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									?Permanent hair removal necessary
choice laser hair removal dynamic


Nd-YAG Of laser hair removal dynamic cooling five advantages

    quipment of the hair follicle, stop regeneration

Direct effect on the hair follicle pigment, hair removal more
completely, without affecting the sweat glands and sweat

  ynamic cooling, undamaged skin shanghaixinhuayiyuan Dermatology
Zhuang Yin

Unique dynamic cooling system, making the treatment area skin
temperature down to 4 㠣, to ensure the safety of skin

    ulse width modulation, efficient hair removal

Super laser pulse width adjustment range, for different thickness of

    aries from person to person, individual treatment

According to the individual age, colour, the development of
individualized treatment parameters

    ast and simple, reducing treatment

18 mm big spot treatment, significantly reduced treatment time

Treatment tips:

1, hair follicles, contains a lot of pigment, selection of highly
sensitive pigment on the hair follicle, and does not damage the skin
and sweat glands of specific wavelength of the laser direct effect on
the hair follicle, the destruction of hair follicles and achieve
permanent hair removal.

2, laser hair removal time depends on the hair removal of parts, lip
hair, axillary General 2 ~ 3 minutes/time, other parts of the time is
longer. 2 months for 1 time, 3 ~ 4 courses (lip hair need 5 ~ 7


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