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					Dec 8 2009 – Rod Class

We are here tonight to update on what has been done in DC and what has been filed.

So far we have two – now three documents. You know what the IRS did and how they have come back
in and admitted to the fact of all the war crimes, hate crimes, ricco violations, obstructions of justice.
This was the basis for their taking it out of the Tax Court and moving it over to the US District Federal
Court in DC. The Attorney out of Ohio for the judge up there came back in and basically filed the same
document of factual allegations of war crimes, hate crimes, and then he said that we now have
immunity. The judge has immunity, can’t be sued – can’t be prosecuted.

What I have done is, I have notified them that we are going to turn this over to Homeland Security. I
have filed paperwork into Homeland Security, into the Federal Provost Marshal’s office which is the CID
(Criminal Investigation Dept.), to Bernie Thomas who is the House of Representatives side on the
Committee on Homeland Security, and I did file it into Homeland Security itself.

What I have filed into them was not only the court records, but the 81st Congressional Document 1953
of the National Lawyers Guild. House Report Bill 3123, going back in and explaining that the National
Lawyers Guild is by definition a Communist Party. I also filed into them Title 50 of the Executive Order
about them confiscating the gold and I went in and highlighted that it was to be based on hoarding not
having gold in this country. You could not hoard it. They stripped us of it.

I did file in the paperwork from Congress for our Private Attorney General showing that it was filed in to
the Judiciary Committee on the House and Senate side. They did receive it. I put in the Private Attorney
General congressional documents from 1866 up to and including Title 42, 1983 and 1988, validating and
showing that we are trying to go through proper procedures and proper channels.

Now, I also filed the Letters of Marque and Reprisal (LOMAR) in to Provost Marshall, CID, Homeland
Security under United States Coastguard, and to Bernie Thomas the Representative on the Committee
on Homeland Security, as well as Homeland Security. They now have been served with LMR, all three of
them. The original with the stamp of 2002 from when we went down to the Judiciary Committee on the
House side and had them stamp it, and a copy of one – the original where went down to the House side
and over to the Senate side in 2007, and the 2008 LOMAR that has been given to John Conner’s office.
It was given to Ron Paul’s office. It was given to Chris ……… from Idaho. -- five of them were served. All
of these were filed in to these agencies.

By filing this in, we draw the line in the sand. We are showing them that we did try to go through
proper channels. For those of you who do not know and do not understand what a LOMAR is, let me
explain it.

A LOMAR is when you go to your Government and you are bringing forth evidence of corruption, wrong
doing, malfeasance, maleficence, the whole nine yards, and you are going to them and asking them to
correct the problem. If the Government refuses to do so, the LOMAR allows us to take these people out
of office up to and including shooting them. This is what has been filed into the Provost Marshall-CID,
Coastguard- Homeland Security, Bernie Thomas-- chairman on the Committee on Homeland Security
and Homeland Security.

I have been asked: ”when are we going to use these (LOMAR ), when are we going to put these out?”. I
have just now filed them, as of this week.

In the paperwork that we are now filing into the courts, part of the problem we are running into is that
we do not have a legitimate system, and that is a key word: legitimate system. A lot of what we are
filing is pointing out the corruption and should have worked. We are dealing with a surface problem and
the paperwork we have put in should have cured the surface problem as well as some of the root
problem. Through the years of research by people who are on the line and others, the Caffa accounts
and the CUSIP numbers and the banking and IRS fraud, all of this, more and more knowledge is coming

What we are doing, coming into this court, is making the issue that we are not claiming that taxes are
unconstitutional or constitutional, illegal or legal. We are not arguing whether they are right or wrong.
The Constitution under Article 1, Sec. 8, clearly allows them to lay taxes on duties and exports. It also
allows them to collect taxes for two years during a time of DECLARED WAR. We have been at war for 70
plus years. WW II was ‘declared’ and somewhat of Iraq has been ‘declared’. Everything else has been a
policing action or a scam. By them invoking the War Powers Act for two years at time, this allowed
them to come in and take taxes off of the American people and not just off of federal and state
employees as found in Title 26, 6331, which deals with federal and state employees, those who are
elected to office, and those who are appointed to a public position are required to pay the taxes, along
with aliens and corporations.

We are addressing this in the paperwork. We are coming back in and showing them under Title 28,
Chapter 176, under the Federal Debt Collection Act, it requires a US Marshal to serve any and all
paperwork dealing with any debt collection such as taxes or mortgages – not an IRS agent giving you
paperwork or putting in a Notice of Lien without signing it. A US Marshal has to do this. We are coming
back under Procedural, under Title 28, which is judiciary, under the Judicial Procedure Manual, under
Chapter 176. This goes in along with Title 26 of the IRS Code and the Code of Federal Regulations, which
requires the Secretary of Treasury to serve Notice, and it to be given to a US Marshall. This is where we
were making some of our mistakes, because we were not aware of this. I am now going back in and I
am putting it into the paperwork.

I am addressing the fact that these judges, lawyers, IRS agents are educated in the law out of Harvard,
Yale, Oxford, Stanford and other colleges that teach the law. These defendants, attorneys, judges have
no excuse, as they are taught statutes, codes, congressional records, case law, procedures, supposedly
in these colleges, because when they tell you that you have to hire an attorney, it is because he is
educated in the law. We know differently; that is not the issue; I am not putting this up for debate. The
bottom line is that I am coming back and making the issue that they went to these law colleges, and
these attorneys and judges have law degrees. That means they are now educated in the law and they
know that under Title 10, Uniform Code of Military Justice, Section 333 , when they fail or refuse to
uphold federal and state statutes – when they fail to follow congressional guidelines, they are depriving
you of your rights, immunities, privileges, as laid out within the Constitution and they can be charged.

I am bringing in Title 18, 1918 (disloyalty) and striking an attempt to overthrow a Constitutional form of
government. We will go back in and show that the judge is covering up for the IRS, that they are
suppressing Title 26, 6331 (which defines and designates who they are to tax) and Title 28 of the Judicial
Procedure Act, under Chapter 176 of the Federal Debt Collection (which states that they are required to
by law to use federal marshals), and that they are suppressing this in the courtrooms. When judges and
lawyers conceal and suppress this, this is now interfering with federal statues, federal laws and state
laws. They have now stepped outside of their jurisdiction. This is now disloyalty. This also now comes
under Title 18, Chapter 115, under 2382 (misprision of treason) and 2383 (insurrection and rebellion) , of
trying to overthrow a government.

I am coming in to these courtrooms and putting in the very best on rules, procedures and guidelines on
how they are to operate and what they are suppressing. I am not arguing whether it is constitutional or
unconstitutional, legal or illegal, right or wrong. I am arguing the fact that they way they are collecting is
based on fraud. We are coming back and in and exposing the federal funding fraud of these courts, of
how they are misusing the federal funding. The moment they collect federal funding, they have to have
more tax dollars, and this is a vicious cycle between the IRS and the court system of constantly raping
the people for more money so that the courts can embezzle more federal funding.

Part of what is coming down, from what I am hearing, what I have been told by Janette, and I don’t
know how much of this World Report we can actually understand , how much of it is true or how much
or it is not, but what is coming out of it is that the world leaders, especially China, are coming over to
this country and they are demanding payment. They do not want promissory notes or Federal Reserve
Notes because they are worthless. They want hard, cold stuff in their hands.

This is where property comes in. This is the issue. They are coming in and confiscating prope rty and
throwing people out because this was the deal that was made on the mortgages. We now know that
the mortgages were based on fraud. Through our research, we know that all these properties have
been paid for by our birth certificate or social security money and the Federal Reserve, as there is no
money in this country (which goes back into Traficant’s argument). We know that there has been
insurance paid on these mortgages, and that the insurance company has paid off. Therefore, the bank
has collected twice; once from the insurance company (that we are not supposed to know about), and
once from our money. They have collected twice and now we have the Chinese coming in wanting the
land after it has been bought and paid for by the people.

I figured that this would be a very good time to file the Letters of Marque and Reprisal for the people. I
have been asked: when, when, when. I have been sitting back and waiting for the most opportune
time. I have had a conversation with a Provost Marshall from Virginia, which is the main headquarters.
They explained that under the Posse Commitada they have restrictions of what they can do. I explained
that under Congressional records, under Congressional authority, the Military has the authority to step
in on the peoples’ behalf. We are going back in and bringing up the Patriot Act. I brought this up to
them – that the Patriot Act is a Congressional Order, a Congressional Act, under HR3162, Section 800,
for domestic terrorism. I reminded the Provost Marshal of her oath to the Constitution, to defend this
country against foreign oppression as well as domestic oppression, which means our own system. I also
reminded her that the Military has a standing order. Anything that is immoral or is unlawful, they do not
have to follow, bringing it back into Title 10, 333, interfering with federal and state statutes by the
United States or the state and the public officials. If they are interfering and they are not following the
statutes, the Provost Marshal and the Military have the jurisdiction and the authority to move in and
take them out.

I got into a slight conversation. She did not realize who she was talking to. She did not understand that
I had more knowledge than she realized. I explained the rules of engagement. She understood the
problem and that she will check into what I am talking about and get back with me at a later date.

This is where we are , what we are running up against and what we are doing. By me notifying
Homeland Security, Provost Marshals and CID of the Private Attorney General and of the Letters of
Marque and Reprisal, we are trying to show them that we are trying to go through proper channels. By
breaking down the laws to them and bringing in their books, Congressional Records, we are showing
them exact references. Hopefully, they will sit back and analyze this and look at this as ‘we are not the
terrorists in this country’, we are the people who are trying to fix the problem.

I reminded them about Iraq on why they took out their government because their government was
abusing the people and the people could not do anything. It took another country to come in and fix the
problem. We don’t want another country to come in and fix our problem. We want our country to fix
our own problem.

I offered them an opportunity to have me to sit with Military Officers. I reminded them that when we
are doing a Court Marshall there is not a judge, but a Military Officer of high rank (an Admiral or a
Captain) on the bench. These are not lawyers, these are everyday military officers, as well as who is
sitting in the jury. I want to present my findings to the Military. I also notified them of the Talkshoe
program and how to access the Talkshoe archives of the knowledge and education that we have on this
program. I am wanting these people to understand that we are not the problem. Those who are sitting
in office are abusing it. They are misusing it.

If it is an issue, and I am going to put this out – IF 2012 is an issue, I don’t care if they sit down and they
are trying to fix the problem, knowing that there are only going to be a few people. I have a problem,
and so do you, with judges and attorneys filling their pockets, knowing that this could be the issue and
they are railroading us with a hee hee/haw haw. I don’t go along with this; it is wrong. Corruption is

I have just completed it and am about to file additional paperwork. Every document that we have used
to sue these people has comes back in with the words that Judge Holman put in his Order:
grammaralogically illogical; legally incomprehendible. We are going back and addressing that these are
Congressional Records, Executive Orders, case laws, case cites. All of what they call grammarlogically
illogical and legally incomprehendible was created by them. If their best defense is that the system is a
fraud, then we have a major problem with them using this very system against American people when
they are acknowledging that the system is a fraud when we are using it against them. You can’t have
this both ways.

We are coming back in and showing that there is a conflict in law. We have gone in and addressed case
law. They put theirs out; I come back in and put ours out. We are showing that there are two sides, a
pro and a con, a for and against, arguments on every topic that they have. You can’t have two
arguments, one for and one against, on one issue. They way they are getting away with this is when
they are charging their own, they have case law that says they are not immune. When the people are
charging them, now they have case law that says they are immune. You can’t have two case laws of
total opposites on the same issue. This is conflict. This is part of what we are bringing forward.

I don’t know how much luck we are going to have by turning this over to Homeland Security. I am taking
a very high risk on turning over these Letters of Marque and Reprisal to Homeland Security and to the
Provost Marshall, but I did give them number for Rick Neil, Texas City FBI Agent, and William Garcia in
Lakeland, Florida, who have validated the LOMAR . Rick has taken shown the LOMAR to his Legal
Department and has told us we are sitting on something that is known as a hunting license. He has
validated a lot of my brother’s and my paperwork, acknowledging the corruption. At that time, which
was five years ago, Rick’s own attorneys asked who my brother and I are, because they said that
information we handed them , that we are sitting on, is enough information to shut this country down.
The problem they had at that time was that the people that they had to go to in order to get the
enforcement were the very same people that were bringing charges against. We do have the FBI
understanding very well that we are trying to go through proper channels and we are sitting on enough
evidence of the corruption of our system.

This is one of the things that I was taught by the gentlemen that taught me. He never taught me to just
cover the surface and scrape it off to give it a makeover and make it look pretty. I was taught to go after
the root – the infection. It is like a boil; you can keep squeezing the top, but until you remove the seed
that is causing the boil, you will keep having the boil. Through the years, a lot of what we have been
taught was not wrong, it was good information if we were dealing with a legitimate system. We should
have been able to come in and skim across the top, and they should have been able to say: okay, you
are right. You may not have known exactly the law, but they would acknowledge that you were right
and that we need to back up. Ladies and gentlemen, they stopped doing this a long time ago and we
have been frustrated ever since then. No matter what we tried, we had some judges that were doing
their jobs, but we do not have any consistency across this country.

We now have this case in Florida where they have been caught for millions upon millions of dollars of
cases on the stock market. It has now been proven. There is starting to be a rollover on this. If we are
having foreign dignitaries coming into this country and demanding payment, the house of cards is
starting to crumble on their side. We need to be aware of this on our side. We need to be careful.
When we starting filing our paperwork, we need to be very precise and exact and start going in after
detail on these people, and start breaking it down like I did. Come back in under Title 28. Start showing
IRS fraud where they are not connecting with US Marshals. Also use Title 26. They are not using the
Secretary of Treasury in writing out the complaint. An IRS agent cannot serve notice to an employer, to
a bank or to the court. It has to be a US Marshal, and they are leaving that out.

We need to start getting into more detail and start bringing it up when they start violating their position.
This is disloyalty and this is overthrowing a constitutions form of government when they are not backing
up the laws in the way they are written and are skipping part of it because it is inconvenient and there is
money being made off of the people. Some of you are not able to do this and I understand that. It has
taken me a while. I have been taught to be able to get into some of this, and once you have seen my
paperwork, I don’t cut a whole lot of slack, especially now with what we are taking into DC. I am getting
right down to the nitty gritty.

North Carolina has made the issue that the Federal Court has no jurisdiction over the state. I went in to
the 1868 Reconstruction Act and pulled up the documentation that shows that every southern and
every northern state had to sign an allegiance to the United States which is the District of Columbia. I
pulled up the allegiance form and am putting it in that this is how DC has jurisdiction over these people
and that these people are the 14th Amendment citizens and not us ????????????

I am going into detail on my research. We are bringing in the C… Trust……Doctrine ??????, the Erie
Railroad vs Tompkins case, the United States Attorneys’ Manual, Title 42, 2000-D-7 , Civil Rights
Violation, that any state that accepts federal funding or violates your civil rights forfeits their
sovereignty. The moment they sign the 1868 , they forfeit their sovereignty and their immunity in any
case, because they went under the federal government. I am coming back in and I am point this out to

We are getting into good detail on what we are doing and how we are doing it to them. They are NOT
very happy with me. I really don’t care. I am trying to fix the problem for the many, not for the one.
This is where some of the issues are coming in. I have people that I have talked to who say that I am
going after too big of a chunk, that I need to back off, that need to go after just one little piece. That is
the problem.

We keep going after a little piece. We need to address the issue. That is exactly what I am doing – I am
addressing the issue. I am addressing the problem. For 30-some years we have dealt with the little
piece. This is why we are where we are right now, because, technically, going after the surface should
have fixed it. Because of the amount of federal funding fraud that is involved, that we are starting to
discover and unravel, this is why we have to go after the BIG piece in this matter. We can no longer sit
back and just worry about me and mine, and just take care of the surface problem while forgetting the
rest. We have to address all of it. We have to go back in and PUSH all of it. We do not have a choice.
That is exactly how I am looking at it and exactly how I am running this.

I wanted you people to understand and know what we are doing. I did file in the THREE Letters of
Marque and Reprisal, 2003, 2007 and 2008. By doing this, I draw the line in the sand. I basically told
them you have two choices. Here are the laws; here are the Congressional Records; here are the facts.
Here is my authority from Congress as a Private Attorney General. Here is the authority from Congress,
not once, not twice, but three times through a LOMAR that they granted. We are asking you
(????????????Provost Marshal???????) to come in and take these people out of public office. OR, do
what they are doing and keep breaking the law and keep pissing off the people.

This is what I have done this week – this is the update. This is what I want to convey at this moment.
Homeland Security, Provost Marshal, United States Coastguard, will be served more than likely by
tomorrow (Dec . 09, 2009). They will be notified with all of this paperwork and with the records, and
with the records from the other side wherein they have acknowledged the war crimes and the hate
crimes, and they are acknowledging that they have immunity no matter what they do. I think that was a
very important document to include, in that they are claiming immunity, they are acknowledging all of
the crimes, with a hee hee/haw haw that they have immunity, and that we cannot do anything about it.
I think that Homeland Security should be aware of this. I think that Provost Marshals and CID should be
aware of this. We need to start addressing this issue, and that is exactly what I am doing.

…………… more update information:

Cory Palmiter went into court last week, was found guilty, sentenced to 15 years in the state
penitentiary for standing up for his common law wife and standing up for his rights. He was told he
would get 15 years, a $250,000 fine and that he would never the see daylight again. He and I talked
over the weekend about what he should do. He went into court today and from what I was told they
dropped it down to 30 days and gave him three years of probation. Part of this is because of the
paperwork sitting in DC and other things that we are going. We have these people rattled.

I am telling you that this court in DC – these people – are scared to death of this court. They do not
want us going into this court. The IRS agent is fighting this tooth and nail, because he is claiming that
the superior court is a state court and therefore the federal court has jurisdiction. However, I am
coming back in and saying, excuse me, we were in a tax court – it may have been a state court – but
under Congressional Records they are designated as a tax court, and ‘you’ had no authority to take this
out of the tax court. By doing so and moving it into this other court, this is obstructions of justice – you
have now committed fraud on two courts. This is the basis for the taking this in to Homeland Security.
Also involved is the fact that they admitted to the war crimes.

People, this is where we stand. This is the update. As I said, I have been asked: when, when, when,
would we file the LMR. Now is the time. Because we have 26 delegates coming in and demanding
payment, we need to be prepared. Therefore, this was a good time to do the filing.

Carl: I recommend that new people listen to the archives and bring yourself up to date.

Re the 26 delegates:

I understand, from World News Report, that there are 26 delegates from across the world coming into
the United Sates demanding payment for all of these bogus Promissory Notes and home mortgages.

H (Harvey): Do you mean the ‘stuff’ they sold on the open market.
R (Rod): Yes. They are demanding payment and they do not want FRNs. It is either going to have to be
oil, gold or dirt. Seeing as how they are holding the mortgages, they want dirt. The problem is that
these people do not realize that we have a de jure and a de facto government. What the de facto
government is going to hand them is not the de jure land that they think they are getting. They are
going to come into your home and want your property, but you can say: excuse me – we have two faces
of government, and what you were handed was the air above my property – and that is where you live,
have a nice day. These people do not understand that. They are under the impression that they are
entitled to the land that the people are living on, and they want property.

H: They are going to sadly mistaken, and then they are going to be even more pissed off.

R: Yes, this is why I thought this would be the appropriate time to file these Letters of Marque and
Reprisal into Homeland Security, Provost Marshal and CID, because I need to protect the people. I am
giving you an updated as to what I did and why I did it, and the explanation behind it.

H: Am I (Harvey) correct in assuming that because the IRS Attorney (Sanders) moved the case before he
even entered the case in the superior court….

R: He did, and that is part of the issue for us coming back in. He did not even enter into it before me
(could????????) moved it.

H: So, he violated procedure right there – from the get-go.

R: That’s the whole point. That is why we are coming back in. Now he is coming back in and making an
issue that I am fighting my own argument of saying that this court does not have the jurisdiction,
therefore my case needs to be dismissed. However, the argument is that he moved it out of superior
court unlawfully, moved it into a court that did not have jurisdiction – which committed another crime.
Now we are asking it to be turned over to Homeland Security because there has been fraud on two
courts and both courts allowed it.

H: What is going to happen to the people who allowed it – like back in the superior court (Holman) –
what about him?

R: I have no idea. That is why we are trying to push Homeland Security into this. If we can get them to
go back in and start understanding the law of what we are putting in, and by me breaking it down and
showing them where procedure was violated, what laws were viol ated, how they were violated,
hopefully they (Homeland Security?) will come in and say: okay guys, out of the pool, into handcuffs
and out the door you go. Are we going to have a big splash on TV – I doubt it very much, because they
cannot open this thing up. We are trying to bring in Homeland Security. I do not think these people (the
courts ???????????) would go that far and push Homeland Security.

H: With the amount of documents that the states and Sanders is putting in to DC, we are making them
work overtime.

R: Yes we are.
H: We are causing them a great deal of work and consternation and fear, etc.

R: Yes we are. Because they have never had anyone ever come in and break the laws down to them
and point out the laws they way I have.

H: What was to say that no one was ever to going to do this to them in the first place. Did they really
think that they had a system for frauding us so well down, so well accepted by everyone, that no one
would question it. Then some judge in Ohio would make you mad and make you go on the path that
you are on.

R: That is the whole thing. They never anticipated that the people would ever interfere. This is where I
say that my training and my learning is different than a lot of folks out here. I am not saying that your
training was wrong because you have a lot of good, valid points. As I said, if we were dealing with a
legitimate system, the paperwork should go back and fix it. However, I was taught to go after the root. I
was taught to go in after the core and starting bringing it up and throwing in their face their own dirty

H: You were taught to always argue procedure. You were taught to always hang them on the rules, the

R: That is exactly right. I refer here to my background, and the gentleman who taught me. My brother
and I were rare, unlike some others that he taught, because we took the initiative and wanted to learn.
He gave us the opening, and from thereon we ran with it – and have far surpassed him. He will tell you

H: Was he a judge or a lawyer.

R: He was just another gentleman who had this experience: they pissed down his back and said it was
raining, and they shit in his coco puffs and told him it was chocolate.

H: I would think they don’t want to do that.

R: Right. As I said, all they would have to do is to follow their own rules that are in their own books.
Follow the law the way that it is written.

H: Here is the deal – when you are a crook, you are always going to cut corners and you are always
going to try to do things the easy way, and hope you get away with it. I think those might start to be

R: They have, and that is part of the problem here. We were taught just enough o hang ourselves and
not really enough to argue it. We have had some wins and I am not knocking it. However, what works
in one is not working in the other. And to answer your question as to them taking land and not gold, it
is that land has more possession for what they want here. If you want to take over a country, you take
over the land. You start bringing in immigrants. This is part of the problem. Even though we have gold,
they are not using gold in the marketplace for trading, they are using the land. Theoretically, if what
they are saying is true about 2012, through the history, this is why they are trying to collect as much
land as possible. The figure they are going to be able to have it, they can make more money from it over
a longer period of time. Sit back and think, people – and I am dead serious – where I am located
property may go for $40, $50, $60,000. I paid $ ???? for my house. This same property in California or
Florida would go for at least $500,000 - $750,000. What is the difference between my dirt and their dirt
– location.

H: Hillary Clinton went over to China (June) and gave them ‘eminent domain’.

R: Yes she did. This is what I am saying. They have eminent domain. That comes in after property.
Through the several years that we have talked on this show, you have to remember a lot of the things
we have talked about. Remember it when new things come up, and then start putting it together – and
go: oh crap. Hillary did go over there and China, a while back, did declare Marshall Law. I do not know
whether it is true or not but supposedly they have a Chinese flag hanging in DC. What these Chinese
people do not realize, and they are really going to be upset, is that the only property technically that
they can have is the 10 square mile area, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and the possessions.
That’s it. Anything within OUR United States, they can’t touch because that was not part of the deal. As
I said, once they understand the fraud that has been perpetrated on them they are not going to be really
happy. The thing of it is, it is going to be us who are going to have the problem.

H: We are going to be the collateral damage.

R: That is exactly right. We need to start getting stronger on what we are doing. We need to start
getting better educated on what we are doing, and we need to start getting more and more of the
messages out and getting the groups together on trying to fix this problem. If the e-mail – and we have
a lot of scuttle-but. Scuttle-but is nothing more than rumors. We have had a lot of them throughout
the years that did not come true, and some of them were half-true—whatever. Some of them were test
runs. The thing is, Obama made the statement, and we put this in the paperwork, that he wanted a
private army to come in and take care of the issues instead of regular military. A private army could be
turned around and used against the American people. This is part of the issue. This is why we need to
start waking up to some of these issues and start remembering a lot of what we have talked about. Get
into the Archives and listen some of the history of what we have brought up. It is going to come down
to John Q. Public – it is going to come down to us – to deal with this. I am trying to go through the
proper channels. What I have done, and Carl and Marie have done, going through Congress (that is why
we have been running back and forth to Congress – getting paperwork signed) shows that we have been
making every effort to try to go through proper channels. When it comes down to an issue, if the
military comes in, and they start looking at some of what we have done and we show where we have
tried, it is going to be a process of that Standing Order. They cannot file an immoral or unlawful order,
and I did remind them in the paperwork that I sent about the Declaration of Independence that when a
government becomes evil, the people have the right to alter, reform or abolish any form of our
government that becomes dangerous to the people.

H: That’s black ink on white paper.
R: Yes it is. I also went back in and made the issue of ever single state constitution, and I pulled out
three of them: Ohio, North Carolina and New Jersey. I explained that all political power remains with
the people and the people have the right to alter, reform or abolish any part of government that
becomes destructive. I am bringing in proper documentation, showing that this is not a overthrow, this
is a constitutional right. This is the law and here is where it is stated. This is what this country what this
country was founded and based upon.

H: Is that copy of your objection that you are going to be filing, is that the one that is going to be the
final copy – the one you have today.

R: Yes, all I did was change the heading, the people and the numbers. That is going to be the one that I
am filing. Each one of our documents keeps getting longer and longer. I am bringing in the laws and I
am showing them that the choice of law is in the United States Attorneys’ Manual, under 210, Choice of
Law. We are bringing it in under the C………………. Trust Act. We are coming in and showing that every
federal statute has to be followed by the states because there are Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs)
involved in this. If they want FRNs, they have to comply with federal statutes. That comes down into
mortgages, IRS, anything they are doing. They have to comply with federal laws. For them to say: well,
we don’t have to …… Excuse me: whose money are you using; you are not making your own. You have
to comply with federal laws and that is where we are coming back in and making raising this issue. The
C…………… Trust Act and the Erie Railroad has never been turned over, and they cannot turn it over
without damaging themselves.

H: Alright, I will make that document available on the rayservers, and I will send out an announcement
hopefully within the next 24 hrs.

R: You have read it and can see where I went in and nailed them under the 14 th Amendment under the
Reconstruction Act. As I said, people, I am going into great detail in this paperwork. I am breaking down
what their job description is and what the laws are. If they are coming back and their defense is that
these laws are frivolous, incomprehendable – all the crap that they used – if that is what they are saying,
then they cannot justify putting millions of people behind bars based on laws that have no meaning and
that are incomprehendable . That is fraud. That is what we are coming back in and addressing. If this is
your explanation of all the Congressional Records, and this is your explanation of Executive Orders and
statutes and codes and case cites, and all the rules and regulations, that these are incomprehendable
and frivolous, then you cannot use them the American people, fraud them out of federal funding and
then turn around and charge tax on laws that are frivolous. There has to be an equal protection under
the law. That falls under the 14th Amendment as well as I think Title 18, 1981 or Title 42, 1981, that falls
under equal protection. They have to guarantee you equal protection. That is part of Title 10, 333.
They have to give you equal protection. It is mandatory – and they are not doing it.

No one has ever pointed this out. No one has ever gone into this stuff. Well, I am. I am laying it out in
the best way that I can. I may have some errors, but I don’t see anyone else doing it. Whoever wants to
step up and take my place, go for it.

H: Keep doing what you are doing, please.
…….question re LOMAR

R: When I made this out, I made it out in the name of the people. This is what makes this thing so
devastating. I am the only one who can take it off. They kill me – it stays on forever.

?: Are you saying that we can use these LOMAR for our own protection.

R: Yes. Harvey put them on the website and you can download them.

H: If you are new to the call and are not on the automated update list, send an e -mail to rod-class- You can also go to the website: and go to the BLOG
section to view the postings which will include links to the LOMAR. These files are incredibly huge. This
is also where you will find and be able to download Rod’s 30 page Objection that is going in to the
District Court of Columbia.

?: Now that we have a copy of the LOMAR, how do we use this.

R: There are restrictions on this. They are: you cannot shoot civilians. This means public officials and
public officials ONLY, not their families, not their wives, not their kids. What this is coming down to – it
is a Declaration of War. It means that if you are running a risk of losing your home by Sheriff (whenever
the Federal Debt Collection Act requires federal marshals, and they are sending out Sheriffs), if you need
fertilizer you can plant him out in your front yard.

This is not a poke stick. I filed this into Homeland Security knowing the risk that I could have my doors
kicked in. I could end up in a shootout here in the house. Understand, this is not a poke stick. I could
end up in a shootout here in the house over this. You need to understand, we are trying to get this out
to the people. We are trying to get the people organized. I am giving avenues for the people to work
with and we don’t have to be victims. You have the Castle Doctrine out here. The Castle Doctrine
states: if you in fear of your life or you if your family is being threatened, you have the right, up to and
including shooting them if you are in fear. You have the Castle Doctrine.

We did this several years ago and I have been sitting on them (LOMAR). I have used them in several of
my court cases in order to get them into the record. I have had people ask me, Rod, when are you going
to use them. We are coming to a place now because we have proved the entire court system to be
corrupt, and because we have talked to a Provost Marshal saying that they need a Congressional Act
under the Passe Commitada , by me putting in a Private Attorney General and the LOMAR, I have now
given them the authority to work with the people so that we can start taking these people out.

This can work one of two ways. It can either work for us or against us. I don’t know which way this is
going to work, but I submitted the paperwork on the basis that after having a conversation with them
(Provost Marshal ??), putting in the Congressional Act of the 81st Congress that the Lawyers Guild is a
Communist Party, and reminding them that over the last 70 years we have been fighting communism
overseas but we have not been fighting it here in our own back yard and it is time that we do. This is
why I am bringing in the Patriot Act. That is why I am bringing in Section 800 and 802 under Domestic
Terrorism. We are bringing in Title 18, under 2331, defining domestic terrorism. I am laying this out for
these people in the best way I can to show them where the problems are. I am also letting them know
………………………….we need help and either you come in and do your job or force us to do ours, and
Congress has already given us the approval.

H: They are not going to like the job we are going to do.

R: That is exactly right. Congress already gave us the approval. The fact that we went three different
times shows that we made three separate efforts to try to deal with a problem that we still have.

I have tried over the years (as Carl said) to keep building a record. That is what we have been doing –
creating a record. We have been trying to show that we have been trying to be as peaceful as we
possibly can. We are trying to go through the proper channels. We are trying to exhaust all of our

H: We are trying to follow procedure.

R: Yes, and these people (courts) are calling it frivolous, legally incomprehendable. Well, these are their
procedures, and if they are frivolous and legally incomprehendable, they created them. We didn’t. By
pointing this out to them, and turning in some of these lawyers’ letters, of how stupid they are, and
writing this stuff up, and no matter how corrupt we are we have absolute immunity and you can’t do
anything to us no matter how corrupt we are, that is an admission of treason. That is an admission of
guilt. …And then put into the paperwork the actual allegations of war crimes and hate crimes and ricco
and obstruction of justice….these are factual allegations. And that is exactly what lawyer put in, and
then went back and said ‘well we have immunity no matter what’.

People, someone within Homeland Security, within Congress, within the Unites States Coastguard, and
the Provost Marshal is going to have to read this. They are going to say: wait a minute, what the hell is
going on here. Why are we held at one set of standards and these people feel they do not have to be
held to any.

H: You are going to get them in-fighting.

R: Yes. We get them in-fighting on this and we can actually start getting Homeland Security to start
coming and the Military to start coming in and understanding this. People, you have to remember that
every one of these public officials come under Title 10. How do they come under Title 10? We are
under the War Powers Emergency Act. Their office has been turned over. That little gold fringed flag
you people have been arguing about, your information was half right. What you did not realize is that
that gold fringed flag comes in under the War Powers Act. That makes that court a Military courtroom.
You were right on that but you were not looking at the War Powers Act part of this.

If you are in the Military and you see a flag, you understand the jurisdiction of the flag. When you are a
Military Officer and you are walking into a civilian court and you are seeing a Military flag there, during a
time of war, what does that flag tell you. This Provost Marshal did understand the fact that we have
been at war for 70+ years. They did understand this. As I said, they did not realize who they were
talking to, and breaking this stuff down, they understood what for – and they are not going to get into a
lot of detail with me because they are not going to start disclosing, but they are taking the information
that we are giving to them, and they are understanding more than they realized. As I said, by breaking
this down for them and working with them, I am trying to give us the best protection. If the Military
gets called out against us, and we have our information up first, it is going to go through the Pentagon
and through their ranks – and they will say: Wait a minute, this fellow filed this paperwork.

Let’s go back to look at what is going on here. I am trying to go through the best channels possible with
what we are doing. As I said, do I have any guarantee. Absolutely not. But if we don’t do anything and
we don’t address the problem properly with these people, we are going to have a lot rougher time that
we would if we put in paperwork that they can look at and say: these people have a legitimate
bitch/gripe. This is what I am trying to do.

Steve Kale – post on board: Should we send copies of this paperwork (LOMAR) to our local Sheriff s?

R: You can, but here again, you need to be able to explain the fraud that is being perpetrated and just
don’t send it out. We have had a couple of people who have filed it into their court cases and when
they got home they got their doors kicked in by SWAT – because now you have just threatened them.
Use your discretion in what you are doing.

H: Perhaps, let it get out a little further before taking this step.

C: (Carl) If you can’t walk and talk it, go fishing.

C: We (R and C) were up there and filed the 5391 case – the first case that was filed in DC, and our
motion for reconsideration has now hit the 30-day time frame. We need to get together in the next day
or two. I have a couple of ideas. We might go in and ask for the clerk to default this because the time
frame running out from the court, instead of going back to the court with an emergency motion for
execution because of the time running out. There is a way to do that.

R: We are down to the place now, because I just received a letter from Eric Holder’s office of the Civil
Rights Division, saying: we don’t understand what is going on. Well, what is going on is that you
(Holder) missed your court date.

We need to go back in and definitely address this. I wanted to get past our 30 days – give this judge the
30 days—and to see what he is going to do with it. Yes, you (Carl) and I need to get together and discuss
the next steps.

C: The reason why I did the Private Attorney General talkshoe call is because I wanted to have control
over that call. That will be approx. 30 min. from now. That is on 31102. It will start with foreclosures
and there is some other activity here, eg. What Rod is bringing out of Eric Holder’s office.

Talking about getting them fighting amongst themselves, well, guess what people, those on the call now
– I will let that cat out of the bag quickly—Deutsch Bank filed a law suit against the Bank of America in
the New York District Court (44 pages). I read through most of this. The complaint by a Washington law
firm (last page - 725 12th St NW Washington, DC). Now we have Washington, DC attorney that is
representing Deutsch Bank vs Bank of America, case # 09CV9784 (???). Now we have lawyers basically
sueing lawyers.

H: That is not going to go well.

C: No. That goes back to what Rod was saying a few minutes ago. We have them fighting amongst each
other and, in a way, that is a good thing. It is not a bad thing.

?: Comment: re LOMAR. If a SWAT comes and kicks in my door, that is a problem, because there is no
talking after that. So, to file this and put them on Notice that I have this type of standing – that may
lead to a SWAT kicking in the door.

R: That is your choice. I am leaving this up to the individuals as to what you may want to do with this. I
am just notifying, because what is coming down, with what we are doing in this court, by me going to
Homeland Security (which is the United States Coastguard) – I am trying to get this into a Military court.

I am pulling this into a Military court. I am trying to pull Congressional Records to show them that I have
the authority to come in and do this. I am trying to find an avenue for us to work with.

However, as I said, if you want to notify, you can. But I also know that a couple of people have filed it in
their court cases and that night they had SWAT kicking in the door. So beware of what you are doing.
Think before you leap. But you are right.

My whole thing is, if they come in through the door, I am going to start shooting. I am not going to play
because we are in a position now to where they have declared war on us. We have brought up enough
of history on this program, back under 49 Stat, 3097, Treaty Series 881, …….? And duties and rights of
the states of Dec 26, 1933. This is where our Congress relinquished the state statutes and placed us
under the Pandam Agreement, putting us under International Law. Under the International
Organization Immunitites Act, Dec. 6, 1945, they handed over every single state, not the people, but the
state public offices to UN jurisdiction. Under USC Title 8, Section 1481, when these public officials g
took their oath of office, they were required to relinquish their citizenship to this nation. That was
mandatory. It was not an option, not a choice. When they took the position, they had to relinquish
their national citizenship. It, flat out, says so in the law.

We are dealing with foreigners. We are not dealing with American people. A lot of these people are not
aware of this. With our going back in and pointing this out to them – that is why they are getting very
finicky here, because we were never supposed to have figured out a lot of this stuff.

Through the history of this program, if you go back in and you check out the colonies, they were not
‘state’, as we were led to believe. They were a ‘corporation’ with a charter from England. When we
had the Revolutionary War, their charters had to stay intact for the corporation running the
government. This falls back under the Treaty of Paris, 1783. The history of what we have brought up
with all of the facts, documentation, we are actually coming back in and showing the entire fraud of the
entire system. No one has ever got in this deep in laying this all out and explaining it. We have – on this
We are trying to bring the people up to speed, bringing up where the fraud is, how it has been
committed. A lot of people will say: yes, we know it is corrupt; okay, where, how. That is how we are
bringing this stuff up. We are actually exposing it. That is what is rattling their cage.

?: Rod, what is your standing – what is your status inside this case of yours?

R: My Standing, the bottom line is that I am an American national and these people are foreigners.

?: Are you still tied to your SSN.

R: I will explain something to you. Whenever you have a SSN, you were given that through the years
under the pretence that when you became disabled, or you become too old to work, this was an
insurance policy number. That was the pretence upon which this was sold to the people. Had the
people been told: we are going to give you this number; we are going to put this money into this
account, and we are going to sell you on the open market – the people never would have bought into it.

The fact that I have a SSN falls back under the Trading with the Enemy Act, Title 50, that shows that as
you are an enemy of the state, you have to be licensed and you have to be registered. We were never
told any of this. This goes right back into the fraud, because under Title 50, the appendage, sec. 21,
deals with expatriation. You and I never expatriated. They expatriated us by giving us numbers and
licenses without our knowledge and understanding . They told us it was for one thing, knowing it was

?: You just found that out in your case?

R: Yes, we are bringing this out. Some of the arguments that people were making were not being taken
far enough and not being tied back into the Trading with the Enemy Act. We did not have this
knowledge until recently, after doing the research that we have done. It shows you under the Trading
with the Enemy Act that you have to have insurance, be licensed and registered.

? At the beginning of the year, we were talking about the SSN and it seemed that different calls were in
agreement that this number was tying us to the 14th Amendment, and that meant that we have no

R: I was arguing the fact that this thing was nothing more than fraud because it was an insurance policy.

?: I remember you saying that, but what has come up even better is that you can make that claim that
you just told me you did in your case – and that, right there, will give you standing.

R: Remember something here. With all that you are saying, there is only one place so far that I have
found – and I made this issue in the documentation against a lawyer in Ohio, there are four actions in
this country that a court can take against you.
The first is: Civil Action, under Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule2. Under Title 50, Chapter 23, it
says that United States has jurisdiction over all criminal actions. It explains that if you are an alien
enemy resident, and you are disturbing the peace, they can bring criminal charges against you.

Second: Equity, which deals with monetary.

Third: Admiralty, which deals with contract.

Equity and Admiralty fall under Article 3, Section 2, of the Constitution. The courts deny Equity and
Admiralty, which leaves us Civil and Criminal.

The courts are supposed to operate under Common Law. In Common Law, there has to be a ‘real’
injured party involved. The only time that they can bring in the United States or the ‘state of’ is when
they are doing it under Title 50, Section 23, under the Appendage, when they are bringing you in as an
enemy of the state. That is the only time they can use the ‘state of’, because now they are representing
the entire country because you damaged (????) the entire country. We have never done that.

If they are going bring ‘criminal’, they have to run it under Common Law, which now means there has to
be a corpus delectae. There has to be a real body, a real injured party – and they are not doing it.

?: Isn’t there a statute that says that all crimes are commercial crimes?

R: That falls under Equity, and they are not running it under Equity. If asked: is this an Equity court –
they will say NO. You and I both know that is fraud.

?: Yes, because every court wants your money, and if you don’t have any, they charge you.

C: It goes back to the convenience issue. If a judge thinks that you are dumb and stupid, you are going
to get convicted regardless. That is what we share on these conference calls -- don’t go out and file the
Private Attorney General documents in your cases or the LOMAR. There are two years of archives
( and talkshoe). I have been in it 14 years and Rod has been in it 9 years. Don’t take a
jackrabbit approach here. We say this constantly, and we have to say it constantly because there are
always new people coming on this call, wanting to play a rabbit. They may say: look at this pretty little
document; let’s go file it, and I can go fishing until they fishing until they catch me.

R: The documents that we are putting out are some of the most dangerous documents that you could
ever put into these courts. You had better be able to walk, talk and explain. The biggest thing is, I am
not always available. If you are going to get into this thing and then say: Rod, I need the answer here: I
need this, that, etc. – if you cannot think and figure it out – stay out of it. Everything that I am doing, I
am pulling from my years of experience, knowledge and understanding. I talk to very few people before
I file paperwork. The only time that I talk to Harvey or Judy is because I need them to correct my
grammar. I don’t go to people and start asking what do I do now--the IRS filed paperwork and how do I
go back and answer them. I already have the answer.
?: You are doing something very honorable. You are very articulate and did all your homework, pretty
much. I have been around this a long time myself but I cannot talk the talk like you can. You do a good
job. As for me, I think that once I can either detach myself from that SSN number or get the benefits
that I should have been receiving from the very beginning, from that trust, then I cannot be useful. They
will always look at me as a debtor. So, what I am working at is either detaching myself ………..I don’t
believe that we are the Grantor of anything. I believe it is all their paperwork: all of that was created for
me. So they are the Grantor, but I am the Beneficial Owner. It is either that, or I am a slave, and I will
just send a letter to my congressman and tell them: okay, here I am; I am you slave according to the
government; what do you want me to do; by the way, I need milk and sandwiches. We have to do
something. You guys (R and C) are doing something very, very dangerous. I think it is

??: I have a question for you, and your approach is apparently asking the fiction to let the fictional
(strawman) into or out of the system. If you can find any reality between fiction and fantasy, then we
have a problem. Because that is what they are doing.

?: You are misunderstanding my point. We are not in control, they are. If they cannot give me the
benefit that is stated on their document, then I don’t it. If they don’t want to detach me from it because
they keep throwing documents in my mailbox, then I am a slave to them. That is a statement you have
to make. It is bottom line here. Once I get my rejection I am not just going to sit at home and say: oh,
well, it did not work. I am going to my congressman and saying here is the letter, I am you slave, what
do you want me to do. I’ll send it to the sheriff, to the mayor. Because everyone needs to start waking

..: If you want, go back to the 39th Congress. Start at 1861 and move forward to about 1871. The
Federal registry and check that out. You see, that is where they went wrong.

?: This is something I was doing a few years ago and I don’t do it any more. I am trying not to put the
human being inside the word ‘mayor’ or ‘sheriff’. These people are human beings too, and they have
been deceived. Some will wake up, some won’t. And who are those. Well, most likely the lawyers. If
you cannot detach yourself from a number that keeps taxing you, then you start to tell people.

You have documents, they have to respond to you. You’ll be able to send a letter to your congressman
with copies of the documents you have from either the Federal Reserve – whomever you were first
dealing with regarding this number, and you start telling them: they say I am a slave, so here I am. What
else can we do – other than what you (Rod and Carl) are doing.

C: We are attacking the system with the system. As Rod says, ‘they’ (who are they: the lawyers, the
communist party, the judges, the gang, the corporate whatevers). In the 90’s were working that
sovereignty stuff, sending their SSN cards, their license plates back – and some of them are in jail right
now. The ‘freemen’. I have letters from the freemen from prison because some of those characters
were doing that stuff. If you want to send all of that back and not learn now to fight the system with the
system, they go and find another conference call.

..: I am not trying to fight the system. I know you guys do, but I don’t want to fight.
C: You say that you are getting stuff in your mailbox. You have to know how to address it.

…: Rod, are you offering any background information to education your listeners on the LOMAR so that
they don’t have a bunch of sitting ducks.

R: Here again, basically it is a declaration of war. We are trying to go through proper channels to get
help. As I said, it is going to do one of two things. It is going to show that we did go through proper
channels – and they could come in and take out the judges, the lawyers because of what we are doing.

A lot of these people in the upper eschelons know that there is a problem. Just like us, we know there is
a problem. Until we start breaking it down, and this is what I am doing, breaking it down in the law suit,
and showing Title 28, Chapter 176 under the Federal Debt Collection Act, showing where a US Marshal
has to do this stuff – a lot of these attorneys do not know it because it has always been procedures. We
(?) have to keep covering it up. They really don’t know the laws to a certain extent.

By now bringing this up, bringing it in to the record, bringing up the Title 26 , 6331, Se ction A, that only
deals with public officials, bringing out that it takes the Secretary of Treasury, now we are going to have
some of these lawyers going back in and saying: wait a minute; we were not aware of any of this; we did
not know this. What they are saying is that they were right, they just were making some of the wrong
arguments, but their concept was right.

By us going in and asking for clarification of the language and making issue of these words and
corporations, etc. we can go show the argument that for every case law you have one that is FOR and
one that is AGAINST. Right now the IRS guy is not addressing which united states is in this courtroom.
Now, I have gone back in: he failed to address this. We have three of them: which one is it.

…? You also have three LOMAR – is there a template letter (eg. for all listeners) to send to their

R: That is what we did. Let me give you the history of this. When I first did this in 2002, I went into
Congress, got it and filed it into my court case. I had CIA, ATF and FBI dogging me. At that time I was
divorced. I was living with a friend in Ohio. There were gunshots that were around where I was living.
They knew her and they knew I was living there. The alphabet people came i n and started questioning
them about me – if I was buying any guns, ammunition, and what I was doing. I said ‘no’. They notified
the lady that I was living with, at which point I called the CIA, ATF and FBI. The FBI and I had a nice
conversation. They informed me saying: do you realize that what you are doing could get your family
killed. I said: did you just threaten my family. They said: oh, no, no, no. I said: I heard you just threaten
my family when you said my family could get killed for my standing up for my rights. I said: let me
explain something to you; shoot them – they are Christians; they will be in a better place than they are
now; the moment you shoot my family, I will pick up a 17 cent solution and I will do what I was trained
to for in the Military. That was the last time I was threatened.

You need to think very hard before you decide to go file one of these (LOMAR). That is why I filed all
three of them. They cannot bluff me or threaten me. They cannot use my family as leverage. Some you
better sit back and think, if they held your daughter or your son and held a gun to their head, would you
shoot through your own child to shoot the guy behind him. If you were in the Military, the way this
works, is the moment you drop your gun, they are going to shoot you anyway. If they are going to shoot
me, I might as well shoot through them and get both of them. I hate to lose a family member, but I am
going to lose myself and them anyway, because they are going to shoot both of us. My thought is that if
my family is going to die, they might as well die by my hands, not by theirs, -- and I will get the SOB that
is holding them.

Now, can you stand up and are you willing to push it to this point. You had better think very hard. I
have made this statement. I have been willing to back this up, and people who know me know that I will
back this up.

As I said, this is why I filed it. I am taking one hell of a risk here. However, ladies and gentlemen, it is at
the point we don’t of much of a choice with what is coming down in this country. I am trying to push
this into a Military Court. I asked them for a Military Court hearing. I want to go up before a Military
Officer and have a conversation. I want to explain this to them. I want to come in with the evidence in
the documentation and explain the fraud.

I am one of the best ones out here to explain this. Why, because I created all of this paperwork. I am
the one who can walk it, talk it and explain it – I created it. I can train, I can teach. That is part of what
we are doing. I need other people on here (the call) who can do the same.

I have told them – I want up before a Military Tribunal, Military Officers. I want to talk to them. I don’t
care if it is in Fort Bragg or Dc. Get me up in front of someone with whom I can talk and lay out the
evidence of what we are dealing with, lay out the fraud, and explain it to them – then let them go back
and make their own judgements on this.

Ladies and gentlemen, I wanted you to know what we did, what we are up against – that I did files these
in to Provost Marshal, CID, United States Coastguard which is part of Homeland Security, Bernie
Thompson—Chairman of the Committee of Homeland Security, and I did actually file it in to the Dept. of
Homeland Security in DC. We have this in all of these places.

..? LOMAR – from my understanding, the LOMAR is already in for WE THE PEOPLE. What we would do
is send a notice with a copy of the LOMAR to whomever we want to notify that we have a LOMAR as an

R: It has been filed – you do not need to create a LOMAR for yourself, because this has been filed on
behalf of the people – We the People. The document is posted on / blog /
Rodney Class vs US

..? Is there a special Notice that we can use, like a template, to use in a particular case, or is that just
going to open up a can of worms and get us into more trouble.

H: I would suspect that if you are having trouble with the bully, you will want to Notice them that you
have a LOMAR that has been taken out on your behalf and that this LOMAR is in the places that Rod has
indicated (Coastguard, Homeland Security, Congress, Provost Marshal for CID). It just formulates some
kind of a little notice.

…? With all due respect to you guys, I think we need more education on the subject.

H: Right. Just start googling. In one of those posts on there is a one-page explanation
of a LOMAR from the establishment. Then you can google LOMAR and you will probably come up with
other information on it.

...? You can go to a website called: and in their search engine, type in
LOMAR or you could just type in ‘Letter of Marque and Reprisal’, and ‘John Stuart’. He has two
downloadable files. (may be an ‘s’ after freedom)

H: Compare them to what Rod did. Then do what you need to do.

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