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Serving the men and women of the Colorado Springs Police Department since 1971
                                                                                                    Volume 12, Issue 7
                                                                                                    July 2008

2008 CSPPA BOARD                                 ~VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS!~
                                                        PPA Summer Sizzle Sky Sox Game
Alan Roman                                            Sat July 26 7:05 Sky Sox vs. Oklahoma
President                                            RSVP 634-0058 NLT July 18th 12:00 noon

Dave Nelson                                            PPA Fallen Officer Golf Tournament
Vice President                                              (see attached flyer- page6)
                                                       Ft Carson- Cheyenne Shadows Course
                                                       Friday August 1    RSVP NLT July 25
Pete Tomitsch                                        Woodland Park- Shining Mountain Course
Secretary                                             Friday August 15    RSVP NLT August 8

Patrick David
                                 A LETTER FROM THE SECRETARY~
                                           I would like to first start by thanking President Alan Roman for offering me the
Vacant                           opportunity to address the membership this month.
Sergeant at Arms                           The past few months have been busy and productive, meeting with nearly all
                                 of the City Council Members and the City Manager. The overriding theme of these
BOARD MEMBERS                    meetings has been the city‟s economic situation. It should come as no surprise to
Ron Butler                       anyone that the city‟s financial forecast is bleak. It should also come as no surprise to
Dave Henrichsen                  anyone, city council included, that this budgetary crisis has been years in the making.
James Keller                               While the city of Colorado Springs has been constrained for years by TABOR,
Cherie Kruse                     other cities around the state have proactively found new ways to deal with their
                                 budgetary woes. In contrast, this city has sat idly by and crossed its collective fingers.
STAFF                            In my 12 years working for this department, I have never seen our employees and our
Robin Rogers                     combined resources stretched so thin, the old adage of „doing more with less‟ has been
Executive Director               replaced by „doing more for less‟.
                                           The recent budget cuts that effect the police department and the fire
Rhonda Keller                    department are both dangerous for the employees and are nearing a crises mode for
Office Manager                   the citizens of this city. As a city we have neglected to properly educate the community
                                 about the issues public safety now face. We should no longer provide services to this
                                 community that cannot be justified, just because someone thinks it is politically
                                 expedient to do so. We can no longer be all things to all people. Our police
559 E. Pikes Peak                department, due to the lack of funding and resources, has become largely reactive
Suite 102                        which is in direct conflict with the city‟s own strategic wishes: that this department
Colo Spgs, CO 80903              function in a proactive manner.                                     Continued on page 2

Phone 634-0058
Fax   634-0755
800# 1-866-471-6308                                         CSPD PATROL OFFICERS AND
                                                               PATROL SERGEANTS
                                    Time is running out to file your claim for overtime compensation in the Federal lawsuit.
                                     For claim information go to If you are having any
                                           difficulty completing the claim form, call the Class Administrator, toll free,
Mon-Fri 8:00-4:00
                                                                        at 1-866-519-0232.
Wed     8:00-2:00

                                                          GET YOUR CLAIM FORM IN NOW!
Secretary’s Letter ~                                                                                       Continued from page 1
          The PPA is in the process of approaching city leadership to voice our concerns for not only the employee but also the
direct effect that these decisions have on the citizens, and the resulting quality of life in our community. The leadership of this
city must distinguish the difference between city services that are a luxury and those that are a necessity.
          I would also like to take this opportunity to address the subject of being paid at “median”. As far as an employee of
this police department is concerned, being paid at the median is a myth and a fallacy. The truth is simple: you and I are
consistently paid 1 year to 18 months behind the median. The City Council has expressed its displeasure with our department
being paid at the median. I believe that City Council should immediately instruct those city entities that are responsible for
salary studies to anticipate 2009 market movement and factor this percentage in. It is an easy fix. For the employees of this
department to continually to be paid under the median is an insult. It is time for this city to honor its own promises and
strategic goals.
          Recently the board and the PPA office has been inundated with members concerns about discipline and general work
environment. These concerns have been addressed with Chief Myers and his staff at several meetings. I truly believe that
staff has heard our concerns, and a healthy dialogue has ensued. It is important to remember that each incident must be
treated independently. The chief believes that a transparent department is one that will benefit both the department and the
public; however the perception at times is that accountability does not always apply to all members of the department. That
being said, the chief and his new staff have been very approachable and open to our concerns. Our board has forged a
healthy working relationship with our staff and the chief; this is something that was unimaginable and unattainable in the past.
          The number one strategic goal for this organization should be to identify those City Council members who truly
believe that public safety is this city‟s priority. I do believe that the current council has several members who act and vote on
that platform and are strong advocates of public safety. This organization must be willing to identify and support future
candidates that also believe this. I have recently met with Mike Smaldino of the Fire Fighters Association and we are in
agreement that the future will see our two organizations working closely together. Mike and I also believe that our two
organizations can and WILL affect future ballots and elections. It is simple: We support those who support us.
          The PPA is committed, as an organization, to proactively affect the political landscape of this city. As an organization
we will only benefit if we are willing to fight for sensible solutions. This city has to strongly consider openly going on the
offensive against Doug Bruce and many of his initiatives. The PPA should seriously consider using its many resources to
educate and lead the way in a campaign to both inform the citizens and defeat those who are self serving and do not have the
best interests of the city as a whole in mind.

Pete Tomitsch

                                                  ~RHONDA’S CORNER~
                                     The following members are retiring in July: Dan Myers and
                                      Tod Hill- 2nd, Bob Kean-4th, Bob Ownbey- 11th, and Ron
                                      Webb- 25th. We wish you all well and sincerely appreciate
                                      your committed service to our community.
                                     Best wishes to Dave Felice and his wife, Lynn as they
                                      embark on a new career in Durango!
     Laughter in the face of reality is probably the finest sound
     there is. In fact, a good time to laugh is any time you can.
                                                                ~Linda Ellerbee~

~The facts of life~                                          joke of the month…

Boy: Dad, what's politics?

Dad: Let me set an example with our family. I have all the money so we'll call me the
management. Mom receives most of it so we'll call her the government. We'll call the
maid the working class, you are the people, and your baby brother is the future. Do you
understand now son?

Boy: I still don't understand dad.

Dad: Think about it for a while son.

That night the boy wakes up because his baby brother is crying. He goes in and finds out
he's soiled his diapers. He goes to tell his mom but she's asleep he goes in to the maid’s
room but she's in there having sex with his dad. He bangs on the door but no one can
hear him.

The next day...

Son: Dad I understand politics now.

Dad: Good, explain it to me in your own words son.

Son: The management is screwing the working class while the government's fast asleep.
The people are being ignored and the future is full of SHIT!


     The Jared Jensen Memorial Coins are now in at the PPA office and
      are for sale for $10. The proceeds go to the Pikes Peak Regional
     Fallen Officer Memorial. These coins are beautiful and will make a
                       great addition to your collection!
         Time sure is flying fast this year! Before we know it, it will be time to conduct our annual
elections and have the Christmas parties! Meanwhile though, we do have the Sky Sox Summer
Sizzle event on July 26th, and we hope everyone can find the time to make it, along with the two golf
tournaments in August to raise money for the Fallen Officer Fund.
         We have been busy in the office getting our house in order. We made it through the financial
audit and will hear the final report and management letter during the Executive Session of the July
board meeting. Starting July we will be working off of our 2008 budget which will help serve the
purpose of keeping us on track with our spending and investment goals. I am working on our
application for personal property tax exemption with the state, hoping to save the association some
serious money in future years. I am also meeting with Rich Radabaugh concerning our IRS tax
exempt status, sorting through old, old archived records (by-laws and articles of incorporation, etc.) in
an effort to figure out the history, relevance, and justification for the different entities: the Colorado
Springs Police Protective Association, the Colorado Springs Police Professional Welfare Association,
the Colorado Springs Police Professional Organization and the Colorado Springs Police Protective
Association Holding Company and Trust. We have done business under all of those names, with
different Employee Identification Numbers, and various IRS classifications ranging from 501(c)(3),
(c)(4), (c)(5), and (c)(12). You can see how much house cleaning we have desperately needed to do
around here!
         We were very fortunate to have a very nice and updated telephone system donated to the
PPA, and that system will be installed in the next few weeks. This will allow us to accept phone calls
and transfer the caller to voice mail rather than having to take hand written messages for each other!
In fact, we should have music for you to listen to while you are on hold! It will also allow us to conduct
conference calls in the Board Room. Hang on…the PPA operations are rapidly moving into the 21st
         We now have Directors and Operators Insurance for this board of directors as well as future
boards, which helps protect the association and those who volunteer their personal time to perpetuate
the mission and goals of the organization. Correcting this issue was long overdue for this association.
         Finally, I wish to congratulate Officer Teresa Schutz on her nomination as an outstanding
Asset Builder at the final awards ceremony for Colorado Springs Assets for Youth. She was
nominated, along with many other exemplary leaders in our community, in the adult category for her
work at the Deaf and Blind school as an SRO. Her fine work with the kids should be an inspiration for
us all! Congratulations Teresa!

Robin Rogers

                                    ~CODE 7 SURPRISE~
     Two anonymous citizens wish to show their sincere appreciation for all that you do for our
     community. They are funding one gift card a month for one lucky PPA member and have asked
     staff to randomly draw a name once a month. The winner will be announced in the Centurion, at
     the PPA board meeting and on This month’s winner is:

                                    Randy Blackburn- IBM # 9596

      Please stop by the PPA office no later than July 31 to pick up your $10 gift card for lunch at Chipotle!
      Congratulations Randy- and thanks for all that you are doing to serve the citizens of Colorado Springs!
EVENT                                 JULY                                      AUGUST
PPA Board Meeting                     July 10, 11:30 am                         Aug 7, 11:30 am
Extra Hours                           Tues July 15                              Tues Aug 19
Extra Duty                            Wed July 9                                Wed Aug 13
                                      Thurs July 10                             Thurs Aug 14
Retiree Luncheon- Maggie Mae’s        Mon July 14- 11:30                        Mon Aug 11- 11:30
Informal City Council                 Mon July 7                                Mon Aug 11
                                      Mon July 21                               Mon Aug 25
Formal City Council                   Tues July 8                               Tues Aug 12
                                      Tues July 22                              Tues Aug 26
CSPD Wives Association                July 16- Falcon                           Aug 13- Stetson Hills
Office Closed                         Fri July 4th                              Friday, Aug 1 (PPA Golf Tourn)
                                                                                Friday, Aug 15 (PPA Golf Tourn)
Civil Service Commission Mtg.         Tuesday July 1 CAB- 8:30 am               N/A

CPOC meeting in Colo Spgs             N/A                                       N/A

                              ~CSPD Wives Association Monthly Update~
      Our cookbooks have arrived! We have already sold more than 150 of these books. Our cookbook
      contains recipes from friends and family members of CSPD officers. More than 170 people contributed
      a total of 440 recipes. Each book is $10. You can buy copies of the book at the PPA office, Court
      Liaison office, or by mailing your cash or check to us at:

      CSPD Wives Association
      PO Box 63236
      Colorado Springs, CO 80962

      We hosted a garage sale during the weekend of June 27-28. It was very successful! A huge thank
      you goes out to everyone who donated items, helped with the sorting and pricing, worked during the
      sale, or provided baked goods to be sold.

      As an organization, we work hard to provide support to all wives and girlfriends of our officers. But it is
      also very important that we let our officers know that we recognize how hard they work and how much
      we appreciate them. As a show of appreciation, we will be providing food for the officers working at
      Memorial Park on the evening of July 4th.

      We thank each one of our officers for the hard work they do. Please keep safe during this busy
      summer season!

      Nikki, Jen and Kristi                                              
  Cheyenne Shadows, Fort Carson
  Friday, August 1, 2008 RSVP by 7/25
  Shining Mountain, Woodland Park
  Friday, August 15, 2008 RSVP by 8/8
                 8:00 am
                 Shotgun Start
                 $75 per player
                 $85 after RSVP deadline
  18 holes of golf
  (4 person scramble)
  Cart with W/GPS electronic scoring        SPACE IS LIMITED SO
  Continental Breakfast                       SIGN UP NOW
  Door Prizes

                          2008 Golf Signup Sheet
Name___________________________ Date______________
Phone________________         _ Pager_______________
Others in foursome: ___________________________________

Amount paid _____________Cash ___ Check____ #_____
Fire Police           vs
 CSPD/CSFD Guns and Hoses

         Nose to Nose Flag Football Game to benefit the
     Susan G. Komen Foundation, Colorado Springs Affiliate
       Saturday, July 19, 2008
      Cheyenne Mountain High School
           Gates open at 1:30 PM
            Game time 2:30 PM
               Sign up for Great Prizes and Giveaway’s

Registration for the annual Race   for the Cure        will be available.

June 2

Thank you so very much for the beautiful flowers for our daughter, Colleen. May God
Bless you all and keep you safe in his arms.


Bobby and Kathie Price
Eric Price

June 2

Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers. Remembering us at this time meant so

Mark Alumbaugh and family

June 9

Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! YOU ALL ROCK!!! Once again, the Run was amazing-
I apologize I couldn’t stay the whole time and I seemed a bit “glazed over” at the
beginning….but there is nothing like the run- never will be- it brings goodness to so
much bad- it is the comforting feeling that you guys are there- and are so dedicated to
this mission, right alongside us all- words are difficult and certainly impossible to thank
you enough- please pass on my gratitude to the entire planning committee- Cowboys,
Wal-Mart and all our usual stops- the people/sponsors that jump on board and just
give- I am forever grateful.

With love,
Natalie Jensen
         Many members have a second business providing services to our community. We want to
         develop a list for those who are interested in hiring their peers by including cops and their
         specific business skills!

         Please contact the office at 634-0058 if you would like to be included on this list.

         *Brett Poole       drywall/ construction                           491-7356
         *Chris Garcia      power raking/aeration                           320-5003
         *Brian Grady       tile                                            238-8712
         *Lance Lazoff      marble/granite countertops                      499-2586
         *Stan Padalski     painting                                        598-1543
         *Rob McPike        decks                                           237-6074
         *Jason Reeser      electric                                        339-2701
         *Paul Malchow      tree removal                                    339-9981
         *Pete Szentmartoni frame/trim carpenter/basements                  331-1145
         *Jim Waters/ Bob McCafferty hardwood flooring/ tile                -----------

        Members to Members- Discounts and Deals

10% discount to PPA Members
        Faricy Boys will give PPA members $300 off
any new or used vehicle including 4 door Wranglers.
    Contact Ian Johnson (Sgt. Randy Johnson's son)
      at 636-1333 or 650-6836 for more information.

                        PPA members receive a 10% discount on
                       auto and a 5% discount on home insurance

20% discount to PPA members
         PPA members will get
   $750.00 off any Motorized RV and
$500.00 off any Travel Trailer or Used RV.
       Also $100.00 off any ATV.

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