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									?Minimally invasive dentistry and
dental implant


        With the continuous development of science and technology,
  "minimally invasive surgery" in the medical field new achievements
 have infiltrated most disciplines of medicine. In recent years, the
   concept of minimally invasive introduced the oral health field,
  minimally invasive dentistry came into being, a series of modified
instruments applied to clinical, greatly reduces the patient's pain.

Tooth is the oldest oral therapy, one of the most common operations.
Traditional extraction apparatus due to material and design
constraints, often need to use the hammer percussion auxiliary force.
This approach will give patients bring great psychological pressure,
tooth pain is relatively large, it will have a "fear" tooth
extraction. More importantly, the traditional way and extraction of
teeth did not consider how the instruments for protecting the teeth
around the bone tissue. In order to pull out the strong teeth, dental
practitioners in the extraction process inevitably damage periodontal
tissue, often only allow patients to sacrifice the teeth around the
most healthy alveolar bone is pull out the remaining in the alveolar
Wo in teeth. Excessive extraction wounds would seriously affect
patients missing teeth restoration in the future, or even make it
impossible to insert dentures. Wuhan Xiehe hospital dental medical
center Yang Cheng

The so-called minimally invasive dentistry is the extraction
operation using a dedicated minimally invasive dental instruments,
gently insert the necessary removal of teeth around two-thirds of
some cut off the roots of the periodontal ligament, so as to relieve
the obstruction teeth dislocation, making teeth relaxation from
alveolar socket outward dislocation. It will not only avoid the
traditional extraction method for bringing the excitement of
percussion, but also maximum relieve suffering damage periodontal
bone; Is conducive to extraction wounds healing, keep the alveolar
bone height and width, and reduces the patient's pain and fear.

In recent years, minimally invasive dental implant after tooth
extraction and more widely used in clinical. Implant technology means
the patient immediately after tooth extraction in alveolar Wo
implants artificial tooth root. Typically, conventional extraction
needs experienced in patients after three months of healing period to
accept implant surgery. In contrast, minimally invasive dentistry
greatly shortens the edentulous patients wait time, it let patients
in removal of teeth of both immediate implantation of an implant. In
implant implant reached initial stability requirements, patient or
even on the day you can take back home with good dentures, repair the
effect was very satisfactory. However, immediate implantation
requires minimal trauma pulling teeth, keep teeth and bone walls full
of fossa, which ensure the success of the implant is extremely
important. While minimally invasive dentistry has these advantages,
providing immediate implant provides reliable protection.

Deputy Director of the Department of Stomatology Wuhan Xiehe hospital
Yang Cheng Professor since 1999 North America returned success for
patients with implanted the first dental implant surgery since, up to
98 percent success rate. Control and ownership of many international
famous implants technology to meet the needs of different patient,
missing teeth and ready to provide trusted dental cosmetic repair of
medical services.

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