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  Resort Park Model

        Ready to Move In!                                 946 Riverfront Drive                           3781 Tomahawk Lane
     ~ Financing Available ~                         Across from the River                        Quiet Cul-de-sac Living
     Bring your toothbrush and suitcase             New Carpet & Tile Throughout                    Arroyo Vista Estate Home
        Prices starting under $39,000                 Stainless Steel Appliances               Mature Landscaping -- In Ground Pool
        One Bedroom One Bath Unit                                                             2733 sq ft of pure heaven. A Must See!
                                                       Security System & Doors
    Spectacular Views in a 5-Star Resort                                                    PRO 3451                       $499,500
      Call Today for More Information!         PRO 3490                      $205,500

   Target & Kohls Coming Soon . . . . . See Page 15
        1755 sq ft                               Available Now!                                    Sunridge Estates
       Doublewide                           Riverfront                                                        * * Homes Only Area * *
                                           Free Flowing
        Two Full                              Water                                                    Newer A/C and Heat Pump
         Carports                          Extra Deep
                                               Lot                                                                                    3 bedroom
        PRO 3434                                                                                                                        2 bath
        $181,000                            PRO 3418
                                                                                                                                     On City Sewer
                                                                                                                                       & Water
                                                                                                                                           PRO 3491

            Lots of Room!
                                           Private Corner                                                                                 $289,500

       Home & In-Ground Pool                3 BD 2 BTH Manufactured
       Handicap Accessible                 Home ~ Fully Fenced Room
                                                                                                            Oatman Road
            RV Parking                         for Your Toys & RV                                            Zoned C-2
   4 Bedroom                                                                                                  2.4 acres
                                              PRO 3497   $149,900
   2 Bath                                                                                          PRO 3420                        $139,500
   1698 sq ft
   PRO 3495                                         Beautiful Mountain Views                                  IN THIS ISSUE
                                                      Water Line to Property
   $345,000                                                                               The P.R.O. Team .....................................................2
                                                 Utilities close By! Ready to Build       Mortgage Information/ Market .................................3
                                                        PRO 3472      $45,900             Waterfront Properties..............................................5
                                                                                          Waterfront Homes..................................................6
                                                                                          Residential Homes..................................................7
                                                                                          Manufactured Homes..............................................7
                     High on the Hill
                     Panoramic Views           Large Parcel Ready to                      Bullhead City News ..............................................7
                                                                                          Commercial/Industrial........................................... 8
                     3 Bedroom 3 bath
                      Fireplace - Den
                                                Be Split into 2 Lots!                     Acreage Investment................................................9
                                                                                          Residential Acreage & Land..................................10
                       Family Room                       165 x 663 parcel                 Vacation Homes / Resort Living...............................11
                                                          waiting for you!                Listings at a Glance............................................12
                                                                                          Community Demographics ................................13
                         PRO 3427                 PRO 3415             $140,000           Investment Opportunities....................................15
                        $359,000                                                          Economic Development ........................................15
                                                                                          Commercial Leasing ...........................................16

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                 Why P.R.O. Realty?                                                     Johnnie Taylor
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     P.R.O. Realty is a third-generation       In 1982, Robert and his father began                              (928) 201-0052
real estate company from the local area.    developing real estate in the area. After
The Lewis family name has been noted        working with Coldwell Bank for many
in Arizona’s history. Robert Lewis’s re-    years, he founded P.R.O. Realty in
lationship goes all the way back to the     1988. Among some of Lewis’ accom-
Lewis and Clark exploration team.           plishments are site locations for: J.C.
     His Great Uncle Pearly Lewis, an       Penny, Office Max, Arby’s, Panda Ex-
engineer, was hired by the State of         press, Weinerschnitzel, Payless Shoes,
Arizona to survey the Colorado River,       Quizno, Taco Bell, Terrible Herbst and      Debbie Smith              Dave Blevins
                                                                                         AZ REALTOR               AZ REALTOR
from origin to end. The survey started      the original Wal*Mart store (the first 24-    (928) 550-0301           (928) 788-3359
in Colorado, thru the Grand Canyon          hour store in the United States), as well
and ending in Mexico. Uncle Pearly          as many other retail developments. The
also helped locate all sites for the dams   current Super Wal-Mart site was located
on the Colorado River. He also located      through P.R.O. Realty, keeping 500+
and surveyed many historial Indian          jobs and retaining $100,000,000 annual
sites and was instrumental in keeping       sales volume in the city.
them protected.                                   Valley View Medical Center, the
  Lewis’ grandparents were original         newest facility in the area, was also            Tina                   Manuela
homesteaders who farmed land outside        site located thru P.R.O. Realty. Lewis’       Controller              Office Manager

of Williams. They started their con-        knowledge and expertise provided the
struction company in Phoenix, back          required information needed to close
when Phoenix was a small town of only       escrow in ten days.
8,000. Grandfather Charlie and his              Lewis and his wife are owners and
brother were the original contractors of    developers of Silver View RV Resort,
the free-standing bridge in Sedona.         a five star RV Park on the bluff at
   In 1956 (six years before Don Laugh-     Goldrush and Silver Creek. In addition,
                                                                                              Susan              Jacqueline Miera
lin settled on the Colorado River)          many other developments are at various       Executive Assistant      Park Model Sales
Grandfather Charlie purchased 2,800         stages, including A 24-hour Storage in
acres in the Bullhead City area, east       Kingman; Royal Palms Condominiums,
of Highway 95 from Silver Creek Road        a planned 240 unit complex; Silver
to what is now the Bullhead campus of       Creek Climate Control Storage Units              Call us today
Mohave Community College.                   and an office building along Highway          and see for yourself
    Lewis’ father, Gordon, began selling    95 and Hancock Road.                        what P.R.O. Realty can
and developing in the Bullhead City
area in 1968 and moved here twelve
                                              A member of the International Council
                                            of Shopping Centers since 1985, Lewis
                                                                                              do for you.
years later. He has been retired since      lives and works in Bullhead City. This
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1997 but is still engaged in a variety of   is the kind of experience provided to
development projects throughout the         you when dealing with P.R.O Realty.

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                MORTGAGE INFORMATION                                                                                                    Buyer’s Guide
                                                                                                                                              Vol 283           3
  For most people, buying a home is      and information to make a wise and           Although most bankers, mortgage          knowledgable questions from you,
the biggest financial decision they       educated decision when it comes            brokers and lending institutions are       the buyer or investor.
will make in their lifetime. We pres-    time to commit to a financial inves-        happy to answer whatever questions           We will be adding more information
ent this section with the hopes that     tement for your self, your family and      you may have, we hope that this            over time, so be certain to check fu-
it will empower you with knowledge       your future.                               information will generate even more        ture issues!

                 Definitions and Frequently Used Terms in Real Estate
Affidavit of Affixture: An Affidavit of affixing a          Impounds/Escrow Account: An account estab-               to borrower income, and housing expense plus
manufactured home or trailer to property which is       lished by the lender for taxes and insurance which       other debt service to borrower income, cannot
recorded with the County. This reclassify a manu-       has been included in the mortgage payment.               exceed specified maximums, e.g., 28% and 35%.
factured home or trailer from personal property to                                                               These may reflect the maximums specified by
real property.                                          Index Rate: The rate established to adjust ARM           Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; they may also vary
                                                        loans.                                                   with the loan-value ratio and other factors.
ARM: An adjustable rate mortgage
                                                        Interest Only: The mortgage payment is equal             Rate Caps: Limitations on the size of rate adjust-
Back End Ratio: Hosuing payment (PITI) +                to the amount of interest due only and there is no       ments on an ARM, often expressed in a/b/c
Installment and Revolving Monthly Payments di-          principle reduction.                                     fashion: “a” is the maximum rate change at the
vided by Total Gross Income.                                                                                     first rate adjustment, “b” is the maximum at all
                                                        Margin: A rate established to adjust ARM loans.          subsequent adjustments, and “c” is the maximum
Balloon: The full balance of the mortgage, all due      The better the credit, the lower the margin.             increase over the initial rate during the life of the
and payable at once, a stated in the note.                                                                       contract.
                                                        Negative Amortization: This essentially occurs
Bond market: Usually refers to the daily buying         when a borrower makes a minimum payment that             RESA: Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act is
and selling of thirty year treasury bonds. Lenders      may not cover the interest that is due. Loan bal-        a consumer protection law that requires lenders to
follow this market intensely because as the yields      ance then increases as a result.                         give borrowers advance notice of closing costs.
of bonds go up and down, fixed rate mortgages
do approximately the same thing. The same fac-          Origination Fee: The fee imposed by a lender to          Reverse Annuity Mortgage (RAM): A system
tors that affect the Treasury Bond market also          cover certain processing expenses in connection          developed for an elderly property owner in which
affect mortgage rates at the same time. That is         with making a loan. Usually a percentage of the          regular monthly payments can be received from a
why rates change daily, and in a volatile market        amount loaned.                                           lender. When the total reaches a pre-determined
can and do change during the day as well.                                                                        amount, the owner begins repaying the loan or
                                                        Planned Unit Development (PUD): A type of                sells the property.
Caps: The minimum and maximum adjustment to             ownership where individuals actually own the
the interest rate when it is time to adjust. Adjust-    building or unit they reside in, but shared areas        Seller Contribution: A contribution to a borrow-
ments can be semi-annual (every six months) or          are owned jointly with the other members of the          er’s down payment or settlement costs made by
annually (once a year)                                  development or established association.                  a home seller, as an alternative to a price reduc-
Carryback: Seller makes a “loan” to borrower, on        Periodic Payment Cap: A limit on the amount
the title to the property. This is sometimes used to    that payments can increase or decrease during            Seller Credit: A credit given by the Seller to the
offset LTV requirements from lenders. An “owner         any one adjustment period.                               Buyer for loan costs, property improvements or
carry” is also considered an owner carryback.                                                                    repairs.
                                                        PITI: Principle, interest, taxes and insurance all
CLTV: Combined loan to value (i.e. 80/20=100%           included in the mortgage payment.                        Short Sale: An agreement between a mortgage
= CLTV                                                                                                           borrower in distress and the lender that allows the
                                                        PMI: Prepaid Mortgage Insurance. This protects           borrower to sell the house and remit the proceeds
Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA): A feder-           the lender against losses on loans above 80% LTV         to the lender. It is an alternative to foreclosure, or
al law that requires lenders and other creditors to     and can be removed from the mortgage payment             a deed in lieu of foreclosure.
make credit equally available without discrimina-       after the mortgage balance is 80% or less than
tion based on race, color, religion, national origin,   original sales price or an appraisal that shows the      Silent Second: A second mortgage offered
age, sex, marital status, or receipt of income from     value has increased to bring the loan balance be-        at preferential (subsidized) terms to those who
public assistance programs.                             low 80% of the appraised value.                          qualify. For example, a labor union may offer
                                                                                                                 members who are first-time home buyers a silent
Escrow Holdback: An account set up by the Title         Points: Prepaid interest assessed at closing by          second to finance closing costs or the down pay-
Company for funds to be directed to pay off im-         the lender. Each point is equal to one percent of        ment. The second might bear no interest, and
provements to property after the close of escrow,       the loan (i.e. two points on a $200,000 mortgage         might not be repayable until the first mortgage is
such as a new roof, heating or cooling equipment,       would cost $4,000).                                      repaid or the property is sold.
                                                        Prepaid Expenses: Necessary to create an                 Survey: A drawing or map the shows the pre-
Float Down: A rate lock, plus an option to reduce       escrow account or to adjust the seller’s existing        cise legal boundaries of a property, the location
the rate if market interest rates decline during the    escrow account. This can include taxes, hazard           of improvements, easements, rights of way,
lock period. Also called a cap. A float-down costs      insurance, private mortgage insurance and spe-           encroachments, and other physical features.
the borrower more than a lock because it is more        cial assessments.
costly to the lender. Float-downs vary widely in                                                                 Underwriting requirements: The standards
terms of how often the borrower can exercise            Qualification:      The process of determining           imposed by lenders in determining whether a bor-
(usually only once), and exactly when the bor-          whether a prospective borrower has the ability,          rower qualifies for a loan. These standards are
rower can exercise.                                     meaning sufficient assets and income, to repay           more comprehensive than qualification require-
                                                        a loan. Qualification is sometimes referred to as        ments in that they include an evaluation of the
Front End Ratio: Housing payment (PITI) divided         “pre-qualification” because it is subject to verifica-   borrower’s creditworthiness.
by Total Gross Income.                                  tion of the information provided by the applicant.
                                                        Qualification is short of approval because it does       VA Funding Fee: The fees charged to Veteran
Gift of Equity: A sale price below market value,        not take account of the credit history of the bor-       borrowers instead of PMI. The VA allows these
where the difference is a gift from the sellers to      rower. Qualified borrowers may ultimately be             fees to be financed.
the buyers. Such gifts are usually between family       turned down because, while they have demon-
members. Lenders will usually allow the gift to         strated the capacity to repay, a poor credit history     VOD: Verification of Deposit issued by the bor-
count as down payment.                                  suggests that they may be unwilling to pay               rower’s financial institution verifying the status
                                                                                                                 and balance of his/her financial accounts.
Home Keeper: A reverse mortgage program                 Qualification Ratios: Requirements stipulated
administered by Fannie Mae.                             by the lender that the ratio of housing expense
                 P.R.O. Realty
                Buyer’s Guide
                                          We have access to experienced lenders in our area
                      Vol 283              For More Information Call P.R.O. at 800-253-7452
                                                                                                                       P.R.O. Realty
  4          THE MORTGAGE MARKET                                                                                      Buyer’s Guide
                                                                                                                            Vol 283

  Whether you are looking to pur-      invest for your down payment           and lenders in their underwriting     can be no 30 days late reported
chase a single wide, double wide,      and closing costs. These are just      policies.                             in the past 12 months on rent or
site built home or a parcel of land    some of the basics.                       For example, to qualify for a      mortgage payments although one
to build upon, there is a mortgage      Mortgage brokers who work with        100% LTV mortgage on a site built     30 day late reporting on an install-
product that is right for you. Be-     lenders may have some creative         home, the property must be for        ment is ok. The Seller can pay up
low we set out some of the various     financing available so don’t be         primary, secondary or investment      to five percent of buyer’s closing
kinds of mortgages available.          disappointed if you don’t see          purposes and are for purchase         costs.
  The product you select and avail-    yourself fitting in one the prod-       money mortgages only.                   The following is provided as in-
able interest rates will depend        ucts we have included here.               Alternative credit is okay but     formation only for the home buyer
upon the type of property you are        This list is certainly not all in-   there must be three sources of        and is not to be considering an
buying, whether it will be your pri-   clusive of what is available in the    credit reporting and at least a two   offering or guarantee of qualifica-
mary residence, a second home          mortgage market today but is in-       year history. There is no minimum     tion for any type of loan. If you are
or investment property, and also       tended as an example of what is.       income requirement but you want       in the market for a home loan, call
the health of your credit score and      Certain guidelines must be fol-      to make sure your income can sup-     us. We would be happy to put you
the amount your have to initially      lowed by mortgage companies            port the payment required. There      in touch with lenders in our area.

                                                Residential Loans
                                       Single Wide Mobile Homes (Must bear HUD sticker and be 1976 or newer):
                                             100% LTV VA LOAN with full documentation and no minmum credit score
                                             100% LTV with full documentation amd a minimum 740 credit score

                                       Double Wide Mobile Homes:
                                            Primary Residence:
                                            100% LTV VA Loan Only with full documentation and no minimum credit score(*)
                                             95% LTV with full documentation and minimum 720 credit score
                                             90% LTV with full documentation and minimum 620 credit score
                                             80% LTV with stated income and no ratio; minimum 680 credit score

                                               Second Homes:
                                               90% LTV with full documentation and minimum 620 credit score
                                               80% LTV with full documentation and minimum 620 credit score (No PMI required)
                                               80% TLV stated income with no ratio; minimum 680 credit score

                                               Investment Property
                                                75% LTV with stated income but must have minimum 680 credit score

                                       Site Built Homes:*
                                             Primary Residence:
                                             100% LTV with full documentation and minimum 580 credit score
                                             100% LTV stated income and minimum 620 credit score

                                               Second Homes:
                                               100% LTV with full documentation and minimum 620 credit score
                                               100% LTV stated income and minimum 640 credit score

                                               Investment Property
                                               100% LTV with full documentation and minimum 620 credit score
                                               100% LTV stated income and minimum 680 credit score

                                       (* Allows for seller contributions towards closing costs)

                       Raw Land or Buildable Lot Loans
                                        Primary Residence:
                                        100% LTV with full documentation and minimum 650 credit score

                                        Secondary Residence:
                                        90% LTV with full documentation
                                        80% LTV with no ratio

                                        Investment Property:
                                        75% LTV on lots larger than 1.25 acres, either full documentation or no ratio

                                        Lots on or off plated submidivion
                                        Maximum lot sizes of five acres (case by case basis on larger sized parcels)
                                        Utilitites must be availabe to the site or proof that land is in the process of hook up)
                                        Maximum term three years (case by case basis on longer term up to five years)
                                        Interest only / Balloons / No Prepayment Penalty / Appraisals Required
                                                                                                                     P.R.O. Realty
                      We have access to experienced lenders in our area
                                                                                                                    Buyer’s Guide
                       For More Information Call P.R.O. at 800-253-7452                                                   Vol 283
 P.R.O. Realty
Buyer’s Guide
      Vol 283            WATERFRONT PROPERTY                                                                                                             5
                     The temperature is rising! Move to the water Now!

              Will Consider                                                                                                                      Open to
               All Offers!                                                                                                                       Offers


                    1298 DIKE ROAD                                                                                         653 RIVERFRONT DRIVE
                                                             2149 WHITEWATER DRIVE
               Best Deal on the River!                 Waterfront property. Beautiful views from                The Ultimate Entertainer! Custom site built
       Deep Water Area - Gated Community                kitchen, living room, master bedroom                      waterfront home. 4 bedrooms, 4 baths,
       Huge Lot from Dike Road to the River              and 2 decks. Completely furnished.                      Kitchen has center island, long breakfast
     Plenty of Room to Add On, Store you Boat               Fireplace, dock and sea wall.                       bar, garden windows and BBQ. Top quality
          and all your toys. Room for RV                    1/2 block from boat launching.                                   furniture included.
    PRO 3418                        $599,000          PRO3263                          $875,000
                                                                                                               PRO 3372                          $975,000

    Two Beautiful Homes                                                                                          Gated Community
  Private White Sand Beach                            Completely Remodeled                                        Private Boat Slip
      and Launch Ramp                                     Boathouse dock
                                                                                                                in protected marina
                                                      4 Bd 3 Bth 3 car garage
   2 Bd 2 Bth 3 car garage                                                                                          Master Suite
                                                         Huge Master Suite
             AND                                                                                                  is Second Floor
                                                           SS Appliances
    3 Bd/2 Bt/2 car garage                                                                                         Patio Hot Tub
  MLS 788974 $1,350,000                               MLS 784075 $795,000                                      MLS 791422 $579,000

                                                        Open Great Room
    Palo Verde Meadows                                                                                           Resort Like Living!
                                                        Gas Log Fireplace                                        Spacious versatile
    Beauty with 3 Bd/4Bt                              Upgraded Kitchen with
     2 car & RV garage                                                                                         floorplan
                                                                                                               floorplan 10’ ceilings 8’
                                                       Oak cabinets & new                                      doors private balconies
    Game Room * Study
    Full Length Veranda
                                                           appliances                                            private boat launch
   MLS788847 $1,489,000                                  Block Seawall                                            2 bd guest house.
                                                      MLS 785258 $740,000                                      MLS 788259 $2,200,000

     New Construction                                                                                            New Construction!
                                                         Owner May Carry!                                      Media room, game room,
       Homes Only                                    2 full patios overlooking                                 pool, beach, boat dock &
    Gated Association                                 river. Lover Level has                                   launch, 160’ long garage
       Boat Launch                                       separate entrance                                      Electric gate entry and
        Green Belts                                   5 bd 3 bth 3,400+ sq ft                                     shaded courtyard
     Man-Made Marina                                                                                                  A Must See!
   MLS 767944 $2,100,000                              MLS 785418 $995,000                                     MLS 768490 $4,250,000

     On Deep Water!                                       Have It All!                                            Gorgeous views
                                                                                                                 included - waiting to
   Fireplace in Master                                  Theater Room
                                                                                                                 welcome you home!
     and Rec Room                                        Game Room
                                                                                                                  Large 55 x 152’ lot
       4 Bd 4 Bth                                        Pool & Spa                                            2 car garage, boat dock,
   Boat Deep Garage                                   4 bd 6 bth 6,100 sf                                        fireplace,
                                                                                                                 fireplace, RV parking
  MLS 787648 $899,000                               MLS 767945 $2,495,000                                      MLS 768639 $750,000

  (928) 763-9100
                               DISCLOSURE: All prices, terms and availability of parcels are subject to change at Seller’s discretion.
                           MORE WATERFRONT
                                                                                                                                                                 P.R.O. Realty
6                                                                                                                                                               Buyer’s Guide
                                                                                                                                                                      Vol 283

                                     offices find
        Why call and stop at several offices to find what you want
           when you can get it all at P.R.O.? Call Us Today!
                              Ground Level Condo                                                    Gated Complex
                                with attached garage                                                                                                               Rio Las Palmas
                                                                                                Private beach & marina
                               1 bedroom 1 bath with                                                                                                            Casino & River View
                                                                                                3 car boat deep garage
                                   river access and                                                                                                                Furniture Stays!
                            water view. Association Pool.                                         Fireplace New A/C
                                                                                                                                                                Tiled Entry & Kitchen
                                  Private patio/deck                                               2 bedroom 2 bath
                              MLS 767853    $136,900                                                  2 balconies
                                                                                                                                                                MLS 783864 $285,000
                                                                                                MLS 787614 $249,500

   Private & Secure                                               Model Home
                                                                                                                             Greatroom and Master
  Steps from the river                                          Gated Riverfront
                                                                                                                               Bedroom Fireplaces
                                                            Community waiting for you!
 Located close to main                                                                                                         Granite Countertops
                                                                Private boat slip
   channel entrance                                             2 master suites
                                                                                                                               Private Sandy Beach
      Fully fenced                                                                                                                and Boat Dock
                                                              Huge 30 x 37 garage                                             MLS 788264 $569,900
MLS 788895 $410,000                                         MLS 782811        $520,000

                                  Fully Furnished                                                                                                                    WIDE RIVER
                                3 bedroom 3 bath +                                                Riverfront Beauty                                            Big windows to enjoy your
                                 family room double                                             Enjoy the Sandy Beach                                            part of the river. Private
                               decker - Master Bed-                                             Used as Vacation Home.                                         Dock. Decks on both sides
                                                                                                 Fireplace. 4 Bedrooms
                               room & Bath on lower                                                                                                            of home. 2 car garage plus
                                                                                                     upstairs 3 Baths
                                  floor 3 car garage                                                                                                               boat parking, carport
                                                                                                MLS 698980 $679,000
                                MLS 768287 $620,000                                                                                                             MLS 781077 $590,000

Kitchens Up & Down                                                ‘No Wake’ Area
                                                                                                                             Ground Level Condo
                                                                 Entertainer’s delight
  Large Family Room                                                                                                           Private Entrance to the
                                                                    Formal Dining
     Double Decks                                                                                                            River. Hardwood Floors,
                                                                 2 bedroom / 2 bath
   3 bedroom 3 bath                                                                                                          Crown Molding, Step Ceil-
                                                                  3,000 square foot
 Great for large family                                                                                                        ing. Premium Sound
 MLS 788427 $629,000                                                                                                         MLS 700224 $749,000
                                                             MLS 699926 $735,000

                               B-B-Q on the River                                                  GATED COMMUNITY                                              Custom Built Avalon
                                  Beautiful Patios                                                   Deep river access                                          Beautiful one story home
                              2,500+ sq ft 3 bdrm 3                                             1956 square foot home with                                         on the waterfront.
                              bth Boat Dock and jet-                                             brick drive, 3 car garage                                         3 bedroom 3 bath
                                ties on both sides                                              and RV Parking Dual Pane                                         Furnishings available
                                   for swimming                                                                  fireplace
                                                                                                  Windows and fireplace
                               MLS 767671 $779,000                                               MLS 783106   $849,900                                          MLS 768665 $924,900

                               Master Balcony View                                                                              Lower Colorado River
                                 is unbeatable!                  Awesome Sights!                                              2,525 square feet of pure
                                4 bedroom 4 bath, on            4 bedroom 3 bath with
                                                                                                                              luxury! 4 bedroom 3 bath
                              Greenbelt, in-ground pool      46’ foot deep garage - room
                                                                                                                               two story. Landscaping
                              and spa with cooling deck     for six vehicles or lots of toys!
                                                                                                                              credit to qualified buyers!
                                 6 car & RV garage
                                                               New Boat Dock & Ramp
                                                              MLS 780153 $1,200,000
                            MLS 768123       $1,200,000                                                                      MLS 768375 $1,300,000

    Resort Style                                                                                                                                               Absolutely Breathtaking
 Your own private get-                                                                                New Custom                                                 Private Beach, dock &
 away without leaving                                                                                 Construction                                              launch. Cultured Mable
         home!                                                                                    6100 sq ft luxury home                                         Tops, dramatic vaulted
 139’ of river frontage.                                                                        4 bedroom 6 bath on wide,                                        ceilings, oak cabinetry.
                                                                                                   deep part of the river                                         Watercraft included!
                                                                                                MLS 767946 $2,495,000                                          MLS 768881 $3,150,000
MLS 782103 $1,980,000

                           Being a member of MLS we believe it is important to market all sellers properties.
             Make P.R.O. Realty your One Stop Shop. If you are looking for a Riverfront Property, call us first and save time.

(928) 763-9100                                         INFO@PROREALTY.NET                                                                        
                           DISCLOSURE: All prices, terms and availability of parcels are subject to change at Seller’s discretion.
                    P.R.O. Realty
                   Buyer’s Guide
                         Vol 283
                                      IMMACULATE!                                    SUNRIDGE ESTATES
                                                                                       Enjoy the View!
                              3 bedroom 2 bath 1,400+ sq ft
                              New Carpet & Tile Thoroughout                            Homes Only Area
                                Ceiling fans in every room                        Heat Pump & AC 8 mths old
                               Water softener & purification
                                                 purification                          1,500+ square feet
                                Stainless steel appliances                              3 bedroom 2 bath
                                 PRO 3490                     $210,000              PRO 3491        $289,500

                                                            LIVE THE QUIET LIFE IN STYLE!
                                                            Extra large 2700+ square feet
                                                        4 bedroom 3 bath with bonus room.
                                                         Immaculate landscaping, watering
                                                         system, intercom, in ground pool,
                                                          brand new, never used, stainless
                                                                   steel appliances.
                                                             PRO 3451                $499,500

                                                            BEAUTIFUL HILLTOP VIEWS -
                                                                Centrally located
                                                                 Landscaped Private Yard
                                                                       - Fireplace
                                                             3 Bedroom / 3 Bath 1,698 sq ft
                                                                Lots and Lots of Room
                                                            PRO 3506              $359,000

                                                               POOL HOME - HANDICAP

                                                                 Beautiful & Well Kept
                                                             4 Bedroom 2 Bath 1,680+ sq ft
                                                             Dual Pane Windows, Fireplace
                                                                     RV Parking
                                                               R/O and water softner too!
                                                            PRO 3957                  $345,000

                                                             New        Rooom for you,
                                                        Construction     your mother-in-
                                                         3 Bedroom      law and a rental
                                                           2 Bath
                                                                        3 homes on 3/4
                                                      2,800 square feet
                                                         Stone Work     acre in the heart
                                                          Fireplace        of Kingman
                                                               PRO 3470               PRO 3507
                                                               $295,000              $198,900

                                 MANUFACTURED HOMES
                               Very Cute Open                       Too NEW for Pictures
                                   Singlewide                                                                                     BRAND NEW!
                                                                       2 Bedroom 1 Bath
                                 2 Bedroom 2 Bath                                                                                   Close to the River
                              Perfect for Rental or First
                                     Time Buyer
                                                                    Singlwide w/Central Air                                   3 bedroom 2 bath 1,200+ sf
                               Fully Fenced - Newer
                                      Plumbing                       Ceiling Fans ~ Fenced                                    Kitchen Island Formal Dining

                                                                                                                                  PRO 3488   $184,900
                              Sewer Assessment Paid!
                             PRO 3503         $52,500
                                                                      PRO 3508    $40,000

  Long Term                                            Open Floor
    Renter                                               Plan                                            Large
   in place                                             Large Double                                     Corner
                                                        Wide with de-                                     Lot
   2 Bedroom                                              tached boat                                   Fully Fenced
    1 Bath on                                            deep garage                                   RV Parking and
                                                        65’ breezeway                                     Hookups
     large lot
                                                       Lots of room for                                Spa off Master
   910 sq feet
                                                       all your family &                                Blocks from
  Room for your                                               toys                                          River
                                                                                                         PRO 3497
    PRO 3441                                                PRO 3434
    $79,000                                                 $181,000

  Would you like to receive our P.R.O. Realty Buyer’s Guide directly to your home? Call today! 928/763-9100 E-mail:
(928) 763-9100                                   INFO@PROREALTY.NET                                                         
                        DISCLOSURE: All prices, terms and availability of parcels are subject to change at Seller’s discretion.
         P.R.O. Realty
        Buyer’s Guide
              Vol 283                                     COMMERCIAL AND ACREAGE INVESTMENTS
                     “Land Ownership is Wealth” - Now is the Time to Buy
       Will Rogers said: “Don’t wait to buy land. Buy land and wait...the good Lord ain’t making anymore”
                                                                                   When investing in commercial land the first rule of                                                                            City Improves East - West Corridor
                                                                                 thumb is Location! Location! Location! The second
            Oatman Road                                                          rule of thumb is to invest where the area is growing and                                                                            from Parkway to Highway 95
                                                                                 improvements are being made to raise the value of the
        Arterial Commercial                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Fox Creek
                                                                                 property.                                                                                                                                                                                                 School
             Properties                                                            The perfect scenario is when you can fulfill both on                                 Newly graded and
                                                                                 the same property. Buying along N. Oatman Road does                                    paved Adobe Road
                                                                                                                                                                       connects Parkway to
                                                                                 this.                                                                                  Mohave Drive and
                                                                                                                                                                             beyond.                                                                              911
   On North Oatman Road in new               Nice large commercial lot
        East/West Corridor                backs to cul-de-sac - 2.3 acres to                                                                                                                                                                                            School
       2+ acres Commercial                  build your dream business
  PRO 3459              $170,000
                                           PRO 3501              $190,000
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                <--3 miles-->

       Commercial Acreage                                                                                      Excellent site for
  2.4 Acres Commercial Land in                Colorado River Estates
      Colorado River Estates                Commercial lot - 2.3 Acres                                         self-storage units
 PRO 3453                $490,000         PRO 3454               $295,000
                                                                                                                 4.7 acres total
   Near City roadway improvement
                                                                                                                        $279,000                                                                                           Motor
                                           Ideal 2.26 acre commercial lot.                                                                                                                                                 Vehicles
      2.33 acre waiting for your            Perfect investment opportu-                                                PRO 3420 & 3421
           business venture                  nity. On the future bypass.                                                                                                                                                  City Hall

      PRO 3479        $299,000             PRO 3420               139,500
                                                                                                                                                                       Booster and Arcadia       At present the City is completing grad-           year.
                                                                                                                                                                       Road are currently
                                                                                                                                                                                             ing three miles of a five-lane roadway from               Most unique of all N. Oatman Road rep-
  Exceptional Commercial lot.                 Excellent Growth location                                                                                                 being leveled and
    Over an acre. Ready for                                                                                                                                            graded in anticipa-   Highway 95 to the Parkway.                            resents the largest portion of vacant property
                                                   for your business                                                                                                                             Some of the curbs and gutters are in and          zoned commercial in the City. One and one-
        your business.                                                                                                                                                   tion of paving.
                                          PRO 3458                 $159,800
 PRO 3421              $139,500                                                                                                                                                              paving is to be completed by mid-July. The            half miles have already been zoned General
                                                                                    2.48 Acres on planned                 Beauty Parlor, Barber Shop, Coffee Shop or                         City anticipates N. Oatman Road, when com-            Commercial. All parcels are 600’ deep on each
    Elevated lot, 100,000 sq. ft.             Commercial Acreage                        City roadway                             Thrift Store - You Name It -                                pleted with all improvements, will be equal to        side giving you one of the largest commercial
 Zoning will allow a Daily/Weekly/        164’ x 640’ Commercial Land                                                        Freshly Painted - New Carpet & Tile                             Hancock Road.                                         corridors only second to Highway 95.
    Monthly Apartment Rental.                just east of Highway 95              improvements Zoned C2                            New Bathroom Fixtures
 PRO 3456                 $495,000       PRO 3457              $164,500            PRO 3453 $490,000                                 PRO 3444     $195,000                                       It is also estimated traffic count along N.          You can see why the City is now moving for-
                                                                                                                                                                                             Oatman Road will surpass Hancock Road.                ward to help relieve traffic on Highway 95 and
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Years ago the City purchased from the             move an estimated 20,000 cars per day onto N.
  2.41 Acre Commercial lot              Newly graded & paved road-               Get your piece of the pie
                                                                                                                                      INTERSTATE PLACE                                       State of Arizona, at a cost of $360,000, for the      Oatman Road when completed.
 City Paving to begin soon in           way leads to these residential             before it’s all gone.
                                                                                                                                          12 - 44 Acres                                      easement to extend N. Oatman Road west of                It is hard to believe there is still investment
area -- Now is the time to plan            estate lots. Both 1.1 acre                                                                  Zoned M-1 Industrial                                  Highway 95 to connect with Riverview Drive.           opportunities where you can buy properties for
 your next business venture                  PRO 3465 and 3466                                                                                                                               Riverview Drive is one of the primary bridge          less than $3 per square foot. This makes N.
PRO 3500                   $495,000                $90,000 each                                                          Can be used for NAFTA truck stor-                                   sites under consideration to cross the Colorado       Oatman quite attractive when compared with
                                                                                                                               age and fuel depot, truck                                     River to Laughlin, Nevada.                            properties on Hancock Road, currently selling
On newly graded and paved                  Over 2 acres in newest                                                        turn-around lot, cold storage, boat                                     In the general plan, if the planned bridge        for $10 per square foot, and along Highway 95,
                                                                                                                                 storage, warehouse                                          is located at Riverview Drive, it would make          at $20 per square foot.
 thoroughfare - 2.32 acre                 East West Retail Corridor
                                                                                                                          building and industrial business                                   N. Oatman Road the only major arterial road               Investors and visionaries alike foresee tre-
   commercial property                    Perfect for your business                                                                                                                          to connect Nevada’s Highway 95 to Arizona’s           mendous retail and commercial growth along
 Primed for development                                                                                                      park, RV park, campground.
                                                                                                                                                                                             Highway 95, to the Parkway and the future             Oatman Road since this will become the new
 PRO 3477       $289,000                 PRO 3499                $289,000                                                  Owner may sell smaller portion
                                                                                                                                                                                             Highway 68 - I40 Corridor and Route 66 to the         East-West “bypass” . I, myself, have made
                                                                                 In Arizona, only 17% of the land is
                                                                                                                            than 12 acres at higher price.                                   town of Oatman and Kingman.                           many investments along N. Oatman Road for
 Contact P.R.O. Realty for a list of all our commercial lots or large acreage.    available for private ownership.            Call Bob Lewis for Details.
           Many properties available to build-to-suit your needs!                        In Mohave County,
                                                                                                                                                                                                 As you can see, N. Oatman Road can only           my kids college and retirement.
                                                                                       only 10% is available...                                                                              get bigger, better and carry more traffic every                                              Bob Lewis
                      P.R.O. Realty 928-763-9100

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                P.R.O. Realty is a member of the
FAX (928) 763-8624                                                      For Information, Call (928) 763-9100 or E-mail:                                                                                                                      International Council of Shopping
                                                                   DISCLOSURE: All prices, terms and availability of parcels are subject to change at Seller’s discretion.                         
                                                                                                                                           P.R.O. Realty
 10 RESIDENTIAL ACREAGE AND LAND                                                                                                          Buyer’s Guide
                                                                                                                                                Vol 283

   Estate Living - Gorgeous Views of the               310’ x 290’ residential lot just waiting               Land can be split into two residential
              City & Mountains                                 for your dream home.                            lots. Spectacular mountain views
     PRO 3466                  $90,000                   PRO 3472                  $ 45,900                      PRO 3415                 40,000

      On the Greens in homes-only                     Beautiful Site for your Dream Home                         Beautiful level lot in homes-only
   Desert Lakes Golf Course community                 Over 1 Acre to plant & room for Toys!                        Desert Lakes Golf Course.
     PRO 3281              $150,000                     PRO 3465                $90,000                         PRO 3280                  $150,000

                                                        One Acre Residential Lot
                                                           Homes Only Area
                                                        Adjacent lot also available
                                                          PRO 3474 $89,000
                                                        Would you like the
                                                    P.R.O. Realty Buyer’s Guide
                                                         delivered to your
                                                         home or business?
                                                      Call or E-mail us today
         Nice Level Lot with                              to find out how!                                                Casino Views!
                                                     Toll-Free: 1-800-253-7452
   Outstanding Panoramic Views                      E-mail:                                       Surround yourself with
    Site Built Homes only area                                                                                             views galore!
    PRO 3437         $145,000                                Ready to Build -                                     Estate sized residential parcel
                                                           Just Waiting for You!                                   PRO 3505          $137,500
                                                                2 1/2 acres
                                                        PRO 3502            $121,500                                             2.5 acres
                                                                                                                           Can Be Split into two
                                                                                                                              residential lots
                                                                                                                            Beautiful Mountain
    Ready for Your Ranch Style Home                                                                                              $118,000
       Over 2+ Acres of flat land.
    Waterline and Telephone in. Power
                                                                                                                            Estate Living
     available. Excellent opportunity.                                                                                     Central location
          Don’t wait - Buy now!                                                                                          Walking Distance to
                                                                                                                        Diamond Back School
    PRO 3472                   $45,900                                                                                  PRO 3473 $89,000
     Beautiful Views Abound
  from this estate sized parcel
                                                                                                                  Over two acres - well drilled to 350’
        2 + acres to build
       your custom home
                                                                                                                  Power to property and permitted for
         and room for all                                                                                             septic Property lines stated
            your toys.                                                                                              PRO 3439              $250,000
     PRO 3494       $189,000

                                     Community Demographics
  Bullhead City was incorporated     non-existent.                             regional airport. Sun Country Air-                   fields,
                                                                                                                        ment, ball fields, picnic ramadas,
on August 8, 1984 and is currently      Tourism is the main source of          lines is the main provider however                        fishing
                                                                                                                        swimming and fishing areas.
the 16th largest city in Arizona     Bullhead City’s economy. With             many private charter services are          Within a short distance of Bull-
with a population in excess of       ten thriving casinos in Laughlin,         also available.                          head City, golfers have their choice
38,000 persons.                      Nevada, directly across the beauti-           Bounded by the Lake Mead             of six courses, some with champi-
     Located on Arizona’s west       ful Colorado River, Bullhead City         Recreation District, the Hualapai,       onship layouts and the Clubs are
border, Bullhead City is at an       thrives with the 6 million visitors       Black, Dead and Newberry Moun-           happy to take your reservation up
elevation of 550 feet above sea      who come every year. Many of              tains, and within a short driving        to thirty days out.
level and hugs the Colorado River    the casino employees live in Bull-        distance to the Grand Canyon,              If you are considering relocating
shore. Residents and visitors en-    head City and Bullhead is com-            Bullhead City has a wide variety         to Arizona or perhaps investing in
joy almost year round sunshine       monly referred to as the “business        of recreation for the entire family.     a winter vacation home, give us
(average temperature is 86 an-       center” for Laughlin, Nevada.                 There are six parks offering         a call. We would be more than
nually), hence the desert climate.      Air travel to Bullhead City is         gather places for family and             happy to send you a Relocation
Percipitation adds up to only a      serviced by the Laughlin/Bullhead         friends. Many have maintained            Guide and assist you in your real
few inches and humidity is almost    International Airport, a full service     boat ramps, playground equip-            estate needs.

(928) 763-9100                              INFO@PROREALTY.NET                                                          
                        DISCLOSURE: All prices, terms and availability of parcels are subject to change at Seller’s discretion.
  P.R.O. Realty
 Buyer’s Guide
       Vol 283       RESORT LIVING                                                                                                 11
                   Great Vacation Home Getaway
          I L ’
       e I 72         Silver View RV Resort
  Ph 30’ x                        www.

                                                                          P i c t u r e t a k e n f r o m RV S p a c e a t R e s o r t

Financing Available!
                                                                                                    less t g
                                                                                                   $39,0 an

       Pa els !
       w     s                                                                            Office
                                                                                    Sales Office @ Space 439
     No all Uect!
      C Dir                                                                         1501 Goldrush Road, Bullhead City, AZ 86442
                                                                                             Telephone: 928-444-1185
                                                                                                Fax: 928-444-1186
                               w w w. p a r k m o d e l s c h e a p e r. c o m
       Market and Deli              Silver View RV Resort
                                                                                                  Pool and Spa
                               located on Silver Creek Rd and
                                      Facilities include:
                               Clubhouse with Deli/Restaurant
                               selling beer and wine, billiards,
                                cards and darts, heated Pool &
                               Spa, Laundromat and Dog Run.

           DryCamp Area for large events available
(928) 763-9100      For Information, Call 1-800-253-7452                                                          FAX (928) 763-8624
                                                                                                                        P.R.O. Realty

12                          LISTINGS AT A GLANCE                                                                       Buyer’s Guide
                                                                                                                             Vol 283

                 Acreage                                Residential Land                                    Riverfront Homes
Ready for your Ranch Style Home                                                                        Extra Long Lot on deep water. Lots of
                                                 Absolutely the Best Views - Horse property
Over 2 acres. Water and telephone lines in.                                                           Room for Toys - 2 bedrom 2 bath
                                                 $159,000                        PRO 3492
$45,900                          PRO 3472                                                             $599,000                    PRO 3418
 Supersized 2.28 acres - Manufactured            Adjacent to planned development 2+ acres
                                                 $140,000                       PRO 3415              Laguna Nueva Condo - 3 car boat deep ga-
Home okay.                                                                                            rage - private marina & beach access
$140,000                    PRO 3415             Over one Acre to build your dream home
                                                                                                      $249,500                     MLS 787614
                                                 $89,900                         PRO 3473

       Commercial Land                           On improved Parkway connector - 2.4 acres
                                                 $250,000                      PRO 3439
                                                                                                      Gated Community - private boat slip - patio
                                                                                                      hot tub
2+ acres zoned GC on planned thoroughfare                                                             $520,000                    MLS 791422
- City paving street                             Unblockable views completely buildable
$134,500                       PRO 3421          $145,000                      PRO 3489
                                                                                                      On Deep Water - Fireplace in Master and

Zoned C2-General Commercial near City                                                                 Recreation Room

roadway improvement                                     Residential Homes
                                                  High on the Hill in Sunridge Estates - Beau-
                                                                                                      $899,000                     MLS 787648

                                                  tiful Views - RV hookups - Fruit Trees              Call A P.R.O. Today for any of your real
 On New City Street - 2.33 acres GC ready
                                                  $289,500                          PRO 3491          estate needs. 800-253-7452
for your business
                                                  New carpet & flooring. Ceiling fans in every
$299,000                       PRO 3498
                                                  room, R/O, SS appliances, 3 bedroom 2 bath
Primed for development - 2+ acres - new           $205,500                          PRO 3490          Ground Level Condo with Private Entrance
development area                                 Handicap accessible home & in-ground pool            to the river
See Page 8                     PRO 3500          - 4 bedrooms 2 bath - fully landscaped               $749,000                   MLS 700224
 Elevated lot zoned for Daily, Weekly or         $345,000                           PRO 3495            Breathtaking views - cultured marble -
monthly apartment rental                                                                              vaulted ceilings - just plain beautiful!
                                                 Arroyo Estates - Mature Landscaping
$495,000                       PRO 3456                                                               $ 3,150,000                     MLS 768881
                                                 4 Bedroom - 3 bath
On thoroughfare being graded & paved by          $499,500                       PRO 3451
City                                                                                                  Two Kitchens, 3 bedrooms, 3 baths - big
$289,000                        PRO 3499         On the Hill above Hancock Road - central
                                                 location                                             enough for everyone!
Large commercial lot backs to cul-de-sac for                                                          $659,000                  MLS 788427
                                                 $000,000                     PRO 0000
possible duly entry
$190,000                        PRO 3501
                                                     Manufactured Homes                               Sandy Beach - double decks - fireplace
                                                                                                      $679,000                      MLS 698980
2.26 commercial lot on future bypass
$134,500                        PRO 3420         75 x 100 foot lot with doublewide and de-
                                                 tached boat deep garage                              Steps from the River - private and secure -
                                                 $181,000                        PRO 3434
        Residential Land                                                                              best price on the river!
                                                                                                      $481,500                     MLS 788895
                                                 Very motivated seller - 2 bedroom 2 bath
Mixed useResidential lot 1+ acre single fam-     $ 52,500                          PRO 3503
ily zoning                                       Reliable renter in place; newer heating unit.                  Multi-Family
$89,900                         PRO 3474         RV Parking
 Residential site 2.5 acres in the center of     $79,000                           PRO 3441           11.83 acres approved for 264 Units. Proj-
 town - can be split                             Private Setting - large corner lot - fully           ect Platted and Engineering Complete.
 $118,000                                        fenced & landscaped                                  Call Bob Lewis for details.
                                                 $149,900                      PRO 3497
Horse property - 2.4 acres - views all around    Brand New Construction - 3 bedroom 2 bath             Cozy Home Like Footprint - separate
$189,000                         PRO 3494        attached two car garage                               garages - fully rented
Great lot on the Desert Lakes golf course.       $184,900                       PRO 3488               $411,900                     PRO 3440
Site built home only.
$150,000                         PRO 3281                                                              Would you like the P.R.O. Realty Buyer’s
 Over 1 acre residential - adjacent lot also
                                                         Riverfront Homes                              Guide delivered to your home or business?
available                                                                                               Call or E-mail us today to find out how!
                                                 3 bedroom 2 bath home located on the river.                  Toll-Free: 1-800-253-7452
 $89,900                          PRO 3473       Private dock, incredible views.                              E-mail:
Great lot on the golf course. Site built only.   $875,000                        PRO 3263
$150,000                          PRO 3280       Entertainers Delight - Great Room with wet
                                                                                                       NEWLIN DEVELOPMENT
One acre plus - adjacent lot also available      bar and fireplace                                     & CONSTRUCTION, INC.
$89,900                           PRO 3474       $975,000                         PRO 3372                 General Contractor
Short distance from new Parkway by-pass          Condo Living - Association Pool, Private
$90,000                       PRO 3466           patio and deck - River Access                        Commercial & Residential
Horse Property - 2.4 acres - View all around     $136,900                     MLS 767853                      702/743-6792
$189,000                        PRO 3494
                                                 Best Price on the River - close to main                   ROC LIC # 155698         KB-01
Corner lot, Casino views, Horses allowed         channel                                                      Some of Our Projects include:
$229,000                       PRO 3493          $410,000                      MLS 788895                        Silver View RV Resort
Waiting for your custom home                                                                                       Sunset Promenade
                                                         C a l l U s A t P.R .O . To d a y                    Custom Homes on Acre+ Lots
$114,900                     PRO 3437                f o r a l l y o u r re a l e s ta te n e e d s

1-800-253-7452                 For Information, Call (928) 763-9100                                                        FAX (928) 763-8624
  P.R.O. Realty
 Buyer’s Guide
       Vol 283                 Community Demographics                                                                                                             13
                                                       Driving Distances from Bullhead City                                                   Bullhead City     National Avg
                                                      Albuquerque                502           Median Household Income                          $33,985           $42,351
                                                      Barstow                    185
                                                                                               Average Yearly Utility Cost                       $2,958           $3,196
                                                      Denver                     849
                                                                                               Average Yearly Education Expense                   $354             $451
                                                      Flagstaff                  181
                                                      Gallup                     366
                                                                                               Average Yearly Transportation Expense             $1,415           $1,565

                                                      Grand Canyon               220           Average Yearly Retail Expenditures               $18,045           $18,600
                                                      Kingman                    34            Average Yearly Non-Retail Expense                $21,430           $22,475
                                                      Lake Havasu City           66            Average Household Size                         2.15 persons      2.57 persons
                                                      Las Vegas                  99            Median Age                                        44 yrs           37.5 yrs
                                                      Los Angeles                279
                                                                                               % Single Households                                43%              41.5%
                                                      Quartzsite                 139
                                                                                               % Married Households                               57%              58.5%
                                                      Palm Springs               238
                                                      Phoenix                    216           % Families with children                           9%               24%

                                                      Prescott                   182           % College or Better                               10.5%             20%
                                                      Redding                    747           % White Collar                                     43%              47%
                                                      Reno                       584
                                                      Salt Lake City             520           Population                    1990             2000               2007*
                                                      San Bernardino             240
                                                                                               Bullhead City                 21,951           33,769            42,129
                                                      San Diego                  350
Los                                                   Scottsdale                 234           Mohave County                 93,497        155,032              252,000
                                                      Sedona                     207
                                                                                               Lake Havasu                3,665,228           41,938            49,753
                                                      Tucson                     339
                                                      Yuma                       223           *prediction based upon number of power meters in the area

Arizona overtakes Nevada as the fastest growing region in the nation.
   It used to be that Arizona            over 2006.                                 cial permits issued in 2007                     the new East-West Corridor
 was a “retirement” state,                The housing developments                  exceed $8.3 million alone.                      (see page 9) has opened a
 where seniors from other                over the past three or four                At this rate, commercial                        new retail vein between
 states, mostly the mid-west,                  reflect
                                         years reflect the growth that               improvements could sur-                         Highway 95 and the Park-
 would come to spend their               Bullhead City has experi-                  pass 2006 by 50%.                               way. According to the City
 golden years. Now people                enced.                                       As you can see from the                       paving should be complete
 of all ages are moving here.                          first
                                           During the first quarter of               chart below, Bullhead City                      sometime in July 2007.
 The average Arizonian is                this year Bullhead City has                experienced a great resi-                       Many arterial roads off the
 44 years old.                           issued more commercial                     dential growth following                        new East-West Corridor are
    During 2006 alone the                building permits than dur-                 the commerical boom of                          also being consider by the
 State of Arizona experi-                ing the entire years of 2004               2001 - 2002. I predict a                        City for improvements.
 enced a growth rate of 3.6              and 2005 combined.                         substantial growth in single                       If you have been “sitting
 percent, overtaking Nevada                The number of commer-                    family residential construc-                    on the fence” and listening
 as the fastest growing re-              cial building permits being                tion during 2008 to follow                      to the news about the real
 gion in the nation.                              reflects
                                         issued reflects continued                   the increase in commercial                      estate market, you have
   Mohave County has expe-               growth in that market and                  growth of 2006 & 2007.                          heard that the commercial
 rienced a continual growth              historically       residential               There are many areas that                     aspect hasn’t slowed up a
 in population      It is esti-          single family growth usu-                  are ripe for development.                       bit. Now is the time to in-
 mated that 2007 population              ally follows.                              Large residential parcels are                   vest in vacant commercial
 will increase by 4.8 percent              The value of the commer-                 still reasonably priced and                     land.

  Building Permits                  2001              2002               2003                 2004               2005                  2006                   1Q 2007

  Single Family                      294               371               508                  845                 805                   551                    102

  Mobile/Mfg                          n/a               41                77                  202                 254                   228                     38

  Commercial                          72               105                74                  12                     17                  57                     32

  Multi-Family                        n/a                3                 3                   6                     2                   54                       1

The information contained herein is from sources believed reliable. Any warranty of accuracy is expressly disclaimed. The reader of this information is
cautioned that it is the Reader’s responsbility to confirm the accuracy and completeness of the information provided.

  (928) 763-9100                                INFO@PROREALTY.NET                                                              
                            DISCLOSURE: All prices, terms and availability of parcels are subject to change at Seller’s discretion.
                                                                                                                                        P.R.O. Realty
14                   More on the Mortgage Market                                                                                       Buyer’s Guide
                                                                                                                                             Vol 283

      New Construction                nent financing (such as a tradi-         secondary residence as well as           time extensions can be obtained
       Loan Products                  tional mortgage). This meant            for investment property. Maxi-           for an additional fee. The mort-
                                      two sets of loan fees, one for          mum loan-to-value on a primary           gage lender will typically coordi-
 “One Time Close” Loan Pro-           the construction and one for the        or second residence is 95%.              nate the builder’s draws as the
 gram is a product that is now        mortgage plus a re-qualification            Buyers must qualify in order          construction progresses.
 available to borrowers who           for their permanent financing.           to avoid a requirement to carry            Borrowers can lock in the rate
 intend to purchase a lot and           Now, with a “One-Time Close”          private mortgage insurance. In-          for permanent financing 60
 build a home. This product           loan program there is only one          terest rates during the construc-        days prior to completion and it
 rolls the construction loan and      application, one qualification,          tion phase are calculated as             is an “easy” rollover according
 permanent mortgage financing          one credit check, one closing           simply interest and are typically        to lenders.
 into one package. Previously         and borrowers are good to go.           1 1/2 percent over prime. They              If you’d like to learn more
 borrowers needed to secure           Mortgage lenders estimate this          may also have an optional loan           about mortgages, please check
 construction financing to build,      product can save, on average,           pay down when rolled over into           out our website at
 and once the home was com-           $5,500 in closing fees.                 the permanent loan.                  
 pleted and ready to occupy,            The “One-time Close” program            The time allowed for construc-
 turn around and obtain perma-        can be used for a primary or            tion is usually 12 months but

      More than Just a                can fully deduct points, each of        goes down faster by prepay-              month. You would pay a total
   Shelter for your Family            which is equal to one percent of        ing, then your interest would            of $209,263 in interest over
                                      the loan principal, that you paid       decrease faster as well, leaving         the life of the loan, plus the
     Your house is more than          as part of the cost of your loan.       more of the payment to be ap-            $150,000 for the home.
 a home! Don’t forget those           You cannot deduct a mortgage            plied to your balance.                     If you add 1/12 of the monthly
 tax benefits. If you are mak-         broker’s commission.          Refi-          Before you decide to make            payment, or $83.16, each
 ing payments on your home, it        nanced mortgage points are              larger payments you should               month to your mortgage pay-
 provides you with a substantial      deductible too, but only when           first
                                                                              first check to make certain that          ment, you can cut over 7 years
 tax benefit too.                      they are amortized over the life        your mortgage does not include           off the life of the mortgage. This
   Because payments in the early      of the loan. Once you refinance          a prepayment penalty. If it does         would reduce your total outlay
 years of the mortgage loan’s         a second time, the balance of           not, then by all means add a             for interest to $158,052. That
 term are comprised largely of        the old points from a refinanced         little extra to each monthly pay-        extra $83 each month saved
 interest, this can amount to a       loan give you an immediate              ment to take a little extra off the      you over $51,000 in interest.
 large sum annually that can be       write off, because you begin to         declining balance.                       A bi-weekly payment plan will
 deducted from your income so         amortize the new points.                    If you have to pay your lender       essentially put you in the same
 long as the loan is secured by          Property taxes or real estate        to set up your account to allow          position.
 a first or second home. The           taxes are fully deductible. Any         for semi-monthly or bi-weekly              Lets take this one step further
 amount of mortgage debt is re-       local city or state property tax        payments, it may not be worth            and say that you were able to
 stricted to $1 million or less for   refunds reduce your federal             it. Double check the amount of           pay even more each month, like
 married taxpayers filing jointly.     property tax deduction by the           fees charged by your lender and          33% of your regular payment.
 If the taxpayers are married but     same amount.                            also verify if your lender credits       This would take your monthly
 filing separately, the maximum            The Taxpayer Relief Act of          your payments when received              payment up to $1,330.60 but
 is split equally between them.       1997 provides the best tax              or if they wait until the end of         you would be paying off your
    Home equity loan interest is      shelter. The TRA of 1997 al-            the month before they apply              mortgage in less than 15 years
 also deductible but must be          lows married taxpayers who              your payment. If they wait until         and pay only $95,186 in total
 calculated differently and is        file jointly to keep, tax fee, up to     the end of the month, you really         interest. This would cut the life
 limited to $100,000 for a mar-       $500,000 in profit from the sale         aren’t doing anything to help            of your mortgage in half and
 ried couple. Likewise with a         of a home used as a principal           you save money over the life             save you a whopping $114,077
 mortgage, if the taxpayers are       residence for two of the prior          of your loan and only buy your-          in interest.
 married filing separately, they       five years. According to the             self about one month’s interest.           This is not to say that prepay-
 must too split the maximum.          Internal Revenue Service you            You also would not want to tie           ing your mortgage will put you
        Home improvement loan         can use this benefit as often as         yourself into an agreement for                                   financially.
                                                                                                                       in a better situation financially.
 interest can also be deducted        you can qualify.                        the life of your mortgage but            Prepaying your mortgage does
 provided the work is a “capital                                              if it is something that you can          have an alternative effect on
 improvement” rather than just            Save your Interest!                 change, say to accomodate for                         benefits
                                                                                                                       the tax benefits of claiming
 repairs, maintenance of cosmet-                                              the loss of a job, down-sizing           your mortgage interest when it
 ic upgrades. Capital improve-           To Prepay or Not To Pre-             or relocation, a bi-weekly plan          comes time to report to the IRS
 ments are those improvements         pay. This is a good question.           may be something to look into.           (See More than Just Shelter
 that add the the value of your       Many lenders offer loan repay-             On the other hand, if you sim-        For Your Family above).
 home (like an additional room),      ment programs that differ from          ply paid an amount equal to                                  find
                                                                                                                          You may also find that if you
 extend its life (like a new roof)    standard monthly mortgage               1/12 of your regular payment             have that extra $300+ dollars
 or adapting it to new uses (say      payment arrangements. The               each month in addition to your           every month that it might be
 making it handicap accessible).      lenders “sell” early payoff as          regular mortgage payment you             wiser to invest it somewhere
 Improvements from repairs and        a big benefit to borrowers but
                                             benefit                           can shave approximately seven            else, such as in stocks, CDs or
 things like painting or general      most times the programs are             years off the life of your mort-         treasury bonds.
 repair are beneficial when you        a bit confusing and the claims          gage. If you are able to add                                       financial
                                                                                                                          Only you and your financial
 sell your home because they          of early payoff as usually quite        even more, like 33%, you cut             advisor can make that decision.
 add to the basis value.              exaggerated.                            the life of your mortgage in half        Before you contemplate mak-
      If you took out a conven-          As standard mortgages go,            and save a bundle on interest.           ing substantial prepayments of
 tional loan for your mortgage,       interest is calculated on the de-           For example, on a standard           your home loan, be sure to talk
 chances are you paid points to       clining balance. Reason would           30 year $150,000 loan at 7%                          financial
                                                                                                                       with your financial advisor.
 your lender for a more attrac-       tell even the common person             interest, your monthly pay-
 tive interest and/or term. You       that if your declining balance          ments would be $997.95 each

(928) 763-9100                              INFO@PROREALTY.NET                                                          
                        DISCLOSURE: All prices, terms and availability of parcels are subject to change at Seller’s discretion.
    P.R.O. Realty
   Buyer’s Guide
         Vol 283               ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT                                                                                                             15
      COMMERCIAL CORRIDOR                   commercial corridor could increase to       week of August will pave Vanderslice          types of stores may be moving in. We
          OPENS UP ALONG                    $5 or $6 per square foot over the next      in Fort Mohave. This is the first sec-        may see the likes of a pet store, elec-
        CITY PAVING PROJECT                 five years. This may even result in a       tion of what will be an alternate route       tronics retailer, apparel stores and res-
    The City of Bullhead City has lev-      20% return on money if the property         to the congested Highway 95 through           taurants. Phase II of the development is
eled, graded and completed paving           was purchased with leverage. If paper       Mohave Valley. Eventually stretch-            about two years out but that can always
the first section of new bypass access      were carried on the property, the return    ing to Sterling Road in Bullhead City,        change.
roads between Highway 95 and the            could potentially bring a higher rate of    the project is expected to take four             According to the developer many
Bullhead Parkway.                           return.                                     months.                                       neighboring residences have been tak-
    Residents already see an increase in                 HOOVER DAM                          COMMUNITY ANXIOUSLY                      en out of the flood plain due to drain-
traffic along the new thoroughfare.                    BYPASS PROJECT                                    AWAITS                       age improvements required as part of
    This roadway improvement has                Northern Mohave County will                       TARGET & KOHL’S                     the shopping center construction.
opened up a whole new area for com-         experience a new vein of transportation        Building permits have been applied                      NEW HOUSING
mercial development. The roadway            when the Hoover Dam Bypass project          for by Kohl’s for construction in the            Two new housing developments
will ultimately be five lanes, sufficient   is complete sometime 2010. Spanning         new development at the south end of           have recently gone before the Mohave
to feed many new businesses. Property       the states of Nevada and Arizona, this      the Bullhead Parkway. Kohl’s will be          County Supervisors and Planning and
prices in this area are extremely rea-      highway will cross over the Colorado        joining Target as an anchor tenant in         Zoning Commissions.
sonable when compared with Highway          River approximately 1,500 feet down-        Phase I of the new development.                  Mohave Valley Commons, an 89-
95, Miracle Mile or Silver Creek Road.      stream from Hoover Dam.                       A flurry of activity will be evident as      acre development, proposes 402 single
The average price for properties along          Investors speculate this new trans-     the contractor starts installing utilitites   family residential lots. About 20% of
Highway 95 currently on the market is       portation route will open up many           sometime in June. Construction of             the lots will be 8,000 square feet. It is
over $13 per square foot. Along Silver      other untouched areas for residential       buildings should follow shortly.              planned the balance of the lots will be
Creek Road one could pay somewhere          and retail development. This “bed-             Bullhead Parkway will be extended          a minimum of 6,000 square feet. The
in the neighborhood of $6.00 per            room community” will only be a 45           to provide access at the north end of         subdivision will be connected to the
square foot. Oatman Road properties         minute commute to southeast Las             the shopping center. This extension           Fort Mohave sewer system. It is antic-
are selling for between $1.40 to just       Vegas. Several housing developments         will also serve as access to Clearwater       ipated that homes will run between
slightly over $3 per square foot. Most      are already in planning stages for the      Shores, a new 700 home subdivision            $140 - $300,000, well within the reach
parcels are in excess of two acres; a       White Mountain area just to the north       planned just to the north of Mohave           of working class families.
good prospect for even the modest           of Kingman and Golden Valley.               Crossroads.                                      Valley Springs Estates plans 132
businessperson.                                   RELIEF FOR HIGHWAY 95                    Kohl’s and Target may open in tan-         single-famly residential lots on 39
    It is reasonable to believe that            A new Mohave County Public              dem sometime in March 2008.                   acres along Joy Lane east of Highway
property along the new Oatman Road          Works project scheduled to start the last     It is not clear at press time what other    95.

                          INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES
                             Joint Venture or Sale                                                                       Location! Location! Location!
                  Royal Palms Condominium Project                                                                             New Commercial/Retail Area
                      T R E M E N D O U S                                V I E W S                                              Colorado River Estates
                                180 Units will have the same
                               balcony view as seen on Page 11                                                           We have many 2+ acre commercial parcels
         Zoned R2MF Approved for 240 Units                                                                              available along the City’s newest roadway
       Preliminary Plat Approved, All Final Map                                                                         improvement project at extremely reason-
   Engineering Completed - Ready to be submitted for
                   zoning approval.                                                                                     able prices.
                PRO 3309                                                         $4.8 mil                                 Nestled in the center of town just to the
                          Owner/Broker - Call Bob Lewis
                                                                                                                        east of Highway 95 is an area virtually un-
                                                                                                                        touched by development.
                                                                                                                           Most parcels in this area are over two
                                                                                                                        acres, more than enough room for a custom
                                                                                                                        site built home, garages and workshops with
                                                                                                                        enough room left over for all your toys and
                                                                                                                        pets, including horses.
                                                                                                                          With the price of gas getting higher and
                                                                                                                        higher, you want everything close by. Colo-
                                                                                                                        rado River Estates has it! Over 19 churchs,
                                                                                                                        three elementary, a junior and a high school,
                                                                                                                        two fire stations, City Hall and city/county/
                                                                                                                        state offices, County Library and much
                                                                                                                        more are all within two miles. The closest
                                                                                                                        hospital is less than four miles away.
                     For Sale or Joint Venture                                                                             Property is Colorado River Estates is ser-
                                                                                                                        viced by well water. The advantage of water
                    Just a Stone’s Throw from                                                                           rights is that you can build your own “oasis”
                      Lowe’s Home Center                                                                                in the desert, without paying an arm and a
                                                                                                                        leg for the City’s water.
                         44 Acres - Industrially Zoned M-1
                     Silvercreek Road & Interstate Place                                                                   Get in now before everyone discovers the
         Appraised at $4.5 mil ($2.35/sq ft) Priced at under $2.00/sq ft                                                secrets of Colorado River Estates. Less than
                                                                                                                        six miles from Laughlin, Nevada.
             Owner/Broker - Bob Lewis                                               $3,833,000                                                   find
                                                                                                                               Call us today of find out more!

 (928) 763-9100                                      INFO@PROREALTY.NET                                                                        FAX (928) 763-8624
                                DISCLOSURE: All prices, terms and availability of parcels are subject to change at Seller’s discretion.
                                                                                                       P.R.O. Realty
 16              COMMERCIAL LEASE                                                                     Buyer’s Guide
                                                                                                            Vol 283

            Looking for A Land Investment?
 Excellent opportunity to get in on property
located on the future corridor from Highway
95 to the Parkway, the proposed bridge route
  to Laughlin, and the City of Oatman. We                            READY FOR DEVELOPMENT
                                                                         341,945 square feeto
 have commercial properties starting as low                     Mass Grading Done * Pads Graded * Partially Staked
                                                                  64,000 square feet of steel buildings
                                                                  already on site waiting for erection.
  as $1.34 sq. ft., and as large as 4.8 acres.                    Building Permits ready to be pulled!
                                                                 Great for Storage Units or a Retail Site.
          For more information, contact                           Exclusively offered by P.R.O. Realty
                                                                    Call Bob Lewis for more details!
            Bob Lewis at P.R.O. Realty                                     o-according to Assessor’s data

         Multi-Family & Storage Unit Properties
                                                                           Coming Soon!
                                                               4,000 square foot expansion on Hancock Road
                                                           Perfect for Medical Offices - Call Bob Lewis for Details
          Four Plex - 2.5 miles from Casinos
                 Close to Shopping                                    Spectacular Views
   Comfortable “Home Like” Footprint. Each Unit                    11.83 Acres Zoned R2MF
    has 2 bedroom 2 bath and a detached garage                      Approved for 240 Units
         PRO 3440                $411,900                     Project Platted and Engineering Completed
                                                              Close proximity to Western Arizona Medical
                                                                Center, a 90 Bed Premier Care Hospital
                                                             Two Miles from Community Park & Boat Ramp
                                                                  Four Miles from Laughlin, Nevada
                                                                 An Excellent Invesment Opportunity
  12 - 44 Acres ~~ Zoned M-1 Industrial
 Can be used for NAFTA truck storage and fuel
           depot, truck turn-around lot, cold
          storage, boat storage, warehouse
 building and industrial business park, RV park,
  campground. Owner may sell smaller portion
             than 12 acres at higher price.
          Call Bob Lewis for Details.

         We have Build to Suit Prime Commercial
              Locations for Your Business
          * Elite Village - 9,700 square feet            * Sand Dollar Plaza - 7,700 square feet
          * Granview Plaza - 5,600 square feet           * River Run Offices - 6.000 square feet
     Commercial properties currently available for sale in the Bullhead City area are going for any where be-
    tween $43 and $60 per square foot. Some are listed for as much as $110 per square foot, while others are
    even more expensive.
     Why spend this much money to buy someone else’s building when you can have your own designed and
    built for you? Save on your tenant improvement dollars. Whether it is a warehouse, storage units, or a
    brick and mortar storefront, we would like to talk to you!
     We have access to local, experienced contractors, materialmen and suppliers. We also have over 25
    years development experience working with the local authorities and would be happy to discuss your vi-
    sion for your business’s storefront.

(928) 763-9100           For information, Call 1-800-253-7452                          

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