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Griffen Real Estate Arkansas - DOC


Griffen Real Estate Arkansas document sample

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									2007 Complete Analysis

           Skills, Talents, & Intelligence
              (Education) Revolution

                      CBPM Georgia State Office
                              PO Box 6883
                           Atlanta, GA 30315

 Please listen to your community Radio Stations to keep up with the latest on
                     what’s happening in our community.
            1380 AM WAOK & 89.3 FM WRFG
Complete Analysis of Skills, Talents, and
  Intelligence (Education) Revolution
     Total Members of the CBPM is 532 members
1. The break down for Males and Females for CBPM:
                                             Male     Female
     Number of Members                       358        174
     Percentage of Members                   67%        33%

2. Members of the CBPM live in the following
                   Country                         Number of
                     USA                              523
                   England                             1
                   Bermuda                             1
                  Did not say                          7

3. Members of the CBPM live in the following States:

                     State                         Number of
                     Georgia                          462
                  South Carolina                       11
                    New York                            7
                      Ohio                              6
         Alabama, Louisiana, & Florida               3 each
       California, Maryland, N. Carolina &           2 each
       AK, CT, HI, IL, IN, MS, PA, & TX              1 each
4. Members of the CBPM in Georgia are located in the following cities:
        City          # of             City         # of       City          # of
                    Members                       Members                  Members
     Alpharetta               2    Forest Park         2    Newnan               2
     Atlanta                 271   Fort Valley         1    Norcross             7
     Austell                  1    Griffen             1    Oxford               1
     Avondale                 1    Hampton             1    Riverdale            7
     Buckhead                 1    Hapeville           4    Roswell              1
     Chamblee                 1    Kennesaw            2    Shady Dale           1
     Clarkston                4    Lithonia            9    Smyrna               3
     College Park            25    Lithonia            2    Snellville           2
     Conyers                  1    Mableton             3   St. Mountain         18
     Decatur                 33    Macon                1   Suwanee               1
     Doraville                3    Marietta            19   Union City            1
     East Point              18    McDonough            1   Did Not Say           8
     Fairburn                 1    Morrow               1

5. Present members of the CBPM was born in the following countries:
     Country             Number Country           Number    Country        Number
     Africa              2         France         2         Puerto Rico    2
     Angola              1         Gambia         1         South Africa   1
     Antigua             1         Guyana         5         St Croix       1
     Bahamas             1         Haiti          2         Korea          2
     Barbados            1         Jamaica        47        St. Lucia      1
     Belize              1         Kenya          2         Trinidad       5
     Bermuda             2         Liberia        3         USA            275
     Denmark             1         Mali           1         Virgin         4
     Dominica            1         Mecca          1         West Indies    1
     England             4         Nigeria        4         Zimbabwe       2
     Ethiopia            8         Panama         5         Did Not Say    124

6. Members of the CBPM, from the US, was born in the following States:
     State          Number         State          Number    State          Number
     Arkansas       1              Massachucets   1         Ohio           10
     Alabama        10             Maryland       4         Oklahoma       1
     California     7              Michigan       10        Pennsylvania   13
     Connecticut    2              Minnesota      1         Rhode Island   1
     Florida        15             Mousuri        1         South          6
     Georgia        67             Mississippi    7         Tennessee      1
     State            Number   State           Number    State         Number
     Hawaii           1        Nebraska        1         Texas         4
     Illinois         4        North           10        Virginia      1
     Kentucky         6        New Jersey      8         Did Not Say   14
     Louisiana        7        New York        51

7. The current age range of the members of the CBPM are:

     Age Range Number of Members Percentage
     72 yrs. Old      1                       0.1%
     60’s             7                       1.3%
     50’s             38                      6.8%
     40’s             84                      15.7%
     30’s             195                     36.4%
     20’s             88                      16.5%
     Did Not Say      110                     20.7%

8. The Birth month of the current members of the
   CBPM is broken down as follows:

     Month # of Members Month                 # of Members
     January     33             August        34
     February    41             September     43
     March       36             October       45
     April       23             November      32
     May         22             December      40
     June        36             Did Not Say   89
     July        46

9. Members heard about the CBPM by the following Methods:

         1. From other members, brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, Inquired,
            Grapevine, Advertisement, Fryers, Vibes, WRFG 89.3 FM, Faith, Ear
            to Ear, Divine Inspirations, Word of Mouth, Picked up flyers at the
            Pati Stop on Edgewood Ave., Picked up flyers from the Kulture
            House in the West End, Walk-in/Visiting the Culture Center, the
            Rastafari Community,
         2. From Attending the following functions held at the Culture Center,
            361Edgewood Ave. downtown Atlanta:
            a. Meetings of the Nations of Gods and Earths
            b. African Liberation Day Celebrations
            c. Poetry Shows
                  d.   Malcolm X Day Celebrations
                  e.   Ethiopian New Year Celebrations
                  f.   Juneteenth Celebrations
                  g.   Meetings of the Atlanta Rastafari Community (ARK)
                  h.   Marcus Garvey Day Celebrations
                  i.   Black History Month Celebrations
                  j.   Kwanzaa Celebrations & other events held at the Culture Center
10.   Achieving our present members to the Collective Black People Movement was obtained by
      Ayo-ola, Sister Hekat, Charles P, Chinyelu, Cypress Brown, Ebis, Elijah, Jah Wes,
      Jahnana, JC Heru, Makeba, The late Moses Bay from Kenya, Malik Kalom, Muhamma Wali
      (Infinity), Ras Marvin, Safiyah, Silence, Sister Dee, Sister Rose, Sister Nyl, and Telly,
       …Special Thanks to these people for the work that they have done for all of us in
       beginning the process of uniting our people from different black organizations,
       spiritualities, families, individuals, cities, states, and countries.
      …Special thanks also is due to Sister Jaha, Papa O, Culture Mikey, Michael Cure, DJ
      Reality, Tony Rankin, Ras Irate, Jawanza, The Dubman, Mr. Humble, Selector, Sister
      Peaches, Jr. Silk, Sister Akiri, Iras Levi, Spanky Dread, Sister Wakelah, Sister Moses, the
      Cosmic Love Beat Family, Ras Kofi, Sister Rashima, Sister Patricia, Mama Dread, Rodney,
      Shaka Winston, The late Bongo Gabriel, Rick I, Fox, Don, Tony, and Ken because without
      their support, input, and contributions, the CBPM would have not been possible. The
      CBPM is livicated to RAS REDDIE and all Black Liberation Brothers and Sisters who
      has left us much to early.

11. The Members of the CBPM have these special skills to help our people:
         Skills                 Talents          Intelligence (Education)          Revolution
         Accounting (5)         Dance (8)        Kismahili        Philosopher      Speak Many
                                                 Instructor                        Languages
         Administration (5)     Data Entry (2)   Knowledge        Phlebotomist     Speaker
         Acquiring              Day Care (3)     Language         Play             Special ?
         Goods/Services                                           Piano/Guitar
         Advertising            Dental           Law (2)          Plumbing         Spirituality
         Air Brushing           Design (2)       Leadership (6)   Poetry (14)      Sports (3)
         A/C &                  Diplomatic       Life Guard       Security         Story Telling
         Refrigeration          Skills
         Air Craft Tech         Director         Licensed         Priest Hood      Tai Chi
         African Drumming       Disc Jockey      Listening        Priestess        Teaching (22)
         African History (3)    Distribution     Lithography      Printing (2)     Technology
         All Fields             Drafting         Lotus 1, 2, 3    Producer (4)     Theatre
         Amharic                Drama            Love (16)        Promotions (8)   Therapy
         Arrangement            Drawing (2)      Lyrist           Psychothrapist   Theology
         Arts & Crafts (17)     Drumming (4)     Mac              Public           Travel Agent
                                                                  Relations (5)    (3)
         Artist (6)             Editing          Management       Public           TV/Filming
                                                 (3)              Speaking
Skills               Talents          Intelligence (Education)         Revolution
Auto Mechanics       Educator (8)     Maintenance     Public Servant   T-Shirt
Band (2)             Egyptian Art     Marketing 96)   Radio (2)        Tutoring (3)
Basketball (2)       Electrical (7)   Many Skills     Rapping (6)      Typing (6)
Basketball           Equipment        Martial Arts    Rastafari        Uniting
(College)            Specialist       (2)             Information
Bass Guitar Player   Engineering      Mask Making     Real Estate      Upholstery
Beaded Jewelry       Entertainment    Massage         Receptionist     Verbal Skills
Bible Study          Executive        Match Maker     Recording        Visionary
                     Secretary                        Artist (3)
Black History        Fashion (2)      Math            Recording/Film   Visual Arts
Broadcast            Film Maker       MBA             Reggae Music     Voice
Brokerage            Flute Maker      Medical (2)     Remodeling       Welding
Building (2)         Grant Writing    Melchizedek     Research (6)     Windows
                                      Priest (2)
Business (13)        Graphic          Mental Health   Revolutionary    Whole 9
                     Design (3)
Carpentry (10)       Goal Setting     Moral           Roofing          Wisdom
Carpet/Wood/Vynal Gymnastic           Morality        Roots Sound      Woodworking
Installations                                         System
Chanting/Chyming Hair Braiding        Motivation      Safety           Word
Chiropractor         Mental Healer    Movie           Sales            Worker
Clerical             Health Care      Moving          Sculpturing      Writing (17)
Clown                Health           MS Word &       Secretarial      Youth
                     Education        Excel                            Activities (2)
Coach                Helping          Murials (2)     Sewing           Zulu Warrior
Communications       Herbologist      Musician (6)    Sheetrock work   Did not say
Community Dev.       Historian (3)    Music (36)      Shorthand
Computers (17)       Home Repair      Natural Hair    Sign Language
Comp. Aid            Home             Networking      Signs
Design/Drafting      Schooling        (4)
Computer Art         Ideas            Nurse (2)       Silk Screening
Computer Training    Image            Nutrition (3)   Singing (6)
Consciousness        Income Tax       Office Skills   Skating
                     Services         (2)
Construction (2)     Information      Organization    Soccer
                     Center           (18)
Cooking (11)         Inner Spirit     Public          Social Worker
                     Enlightment      Relations (4)
Costumer Service     Installer        Painter (6)     Soldier
     Skills           Talents          Intelligence (Education)        Revolution
     Counseling       Jazz Dancer      People Skills   Solving
                                       (4)             Problems
     Creating         Jewelry          Performing      Song Writing
                      Making           Arts (3)
     Culmanry Arts    Key Boarding     Phat Rhymes     Sound System

12. The members of the Collective Black People Movement went to
    High School at the following Locations:

     Location (#)     Location (#)           Location (#)         Location (#)
     Africa           Georgia (51)           Louisiana            South Carolina (3)
     Alabama (2)      Illinois (2)           Michigan (4)         St. Lucia
     Antigua          Indiana                Mississippi          St. Thomas
     Bermuda          Jamaica (2)            North Carolina (3)   Tennesee
     California       Kenya (2)              New Jersey           Texas (2)
     Ethiopia         Kansas                 New York (10)        Virgin Island
     Florida (4)      Kentucky (2)           Ohio (4)             Did Not Say (318)

13. Where the Collective Black People Members went to College:
     School (#)       School (#)             School (#)           School (#)
     Alabama (7)      Jamaica (3)            Michigan (2)         Ohio (4)
     California (5)   Japan                  Minisota             Oklahoma (4)
     Canada           Kentucky (3)           Musori (2)           Pennsylvania (7)
     Ethiopia         Louisiana (4)          Mississippi (2)      South Carolina (5)
     Florida (11)     Liberia                North Carolina (7)   Tennesee (2)
     Georgia (80)     England                Nigeria              Texas
     Greece           Massachutt (3)         New Jersey           Virginia (2)/W.
     Illinois (9)     Maryland (2)           New York (25)        Did Not Say (331)
14. The Collective Black People Movement Members have Studied
    these areas at Colleges and Universities
     Education         Education         Education (#) Education             Education (#)
     (#)               (#)                             (#)
     Accounting (6)   Computer           Finance            Medical          Speech Pathology
                      Programming                           Assistant
     African Studies  Computer           Fine Arts (2)      Medical          Social Worker (3)
     (4)              Science                               Secretary
     Air Conditioning Construction       French             Medical Tech     Sociology (3)
     & Refrigeration  Management
     Art (12)         Corrections        History (7)        Music (7)        Sound Engineering
     Automotive (2)   Cosmetologist      Industrial         Nursing (3)      Spanish
     Aviation          Criminal Law      Industrial Tech    Performance      Stylist
     Biology           Culanary Arts     International      Phebotomist      Technical
                       (5)               Business &                          Management
     Black History     Dance             Journalism (3)     Philosophy (4)   Technical Drawing
     Brick/Concrete    Dental            Lab Tech           Photography      Technology
     Mason                                                  (2)
     Business (30)     Drafting          Landscaping        Physical         Telecommunications
                                                            Therapy (2)
     Chai              Drama (2)         Language (2)       Physical         Theatre
     Chemical          Early             Law (6)            Physics (2)      Theology (4)
     Engineering       Childhood
     Chemistry (3)     Economics (4)     Liberal Arts (2)   Political        Touch Therapy
                                                            Science (6)
     Child Care        Education (2)     Library/Info       Pre-Med          Travel/Tourism
     Civil             Electrical (2)    Marketing (8)      Printing (2)     Urban Studies
     Engineering (3)
     Commercial        Electrical        Mass               Psychology       Video Productions
     Graphics          Engineering       Communications     (15)
     Commercial        Electronics (3)   Material           Public           Visual
     Real Estate                         Engineering        Relations (2)    Communications
     Communications    Engineering       Mathematics (7)    Radio/TV/Film    Vocalist
     Computer Aid      English (12)      Mechanical         Real Estate      Welding (2)
     Drafting/Design                     Engineering
     Computer          Entertainment     Mechanical Tech    Religion (3)     Writing
     Information       Management
     Systems (2)
     Computer          Executive         Mechanics          Science (3)      Did Not Say (110)
     Animation         Secretary
     Computer          Fashion           Media              Secondary
     Literacy          Design &                             Education
15. Members of the Collective Black People Movement attended these
    Colleges and Universities:

     School (#)             School (#)           School (#)            School (#)
     Alabama A&M, AL        Digusne Univ., PA    Midland Tech., SC     Southern Univ.
                                                                       A&M, LA
     Albany Business        Earl C. Clemmon,     Minneapolis Tech,     Spellman College,
     College, GA            KY (2)               MN                    GA
     Albany State Univ.,    Eastern Michigan     Molands Tech, SC      School of Massage,
     GA                     Univ., MI                                  GA
     Albany Business        Emory, GA (2)        Morehouse, GA (9)     St. Johns Univ., NY
     College, NY
     American Institution   F.A.M.U., FL         Morris Brown, GA      St. Mary Dominican
     of Bowling, FL                                                    College, LA
     American               Fabri, TN            Music Fall Studios,   Sullivan County
     Intercontinental                            CA                    Community
     Univ., GA                                                         College, NY
     Angola Univ.,          Florida Memorial     Nassau Community      SUNY at
     Africa                 College, FL          College, NY           StonyBrook, NY
     Art Institute of       FMU, FL              North Carolina        Taft
     Atlanta, GA (3)                             A&T Univ., NC
     Atlanta Metro Tech     Fort Valley          NMB, FL               Temple Univ., PA
     (10)                   University
     Auburn Univ., AL       GA Medical           North Eastern         The American
     (2)                    Institute, GA (2)    Univ., MA (2)         College, England
     Austin Pray, TN        GA State Univ., GA   North Metro Tech,     Transit Tech, NY
                            (12)                 GA
     Beloit College, WI     GA Law School,       Northern Illinois     Tuskegee Univ. AL
                            GA                   Univ. IL              (2)
     Bernard Bauch, NY      GA Tech, GA (2)      NY Community          UCLA
                                                 College, NY
     Beredie College, SC    GMI, GA              NY School of Print,   UNC Chapelhill,
                                                 NY                    NC (3)
     Bidwell, PA        Guilford College,        NY Tech, NY (2)       Univ. of Cincinnati,
                        NC                                             OH
     Boston College, MA GUU State Univ.,         Oakwood College,      Univ. of Lagos,
                        IL                       FL                    Nigeria
     Bronx Community    Hampton Univ. (2)        Park College, MO      Univ. of Liberia,
     College, NY                                                       Africa
     Brooklyn Tech, NY Healing Hearts            Penn State Univ.,     Univ. of Maryland
     (2)                                         PA
     Bryman College,    Holy Tabernacle          Poughkepsie           Univ. of Missouri
     LA                 Univ., GA
     Buffalo State, NY  Howard Univ., DC         Queens Boro           Univ. of Oklahoma
                        (6)                      College, NY (3)
     California         Illinois Institute of    REI, GA               Univ. of Water Loo,
     Paramedical Tech,  Tech, IL                                       Canada
     Cast, Jamaica      ISU, IL                  Robert Morris         Univ. of West
                                                 College, IL           Georgia
    School (#)             School (#)              School (#)             School (#)
    Central State Univ.,   Jackson State Univ.,    Rust College, MS       Washington Int’l,
    OH                     MS                                             DC
    Chatahouce Tech,       Jamaica School of       Samrerly College,      Wayne State, MI
    GA (2)                 Arts, Jamaica (2)       GA
    Clark Atlanta Univ.    John Jay College,       San Antonio            Webster State, MI
    (12)                   NY                      College, TX
    Columbus College,      John Marshall Law       Savannah State         Webster College,
    GA                     School, GA              Univ., GA              West
    Concordia              Kennedy, NJ             SCSU, SC               Withrow, OH
    Seminary, IL
    Dekalb Technical       Kingston College,       Shaw Univ., NC         WKU, KY
    College,GA (5)         Jamaica
    Delasalle, PA          KTDI, Jamaica           South Carolina State   Xavier
                                                   Univ., SC
    Devry, GA (4)          LaGrange College,       Southeastern, FL       Did Not Say (301)
    Devry, IL              Miami Carol City        Southern Polytech
                           College, FL
    Draughons College,     Miami Dade              Southern Tech          MIT, MA
    GA                     College, FL (2)

16. The CBPM members have the following Work Experience:

    Work                   Work                   Work Experience Work
    Experience (#)         Experience (#)         (#)             Experience (#)
    Accounting (2)         Concrete/Iron     Music Director               Security (3)
    Acct. Mgmt. (IBM)      Construction (3)  Music Industry               Sheet Rock (2)
    Administration (2)     Cooking (2)       Newspaper Editing            Shipping
    Agriculture            Counseling        Nuclear Eng.                 Slave
    Apollo Theatre         Dental Technician Admin./Phones                Special Events
                                                                          State Botanical
    Art                    Djaying (3)            Operations              Gardens
    Atlantic Rec.          Driver/Mover           Painting (4)            System Eng.
    Auto Mechanic          Education (Legal)      Photographer            Teaching (3)
    Auto Paint
    Specialist             Extensive              Planting                Teach Drumming
    Band                   Farming                Plumber                 Telemarketing
    Bartender              Fashion                Post Office             The Hut Club
    B.R.O.                                                                Tug Boat
    Clothing/Old Navy      Film Making            Producing               Merchant
    Bell South             Food Prep/Indus
    Technician             (2)                    Production           Varied
    Bindery                Fundraising            Promotions/Publicity Various
    Boys Home              Herbs                  Radio 8 yrs.         Vending
     Work                  Work                  Work Experience Work
     Experience (#)        Experience (#)        (#)             Experience (#)
     Building (2)          Internal Medicine     Rapping                  Warehouse
                           Invoice                                        Wood Travel
     Car Detailer          Experience            Reataurant               Partners
     Carpenter (5)         L&W Autobody          Restaurant               Evangelist
     Carpeting             Landscaping (3)       Return of Eden
     Cashier               Management            Sales (2)                Writer
     Civil Engineering     Marta                 Sales/Art                Yoga/Writer
     Comp. Lab Exp.        Medical               Screen Printing
     Computers             Mentorship            Sears/Burger King

17. These are the following member Businesses. Please give them
    support and thank them for supporting the CBPM. (Make sure your
    business is added to the data base of the CBPM.)

     Type                      Name                  Type                 Name
     99 Cents Store            Kings Dollar          Distance/Utilities   CAN
     Accounting &                                    Management           P.S. Preservation
     Bookkeeping Serv.         Isis Accounting       Consultant Firm      Inc.
     African/Soul Food
     Restaurant                Martos                Marketing            Ascending Sons
                               Kulummba Songs                             LJ Entertainment
     Arts & Crafts             & Co.                 Modeling Agency      Enterprise
     Auto Service &            A-Z Car                                    Jamrock
     Restoration               Restoration           Movie Productions    Productions
     Beauty Shop               Braiders Corner       Murals, Airbrush     Aerosoulgraphy
                               Carpet                                     Center for African
     Carpet Instalations       Consultants           Music                Music
     Catering & Special                              Musical/Artist       Melchizedek
     Events                    Nu South Cuisine      Production           Musical Ministries
                               Caroline's Clerical   Music/Film           Admar
     Clerical                  Support               Productions          Productions
                                                     Musical              Inna City
     Clothes/Cleaning          Kis Kaya              Productions          Productions
                                                     Music Recording
                                                     Reggae &             Tech Sound
     Clothing                  Binghi Gear           Alternative          Industries
     Collection Agent          JahSun                Non-Profit           PNC Inc.
     Comm. Printing            BP Intel Access       Nutrition            All That's Natural
                                                                          One Love
     Crowns/Cassettes          4 Real Access         Oils & Incense       Enterprise
                                                     Pay Phones &
     Cultural                  Kato Creations        Computers            Colony 14
                               Nation Time                                Look Within
     Cultural                  Syndicate             Photography          Photography
                                                     Poetry Book For      4 Wheeler/2
     Culture Shop              Natural Mystic        Sale                 Legged
Type                     Name                Type                Name
Cultural Arts Network    Nomadic Ciphers     Landscaping         CBPM
                         CJC Construction
Custom Bathrooms         Inc.                Political           Nigerian Alliance
                         Beacon of Light
Day Care Services        House               Print Shop          Bell Inc.
Day/Night Babysitting    Kimberly/Rodney     Printer             Bubulachi
Djay Services            8th Floor Prod.     Promotions          Indie Promotions
                                             Publishing Fine
Entertainment            2DO Productions     Arts                Art
                                             Real Estate
Entertainment           J.T. Money           Development         Ascending Sons
Entertainment/Promotion Entertainment        Recording           Black Sound
                        Banks, Jackson, &                        Legacy (Rap
Financial Services      Middleton Inc.       Recording Artist    Artist)
                                                                 James Sporting
Fine Arts                African Journey     Retail              Apparel
                                                                 Nation of Jah
                         CJC Construction                        Inter-nation-all-
Flooring & Tiles         Inc.                Repatriation        relations
                                             Rockets (High       CBPM Youths
                         Another Function    Flying &            Union
Food                     Catering            Educational)
GED Courses (Math &      Beacon of Light     Shea Butter/Black
Science)                 House / CBPM        Soap                2 Kothu

Gold Teeth               No Limit Golds      Shirts              Bingi
Hair Care                Ollies Beauty Shop Silver Collection    Positive Vibes
Hair Care                Elite Barber & Hair Social Uprising     Nomadic Nation
Handcrafted Jewelry by
Joy                      Touch of Class00    Tea & Herb House    7 Shaman
                         Kiamba                                  Nassar
Herbs/Irish Moss         Enterprises         Trucking            Transportation
Home Repair              CBPM                (Math/Science)      CBPM
                                             Compass             A Royal
Landscaping              K&M Lawn Care       Entertainment       Productions

As you can see from the results of
the analysis of the CBPM Data
Base, we have enough skills,
Talents, and Intelligence
(Education) to start
building/rebuilding our own
institutions. Thanks to all the
present me mber of the Collective
Black People Movement for
making this analysis possible.

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