stencils –
Donald, Endorsed Artist-Educator for        including the new stamps! With these techniques you are sure to customize
Prima, Tattered Angels, Ranger and          your project to exactly YOUR style. And as always, full alphabets are pro-
                                            vided so you can title the album in any way you wish. Taught by Sally Lynn
Copic Markers, will guide you               MacDonald, Endorsed Artist-Educator for Prima, Tattered Angels, Ranger
through every surface to go way above       and Copic Marker. What to bring: Trimmer, scissors, tweezers or quick
and beyond stamped images to alter-         stick pickup tool. Fabritac adhesive and your favorite dry adhesive as well as
ing everything.                             a brown chalk inkpads. An acrylic block and waterbrush would be im-
                                            mensely helpful. *Based on availability.

                                                                    168 Point Plaza
                                                                  Butler, PA 16001
We are so very excited to host our semi-
Annual ScrapAway at Mt. Chestnut Nazarene
Center in Butler, PA. This retreat is for la-                                     The Original     ScrapAway
dies who wish to avoid the circus-like atmos-
phere of large scrapbook vacations or con-
                                                                                                         Scrapbook Super Station
ventions & concentrate on making friends &                                                                     Butler, PA
scrapping the weekend away. At our retreat                                                          Presents our Twenty Second
you'll get plenty of work space! You won't
feel like a sardine when scrapping with us.                                                           Semi-Annual ScrapAway
We offer four meals, lodging, a commemorative ScrapAway T-Shirt, and a
luxury class. All of this is included in the cost of your package, as well as
munchies around the clock. Plus, our rates are fantastic compared to
other retreats.                                                                                    November 5th,
The Mt. Chestnut Nazarene Camp’s state of the art gymnasium facility
and rooms with private baths offer the utmost in conference center con-
                                                                                                  6th and 7th, 2010
venience. Plus, the size of the gymnasium allows us to offer a package
WITHOUT lodging for all you local folks!                                          Join us at Mt. Chestnut Nazarene Center Butler, PA
                                                                                     for the Original Store Sponsored Weekend of
We do not offer shopping at the retreat (except for card stock & adhe-
sive), rather as a participant, you will receive a special discount coupon to          scrapping and fun you won't soon forget!
be used in our store to stock up on all the latest and greatest stuff before
and DURING the retreat...just think, the largest store in the tri-state area
to shop at and a discount! Not inflated convention prices! Our store is         Scrapbook Super Station
just a few short miles from the center, making quick runs for that got to
have item convenient and fast.
                                                                                        *24 HOUR CROPPING
Die cutting equipment, a computer and printer will be at the retreat cen-                  *Luxury Class
ter for your convenience.                                                            *Goody Bags & Door Prizes
                                                                                      *Commemorative T-Shirt
All participants will receive a bag of goodies when they arrive and a com-
memorative Scrap-Away T-Shirt. There will also be contests and other
                                                                                       *Plenty of Work Space
                             goodies throughout the weekend. You will           *Fellowship with Friends Old & New
                             not be disappointed! Ready to have some             *24 Hour Snacks, Tea and Coffee
                             fun? Join us at Mt. Chestnut in November for          *Motel Style Accommodations
                             the areas original and best store sponsored            *Sunday Morning Devotional
                             scrapbook retreat weekend!
                                                                                    *Great Atmosphere
                                                                                   *Contests and Prizes
                                   November 5th, 6th                              *Four Fabulous Meals
                                     and 7th, 2010
                                      168 Point Plaza
                                     Butler, PA 16001
                                                                                                      168 Point Plaza Butler, PA 16001
                      REGISTRATION FORM                                                                       ScrapAway Deal One
                                                                                              Two nights lodging in a room with up to five people (depending
Name _________________________________________________________
                                                                                              on arrangement of the room and sharing of a double bed is a
                                                                                              possibility), all scheduled meals (4 meals), 24 hour snacks,
                                                                                              goody bag, T-Shirt, door prizes, and one class. $180.00
                                                                                                              ScrapAway Deal Two
Phone_________________ Email Address:________________________                                 All scheduled meals (4 meals), 24 hour snacks, goody bag, T-
          Register me for (circle one):                                                       Shirt, door prizes, and one class (full weekend, just NO lodging).
Package #1 $180.00         Package #2                                       $160.00           $160.00

T-Shirt Size (circle one): S M                            L      XL       2XL 3XL                    Registration Deadline is
                                                                                                          October 20th*
           I would like to choose the following registrants
                         as my room buddies:

#1______________________________ #2____________________________

#3_____________________________ #4____________________________
*If you do not specify room buddies, we may assign other scrappers to share your room.

                        October 20th
Rules and Regulations: Payment must be received with registration. No refunds can be
given, please do not ask. However, registration is transferable. All registrants agree to a
minimum double occupancy lodging. Rooms are assigned on first come, first serve basis         *Rooms are assigned on first come, first serve basis. Registration can-
and may contain up to 5 people. Not all rooms have in room bathrooms. Mt. Chestnut            not be guaranteed without payment. The conference center does not
Nazarene Center is a Christian retreat facility. The use of alcohol and illegal drugs are     allow smoking in it's buildings. You must smoke in designated outside
forbidden on the grounds. Smoking is only permitted in outside designated areas. Please       areas only. No alcohol or illegal drugs are allowed on the grounds. If
respect their rules. Fines will be imposed and will be payable by registrant for any viola-
tions. Per the center's regulations, any violation of their rules can result in immediate
                                                                                              you break these rules you will be asked to leave without refund.
expulsion from the weekend without refund. Discount coupon for store use will be
mailed to you the week prior to the ScrapAway event along with pertinent info such as         All registrants will receive, in the mail: directions, instructions and a
directions.                                                                                   discount coupon for the store the week prior to the retreat. The re-
                             Registrants Release:                                             treat opens at NOON on Friday. Please do not come earlier as we need
I have read and understand all the information contained in this registration
                                                                                              to set up the facility for you.
form and agree to the conditions as set forth by Scrapbook Super Station and
Mt. Chestnut Nazarene Center.
                                                                                              Please mail registration form & payment to:

   ___________________________________________________________________________                        Scrapbook Super Station
                          REGISTRANT’S SIGNATURE                                                          168 Point Plaza
                                     STORE USE:
Payment Received By:_________________ Slip#________________ Date:_____________________
                                                                                                         Butler, PA 16001
                                                                                                          Questions? Call
Method:___________________ Registration # __________________ Room#___________________                     (724) 287-4311

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