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World War 2 German Uniforms

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World War 2 German Uniforms document sample

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									         Military Collectables list

Where an item merits specific reference i.e. due to rarity, clarity or to aid the reader it may to assist their knowledge by cross reference within
the list from books listed ie :-* book / page number* ,many of the books used in this reference section are still available.
                  CONTACT:-Mr Arthur Thornton World Of Warfare, 1 Halstead Close, Barrowford, Lancs, BB9 6HF.
                   E-mail:- Telephone:- 01282 615679 website:-
*1.        Kriegsmarine Uniforms & Traditions Volume 1 by John Angolia
*2.        Kriegsmarine Uniforms & Traditions Volume 2 by John Angolia
*3.        Kriegsmarine Uniforms & Traditions Volume 3 by John Angolia
*4.        Uniforms of the Luftwaffe 1933 - 1940 Volume 1 by Brian Davis
*5.        Uniforms of the Luftwaffe 1940 -1945 Volume 2 by Brian Davis
*6.        Uniforms & Traditions of the German Army Volume 2 by John Angola
*7.        Uniforms & Traditions of the German Army Volume 3 by John Angola
*8.        German Army Uniforms & Insignia 1933 -1945 by Brian Davis
*9.        Badges & Insignia of the Third Reich 933 -1945 by Brian Davis
*10        For Fuhrer & Fatherland Volume 1 by John Angolia
*11        For Fuhrer & Fatherland Volume 2 by John Angolia
*12        In the Service of the Reich Diplomatic / Red Cross by John Angola
*13        The History of the German Steel Helmet 1916 -1945 by Ludwig Baur
*14        Headgear of Hitler's Germany Volume 1 by Jill Halcomb
*15        Nazi Regalia by E. W. W. Fowler
*16        The HJ Volume 1 by John Angolia
*17        German Belt Buckles by Thomas Reid
*18        Rommel's Army in Africa by Dal McGuirk
*19        NSKK/NSFK by Angolia & Lttttejohn
*20        Afrikakorps by Histoire & Collections
*21        German Soldiers of World War 2 by Histoire & Collections
*22        German Army Uniforms of World War 2 by Wade Krawczyk
*23        Medal Ribbons & Orders of Imperial Germany & Austria by D G Neville
*24        SS Regalia by Robin Lumsden
*25        Deutschland Erwache by Uric of England
*26        Orders, Decorations, Medals & Badges of the 3rd Reich by Litttejohn & Dodkins
*27        Headgear of Hitler’s Germany Volume 2 by Jill Malcolm Smith & Wilhelm Saris
*28        Military Decorations & Orders of the USA & Europe by Robert Bal & Paul Peters
*29        FW Assmann & Sohne catalogue reprint by Redderick enterprises Dennison Texas
*30        Labor Organizations of the Third Reich by Angolia & Littlejohn # released 1999
*31        Third Reich Daggers 1933-1945 by J A Bowman
*32        German Sidearms & Bayonets 1740 -1945 by Klaus Lubbe
*33        Headgear of Hitler’s Germany Volume 3 by Wilhelm Saris & Jill Halcomb Smith
*34        Third Reich Cloth lnsignia(Service badges & Emblems) by Brian Davis & Ian Westwell
*35        German Combat Badges of the Third Reich (Volume 1) by Turner & Previtera
*36        Orders & Decorations Germany ( Volume 2 ) 1871 -1945 by Detlev Niemann
*37        SS Uniforms Insignia & accoutements by A Hayes
*38        Deutsche Soldaten by Augustin Saiz
*39        German Combat Badges of Third Reich (Volume 2) by Stephen Peter Previtera
1          Iron Cross 2nd class in original packet of issue maker Carl Forster & Graf silvered polished edge paint a bit bubbled            105.00
2          Iron Cross 2nd class in packet of issue maker Rudolf Souval Wein 62 cross polished edge                                          105.00
3          Iron Cross 2nd class in blue packet of issue maker Malter & Benieim Gablong cross has nice polished edge needs clean, packet
           slight damage at rear not noticeable at front                                                                                    100.00
4          Iron Cross 2nd class in packet cross retains full mirrored and frosting full ribbon packet minor tear back of packet and creased
           Maker Gustav Brehmer Miartneufinden 1 Ga                                                                                         115.00
5          Iron Cross 2nd class in packet silvered steel edge never been frosted full ribbon maker J G Hammer & Sohn Geringswasbe           105.00
6          Russian Front medal ring no 14 in packet of issue with faint maker details packet complete but faded with age                    60.00
7          Russian Front medal ring no 4 in packet by K Chr Lamo medal 70% finish                                                           60.00
8          Russian Front medal ring no 3 in packet Wilhelm Deumer medal 90% finish                                                          65.00
9          Russian Front medal no 100 in packet of issue maker Mittweidaer wear to paper                                                    60.00
10         25years Faithfull sevice medal in original box maker label Wachtler & Lange Mittweide i SAor C F Zimmermann Pforzheim            50.00
11         40 years Faithful service cross in box of issue ribbon with mounting pin maker Deuschler & Sohn Munchen                          75.00
12         March 1938 medal in light red box with gold eagle on lid, medal has mounting pin                                                 95.00
13         War Merit Cross 2nd class & swords larger packet but torn at back where maker details would have been front complete still has
           paper wrap inside                                                                                                                55.00
14         War Merit Cross with swords in packet maker Gebr Gen Zentach & Co wear to packet                                                 55.00
15         War Merit Cross with swords in packet maker Franz Fungwirth Wein 7                                                               55.00
16         War Merit medal in packet of issue early type maker Berg & Nolte Ludenschield damp stains on envelopes                           40.00
17         War Merit medal in original packet maker Ferdinand Hoffstatter Bonn late type medal still in paper wrapper mint packet slight
           split on side 1.1/2” not visible to front                                                                                        35.00
18    others Cross in gold in box maker Liefergermeinschaft Pforzheimer Junugen                                                         75.00
19    Mothers Cross in gold in box maker on lid W Pala Gablonz insignia on lid of box medal mint                                        75.00
20    Mothers Cross in silver in large packet maker Deschler & Sohn Munchen 9 two small tear bottom & side of packet                    65.00
21    Mothers Cross in bronze in paper packet maker L Lauer Nurnberg Berlin                                                             45.00
22    Mothers Cross bronze in packet maker Franf & Reif Stuttgart                                                                       45.00
23    West Wall Medal, in packet of issue, un-issued condition packet maker Carl Poetlath Schrobenhanfen                                30.00
24    War merit medal in packet by Robert Bauschild Profzbeirn                                                                          35.00
25    Silver Drivers badge with its metal plate and cellioliod LDO packet (packet a bit thin and tear where badge removed print still
      readable )rust mark from steel backing plate inside                                                                               65.00
26    October medal in its paper packet maker Ferd Weidmann Frankfurt never had medal title on front of package metal never been
       out of packet mint condition                                                                                                     75.00
27    Anti Communist medal in its original packet maker paul Mehbauer Berlin does not have medal title on front of packet               75.00
30    Iron Cross 1st class choice of maker numbers choice:- un marked , L15 ,                                                           145.00
31    Iron Cross 1st class with lazy 3 which is below date line these are known to be made by Souval 50% paint                          145.00
32    Bar to Iron Cross 2nd class late war finish on original discoloured ribbon of tunic                                               145.00
33    Bar to Iron Cross 2nd class normal size 4 pin type one missing on ribbon                                                          135.00
34    Iron Cross 2nd class schinkel type with original ribbon which has rust stains on it not effecting award RARE                      180.00
35    Iron Cross 2nd class good condition with full ribbon maker numbers on ring choice of :- 6,, 44, ,55,,65,,                         85.00
36    Iron Cross 2nd class good condition un-numbered                                                                                   70.00
37    Iron Cross ribbon original just under 12” long from original box, enough for medal and uniform as issued                          8.00
38    War Merit 1st class without swords early plated type maker rings L18 or 50                                                        95.00
39    War Merit Cross 2nd Class with Swords, both early & late types         unnumbered                                                 30.00
40    War Merit Cross 2nd class with 8 & 12 years long service medals with eagles court mounted plate on rear marked DRF                145.00
41    War Merit Cross 2nd class with swords numbered choice of 10 ( worn) 4 ,, 72 ,                                                     40.00
42    War Merit Cross 2nd class without swords numbered choice of 4,,36,,41,,50,,52,, 88 (some short ribbons)                           45.00
43    War Merit Cross 2nd Class without Swords unnumbered                                                                               35.00
44    War Merit medal                                                                                                                   20.00
45    Mothers Cross in gold                                                                                                             60.00
46    Mothers Cross in Silver                                                                                                           50.00
47    Mothers Cross in Bronze                                                                                                           40.00
48    Mothers Cross miniature in gold non maker on correct bow with pin                                                                 35.00
49    Mothers Cross miniature in bronze non maker with correct bow with pin                                                             30.00
50    25 years Faithful Service Cross, 90% frosted finish with pin                                                                      35.00
51    40 years Faithfull service medal 95% frosted finsh with pin                                                                       55.00
52    Anti Communist medal                                                                                                              45.00
53    Russian Front Medal, choice of ring numbers 4, 5 , 6 ,L15 ,60, 65,100 , 110 , 107 or unnumbered , different conditions            40.00
54    1st October 1938 medal with Praque bar attached                                                                                   95.00
55    1st October medal ribbon a bit faded court style grey backing Luftwaffe                                                           40.00
56    1st October 1938 Medal                                                                                                            35.00
57    West Wall Medal                                                                                                                   20.00
58    Police 18 year long service with metal miniature police insignia on ribbon (used when cloth eagle lost)                           95.00
59    Army / Kriegsmarine 18 year long service cross in silver with correct metal eagle on ribbon never had mounting pin                150.00
60    Luftwaffe 4 year long service medal with eagle & clasp pin to rear                                                                75.00
61    Army / Kriegsmarine 4 years long service medal with eagle                                                                         70.00
62    Army / Kriegssmarine 12 years long service metal with eagle                                                                       100.00
63    RAD 4 years long service medal in bronze 95% finish                                                                               65.00
64    Army / Kriegsmarine long service medals 4 & 12 years with correct eagles on ribbons court mounted with pin                        125.00
65    Court mounted WW1 Iron Cross maker KO / 1914-18 & swords maker LW & Co/ Police silver long service Cross
      Police 18 years service with correct cloth police eagle embroidered eagle in ribbon                                               145.00
66    Luftwaffe 4 year long service / War Merit & swords / October medal correct Luftwaffe eagles straight style court mounted          135.00
67    Army / Kriegsmarine 4 year long service medal with correct eagle never had mounting pin                                           60.00
68    Court mounted Luftwaffe 4 year long service medal with early eagle with mounting pin                                              75.00
69    Kriegsmarine 4 year long service with eagle & 1st October medal court mounted blue backing with pin                               95.00
70    Afrika Italy medal by maker Lorioli Milano late war production in alloy 50% finish                                                70.00
71    Kriegsmarine Minesweepers award horizontal pin no maker 90% finish                                                                125.00
72    Kriegsmarine Minesweepers award horizontal pin upper hook silvered edge matt grey centre possibly French made                     125.00
73    Kriegsmarine Destroyers badge by Scherwin Berlin 68 late war zinc pale finish                                                     155.00
74    Kriegsmarine Destroyers badge by Sohni Heubach & Co horizontal pin 90 % finish *ref 35 page 345                                   165.00
75    Kriegsmarine Destroyers badge by Josef feix Sohne 95 % finish * ref 35 page 342                                                   165.00
76    Kriegsmarine Auxiliary Cruisers award one piece construction late war 60% finish needle pin                                       165.00
77    Kriegsmarine U Boat award Zinc construction cut out swastika by GWL Gebruder Wegerhoff Ludenschied ref 35 page 271, was
      Issued to Kurt Kruger an electrician the only match I can locate is U 352 POW 9.5.1942, I will supply full crew list, was given
      to Frank Ivey , Kurt later worked in 51 Maintainance Unit RAF Cheadle Hume Cheshire, nice detail but no finish left               245.00
78    U boat award blocked in swastika type no maker nice details 15 % paint finish                                                     235.00
79    Kriegsmarine U boat badge in gold wire on bevo maker woven on edge K.E.E.N. unissued condition                                    85.00
81    Kriegsmarine High Seas Fleet award marked Fo Friedrich Orth grey ship gold wreath 95% *ref 35 page 326                           225.00
82    Kriegsmarine High seas Fleet by FEC.Adolf Bock Berlin slight concave shape 75% finish ref 35 page 315                            225.00
83    Kriegsmarine High seas Fleet by Fec Adolf Bock Berlin this one has been at sea no gold left minor bubbles back & front           150.00
84    Army bronze close combat clasp maker FEC W E Peekhaus Berlin ( JFS ) in square 65% finish raised letters ref 35 page 199         225.00
85    Army bronze close combat clasp maker FEC W E Peekhaus Berlin JFS in square 90 % finish stamped in details ref 35 page 194        275.00
86    General Assault non maker ball hinge late quality zinc *ref 35 page 116 shows exact Assmann one *                                75.00
87    Army General Assault badge late war with Assmann mark                                                                            95.00
88    Army General Assault badge by Frank & Reif Stuttgart dark alloy type needle pin type ref 35 page 113                             95.00
89    Army General assault non maker light concave to style dark alloy type needle pin                                                 80.00
90    Army General Assault maker Assmann with 3 below corrosion right side wreath and grenade out of ground ref 35 shows no2           45.00
91    Army Infantry assault in silver non maker needle pin late war dark alloy                                                         70.00
92    Army Infantry Assault has lost its silver finish leaving a brass type colour 3 minor corrosion marks to rifle                    70.00
93    Army Infantry Assault in bronze no maker needle pin type no maker 45% on bronze left                                             75.00
94    Army Infantry Assault bronze 95% finish hinged pin type non maker                                                                95.00
95    Panzer bronze tank award maker marked AS maker AD. Schwerdt *ref page 35 page 76/77,, 95% finish ball pin                        240.00
96    Army bronze tank badge zink non maker needle pin 50 % finish to front good strong details                                        165.00
97    Army Silver tank badge out of ground corrosion marks to eagle & swastika and part of tank still nice needle pin non maker        85.00
98    Army tank award in silver by Frank & Reif Stuttgart good silver finish bubbling to finish at rear                                185.00
99    Army Anti Aircraft award in gunmetal grey non-maker needle pin RARE                                                              235.00
100   Army Krim shield on sage green with all backing paper                                                                            130.00
102   Wound badge in gold late war made from black type, burnished and gilded on front not brass polished                              50.00
103   Wound badge in silver mid war stamped 107 Carl Wild maker , 40% paint remains                                                    50.00
104   Wound badge in silver early plated type non-maker very fine bubbling remains of matt finish                                      55.00
105   Wound badge in black late steel type, non maker 90% paint                                                                        25.00
106   Wound badge in black choice of makers :- 126 has 90% paint finish /// 81 Cie Overhorf Ludenschied /// also L11            each   30.00
107   Drivers badge in gold on field green backing still has paper backing                                                             55.00
108   Drivers badge in gold Luftwaffe backing plate visible at back no paper finish left on rear 55% finish to front rust on wreath    55.00
109   Drivers badge in silver on field green paper backing intact`                                                                     50.00
110   Drivers badge in bronze on army field green metal plate remains on paper on wool edge                                            45.00
111   Luftwaffe Pilots award early plated type non maker has matt silver within badge with plated highlights                           350.00
112   Luftwaffe Pilots award early plated type non maker needle pin type                                                               285.00
113   Luftwaffe Air Gunners badge early plate maker BSW Bruder Schneider AG                                                            380.00
114   Luftwaffe Wireless Operator Air Gunners badge by Assmann                                                                         380.00
115   Luftwaffe Ground assault two piece non maker has 65% paint                                                                       145.00
117   Luftwaffe Ground assault by rK Rudolf Karneth & Sohn *ref 39 page 434 has light grey clouds and black lighting strike            185.00
118   Luftwaffe reconnaissance / sea rescue flight bar in silver maker GH Osang Dresden                                                195.00
119   Luftwaffe Anti Aircraft award non maker two piece fitting behind hinge needle pin appears mid war non maker                      140.00
120   SA Sports Badge in Bronze, with the Haupstella inscription 1935-1939 maker Berg & Wolteag *ref 11 page 238*                      40.00
121   DRL sports award in bronze cloth bevo type uncut rarer than metal version                                                        25.00
122   DRL Sports early pre swastika type maker H W Werstein DRGM 33918 or L Chr Lauer                                                  25.00
123   DRL sports badge with swastika maker Hensler Pforzheim DRGM 35269                                                                45.00
124   German horsemans award bronze brass construction maker LChr lauder Nurnberg Berlin slight wear to finish                         85.00
125   Army marksman lanyard 2nd type insignia with white silk backing on the silver wire and army sage green behind badge              75.00
130   Iron Cross WW2 / Russian Front / October medal has Luftwaffe cloth backing                                                       15.00
131   Iron Cross / Russian Front / Luftwaffe 4 years long service very small eagle                                                     35.00
132   Iron Cross / 4 years long service with eagle / October medal             court mounted style                                     35.00
133   Iron Cross / Russian Front / West Wall medal front                                                                               25.00
134   Iron Cross/Russian Front / Army 4 years long service with eagle the half round style                                             30.00
135   Iron Cross / Russian Front / Army 4 years long service with eagle                                                                35.00
136   Iron Cross / Afrika medal                                                                                                        20.00
137   Iron Cross/ 1914-18 & swords / Police WW2 long service with police eagle                                                         25.00
138   Iron Cross / War Merit Cross with swords larger type                                                                             15.00
139   War Merit medal & swords/Russian Front / West Wall Austrian style double crossed ribbons large type                              25.00
140   War Merit Cross & swords/ Russian Front 4 & 12 years Army long service with eagles faded & wear                                  40.00
141   War Merit Cross & swords / Luftwaffe long service & Eagle/ October medal                                                         40.00
142   War Merit Cross & swords/Russian Front/Army long service & eagle / West Wall medal                                               40.00
143   War Merit Cross & swords / Luftwaffe long service & eagle / October medal with Praque bar                                        45.00
144   War Merit Cross / 1914-18 & swords/Pctober medal/Hungary combatants fire cross & swords                                          30.00
145   War Merit medal / 1914-18 / Police long service with eagle                                                                       25.00
146   War Merit Cross & swords ,4 & 12 years Army long service with eagles,October medal                                               30.00
147   War Merit medal/ 1938 Entry medal / October medal                                                                                20.00
148   War Merit medal / 1914-18 medal with swords / 25 years Faithfull service medal with miniature                                    20.00
149   War Merit Cross & swords/ Russian Front medal/ 4 years long service with eagle                                                   30.00
150   4 years long service with eagle / West Wall medal                                                                                25.00
151   Long service 4 & 12 years with eagles                                                                                            30.00
152   Long service 4 & 12 years with eagles court mounted ribbons                                                                      30.00
153   Long service 4 &n 12 years with October medal with praque bar                                                               40.00
154   Long Service & eagle & October medal large size type                                                                        30.00
155   Long service & eagle / October medal normal size                                                                            25.00
156   4 years long service metal eagle on blue ribbon bar for combat jacket                                                       15.00
157   Russain Front / Anti Communist/Meckleburg cross merit/ Iron Cross non combatant                                             35.00
158   Luftwaffe long service & October medal with Praque bar                                                                      40.00
159   Luftwaffe Long service & eagle / War Merit medal & swords/October medal & Praque bar                                        45.00
160   Luftwaffe 4 years long service ribbon bar with early drooped eagle                                                          18.00
161   October medal with Praque bar full size type                                                                                20.00
162   October medal bar with small Praque bar                                                                                     20.00
163   SINGLE BARS :- 1938 Entry medal / October medal large type/ war Merit medal & swords / West Wall Medal /
      War Merit Cross with swords larger types / Russian Front / Anti communist medal                                    each     5.00
164   DOUBLE BARS:- Merit Cross & swords & Red Cross Medal..//// War Merit Cross & swords & October MedalWar ///
165   Merit Cross & Swords & West Wall Medal ////War Merit cross with swords & Russian Front /// Iron Cross & Russian Front //each10.00
166   West Wall / Russian Front/War Merit Cross & swords with very small second Russian Front around larger ribbons metal swords 10.00
167   Army / Kriegsmarine 4 & 12 years long service button hole with 2 eagles on ring bow ribbon behind                           10.00
168   Luftwaffe ¾” eagle on bowed ribbon for 4 years service for civilian jacket                                                  10.00
169   Luftwaffe ¼” long service 4 years early eagle for civilian jacket                                                           10.00
170   Army long service with eagle for 4 years for civilian jacket                                                                10.00
171   Bayern War Cross with swords 3rd class with original box of issue which is maker Deschler & Sohn Munchen, pale blue ribbon
      With wire threads either side , box maroon with gold lettering Bayr M V Kr 3 KL                                             40.00
172   Police court mounted group 1914/18 with swords / Pro Deo Et Patria medal 1914/18 / Bulgarian 1915-18 medal and WW2
      25 years long service police cross with correct embroidered eagle on ribbon VERY RARE                                       155.00
177   Iron Cross 2nd class & 1914-18 medal with swords straight style navy backing in blue cross stamped K maker /1914 KM&F       55.00
178   Iron Cross/Veteran medal angel & soldier 1914 /1914-1918 & swords straight style                                            65.00
179   Iron Cross /1914 -18 cross with swords straight mounted on bar                                                              55.00
180   Kaiser medal brass with Wilhelm straight type ribbon mounted                                                                20.00
181   Austria medal 1914-18 triangle ribbon mounted                                                                               17.00
182   1914-18 cross with swords / Bulgarian war medal straight style                                                              40.00
183   1914-18 next of kin medal with bow devise for female perfect condition maker RV38 Prorzhen, pin DRGM                        20.00
184   Cross of war aid / 1914-18 non combatant / WW2 25years Faithful service cross                                               60.00
185   WW1 court mounted Iron Cross 2nd class/1914-18 & swords /WW2 Social Welfare medal ( red cross medal)                        95.00
186   Iron Cross 1st class in silver choice of maker KO or 1st class flat type typical WW2 issue, concaved types                  135.00
187   Iron Cross 2nd class silver 800 and maker CL,,CE,,CD                                                                        55.00
188   Iron Cross 2nd class choice of maker:-K ,, KO,, W or M ? , SW, KAG                                                          35.00
190   1914 -1918 cross with swords                choice of makers:- O&B,,LN&G,,HM,,14 RV Prozheim                                15.00
192   1914-1918 cross for next of kin in black choice of makers W,, WR,,HM,WS or RV 38 Pforzheim                                  25.00
193   Cross of war aid in bronze                                                                                                  25.00
194   Kaiser medal in brass has Kaiser with picklehaube on head Wilhelm 1 st yellow ribbon                                        25.00
195   9 years Faithful military service in silver                                                                                 25.00
196   1914 - 1918 cross without swords for non combatants choice of makers Wd ,, KM&F ,, BH L,,                                   15.00
197   Red Cross medal for female with correct bow ribbon                                                                          35.00
198   Friedrich August medal in bronze has coat of arms with crown                                                                18.00
199   Saxony 9 years military long service in silver                                                                              28.00
200   Bavarian 9 years Faithful military service in silver                                                                        28.00
201   Naval Veterans 1914-18 with swords fitted onto ribbon                                                                       20.00
202   Prussian Red Cross medal 2nd class in dull grey colour                                                                      23.00
203   Military Medal in silver Wilhelm II Koenig von Wuerttemberg with bearded head on front                                      30.00
205   Bulgarian 1915 – 1918 war medal awarded to Germans                                                                          25.00
206   Red Cross medal 2nd class grey metal with cross and W.R.A.V.                                                                20.00
207   Wound badge in gold made from brass exceptional detail to wreath and helmet                                                 40.00
208   Wound badge Black 50% finish steel unmarked                                                                                 20.00
210   WW1 Iron Cross with miniature cross and WW2 1939 bar / Mecklenburg 1914 Honour medal/ 1914-18 and swords
      With long service with silver WW2 eagle                                                                                     65.00
211   Iron Cross/ Austria Long service 5 years cross/ 1914-18 & swords                                                            20.00
212   WW1 Iron Cross/ WW2 War Merit & swords / long service award                                                                 20.00
213   WW1 Iron Cross/1914-18 & swords/ long service / Austria war service commemorative medal/ Luftwaffe long service with eagle
      Hungary combatant fire cross & swords/ Hungary Bravery medal & swords RARE                                                  75.00
214   1914-18 & swords / War merit cross without swords/25 Years Faithfull Service with cross                                     20.00
215   WW1 Iron Cross / long service / 1914-18 with swords                                                                         20.00
216   Iron Cross/ Austrian long service/ 1914-18 & swords                                                                         20.00
217   Iron Cross / Austrian commemorative medal 1912 large type                                                                   15.00
218   Iron Cross & 1914-18 war medal with swords large type size 2” long x ¾”                                                             12.00
219   Iron Cross / 1914-18 & swords/ West wall medal                                                                                      15.00
220   Iron Cross / Silver war service medal rear DRGM stamped pin                                                                         12.00
221   Iron Cross/Prussian Hohenzollern Jubilee 1901/ 1914-18 no swords one piece medal ribbon                                             5.00
222   Iron Cross/ 1914-18 & swords                                                                                                        5.00
223   1914-18 without swords / WW2 war merit cross with swords                                                                            10.00
224   Iron Cross/ 1914-18 & swords / Long Service medal                                                                                   15.00
225   Austrian Military merit 1849/Emperor Carl Cross 1916/Jubilee medal 1898 ( all ribbons red & white)                                  20.00
226   1914-18 & swords / War Merit medal no swords large type bar meker stamp to rear                                                     20.00
227   Iron Cross WW1 / War Merit cross & swords/ 1914-18 & swords/ Army long service & eagle half size type                               30.00
228   Iron Cross / War Merit & swords for WW2 / Bavarian war medal 1914-18/ 1914-18 war medal & swords                                    25.00
229   Iron Cross / Hessen State medal maker marked on rear DRP                                                                            15.00
230   Iron Cross / 1914-18 & swords / Hungary Fire Cross for combatants                                                                   15.00
231   Iron Cross / Long service medal with a miniature of medal attached                                                                  12.00
232   1914-18 medal without sword for non combatant large type Austrian style doubled ribbons                                             5.00
233   1914-18 without swords / Cross Merit war Aid / 40 Years faithfull long service WW2 gold medal                                       20.00
240   Diplomatic Corp alloy cap eagle for lower rank officers in silver (wider wing) an bullion wire one shown book 12 page 30            55.00
241   SA / SS early edelweiss political type two piece alloy choice of makers RZM M1/52 or H151                                           35.00
242   Political 2nd pattern cap eagle maker RZM M1/49 upper pins intact lower one missing alloy construction looking left                 35.00
243   Kriegsmarine Ordinary ranks combined eagle with roundel beneath off cap slight wear                                                 60.00
244   Kriegsmarine Ordinary ranks alloy cap eagle marked, JFS 40, & maker in diamond 100% finish                                          50.00
245   Kriegsmarine Ordinary ranks brass cap eagle unmarked                                                                                40.00
246   Kriegsmarine gold gilded alloy breast eagle maker marked M in diamond 95% finish                                                    85.00
247   Kriegsmarine admin silver alloy officers breast eagle for white jackets maker M in diamond 95% finish                               85.00
248   Kriegsmarine 2nd pattern helmet shield for tropical helmet 85 % finish pins cut off still rare piece                                40.00
249   Army Generals Afrika pith helmet shield gold eagle & edge non-maker RARE                                                            85.00
250   Army metal breast eagle silver with gilt wash some wash loss due to age similar to KM one for white jacket                          75.00
251   Army cap eagle with conversion to clip to attach to fur hat maker RH38 pins removed to fit clip unusual                             40.00
252   Army cap eagle in alloy non maker double pin                                                                                        40.00
253   army cap eagle in alloy choice of makers AW 39 and RS & S 39 three pin types                                                        45.00
254   Army NCO's cap cockade, 2 piece, marked,, GES GESCH 7 ,, GES GESCH 9                                                                35.00
255   Army NCO’s cap cockade two separate pieces non maker                                                                                25.00
256   Army roundle for above cockade maker S&L 39 felt centre                                                                             15.00
257   Army lightweight alloy cockade maker Aw 38 with separate cockade with a painted centre                                              30.00
258   Army Pith helmet shields late alloy type makers JS & S and JS in diamond un-issued condition                                        60.00
259   Army 1st marksman shield 1936 pattern, marksman shield for lanyard all pins                                                         35.00
260   Army edelweiss for cap two piece construction no maker mark                                                                         25.00
261   Luftwaffe cap eagle still attached to Assmann card with serial number 25293 in matt silver finish never polished brass pins to rear
      I have print out from catalogue which confirms the piece and price at RM 0.08 per piece *ref 29 page 32 RARE                        90.00
262   Luftwaffe breast eagle for white jacket non maker slight corrosion to rear in alloy minute upper wing edge not noticeable           65.00
263   Luftwaffe early eagle with separate full cockade both stamped DRGM both shaped for hat never fitted                                 95.00
264   Luftwaffe cap eagle lightweight alloy maker FLL 37                                                                                  40.00
265   Luftwaffe NCO cap cockade unmarked                                                                                                  18.00
266   Police Shako eagle and national colours eagle maker B& N needs nuts to rear , colours 38 dated & Kifin u.Ouenzer RARE               175.00
267   Police Shako plate threads present needs nuts maker AMS large eagle on ¾ wreath                                                     120.00
268   Police 1st pattern in gold for water police VERY RARE                                                                               55.00
269   Police Landwacht cap eagle stamped type marked Ges Gesch 37                                                                         45.00
270   Police 2nd type cap eagle alloy choice of ZS 39// GTD// WH 40 // non maker                                                          45.00
271   Police 2nd type metal painted type choice of maker Assmann or CTO                                                                   40.00
272   Reichkriegerbund Veterans Assoc breast eagle, alloy, maker GES GESCH 19or 23 * ref 27 page 279 *                                    30.00
273   Reichkriegerbund Veterans Assoc. breast eagle, maker GES GESCH 2 late war painted type.                                             28.00
274   Reichkrriegerbund National Assoc. of Veterans Army type very large eagle with crossed swords and Iron Cross on chest plated
      With a silver wash some wear to wash maker Ges Gesch largest insignia of veterans eagles                                            55.00
275   Reichkriegerbund National Assoc. of Veterans cap eagle maker GES GESCH 2 or number 7                                                25.00
276   NSKOV cap eagle large eagle with veteran insignia on breast                                                                         40.00
277   Wehrmacht female employee badge as above lighter construction being stamped metal late war                                          25.00
278   RAD officers bevo cap badge silver wire on black bevo full maker RAJD in triange                                                    40.00
279   RAD WJ female silver commemorative brooch maker A.N.G. * ref 30 page 470 *                                                          25.00
280   RAD cap insignia has full grey finish maker Ges Gesch 39 and logo                                                                   45.00
281   RAD cap insignia silver alloy finish maker Ges Gesch 26 and logo                                                                    35.00
282   RAD WJ cap insignia matt silver wash non maker *ref 30 page 453                                                                     35.00
283   Political 1st pattern in metal for dress cap large type size of Army eagle white metal rear of swastika black RZM & Number
      Under pins and not readable                                                                                                         45.00
284   Political 1st pattern cap eagle the type used by SA / SS early days white metal swastika black maker RZM 12                         30.00
285   Political 1st pattern for dress cap as above silvered wash worn condition                                                           30.00
286   Political 2nd pattern cap eagle looking left 46 mm stamped RZM M1/17                                                                40.00
287   Political 2nd pattern eagle facing left 65 mm maker RZM M1/120                                                                      40.00
288    Political 2nd pattern eagle facing right 55mm maker RZM M1/113 small mark upper arm                                                35.00
289    Political 2nd pattern cap eagle 65mm head facing left maker RZM M1/83 silver-plate worn reduced to a copper colour                 35.00
290    Political 2nd pattern with full gilt finish maker RZM M1/44 65 mm                                                                  45.00
291    Cap eagle believed postal has pebbled finish on swastika 1st pattern style                                                         30.00
292    DAF cap insignia festive large swastika and cog in cloth within metal frame full maker Lieferant no 47 RZM 400                     35.00
294    Veterans two piece construction painted lighthouse with swastika on gold wreath slight daded only                                  28.00
295    Railway NCO cap cockade large wreath with separate cockade winged wheel on wreath similar to Army in size                          35.00
296    Cap cockade two piece for Landesforestmeister peaked cap large full cockade in alloy with national colours as Army                 45.00
297    Veteran eagle Naval the very large type with enamel Iron Cross on gilded eagle with anchor maker Ges Gesch RARE                    95.00
298    Postal Workers cockade wreath around national colours alloy wreath                                                                 15.00
298a   Postal workers senior level cocakade with larger wreath with the high type colours silvered metal                                  15.00
300    Deutsche Wehrmacht black printed on yellow                                                                                         45.00
301    Deutsche Reichsbahn yellow embroidered on beige canvas some fading discolour to backing material                                   40.00
315    SS Ausb Abt Konitz ground dug two edges lost alloy finish all wording readable                                                     85.00
316    SS ESTONIA ESTN SS FRW BRIG ground dug marked fully readable found in Estonia                                                      85.00
317    SS 5th JR 3 Infantry ground dug part of Deutschland Division found in Demyansk area Russia                                         85.00
318    SS 63 W Gren Regt d.SS part of Hunyadi ( Hungarian 1) May 44 recovered Hungary border ground dug feathered lower edge              85.00
319    SS Werfer Ausb U Ers Abt formed June 1943 Wienhausen Celle 1943 Poland returned to Celle 1945                                      85.00
321    SS 1 SS Pol Gren Rgt 3 (Police Grenadier Regiment tin type rusted lightly found Polish Russian border                              70.00
323    SS 6 SS Art Rgt 6 NORD Volunteer Artillery Regiment mainly Norway / Hungary /Romania, ground dug Baltic Coast                      85.00
324    SS 4 SS Pz J BR/OS.. Panzer infantry brigade stationed Oberschlesien ground dug minor marks to metal                               85.00
325    SS Erg.Komp.Waffen SS Zeesen ground dug some feathering to one corner ( choice of 3) Zeesen near Mecklenburg (North)               75.00
326    SS 1 Waffen Gren Rgt SS 33 lett Nr LATVIA volunteer formed 1943 ground dug feathered one end found Berlin area RARE                70.00
327    Waffen SS 2 KRAD E Komp half disc out of ground recovered Estonia region                                                           35.00
328    Waffen SS 3 KRAD E komp half disc out of ground recovered Estonia region                                                           35.00
329    Parachute Regt choice of:- .FJP 26 (1st para. Regt)                                                                                75.00
330    Parachute Regt 2810 Parachute Korp 7 Division RARE                                                                                 95.00
331    Luftwaffe Herman Goring Div 3 NE /13 /HG parachute regiments                                                                       50.00
332    Luftwaffe Herman Goring Flak 1 Flak Rgt HG                                                                                         45.00
333    Luftwaffe Ordnance depo Poland L.M.Kittlitz-treben (area now named trzebien)                                                       25.00
334    Luftwaffe PARA 53430 relates to 2 Para Jager Regt Eratz Batl 3 in Halberstadt                                                      75.00
335    Luftwaffe Pilot) 62713 (pilot number only ) relates to 2 KG 26 Bomber Group                                                        65.00
336    Luftwaffe Engineers security ID disc has eagle over cog wheel marked 136 on rear                                                   35.00
337    Luftwaffe Flak L Res Flak Batr 186                                                                                                 30.00
338    Luftwaffe 18E Lg Na rgt 12 Ersatz Luftgau Signals Division later became Luftwaffe Infantry Field Division 12                       30.00
339    Luftwaffe Volunteer FL Horst Komp WARSCAHUA very RARE                                                                              45.00
340    Luftwaffe flying choice of:- Flier Fl H Kdtr 0 Horst Delmenhorst 20) Flier HQ /Luftwaffe Flier Rek Kp Fig Ers Batl XL              35.00
        Rek.Kp.Flg.Ers.Btl.X11 (Recruiting Flyer Battalion) 3 / A/FI/Ausb/Regt/22 Gustrow both halves but
       Snapped / 4 Fi Ausb Regt 72 / Ln Flugm Res Komp // Bla 71035 ( blind flying unit) 1 FL Ausb Regt 14 (flying unit)
341    Luftwaffe others choice of :- Baukomp 411 V1 (building company) / 2 Fl A Batl 26 ( 2 nd Field hospital).
       LLn T Ers kp 16/11 (technical company) ,LGK II Command HQ ( LuftgaukommandoII)
       32 X11 Nr 333 bau komp ( Building company on original string/                                                                      30.00
       ,L Mula Kittitztreben ( Munitions Lager in Trzebein Poland)                                                                        30.00
342    Luftwaffe Fl Ers Batl XV11 Flier Replacement formed 1942 Chorudim bei Pardubitz                                                    30.00
343    FLH Komdt Neuruppin ( feathered edges)                                                                                             25.00
344    Luftwaffe Fl Ers Batl III half only                                                                                                14.00
345    Luftschutz X11 9 173 SHD Luftgau 12 Security & defence                                                                             25.00
346    Infantry in its leather holder ST I JR 109 tag snapped but in two pieces still in holder piece of string through top ground dug    35.00
347    Army Infantry choice of :-
       1 Inf Ers 211 /// 1 JR 78 /// 2 Inf Bt 52 /// 2 Inf Ers Batt 484 /// JEB 2 /// 4 JEB 24 /// 6 JR 208 /// 8 JR 183 /// Inf Bt 477
        /// St 11 JR 49 /// 2 Jnr Ers Btl 36                                                                                              25.00
      Inf ERS B23( poor condition) 3 Inf Ers Btl 380 (corner damaged out of ground)                                                      20.00
348    9 JR 397 with chain                                                                                                                30.00
349    Amy Driver 4 Kraft Ers Abt g 13 ground dug readable a bit thin alloy type,, Driver 2St Komp Kf Pk Ers u Ausb Abt 12                20.00
350    Military Police choice of:- 1 POL R 62                                                                                             35.00
351    Army local defence units choice of :-Landes Sch Rgt 1 / V1 // Ladschutz ErsAusu Batl12 St komp BGR                                 20.00
352    Army Driving depo:- Kf.Pk.Ers.UAus.B Abt 11 or H K P Born MT Park                                                                  20.00
353    Army Bridge Building:- 4 BR BB 683, Br Kol B 624, 2 BAU 117 (slight corrosion one end) Bau Ers Btl 6 / Br Kol B624
       Br Bau Kp3 / 560 / Bau Kp 2/60 // 4 bauBatl 252                                                                                    20.00
354    Army Training Lands:- Sch Regt 1 / V1 /// Demostration unit LEHRTR. Bergen local raised in Beren for recruiting                    20.00
355    Pz Jg Ausb Kp FELDHERRNHALLE originally a SA Standarte unit later Luftwaffe VERY RARE                                              50.00
356    Army Pioneer choice of:- 1 Pi Ers Bt 1 / 5 Pi Er Bt 33 / Pi 384                                                                    25.00
357    Army Signals:- 3/ NE / 14                                                                                                          20.00
358    Army Local Defence, choice of. 1 / L.Sch.Ers JBO 3 /// Local Defence 2.                                                           20.00
359    Army Building Btl :- Ers Bt 16                                                                                                    20.00
360    Army Prisoner of War unit (front POW holding area prior to camp), choice of =Frontstalag 150 ( Saint Floentin 8.1.1940)
       Frrontstalag 240( Verdun 8.1940 – 3/1941                                                                                          30.00
361    Grenadier St Kp GEB 493 slight feather one edge very minute                                                                       25.00
362    Grenadier 3 St Kp Gr Ers Btl 367 half only                                                                                        12.00
363    Army Flak units choice of 4 Flakscheinw // F A S V1 Field / Flak Artillery School, Army Flak St b Flak Ers Abt 4/
       /Flak 3 Flak 6 Scw                                                                                                                20.00
364    Army Artlillery choice :- Light Motorised Choice of Stamm battr Le AEA 9 MOT) 1/116 ( number of soldier 1735 or 1764)
       // Artillery Marschbattr U Le AEA 257 // NZ/AR 603 Signals section // Kdr d LA OK Light Artillery garrison command //             25.00
        9AR 4 // 3AR61 (slight corrision to wording)                                                                                     20.00
366    Nacheshub Kp 3 Supply Company 3 has 405 crossed out out of ground snapped both parts present                                      10.00
367    Fortifications V/ Fest Reg 1                                                                                                      20.00
368    Military Army Ammo Stores choice of:- HMA Topchin at Mark Brandenburg 1939 /// VZH Berlin stores depo /// WMA Jauer
       HMA Priebus (ground dug) WMA Halberstadt                                                                                          25.00
369    Kriegsmarine choice of :-,5236/45K, 5250/45K, 16384/45K,14335/45K,19104/45K 72370/44K,13176/45K ,
370     13190/45K (75% paint )22691/45K ,                                                                                                25.00
371    Kriegsmarine half discs 24117/45K , 14641/45K                                                                                     15.00
370    ROMANIA volunteer Regt 41 named on rear Nabesco Alex Contesti Dameovita ground dug damage to one edge                             35.00
371    Aserb Batl Pi Blt 551 FRW RUSSIAN Volunteer formed Jedina 1942 found Berlin ground dug slight feathered to edge RARE 45.00
372    As above readable but badly feathered and poor condition                                                                          15.00
373    TURKISH Volunteer FRW 1/ BB Turk 156 corrosion top corner                                                                         45.00
374    ITALY Volunteer FLAK ERS ABT 99 ITAL ground dug Berlin very slight feather one edge 1/2”                                          45.00
375    TURKISTAN 3/828 Wolgatat Leg FRW i/2 tag part of 162 Turkistan Infantry Division with unit history out of ground                  20.00
376    RAD M 5 /196 Insterburg district / RAD K6/43 ( Drivers unit) RAD 3/373/259/7 ( Gumbinnen} RAD6/43 choice of 1050
       or 1939 (Allenstein)                                                                                                              25.00
376    RAD M19 7/ 457 Deutsch Krone district half only                                                                                   12.00
378    RAD 3 /373/243/2 out of ground complete                                                                                           20.00
379    Customs Zollgrenzchutz Karlsrune for Oberfinonzprafident Baden                                                                    25.00
380    NSKK 1 BRIG L surface rust but complete and not damaged                                                                           25.00
381    Police POL Vw Wein                                                                                                                35.00
382    Lager Ziegenhain (USA pilots) // FRONTSTALAG 240 // STALAG 308 ( Niedersaachin )
       STALAG 315 ( Ludwigsburg 1945 ) // STALAG 344 (Lamsdorf Poland )// STALAG X11A ( Limburg Essen) //
                                    // STALAG VIIC (Sagan Polland // STALAG 11E ( Schwerin Mecklenburg –Vorpommern )
383    OFFICER POW Oflag IIE Neubranderburg Germany                                                                                      35.00
384    Lagerkommandanter Gef Nr 317 Riga has RZM re political use from camp in Latvia (small type like early WW1 dog tag ) RARE25.00
385    Lagerkommandanter Gef Nr 372 Riga has RZM re political prisoner system camp in Latvia area RARE                                   25.00
386    Ernst Reichmeister original number removed replaced with 4/227                                                                    20.00
387    Infantry A.4.JR 105 42 with Deutsches Reich Heer below details                                                                    35.00
388    Artillery 2/s Art Ers Abt 47 has Deusches Reich Heer on opposite side out of ground some marks in metal                           35.00
WW1 INFANTRY small early types rare to find choice of :-
389    2 Ersatz Inf Btl 16 //RFAR 7 5B // Reserve Inf 74 // X1X Rob Thierfelder Chemitz                                                  20.00
390    Alb Baumgart Ers Batl 6 G RJR 203 feathered around edges                                                                          18.00
391    Alfred Pionler Berline Luneburgerstr 30 27.7.1893 of 1 st Ers Batl Gren R 12 with original string                                 30.00
392    Kuno Konig Sollingen 3.4.90 Beckmannstr 15 and on rear R j R 17 8K Nr 576 with original string                                    25
400    Army Officer / high ranking breast eagle dark gold wire on dark green backing chain link type wreath & swastika                   65.00
401    Army Bullion wire breast eagle silver wire with brilliants on dark green wool backing also grey cotton effect to highlight        65.00
402    Army Officers breast eagle bullion wire with black highlights off tunic and worn some silver worn off still nice                  40.00
403    Army Officers bullion wire with highlights and over cotton stitch to show wings silver on dark green wool                         75.00
404    Army Officers fine silver wire on bevo oblong never been on tunic                                                                 60.00
405    Army SNCO breast eagle fine wire on beige backing on dark green wool backing off uniform                                          45.00
406    Army SNCO breast eagle fine wire on blue green on dark green wool backing off uniform                                             45.00
407    Army Ordinary ranks breast eagle bevo grey on dark green off tunic                                                                35.00
408    Army M44 ordinary ranks bevo breast eagle grey on sage green                                                                      45.00
409    Army M44 ordinary ranks bevo breast eagle grey on mid green                                                                       45.00
410    Army bevo breast eagle oblong grey on sage green backinging a bit faded around eagle uncut                                        40.00
411    Army early pattern ordinary ranks breast eagle white embroidered on dark green wool off tunic                                     45.00
412    Army bullion wire officers cap eagle with dark green stitch highlights swastika slight discolour minor moth nip bottom left corner 45.00
413    Army early ordinary ranks cap eagle grey cotton stitch on dark green wool                                                         35.00
414    Army ordinary ranks bevo grey on green folded and off cap                                                                         35.00
415    Army bevo light grey cap eagle & roundel combined uncut , sage green backing                                                      40.00
416    Army combined white eagle with roundel on uncut bevo triangle shaped for ski caps                                                 40.00
417   Army silver bullion wire officers cockade on black normal size roundel but wreath much smaller than normal as if materials short
      supply off cap, perfect condition                                                                                                38.00
418   Army Officers silver bullion cap cockade on dark green with metal cockade                                                        28.00
419   Army officers fire wire on bevo then attached to wool cloth with beige stitch off tunic slight wire loose wreath area one side   30.00
420   Army PT vest large black eagle with half moon shape on oblong square never folded and uncut                                      45.00
421   Afrikakorps signal patch red on beige for Artillery or light green for Motor cycle unit                                          20.00
422   Afrikakorps oberschutz light grey embroidered pips on herringbone beige heavy cotton                                             10.00
423   Afrikakorps corporals stripe faded yellow celluloid on canvas backing worn and off tunic                                         20.00
424   Panzer combined cap cockade bevo uncut grey eagle with roundel below                                                             65.00
426   Panzer cap cockade white cotton on bevo wreath with national colours uncut                                                       60.00
427   Panzer bevo breast eagle grey on black oblong type off tunic                                                                     65.00
428   Panzer breast eagle white on black bevo on wool backing off tunic                                                                75.00
429   Panzer cap eagle & roundel uncut                                                                                                 45.00
431   Panzer Afrika korps signals patch pink on beige herringbone canvas (choice of 2) RARE                                              25.00
432   Panzer /Armoured master technical artisan pink cog on sage green with gold wire edge                                               25.00
433   Army bevo cap eagle oblong uncut grey on sage green                                                                                30.00
435   Army Obergefreiter silver wire on dark green inner rank stripe being removed demoted ?                                             15.00
436   Army rank stripe Obergefriter +6 years service silver wire with grey/green embroidered pip on dark green backing                   40.00
437   Army rank pips cotton grey on dark green herringbone with re enforced edge for 44 pattern jackets                                  8.00
438   Army rank pip grey cotton embroidered on dark green wool for early parade jacket                                                   8.00
439   Signal patches on dark green choice of; white infantry, light blue medical, red artillery , yellow signals, maroon smoke troops    20.00
440   Army signals patch white for infantry on matt grey/green heavy stitch type nearly parade standard                                  23.00
441   Army NCO radio operator with silver wire edge                                                                                      25.00
442   Army trade on dark green choice;- -medic ,ordnance NCO ,Articifer NCO , Farrier, motor mechanic (yellow cog on dark green
      with silver edge all embroidered still has remains paper backing                                                                   20.00
443   Army signal patch believed overcoat longer than usual red on dark green has original price tag on back                             15.00
444   Army Russian volunteers arm shields choice of :- IDEL-URAL, ASERBAIDSCHAN , ARMENIEN all printed types                             45.00
445   Early DLV flying insignia black swastika on silver & red circle with wings sports jacket insignia 4” long 2.1/2” high uncut        35.00
447   Luftwaffe Officers bullion breast eagle silver wire with wire highlights & brighter silver swastika on light grey wool off tunic   70.00
448   Luftwaffe officers wire breast eagle with grey stitch highlights on dark grey wool backing off tunic                               70.00
449   Luftwaffe Tropical embroidered breast grey cotton eagle on tan cotton triangle backing colour faded off shirt / tunic              80.00
450   Luftwaffe tropical breast eagle grey cotton embroidered on cotton tan triangle off shirt / tunic good colour not faded             80.00
451   Luftwaffe large PT eagle black on white full oblong never been on vest                                                             45.00
452   Luftwaffe breast eagle white embroidered on grey wool backing off tunic slight discolour slightly padded                           45.00
453   Luftwaffe breast eagle embroidered light grey on grey wool still attached to piece of uniform                                      40.00
454   Luftwaffe breast eagle embroidered light grey well worn off tunic very faded                                                       35.00
455   Luftwaffe cap eagle and separate roundel both off cap wool on edge of eagle slight fray not effecting eagle padded roundel         75.00
456   Luftwaffe cap eagle grey embroidered on dark wool backing off cap                                                                  35.00
457   Luftwaffe cap eagle embroidered light grey on wool backing early pattern eagle head down off cap worn edges                        35.00
458   Luftwaffe / Hitler Youth helper breast eagle* LH light blue on dark blue triangle*ref 34 page 134*                                 45.00
459   Luftwaffe Forrestry breast eagle grey embroidered on dark green wool backing off role this unit worked on the airfields clearing
      Pests & birds etc, had dark green jackets as the forestry organisations RARE                                                       65.00
460   Luftwaffe breast eagle black on yellow with cog-wheel and letter G L                                                               45.00
461   Luftwaffe officers silver wire full cockade on black backing, moth one lower backing to front not noticeable on a cap band         40.00
462   Luftwaffe double stripe silver wire on grey wool backing un-issued                                                                 20.00
463   Luftwaffe single stripes silver wire on wool backing un-issued                                                                     20.00
464   Luftwaffe single stripes wire on wool with original price label still attached slight wear upper wool edge                         15.00
465   Luftwaffe single & double stripes late war economical rayon type to stitch straight on to uniform light grey trim to edge          10.00
466   Luftwaffe drivers badge eagle & swastika over radiator used condition off tunic worn edge and upper part of radiator cowling       10.00
467   Luftwaffe drivers badge heavy cotton embroidered with black cotton stitch highlight on radiator Ordnance                           25.00
469   Luftwaffe branch patches choice of:- Air signals B class radio operator, ,Air signals personnel & B class radio operator
      Aircraft equipment, Armourer NCO in flying & air signals unit, Air raid warning. Administration NCO,
      Aircraft equipment administrator, Sound locator operator & "H" (off uniform) motor vehicle driver (worn) .Flight technical
      personnel, Flight personnel , motor transport admin winged wheel ,Air signals with B class telephone with original price label
       * ref 4 page 151-158*                                                                                         each               20.00
470   Luftwaffe glider pilot 2 gulls in circle embroidered type                                                                         35.00
471   Luftwaffe NCO choice of :- Air qualified telephone operator with silver wire/ qualified NCO teleprinter operator silver wire edge 20.00
472   Luftwaffe drivers badge eagle on radiator with gold wire edge RARE                                                                45.00
473   Luftwaffe AA Sound locator more than 1 years service with gold wire edge letter H over flying wing and swastika RARE              45.00
477   Luftwaffe Anti Aircraft badge 88 gun in wreath with swastika below                                                                45.00
478   Kriegsmarine officer cap cockade bullion wire with metal centre painted type still has paper backing                              45.00
479   Kriegsmarine Admin Officer breast eagle silver wire on dark blue with highlights and brilliants on upper wing RARE                85.00
480   Kriegsmarine Officers breast eagle heavy bullion wire hand stitched off tunic,has lighter wreath & Swastika off tunic wear to
      wool backing nice quality                                                                                                         50.00
481   Kriegsmarine Officers bullion breast eagle with brilliants hand made one minute moth bite in wool backing aged only               65.00
482      Kriegsmarine hand made officer breast eagle bullion wire different wires used off tunic heavy chain linked wreath               50.00
483      Kriegsmarine officers breast eagle bullion wire with brilliants in wings off tunic very nice golden colour                      65.00
484      Kriegsmarine SNCO/CPO breast eagle yellow celluloid with black stitching highlights                                             45.00
485      Kriegsmarine SNCO/ CPO breast eagle yellow celluloid with fine wire highlights                                                  45.00
486      Kriegsmarine SNCO / CPO breast eagle heavy embroidered celluloid with press studs to secure to jacket                           45.00
487      Kriegsmarine SNCO / PO breast eagle yellow embroidered heavy cotton on dark blue wool off tunic                                 40.00
488      Kriegsmarine SNCO / PO breast eagle yellow cotton embroidered with fine black stitch to highlight                               40.00
489      Kriegsmarine SNCO / PO breast eagle yellow embroidered wool edges frayed off tunic, choice of two different styles              25.00
490      Kriegsmarine ordinary Ranks breast eagle bevo yellow on blue uncut never issued                                                 35.00
491      Kriegsmarine ordinary ranks yellow on blue bevo cap eagle never been on cap                                                     35.00
492      Kriegsmarine SNCO / PO breast eagle very course cotton with stitch highlights in same colour deep yellow on blue wool           45.00
493      Kriegsmarine blue on white canvas for summer jacket off shirt edges worn                                                        55.00
494      Kriegsmarine PT eagle blue on white oblong never been on vest large type                                                        50.00
495      SNCO cap cockade rayon wreath with silver wire central cockade                                                                  45.00
496      Kriegsmarine PT eagle blue on white the ½ size one                                                                              45.00
497      Kriegsmarine officers pair of torpedo engineer insignia in heavy gold wire off tunic                                            40.00
498      Kriegsmarine Sports dress un-roped anchor for shorts yellow on blue on white sqare uncut * ref 1 page 240*                      20.00
499      Kriegsmarine blue on white breast eagle uncut some ageing to white backing VERY RARE                                            55.00
500      Kriegsmarine Stabgefreiter 2 braided stripes with fine wire pip above                                                           35.00
501      Kriegsmarine Obergefreiter one braided stripe with bullion wire pip above maker Th & St 1936                                    35.00
502      Kriegsmarine blue on white herringbone single stripe * ref 1 page 84 *                                                          20.00
503      Kriegsmarine Obergefreiter triple stripe blue on white stamped on rear Carstens Bremen                                          30.00
503a     Kriegsmarine Stabsgefreiter gold braided stripes fine wire with embroidered pip                                                 35.00
504      Kriegsmarine treble stripe blue on white herringbone remains of ink stamp unreadable faded colour on white material             25.00
505      Kriegsmarine officers bullion wire breast eagle off tunic now a copper / gold colour had highlights hand made type shows age    35.00
506      Kriegsmarine pair double yellow celluloid /wire stripes on blue backing Obergefrieter * ref 1 page 83*                          35.00
507      Kriegsmarine pair double yellow stripes Obergefreiter gold wire with blue central colour on dark blue wool longer than normal
         possibly covercoat l* ref 1 page 84*                                                                                            35.00
508      Kriegsmarine single stripes fine wire on dark blue backing dated 1936 and 1937                                                  25.00
509      Kriegsmarine stripes celliliod type yellow on blue unissued choice of Hauptgefreiter , Obergefrieter                            20.00
510      Kriegsmarine Admiral s Staff badges choice of dated - on dark blue denim /          ALL VERY RARE                               30.00
511      Kriegsmarine Admirals staff undated on denim / wool all different ALL VERY RARE                                                 25.00
513      Kriegsmarine Chief Petty Officer trade patch winter yellow on blue;- writer un issued blue on red / Engineer (cog on anchor )
         Engine Room (cog on anchor) *ref 1 page98*                                                                                      20.00
514      Kriegsmarine Chief Petty Officer heavy duty embroidery maker SS on rear choice of Clerical,,Marine Artillery                    20.00
515      Kriegsmarine Petty Officer blue on white summer issue choice of;- Medic ( snake on anchor)                                      20.00
516      Kriegsmarine Petty Officer trade patch for Navigator un issued sextant on crossed anchor un issued on white herringbone         20.00
517      Kriegsmarine CPO writer yellow on blue off tunic / Petty Officer writer maker SS / Petty Officer Mine Engineer                  20.00
520   Kriegsmaine Obergefreiter plus 6 years braided stripe with pip all fine wire                                                      35.00
521   Army Obergefreiter plus 6 years wire stripe embroidered pip on dark green wool                                                    30.00
522   Kriegsmarine Petty Officer machinest yellow cog on blue,, Teletypist Career yellow on blue heavy early embroidered maker SS 20.00
523   Specialist trade red on blue choice;- ) Technical Searchlight Coast ( lighting strikes, Blockade weapon forman (mine & stripe)
      Motor specialist (propeller with two stripes), Torpedoman with 2 stripes / machinest cog & lighting/ Gun Chief heavy artillery
      Flaming shell with three stripes / Auxiliary Torpedo Instructor,( torpedo & 2 stripes)Range finder operator with single stripe    20.00
524   Specialist badges red on white & stripe:- Gun Chief of smaller weapons ( flaming Shell), Hydrophone personel (down pointing arrow)
      AA Sound locator (upwardsarrow * ref 2 page 59-698                                                                                20.00
525   Kriegsmarine Ordinary ranks blue on white choice of;- machinest (cog) Radioman (lighting flash                                    20.00
526   Kriegsmarine Ordinary rank yellow on blue choice of:- Coastal Artillery ( shell & wings) Machinest( cog)Signals crossed flags 20.00
527   Marines Ordinary ranks cotton embroidered breast eagle yellow on sage wool edges frayed off tunic                                 30.00
528   Marines breast eagle bevo style yellow on sage green folded ready for fitting                                                     40.00
529   Marines breast eagle bevo style yellow on dark green on oblong uncut material moth nip one end not near eagle                     40.00
530   Marines cap eagle bevo style yellow on dark green choice of folded into triangle shape or normal uncut                            25.00
531   Marines ordinary ranks yellow on green cap eagle with separate roundel never been on a cap                                        50.00
532   Marines breast eagle bevo off tunic yellow on sage                                                                                35.00
533   Marines breast eagle yellow on sage green bevo uncut                                                                              45.00
534   Marines cap eagle bevo style on sage backing colour uncut                                                                         30.00
536   Luftwaffe Set of collars & Shoulder boards to Artillery reserve officer wire gull & wreath on red with blue edge before wire cord
      and the Luftwaffe Shoulder boards same wire with blue on red edge sew in type all very good condition                             120.00
537   Luftwaffe single Signals wire wreath & gulls on brown with blue edge and silver wire for reserve officer                          35.00
538   Luftwaffe pair collars for flight ordinary ranks single metal gull on yellow wool backing slight difference in metal colour       40.00
539   Luftwaffe pair collars Artillery leutnant heavy silver wire gull with half wreath wire edge on red backing off tunic              45.00
540   Luftwaffe pair collars Oberst in Artillery two wire gulls in half wreath and wire edge on red backing off tunic                   45.00
541   Luftwaffe single collar patch OberLeutnant in Artillery two silver wire gulls and half wreath with wire edge, 4 press studs rear  15.00
542   Army Officers signals parade collar patches silver wire and yellow centre on dark green backing                                   25.00
543    Army Officers Major pair collar patches Infantry white on wire on dark green backing                                             30.00
544    Army pair collars ordinary ranks bevo type on dark green wool backing smoke troops                                               20.00
545    Army Officers pair collars embroidered white on wire heavy bullion uncut never been shaped to fit tunic mint                     45.00
546    Army Artillery SNCO red on fine silver grey wire nearly black backing uncut never been trimmed to fit tunic                      35.00
547    Afrika korps bevo collars maroon on sand stitch in type no backing                                                               15.00
548    Panzer bevo collar patches un-backed type, stitched direct to collar                                                             25.00
549    Panzer pair collars pink tressle on grey / silver wire on black backing never been trimmed to fit tunic or folded ( Panzer wrap) 65.00
550    Navy Official single eagle & swastika with 2 pips button fitted silver wire on dark blue for NCO rank RARE                       45.00
551    Navy Official pair rank medium, has eagle & swastika, two pips and insignia in metal on dark blue with silver wire
       have the sew in buttons attached and are sew in type                      VERY RARE           *ref 2 page 203*                   140.00
552    Luftwaffe flight pair Oberfeldwebel flight bullion wire with two metal pips sew in                                               65.00
553    Luftwaffe Para single metal pip & number 38 silver wire edge yellow piping                              RARE                     45.00
554    Luftwaffe flight pair Feldwebel single pip wire edge, single moth nip on one sew in                                              65.00
555    Luftwaffe pair Artillery reserve blue & red backing with single pip for Oberleutnant                                             55.00
556    Pair NCO Pioneer shoulder boards dark green with silver wire edge on field green black edge slip on                              45.00
557    Kriegsmarine midshipman coastal artillery fine wire on dark blue single slip on                                                  30.00
558    Kriegsmarine pair for leutnant fine wire on white                                                                                45.00
559    Artillery Pair Oberst rank Artillery has gold number 1 and two pips sew in grey wire woven on red ( moth nip back of 1)          55.00
561    Pioneer / Panzer leutnant silver wire on black single                                                                            15.00
562    Kriegsmarine Marine Artillery Leutnant pair white/silver fine wire with metal winged shells never worn nearly mint sew in        55.00
563    Luftwaffe single epaulette to Leutnant early admin silver wire with red /green base single pip                                   10.00
564     Artillery single metal single pip dark green centre with NCO wire edge                                                          10.00
565    Artillery single metal single pip on combat grey/green centre reinforced by cross stitch to strengthen                           10.00
566    Luftschultz 1st pattern officers breast eagle angles eagle with bright silver star black swastika                                45.00
567    Police blue on white arm eagle / sports eagle aging to white background shield shape size as arm eagle                           35.00
568    Police Water Police / Marine arm eagle yellow embroidered on dark blue bevo uncut RAREST OF ALL POLICE EAGLES                    40.00
569    Police Army arm eagle orange with black swastika on dark green backing early parade uniform                                      40.00
570    Police silver wire cap eagle on bevo for officer side cap uncut on square                                                        35.00
571    Police Officers cap insignia wire on bevo folded and off cap                                                                     35.00
572    Police silver wire cap eagle on bevo for officers side cap off cap                                                               35.00
573    Railway Police arm eagle yellow on black RBD Augsburg unissued                                                                   35.00
574    Railway arm eagle like KM breast eagle head faces opposite direction 44 pattern triangle bevo yellow on black                    40.00
575    Police / railway arm eagle small grey / silver type embroidered on black circle                                                  35.00
576    Fire Police arm eagle pink on dark blue with hand stitched Zehnhausen b/R freying to edges RARE town                             55.00
577    Police/ railway arm eagle RVD Kiew uncut with a second cut in half still attached,,WVD Paris ,, WVD Brussel both uncut           35.00
578    Railway cap insignia gold wire letters on black disc pin to go direct into cap GDL Gewerkschaft Deutscher Lokomotivfuhrer        20.00
579    Railway small embroidered white eagle on black heavy cotton padded                                                               35.00
580    Railway cap eagle silver/ white eagle on triangle with full uncut oblong backing                                                 22.00
581    Police collar patches silver wire on dark red silver wire roped border un-issued                                                 25.00
582    SS / Police Officers arm eagle bullion wire on black background still has paper backing                                          95.00
583    SS / Police Auxiliary cap insignia silver swastika in wreath bevo on black swastika in wreath uncut RARE                         45.00
584    NSKK rune badge medical orderly red on brown possibly Afrika use * ref 19 page 126 off uniform folded                            25.00
585    NSRL sports eagle bronze bevo with swastika on chest of eagle with oak leaves and 1937 date,un issued                            25.00
586    NSRL as above but with tear in material above insignia not effecting badge                                                       10.00
587    NSRL sports eagle bronze bevo with swastika on chest undated lower level than dated type un issued                               15.00
588    NSRL sports eagle silver bevo with swastika on chest in oak leaves uncut                                                         25.00
589    NSKK fine silver wire officers on bevo arm eagle head facing right on black uncut                                                40.00
590    NSKK fine silver wire officers eagle on bevo head facing right still attached to cloth backing off tunic                         35.00
591    NSKK fine wire arm officers eagle head facing left off tunic still attached to triangle piece of cloth                           40.00
592    NSKK drivers fine silver wire badge eagle & swastika on cog in diamond bevo backing folded behind *ref 34 page 119*              35.00
593    NSKK side cap eagle white embroidered on brown triangle off cap upper tips worn on triangle                                      35.00
594    NSKK side cap eagle silver wire on red triangle still attached to piece of dark blue cloth as cut off cap                        40.00
595    RJA silver award bevo has monogram with swastika in wreath off tunic                                                             25.00
596    Foreign worker P in diamond' patch uncut * ref 30 page 209*                                                                      25.00
597    Foreign worker 'OST patch uncut * ref 30 page 210*                                                                               25.00
598    Veteran arm shield swastika in Iron cross in red shield embroidered on white square uncut                                        25.00
599    NSDAP entry date bar small bevo strip 1/2" with bullion wire letters 1933 or 1928 rare worn on sleeve ref 36 page 313            35.00
600    NSDAP eagle a grey embroidered eagle on black disc not seen before may be prior service eagle before joining another organisation
       (possibly ex SS, RLB etc) these turn up every so often                                                                           44.00
601    Rank stripes three red on blue for Hauptmatrose of Transportflotte Speer recovered in Norway                                     20.00
602    RAD arm shield to unit 244/6 has RAJD Ges Gesch & G & W insignia                                                                 35.00
603    RAD arm shield to unit 1/77 maker Ges Gesch G & W with two labels Arbeitsmann Stader 1/77(to fit in clothing) and second 40.00
       paper Flieger Stader, when became pilot interesting group
604    RAD arm shield unit 251/6 folded off tunic maker under fold                                                                      35.00
605    RAD arm shield unit 356/6 never been on tunic full maker details                                                                 35.00
606  RAD arm shield to unit 20 over 2 uncut maker Ges Gesch G E W                                                                  35.00
607  RAD cap badge embroidered on bevo uncut with maker EB & S with Ges Gesch & R J D                                              35.00
608  RAD wartime plain white on brown as per order 5/11/1943 *ref 30 page 367 uncut maker G & W                                    40.00
609  RAD Officer cap insignia wire on bevo uncut maker RAJD & Ges Gesch                                                            45.00
610  NSKK drivers patch silver wire on bevo never been folded still on square ref 34 page                                          35.00
611  Red Cross 1st pattern 1935 eagle silver wire on bevo ref 12 page 279                                                          40.00
612  Red Cross 1st pattern PT vest eagle with double Bevo Wuppertal eagle sitting on red cross swastika on chest 4” x 3.1/2”       60.00
613  Organisation Todt and transportflottille Speer machinest 1943 specialist arm branch badge white arrow head on brown disc      25.00
614  Nord Deutschler Lloyd bullion wire cap cockade wreath with anchor and key with letters N.D.L. off cap a bit faded             30.00
615  Iron Cross 1st & 2nd class with silver wound badge                                                                            30.00
616  Army early eagle on silver                                                                                                    18.00
617  Army civilian Employees issued 30/4/1936 eagle in wreath similar to police insignia * ref 6 page 127                          25.00
618  Police insignia 2nd type police cap insignia ¾”                                                                               25.00
619  Army Infantry Assault silver award stickpin, ¼”                                                                               15.00
620  Army Infantry Assault in silver ¾” stickpin                                                                                   20.00
621  Army Tank award silver stickpin ¾”                                                                                            18.00
622  Black wound badge stickpin,¼ “                                                                                                12.00
623  Black wound badge stamped L52 on original card also marked L52 on rear, logo to front of company                              20.00
624  Silver wound badge stickpin ¾”                                                                                                18.00
625  Spanish silver wound badge in black stickpin ¾”                                                                               20.00
626  Wehrmacht civilian employee eagle head swastika and letters WB 1" stickpin maker Ent Fee Placzek or Junkers Berlin            25.00
627  Wehrmacht civilian employee eagle stickpin alloy construction stickpin, ¾”                                                    15.00
628  DRL sports eagle with swastika on chest in bronze same as cloth award types maker & Ges Gesch                                 25.00
629  DRL sports badge with swastika beneath in bronze stickpin, choice of makers Werstein Jena and B & N over L ¾”                 20.00
630  DRL sports in silver stickpin ½” plus, maker Werstein Jena                                                                    18.00
631  Reichstreubund membership swastika with red circle in black Iron Cross with swords maker J C gante ¾”                         20.00
632  German life saving assoc. oval stickpin with eagle DRLG and Grundschein                                                       4.00
633  DAF membership lapel badge choice of:- white metal non maker,,, stamped type alloy RZM M1/72                                  10.00
634  Political naval badge artillery shell on anchor & swastika in cog traces of gold                                              10.00
635  SA reserve II members stickpin silver wings with enamel shield & swastika marked Ges Gesch                                    25.00
636  Farmers Union a large silver swastika with gold sword & wheat maker Deschler & Sohn Munchen also Ges Gesch RARE               40.00
637  RJA early Hitler Youth award stickpin maker Wenstein Jena                                                                     25.00
638  Deutscher Frauenarbeitsdienst badge in silver numbered on rear the badge was used up to August 1937 when it was replaced by
639  RADWJ circular with swastika and wheat gothic type writing around edge ref 30 page 463                                        35.00
640  RAD enamel stickpin spade with wreath marked GES GESCH,3/4'                                                                   18.00
641  RAD enamel stickpin cap insignia choice of maker GES GESCH, & M.O.S. 3/4'                                                     18.00
642  RADWJ throat badge commemorative in silver maker ANG *ref 30 page 470*                                                        25.00
643  RADWJ throat badge helpers *ref 30 page 471*                                                                                  30.00
644  NSKOV membership badge 1" marked RZM M1/52                                                                                    15.00
645  NSDAP party badge enamel type choice of :- RZM M1/6 ,, RZM M1/8 ,, RZM M1/3 ,, RZM M1/ 257Ges Gesch
     M9/72 (fine pin type) RZM 75,, RZM M1/90 , RZM M1/152 ( Ges Gesch pin)                                                        40.00
646  NSDAP party badge button hole fitting choice of:- maker RZM M1/ 34 ,, RZM M1/163 ,, RZM M1/72                                 40.00
647  NSKOV badge with Iron Cross sword and wreath with black background maker Ges Gesch                                            15.00
648  NSDAP 1st pattern eagle in gold 1” long no maker                                                                              18.00
649  NSDAP party badge in alloy late war production marker RZM M1 /103 all paint intact                                            30.00
650  NSDAP Adolf Hitler 1933 enamel pre party badge larger than membership maker RZM M/129                                         65.00
651  RLB insignia in starburst stickpin marked R Aurich Dresden                                                                    25.00
652  RLB large insignia words & swastika good quality enamel                                                                       30.00
653  Veteran Assoc. lighthouse on red band with swastika maker Ges Gesch                                                           15.00
654  Veteran Assoc. eagle stickpin marked Ges Gesch 6 alloy construction                                                           20.00
657  Reichstreubund stickpin large 1” insignia with 25 below badge for 25 year long service maker JS Gante                         30.00
658  Reich Kriegtag Kassel 1936 long winged eagle over veterans lighthouse shield with swastika black                              30.00
659  Kyfhauser Bund membership monument with national colours Ges Gesch                                                            10.00
660  Veteran Assoc. Iron Cross on enamelled red shield maker GES GESCH 1                                                           15.00
661  NS Hago membership pin winged hammer with swastika maker GES GESCH                                                            20.00
662  DRL shooting awards eagle over target in wreath bronze or silver 4 holes to stitch to tunic                                   18.00
663  Wound badge mounted on a cross has small shield on helmet WW2                                                                 18.00
664  Red Cross helferin badge painted type all finish maker marked and GES GESCH                                                   25.00
665  Red Cross helferin badge pinted with ladies name on rear, maker & GES GESCH                                                   28.00
666  Red Cross helferin badge enamel type maker GES GESCH                                                                          35.00
667  Red Cross Schwesterhenlferin broach late war painted painted type maker and Ges Gesch on rear * Ref 12 page 333*              40.00
668  Red Cross small eagle with swastika on chest on amber oblong with alloy edge non maker three piece construction               20.00
669  DRLG lifesaving miniature badge for lapel                                                                                     8.00
670  NSDAP small political eagle stickpin ½” on long pin                                                                           15.00
671  Fraunenwerk badge enamel black / chrome edge maker RZM M1 /102                                                                22.00
672  Swastika with 4 pointed leaf with enamel AF to front three piece construction ¾” pin back                                     25.00
673   Civil Servants Organisation RDB eagle marked Ges Gesch * ref 30 page 97*                                                      15.00
674   Frauneschaft insignia Z sideways over a winged S                                                                              18.00
675   Silver swastika ¾” stickpin jeweller made                                                                                     15.00
676   Silver swastika ¼” stickpin jeweller made                                                                                     10.00
677   Bronze swastika ¼” jeweller made                                                                                              10.00
678   Gold plated swastika tie pin on bar maker 9XD                                                                                 20.00
679   Gold swastika in circle ¾” hall marked 9..375 maker JG & S motif Y all in hexegans on back                                    65.00
670   Gold swastika in circle ½” marked 9 C front has dots and lines engraved                                                       45.00
671   Large swastika in ring made of white bakerlite/ plastic 2” round non maker designed to be worn on chain or brooch fitting     15.00
671a  Silver large swastika in engraved woven effect circle 1” looks like 800 silver mark on back                                   45.00
672   WW1 Iron Cross enamelled / 1914-18 & swords / Police Long service Cross with eagle & swastika centre ¾”                       30.00
673   Iron Cross enamel 1914-18 & swords 1/4"                                                                                       12.00
674   Iron Cross (enamel) 1914-18 & swords /black wound badge                                                                       18.00
675   Iron Cross 1st & 2nd /1914-18 & swords                                                                                        25.00
676   Iron Cross 1st& 2nd/1914-18 & swords/WW2 War Merit & swords                                                                   28.00
677   Iron Cross/ 1914-18 cross & swords/ Prussian long service cross/ wound badge in black                                         28.00
678   Iron Cross 1st & 2nd class angled two sizes of cross similar to knights cross system                                          25.00
679   Iron Cross 2nd class/1914-18 4 swords /WW2 25 years Faithful Service cross /black wound badge 1/4”                            28.00
680   Iron Cross 2nd class / Cross of order Military Merit & swords /1914/18 & swords                                               22-00
681   Iron Cross / Hamburg cross / 1914-18 & swords                                                                                 25.00
682   Iron Cross 2nd dass/1914-18/black wound badge.¼”                                                                              22-00
683   Iron Cross /1914-18 & swords / wound badge black ¾”                                                                           20.00
684   Iron Cross 2nd class/black wound badge ¼”                                                                                     10.00
685   Iron Cross 2nd class 1914-18 & swords                                                                                         10.00
686   1914-1918 & swords/Baltic cross 1/4"                                                                                          15.00
687   1914-1918/Baltic cross/black wound badge 1/4"                                                                                 18.00
688   1914-1918 & swords 3/4"                                                                                                       6.00
689   1914-18 Cross & swords / Black wound badge ¾”                                                                                 12.00
690   1914-1918 without swords 3/4"                                                                                                 6.00
691   Gold wound badge cut out type 1"                                                                                              20.00
692   Silver Wound badge cut out type 40 % finish                                                                                   30.00
693   Black Wound badge cut out type 10 % paint shows steel                                                                         25.00
694   Prussian long service red & white enamel cross                                                                                10.00
695   Red Cross shield in enamel with Imperial ribbon attached                                                                      12.00
696   Hanseatic Cross Hamburg/1914-18 & swords                                                                                      10.00
697   Veteran naval association monument enamel button hole                                                                         4.00
698   Imperial Eagle in wreath maker marked                                                                                         4.00
700   Iron Cross 1st & 2nd class with silver wound badge                                                                            30.00
701   Army early eagle on silver                                                                                                    18.00
702   Army civilian Employees issued 30/4/1936 eagle in wreath similar to police insignia * ref 6 page 127                          25.00
703   Police insignia 2nd type police cap insignia ¾”                                                                               25.00
704   Army Infantry Assault silver award stickpin, ¼”                                                                               15.00
705   Army Infantry Assault in silver ¾” stickpin                                                                                   20.00
706   Army Tank award silver stickpin ¾”                                                                                            18.00
707   Black wound badge stickpin,¼ “                                                                                                12.00
708   Black wound badge stamped L52 on original card also marked L52 on rear, logo to front of company                              20.00
709   Silver wound badge stickpin ¾”                                                                                                18.00
710   Spanish silver wound badge in black stickpin ¾”                                                                               20.00
711   Wehrmacht civilian employee eagle head swastika and letters WB 1" stickpin maker Ent Fee Placzek                              25.00
712   Wehrmacht civilian employee eagle stickpin alloy construction stickpin, ¾”                                                    15.00
713   DRL sports eagle with swastika on chest in bronze same as cloth award types maker & Ges Gesch                                 25.00
714   DRL sports badge with swastika beneath in bronze stickpin, choice of makers Werstein Jena and B & N over L ¾”                 20.00
715   DRL sports in silver stickpin ½” plus, maker Werstein Jena                                                                    18.00
716   Reichstreubund membership swastika with red circle in black Iron Cross with swords maker J C gante ¾”                         20.00
717   German life saving assoc. oval stickpin with eagle DRLG and Grundschein                                                       4.00
718   DAF membership lapel badge choice of:- white metal non maker,,, stamped type alloy RZM M1/72                                  10.00
719   Political naval badge artillery shell on anchor & swastika in cog traces of gold                                              10.00
720   SA reserve II members stickpin silver wings with enamel shield & swastika marked Ges Gesch                                    25.00
721   Farmers Union a large silver swastika with gold sword & wheat maker Deschler & Sohn Munchen also Ges Gesch RARE               40.00
723   RJA early Hitler Youth award stickpin maker Wenstein Jena                                                                     25.00
724   Deutscher Frauenarbeitsdienst badge in silver numbered on rear the badge was used up to August 1937 when it was replaced by
      RADWJ circular with swastika and wheat gothic type writing around edge ref 30 page 463                                        35.00
725   RAD enamel stickpin spade with wreath marked GES GESCH,3/4'                                                                   18.00
726   RAD enamel stickpin cap insignia choice of maker GES GESCH, & M.O.S. 3/4'                                                     18.00
727   RADWJ throat badge commemorative in silver maker ANG *ref 30 page 470*                                                        25.00
728   RADWJ throat badge helpers *ref 30 page 471*                                                                                  30.00
729    NSKOV membership badge 1" marked RZM M1/52                                                                         15.00
730    NSDAP party badge enamel type choice of :- RZM M1/6 ,, RZM M1/8 ,, RZM M1/3 ,, RZM M1/ 257Ges Gesch
       M9/72 (fine pin type) RZM 75,, RZM M1/90 , RZM M1/152 ( Ges Gesch pin)                                             40.00
731    NSDAP party badge button hole fitting choice of:- maker RZM M1/ 34 ,, RZM M1/163 ,, RZM M1/72                      40.00
732    NSKOV badge with Iron Cross sword and wreath with black background maker Ges Gesch                                 15.00
733    NSDAP 1st pattern eagle in gold 1” long no maker                                                                   18.00
734    NSDAP party badge in alloy late war production marker RZM M1 /103 all paint intact                                 30.00
735    NSDAP Adolf Hitler 1933 enamel pre party badge larger than membership maker RZM M/129                              65.00
736    RLB insignia in starburst stickpin marked choice :-Ges Gesch Hoffstatter Bonn / R Aurich Dresden                   23.00
737    RLB large insignia words & swastika good quality enamel                                                            30.00
738    Veteran Assoc. lighthouse on red band with swastika maker Ges Gesch                                                15.00
739    Veteran Assoc. eagle stickpin marked Ges Gesch 6 alloy construction                                                14.00
740    Veteran Assoc. eagle stickpin marked Ges Gesch 1 frosted metal type                                                18.00
741    Reichstreubund stickpin large 1” insignia with 25 below badge for 25 year long service maker JS Gante              30.00
742    Reich Kriegtag Kassel 1936 long winged eagle over veterans lighthouse shield with swastika black                   30.00
743    Kyfhauser Bund membership monument with national colours Ges Gesch                                                 10.00
744    Veteran Assoc. Iron Cross on enamelled red shield maker GES GESCH 1                                                15.00
745    NS Hago membership pin winged hammer with swastika maker GES GESCH                                                 20.00
746    DRL shooting awards eagle over target in wreath bronze or silver 4 holes to stitch to tunic                        18.00
747    Wound badge mounted on a cross has small shield on helmet WW2                                                      18.00
747    Red Cross helferin badge painted type all finish maker marked and GES GESCH                                        25.00
748    Red Cross helferin badge pinted with ladies name on rear, maker & GES GESCH                                        28.00
749    Red Cross helferin badge enamel type maker GES GESCH                                                               35.00
750    Red Cross Schwesterhenlferin broach late war painted painted type maker and Ges Gesch on rear * Ref 12 page 333*   40.00
751    Red Cross small eagle with swastika on chest on amber oblong with alloy edge non maker three piece construction    20.00
752    DRLG lifesaving miniature badge for lapel                                                                          8.00
753    NSDAP small political eagle stickpin ½” on long pin                                                                15.00
754    Fraunenwerk badge enamel black / chrome edge maker RZM M1 /102                                                     22.00
755    Swastika with 4 pointed leaf with enamel AF to front three piece construction ¾” pin back                          25.00
756    Civil Servants Organisation RDB eagle marked Ges Gesch * ref 30 page 97*                                           15.00
757    Frauneschaft insignia Z sideways over a winged S                                                                   18.00
758    Silver swastika ¾” stickpin jeweller made                                                                          15.00
759    Silver swastika ¼” stickpin jeweller made                                                                          10.00
760    Bronze swastika ¼” jeweller made                                                                                   10.00
761    Gold plated swastika tie pin on bar maker 9XD                                                                      20.00
765    WW1 Iron Cross enamelled / 1914-18 & swords / Police Long service Cross with eagle & swastika centre ¾”            30.00
766    Iron Cross enamel 1914-18 & swords 1/4"                                                                            12.00
767    Iron Cross (enamel) 1914-18 & swords /black wound badge                                                            18.00
768    Iron Cross 1st & 2nd /1914-18 & swords                                                                             25.00
769    Iron Cross 1st& 2nd/1914-18 & swords/WW2 War Merit & swords                                                        28.00
770    Iron Cross/ 1914-18 cross & swords/ Prussian long service cross/ wound badge in black                              28.00
771    Iron Cross 1st & 2nd class angled two sizes of cross similar to knights cross system                               25.00
772    Iron Cross 2nd class/1914-18 4 swords /WW2 25 years Faithful Service cross /black wound badge 1/4”                 28.00
773    Iron Cross 2nd class / Cross of order Military Merit & swords /1914/18 & swords                                    22-00
774    Iron Cross / Hamburg cross / 1914-18 & swords                                                                      25.00
775    Iron Cross 2nd dass/1914-18/black wound badge.¼”                                                                   22-00
776    Iron Cross /1914-18 & swords / wound badge black ¾”                                                                20.00
777    Iron Cross 2nd class/black wound badge ¼”                                                                          10.00
778    Iron Cross 2nd class 1914-18 & swords                                                                              10.00
779    1914-1918 & swords/Baltic cross 1/4"                                                                               15.00
780    1914-1918/Baltic cross/black wound badge 1/4"                                                                      18.00
781    1914-1918 & swords 3/4"                                                                                            6.00
782    1914-18 Cross & swords / Black wound badge ¾”                                                                      12.00
783    1914-1918 without swords 3/4"                                                                                      6.00
784    Gold wound badge cut out type 1"                                                                                   20.00
785    Silver Wound badge cut out type 40 % finish                                                                        30.00
786    Black Wound badge cut out type 10 % paint shows steel                                                              25.00
787    Prussian long service red & white enamel cross                                                                     10.00
788    Red Cross shield in enamel with Imperial ribbon attached                                                           12.00
789    Hanseatic Cross Hamburg/1914-18 & swords                                                                           10.00
790    Veteran naval association monument enamel button hole                                                              4.00
791    Imperial Eagle in wreath maker marked                                                                              4.00
800    Torpedoboot Tltis this vessel sunk 13.5.1942 VERY RARE TO FIND                                                     95.00
801    Kriegsmarine wire full length in wire                                                                              45.00
802    Kriegsmarine rayon late war full length                                                                            35.00
803    Kuftenartillerie Schule, full length and gold wire on black                                                        25.00
804     2 Geleitflottille 2 full length                                                                                                     25.00
805     2 Marineunteroffizierlehrabteilung 2 full length and gold wire on black                                                             25.00
806     Kreuzer Karlsruhe half size gold thread for childs uniform launch day RARE                                                          40.00
807     Grossdeutschland with nazi flag either side half width full length with anchors each end worn by children launch day                35.00
808     WW1 TORPEDO SCHULE wire full length                                                                                                 30.00
809     UBOOTSLEHRGRUPPE wire block letters early Bundesmarine                                                                              25.00
810     HMS Lindisfarne / HMS Mersey/ HMS Duncansby Head ( escort repair ship 1945) all wire                                                10.00
811     HMS late war type rayon lettering                                                                                                   5.00
812     HMS Royal Arthur (with dot) rayon type WW2 / HMS Royal Arthur in wire with dot                                                      15.00
813     HMS Narvik built 1945 as LST 3044 was flagship of British task force for Atomic bomb tests in 1956                                  10.00
821     HJ Proficiency sports badge in silver marked 16508 *ref 11 page 274*                                                                65.00
822     HJ Proficiency badge in bronze maker RZM M1/63 issue serial number 180014 90% finish to front                                       55.00
823     HJ Marksman award circular with diamond and crossed rifles black target enamelled background marked RZM M1/14                       70.00
824     DJ shooting award circular with single SS type rune on rifles black target enamelled background marked RZM /128 RARE                75.00
825     Diamond membership badge in enamel choice of RZM M1/77,, Otto Hoffmann Ges Gesch,, RZM M1/72 ,, RZM M1/13
        Ges Gesch RZM                                                                                                                       35.00
826     Diamond membership badge alloy painted late war maker choice of :-RZM M1/46, RZM /159                                               25.00
827     Student union pin black swastika with red & white backing pin has been reapplied wartime repair still see the Ges Gesch on rear     28.00
827a    Student union pin black swastika with red & white slight chip in enamel upper corner                                                25.00
828     HJ miniature proficiency sports badge in silver marked RZM M1/ 34 or RZM M1/35 * ref 11 page 276*                                   35.00
829     National Youth Sports Badge, monogram RJA, ceased in 1942 when replaced by Hitter Youth Awards, maker Wernstein
        Jena, females type has bar *ref 26 page 99*                                                                                         20.00
830     Sports badge diamond in wreath 1935, maker marked                                                                                   20.00
831     Sports badge eagle holding diamond with date in wreath choice of 1935, 1936,1937,1939,1942 , all maker marked                       25.00
832     Sports award, insignia above wreath with date 1943 stamped tin with pin device                                                      20.00
833     Scharfshuttzen shooting award crossed rifles on black target maker RZM M1/102 with silver wreath RARE                               70.00
834     Hitler Youth NCO Sigrune arm badge white rune on red circle with brown background ready for tunic ref 34 page 140                   25.00
835     HJ Marine rank insignia single pip rank Kameradescharsfuhrer off tunic                                                              30.00
836     Hitler Youth lanyard green and white plaited                                                                                        20.00
837     Hitler Youth lanyard black and white fine plaited type                                                                              20.00
838     HJ Marine insignia circular grey pip & stripe DJ Oberjungenschaftsfuhrer issue label still on rear ink stamp 18                     25.00
H.J Day Badges
839     Hitler Youth rank insignia silver pip on black similar to SS obershutz but smaller                                                  30.00
840     Deutsches Jugendfest 1936 in tin bronze two differnt light or dark colour                                                           20.00
841     HJD in triangle on eagle chest with HJ diamond and dated 1937 plated type or silver painted type                                    20.00
842     HJD in tiangle on eagle chest with HJ diamond and dated 1937 larger eagle than above plated or brass types                          20.00
843     Deutsche Jugendfest large eagle with diamond on chest                                                                               25.00
844     Hitler Jugend Munchen 1923-33 1st pattern political eagle over arches                                                               25.00
845     Deutsche Jugendfest 1935 eagle with flames swastika in diamond on chest                                                             20.00
846     2 Gebietsaufmarsch Nordsee Bremen 1937 2 boys with SA Kepi over HJ diamond maker Wilh a jager                                       25.00
847     HJ diamond in ceramic oval badge with date 21 Juli 1934 maker 17                                                                    15.00
848     HJ diamond eagle with diamond 1938 made of compressed card                                                                          20.00
849     1 Fest der Jugend Juni 1933 HJ youth with flags                                                                                     20.00
850     HJ badge large over DAF insignia & hammer & wreath large shield 1935 maker Hoffstatter                                              25.00
851     Ceramic white with HJ diamond in colour 21 Juni 1934                                                                                20.00
852     Hitler Youth shield with eagle with diamond on chest 1938                                                                           20.00
864     WHW 1937 – 1938 tin scroll with 1600 soldier in silk or soldier 1864                                                     each       3.50
865     WHW Edelweiss full size paper waxed material with card label 3” tall bought for girlfriends of Alphine soldiers                     10.00
866     Gau Effen WHW 1935/36 sword with hammers swastika in handel                                                                         17.00
867     Gau Dusseldorf WHW 1937-38 eagle above flaming bowl black on alloy                                                                  20.00
868     Gau Essen WHW 1935/36 large badge with industry & coal mine flower were swastika would be                                           20.00
869     Day Badge soldier face with greek helmet & eagle with flame dated 1933-1937 has full maker disc Deschler Munchen on rear            25.00
870     Gau Kuchesser WHW 1936-37 eagle on lion shield yellow plastic                                                                       25.00
871     Gau Kuchesser WHW 1936-37 eagle on lion shield dark red plastic                                                                     25.00
872     May day badges choice of:-1936,,1937,,1939                                                                                          15.00
873     Reichsparteitag choice of: 1936 maker W Redd,,,1937 maker W Kawitz ,,1938,, 1939 maker RZM M9/48 E Ferweidman,                      18.00
874     Armoury series choice of, artillery shell,                                                                                          3.50
875     Deutsche 1st Die Saar 1934 eagle on plinth with crossed hands in front chain on one wrist                                           15.00
876     Grosse Reichsausstellung Dusseldorf 1937 hand holding hammer over swastika                                                          20.00
877     Plane with writing across wings quote from Herman Goring                                                                            10.00
878     Gebietsmarsch westf. eagle with sword A hammer maker Paul Mann & Crone Ludenschied                                                  22.00
879     Munchen city coat of arms with swastika on top maker & RZM 49                                                                       25.00
880     Reichkriegerta Kassel 1939 2 soldiers dress caps maker E Ford                                                                       20.00
881     Regiment Standard flag series;- kraftfahrkamtruppe(pink), Artillerie(red), ,Jager(Green)Night signals( yellow) , all maker marked
        plastic                                                                                                                  each       15.00
882   Wir Helfen 1933-34 swastika in sun with crossed wheat & bricks maker on pin                                              25.00
884   Freihelt und Brot 29/3/36 on disc with half wreath                                                                       4.00
885   Fuhrer desche Bremen 1939 plastic gold eagle & swastika on white on a key                                                25.00
886   Gross deutscher Reichskriegertag 2 heads with political caps maker E Ferd Wiedmann                                       25.00
887   Crossed swords on swastika brass / gold coloured                                                                         25.00
888   Long blade with swastika handle with words along blade Gesunde Fraunendurch Leibesubungen                                25.00
889   Luftsport Hilft Deutschland brass plane on orange plastic disc on alloy disc                                             22.00
890   Landesbauerntag Dresden February 1939 wheat with crossed swords maker Glaser & Sohn                                      20.00
891   Reichkriertag Kassel 1937 soldier throwing grenade swastika /Iron Cross maker C Poellath Schrobenhausen                  20.00
892   Berlin Gebt Mir 4 Jahrezeit Berlin in large letters with Berlin gate with half swastika behind large                     25.00
893   Naval Veteran NSDMB Gau Nordsee / Gau Treffen lighthouse in life belt with veteran eagle                                 25.00
894   Adolf Hitler alloy head in wreath back marked WHW 1935-36 back marked WHW 1935-36 Der Fuhrer Dankt                       20.00
895   1st Bayer Turnfest Nurnberg swastika over a large gothic sign 1934 maker L chr Lauer Nurnberg                            25.00
896   Large swastika on hammer dated 1st May 1933                                                                              20.00
897   Eagle with swastika Deutsches Kartell fur Jagd U Sport Schiesser hexigan shape                                           20.00
898   Adolf Hitler Ein Volk Ein Reich Ein Fuhrer brass disc with pin to attach pressed metal type                              12.00
899   Kriesbauerntag 1935 Gera sword & wheat over swastika (food industry)                                                     20.00
900   Deutscher Luthertag 10 November 1933 has cross on rose Berlin maker pin dated 4.10.31 (replacement)                      12.00
901   Braune Messe Hamburg 1933 cruise ship cap polonio over shield swastika in base                                           25.00
902   Wir Kampften gegen hunger und kalte eagle & 1933/34                                                                      10.00
903   Eagle in plastic on disc                                                                                                 10.00
904   1934 Kinder Aufs land male walking with boy & girl                                                                       7.00
905   Seefahrt 1st not 1935 maker Redo Saar Louis                                                                              15.00
906   House with Xmas tree & footprints in snow Weihnachten in jeden wir helfen & swastika                                     12.00
907   Nordsee Bremen 1935 Tudor type ship with swastika on square sail                                                         35.00
908   DAF cog above hands shaking Reich Landwerker Tag 1935 Frankfurt                                                          17.00
909   Police day 1942 choice marked 28 or 37                                                                                   12.00
910   Gau tag Karlsruhre 1937 Large gold eagle with wreath & swastika over sword                                               25.00
911   Gau tag Westfallen Sud Dortmund 1933 Knight stood in front of buildings over swastika maker Walgo                        25.00
912   Gau tag Hamburg large eagle with TAT on chest WHW 1936/37                                                                25.00
913   Gau tag Madgeburg Anhalt 1938 large square with eagle on plinth sword building                                           18.00
914   Gau tag Sud Hannover Braunschweig black eagle with six shields over swastika silk on large tin shield colours bright     22.00
915   Gau tag Hessen Nassau Frankfurt 1936 shield with eagle and river Rhein maker marked                                      25.00
916   Gau tag Schleswig Holsein 1937 large eagle over narrow shield                                                            25.00
917   Gau tag Bochum 1938 10years eagle over disc maker Leuter & Voss                                                          18.00
918   Gau tag westmark 1939 9-11 Juli in Trier large swastika looking over tank traps RZM M9/41                                28.00
919   Gau tag Hannover Viking horses1935 Braunschweig                                                                          15.00
920   Gau tag 26/28.6.36 Koblenz large eagle sitting on swastika with map alongside non maker                                  28.00
921   Gau Thing Koblenz Trier 1935 eagle on oval disc large maker marked                                                       25.00
922   Gau Treffen Gau Westfalen 1938 large eagle with 3 town shields maker marked                                              25.00
923   Gau tag Koblenze Trier large eagle on swastika with outline of county 1936                                               30.00
924   Schwab Krieg Opfer Ehrentag Ulm 1934 veteran sword Iron cross with tall church above                                     25.00
925   Tag des deutscher Handwerks 1938 sword hammer & swastika on cicular shield                                               15.00
926   Tag der Arbeit choice of:-1934,,1935,                                                                                    15.00
927   Tag der Nation Halen Arbeit 1 Mai swastika on sun rising                                                                 20.00
928   SA / HJ Winterwehrkampfe a Flenz 1939 sword over wreath & swastika maker RZM M9/235 Ulbrecht Wien                        28.00
929   SA Gruppe Niedesachen 1933 eagle holding sword, wreath, swastika over crossed Viking horses                              20.00
930   SA gruppe Westmark 1939 veteran sword swastika h wreath in shield maker EHO                                              20.00
931   SA tag der SA Gruppenord in Bremen 1936 SA man lighthouse & insignia maker Bruno Molck Bremen                            28.00
932   SA Duisberg 1938 SA man holding shield & SA insignia                                                                     18.00
933   SA Gruppe Hannover 1935, crossed horses over SA insignia                                                                 20.00
934   SA Gruppe Braunschweig 1936 sword oak leaves and SA insignia maker Lehmann & Wunderberg                                  20.00
935   SA Kampttage der Frantischen 1939 SA head with cap and sports crown on second head maker RZM M9/3 Lauer                  28.00
936   SA Wettkamptag SA Gruppe Niedersachen 1935 crossed Viking horses & SA insignia over shield                               28.00
937   SA Gruppe sport Wettkampfe 1938 sports plastic has fist sword around oakleaves maker Richard Sieper & Sohn Ludenschied   25.00
938   NSDAP Sachsentreffen 1933 monument in wreath with swastika at base                                                       30.00
939   NSDAP Kriegsparteilung Mobrwigon 1939 large plastic shield with eagle & crowned lion maker Walgo RZM M9/20               30.00
940   NSDAP Kriegtag Berg Land 1938 plastic shield with lion and eagle & swastika above maker R sieper & shone Ludensheid      25.00
941   NSDAP Oberdonau 1939 white plastic worker waving to factory over eagle RZM M9/25 and maker                               25.00
942   NSDAP Kriegsparteitag Wohrunungen 1939 eagle over Lion shield large grey plastic maker Walgo M9/20                       30.00
943   NSDAP Baukurheffen 28-30 May 1937 eagle over lion in red plastic maker marked                                            25.00
944   NSDAP Angeburg 1937 eagle over twin coloum two swastikas tin press clip type to hold to ribbon                           20.00
945   NSDAP Gau Parteilag Gau Koln-Sachen 1934 with words Hitler ist Deutschland LARGE Iron swastika on leaf type cross        35.00
946   Veteran 25yrs stick pin lighthouse with swastika and 25 maker GES GESCH                                                  30.00
947   Veteran shooting badge lighthouse with crossed rifles on a green enamel wreath 2 piece construction                      25.00
948   Gebietsaufmarsch Westfalen winged eagle holding sword and hammer maker RZM M9/60 maker Paul mann                         25.00
949   Swastika over hammer & sword & map within large cog on rear Tag des Deutschland handwerks 1938                           15.00
950   Swastika in front of spears with town shields either side Handwerks u Gewerbes Hannover 1933                                       22.00
951   Reichnahrstands Ausstellung 1936 Frankfurt Main wheat with 2 swastikas maker FF Wiedmann                                           18.00
952   Handwet Handel Gewerde Koln 1934 winged hammer DAF cog behind                                                                      18.00
953   Deutsch die Saar flames over chain maker Glaser & Sohn Dresden                                                                     16.00
954   Sportappell 1938 cog & swastika man with medicine ball maker RZM M9/25 Richard Sieper & Sohne                                      13.00
955   Disc in gold with 4 crosses & swastikas plastic maker marked                                                                       8.00
956   Gau Bayr Ostmark triangle with swastika                                                                                            20.00
957   Deutshes Schi Meister Schaften Altenberg Skier with 1937 on cheast triangle shape maker Zinnwerkerei no swastika                   20.00
958   Luftwaffe flak gun with early droop tail eagle on red cardboard                                                                    22.00
959   Deutsches Turn U sportsfest Bresslau 1938 large eagle & swastika maker Rob Neff Berlin or H Aurich Dresden                         30.00
960   Aufwarts aus cigener kraft 1934 black eagle flying into red sun                                                                    10.00
961   NS Mothers eagle on swastika with Mother with child to right hand side                                                             20.00
962   DAF insignia on shield Arbeits Beschaftung Wttbg Hohenz 28.9 -14.10 1934 early one                                                 25.00
963   RAD sword with cap badge above and ears of corn either side to unit Abt 8/304 Lagereinweihung 29.5.38                              25.00
964   Reichnanrstands Ausstellung Munchen 1937 swastika & sword a wheat .maker Robert Neff Berlin W35                                    20.00
965   NSG Kraft Durch Freude Hessan ship with swastika over bunch grapes maker Weidmann Frankfurt                                        18.00
966   Krieistag Koblenz 1937 eagle over name                                                                                             20.00
967   NSKOV large Berlin gate with NSKOV insignia 1937 maker A Conner Wuppertal                                                          24.00
968   NSKOV Herne 1933 insignia with houses top of shield frontsoldentag 1933                                                            20.00
969   NSKOV Veteran badges choice of :-Sword with swastika in wreath maker 2 or 20 ,,Sword with swastika on Iron cross
       maker 40 or 35, Sword on swastika diamond with oak leavesunderneath maker 26                                              each    15.00
970   Gautreffen westeralen Nord 1937 swastika with hammers on front and sword & wheat maker Gelsenkirchen 25-28 Juni
      bakerlite dark chocolate colour                                                                                                    28.00
971   RLB Luftschutz Tut Not, attacking plane over house RLB insignia in house                                                           18.00
972   Sportsmanat September 1933 Hilderscheim large face with swastika behind                                                            30.00
973   Reichstreubund black Iron cross & swords with swastika in red background 25 years service maker marked                             25.00
974   Ehrenmal 8.9.1935 Menden 50p piece shape with blockhouse with tiny eagle over entrance                                             25.00
975   National Soldaritan red swastika raised on logated plinth alloy backing                                                            20.00
976   Kundgerung der Oberlausitzer Arbeitsfront face in swastika with cog shape edge                                                     20.00
977   Kiesturnfest Rochlitz 1934 swastika on Iron cross type shape large square badge                                                    25.00
978   Felt der laufitz in Bautsen 26-30 Mai 1935 lighthouse with swastika flag in shield gilted with blue enamel over wall top right     25.00
979   U boat leather jacket in black with eagle & M in leather a short jacket made from full leather boiler suit trousers removed and
      Stitched around has all original metal zips and fits pulling over your head (looks like pilots jacket) from U boat caputured       475.00
980   Army black leather three quarter jacket with army blanket liner and wool fur type collar like WW1 flying jacket double breasted
       Eppaulettes fitted also leather and wrist straps to tighten area no maker details or stampings mainly seen Russian Front & U boats
      lovely condition                                                                                                                   185.00
981   Kriegsmarine Afkika Korp jacket & shorts to topedo engineer has the 44 pattern breast eagle, jacket with BAKink stamp and
      dated 2.2 .41,has the dark blue with wire edge epaulettes , one medal loop on pocket ,shorts also have BAK ink stamp with date
      20.5.43 these never been worn, no wear to jacket as good as they come RARE                                                         650.00
982   Kriegsmarine white shirt with fitted collar and silk & trousers both have number N102 31 S, embroidered in clothing the trousers
      also the name Schroaiger has single blue stripe and the eagle is with it but was removed as German policy in the post war fairs and
      can be sewn back on couple of marks on trousers but not damage                                                                     250.00
985   Zeltbahn different colours either side normal with light tan camo opposite no maker marks minor nicks 2 corners                    60.00
986   British Royal Navy Auxilary Service battle dress jacket post war has petty officer rank and radar specialist branch badge
      RNXS badge on pocket in white has WW2 defence and victory medal bar                                                                35.00
987   USA WW2 Red Cross female raincoat canvas with Red Cross Military Welfare Service insignia all original & epaulettes                135.00
988   RAF uniform jacket to Airman has correct single propeller and insignia single upside down stripe size label inside no 8 no
      date visible has all brass Kings Crown buttons , detachable belt with it no moth but needs clean , has original paper tickets in
      inner pocket for 1936 & 1945                                                                                                       95.00
990   Royal Navy Nursing uniform all white with removable belt has Admiralty pattern labels with lead seal as official pattern dated
      17th march 1958 and description as WRNS Dress white tropical size 10, the label removed and refitted after cleaning                50.00

991  Kriegsmarine side cap with bevo eagle and wire bevo roundle has very faint maker ink stamp inside with 55 wear mark to side
     appears heat has been near the hat during wear , mark 2” on side frontal only visible on very close examination, some sweat
     marks sweat band area inner grey liner                                                                                               175.00
992  Kriegsmarine Warrant Officer / Midshipman peaked cap with gold wire fittings maker celliliod Heinrich Balke Bremen sweat
     Band marked Stirndrunkrrei , outer band faded to bronze colour leather peak & chinstrap                                              750.00
994  Kriegsmarine Admin Officer peaked cap with silver wire fittings celliliod diamond removed has metal W in sweatband has the
     Crushed look upper excellent throughout VERY RARE                                                                                    875.00
995  DAF Officials Festanzug dress cap with large cap insignia to front has split leather chin strap large insignia inside in celliliod
     triangle has issued label from NSDAP blue on white with ink serial number and size 56 *ref 30 page 111                               230.00
997      Kriegsmarine Veteran peaked cap with gold eagle and cockade veteran Association insignia inside in cellophane diamond has
         Silver wording Stirndruckfrei deutsches reichspatent in leather sweat band leather peak and strap excellent throughout          325.00
998      M40 single decal helmet ground dug Estonia green / yellow camo effect the silver Army eagle visible ¾ of shield no line         85.00
1000   M40 single decal Army helmet stell liner still intact 15% of decal can be seen through rust patina ground dug Estonia              85.00
1001   M40 Police Combat helmet double decal both can be seen under rust patina was light green / white tan liner with ¾ of leather
       and remains of leather straps still attached to liner loops ground dug Estonia                                                     275.00
1002   M40 steel helmet recovered from ground Estonia remains of green no inner or holes rust patina                                      65.00
1003   Red Cross DRK head scarf has red cross to front with marine type owners label named M Lauer plain white ref 12 page 267            55.00
1010   Luftwaffe alloy belt buckle and belt, buckle FR 39 belt maker 1938 & no33 size 100, has metal rings on inner tab                   110.00
1011   Army steel buckle no maker with tab which is loose Franke & son Ludenscheid 1940                                                   45.00
1012   Army steel buckle well aged no paint to front dated 40 leather tab maker & 41remains of green rear with rust patina                45.00
1013   Army buckle has damage to swastika but not filed 75% paint brown leather tab maker 1940, buckle also maker marked                  40.00
1014   Army combat buckle with leather tab maker 1940 steel buckle 25% paint to front 55% to rear                                         55.00
1015   Kriegsmarine under belt buckle with both fittings heavy alloy type slight wear to finish                                           55.00
1016   Political High Leaders Belt & Buckle leather needs good clean buckle marked RZM M4/27 catch RZM M4/46                              145.00
1017   Political High leader belt buckle large alloy eagle in wreath maker RZM M4/39 slight wear to finish                                80.00
1018   Officers Political belt and buckle has claw buckle as Army has RZM M9/52 and ordnance eagle stamps within shield                   75.00
1019   NSDAP claw belt buckle silver coloured square corners like Army type with original label still attached RZM marked                 35.00
1020   NSDAP officers claw belt buckle with original label buckle & label RZM marked very large type                                      35.00
1021   Hitler Youth Jugend nickel buckle with celluloid swastika in red flag rear stamped DRGM plain edge *ref 17 page 105*
       some have minor rust spots came from original paper still wrapped in groups of 4 engraved edges                                    30.00
1022   Hitler Youth jugend nickel buckle with celluloid swastika in red flag rear stamped DRGM engraved edge *ref 17 page 105*
       plain edges minor rust marks in metal edges                                                                                        30.00
1023   Penal battalion buckle steel buckle the eagle completely removed and leaving wreath ( outline 1 st pattern eagle still inside)     30.00
1024   Penal Battalion buckle HJ steel the full inscription and wreath defaced a rank pip inserted in centre (complete inside)            30.00
1025   Fire Brigade buckle for Braunschweig painted two piece Army style with coat of arms in wreath ( post war) issue                    15.00
1026   Fire Brigade coat of arms in shield with 2 crosses Gott Mit Uns in wweath 2 piece alloy parade (post war issue)                    20.00
1027   K98 matched pair black ammo pouches maker number 0/0833/0007                                                                       65.00
1028   Fur lined back back maker Curt Voger straps also maker and regiment details 5 Sch R 12                                             55.00
1029   Army Alloy military compass maker Fargel & Rossmanith Wien * ref 7 page 153*                                                       40.00
1030   Marsch Bezard Kompass with maker mark steel lid on bakerlite base * ref 7 page154*                                                 35.00
1031   Marsch Bezard Kompass with maker mark steel lid on alloy base * ref 7 page154*                                                     35.00
1032   Marsch Kompass bakerlite square type with alloy inner maker S in diamond marked DRP no cord                                        35.00
1033   Army gas bag field green with two buttons and rear loops for anti gas cape cloth material                                          20.00
1034   SS small grease tin red eith silver writing on top SS packung Frostfsshuhsalke                                                     35.00
1035   SS larger grease tin red eith silver writing on top SS packung Frostfsshuhsalke                                                    35.00
1036   Army canvas gas mask in carrying tin the mask and filter eagle ink stamp in lid has spare lens,lens dated 36 filter gnh 41
       all straps, 50 % paint on carrying tin                                                                                             80.00
1037   Army canvas gas mask in carrying tin mask dated 39 filter fe41 straps a bit thin on mask missing small pull strap locking pin      60.00
1038   Gas mask tin the oval type stamped Draeger and has canvas strap ink issue stamp on lid still visible                               20.00
1040   Gas mask filter bag fits on belt maker marked complete with unused military filter grey cotton colour Luftwaffe ?                  45.00
1041   Gas mask filter bag fits on belt faint maker mark inside unredable *ref 38 page 113 item 74                                        20.00
1042   Gas cape bag later canvas type *ref 38 pagev 117 item 97                                                                           20.00
1043   Clothing sack canvas brief case three strap type leather edges a bit worn complete one repair period *ref 38 page 128              20.00
1044   Civilian gas mask canvas type late war with usual filter with stamping etc , bottom half of wood box only no lid these were a type
1045   Spare lens for gas mask in paper packet unused maker marks etc.                                                                    5.00
1046   Army bakelite decontaminationcontainer for tablets dated *ref 7 page 180*                                                          5.00
1047   Army decontamination oil bottles orange or dark brown bakerlite, choice of different makers & dates 1941 -1943 *ref 7 page 180*5.00
1048   Army water bottle cloth body leather straps with metal cup in green choice of 1941 or 1943 cup date                                45.00
1049   Army water bottle with bakerlite cup cup maker & dated 1944 leather strap                                                          40.00
1050   Bakerlite military/HJ whistle in white with dark blue lanyard                                                                      25.00
1051   Bakerlite military/HJ whistle in brown with dark blue lanyard                                                                      25.00
1052   Bandage square paper covered 100g Gewohnliche Watte dated 15 DEZ 1941 hamburg maker stamped GW either end                          8.50
1053   Bandage for field kit covered in waterproof black sealed bag stamped 1940 with instructions and maker in green                     10.00
1054   Bandage for field kit canvas cover 1943 dated all lettering faded has original string around bag                                   10.00
1055   Wind up torch Luftwaffe grey Phillips maker still works missing the globe of end                                                   10.00
1056   General purpose rubber mounted goggles mid black tint used by U boat crews has maker mark to front* ref 7 page 161                 30.00
1057   Cigarette papers Efka Pyramiden with coloured front of camels in Eygpt                                                             8.50
1058   Dienst Brille metal case with issue spectacles and card issued to Gefr. Hirter 12 th regt on 13.11.39                              40.00
1059   Masten Brille metal case no contents have M and numbers believed Kriegsmarine issue                                                15.00
1060   D rings pairs with maker Rahm & Kampmann Wuppertal 1943                                                                            25.00
1061   Mess tins with leather strap not much paint usually dated straps post war                                                          25.00
1062 Zeltbahn tent stakes sets of three all alloy with WW2 dates per set                                                                25.00
1063 Bread bag straps for Luftwaffe or Lutzschutz end reinforced in leather canvas blue                                                 15.00
1064 Bakerlite butter dish higher than normal ones maker matched with numbers K 1610.1 & lid K 1611.1 , 3” across ,2.1/4” tall
     reported to be Luftwaffe issue not the bread bag type dark brown in colour                                                         20.00
1065 K98 pouches singles black leather triple compartments different makers / dates                                                     25.00
1066 Field telephone believed for tanks has a flat base phone fits in lid single terminal to unit dated 1944                            40.00
1067 Field telephones choice of dates 1936/ 1937 / all complete                                                                         35.00
1068 Spare flying goggle lens x 3, two in leatherette bag in original cardboard box from Auer in Berlin addressed to England
     Appears 1924 ink stamp the postage stamp being removed nice to keep goggles in                                                     10.00
1069 Army combo fork / spoon sets choice of maker GAG 1940 or WSM 1939 or WJS 40 or GK & F 38                                           25.00
1070 Luftwaffe rucksack faded with age but marked inside numerous places 1 Flak Regt 9 Batt 102 maker and dated 1936                    45.00
1071 Police bread bag mid green has ink stamp appears pausch 63 used by combat police and home police                                   30.00
1072 SA bread bag tan colour with unit stamp wear but no damage                                                                         35.00
1073 SS / Panzer bread bag black slight wear but no damage                                                                              40.00
1074 M40 pack frame wood oblong with leather pads and 6 leather straps all maker marked and stamped 40 there is a metal plate
     with number 6,the frame is also stamped R 40 over 3 , am interesting piece these were used for carriage of shells , water containers
     etc , a sample is shown in ref 7 page 76 this is a earlier example very good condition                                             75.00
1075 Tent pegs wooden with metal fittings with pin at top set of three all have ordnance eagle & WaA300 stamp                           25.00
1076 GEW 43 magazine ammo pouch leather double compartment maker Stolla Wien with Ges Gesch RARE                                        65.00
1077 Y straps appear late war good quality leather but does not have the leather pad circle behind metal ring all straps no maker       65.00
1078 Matching boots high leg in brown for Political troops stamped inside 039 needs re stud and size about 8.1/”2 good condition        65.00
1080 K98 cleaning kit complete with maker G Appel 1936                                                                                  35.00
1081 K98 cleaning kits choice of cux with eagle & Waa 20, arr 43 & eagle Waa 20,cux & eagle Waa 20 NO REMOVAL TOOLS                     30.00
1082 K98 muzzle protectors ordnance marked (2 types) * ref 7 page 296*                                                                  7.00

1084     Cardboard container for 5 cm fuse heavy duty marked on side in paint size stamped underneath maker logo & 1940 shaped
         Inside to take fuse                                                                                                               20.00
1087     MG34 set of ammunition links mint condition dated with ordnance and markings etc                                                   10.00
1088     MG34 starter tabs mint condition with various dates 1940 & 1941 markings etc                                                       5.00
1089     MG34 Carrier with 2 magazines later in black the main frame dated but painted over in Russian Green which can be removed and
         dated 43 with ordnance eagle mags matched makers                                                                                   120.00
1090     Large square tin with OEL on it with large shaving brush type applicator heavy machine gun ?                                       35.00
1091     Cane shell carrier to carry four shells with metal base canvas handle & straps and leather buckle size is 14” square good condition
         cane is dry but no damage survived well inside lid marked eagle and WA J19 dated 1939 & maker mark GGF ?                           55.00
1092     Panzerscheck spare lens glass squares with maker mark mfv in original paper packer which has ink stamp and part name               35.00
1094     Bakerlite pencil fuses for TNT marked U 560 has the metal screw cap underneath                                                     20.00
1095     Brass pencil fuses marked dms 43 with upper fitting and metal cap at base firm Nurnberger Schraubenfabrik Nurnberg                 25.00
1096     MG13 flash eliminator in container ordnance eagle on eliminator                                                                    35.00
1097     Shell fuse artillery shells timer type marked ZZs/60Na choice of dates 1939/40/44 nearly mint                                      20.00
1098     88 head in bakelite container one piece solid steel type marked AZ 23 ,or enz 43 maker Gebr Bohler & Co                            45.00
1083     88mm shell Bakerlite caps marked M50 x 3 with maker marks these fit on top of shell for transit prior to fuse fitting              6.50

1099     Bomb fuse in bakelite container marked E1AZ 25 Rhs195 choice of 1941 maker code gyx & ordnance eagle                              50.00
1085     Pair bomb spinners in original bakerlite container fuses marked 66A and Z66A in paint card inner intact but card tube half
         missing . The container marked 2l 1942 dated with maker                                                                           45.00
1015     Bomb spinner fuses bakerlite with metal spinner marked Z68 & number                                                               15.00
1011     20mm aircraft shell yellow with green band ink stamp 44 casing also maker and dated 44 alloy head 44 & ordnance                   25.00
1012     20mm aircraft shell blue one piece steel round head various markings with 44 date and dated case 44                               25.00
1013     15 mm aircraft steel round has larger case for more power red band around shell dated 43 and ordnance believed for Stukas         25.00

1016   Hand grenade china pulls in near perfect condition                                                                                 5.00
1017   Hand grenade metal caps with thread inner end piece and three original pins still joined together need soaking to separate         7.00
1018   Fuse container for internal fuses in alloy with wooden inner, the fuses for between the head & charger maker & dated 1928-38 20.00
1019   Kriegsmarine 3 documents & dog tag to Helmut Granitzki 2 nd class Iron Cross / War Merit medal & swords & 1938 October medal
       certificates the later being the type with scroll & eagle at top serving France & Danzig different ranks 1940 – 43 appears to be admin
       dog tag alloy with full name and number 0.281/17S                                                                                  100.00
1020   Spanish Cross bronze & swords citation to Stabsmechaniker Karl Heise serving on Panzerschiff DEUTSCHLAND with
       1938 medal citation , 4 years long service citation ,War Merit Cross with swords citation his DRL sports book with certificate
        ( photo removed) Certificate of discharge signed 1945 in Wilhelmshaven confirmation letter re awards 1945, 3 x Bestallung
       Certificates showing Deutschland and Artillerie School, 6 letters re service all signed and stamped, 2 x card Telegrams colour
       From Deutschland with Deutsche REichsport sailing ships all letters signed & stamped and 1950 Mine clearing Service under
       British Control in Cuxhaven THIS IS A RARE AND NEVER SEEN AGAIN LOT                                                                650.00
1021   Kriegsmarine citations three to one person Iron Cross 2 nd class , War Merit & swords and Wound badge all Gerhard Janssen
       Different signatures issued Kiel & Oslo 1944 to 1945 the wound badge ship Frachtdampfer Jentis Fritzen                             110.00
1022     Kriegsmarine 1st October medal issued 1935 by Torpedo schulflottille signed by Captain Flottillechief large style with eagle
         & oakleaves hand written named                                                                                                   65.00
1023     Citations Kriegsmarine to Bootsmann Franz Hanser of Donauflottille October medal & praque bar & 4 years Long Service
         medal signed by Kapitan & Flottillchef Donau ink stamp , slight damp mark on October one eagle & Iron Cross type                 45.00
1024     Kriegsmarine Iron Cross 2nd class citation Matronengefreiten Willi Kowal 1943 Konteradmiral signature                            55.00
1025     Kriegsmarine War Merit Cross 2nd class Hugo Ahlers 1943 signed by Vizeadmiral Atlantic                                           55.00
1026     Kriegsmarine Wehrpass notice paper letter to Konrad Kessler 1934 with nice eagle stamp                                           4.00
1027     RAD Iron Cross 2nd class awarded to Unteroffizier Helmet Leckband Radfahrer Schw 183 issued Oct 42                               45.00
1028     Luftwaffe 4 years long service medal document has oak leaves around edge to Feldwebel Vieth Signals Regt Greifswald
         nice eagle stamp signed by Generalleutnant                                                                                       35.00
1029     Luftwaffe 1st October medal to Unteroffizier Saal Frank of Fl H Kdtr Wensendorf & 2 envelopes to his wife with his details
         the citation has the oak leaves edge signed 1940 signed by his Komandant                                                         35.00
1030     Luftwaffe War Merit Cross & swords to Feldwebel Ott Luftwaffe Smoke company 5/XI issued 28 Juli 1743, comes with
         promotion document                                                                                                               48.00
1031     Luftwaffe Sonerausweis to Unteroffizier Max Wolf travel pass Paris 6/6/1941 nice eagle squadron 41 X111                          10.00
1032     Army Battle of Bulge area KILLED IN ACTION Russian Front medal & Iron Cross 2 nd class & Wound badge to Obergefreiter
         Heinz Esser KIA 17/12/1944 and letter from soldier re death / letter re MIA 1945, confirmation of KIA 1947 during American
         Artillery attack near Kolmar very interesting history lot                                                                        135.00
1033     Army Iron Cross citation 2nd class unteroffizier Leckband Radfahrer Schw 183 1942 ink stamp Inf Div 83                           55.00
1034     Army Iron Cross citation Kanonier Karl Lange Stab 11 Art Regt 88 dated 12.2.42 signed by General of Infantry                     55.00
1035     Army Black Wound badge Obergefreiten Erich Schneider 7th Infantry Regt 276 issued 1942                                           25.00
1036     Army Writing citation to Gefr.Weireter 1940 issue large blue eagle with military eagle stamp field post unit                     30.00
1037     Army General Assault Gefreiten Erich Klaila 1/ N.A 182 Signals Battalion 25.8.42 issued 82nd Infantry Division                   50.00
1038     Army 4 documents to same soldier Unteroffizier Willi Kehl Iron Cross 2 nd class 5/1/42 , Infantry Assault 19/4/42, Russian Front
          5.3.44,Whilst serving wirh 14 Gren Rgt 428 later Black Wound badge with 1 Komp Pz Jag Abt 129 dated 24/9/44 all correct ink
          Stamps and signatures been folded but good clean condition                                                                      125.00
1040       Railways 25 years Faithfull Service to Lokomotioveheizer Georg Greb from Deusche Reichsbahn 14/10/40                             25.00
1041       NSRL, 2 Ukunde cards issued in 1942 for sport has outline of oak leave and large swastika on eagle with national sports ink stamp
           both to same person Otto Kemmling, for different events ,has eagle insignia and oak leaf impressed into card                     25.00
1045       Kriegsmarine Gerhardt Hartdt flak gunner served with 2 U baot base at Neustadt and later 1 st U boat in France no records to
           confirm if on actual U boat , Wound badge black 10.9.44 also in hospital for Ghonorrea in 43 loads of entries including
           U boat schools 1941-1942 ,2nd,8th,7th u boat flottilles                                                                          350.00
In the last seven years a sealed steel box was discovered in the Halbe forrest containing documents and Wehrpasses to soldiers of the SS Schill group
which was destroyed by the Russian advance into Berlin , some pages are effected by the rust from the rivets getting damp , these w ere buried by the
the HQ admin section in 1945 to avoid capture which would identify all the SS soldiers, I WILL SUPPLY BATTLE GROUP LIST
1047       SS Wehrpass & Stammkarte to Arthur PECHERr Waffen SS volunteer as above from Wein same condition more than likely served
           together transferred into Schill group 1.9.1944                                                                                  230.00
1048       SS Wehrpass & Stammkarde & Kriegstammrollen to Horst TAPKE Waffen SS member of 13th / 10th / 6th Pz Grenadiers before Schill
           photo faded and metal rivets off photo have left rust mark through to page 22, promoted to Sturmann in 1.1.45 awarded the Infantry
           Assault badge in bronze 17.10.1944, recorded on Kriegstammrollen and Wehrpass                                                    250.00
1049       SS Wehrpass & Stammkarde & Kriegstammrollen to Herman BLASHKE Waffen SS a volunter from Wein in 1942 a Panzer Grenadier
            served with 13 Pz Gren Regt & 10 Pz Gren Regt and Schill group, all complete although the stables have rusted and pages now loose
           2nd pattern Wehrpass photo a bit faded but ink stamps good and signatures,both documents also good condition                     250.00
1050       KILLED IN ACTION U359 in its card cover for Volk und Vaterland as issues back to next of kin , killed 4/8/43 awarded U boat
           badge 23/5/43 joined 1940 ,Iron Cross on cover nicely signed and ink stamp 2 Admiral der Ostsee , writing a bit faded yet
           certificate very good condition VERY RARE                                                                                        455.00
1051       KILLED IN ACTION Kriegsmarine U Boat U526 Hermann SCHUCHMANN with large death card non photo type , photo of grave
            and letter dated 22.4.43 to mother from Korvettenkapitan Letter a bit worn with history of boat from website joined 1940
           4 x school entries 1942, killed within 3 months of service in U boats VERY RARE                                                  450.00
1052       KILLED IN ACTION Army Wehrpass 2nd type issued to Unteroffizier Georg KROGER KIA 4.8.1943 served with 2nd Infantry & Police
           Regiment 2 Komp 5 , with various battalions driver of Panzerkamfwagon , holder Iron Cross 2nd class, served West Front,Luxenberg,
           Kanal area plenty of entries                                                                                                     75.00
1053       KILLED IN ACTION Army Wehrpass 1st type, issued to Cpl Otto MESSENHOLLER 5 Komp Inf , killed 6.10.41 on operation to take
           Moscow whilst with 5 Infantry 239 at Bulitschowo holder Iron Cross / Infantry assault / Wound badge joined 18.5.36               65.00
1054       KILLED IN ACTION Werpass 2nd pattern issued to Emil PALINA 1940 2nd Infantry 465 served with another 3 units details upto
           1943 when sent to Russia gefallen 18.7.43 whilst serving with 9 Infantry Regiment 466                                            65.00
1055       Army early issue to Friedrich KORINGUNG born 1900 , issued 1937,called up Austria 1938 in 8 different units Infantry & Grenadier
           in 1944, involved in Poland promoted Cpl , no medals recorded must have qualified                                                45.00
1056       Wehrpass Berhard KORGES Medic with 2nd panzer Army & 3rd Kr trsp Abt 582 comes with War Merit Cross with swords citation
           Signed by General Heinrich Clossner CO 2 Panzerarmee KC holder ,active Croatia later back to Germany with spotted fever          75.00
1057       Reservist called up Duisberg 1940 and issued book never re called initial 5 pages completed only                                 20.00
1058       Reservist early eagle type to reservist issued 1937 Waldenburg served 1918-19 in 1st Infantry Regt 22                            25.00
1059       Wehrpass to Oskar GRUNDING Infantry various regiments 539 & 366,& Grenadiers 893, 1942-1944, neally all service in Croatia
           awarded Black wound badge in 1943 appears a replacement book with photo in civilian clothing                                     45.00
1060  Wehrpass to August BAUMARGTER Corporal serving in Infantry 346 & land 7 , issued 1939-1945,entry for Typhoid 1945 , photo
      Shown in uniform with WW1 Iron Cross & War Cross 1914-18 medal , has AH moustache born 4.8.97,well used                       40.00
1061  Wehrpass 1st pattern issued 1937 reserve soldier served in WW1 1917-18 , called up and held in reserve lacks entries          25.00
1062  Wehrpass 2nd pattern Kriegsmarine with dog tag fitted rear page Willi GRAHL no 0.9403/40 ES issued 12 Feb 1940 civilian
      Clothing appears to be AA gunner serving East see Fleet area lacks entries                                                    70.00
1063  Wehrpass 2nd pattern to Stanislaus ZMUNDA Polish decent 1941 call up to 4 MG Komp JEB 355 driver with unit                    45.00
1064  Wehrpass 1st pattern WW1 veteran 7th Infantry 38 Heinrich LUDWIG holder EK2 & plus 2 medals with official print out of WW1
       Service dated 6.7.34 shows all regiments served in , all complete but steel pins missing from edge pages loose               30.00
1065  Wehrpass issued Anton BLANK 1937 served 1 Inf Regt 85 in 1940 3 Kp Geb Jag Rgt 85 plenty of entries 1939-40 comes with
       His Arbeitsbuch issued 1935 to 1936 pages after no 8 all removed has red 1940 when called up officially                      40.00
1066  Wehrpass issued to Fritz LIRSL WW1 veteran 1937 lacks entries but holder of EK2 and 4 medals from 1918 Unteroffizier entries
       to 1944                                                                                                                      28.00
1067  Wehrpass Andreas HEINTZ WW1 veteran 1912 to 1918 6th infantry regt no other entries                                           20.00
1068  Wehrpass Josef LIEBE issue only no further details born 1891 no WW1 history recorded                                          20.00
1069  Wehrpass leatherette holder with Wehrpass written on front and Wehrpass issued to Jodeg LISE 1940 lacks entries pages creased
       comes with his Kennkarte issued 1939 and Ausmulsterungsschein pass all have photograph edges worn nice eagles                55.00
1070  KIA certificate issued 19th September 1944 at Keil for Seeoffizieran Kurt Engel KIA 28 th December 1943 has eagle and wreath
      with anchors and Iron
1071  Luftwaffe ID passes for airfields canvas with photo all issued to 2 nd & 3rd flak units and different dates 1933 / 1934/ 1939 35.00
1072  Werkluftshutz membership card & photo dated 1940                                                                              20.00
1073  Arbeits book to Richard Douke issued 1924 – 1947 non eagle / swastika type early                                              5.00
1074  Booklet to Werner Molders part of Tag der Wehrmacht series Hoffman product small with string attachment,4 photos & history 5.00
1075  Red Cross Personalauweis card to DRK issued 1945 with 2 nd pattern eagle ink stamp comes with Vermendungsbuch again with
      Eagle to front issued by same unit to show service to 23.4.45 none photo type                                                 18.00
1076  DAF member book issued 1935 with 94 postage stamps inside until 1935,issued 1943 and extra pages Ernst Becker Dusseldorf 20.00
1077  DAF member book issued 1935-1940 81 stamps Theiness Massiorb Krefelb Gau Dusseldorf                                           20.00
1078  Arbeitsbuch for Auslander with ink stamp Volksdeuscher Johann Fasching of Yoloslavia issued 5/1/1945 railway worker at Donau
      Never had photo war ended before fitted one work entry Reichbahnausbefferungsmerk Linz near mint condition                    20.00
1079  Police Dienstpass WW1 veteran Oskar Scheuringer from 1940 service dates upto 1943 plenty of entries 1 st & 2nd Police Komp. 30.00
1081  NSDAP personel Ausweis red cover with Ist pattern eagle photo and all eagles also contains 81 paper stamps 1939-44            40.00
1084  6 different coloured ration paper cards all 1941 Reichbrotcarte with eagle and swastika and Munchen coat of arms under eagle
      Two not used the remaider have a couple of coupons missing having been submitted very good comndition                         25.00
1085  Arbeitsbuch 2nd pattern with large eagle to front issued Magdalena Widmann 1941 machinest unusual has her photo inner cover 15.00
1086  Luftshutz Diensbuch Heinz Jensen 1940 entries to 1944 nearly full issued EK2 on 6.8.43 Hamburg untill 3.10.44                 35.00
1087  Luftshutz Diensbuch Heinrich Tretau 1942 entries to 1944 nearly full issued EK2 on 5.8.43 Hamburg untill 12.7.44              35.00
1088  Lufttshutz Diensbuch Georg Wegner 1941 to 1944 nearly full issued EK2 10.8.43 hamburg 4.10.44                                 35.00
1089  Luftschutz Diensbuch Robert Meyer 1940 to 1944 nearly full issued Luftshutz medal 15.5.43 Hamburg untill 19.12.44             35.00
1090  Luftschutz Diensbuch Willi Wennecke 1942 to 1944 nearly full issued War Merit Cross with swords Hamburg 13.10.44              35.00
1091  Luftschutz Diensbuch Rudolf Petry 1941 nearly full to 1944 issued EK2 and wound badge 5.8.43 Hamburg 22.1.1945                35.00
1092  Luftschutz Diensbuch Kurt Scheuerlein issued 1941 to 1944 holder EK2 6.8.43 Berlin all kit returned 12.10.44                  35.00
1093  Luftshutz Diensbuch Erwin Gerlach late war paper cover no swastika 1944 replacement holder EK116.8.43 Hamburg                 30.00
1094  Kraftahrzeuggschein issued 1940 green canvas civilian type Otto Heller                                                        12.00
1095  Bombenpass for ID Lilly Kolenke house destroyed issued 1945 hand written over date 1943 when initial forms printed            12.00
1096  NSKOV membership issued 1937 has 101 postage stamps for years 1937 to 1945 issued to Johana Himelmann                         20.00
1097  Bescheinigung paper pass issued 1938 nice eagle stamp                                                                         3.00
1098  Steurkarte 1936 and 2 letters from Deutsche Gasolin issued to Herbert Zabelt in 1936 re employment                            3.00
1099  RAD card Reichaerbeitsdeint WJ Zuruckstellungsschein issurd 1942 nice eagle stamp                                             8.00
1100  Lehr Vertrag document to Theodor Westhoff issued 14/7/39 with hammer ink stamp 2 pages                                        3.50
1101  Lehr Vertrag document issued to Fessler with hammer ink & eagle ink stamo issued 1942                                         3.50
1102  Fuhrerschein Driving Licence issued to Michael Fischer in Wein 1940 with correct eagle stamps large photo type                15.00
1103  Fuhrerschein Driving Licence issued to Alfred Lotz Frankfurt 22.2.1938 with correct eagle stamps large photo type             15.00
1104  Bescheinigung card Ernst Fahri issued 1941 single card with eagle stamp                                                       2.00
1105  Luftwaffe hospital letter St Omer Willi Schling with operation complete to hand to Forces re leave 1942                       2.00
1106  Lohnsteurkarte 1944-/ 46 issued to female Emilie Gurtler with Lubeck ink stamp for work purposes                              2.00
1107  Lohnsteurkarte 1944-46 issued to female in Misdroy with coat of arms stamp different style to above card                      2.00
1108  Envelope card holder Staatsanwaltschaft has mint ink eagle stamp for Leitmeritz signed in red on back                         1.00
1109  Documents re Christian Wagner re release from Armed Forces 4 in total signed from 7 June 1945 been in French POW hospital
      Released from camp April 1946 signatures from French & British Officers comes with small framed photo of him in Army
      uniform with early colours on front of sidecap stood in snow                                                                  13.00
1110  Documents to pair of twins born 19th March 1920 Erich & Rudi Grunner , coloured Entlallungs Zeugnis with large swastika in
      Background, Bescheid letter re payments letter of work , Bescheid doc, Schulentassung Zeugnis ,Bescheininung doc,Unmeldong doc,
      Fuhrungszeugnis for service Wehrmacht 1940 – 1942 , all have official ink stamps for the period.                              30.00
1111  5 documents to Elfriede Charlotte Gestenberger Lohnsteurkarte 1940 , Jahresszeugnis letter, Haushaltungschule letter 1941,
      Anlernvertag letter 1941,to work textile industry,Halbjahreszeugnis 1942 all with lovely eagle ink stamps                     15.00
1112    Hitler Youth photo album has coloured front Hitler with boy to front with wording Jugend dienst dem Fuhrer contains 73 private
        large & small photos of camps expeditions etc 4 black & white Adolf Hitler photo cards and the owner shown in HJ
        Uniform at front and RASD at back with arm shield 315 over 7 , also elderly instructors one with Police PT vest and a grave
        Wilhelm Zesch possibly related to HJ member , still has spider web pages between pages                                             150.00
1113    Kriegsmarine photograph album belonged to Hans Funk who served on protection boat VP 6511 in Norway has greetings card at
        front 24 December 1939 , 54 photos including a group in pub with SS man , some of sailors with medals and small photos of
        boats one large one of fleet in row at sea with mountain range to side a lot of good postcard size of sailors some signed one copy with
        inscription Summer North Norway finishes 3 colour post war postcards on his revisit ¸album with corners later stuck in             135.00
1120    Autograph group RARE to Heinz JURGENS Police Division , signed photo , signed General assault 1 st packet ,signed General assault
        packet 2nd , ( 1st & 2nd must relate to numbered badges& two letters both signed as Kommanderade General Marz 1945                 85.00
1122    KC Ludwig BAURER in Panzer wrap with full history                                                                                  20.00
1123    KC Paul EGGER SS Pz Abt 502 shown in panzer wrap no KC on throat                                                                   20.00
1124    KC Gerhard Fischer OC 3 SS Pz Jagt Abt 5 Wiking                                                                                    20.00
1125    KC Gunther GUDERIAN Normandy & France black Pz wrap son of Heinz Guderian 116 Pz Regt                                              20.00
1126    KC Johannes GOHLER Sturmfuhrer 1st Cavalry Div with group of officers hospital leg in plaster                                      20.00
1127    KC Wolfram KERTZ 8th Komp of 11 SS Komp Arnhem September 44 in camo top KC & Close combat                                          20.00
1128    KC Heinz JURGENS CO 4th SS Police Panzer Div AM 4                                                                                  20.00
1129    KC JURGENS Hauptsturmfuhrer 4th Police reconnaissance Det                                                                          20.00
1131    KC Kari NICOLUSSI- LECK Viking div                                                                                                 20.00
1133    KC Erich ZEPPER SS 5th Pz Div Viking shows awards signed on rear                                                                   20.00
1140    Gross Admiral DONITZ signature on thank you card with his address on top, in blue ink on white card VERY RARE                      70.00
1141    Generaladmiral Alfed SAALWACHTER Admiral West died in Russian POW camp 1945 Hoffman card                                           25.00
1142    Gerhard BELLING U20 & U103 & U177 with history                                                                                     30.00
1143    Paul BRASSACK U590 & U737 with history                                                                                             30.00
1144    Alfred EICK U176 & U510                                                                                                            30.00
1145    Rudolf MUHLBAURER U 123                                                                                                            30.00
1146    Albert MULLER E boats small photo signed                                                                                           20.00
1147    Colour photo of U995 from air at Keil signed by Georg HESS                                                                         30.00
1148    Heinrich Andreas SCHROETELLER U96,, 667 ,,1023                                                                                     30.00
1149    Carl August LANDERFERMANN U38..181                                                                                                 30.00
1150    Walther GERHOLD human torpedo photo signed on paper from award book sank HMS Dragon damaged HMS Trollope choice of
        3 ( In human torpedo.,,In hatch of torpedo., Receiving Knights Cross in full rig                                                   15.00
1151    Albert MULLER E boats S59 armband Afrika later Bundesmarine nice small photo ID soldbuch size                                      30.00
1152    Rolf MUTZELBURG KC & oakleaves KIA11.9.1942 on U203Hoffmann postcard                                                               20.00
1153    Helmet WITTE of Uboat 107 & 159 with history                                                                                       30.00
1154    Horet WEBER E boats S 13/35/191 with history                                                                                       30.00
1155    Erich TOPP KC & oakleaves & swords double photo larger than postcard Topp died 26.12.2005                                          35.00
1156    Werner TOENIGES Kapitanleutnant KC & Oakleaves Hoffman card E boats                                                                20.00
1157    Gustav SCHEPKE Kapitanleutrnant KC & Oakleaves U100 Hoffmann card                                                                  20.00
1158    Gunther PRIEN side view with KC and long service ribbon bar has wording Denn wir Fahren Gegen Engelland underneath.
         Famous attack Scapa Flow sinking HMS Royal Oak in U47 KIA 8.3.41 by Ross Verlag Berlin                                            20.00
1159    Heinrich LEHMANN-WILENBROCK KC U96 Hoffmann card                                                                                   20.00
1160    Herbert SCHULTZ KC & Oakleaves U48 Hoffmann card                                                                                   20.00
1161    Reinhard HARDENGEN KC & oakleaves & U boat & brilliants, U 124,U 147 , U123                                                        30.00
1162    Press Photograph Otto SCHEE KC & oakleaves shown KC only signed on rear surname only U23/60/201/2511.                              25.00
1163    Alfred MULLER E Boats KC on 12/8/44                                                                                                25.00
1164    Walter GERHARD K men on photo signed 25/7/1994                                                                                     25.00
1165    Ernst MENGERSON KC U18 , U101,U607 the postcard has his signature at base part of card shows all awards                            20.00
1166    Manfred BUTTNER signals 1st Btl 26th Para Regt shown in shirt rolled up sleeves KC over tie
1167    Erich BEINE OC 1st btl 12th Para Regt upper body all awards
1168    Ferdinand FOLTIN 7th Para Div close up all awards
1169    Harry HERMANN 9th Para Div close up upper head                                                                   each              25.00
1171    Gerhard KAEPPNER Parachute Regt 1, photocopy type with full history served Italy Cassino Normandie holder EK1                      15.00
1173    Willy KROYMANN (with copy KC citation).has used ID photo and added dress cap all hand made                                         10.00
1177    Gerhart Schirmer colour photo with signature OC 6 Pars Regt 16 died 5.9.2004 white collars Herman Goring Regt                      30.00
1170    Bruno SASSEN 10th company 3rd Para Regt upper body showing all awards & cuff title
1171    Erich TIMM OC 12th Para assault Regt wearing leather overcoat no awards showing
1172    Viktro VITALI OC 6th Kompany 4th Para Regt close up face with cap not wearing KC                                          each     25.00
1174   Coloured postcard of Para flag with paras descending has stamps & ink stamp winged hat dated 1943                             10.00
1175   Winrich BEHR Panzer & Armoured Recce OC of 3rd Company 3 rd Panzer Div AFRIKA                                                 20.00
1176   Walter BOHM in black panzer wrap                                                                                              20.00
1177   Ludwig BAUR in panzer wrap                                                                                                    20.00
1178   Engelbert BOCKHOFF Pz Gren CO 9th Pz Regt with skull in pz wrap & letter                                                      20.00
1179   Georg BOSE 1 Sturm Gesch Abt 177 Panzer shown in Panzer wrap with full history stood next to tiger tank barrel                25.00
1180   Friedrich Wilhelm BUSCHAUSEN 1st Panzer Grenadiers 69 KC added to photo ribbon bar upper face                                 20.00
1181   Otto CARIUS 2 Schw PzAbt 502 oakleaves 1944 in white tunic numbered tank award                                                20.00
1182   Johann CONDE II Pz Gren. Regt. 6 brief history                                                                                20.00
1183   Friedrich DATH OC 3rd St Gerschutz Brig 286                                                                                   20.00
1184   Rolf DUE 1st Pz Jag Abt 19 ,in grey panzer wrap with numbered General Assault badge                                           20.00
1185   Hans Drexler KC 12/1/45 close up cross faded as post war OC 4 Pz Aufkabt January 1945                                         20.00
1186   Heinrich ENGEL 2 Sturmgesch 25.00
1187   Hermann ECKHARDT Zugfuhrer 1 Pz Abt 8 in panzer wrap. Badge on side cap                                                       20.00
1188   Gerhard FISCHER shown with panzer wrap close up had Army crushed cap silver skulls on lapels                                  20.00
1189   Gerhard FISCHER Hauptmann                                                                                                     20.00
1190   Karl Gunther VON HASE major Gen Staff 1 a Pz Div Holstein                                                                     20.00
1191   Helmet GUTHEIT in panzer wrap showing all awards                                                                              20.00
1192   Willi HUND SS Pz Gren 23 Norge colour & black & whits picture on one sheet with history & signature                           20.00
1193   Josef HISSMANN OC 609th Flak Panzer Army Afrika                                                                               20.00
1194   Josef LAINER SS 1st Pz Gren Regt Der Fuhrer close up face with cross & collar added to picture signed underneath              20.00
1195   Ludwig LAUBMEIRER OC of 1st Sturm Brigade 191 signed upper facial with KC                                                     20.00
1196   Dietrich ter JUNG 11Pz GR 79 awards KC, Iron Crosses, ribbon bar, Infantry assault, Silver wound badge KC 4.5.44
1197   KC & Oak leaves Major KAHL wearing sidecap and panzer wrap Hoffman postcard not signed                                        20.00
1198   Paul Georg KLEFFELL 4th Pz Regt CO shown in Army uniform all awards                                                           20.00
1199   Heinrich KOHLER 19th panzer division later Zugfuhrer 3 He St Gersh Brig 210 KC 210 with envelope and signed letter
1200   Norbert KUJACINSKI Chef 4 Pz Regt 23 dress uniform with DK and awards upper body                                              20.00
       close up in grey panzer wrap silver ink used                                                                                  20.00
1201   Wolf KOLTERMANN 3 Schw Panzer Abt 507 shown in black panzer wrap Kc & ribbon bar                                              20.00
1202   Paul Georg KLEFFEL Chef 4 Pz Abt 3 also shows DK and close combat badge                                                       20.00
1203   Johannes LUTZ OC 116 Pz in normal uniform all awards displayed                                                                20.00
1204   Wemer MAHN colour HI panzer wrap                                                                                              20.00
1205   Fritz MICHAEL Fuhrer 1 Pz Gren 200                                                                                            20.00
1206   Erich ROSEKE Fuhrer 9 Jag Regt 1 Brandenburg full upper body all medals shown blue ink signed                                 20.00
1208   Otto Ernst REMER KC & Oak leaves a double sided card with colour picture of Deutsche Cross and Army role of honour with
       back & white photo showing all awards signature in separate block , on rear colour photo in civilian clothing with 57 KC &
       Oak leaves , oak leaf frame with signature again with date 1985 nicely put together , OC of 1 st Grenadier Grossdeutschland
       later Panzer Brigade, involved in arrests after failed Adolf Hitler assassinate plot and promoted by AH                       25.00
1209   Maximillian WIRSCHING in panzer wrap                                                                                          20.00
1210   Giselher WILKE 1 Pz Jager Abt 19 / 19 Pz Div. Wearing panzer jacket                                                           20.00
1211   KC Willy ZELLER CO 9 Grenadier Regt 380 in officers ski cap upper face showing KC signed front                                20.00
1215   Wolf ANDREAE Werfer Regt 71 ( Smoke / mortar/rocker Regt shows all awards KC 24.6.44
       Rolf BERING Major Fahnrichs Regt 1 Markish Friedland KC 11.3.45 signature on letter with unsigned copy photo died 2.8.93      10.00
       Otto BINNIG Obergefreiter 7 Grenadier Regt 463 shows all awards KC 5.10.44                                                    20.00
       Karl BIEG Hauptmann 11 Grenadier Regt 868 upper body all awards KC 17.9.43                                                    20.00
       Georg BLEHER 1st Grenadier Regt 358 issued for Kurland shows KC & Deutsche Cross KC 6.5.45                                    20.00
       Fritz BURKHARDT Oberleutnant 8th Grenadier Regt 417 all medals shown KC 17.1.45                                               20.00
       Josef DORRIES 6 Grenadier 87 larger type photo shows all awards upper body KC 5.4.44                                          20.00
       Alfred DURRWANGER Jager Regt 83 close up numbers on epaulettes covered over KC 10.7.42                                        20.00
       Martin EDER 1 infantry Regt 481 full upper body showing all awards numbers on epaulettes covered over KC 28.11.40             20.00
       Herbert EWERT Oberst Panzer Grenadier Regt 104 shows all awards and WW1 awards 9 piece ribbon bar KC 18.8.42                  25.00
       Paul FEIERTAG Gruppenfuhrer 3 Div Fus Btl 96 shows all awards KC 30.9.44                                                      20.00
       Hans FIEDLER Oberfeldwebel 9th Grenadier Regt 309 shows upper awards KC 18.2.45                                               20.00
       Hans GREITER 1/ grenadier Regt 165 upper body showing all awards KC 13.1.45                                                   20.00
       Klaus GOLLNICK Hauptmann Fusiliers Btl 371 parade jacket all awards with envelope & letter also signed KC 7.10.44             25.00
       Gunther HOCHGARZE OC 11/ Grenadier Regt 187 dark photo shows all awards KC 15.4.44                                            20.00
       Herman HENLE Smoke Mortar Regt 70 upper body shows KC & Iron Cross ribbon KC 19.9.43                                          20.00
       Josef HOLKAMP gruppenfuhrer 2 radf Aufkl Abt 36 full uniform photo all awards signed across base KC 13.7.43                   20.00
       Georg JURA Sgt Major (14 Jager Regt 49 early parade uniform showing all awards KC 28.4.43                                     20.00
       Wilhelm KILIAN Major OC Fusulier Btl 102 with envelope all awards shown KC 8.2.45                                             25.00
       Hans MEHRLE Grenadier Regt 380 upper body showing awards with letter KC 15.4.44                                               20.00
       Gunther MARRECK 11 Grenadier Regt 422 head only with KC bad scar side of face KC 15.4.44                                      20.00
       Freidrich MULLER-ROCHHOLTZ Oberst Pz Stu Pi Btl Brandenburg upper body with sidecap KC 8.5.45                                 20.00
       Walter Christian MULLER Major upper body with envelope                                                                        20.00
         Aloys MOCKEN Hauptmann 1st Grenadier Regt 216 upper body picture KC 28.7.43                                                   20.00
         Willi ROTHAAR 3MG Gren Regt 544 close up has officer ski cap all medals shown highly decorated officer KC 5.9.44              20.00
         Wilhelm VON STARCK 1 Artillery Regt 1553 nice close detail of crusher cap KC 23.10.44                                         20.00
         Ernst WAWROCK 13th Jager Regt 28 close up showing KC & Ribbon bar KC 9.2.43                                                   20.00

      Franz WEBER 8th Jager regt 28 shown in jager uniform upper body all awards KC 28.10.44                                            20.00
      Johann SPIELMANN 1st St gesch Abt 197 Oakleaves in 18.3.45 not on photo KC 27.3.42                                                25.00
      Bodo SPRANZ 1sr St Gesch Abt 237 shows 4 tank destroyer badges KC & OL 3.10.43                                                    25.00
      Eberhard WOLFRAM 4th Infantry Regt 82 close up showing KC , KC 13.11.42                                                           20.00
      Walter ZIMMERMANN 12th Battery Artillery Regt 205 stood in snow full body photo KC 10.2.45                                        20.00
1217  KC Generaloberst STRAUSS drawing type with printed signature within card                                                          20.00
1218  KC Generalleutnant KREYLING with jager hat details of awards written on back Hoffmann                                             20.00
1219  KC & Blue Max Generalmajor Heinrich KIRCHHEIM swastika on KC highlighted Hoffmann                                                 15.00
1220  KC Generalleutnant KREYSING wearing ski cap combat jacket binos around neck,Hoffmann                                              15.00
1221  KC & oakleaves General der Infanterie LAUX with hat & full ribbon bar Hoffmann                                                    15.00
1222  KC & oakleaves Generalleutnant Fr With MOLLER, Hoffmann                                                                           15.00
1223  KC and unknown cross Generalmajor RINGER wearing ski cap full ribbon bar, Hoffmann                                                15.00
1224  KC Generalfeldmarshall von REICHERAU with monocle , Hoffmann                                                                      15.00
1225  KC Generalleutnant RODENBURG wearing cap & monocle Hoffmann                                                                       15.00
1226  KC General Ritter von SCHBERT showing bar to Iron cross and high WW1 medal below Iron cross ribbon Hoffmann                       15.00
1227  KC Generalleutnant Erich SCHOPPER cross highlighted sew in ribbon bar, Hoffmann                                                   15.00
1228  KC & Oakleaves Generalleutnant SCHERER swastika highlighted ,Hoffmann                                                             15.00
1229  KC Generatfeldmarshall VON BROCK from drawing filled in and posted 1942 Hoffmann                                                  12.00
1230  Oberleutnant Walter GORN KC & oakleaves Hoffmann postcard                                                                         15.00
1232  Adolf GALLAND KC & Oakleaves & swords winner swords Shaking hands with HJ pilots                                                  55.00
1233  Adolf GALLAND sat facing camera all awards                                                                                        55.00
1234  Major Hans SANDROCK Herman Goring Division wearing grey panzer wrap with skulls served Afrika Europe & Italy                      30.00
1235  KC & oakleaves Major GRASSER shows clasp on tunic by Hoffman not signed                                                           15.00
1236  Generaloberst GRAUENT shows ribbon bar by Hoffman not signed                                                                      15.00
1237  General BOGATSCH wearing cap by Hoffman not signed                                                                                15.00
1238  Hauptmann BALTHASAR Hoffmann postcard                                                                                             15.00
1239   Hauptmann Heinz ROEKKER Night fighters destroyed 64 bombers                                                                      20.00
1240  KC with h Oakleaves & Swords Gunther RALL choice of close up in dress uniform and close up flying jacket and dress cap            20.00
1241  Gunther LOFFEILBEIN KC & D/Cross & gold front spange                                                                              20.00
1242  Major Paul ZORNER KC Gruppenkommanduer 111/NGJG5 , holder KC , 59 night victories (June44)                                        20.00
1243  Gerhard KREMS KC Luftwaffe ace with early eagle on breast and cap                                                                 20.00
1244  Hauptmann Heinz ROKKER KC & oakleaves & German Cross in gold 64 night victories                                                   20.00
1245  KC with oakleaves Oberst Gerhard PICK, OC Infantry Regt 490 Hoffmann postcard                                                     20.00
1246  KC & Oakleaves Hauptmann zur Lippe WEISSENFELD Hoffmann postcard                                                                  20.00
      Luftwaffe black & white choice of :-
1250  Luftwaffe postcard NCO single gull silver braid with Mother , Father , Sister father NAZI party badge and WW1 ribbon bar          5.00
1251  Postcard Luftwaffe close on eagle on helmet three gulls on collars appears Artillery                                              5.00
1252  Postcard Luftwaffe close up upper body has side cap and single gulls in collars epaulettes edged in light colour                  5.00
1253  Unknown Pilot with girl on arm has Pilot award glider badge above leutnant rank insignia early eagles on uniform                  10.00
1256  NCO with wife & son has 2 gulls on collars has ribbon bar , has AH moustache                                                      7.00
1257  Aircrew wearing panzer type wrap with 3 gulls on collar signed on rear Reimes 1942                                                7.00
1261  NCO wedding day has SA & DRL sports and Lw long service with Entry full size medals early eagles on jacket & buckle               7.00
1262  NCO with 4 gulls in collars Iron Cross 1st class and 5 piece ribbon bar AH moustache ½ size to postcard                           6.50
1263  Luftwaffe postcard cut smaller NCO with Anti Aircraft award and cloth arm AA badge with Russian front fur hat                     8.00
       Kriegsmarine choice of ships :-
1264  Torpedo boat Leopard (LP on bow)/ Schlesweg Holstein / Panzerschiff Lutzow. / 3x Minesweepers in formation
       E boat 1st type / Deutcher Kreuzer guns pointing towards camera/Kreuzer Emden                                                    5.00
1265  Postcard E boat 1st pattern boat has no 19 on bow                                                                                 5.00
1266  Postcard 2nd pattern boat front side view coming towards camera                                                                   5.00
1267  Kriegsmarine colour post cards M Dieterle series choice of :- Destroyer, Flak Artillerie gun on ship aiming at sky, E boat taken
      from back of another boat, Bismark front view, Bismark rear view                                                             each 10.00
1268  Postcard Ist pattern torpedoboat ( the destroyer shape) coming towards camera                                                     5.00
      On board crew ,guns etc:-
1269  Bows under water from same turret/ Sunset from under turret/ Signal turret with sailors and range finder / Three sailors white overalls
       KM floppy cap/ Side view gun with ship behind with flag and eagle on corner posted 1940/
       Private photo Army folding kit in front of KM sailor
       Ordinary rank sailor in double breasted jacket full cap with Kriegsmarine cap ribbon / NCO with KM floppy hat wearing marksman
       Lanyard on reefer jacket named & dated on rear 1941                                                                          5.00
1270   Sailor wearing Admiral Sheer cap ribbon with father in his reserve uniform with 16 on epaulettes has Iron Cross              8.00
       & 14-18 ribbon bar has early NCO braiding to his side cap named Emiel Kruger and filled in on rear
1271   3 x postcards & 3 private photos from HMS SELKIRK, one card of ship and 2 of Luftwaffe crew in dingy being rescued 7 th June 1944
       in Channel from JU 88 after attacking D day landings , photos of sailor on motor bike at AA gun and on deck                  10.00
1272   Mid sized photo of 4 Kriegsmarine sailors no hats close up of arm insignia/ranks and ribbon bars long service & Iron Cross   8.00
1275   Postcard Kriegsmarine upper body no hat shows Hitler Youth Sports award on tunic dated 1943 Kiel and signed                     5.00
1276   Postcard Kriegsmarine sailor signals branch and Lufttwaffe Airman has peaked cap with early eagle wearing blouse jacket 1941 5.00
1277   Postcard SS Normandie build 1935 seized by USA 1942 caught fire New York 1942 and sank New York harbour                         5.00
       Colour photos:-
1278   Minesweeper crew placing mine over side /,/ Bismark with shells exploding in sea / KM flag standard and coastal gun under net, 10.00
1279   Kameraden auf sea shows ships & planes & words navy song                                                                        5.00
1280   Denn wir Fehren shows ships & planes and words navy song has two eagle stamps on rear 1940                                      7.00
1281   Marine officer with 1st class Iron Cross & 2nd class on officers jacket with wife signed and dated 1942 on rear                 12.00
1282   Tirpitz with all guns broadside position with story below photo postcard                                                        10.00
1283   Sailor with wife & parents full rig white top on cap Kriegsmarine tally Destroyer award & Iron Cross 2 nd class                 10.00
1284   Marine artillery photo group appears father & son 2 postcards( son dated 1941 Lorient ) wearing military uniforms with dark collars
       no insignia no breast eagle on jackets & 11 photos in uniforms on beach area , one dated 1936 when they are wearing black leather
       U boat machinest clothing ,another two been awarded War Merit crosses could be volunteers as different belts ,buckles           30.00
1285   Large photograph 1 Kompanie Panz Abw Abt 10 Straubling 1937 on card backing these became Anti Tank Btl 10 th Infantry
       And later 10Pz Grenadier Div, comes with paper weight shell mounted on wood base engraved Pz Abw Abt 10 19.3.1939               45.00
1286   Army postcard Army NCO with new wife close up has Iron Cross ribbon and October bar on tunic                                    5.00
1287   Army postcard soldier with Mother and brothers and sisters wearing dress uniform oldest brother HJ pin in lapel                 5.00
1288   Postcard NCO close up showing early NCO tunic and marksman lanyard wire breast eagle part no 12 on epaulette signed 1936 5.00
1289   Postcard 1943 dated and 6 photos to NCO of 26 regiment has marksman lanyard ribbon bar with 3 including Long service
       and War Merit cross with wife , photos he has walking out sword with wife and child and friends early uniform                   15.00
1290   DEUTSCHE CROSS photo unknown male with 2 ladies has white summer jacket with Cross and Iron Cross 1st class & bar               15.00
1291   3 photos DEUTSCHE CROSS soldier with close combat bar and all medals 2 in forest                                                15.00
1292   Large photo of flak unit officers & men of a unit approximately 70 ,showing flak badges and medal bars front row                15.00
1293   Soldier close up side cap and upper uniform shows dark soutache colour around roundel on side cap                               3.00
1294   Soldier with his wife and son close up in street one dated 2.3.45 Infantry                                                      15.00
1295   Ordinary rank in early parade uniform & dress cap 80 on epaulettes (80 Infantry)                                                5.00
1296   Army Corporal early pattern cap eagle in dress hat no 3 on epaulette dress bayonet (3 rd Infantry)                              5.00
1297   NCO early uniform with dress cap and wire breast eagle 115 in epaulette (115 infantry)                                          5.00
1298   NCO with late bevo collars wearing ski cap dated 1944 on rear                                                                   5.00
1299   NCO upper body close up has SA sports award on tunic dark colour on shoulder & sidecap front                                    5.00
1300   Wedding couple NCO has DRL sports award on jacket & Army Long service medal                                                     5.00
1301   Wedding couple Officer Leutnant has Iron Cross ribbon DRL sports award ribbon bar war merit/Russian front                       5.00
1303   Hungarian volunteer Jager division of German Army with wife RARE                                                               10.00
1304   Hungarian with wife has 2 pips in collars German uniform rare                                                                  10.00
1305   Soldier 44 pattern uniform sidecap has moth nips in front                                                                      5.00
1306   Soldier 44 pattern named and addressed on rear 6/1/1944                                                                        5.00
1307   Half size to postcard NCO with Wound badge ribbon bar War merit & Russian Front dated April 1944                               5.00
1308   NCO with bullion cockade and 1st pattern eagle close up early braid around collar                                              5.00
1309   NCO with late war dress cap close up has wrap around upper jacket collars plain no edge to blend into jacket                   5.00
1310   NCO with early pocketless jacket early edging to dress cap and collars number on shoulder not readable                         3.00
1311   Army half-track towing 88 gun marked early photo from side behind                                                              7.00
1312   Young recruit with parade uniform holding suitcase and box just finished training posted 1941                                  7.00
1313   Small ID type of Fritz Holzel 1944 dated has War Merit/ Russian Front ribbon SA sports marked were numbers on epaulettes       7.00
1314   Small ID type of NCO with 7 piece ribbon bar signed on rear,letters on shoulder boards                                         7.00
1315   Jager soldier with bride wearing Infantry assault,DRL sports & 4 ribbon bar dated 27.9.1944 close up side view                 7.00
1316   Soldier with European uniform & ski cap close up, bevo collars uniform brand new                                               5.00
1317   NCO early braid around collar no 65 on epaulette signed on rear slight crease mark early bullion eagle on breast               3.00
1318   Officer with horsemans award and DRL sports has cuff band fitted for officials department                                      7.00
1319   NCO with bride has silver HJ sports and two piece ribbon bar signed on rear October 1944                                       5.00
1320   NCO with early braid around collars early cap eagle close up of upper body                                                     5.00
1321   NCO with side cap with tressle around cockade bevo collars Iron Cross ribbon on tunic close up upper body                      5.00
1322   Gefreiter Konrad Weguer close up of upper uniform nice breast eagle                                                            5.00
1323   NCO with dress cap wearing Iron Cross ribbon & single ribbon bar epaulette number stitched over for security signed & 1942     7.00
1324   NCO wearing overcoat with 224 on epaulette white piping to cap signed on rear date 8.3.42                                      5.00
1325   NCO early tressel around colour wearing dress cap DRL sports badge on pocket                                                   5.00
1326   NCO bare headed close up of upper body has Iron Cross ribbon holder impressed maker stamp                                          5.00
1327   Mother & Father with 2 sons Ernest & Walter Nov 43 both in uniform, one ribbon bar                                                 5.00
1328   Officer with Blue Max and 8 piece ribbon bar early cross belt large 1 st class Iron Cross                                          7.00
1329   NCO stood next to chair early pre war side cap with colours edge parade belt                                                       5.00
1330   Postcard Infantry Regt 103 NCO with new wife parade medals Iron Cross 4 years long service October medal Shooting lanyard 7.00
1331   Army postcard close up NCO with early cap cockade and silver edged collar                                                          5.00
1332   Photograph of Army group soldiers with 1 Pi kol Pi 50 sign at front centre officer bar to Iron Cross ribbon                        7.00
1333   2 private photos leutnant with Iron Cross 1st class , 4 piece ribbon bar and Infantry Assault which appears new smiling for camera
       whilst large food plate being handed round second he is with the ranks again Infantry assault on one very clean                    5.00
1334   Army postcard early parade uniform with high collar and cuffs has 61 on epaulette dress bayonet on rear belt                       5.00
1335   Army bandsman with swallow nests fitted to jacket for fife & pipe bandsman signed & dated 10.3.41                                  7.00
1336   Soldiers early parade shows changing guard butcher bayonet imperial helmets with shield on side                                    5.00
1337   Two NCOs full uniform posing for shot ans smiling filled in at rear and dated 10.11.39 and signed                                  5.00
1338   NCO standing by wire fence has SA sports badge bayonet on belt private photo                                                       3.00
1339   Parade marching through town officer at front Iron Cross and Bar to Cross , political uniformed watchers in crowd                  5.00
1340   Officer in early uniform wedding day has brocade belt & buckle wife in fur coat signed on rear dated 4 March 1939                  7.00
1341   Soldier close up wearing steel helmet single ribbon bar on tunic                                                                   5.00
1342   Officer with wife and 2 children wearing non-eagle uniform has 3 piece ribbon bar, holding sword has 3 pips on shoulders has
        been in album but name Hadgrief and childrens names dated 1939                                                                    5.00
1344   NCO has Iron Cross ribbon on pocket and silver Wound badge upper body photo                                                         7.00
1345   NCO hand coloured photo awarded Iron Cross 1 st & 2nd Russian Front , Infantry assault silver wound badge                           10.00
1346   Grave showing details of three soldiers served with 8 SR 113 all KIA 1942 2 helmets in front close up                               10.00
1347   Army NCO with crushed peaked cap and 44 pattern collars HJ sports badge just visible signed and dated 1.3.44                        5.00
       Afrika Korps
1350   Luftwaffe sat on step has Russian Front ribbon bar signed on rear & 1943 dated                                                      10.00
1351   Army Iron Cross ribbon ,wound badge ,SA sports badge has signals flash above stripe appears desert tropical tree behind             8.00
1352   Luftwaffe ordinary ranks shown with baggy tropical uniform under palm tree                                                          8.00
1353   Private photo Afrika Korp soldier with cigarette holder dated 1943 Kreta                                                            6.50
1354   General Hans Jurgen von Arnim in vehicle with KC showing after capture 12 th may 1943 KC 4/9/41                                     15.00
1355   30 Panzermen on parade black rig with large beret skulls in collars                                                                 15.00
1356   Panzer man full uniform with early berry appears to be Ocober medal on jacket private photo shows uniform perfectly                 8.00
1357   Panzer man with wife & child black uniform upper body with side cap skulls in collars                                               15.00
1358   Panzer soldier with panzer wrap and skulls in collars no cap signed on rear and shows gefallen 18.6 1944                            15.00
1359   NCO in grey panzer wrap private photo sat near WW1 Iron Cross cushion numbers in epaulettes                                         5.00
1361   Panzer Man in black panzer wrap with war merit medal wound badge & drivers badge on his wedding day with wife                       20.00
1363   Panzerman with early beret with all black uniform and Entry medal pined on tunic private photo                                      10.00
       SS Postcards / Photographs
1365   SS soldier in light grey wrap for armoured personel Russian front ribbon on tunic small private type taken in forest full uniform   15.00
1366   SS postcard upper body of SS open neck shirt with SS runes and single bar to opposite collar details of photographer on rear        25.00
1367   SS private photos all named SS Reiter Hans Jashkow August 43 sttting on white horse SS eagle on arm, group same with 5
       SS soldiers with him all names on back same date and location Kielce ( South Eastern Poland ) , early 39 on hill troops forming
       large swastika with horses wagons front supplied with history of Kielce SS used in partisan actions                                 45.00
1368   SS radio operators with SS runes towards camera side view half size postcard type connected to panzer type earphone system          20.00
1369   SS upper view showing SS runes and Iron Cross & Russian Front medal ribbons former service stripe opposite arm double
       stripes rank with same on collar half size details of photographer on rear                                                          20.00
       Political choice of:-
1371   Adolf Hitler showing all insignia on jacket holding a spoked wheel in factory with SS and RAD officials Saxonette                   15.00
1372   Adolf Hilter with Hitler Youth being presented with flowers very young child posted 1939 Hoppegatten Berlin                         15.00
1373   Adolf Hitler surrounded by SS men and female with child Hoffmann postcard                                                           15.00
1374   Adolf Hitler with group of Hitler Youth and early SS man all saluting him Munich stamp with address on dated 20 April 1937          15.00
1375   Colour map of occupation of Austria AH in centre with male with large swastika in cap filled in & posted                            15.00
1376   Colour painting of Hitler by Prof Hommel ,in full uniform with trench coat map on floor battle field behind by Hoffmann             15.00
1377   Colour painting of parade in Munchen political flags and all people saluting                                                        3.00
1378   Adolf Hitler with cap and jacket cross strap eagle stick pin in tie with golden Nazi badge, stamp Ceskoslovensko and large
       red ink stamp with swastika and stamp thanking Fuhrer                                                                               15.00
1379   Adolf Hitler large smiling face only with to Kaiser stamps franked and AH stamp with Italy insignia with large swastika re
       Mussolini visit.1st day cover                                                                                                       15.00
1380   Adolf Hitler with early SS man early 1930s uniform AH surrounded by crowd posted 1934                                               15.00
1381   Adolf Hitler with hands on childs face who is presenting flowers Berlin ink stamp 1939 & addressed                                  15.00
1382   Adolf Hitler shaking hands with HJ girl who has diamond and triangle insignia posted 1939 and posted in Hamburg                     15.00
1383   Adolf Hitler with cap side close up view dark background in night shot Berlin stamp and addressed                                   15.00
1384   Adolf Hitler talking at mike red stamp 1939 with Hitler Youth Honour sports badge on front not a good photo                         10.00
1385   Adolf Hitler inspecting parade with the Duce                                                                                        15.00
1386   Adolf Hitler and Duce and General watching parade                                                                                   15.00
1387     Adolf Hitler with cap side view dark background                                                                                 15.00
1388     Adolf Hitler side view close up shirt and tie top of swastika showing bottom of photo by Hoffmann                               15.00
1389     Plain card with three AD stamps Krakua April 44 each with ink stamp appears 1 st day cover                                      5.00
1390     Plain postcard with 6 Adolf Hitler stamps on front filled in posted to Wien 1943                                                6.50
1391     Korpsfuhrer NSFK Chistiansen close showing all medals wearing blue max throat medal ink stamp 1939                              15.00
1392     NSDAP standard with SS helmeted soldier posted with NSDAP ink stamp Nuenberg 1934                                               15.00
1393     Soldier carrying wounded soldier Krakua stamp with ink stamp Tag der NSDAP des General Government & eagle                       15.00
1394     Private photo appears to be Luftwaffe General Student funeral shows Goring and coffin with all military honours & wife & sons
         sitting to side all Luftwaffe standards on display                                                                              5.00
1495     DAF three photos parade at Dock all workers receiving talk Nazi flags and Hitler salute DAF standard at parade all signed       5.00
1496     Reichsporteistag 1936 Nurnberg coloured postcard with eagle and knights monument posted first day with Nurnberg stamp           15.00
1497     Father with NSDAP badge with his two daughters both in Hitler Youth close up upper shoulders named on rear 1941                 5.00
1498     large red eagle stamp on plain card with Ceskslovensko stamp dated 1938 has address posted to no message on back 1 st day cover 3.50
         Police/Customs/RAD/SA/choice of:-
1500     3 private photos Police women different police uniforms dated 1944 with male leader at front
1501     Police Leutnant wearing dress cap has ribbon bar EK2 ,1914/18 2 x long service and luftshutz medal signed and 1942              10.00
1502     Police NCO close upper body overcoat collar dress cap 2nd pattern eagle                                                         5.00
1503     Police Leutnant with 6 piece ribbon bar shows half arm eagle                                                                    5.00
1504     Police major close up upper body wearing bullion & brilliants breast ,ribbon bar 3 medals including long service Police         5.00
1505     Police NCO close up jacket with collars and 2nd pattern cap eagle on dress cap                                                  5.00
1506     Police major with overcoat dress cap with bullion wire cross strap Iron Cross ribbon on jacket underneath eating food           3.00
1507     RAD General Hans Retlaff close up with Golden NSDAP and Iron Cross ,armband completed on rear 1943                              15.00
1508     Postcard Police officer with radio system behind DRL sports signed & dated 1940                                                 8.00
1509     RAD small type photo with early hat with insignia no collar insignia armband                                                    3.00
1510     RAD close up has jacket showing epaulettes no other insignia visible                                                            3.00
1511     RAD ID size with shield 225 over 4 named on rear Rudolf Klammer , ¼” off bottom corned to remove armband swastika               3.00
1513     RAD Postcard close up upper body shows badge in side cap and part of shield number 2.. signed on rear                           5.00
1514     RAD Postcard close up upper body showing ski cap with cap badge overcoat collars                                                5.00
1515     RAD postcard two RAD in overcoats full uniform arm shield swastika armband part shield can be seen with 30 ?                    5.00
1517  3 postcards of funerals of high ranking officers of early SA and Police , 2 cushions at front of parade showing high awards and
      parade route lined by early SA men in uniform , widow escorted by SA officer all have WW1 medals                                  15.00
1318  RAD ID photo small one has swastika armband and shield 155                                                                        3.00
1520  Von Hindenburg in Black & white showing all 13 medals awarded posted 1916                                                         5.00
1521  Von Hindenburg as above but colour posted 1916                                                                                    8.00
1522  Humber Konig von Italiaen upper uniform all medals has 6 signatures at front posted and addressed                                 5.00
1523  Generalleutnant Ludendorf with blue max and all ribbons on uniform posted 1917 stamp damaged                                      5.00
1525  SS panzer Johann Oiler in panzer wrap KIA 3/1/45 slight wear                                                                      25.00
1526  SS Unterscharfuhrer Anton Senner KIA 6/1/44 in Budapest holder EK1&11 and wound badge                                             30.00
1527  SS Panzer grenadier Franz Zalberger KIA 14/1/1944 PRAG PODOL , black collars on jacket                                            25.00
1528  SS Sturmann Mar Kenner KIA 30/12/44 side cap SS collars buried Luxenberg BATTLE OF BULGE area                                     25.00
1529  SS Josef Feuerer KIA 12/10/1945 ski cap & SS collars colour picture of Christ also on card                                        25.00
1530  SS Rottenfuhrer Martin Prenniger KIA10/2/1942 holder 2nd class Iron cross shows rank on collar ribbon on tunic                    25.00
1531  SS Peter Scmidt died POW Italy 28/6/45 plain black collars on jacket edged, wearing sidecap                                       25.00
1532  SS Rottenfuhrer in Panzer Division Willibald Ernst shown in Luftwaffe uniform KIA 28/11/43                                        20.00
1533  SS Rottenfuhrer Josef Holzinger KIA 15/10/44 holder cWar Merit Cross & swords & Russian Front medal, a bit faded                  35.00
1534  SS Panzer Unteroffizier Wilhelm Rupp shown in Luftwaffe with steel helmet KIA 24/4/1944 Russia (mouse bite on edge)               20.00
1535  SS Panzer Franz Kiener dies 3/3/1946 holder Iron Cross / Panzer award silver / Wound badge shown in black panzer wrap             35.00
1536  SS Panzer Grenadier Heinrich Meier died in French Hospital 10.5.44 buried Fort de Malmaison in civilian clothing                  10.00
1537  SS waffen Sturmann Hubert Bier KIA 21/8/43                                                                                        25.00
1538  SS Kanonier Josef Kneidlinger KIA 13/10/43 Bombing raid poor condition                                                            25.00
1539  SS Sturmann Willy Krois KIA 5/9/41 shown in civilian clothing                                                                     15.00
1540  SS Lauer Brandmayr KIA 13/10/44 in Poland holder EK11 / Inf Ass/Wound badge                                                       30.00
1541  SS Panzer Grenadier in Grenadier Regiment Wilhelm Bsauntsch KIA 8/7/43 shown in civilian clothing                                 15.00
1542  SS Police Regt Franz Gotz KIA 4/10/43 Kroatian                                                                                    30.00
1543  SS Police Flak Georg Funt von Hallbergmoos holder Russian Front medal shown in early Army NCO uniform KIA 31/12/1942              25.00
1544  SS Police Bonifaz Grundel KIA 17/2/1942 holder Iron Cross & Infantry assault shown in police uniform                              30.00
1545  SSSturmtrooper Wilhelm Stelzl KIA 25.9.44 Bauba De Mures ( Seven Mountains Romania) no collars but skull/eagle side cap           30.00
1546  SS Alfons Maier Waffen SS KIA 28.11.41 in Moscow shows SS collar side facial view                                                 30.00
1547  SS Panzer Siegfried Eder KIA 7.6.44 Italy shows SS collar and friend Franz Helldobler KIA 18.10.44 holder of Infantry Assault
      War merit & swords/Wound badge / Russian front Artillery Regt shown with Russian front ribbon on tunic                            35.00
1548  SS Franz Bauer KIA 15.6.41 Motor cycle battalion shown with SS runes on overcoat                                                  30.00
1549  SS Unterscharfuhrer Johann Hainzl KIA 14.12.44 close up of head with rank insignia on collar SS not clear                         20.00
1550  SS Georg Gross KIA 30.7.43 SS Grenadier shown with skull on collar with side cap insignia                                         30.00
1551  Heinrich Wimmer Rottenfuhrer KIA 12.8.43 West Charkow Ukraine has SS skulls on collars                                            20.00
1552   Josef Brunner KIA NORMANDY 28.8.44 Fallscheim Jager regt in Luftwaffe uniform buried military
       Cemetary Ploudaniel Lesneven full details with card                                                                        35.00
1553   Ludwig Bahn KIA 18.3.45 collar tab shosw white in photo single gull                                                        20.00
1554   Alios Ring KIA 1/3/44 in Italy Shown in Luftwaffe uniform                                                                  20.00
1555   Heinrich Birkert Parachute Regt KIA Arnazzo Italy May 1944 , close up showing single gull on collars                       20.00
1556   Death card Heinrich Birkert Parachute Regt KIA Arnazzo Italy May 1944 , close up showing single gull on collars            20.00
1557   Death card Georg Falk Luftwaffe Artillery KIA NORMANDY 7/7/44 at Moulines buried St Desir-de-Lisieux 2 gulls collars       8.00
1558   Death card Paratrooper Ludwig Bahn KIA 28.3.45 Westfalen Germany has single gull on collars                                20.00
1559   Heinrich Birkert Parachute Regt KIA Arnazzo Italy May 1944 , close up showing single gull on collars                       20.00
1560   Rudolf Hodes KIA 9.1.43 holder EK1 & 2 , Long service , West Wall ¸all shown on uniform                                    10.00
1561   Mar Birf KIA 3/7 1944 ROMANIA Panzer Grenadier                                                                             15.00
1562   Josef Lerner KIA 12/7/43 Fusilier                                                                                          5.00
1563   Fritz Koberl Infantry KIA 22.12.44 Western battle of Bulge ?                                                               10.00
1564   Franz Stalet KIA 1943 Artillery Regt                                                                                       10.00
1565   Signals Walter Theisen KIA 5/3/45 holder Combat clasp , EK11,Infantry assault clasp shown on photo crease in card          25.00
1566   Brothers Schneider Richard in Grenadier Regt holder German Cross in gold EK1 &2 Infantry Assault KIA 22/8/43 Dolgenkoja
       Hans serving Kriegsmarine shown in floppy hat holder EK2 & Minesweepers award KIA Bombing raid Charkow Ukraine             45.00
1567   Panzer Grenadier Karl Aigner KIA 14/10/44 holder Wound badge & Grenadier Josef KIA 4/12/43                                 8.00
1568   Infantry two separate cards Erich 11.9.43 & Werner Klinkner 25.10.44 Holland                                               6.00
1569   Luftwaffe Iron Cross holder Josef Wegerbauer KIA 9/7/43 & Infantry Ludwig Befendorfer KIA 15/8/42 step brothers ?          8.00
1570   Grenadier Adolf Kaifer KIA 21/7/42 & Josef KIA 17/71944                                                                    8.00
1571   Double normal size Jiohann Zerfas Grenadier Regt KIA Italy 3/12/43 Leutnant shown in full uniform the original
       photo was signed 14.6.43 holder EK 1 & 2 Russian Front Infantry Assault has full dress cap close up upper uniform          20.00
1572   Triple card Leutnant Ludwig Walter KIA 3/10/44 Aachen , brother Herman 10/1/45 Signals unteroffizier and Mother Maria a
       Chemist on 7/5/1950 at Ebenfeld                                                                                            20.00
1580   Alios Steudter KIA January 1945 holder EK11, Long Service medal and another has ribbon bar on tunic                        5.00
1581   Rudolf Kray KIA April 43 shown in grey panzer wrap with skulls in lapel                                                    5.00
1582   Franz Orth KIA 18.11.42 Panzers the uniform jacket has been painted and added to his body before photograph                3.00
1583   Josef Kelch died 30.12.41 Infantry Regt shown in full black Panzer Wrap with side cap buried Brest Belarus                 15.00
1584   Erich Thom Panzers KIA 31.5.44 Italy wearing panzer wrap EK2 ribbon holder Panzer & wound( large size type                 10.00
1586   Franz Gruber KIA 11.9.43 Panzer Jager Regt shown early side cap                                                            5.00
1587   Franz Gruber KIA 15.10.44 Lapigrosz POLAND black panzer wrap                                                               15.00
1588   Eduard Zinkl KIA 2.8.44 Tarnow POLAND black panzer wrap                                                                    15.00
1589   Gottfried Kagerer KIA 16.1044 Trenik POLAND black panzer warp                                                              15.00
1590   Josef Plenninger KIA 31.3.45 PADERBORN in black panzer wrap                                                                15.00
1591   Robert Eberle Panzer Regt KIA 12.9.41 by plane attack in Dnjepr                                                            3.00
       PANZER JAGER :-
1595   Johann Fruth KIA 24/11/1943 Unteroffizier holder Panzer assault,Iron Cross,Wound badge ,Infantry assault full uniform photo 10.00
1596   Rudolf Jakob Mentenich KIA 8/3/43 holder EK11 Russian Front Krim Shield, General assault letter P on epaulettes             10.00
1597   Karl Winter KIA 19/11/1942 holder EK2 Russian Front medal Wound badge early side cap                                        10.00
1598   Franz Promberger KIA 4/1/1945 ARDENNES serving Leutnant Komp Chef 6 Panzer Grenadier 115 part of 15 Pz Gren holder
       DEUTSCHE CROSS Gold Iron Cross 1 & 2,Panzer assault,Wound badge in gold , close combat bar in silver ,Krim Shield , awards
       on photo numbers on epaulettes RARE                                                                                         40.00
1599   Josef Maier KIA 23/7/43 holder Bronze Panzer award Wound badge top of tank badge shown                                      5.00
1600   Hans Gredler KIA 6/8/43 holder Panzer Assault / wound badge                                                                 8.00
1601   Blafius Bittner KIA 24/10/1944 shown in panzer wrap                                                                         5.00
1602   Michael Maget KIA 11/10/43 holder Iron Cross/Infantry assault/Wound badge                                                   5.00
1603   Wilhelm Frey KIA 31/7/1943 holder Iron Cross & Russian Front medal ,shown in army uniform 119 on shoulder                   8.00
1604    Berhard Burbank Panzergrenadier KIA Mai 43 Kamenki buried Belgorod Russia has Bronze panzer and Russian Front medal
        ribbon on tunic                                                                                                            8.00
       KRIEGSMARINE / (do not give which part of service for security reasons ie U boats ):-
1605   Kriegsmarine Brothers Goerg Lachner KIA 6/3/45 & Adolf died 1946 both in KM uniform with floppy hats                        10.00
1606   U Boat 756 Karl Heinz Koch KIA 3.9.42 when u boat sunk by HMS Morden off cape Farewell shown uniform & crew list            30.00
1607   Matrose Josef Matthais Diekler died military hospital 25.2.45 non photo type                                                3.50
1608   Marine artillery Rudolf Heuser KIA 21.10.44 full uniform insignia on epaulette                                              3.50
1609   Rudoli Maurer KIA 17/7/43 Matrosen Gefreiter                                                                                5.00
1610   Karl Manninger Kriegsmarine E Boats KIA 11/8/44 holder EK2 upper body naval rig                                             20.00
1611   Hans Schindler KIA 13.10.43 holder EK2 Minesweeper & U boat award, Schnidler is buried
       In Dagneux France gracve 530 Block 26                                                                                            30.00
1612   Fritz X Schwarzmuller KIA 28/12/43 Norway serving on Raumboot R64 radio operator recorded on Ehrenmal at Laboe                   25.00
1613   Franz Stegbaurer KIA 25.2.44 U 601 Kriegsmarine in full uniform sunk Artic by Catalina aircraft & full crew list                 30.00
1614   Hans Schendtl DESTROYER Z27 KIA 28.12.43 holder EK2 & Destroyer award                                                            25.00
1615   nil
1616   Josef Weber KIA 1.1.1944 Kopscha Russia Medic has 3 gulls on collars NCO hat added to picture                                    2.00
1617   Death card Michael Knabenbauer KIA 14.2.43 Norway Luftwaffe driver twin gulls on collars                                         3.00
1618   Franz Goldschmidt KIA 25.8.44 Bereasa ROMANIA Luftwaffe single wing on collars NCO cap                                           3.00
1619   Emil Widder KIA 26.1.44 holder EK1 & 2, gold bomber clasp all shown on photo                                                     10.00
1620   Georg Teufel KIA 23/12/1942 shown with newly presented War Merit medal & swords on tunic full medal                              3.00
1621   Josef Muller Flugzeungfuhrer shown in dress tunic 3 gulls on collar KIA 30/3/44                                                  10.00
1622   Karl Gallermeyer KIA 7/4/1942 holder Iron Cross 1st & 2nd class / Frontflugspange in silver shown with –wireless /gunner award   20.00
1624   Fritz Stangl died military hospital Estonia 6.5.1944 Field soldier shown single gull on collar close up no hat                   2.00
1625   Josef Ferstl KIA 19.8.1943 with Grenadiers single gull on collar normal side cap                                                 2.00
1626   August Flieher KIA 20.1.44 Uljanowka Leningrad buried Sablino no regiment recorded                                               3.00
1629   Herman Maier KIA 16.11.43 holder EK2 Infantry assault Russian Front ,NCO braiding around collar                                  3.00
1630   Zugfuhrer Franz Aulbach Grenadier Regt former Obertruoofuhrer RAD holder EK2,Infantry assault,Wound badge
       and others shown parade uniform with Marksman lanyard and ribbon bar on parade tunic                                             5.00
1631   Death card larger type no photo would have been posted to Feldwebels Fritz Becker Iron Cross on top date February 1942           6.50
1632   Robert Zimmermann KIA 23.7.41 holder Infantry Assault and Entry medal both shown on tunic early NCO                              2.50
1633   Johann Rimbock KIA 15/7/1942 holder EK2 Infantry assault Wound bafge                                                             2.50
1634   Alios Artmann KIA 4/8/1944 Unteroffizier holder EKs Infantry Assault Wound badge Bulgarian war medal                             2.50
1635   Karl Konzinger KIA 15/9/1944 holder EK2 War Merit Cross Wound badge shown with eK2 in tunic                                      2.50
1636   Josef Mertens KIA 12.10.43 holder Infantry Assault Wound badge early uniform with dress cap                                      2.50
1637   Johann Wilhelmi KIA holder EK2 early uniform jaclet with silver obergefreiter stripes                                            2.50
1638   Nikolaus Laux KIA 18.9.43 holder Russian Front war Merit & swords , Russian front ribbon on tunic                                2.50
1639   Karl Dunkel injured 25.4.43 died Hanzburg 6.5.43 holder eK2 & Russian Front shown with Russian front ribbon                      2.50
1640   Alios Brunner KIA 1.11.44 SERBIA Jager pioneer                                                                                   3.00
1641   Heribert Andreas Eiden KIA 19.5.44 holder EK2 shown in Luftwaffe uniform                                                         2.50
1642   Franz Auer KIA 19.12.44 Kroatia Jager REGT 98 , holder EK11 Russian Front, Entry medals,Wound badge,
        DRL sports Served Poland Belgium Russia Balkans all medals on photo court mounted                                               10.00
1643   Karl degenhardt KIA 8.5.44 holder EK2 Russian Front, Infantry assault, Wound badge early parade uniform                          3.00
1646   Jakob Rosenberger KIA 17.1.43 holder EK2 General Assault wound badge                                                             3.00
1647   Thedor Scholz KIA OREL 21/2/43 holder Infantry Assault & Russian Front medal , rear coloured purple & black writing              3.00
1648   Thedor Scholz KIA 21/2/1943 Unteroffizier holder Russian Front and General Assault OREL coloured on rear writing                 3.00
1649   Heinrich Rudolf Unteroffizier KIA 6.11.1941 Krackow                                                                              2.00
1650   Georg Haizinger Grenadier KIA POLAND 9.4.1944 shown in crusher cap                                                  3.00
1651   Rudi Weller KIA 13/3/44 shown with Horse Riding award on uniform                                                                 3.00
1652   Josef Keinlein holder EK2 Infantry assault Wound badge Rumanian medal Krim Shield KIA 7/8/1943                                   6.50
1653   Heinz Janfen holder EK2 Infantry assault Russian Front medal show with all medals KIA 25/2/1943                                  2.00
1654   Willi Schafer died 8.7.43 field hospital 269 Tosno buried St Petersburg Grenadier Regt 15 on epaulette                           3.00
1655   Max Hunger KIA 28.2.43 holder War Meit Cross & swords Wound badge Russian Front                                                  3.00
1656   Josef Limbrunner holder Iron Cross 1 & 2 Infantry assault KIA 14/10/1943                                                         6.50
1657   Jakob Conrad KIA 21/10/43 holder EK2, Infantry Assault and Wound badge shown with EK2 ribbon                                     3.00
1658   Albert Schafer KIA 5/1/44 holder EK2, Russian Front medal , Wound badge                                                          3.00
1659   Albert Muller KIA 11/3/43 holder EK2, Infantry Assault , Wound badge shown with EK2 ribbon and Assault badge                     3.00
1660   Josef Simmerl KIA 28/4/44 holder EK2 and different medals not listed shown Afrika Korp tunic                                     3.00
1661   Helmut Alndernach KIA 17/3/1943 holder EK2, Infantry Assault shown early NO side cap                                             3.00
1662   Eduard Hankofer KIA 2/7/1944 holder EK2 Infantry Assault, Wound badge shown EK2 ribbon on tunic                                  3.00
1663   Johann Gliegler KIA 14/1/44 holder EK2 Inf Assualt & silver wound badge                                                          3.00
1664   Karl Mohrs KIA 28/7/44 Dunaburg LITHUNANIA shown in civilian clothing                                                            2.00
1665   Fritz Gries KIA 8/8/1944 in Moden LATVIA                                                                                         3.00
1700   Cavalry sabre troops Rudolf Schmitt holder Krim Shield Romanian medal, wound badge , Russian Front medal                         3.50
1701   SS Police Anton Precht KIA Italy 4.10.44 SS collar and single pip opposite                                                       25.00
1702     Death notice letter which folds posted to a lady with AH stamp Hans Kaiser died in hospital February 1945 Police Zugwachmeister
         Holder of War Merit Cross with swords and Police long service medal, Iron Cross on top non photo type                        8.00
1703     Menelin Stiegler KIA 29/7/1944 shown in police uniform with cap insignia                                                     8.00
1704     Georg Falk Luftwaffe Artillery KIA NORMANDY 7/7/44 at Moulines buried St Desir-de-Lisieux 2 gulls collars                    8.00
1705     Fritz Dietl Jager KIA 1.2.45 Ribeauville France                                                                              5.00
1706     Moriss Blasweiler KIA 30/12/1944 France Grenadier Regt non photo type                                                        3.00
1707     Toni Keist KIA 14/7 1944 in Cherburg Grenadier non photo type                                                                3.00
1708     Alios Nett KIA 8.11.1941 Finnland Infantry non photo type                                                                    2.00
1711  Michael Heider KIA 30/9/1943 Grenadier Regt                                                                                    8.00
1712  Franz Steinberger KIA 22.5.41 medic in Jager Regt shown with ski cap & edelweiss                                               8.00
1713  Alios Steffens KIA Italy 22.11.43 shown in overall no insignia collars with Army side cap                                      2.50
1714  Officer Oberfeldwebel Paul Bachsleitner KIA 21/2/1944 South Italy Fugfuhrer Grenadier Regt shown in early parade uniform       5.00
1715  Peter Braun holder EK11 KIA 8/44 in Italy in Artillery                                                                         5.00
1716  Paulas Druckner KIA 13/7/1944 holder Infantry assault Russian Front medal                                                      5.00
1717  Hanny Hofer KIA 24/10/1944 Grenadier holder War Merit Cross & Swords                                                           5.00
1718  SS Alios Frohlich KIA 10/8/43 I Italy photo shows SS collar very close                                                         25.00
1719  Andreas Gotz KIA 7/1/1945 in civilian clothing no regiment recorded                                                            2.50
1720  Hermann Pichler KIA 22/10/1943 Panzer Grenadier                                                                                5.00
1721  Rudolf Schmitz KIA 16/10/1943 Panzers                                                                                          5.00
1722  Wenzel Zinecker KIA 7.3.44 Salerno Italy Grenadier holder EK2 Panzer badge,Russian Front,Wound badge                           5.00
1723  Juo Mayer KIA 4.10.42 Artillery shown in civilian clothing card in two pieces separated at joint Stalingrad                    3.00
1724  Josef Butter KIA March 43 unteroffizier no photo type no regiment recorded Stalingrad                                          3.00
1725  August Flicher KIA 20/1/44 Leningrad buried Sablino                                                                            3.00
1726  Alios Sporrer KIA St Petersburg Leningrad Panzer Regt.holder Russian Front, Wound badge                                        7.00
1727  Josef Renner KIA 13.10.42 Leningrad holder EK2 Russuan Front Wound badge, has 2 pips in eppaulettes                            5.00
1728  Max Graf Panzer Jager KIA 28.9.42 Leningrad                                                                                    3.00
1729  Johann Scheistl KIA 22.8.42 Jager Regt                                                                                         3.00
1730  Josef Buchberger KIA 22/7/42 Leningrad buried St Petersburg Infantry Regt holder wound badge                                   5.00
1731  Josef Kirchtag KIA 4/7/42 Infantry Regt Nikolskoje Leningrad buried St Petersburg                                              3.00
1732  Partor Wilhelm Meyer died 22/12/1941 Fuhrer in male Hitler Youth System double card non photo                                  2.00
1733  Priest Georg Brenner KIA 31.1.43 in STARLINGRAD serving medical unit 100 Division                                              10.00
1734  Hans Julius Killed 22/7/1944 Bombing raid 12 years old two different cards both have Iron Cross ( 1 photo type)                3.00
1735  Johann Adam Bretz 85 years killed bombing raid in 1944 has Iron Cross without swastika WW1 veteran                             1.50
1736  Johann Briel Zugfuhrer born 1867 died 1943 Zugfuhrer is Railway chief guard in civilian clothing                               3.00
1737  Karl Sar died USA POW camp 8.5.45 family notified 1948 non photo type                                                          2.50
1738  Johann Andenken died 16.11.45 in POW camp Yugoslavia holder EK2 & Russian Front on uniform                                     2.50
1739  Peter Weinand died 15/12/46, POW died in hospital Frankfurt                                                                    2.50
1740  Jakob Corres wounded 10/1/45 died POW September 1946                                                                           2.50
1741  Karl Hinterleitner died 7/1/1946 POW Russian camp Novi-Amerikanka shown in civilian clothing                                   2.00
1742  Willi Kupper died Mai 1946 POW Jeroslaw shown in civilian clothing                                                             2.00
1743  Franz Josef Fey died September 1945 POW Mecharet en Talles France 17 years of age double card non photo                        2.00
      MIXED LOTS :--
1744  Sets of 5 to Grenadier Regt // Infantry                                                                                        6.50
1745  Sets of 5 Panzer / Panzer grenadier / Panzer pioneer                                                                           12.00
1746  Sets of 5 Luftwaffe                                                                                                            8.00
1750  Johann Michel Schlich KIA 27/4/1918 Flandern 5 Komp Wuttemburg Inf Regt 180 non photo type                                     2.00
1751  Johann Klein KIA 13/8/1917 served Infantry in Somme & Arras non photo type                                                     2.00
1752  Peter Schild KIA 19/71916 Somme Reserve Infantry 20 non photo type                                                             2.00
1753  Anton Schlicht KIA 30/10/1917 EK11 Flanders non photo type                                                                     2.00
1754  Brothers Stefan Heufer KIA 30/11/1917 Cambrai holder Red Cross medal & Johann KIA 28/11/1914 29 Inf Regt                       2.50
1755  Stephan Krupp KIA 30/8/1917 EK2 Reserve Artillery Regt 9 Somme & Arras non photo type                                          2.00
1756  Michael Andres KIA Juli 10 by grenade splinter Infantry Regt 95 Verdun no year recorded non photo type                         2.00
1757  Peter Bous KIA17/9/1918 St Quentin Infantry Regt 169 Komp 11 non photo type                                                    2.00
1770  Sturmgeschutz Self propelled gun site in original box with 2 spare sites and leather head piece and spanner maker BEH
      Ernst Leitz GmbH Wetzlar exceptional condition there is a small electriacal connector missing from box VERY RARE               1800.00
1771  Unused letter from Drisgruppenamsleiter Freidrich Schmidt has upper title with swastika DAP badge centre ( as enamel) his
         Telephone number hand written black on white full size minor tear lower end on edge not effecting writing                       4.00
1772     Deutsche Soldaten Nadeln assortiment needles in original green packet             *ref 38 page 86                               10.00
1773     5 peice sicherheitsnadeln safety blades in original packet maker Engelmann Hugo & Co dated V111 1943                            10.00
1774     German Army buttons with number 8 original card with RZM / NSDAP label still wrapped around paper some paper missing
         revealing 4 buttons 24 in total still on card non missing pebbled in matt green                                                 40.00
1775     Silver ring eagle with Norway flag with Norwegen 1940 wear to front inscribed inside J B 22.6.40 silver number unreadable       75.00
1776     Sea mine probe screws into german mine, lead would have had a glass inner to explode mine on contact stamped 2 & cf             35.00
1777     Glazed display items from ground Estonia consist of RAD dog tag, police & army cap eagle MG belt,.fittings from ruck sacks
         Estonia & german coin grenade base, part infantry Assault, pottery etc please ask for photo                                     65.00
1778     Kriegsmarine pair cuff links as button with anchor non maker                                                                    40.00
1779     Krigsmarine glass buttons larger size all marker marked Kriegsmarine 19HGM42 usually painted desert,grey, gold (these gold) 20.00
1780     Kriegsmarine lion heads from cloak mint condition with backing metal plates and chain                                           85.00
1781     Kriegsmarine large fork maker Wello eagle & M                                                                                   20.00
1782     Kriegsmarine boson whistle chrome finish on brass worn through                                                                  10.00
1783     Luftwaffe Framed display from crashed aircraft Junkers 88A shot down Eston Hills part of NCO cockade, Belt Buckle wiring,,coins,
         Small rocker , rank pip with full history and pictures of crew attacked by fighters from 41 Squadron Catterick 30 th march 1941
         Ask to see photograph                                                                                                           125.00
1784     Luftwaffe Unglazed display from ME 109E Messerscmitt shot down Battle of Britain 24th August 1940 at Mackledons Farm
         Bobbing Kent,the pilot Uffz Moeller being KIA numerous parts all named shot down by F/O Marston 56 Sqn ask for photo            55.00
1785     Luftwaffe As above but smaller frame all parts named ask for photographs                                                        30.00
1786     Luftwaffe oxygen control regulator from Uffw Willi Papes FW 190 recovered from his plane which was shot down 5.4.1945
          pilot recovered recently very good condition and retains paint and works with history & copy photos                            140.00
1787     Luftwaffe workers ID disc has eagle with number above                                                                           20.00
1788     Luftwaffe airfield ID disc red plastic with Fl H Kdtr A (o) 4111, 74 WA (o) 32/111 out of ground originally has a safety
         type pin on rear rusted off number 74                                                                                           15.00
1789     Luftwaffe airfield ID yellow plastic as above but some of lettering missing no 29                                               12.00
1790     Luftwaffe large spoon with eagle & swastika stainless steel type maker GK&FA 42                                                 20.00
1791     Luftwaffe large spoon early eagle with F1 UV stainlees steel type maker Nirosta                                                 20.00
1792     Luftwaffe large spoon eagle and FLUV maker HMZ 38                                                                               20.00
1793     Tent pegs wood metal tips with pin at side all marked with Eagle and WaA 300                                                    25.00
1794     Army Spoon & Fork set eagle and Wa A 142 dated 1938 with makers logo                                                            25.00
1795     AW Faber Castell pencil case wear to outer tin with 2 boxes of lead refills Faber and 2 tubes one yellow refil *ref 38 page 204 15.00
1796     Company ID disc 11 Batl Res Jnf Rgt 205 , 6 Komp no 153 used to identify a soldiers stores / clothing silvered tin              35.00
1797     Green tint tie on goggles in original metal round tin which is Army green with acceptance eagle and Wa A 414 code               20.00
1798     Army small tin / bottle opener unmarked very good condition                                                                     10.00
1799     Army large fork choice of maker WSM 42 with eagle//WSM 43 & eagle// WSUC 42                                                     20.00
1800     Army large knife choice of makers, Sclwa 39 & Eagle // WJS 39 & eagle // WSM 42 & eagle // 11GK&F 39 each                       20.00
1801     Army large spoon maker 11GK&F 41                                                                                                20.00
1802     Army Infantry Regt 5 clothing metal disc for D Mutzel                                                                           15.00
1803     Armed Forces studs for boots original unused from original box                                                                  0.25
1804     Army silver alloy pair screw in pebbled buttons for epaulettes with disc to fit under jacket                                    10.00
1805     Army standard uniform buttons 12 in total on original card and paper cover silver coloured                                      20.00
1806     Cigarette box for 25 Reemtsma of Hamburg has eagle band and seal broken contents missing                                        8.00
1807     SS wine bottle green glass with metal spring cemamic stopper SS Eigentom Tr U b Pl Heidelager glass marked underside bottle
         was cracked been sealed in thin plastic coating no joints and preserved colour and bottle                                       40.00
1808     SS cotton 1000 meter has Ackermanns insignia and card roll maker with crossed keys has paper SS RZM label paper has a small
         Piece of cellotape holding it onto reel not effecting the insignia of maker or SS                                               25.00
1809     SS soap in waterproof paper marked SS packung and maker Hellada Kardlec & Sohn Prag Michle                                      20.00
1811     SS buttons silver pebbled small marked RZM & SS 155/37 unused condition                                                        10.00
1812     Political High Leaders buttons eagle & swastika 2 sizes silver and gold off card mint, maker marked                            5.00
1813     Buttons choice of green buttons/silver pebbled Political gold & silver plain all maker marked                                  1.50
1814     Large radio bulb for transmitter in original card package, screw in type 2.5-7.5 volt dated 1940                               10.00
1815     Envelope unused white marked Reichkommissariat Oslo Pz Abteilung uber BERLIN n4 in red has blue cross Durch
         Deutsches Dienstpostampt(this was recovered by British Soldier)                                                                10.00
1816     Envelope unused on rear Der President der Deutschen HanoTeskammen in Norwegen Oslo                                             8.00
1817     Surrender leaflet shows Generalleutnant von Schieben KC holder with naval officer walking past USA guard worn one edge         15.00
1818     Vehicle fuses Autosicherungen 40 amp in original card box (10 in packet)                                                       10.00
1821  DAF large fork with swastika in cog insignia marked MDA Sch d.A.                                                                  20.00
1822  Workers ID shows M doubled with 1934 Leipziger Messe full maker to rear with serial ID number                                     15.00
1823  Small collar pips for Political gold with eagle & swastika the later being square under claws maker RZM 11/42 Ref 34 page 110     10.00
1824  Imperial cap cockades for pill box hat choice of red on black (Wattenburg) yellow on black
      Oldenburg) have dip on back to fit through cap, mint off original card                                                            4.00
1825  Large model of ME 262 with workshop background plane is over 12” and glass display unit made by expert and a centre piece
      HAS TO BE COLLECTED ask for photo via email                                                                                       50.00
In 1957 the German government authorized the reissue of certain Awards & Medals for wear by veterans who were now re-employed within the
newly authorized German Armed Forces plus for general recognition by veteran association wear. The dies have now been scrapped as most
veterans have already obtained their awards and the life span of many such veterans now draws to an end. Prior to this many veterans removed
the swastika from their awards they now are another type of collecting. The acquisition of the 57 awards is strongly recommended whilst they
are still relatively inexpensive in comparison to their war time equivalents, all unused condition unless stated :-
1900        Knights Cross in original box late type 925 marked on lower rim comes with guarantee of authenticity of Detlev Nieman       185.00
1901        Iron Cross bar 1st class on pin                                                                                             40.00
1902        Iron Cross 2nd class                                                                                                        40.00
1903        Bar to Iron Cross 2nd class on piece of WW1 ribbon unissued late types                                                      25.00
1904        German Cross in silver                                                                                                      125.00
1905        German Cross in gold                                                                                                        125.00
1906        Army Role of Honour clasp crossed swords on wreath on Iron Cross ribbon RARE                                                65.00
1907        Luftwaffe Role of Honour eagle in wreath on Iron Cross ribbon RARE                                                          65.00
1908        Kriegsmarine role of honour clasp anchor on Iron Cross ribbon RARE                                                          65.00
1909        Kriegsmarine close combat clasp anchor with in oak leaf as war time made on board versions been in damp location very dull
            finish remains                                                                                                              25.00
1910        50 Years Faithfull Long Service medal                                                                                       40.00
1911        War Merit Cross 1st class & swords and without swords both early plated types                                               40.00
1912        War Merit Cross 2nd class with swords                                                                                       20.00
1913        Tank Destruction award in gold single tank on gold wire backing rare                                                        45.00
1915         Russian Front medal late painted type unissued with ribbon                                                                 25.00
1916        Army Tank badge in bronze                                                                                                   40.00
1917        Army Tank badge in bronze numbered choice of 25 actions or 50 actions                                                       55.00
1918        Army Tank badge in silver numbered Badge in silver, choice of:-25, 50, .actions                                             55.00
1919        Army General Assault in silver                                                                                              45.00
1920        Army General Assault with under silver highlights early issue                                                               50.00
1921        Army Infantry assault original swastika removed leaving eagle with claws showing nicely done nice grey colour due to wear   35.00
1922        Army Infantry Assault slight discoloured upper right of wreath                                                              40.00
1923        Army Silver close combat clasp two piece construction nicely gilded                                                         50.00
1924        Wound badge in gold                                                                                                         30.00
1925        Wound badge in gold converted from brass black original never had black on brass swastika removed and polished nicely done 20.00
1926        Kriegsmarine Destroyer Award                                                                                                35.00
1927        Kriegsmarine Minesweeper Award                                                                                              35.00
1928        Kriegsmarine silver U boat close combat clasp                                                                               45.00
1929        Armed Forces 4 years Long Service medal                                                                                     25.00
1930        Kriegsmarine Anti Aircraft award original eagle completely remover leaving gap in wreath good quality badge non maker       45.00
1931        Kriegsmarine Anti Aircraft badge                                                                                            40.00
1932        Kriegsmarine Blockade Busters award                                                                                         30.00
1933        Kriegsmarine High seas Fleet award                                                                                          45.00
1934        Kriegsmarine combat bar anchor in centre as WW2 late war issue                                                              40.00
1935        Kriegsmarine Blockade Busters early style has the silver eagle as WW2                                                       35.00
1936        Luftwaffe Air Gunner award flying eagle exactly as WW2 minus the swastika riveted eagle to wreath                           60.00
1937        Luftwaffe Air Gunner/ radio operator award flying eagle exactly as WW2 minus the swastika riveted eagle to wreath           60.00
1938        Luftwaffe gold bomber clasp two piece de-nazified original                                                                  40.00
1939        Luftwaffe Aircraft award original with swastika removed maker marked to rear heavy duty badge                               45.00
1940        Luftwaffe Ground assault silvered chrome effect with grey cloud                                                             35.00
1941        DRL sports in silver original swastika removed maker Wernstein DRGM 35269                                                   30.00
1942        Horse mans medal in bronze maker Steinhauser & luck Ludenshield Ges Gesch                                                   20.00
1943        Police 8 years long service medal                                                                                           20.00
1944        Police 18 year long service cross                                                                                           25.00
1945        1957 Army long Service Cross in gold for 25 years service                                                                   35.00
1946        Afrika / Italy medal on short ribbon as WW2 in design                                                                       35.00
1947        Armed Forces 12 years long service medal gold medal as WW2 minue swastika minute discolour base of medal                    35.00
1948        Russian Front medal finish as WW2 type early one triangle ribbon                                                            35.00
1950        Knights Cross with 1st & 2nd class Iron Crosses stickpin                                                                    45.00
1951        Kriegsmarine Auxilliary Cruiser for chain ¾”                                                                                25.00
1952        Deutsche Cross stickpin ¼”                                                                                                  35.00
1953        Deutsche Cross in silver for chain ¾”                                                                                       35.00
1954        War Merit Cross in silver & swords ¼” stickpin                                                                              10.00
1955        Tank badge in silver ¾” stickpin                                                                                            18.00
1956        Luftwaffe Pilots / Observer ¾” stickpin                                                                                     12.00
1957        Gold Wound badge/War Merit Cross & swords ¼” stickpin                                                                       4.50
1958        Iron Cross Association iron cross in white shield with oak leaves and number 10 (10 years membership)                       10.00
1959        Iron Cross Association iron cross in cream shield with gold wreath and number 20 (20 years membership)                      10.00
1960        Gold sports award with no 5 in shield                                                                                       10.00
1961        16th Jager regiment in silver                                                                                               15.00
1962    Infantry Assault in silver ¼” stickpin                                                                                          8.00
1963    Infantry Assault in silver ¾” stickpin                                                                                          12.00
1964    Infantry Assault in bronze ¼” stickpin                                                                                          8.00
1965    Veteran Assoic white Iron Cross with black lighthouse                                                                           8.00
1966    Parachute Award eagle on wreath ¼” stickpin                                                                                     20.00
1967    Kriegsmarine minesweepers award ¼” stickpin                                                                                     18.00
1968    Wound badge in black ¾”stickpin                                                                                                 12.00
1969    Wound badge in black ¼” stickpin                                                                                                8.00
1970    Luftwaffe Glider Pilots award for chain ¾”                                                                                      18.00
1971    Luftwaffe Glider Pilot award ¼” stickpin                                                                                        10.00
1972    Luftwaffe Ground Combat award for chain ¾”                                                                                      18.00
1973    Luftwaffe Commemorative Fliers badge (honourable discharge from aircrew) wear to wreath area silver                             35.00
1974    Russian Front medal for chain ¾”                                                                                                18.00
1975    DRL sports bronze (which is marker marked) RARE                                                                                 35.00
1976    Iron Cross & Luftwaffe Air gunners award                                                                                        15.00
1975    2 x Iron Cross Infantry Assault / Gold Wound badge stick pin                                                                    20.00
1976    Demjansk battle shield stickpin                                                                                                 10.00
1980    Fire Service Silver Iron Cross shape with enamel with town shield in centre                                                     25.00
1981    Deustche Marine Bund bullion wire breast badge gold wire anchor in shield with D M B                                            4.00
1982    Badge for MSO for 15 years service in BAOR pin back gold finish milt                                                            5.00
1983    Leather zeltbahn straps have correct alloy fittings as WW2                                                                      5.00
1985    Map Curve gauge as WW2 except word Germany on disc miles or kilometres * ref 38 page 160                                        20.00
1986    Baldameter for measuring distances DRGM marked optics good has slide devise to fit to camera ?                                  20.00
1887    Bottle opener white metal Erika make                                                                                            5.00
2002    WW1 Trio to Dvr 53409 A C Field RE never been mounted or polished                                                               75.00
2003    1914-15 Star to Pte 16366 A Lyne KOYLI                                                                                          25.00
2005    British WW1 silver and green enamel medal issued to Pte E Brighton by Eston & Normandy Welcolme Home & Memorial Fund
        Silver essay number maker Rattorini & Sons Bradford in original box velvet base brass hanger missing maroon leatherette         20.00
2006    WW1 British armband for recruitment red felt WO crown on brown wool armband stamped issued authority army council               20.00
2008    WW2 British arm band SFP printed painted letters red on black wear to some of letters heavy duty canvas                         25.00
2009    WW2 British red cross wool on white canvas stamped 25 BRCS 1937                                                                 25.00
2010    WW2 British Fire Guard yellow on blue printed                                                                                   15.00
2011    WW2 British Petty Officer cap insignia bullion wire with metal anchor Kings Crown retains good colours                          12.00
2012    French WW1 Groix de Guerre with star on bar system                                                                              30.00
2013    French Croix de Valeur similar to above                                                                                         35.00
2014    French War Cross for Foreign theatre of operations                                                                              25.00
2016    Pair Kings Africa Rifles officers shoulder titles officer size (this regiment made famous by Idi Amin )                         15.00
2018    British On war service brass badges for 1915 (Ordnance) triangular 1916 with serial numbers and maker marked each               10.00
2019    British Silver hallmarked ARP badges pin types & button hole types                                                              10.00
2020    British Enamel / brass sweetheart brooches choice of Manchester Regiment (blue & white enamel) Army Ordnance Corps (blue)
        Royal Artillery gun in full wreath (red/blue /white enamel)Royal Welsh Fusiliers (dark / light blue) On War service 1915(blue
        White enamel) Comrades of the Great War union jack in centre (dark blue enamel & flag) West Hartlepool Commeration of peace
        (blue/ white) has German Zeppelin & battleship re attacks on town 1919                                                  each    20.00
2021    USA US Merchant marine sterling silver with blue enamel eagle head with “V” on wreath maker marked                              20.00
2022    USA US naval reserve honourable discharge lapel badge white enamel edge eagle & sailing ship centre                             15.00
2023    USA Vietnam female medical officers mess dress full set with miniature medals and name tag Clutter, has bullion wire epaulettes
        Gold plated small buttons, holder 6 medals white jacket , black long skirt with cap and cumber band belt                        175.00

ALL PRICES SHOWN ARE IN ENGLISH POUNDS, any pieces ordered will be reserved for a period of 7 days only, a lay away scheme can only be
accepted on prior agreement
Cheques and postal orders made payable to :- R M Coverdale
All items on this list are guaranteed original pre 1945 manufacture (made during the 3rd Reich period), unless otherwise stated.
A full guarantee cannot be given to medal ribbons, as a lot are updated or renewed when grubby by actual veterans etc.
We will refund the full cash price of any piece, or issue a credit note if required, providing that the piece is returned within 14 days of
Receipt minus the original postage if unhappy with an item . We would request an immediate telephone call if you are dissatisfied with any piece for
what ever reason and intend to return such, All returned pieces are to be in the same condition as dispatched and the actual piece sent.
Any piece arriving damaged must be notified to me immediately, please photograph the packaging, the damaged piece etc. I will instruct what to do
next or pick up leaflet from Post Office.
General Comments & Points
The terms 'Gold & Silver & Bronze' are used to describe a pieces finish, look or grade of award, it does not constitute or imply the nature of the metal
content of the said piece, late war pieces had a gilt or silver or bronze wash.
Postal charges:- due to the high postage costs unfortunately I have to charge the following to cover the costs ALL ITEMS sent by minimum
Photographs / postcards / death cards :- £2.00 / Small items:- i.e. single medal, single badge, cloth insignia , single day badges £3.50
Medium items:- i.e. belts, caps, £6.50
PARCEL POST for large items - i.e. helmets £12 , Tunics £25.00 and Insured
SPECIAL DELIVERY FOR ALL ITEMS OVER £39 IN VALUE For your own protection we strongly advice the use this service.
Small items normally £6.50 / Medium £9.50 / Larger below 2 kg £15.20 / Above this has to be weighed
ITEMS POSTED ABROAD check with me first
I have to use a signed for service as some in the past have been claiming not received item and claiming of postal service when they have received it
to protect myself and the buyer I will always check the cost to your country before you decide if you still want the item
Pay Pal can be used but the buyer has to pay the 4% charge the company charges me and I reserve the right to reject any payment method not
acceptable to myself, again this is for the overseas buyer, or by agreement with myself .
I wish to purchase or take in part exchange any original Third Reich pieces in good condition, whole or part collections purchased,. Damaged items
also required for spares, some ground dug pieces etc. I can always transport items to a military fair to save postage if attending the fair anyway.
                                        Contact us at a Military Fair or write to
R.M. Coverdale M.B.E. "Glenwood " 210 Darlington Lane , Stockton on Tees , TS19 8AD , England
                Telephone - 01642 603627           Mobile at fairs :- 0777-9392033
E mail us:- OR
                                NEW ITEMS IN
2025      Customs officer cuff title fine silver wire on dark green with silver wire edge off uniform stitch marks in folded areas          75.00
2026      Army veterans cap eagle eagle looking to left stamped metal with painted swastika on chest swords behind non maker                40.00
2027      Army M 35/40 steel helmet rough finish with single decal liner has one leather tang missing named A Reging , shows wear to
          Paintwork and 40% paint decal just visible 40% helmet stamped but unreadable as rough finish to paint                             275.00
2028      Hitler Youth blade from knife stamped RZM M7 /80 39 aged but appears full length good spare or replacement                        35.00
2029      SA sports badge 2nd type bronze maker Berg & Holte with Detlev Niemann certificate                                                50.00
2030      DRL sports 1st pattern no swastika maker H Werstein Jena Lobstedt full bronze finish with Detlev Niemann certificate              30.00
2031      NORMANDY death card Hans Pter Panzer Division KIA 24.7.44 Le Boscq buried Marigny France                                          8.00
2032      Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery badge non maker 85% gold edge nice detail steel pin correct dark grey rear finish                  175.00
2033      K98 rifle stock has metal butt plate and bayonet fitting usual small dents and marks due to age serial numbered inside            55.00
2034      War Merit Cross & swords in packet of issue ring number 34, packet Klein & Duenzer Oberstein medal 100% finish                    55.00
2035      War Merit Cross & swords in packet of issue packet Willy Unnetsberger Munchen medal 100% finish                                   55.00
2036      War Merit Cross no swords ring marked 99 100% finish                                                                              35.00
2037      Day badge Gau Thing Koblenz Trier 22-23Juli 1935 eagle on oval lined disc maker Entw.r.kaster Robinson                            30.00
2038      Day badge Gau Tag Westwall Kaisers Lauten 1939 large eagle over anti tank dragon teeth maker RZM M9/56 Werner Redo                30.00
2039      Fire Police arm eagle pink on dark blue town Zeven                                                                                55.00
2040      Army Officers breast eagle heavy wire with white cotton highlights hand made type on dark green wool backing aged hard to
          tell if it was a gold eagle for Higher rank no damage or Marines issue                                                            75.00
2041      Dog tag SS Fuhr Sch DVD with Waffen SS on rear ground dug out of ground surface pitted deep SS markings                           85.00
2042      Dog tag 8 SS Ausbildungs Rgt Prag snapped but both pieces intact out of ground feathered one edge formed 1942                     75.00
2043      Hitler Youth small sports badge 1935 HJ diamond in oval wreath maker Ferd Wagner Pforzheim 8                                      20.00
2044      Hitler Youth small sports badge 1942 silvered over brown bakerlite 60% finish non makler                                          20.00
2045      Dog Tag 1/Waffen Gren Rgt SS 33 Lett Nr 4 SS ground dug feathered one corned LATVIA volunteer                                     85.00
2046      Dog Tag Ausb U ers Btl Lett SS Frw Div LATVIA Volunteer                                                                           85.00
2047      deutsches Reisepass large eagle to front issued 1938 to Dr Franz Looboda Munchen nice photo withdrawn 1943 has canvas edge
          Repair used to keep together due to wear a bit grubby inside damp and use                                                         10.00
2048      Eppaulette Luftwaffe single flight Oberfeldwebel NCO silver braiding with 2 metal pips slip on type                               10.00
2049      Eppaulette Imperial ordinary rank single Artillery has red grenade with large 42 embroided on field green with yellow edge        15.00
2050      Eppaulette Imperial Officer single Artillery metal grenade with large 42 in metal on black/white chevron base slip on             15.00
2051      Eppaulette Pair Kriegsmarine midshipman fine wire with blue sew in wool bar still in cellophane mint                              45.00
2052      Eppaulette Pair Kriegsmarine Senior midshipman fine wire blue sew in bar two metal pips off tunic bright silver                   45.00
2053      Eppaulette Pair Kriegsmarine Senior Midshipman fine wire sew in for overcoat blue backing larger size 2 pips                      45.00
2054      Eppaulette Pair Kriegsmarine Leutnant silver wire blue backing off tunic sew in with single metal pip aged discoloured            45.00
2055      British medals and Sailors pay book ID card Officers Ration card to Lt William John Griffiths Royal Marines served Egypt &
          Palestine from 1942 to 1946 born Merthyr Tydfil, medals Defence & Victory Medal 1939-45 Star, Africa Star,
          France & Germany Star with medal certificate pay book a bit battered, medals never mounted or cleaned no box                      80.00
2056      Police eagle for fire police named to town Arsten freying around edge where off tunic insignia perfect                            55.00
2057      British Wall plaque wood with large George Cross shield with 3 white flowers to HQ Coy 9 th Batt NR M.Bro HG presented by
          Sgt P Thornton Intelligence 1940-45 alloy plaque (Home guard in Middlesbough North Riding) slight wear                            35.00
2058      Ordnance 13 mm Aircraft shell small round brass case 44 dated and maker solid steel head dated 44 and maker                       20.00
2059      Ordnance 20mm auircraft shell 43 dated with ordnance and maker heads steel maker ordnance and 115g painted and stamped
       Smaller casing for different plane less charge than normal shell                                                                  20.00
2060   KC Autograph Leutnant Kurt DIX Truppfuhrer 3rd Grenagier Regt 510, KC 31.3.43 signed front address label rear                     20.00
2061   KC Autograph Hauptmann Rudolf CLEVE Chef 3 Flak Rgt 4 ( mot) KC 4.5.44 Berlin smaller picure on card with details signed 20.00
2062   KC autograph Leutnant Georg DONHAUSER 1st Infantry Regt 501 KC 26.9.41 signed front shows all medals                              20.00
2063   KC Autograph Oberstleutnant Maximillan FABRICH Pz Fus Batl GD KC 9.5.45 wearing panzer wrap signed front & back                   20.00
2064   KC Autograph Jurgen GAUSS 12th Pz Div KC 28.3.45 signed front address back leather coat with crusher hat                          20.00
2065   KC Autograph Leutnant Kurt NIBBE 1 Pioneer Bt 20 KC 17.3.45 shows all awards signed front & back with address                     20.00
2066   KC Autograph Arnold DORING Luftwaffe 10 N JR3 KC 17.4.45 shows all awards put KC date on rear                                     20.00
2067   KC Autograph Kapitanleutnant Chef E Boats flottille Walter Robert Karl BIRNBACHER served on Z23,.Z24,.Z25 and Z1
       Also at Narvik served until 1968 died 5.12.41 shown with KC and dress cap                                                         25.00
2068   KC Autograph Fritz BACHMANN Obergefreiter 1 Pz Gren 7 KC 5.4.45 shows all awards signed front & back dated 16.9.82                20.00
2069   KC Autograph Hugo PAUL Parachute Regt Jager Btl Crete & Russia KC 18.11.44 signed front & back ribbon bar and KC                  25.00
2070   British medals Marine Artillery Gunner J Howard of West Hartlepool Pacific Star, 1939-45 Star, Victory medals still in box with
       Certificate which has medals confirmed and his name                                                                               50.00
2071   HJ knife parts blade with handle stiil attached Puma blade Soligen Ges Ceschutz blade been sharpened during life plated handle 45.00
2072   K98 Bayonet bakerlite grips matched pair markedwith eagkle & swastika 63 and GS / 1157/E7Z8 in circles off bayonet                25.00
2073   HJ knife bakerlite grips pair never been on knife holes present but pluged on inside show age only                                25.00
2074   War Merit Cross in packet of issue marked Rudolf Souval Wien V11/62 packet one side split were opened medal full ribbon           45.00
2075   Worker postcard 1934 shows workers on march with hammers and nsdap flag drawing type addressed front and posted Dresden 10.00
2076   WW1 ribbon bar combination ribbon Iron Cross/1914-18 / Austria Diamond Jubilee Cross 1908                                         10.00
2077   Kriegsmarine dagger knot late war never issued white rayon type weave with silver metal chevron design above knot the knot
       and cord the heavy duty very course material still joined together by fine cord                                                   35.00
2078   1957 hand made Naval close combat clasp KM button put into Luftwaffe clasp all pins removed so can be stitched on , the war
       Time clasp were made on board ships and the badge was only officially made as a 1957 piece                                        55.00
2079   FAD badge brass with pin back oval appears breast badge Volunteer Labour service 1932-1936 *ref 30 page 399 shows buckle 45.00
2080   Black Wound badge converted to 1957 swastika removed steel type stamped 88 inside 30% original paint                              15.00
2081   Mothers Cross in gold in box of issue maker Franz Scheurle usual marks on box motif intact                                        75.00
2082   Adolf Hitler postcard opening of Richard Mager Memorial 6/3/34, early uniforms and British Consul behind him                      15.00
2083   Adolf Hitler Ein Volk Ein Reich Ein Fuhrer chrome disc with pin to attach pressed metal type                                      12.00
2084   Fur Muter u Kind 1934 silk picture on pin bar mother with two children                                                            5.00
2085   Postcard & photo Panzer man in full black uniform with ski cap with wife and children                                             10.00
2086   Deutsche Reichbahn leaders buckle gilded over alloy wear to front maker Assmann DRGM 40 one keeper ref 17 page 141                45.00
2087   Kriegsmarine pith helmet shields pair non maker 85% paintwork remains three broad pin fittings to rear RARE                       95.00
2088   Luftwaffe ranks alloy buckle with both keepers moulded type non maker keeper marked M in circle                                   55.00
2089   X1 Olympiade Berlin 1936 small enamel badge white enamel Berlin gate with Oylmpic rings below makwer paul mann & crone 30.00
2090   SA stickpin the small SA badge as found in dagger brown enamel in brass circle                                                    20.00
2091   Veteran association eagle stickpin the 1st type as the large metal breast eagle , eagle faces opposite silvered brass GES GESCH 20.00
2092   Colonial membership shield white and red enamel with swastika in centre non maker                                                 20.00
2093   Lappland War shield 1957 version on field grey wool backing paper backed maker FAB faint ink stamp alloy shield aged              50.00
2094   Wehrmacht Helper badge large WB with eagle above in bronze maker Fec Otto Placzek berlin                                          45.00
2095   Luftwaffe marksmanship badge off lanyard silver eagle in wreath, alloy all pins intact                                            35.00
2096   Army Marksmanship badge 2nd pattern crossed swords on large shield eagle on top silver alloy four pins intact                     35.00
2097   Invalidenversicherung card issued Dresden Anna Braiubora 1943 ,18 stamps with eagle and town stamps , 12 stamps eagle inked
       Over from 13.5.45 to October 1946 , final stamp ink 10 October 1947                                                               15.00
2098   Nat Soz Frauenshaft triangle with light blue edge maker RZM M1/13 white with red swastika                                         35.00
2099   Pre war Arbeit medal Fur Treue der Arbeit shows steel worker with hammer on bow of eagle Viking shape ship Industrie              20.00
2100   Kriegsmarine minesweepers badge eagle removed for pre 1957 wear cut so part of wreath all fitting present                         45.00
2101   Kriegsmarine sports anchor with full edge NCO pattern on full square uncut anchor no rope yellow on blue                          25.00
2102   Dog tag GWF L 2185 Gun Mortor Commander Artillery                                                                                 30.00
2103   Dog tag Inf Nachr Ers Kp 258 Infantry Night Signals Company                                                                       25.00
2104   Dog Tag Stamm kp Gren Ers Btl 190 Grenadiers                                                                                      25.00
2105   Dog tag with driving licence Schtz Nachr Ers 4 Karl Oelschlager Werner from Berlin issued 1941 with photo                         50.00
2106   1957 stickpin Iron Cross x 2 and silver wound badge                                                                               20.00
2107   Army / Kriegsmarine 12 years long service medal with larger metal gold eagle no wear or discoulour                                95.00
2108   Police parade bayonet with horn grips and correct police eagle polished fittings and leather scabbard has the engraved eagle head
       Parade blade stamped with knights head and maker opposite side Weyersberg kirschbaum & Cle Soligen no issue number                295.00
2109   Luftwaffe knife with eagle and FL UV maker Berndorf has elephant insignia 1939 marked blade and handle                            30.00
2110   British War medals WW1 to two brothers 31617 Pte H Ellward Manchester Regt and 2140 Pte R H Ellward Liverpool Regt                40.00
2111   Luftwaffe Belt & Buckle alloy buckle with maker & date 1938issued to F1HKdurHall belt OLC on clip one extra hole in
       Belt tab still fitted , buckle one piece molded type no maker , 36” long, some wear to front as expected                          125.00
2112   1957 stickpin 2 x Iron Cross/Russian Front / Infantry Assault/black wound badge/Eastern People & swords / silver close combat 50.00
2113   1957 stickpin 2 x WW1 Iron Cross/1914-18&swords/black wound badge 40 faithfull with swastika removed                              35.00
2114   1957 stickpin 2 x Iron Cross/Infantry Assault/Gold wound badge                                                                    30.00

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