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									                              Title: Letter to Santa
                             Developed by Becky Fortenberry

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Objective: Students will write a short letter and learn about letter formation.

Timeline: 45 minutes

Content Area: Language Arts                    Grade Level: Kindergarten
Materials/Resources:                           Technology Focus:
Microsoft Word                                 Word Processing
Subject Area - §110.2(B), §110.14(D), §110.15(C,E)
Technology Applications - §126.2(B,D), §126.3(A), §126.10(B), §126.11(A)


   1. Open up the “Letter To Santa” template
      (Have your campus technologist save the template to your school's computer lab.)

   2. Double click on the word Date to highlight it

   3. Go to Insert>date and time

   4. Select the third one from the top and it will insert the date into the letter

   5. Click after Please bring me…and have students type three things they would like
      Santa to bring them

   6. Double click on the word Name to highlight it

   7. Have students type their name with a capital letter

   8. Highlight all words in the letter (Edit>Select all) and change the font, size,
      color, and style

   9. Print the letter

 1. Directions were followed
 2. Three things were listed
Modifications:                                           Extensions:
Lessen the number of things from Santa.                  Increase the number of things to Santa or
                                                         have them type without using the template.
Additional Resources:


          Word Processing/Writing                                                      
          Manage Documents                                            the skills utilized in the project
            Print a document                                      I                   X
            Create a new document                                 I                   X
          Format Documents
            Change the font, size, color, and style               I                   X
          Edit Text
            Delete text                                           I
            Write any additional skills taught in the project

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