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					                        A Capsule View of the Kiwanis Club
                                Of LaPorte, Indiana
                     Over the Years – Founded February 8, 1921

From its humble beginnings as a Business Men’s Club in Detroit in 1915 to the giant it is
today. Kiwanis International continues in its quest to make the communities in which it
serves a little better because of its presence.

Like all Kiwanis Clubs, the LaPorte Club seeks through its projects to carry out the
purposes for which it was founded: (1) To give primacy to the human and spiritual rather
than the material values of life; (2) To encourage the daily living of the Golden Rule in
all human relationships; and (3) To provide through Kiwanis a practical means for
forming enduring friendships, to render altruistic service and to build a better LaPorte.
(See appendix for charter member list.)

Thus Kiwanis is something you live, feel, and experience. It is, if you please, a way of

Our local club, the Kiwanis Club of LaPorte, Indiana, was born a little better than six (6)
years after the founding of the Detroit Club. 1917 had seen the expansion of Kiwanis
beyond its natal place of Detroit. LaPorte’s Club held its first meeting on February 8,
1921, and received its charter on March 10, 1921, the earlier date being observed as the
birth date of the club. We are the 30 th club to be founded in the State of Indiana. At the
time there were about 275 clubs throughout the United States and one in Canada.

1926 saw the LaPorte Club contributing funds to purchase the ground, the building of
dressing rooms, showers, and comfort stations on the real estate leased from the Andrew
Estate known as the “E” Street Playground. The property was taken over by the then
School City of LaPorte and in recognition of the contributions made by our club became
officially known as Kiwanis Field.

In its first year, the Club, in cooperation with the Knights of Columbus, raised funds for
poor relief, purchased uniforms for the American Legion Baseball team and promoted a
public swimming beach at Pine Lake.

After the first year of its existence, the Club in its early years: (1) Purchased equipment
for the Y’s Boys’ and Girls’ Camp; (2) Helped maintain a Summer Camp for Girls at
Crane’s Nest (on the bluff at the northeast corner of Johnson Road and U.S. 35); and (3)
Contributed to the School Milk Fund.

1924 saw the Club raising $75,000 for the building of the south wing of the Holy Family
Hospital on “E” Street plus a large amount of money for the improvement of Scott Field.
Substantial amounts of money were also contributed between 1924 and 1926 toward the
addition of a Kiwanis wing at James Whitcomb Riley Hospital in Indianapolis and to the
Tornado Fund in Princeton, Indiana.

Other early projects included contributing to local schools for dental clinics, eye-testing,
and therapeutic equipment.

The Club in 1932, as part of LaPorte’s Centennial Celebration, sponsored the building of
a model pioneer log cabin for the Girl Scouts on Michigan Avenue just north of
Washington Street near the Old New York Central Depot. The cabin stood until 2006.

For several summers, Kiwanis sponsored what the Club chose to call a Preventorium, a
summer camp on Pine Lake for underprivileged and undernourished children. Here the
children received proper food and learned good health habits.

An early major project of the Club was the establishment of a visiting nurse service for
the community. Such services were provided by Frona Von Osinski, known as “Mrs.
Von”. Most of her services were directed toward underprivileged children and elderly
shut-ins. Kiwanis provided “Mrs. Von” with a car and paid her salary. (Such service is
now a community project).

In addition to our Potato Club, at least three other projects of the local club have received
international recognition. These are:
    1. The narrated educational film entitled “Know Kiwanis”, the brainchild of Henry
         Schulze and Paul F. Boston. The film sought to educate and to orient new
         members and was shown to the International Board of Trustees three times at its
         annual business session.
    2. In 1955, a time of serious teacher shortage, Paul Boston, then Superintendent of
         the LaPorte Schools, proposed to Kiwanis International that Teacher Recruitment
         be adopted as an International Project. The proposal was presented at Valparaiso
         University to 300 high school seniors from all the schools in Division 1 as an
         “Introduction to Teaching.” Dan Lewis, Sr. was part of the program. A feature
        story of this pilot clinic appeared in the February 1956 Kiwanis Magazine. (The
        pattern established by the pilot clinic became the model followed by other
        Kiwanis Clubs).
   3.   At the International Convention of 1954 held in Miami, Florida, Dan Lewis, Sr.,
        then Club President, heard several fine programs. At the conclusion of one, he
        and the then Vice President, “Bill” Angrick, both agreed the LaPorte High
        School Swing Choir was the equal or better than most of the programs presented.
        Dan decided to approach the International Trustee (Jack Raney from
        Indianapolis) about the Choir’s appearance at the International Convention in
        Cleveland in 1955. Delegates from other Indiana Clubs said it can’t be done.
        Too much politics! But Dan and Bill did it. The Choir was a smash hit and the
        group, appearing with Comedian George Gobel made the cover of Kiwanis

Other Club money raisers over the years have included:
   1. A series of Ballroom Dances held at the Civic Auditorium to raise money for
   2. The continuing popular Peanut Days – an annual fall event.
   3. Auctions held at the LaPorte County Fairground s
   4. Sale of Kiwanis Calendars.
   5. Sale of Merchandise coupon books with the help of participating merchants.
   6. Apple Days.
   7. Gum Ball Machines.
   8. Maple City Kiwanian advertisements.
   9. One or Two pancake breakfasts a year.
   10. Kiwanis Club sponsored Circus.
   11. Travelogue Series.
   12. Sales of Kiwanis Trash bags with proceeds from sale to Riley Hospital.
   13. Christmas tree Sales.
   14. Carson Pirie Scott Community Days.
   15. Radio Days.
   16. Weekly 50-50 drawings at club meetings to be used for ongoing administrative
   17. Members dues – mostly used for administrative expenses plus International and
       District assessments.
   18. Dessert Auctions – to start off the new administrative fund each year.

NOTE: All money raisers are only as successful as the members themselves make them.
The greater the participation the more funds there are to finance our various projects. We
can’t build without Builders.

Community Project, Youth Assistance and Special Programs which are sponsored
or assisted by the Kiwanis Club of LaPorte, Indiana
The following identified projects are the lifeblood of the Club, its purpose for being. We
do build through:
    1. AG DAY. Farmers of LaPorte County are guests of club members at a special
        luncheon featuring an appropriate program. The County Extension Office
        cooperates in planning the program. Up to 70-80 farmers have attended this
    2. American Field Service (AFS). The American Field Service Chapter of LaPorte
        received financial support each year from the Kiwanis Club. The AFS selects
        American students to study abroad, while students from foreign countries study in
    3. Baseball League Sponsorship. The Kiwanis Club sponsors teams in the Babe
        Ruth League, Little League, and Challenge League, which are operated by the
        Park and Recreation Department. Kiwanis funds cover cost of uniforms, special
        emblems, snack treats, awards, trophies and incidentals. The club provides a
        picnic for each team.
    4. Bell Ringers. Annually Kiwanians man the Salvation Army’s Christmas Kettles
        in competition with other service clubs. Several hundred dollars are raised each
        year for the Salvation Army’s Program.
    5. Career Camp (Kiwanis-Indiana State Police Career Camp). Each year a special
        encampment is held for young people who are considering careers in police work.
        Two camps for boys and one for girls are held in June and July. This project is
        managed and funded by Kiwanis Clubs of Indiana. Staff and programs are
        provided by the Indiana State Police. LaPorte Kiwanis budgets for two boys and
        one girl to attend the Police Career Camp.
    6. Career Development Seminar. 1982 was the first year that LaPorte Kiwanis Club
        participated in this activity, which is an Indiana District Kiwanis Program. Gifted
        high school students are exposed to special fields of college study. In 1982,
        LaPorte Kiwanis sent one student. In 1982, sponsorship was planned for two or
        three participants.
    7. Carrier Watch. This is a new program being set up by the U.S. Postal Service,
        whereby senior and/or handicapped citizens may req uest a special notice be
        posted inside their mail boxes. If on subsequent deliveries the carrier sees the
        mail has not been picked up, he or she notifies the police to check out the
        situation. LaPorte Kiwanis club covers the expenses of the program – printing,
        etc. It is not funded by the U.S. Postal System.
    8. Circle K of Purdue North Central. At one time, the LaPorte Kiwanis Club
        sponsored a Circle K Club at PNC, which did service work in the area. The
        annual Christmas Party at the County Home was one o f the projects, which was
        financed by car washes and similar activities. LaPorte Kiwanis covered most of
        Circle K’s administrative expenses.
    9. Clergy Day. Annually the Kiwanis Club honors all area Clergy with a special
        program and dinner. We have upwards of 50 attend this special event.
    10. Fellowship of Christian Athletes. This project enjoys a wide support throughout
        the area including the sports department of the Herald-Argus. Each year, LaPorte
        Kiwanis finances two local athletes who attend an encampment of Christian
11. 4-H Clubs. This is a major program of the Kiwanis Club and has one of the
    highest budget outlays because it reaches the largest number of people –
    especially youth – in a beneficial way. There are three parts to this program:
        a. A gift is made to the County Extension Office to cover operating expenses
             for the 4-H Summer Program for the City of LaPorte.
        b. The Club sponsors delegates to the 4-H Junior Leader Conference each
             summer. Kiwanis funds are used to pay the expenses of the Junior
             Leaders who cannot pay their own way.
        c. Each fall the Kiwanis Club, in cooperation with the LaPorte Farm Bureau,
             arranges a banquet to honor the 4-H adult leaders. Individual leaders are
             honored for outstanding work and recognition for years of service in 4-H.
        In 1981, there were 267 4-H adult leaders in LaPorte County guiding the
        activities of 59 clubs and 3 special groups. As many as 600 boys and 850
        girls have been involved in these clubs.
12. Hoosier Girls State. Each June the American Legion Auxiliary of Indiana
    operates a citizenship training program for girls at Indiana State University. Girls
    are selected by each chapter to be sent to the assemblage. 1982 was the 41 st
    annual session of Hoosier Girls State. Training sessions are held on the
    American system of government and political system via mock participation.
    LaPorte Kiwanis accepts the responsibility for a delegate’s expenses.
13. Hoosier Boys State. This program is similar to Girls State and is sponsored by
    the American Legion. Our club provides expenses for a local delegate.
14. “IDEA” Program (Infant Dental Education Awareness0. The LaPorte County
    Dental Society has originated a program for new and expectant mothers of the
    area. Information is given on diet, hygiene, and habits that protect their infants
    from dental problems that often result from poor diets, bad habits, and improper
    hygiene. The physicians and the local hospital have cooperated by disseminating
    the information to the mothers. The LaPorte Kiwanis Club budgets funds for the
    major portion of the expenses for the preparation, printing, and distribution of the
    IDEA information.
15. Indiana District Foundation. This is an operation of the Indiana Kiwanis District
    to which contributions are made through and by local Kiwanis Clubs in the
    District. The District issues scholarships annually. The LaPorte Kiwanis Club
    has had 3 winners: 2003, 2004, and 2006. This is a $1000 scholarship from the
    district. The LaPorte Club has been in a financial position to match these funds
    for the three winners. The District also picks up projects that are two big for
    individual clubs to do.
16. Jaycees’ – 4th of July Parade. Each year LaPorte’s Jaycees hold a large parade on
    the 4th of July Parade. The townspeople are very proud of the quality of these
    parades and the activities that ensue during the afternoons and evenings
    surrounding the holiday. The local Jaycees organize and manage these annual
    affairs. Kiwanis has been proud to participate in many ways through the years,
    such as helping to meet the costs of these parades, having a parade unit, and
    selling raffle tickets.
17. KBF Awards (Kiwanis Builds Forever). For more than 50 years, the Club has
    honored the top five scholars of the graduating class of LaPorte High School at a
      luncheon meeting. Parents and special friends are invited to attend as guests of
      the Club. The highlight of the program is the presentation of a beautiful plaque
      inscribed with the name and achievement of each honor student.
18.   Kiwanis International Foundation. The Kiwanis Interna tional Foundation covers
      those programs that are too large for local clubs or districts to handle. Much
      support is given to Kiwanis Clubs abroad as they work on local problems. The
      Kiwanis Club of LaPorte annually budgets an appropriate contribution to the
      fund. We are very fortunate in the Indiana District because the International
      Headquarters are located in Indianapolis.
19.   LaPorte High School – Music Department. At times, The Kiwanis Club budgets
      money for ventures and activities of the LPHS music department.
          a. In the past assistance was provided for some band members who could not
              come up with expense money to make a trip to play at the Mardi Gras in
              New Orleans.
          b. Some time ago the Concert Choir was invited to a Choral Competition in
              Denver. Some key soloists could not raise expenses so the Kiwanis Club
              covered the shortage. The choir and soloists won several honors.
          c. The Kiwanis Club has budgeted for the “National School Orchestra
              Award” for outstanding orchestra members.
          d. The Club has financed the purchase of the National School Orchestra
              Award for the most valuable orchestra member.
20.   LaPorte High School – Athletic Department. Kiwanis has been a strong
      supporter of high school athletics for many years. Some of the more recent
      activities are:
          a. The Annual Spring Sports Banquet is a joint effort of the Club and the
              Athletic Department. Invitations and arrangements are made by the
              athletic department. The club pays for the meals of the athletes and
              coaches and provides a master of ceremonies.
          b. In 1982, the LPHS baseball team won its 4th IHSAA state championship.
              The club purchased special “patches” for the uniforms and feted the team
              at a noon luncheon. The coaches and bat girls were included. The girls
              were presented with chain pendants.
21.   LaPorte High School – Academics. Kiwanis annually sponsors an Academic
      awards banquet. This event honors students who compete in academic
      competitions. The club has done dinners and most recently an ice cream social.
      We invite the students and their parents.
22.   The LaPorte Icers. In the past the LaPorte Icers was a hockey team of high
      school aged boys. The hockey team was independent of LPHS, so financing and
      coaching was on an independent basis. The Kiwanis Club budgeted funds for
      operating expenses for this very successful program.
23.   LaPorte Community Preschool Project. LaPorte does not qualify for the federal
      Headstart program. A voluntary program for preschool training for 4-year old
      children is supported by fees paid by parents. There are many children who need
      this training but the parents cannot afford the fees. To meet this need, some
      ladies organized a training program for indigent and/or handicapped 4-year olds.
      There were twice as many applications as were expected. Kiwanis agreed to
      cover the expense for an additional class.
24.   Meals on Wheels. A large number of elderly people are able to live at home by
      receiving a special or properly balanced diet delivered to them by volunteers.
      The LaPorte Hospital Staff prepares the prescribed meals. Members of Kiwanis
      take a regular delivery route each week. Funds have also been provided by
25.   Salvation Army Summer Camp. Each Summer the Salvation Army holds and
      encampment for special children as a break from everyday life. Kiwanis believe
      this meets basic needs and a contribution is budgeted by LaPorte Kiwanis.
26.   Visiting Nurse Association. The VNA of LaPorte County has headquarters in
      LaPorte. Its purpose is to provide nursing services to the homebound elderly
      beyond that provided by official sources. Such morale boosting services as
      hairdressing, massages, organizing prescribed diets, therapy or medication, etc.
      are part of this operation. Kiwanis believes this to be a worthwhile community
      project and has financially supported it as one of its major emphasis projects.
27.   Miscellaneous. There are a number of projects that are given financial support on
      special request basis. Some of the most recent are:
          a. LaPorte Sesquicentennial (1982 only)
          b. SOY (Support our Youth). This is a county-wide organization devoted to
              reducing drug abuse by young people. The club currently provides a
              pancake breakfast at their annual Dusk to Dawn fundraiser.
          c. The Swanson Center for the Elderly.
          d. YMCA
28.    Major Emphasis Program. This is the section of the Club’s Community Service
      Budget to which an annual major allotment of money is made. The projects are
      deemed as most vital to the welfare of the community and receive a most favored
      status with the club. Currently Young Children Priority One, YMCA, Lighting of
      Kiwanis Teledyne Park, and Boy Scouts are our major emphasis areas. Young
      Children Priority One is our top budget item behind scholarships. Area groups
      that support the development of children under 5 can apply for grants from this
      fund – annually we distribute just under $3000 to 6 – 10 organizations. Some of
      the recipients include: Barker Woods Enrichment Center, YMCA early
      childcare, LaPorte Community Turbo Swim Club, Dunebrook Prevent Child
      Abuse, and Women’s Assistance Center.
29.   Kiwanis was one of the original sponsors in the Fall Welcome for New Teachers.
      The Chamber of Commerce now handles this luncheon. The Kiwanis Club of
      LaPorte became a member of the Chamber in 2005.
30.   In 1995, the Kiwanis Club developed the Neutral Zone Teen Center. It was
      originally housed at Kesling Middle School and eventually found its final home
      at the YMCA. This became an independent entity. The Club won the diamond
      award for a single service project from Kiwanis International.
31.   The Kiwanis Club has started two Key Clubs. One at LaPorte High School and
      the other at South Central High School. The Club has also sponsored a Builders
      Club at Boston Middle School.
   32. The Club has been an active participant in the Shots for Tots program. This is a
       single day event where children 18 & under can be given the needed shots at no
       charge to their parents. Currently this program is in transition. The local Health
       Department is trying to meet this need on a monthly basis.
   33. The LaPorte Club buried a time capsule in the parking area between the
       Courthouse and the County Complex. This was buried in 1976.
   34. International Service Project. Kiwanis International took on a project in the early
       1990’s to eradicate iodine deficiency disorder around the world. The best way to
       do this is to have iodized salt available. It only takes 5 cents per person to get a
       lifetime of benefits. IDD results in goiters in adults and mental retardation in
       unborn children. This project is still ongoing. As an international organization
       we have raised over $75 million worldwide. We made commitments individually
       and as a club during the initial drive. Annually now we skip one meal at a regular
       meeting and donate the money we would have spent for the meal to the IDD
       cause. Kiwanis Club of LaPorte has donated more than $10,000 to the
       eradication of IDD worldwide.
   35. The Club made a three year commitment to the Boy Scouts along with the other
       clubs in our division. This was a $30,000 project for renovation of the local Boy
       Scout Camp – this was completed in 2006.
   36. In 2006, the club started a new project for the youth of our community. The
       Kiwanis for Kids Triathlon. The event is for children 6-12 years of age. This
       will be an annual event. The first year had 59 entrants from the northern part of
       the state. This event was a collaborative effort between other service clubs, the
       community, and the Kiwanis Club. The event promoted children’s health, raised
       awareness of Kiwanis, and raised funds to be used within the community.

Although the greater share of the projects herein listed are still in operation as part of the
LaPorte Club’s service to the community, some might at this writing not be active as far
as our participation is concerned.

At this time it is well to note that the Kiwanis Club of LaPorte, Indiana now includes a
nucleus of women members who were inducted in the spring and summer of 1988. They
have proved to be builders in the best tradition of Kiwanis and have added much to the
Club by their active participation in Club Activities. The original women who joined in
1988 were Janet K. Jongkind, Elizabeth Carney, Sandra L. Stence, Emily A. Frontczak,
and Belva Jo Ingersol.

The Kiwanis Club of LaPorte Indiana needs its members to give it direction by their
participation and by their belief that they can help build a better LaPorte. Let’s work at

                             The Scholarship Foundation
                         The Kiwanis Club of LaPorte, Indiana

A very special program of the Kiwanis Club is its Scholarship Foundation, which is
funded every year before money is allotted for any other purpose.
Each year the Scholarship Committee screens a large number of applicants from the high
school graduating class for a $1,000 scholarship to any college of the student’s choice.
The successful student must meet a tough set of standards in order to become a winner,
but after having won the award he or she will continue to be a recipient of the scholarship
money throughout the student’s four years of undergraduate study, if he or she maintains
a level of scholarship deemed appropriate by the committee thus resulting in a total award
scholarship of $4,000. Up to four students a year can be attending college with the
assistance of a Kiwanis Scholarship.

                                   Did you know that:

   1. Our Club hosted the Indiana District of Kiwanis starting September 27, 1936. All
      74 Indiana Clubs were represented. Convention headquarters were at the Rumely
      Hotel. Programs were held at the Civic Auditorium with Dr. R.B. Jones of our
      Club acting as Master of Ceremonies and/or toastmaster. Activities included a
      Golf Tournament, a Cook’s Tour of the City of LaPorte, a Bowling Tournament,
      and the Governor’s Banquet and Ball at the Civic Auditorium.
   2. “Bud” Luhr, former member of this Club, gave the land to LaPorte County for
      establishing Luhr Park and that Kiwanians gave many hours labor to its early
   3. Kiwanis developed, made the shelter, and provided labor for Kiwanis Park on
      Pine Lake. The Park is now known as Kiwanis-Teledyne Park as Teledyne gave
      additional land to the Park system. We also spearheaded the drive to raise
      additional funds to light the Park which had been renovated during 2005-06.
   4. In the 1930’s, Kiwanis sponsored a basketball team which took on all comers with
      the Civic Auditorium as a home base.
   5. The LaPorte Kiwanis Club sponsored a concert by the United States Marine Band
      on September 15, 1930, at the Civic Auditorium.
   6. The Club participated in a School Beautification and Landscape program in 1967-
      68. This was a 5- year program.
   7. At one time the LaPorte Club sponsored an All-Sports Banquet for LPHS athletes
      in the spring. Participation in a great number of sports caused the school to
      spread sponsorship among other service clubs in the fall and winter.
   8. All but two of the Superintendents of Schools have been Kiwanians during the
      Club’s existence. Four of six have been Presidents of the Club.
   9. Three Mayors of LaPorte have been Kiwanians.
                                    Appendix A
                             Charter Members 2/8/1921

   George W Allen, Archi tect                    Ira S. Loos, Proprietor, Carl beck
   George C. Al drich, Industry                   Hotel
   R.C. Beall, Tire Dealer (Rail way Mail        Robert Loomis, NA
    Clerk)                                        E.C. Luedtke, Druggist
   John A. Bear, Clerk, Codding ton              M.E. LeLiter, Lawyer
    Hardware                                      O.E. McCarver, B ookkeeper
   Fred C. Brewer, Insurance                     F.M. Medaris, Dairyman
   Martin Behrens, Krei dler Cl othing           Charles Mussey, NA
   C.A. B ormann, Plumber                        Roy Morrison, B aker
   J. Osborne Brink, Farm Loans                  Dr. H.H. Martin, Physician and
   Ethelred Curtis, Optometrist,                  Surgeon
    Chiropractor                                  Harry L. Marum, Insurance
   Austin Cutler, Cutler Brothers                Walter W. Meyer, Druggist
    (Undertaker)                                  A.J. Miller, Cigar Store Owner
   Stephen L. Chase, Printer                     R.L. McCarthy, Lumber and Coal
   Wallace DeWitt, Dentist                        Dealer
   Al vin J. Droege, Clothier                    K.D. Os born, Lawyer
   L.A. Decker, Undertaker                       D.R. Paul, Grocer
   Ral ph A. Fretz, Clerk and Window             William “ Rubber Bill” Pelz, Sporting
    Tri mmer, Lows Clothing                        Goods
   Joseph P. Fog arty, Osteopath                 W.F. Pusch, Grocer
   George A. Graf, Drycleaner                    Brenton Rinehart, Plasterer
   Harry C. Henoch, Ove Gnatt                    A.C. Steigley, Architect
    Executi ve                                    John Scholl, Manager, Scholl’s Dairy
   William Heal d, Car Dealer                    H.W. Sall wasser, Lawyer (one-ti me
   J. Earl Jewett, Executi ve, Advance-           Mayor)
    Rumely                                        R.N. S mith, Lawyer
   Dr. R. B. Jones, Physician and                Joseph Smith, Proprietor, Music
    Surgeon                                        Store
   M.C. Kale, Salesman                           A.M. Torgeson, NA
   Dr. George W. Ki mball, Physician             H.A. Thomas, Trucker
   Dr. Frank J. Krejci, Dentist                  George Wedeking, Manager, Butcher
   Ed Kanney, Sanitary Engineer                   Shop
   Louis C. Kelling, Shoe Store Manager
                                 Appendix B
                         Club Presidents – 1921 to date

   1921 Dr. H. H. Martin                         1966 J. Robert Miller
   1922 Dr. H. H. Martin                         1967 John M. Whitted
   1923 Dr. R. B. Jones                          1968 Donal d Clayton
   1924 George Allen                             1969 Edwin W. Bl ake
   1925 Frank V. Newman                          1970 William B . Bergren
   1926 Dr. George W. Ki mball                   1971 Raymond L. Cook
   1927 A.J. Miller                              1972 Paul P. Church/Richard Shick
   1928 Dr. Jon N. Kelly                         1973 Jack M. Hyde
   1929 John B. Dil worth                        1974 Thomas T. Boyd
   1930 Ray Huber                                1975 Franklin R. B onnet
   1931 C.L. Rhoade                              1976 Perry F. Stump, Jr.
   1932 Rev. Victor P. Frohne                    1977 John A. Tramm
   1933 Dr. G.O. Larson                          1978 Dr. Richard E. Pliske
   1934 Dr. John E. Mag nuson                    1979 James J. Trapp
   1935 Harry Henoch                             1980 Glen U. Mosher, Jr.
   1936 E.B. Wetherow                            1981 William D Rudd
   1937 L.A. White                               1982 Anwar H. Zainal
   1938 Isadore Levine                           1983 Carl A. Shakley/Martin Veldman
   1939 A.W. Mi tchell                           1984 John D. Scholl
   1940 C. Bruce Roberts                         1985 Russell W. Dexter
   1941 Wirt Worden                              1986 Thomas R. Larson
   1942 John M. French                           1987 Daniel W. Fri dh, DDS
   1943 Rev. C.H. Lininger                       1988 Fred D. John
   1944 J. Alvin Taylor                          1989 Eugene R. Stence
   1945 Harol d Hargrave                         1990 Max Wilson
   1946 James B. Nyce/Ray M. Poth                1991 Michael B urns
   1947 John C. Hargrave                         1992 Arthur L. Roule, Jr.
   1948 Carl Thode                               1993 Stephen L. Bol and
   1949 Paul F. B oston                          1994 Larry S mith
   1950 Dr. R.M. Kelsey, Sr.                     1995 Donal d E. B aug her
   1951 Robert J. Henoch                         1996 Kathleen Chroback
   1952 Orville O. Schumm                        1997 Ronal d C. Schafer
   1953 Larry Wright                             1998 Larry Houseman
   1954 Daniel E. Lewis, Sr.                     1999 Janet Jongkind
   1955 William P. Angrick                       2000 Patrick Abiney
   1956 Henry W. Schulze                         2001 Louis Ri denour
   1957 Albert V. Hinton, Jr.                    2002 Jay Pouzar
   1958 Howard Hill                              2003 Mark Manering
   1959 John E. Newby                            2004 Sue Szilagyi
   1960 Dr. S.S. Philbrook                       2005 Ronal d C. Schafer
   1961 Dr. Charles Kenward                      2006 Mark Manering
   1962 Charles Boston                           2007 Michael Riehle
   1963 Dr. John Kl ooster                       2008 Dava Buell
   1964 Gale Hess                                2009 Cheryl Reinhart
   1965 Thomas Sallwasser
                               Appendix C
        Kiwanis Club of LaPorte, Kiwanian of the Year – 1965 to date

   1965 Roy Arnol d                           1987 Robert Dodge
   1966 Lee Fuller                            1988 Norman J. Gang wer
   1967 Dr. G.O. Larson                       1989 Daniel E. Lewis, Sr.
   1968 Benjami n B ortz, Jr.                 1990 Richard E. Pliske, DVM
   1969 Dr. H.D. Kesling                      1991 Gene Stence
   1970 Norman J. Hubner                      1992 Thomas T. Boyd
   1971 Harol d Hargrave                      1993 Elizabeth Carney
   1972 Richard Schick                        1994 Ronal d C. Schafer
   1973 Donal d L. Fuller                     1995 Daniel W. Fri dh, DDS
   1974 John M. Whitted                       1996 Thomas T. Boyd
   1975 James J. Trapp                        1997 Janet Jongkind
   1976 Dr. John E. Mag nuson                 1998 Robin Clark
   1977 Harry S. Driggs, Jr.                  1999 Albert V. Hinton, Jr.
   1978 Clarence V. Hendrickson               2000 Bertha Sappenfiel d
   1979 John C. Hargrave                      2001 Ronal d C. Schafer
   1980 Richard E. Pliske, DVM                2002 Norma Sabie
   1981 Glen U. Mosher, Jr.                   2003 Susan Szilagyi
   1982 Msgr. John C. Witte                   2004 Ronal d C. Schafer
   1983 Edwin W. Bl ake                       2005 Louis W. Schumm
   1984 Kermit A. Horn                        2006 Robin Clark
   1985 Louis W. Schumm                       2007
   1986 Russell W. Dexter                     2008
                                  Appendix D
         Lieutenant Governors from the Kiwanis Club of LaPorte, Indiana

      1921 Harry B. Darling
      1922 Harry B. Darling
      1935 C.L. Rhoade
      1938 Dr. John E. Mag nuson
      1943 Harry Henoch
      1947 Harol d Hargrave
      1952 Paul F. B oston
      1980 Richard E. Pliske, DVM
      1982 Edwin W. Bl ake
      1997 Albert V. Hinton, Jr.
      2000 Albert V. Hinton, Jr.
      2005 Susan Szilagyi
      2007 Robin Clark

                                  Appendix E
                               Legion of Honor
Roll of Current LaPorte Kiwanians with me mbership of Twe nty -Five or more years

      Donal d Baugher 29 years
      Franklin Bonnet 40 years
      Charles Boston 55 years
      Michael B urns 29 years
      Donal d Cl ayton 43 years
      Dr. Daniel Fri dh 26 years
      Glen Mosher, Jr. 34 years
      Davi d Osborn
      Dr. S.S. Philbrook
      Thomas Sallwasser
      Louis Schumm 46 Years
      Perry Stump 45 years
      William Weston 31 years
                                      Appendix F
                             Our Legacy – families in Kiwanis

      K.D. Os born, Davi d Os born, D. Drummond Osborn (grandfather, father, son)
      Gene Gierke, Gina Gierke (father, daug hter)
      H.W. Sall wasser, Thomas Sall wasser, Patricia Sall wasser (great-grandfather, father,
      Lewis Ri denour, Elizabeth Ri denour (husband, wife)
      Patrick Abi ney, Karen Abi ney (hus band, wi fe)
      Perry Stump, Tamara Stump (father, daughter)
      Thomas Larson, Timothy Larson, Thomas Larson (father and sons)
      Austin Cutler, Robert Cutler, Sr. (great uncle and nephew)
      Art Cooksey, Lorna Cooksey (husband, wife)
      Paul B oston, Charles Boston (father and son)
      Richard Buell, Dava B uell (husband, wife)
      Gene Stence, Sandra Stence (hus band, wi fe)
      Susan Lindgren, Davi d Lindgren (wi fe, hus band – Val po Club)
      Orville Schumm, Louis Schumm (cousins)
      Rev. Victor P. Frohne, Rev. Victor Frohne (father,son)

                                     Acknowledge ments

Dan Lewis, Sr. was our honored historian during his 50 + years as a Kiwanian (a
Kiwanian with perfect attendance we might add). He would not have been able to
assemble this history of the Kiwanis Club of LaPorte, Indiana had he not had available to
him facts, figures, and writings from the following persons and sources:

   1. Dr. G.O. Larson, past President
   2. Harold Hargrave, past President and Lt. Governor
   3. Donald Fuller, long-time Club Secretary
   4. Robert Dodge, Club Secretary
   5. Lee Fuller, Club Secretary for 20+ years
   6. Paul F. Boston
   7. Old Scrapbooks
   8. The LaPorte Herald-Argus
   9. Club Record Books
   10. Personal experiences since joining the club in 1943.

Note: Dan Lewis, Sr. was privileged to know personally all but nine of the 52 charter
members. This brief historical sketch of the Kiwanis Club of LaPorte, Indiana was
revised and updated by Dan Lewis, Sr in 1993 and the c urrent club members in 2005 and
2006. Please send any corrections, deletions, and/or additions to: Kiwanis Club of
LaPorte, Indiana, c/o Kiwanis Club Secretary, P.O. Box 175, LaPorte, IN 46352 or e- mail

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