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					2009 Forester Presentation

NAIAS Jan 13, 2008

Thomas J. Doll, Subaru of America
Executive Vice President and CFO

Tom Doll


Ladies and Gentlemen

I’m here today to tell you about Subaru’s

Fourth world debut…and our third to be held in the US…

in less than a year

After launching the new Impreza and Tribeca and STI model in short

we're now here in Detroit… for yet another World Debut.


And I want to talk to you today

about a vehicle… that has a special place in the industry…

Eleven years ago…we at Subaru launched a car that changed the path
of the automotive industry.

People had a hard time defining it.

It wasn’t a truck… but it did everything that a truck could do.

It wasn’t a car…yet it handled like a car… and got the fuel economy of a
car as well.

Back then we called this new type of vehicle a “hybrid”.

Today, we’ve come to know them as crossovers...

And the vehicle I’m talking about is… of course… the Subaru Forester

The Forester was something new. Revolutionary in a way.

It brought people a never-before-done combination

      of all wheel drive safety,

      car-like handling

      and SUV capability.

The Forester became an icon to people

      from the snow covered roads of the North East

      to the Forests of the North West,

      and all the way to the Tuner Scene in LA.

And the reason it took people’s hearts is simple.

Forester is a vehicle that quite frankly, delivers.

People “trust” the Forester.

They trust its reliability and durability.

They trust it to keep their families safe,

to get them to work on a snowy day,

or to stay ‘on’ the road when the going gets slippery.

And if all else fails… they trust it…to protect them in a crash.

The industry recognized the Forester too.

It won the R L Polk Owner Loyalty award 5 times – it was voted Car
and Driver magazine's Best Small SUV for three years in a row.

It was rated by the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety as the best
small SUV ever tested…

It’s been on the recommended list by Consumer Reports since its
launch 11 years ago…and was rated the #1 small SUV through to

Road and Track calls it the Thinking Man’s Crossover.

And we have sold over 500,000 of them.

Every type of person in the US has bought Forester:

Families... looking for a reliable package that’s the right size for their

Outdoor adventurers... looking for a rugged vehicle that fits into their
active lifestyles

Sports car enthusiasts who flocked to the Turbo XT when it came out,

And so we knew… that in order to replace this car… we had a lot of
work to do.

We had to build on… that sense of trust. (that the name Forester

We had to capture the previous Forester’s combination

of size

and practicality.

We had to make it fun to drive.

And we had to put it back out front… as the leader of the pack.

So – how did we do it?


First let’s talk about the new Forester’s all-new body.

We’ve made it a little bigger… In fact it’s 4 ½ inches higher… and 3
inches longer.

And a longer wheelbase, 3 1/2 inches longer, dramatically improves
rear seat space, something the vehicle needed.

But we also wanted to make sure this new Forester is still nimble and
easy to drive…

And so the new Forester is ‘only’ 1.8 inches wider and actually has a
turning radius 4 inches smaller than before… to help get around in tight

And as for the “fun to drive” part – Forster comes with Subaru Dynamic
Chassis Control Concept – and that by the way, is the same concept
that’s employed on the new STI and all of our new products.

and let’s not forget Forester’s renowned all-wheel drive capability

The New Forester will handle ALL the terrain it's famous for...

such as Mountains, Forests and Streams… and yes, even shopping

And with a class-leading 8.9 inches of ground clearance and all-wheel

It will leave the competition… literally stuck in the mud. (or whatever


So, Forester has grown up… without losing its driving character.

And the same can be said for its Design.

When you see the car in profile, it's still clearly a Forester,

but we’ve given it a tougher look on the outside…

but we haven’t lost any of the car’s welcoming personality.

From the front, you can see that it carries a strong Subaru identity


And now let’s talk about Safety.

The New Forester delivers on safety… as only a Subaru can.

And that means it comes with:

      Permanent Symmetrical Subaru All Wheel Drive… with Vehicle
      Dynamic Control as standard

      It comes with…Subaru’s legendary ring shaped safety cage

      And it comes with…4 wheel disc brakes and brake assist as

      And of course, the Forester comes with the kind of crash
      protection that people have come to expect from us.

      You know that a crossover from Subaru will always score high on
      safety …and this new Forester is no exception.


So that’s Design and Safety. Now let’s look inside:

The New Forester has more amenities and is more comfortable than
ever before:

The cargo area is bigger, and is both higher and wider than before.

And the new Forester can now carry four, yes count ‘em – four, 9 inch
golf bags or 4 large suitcases.

And even with all this extra capacity… a roof rail is available… to help
out on those outdoor adventure weekends.

The new Forester will be one of the quietest and most well appointed
Crossovers on the market.

And a larger sunroof provides occupants with a sense of the great
outdoors… before they even get there.

On the instrument pack, the blue-black dials and signature Subaru dial
sweep speak to the vehicle's sporty attitude.

A multi-functional center console and retractable rear tray add to
Forester's day-to-day “Utility”

New seats have been specially designed …

to reduce fatigue

on the long road-trips that many Foresters owners enjoy.

Rear doors now open wider than before

for those important moments…

such as loading baby seats and children quickly and safely.

And of course, Forester is available with all of the technology you
would expect of a luxurious modern vehicle

such as DVD player, SAT NAV and MP3 capability


So if safety and reliability are the Soul of Forester, let’s talk about the
Heart of Forester..

the 2.5 liter Boxer engine

that comes as standard in the US.

The engine comes in 2 forms – a 170hp naturally aspirated and a 224hp

And with this Forester, you CAN have your cake and eat it.

Because while BOTH versions deliver much improved low-to-mid
range torque…

giving the driver a swift response… on any type of road surface.

Both mark the top-level fuel economy in their category.

And the 2.5 engine comes with green credentials that reach Partial Zero
Emissions levels.

But as every driver knows – it’s not just power that makes for a fun

So…to further improve the driving experience,

We’ve lowered the engine

And redesigned and strengthened the front suspension…

We’ve also added an all-new double wishbone rear suspension with
improved geometry for better handling and ride.

All this means, that as fun to drive as the old Forester was,

this new Forester totally outperforms the outgoing model in every


(pause) Ladies and Gentlemen

As we celebrate our 40th anniversary… we do so with our strongest
product line-up…ever.

And looking forward, we will continue to offer compelling products
like the one I’m about to show you.

As I said at the start – improving on an icon is no easy task…

And Forester has set the standard in the Crossover category for 11

but someone has finally come along

and managed to out-Forester…the Subaru Forester.

Ladies and Gentlemen… here it is…the new Subaru Forester. A
crossover who’s standards SET standards. [Reveal]

[Thank you for attending…and we would be glad to take any questions
down front…]


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