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					     Town of Estes Park, Larimer County, Colorado, March 22, 2005

Minutes of a Regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Town of
Estes Park, Larimer County, Colorado. Meeting held in the Municipal
Building in said Town of Estes Park on the 22nd day of March, 2005.
Meeting called to order by Mayor John Baudek.

Present:            John Baudek, Mayor
                    Susan L. Doylen, Mayor ProTem
                    Trustees David Habecker
                    Lori Jeffrey-Clark
                    Chuck Levine
                    Wayne Newsom
                    Bill Pinkham

Also Present:       Randy Repola, Town Administrator
                    Jackie Williamson, Deputy Town Clerk

Absent:             None

Mayor Baudek called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and all desiring to do so, recited
the Pledge of Allegiance.


Dee Pritchard, 650 S. St. Vrain, representing Estes Park Citizens for Representative
Government reported that she has filed the documents required by the Fair Campaign
Practice Act.


Mayor Baudek read portions of an article by a Sr. Center Board Member Walt Richards
titled “100 Years Ago…What a Difference a Century Makes!”

1.   CONSENT AGENDA (Approval of):

     1.    Town Board Minutes dated March 8, 2005.

     2.    Bills.

     3.    Committee Minutes:
           A. Utilities, March 10, 2005:
              1. Easement Vacation for Lot 3A, Amended Plat of Lots 2 and 3, Dill
                  Subdivision, Stephen R. Carl – Quit Claim Deed.
           B. Public Works, March 17, 2005:
              1. Parks SCADA Purchase, 2004 Budgeted Funds, LL Johnson
                  Distributing Co., $20,933.70.
              2. Annual Tree Replacement Project, Budgeted Funds, $10,000.
              3. Fall River Hydro Picnic Grounds Shelter Structure and Road
                  Improvements, Budgeted Funds, Litchfield Indus., $55,000 total.
              4. 2005 Street Improvement Program (Chip Seal, Overlay and Striping),

     4.    Estes Valley Planning Commission, February 15 and March 15, 2005
            (acknowledgement only).

It was moved and seconded (Doylen/Levine) the consent agenda be approved, and
it passed unanimously.
Board of Trustees – March 22, 2005 – Page 2


     Mayor Baudek: Opened the Public Hearing for all Consent Agenda Items.

          A. CONSENT ITEMS:

                    a. The Promontory, Lot 6, Replat of Mary’s Lake Subdivision, Rock
                       Castle Development Co./Applicant.

          B. REPORTS:

              1.    Presentation of Estes Valley Development Code, Remaining
                    Portion of Block 7 Amendments – First Reading. CONTINUE to
                    April 26, 2005. (The Town Board Public Hearing will be held May
                    24, 2005).

There being no public testimony, Mayor Baudek closed the public hearing, and it was
moved and seconded (Doylen/Habecker) the Consent Items be approved, and it
passed unanimously.



        Brian Person, Area Mgr./Eastern Area Office of the Dept. of Reclamation, was
        present to explain the ongoing drilling activities at the Olympus Dam. The
        drilling program is part of the Reclamation’s agency-wide Safety of Dams
        Program. The program analyzes dams for performance during seismic
        movement. By exploring Olympus Dam and testing samples from its cores,
        Reclamation engineers will determine how the eastern embankment might
        perform in the event of an earthquake. The allowable risk and performance
        standards are higher for this dam due to its location and the population down

        Beginning next week, crews will construct a road for the drill rig across the face
        of the dam. In April, drillers will begin a series of 20 to 24 samples from the
        dam’s foundation. The Estes Valley Recreation and Park District has been
        notified that the access road may temporarily intersect and cover a portion of
        Lake Estes trail just north of the dam.

        Responding to Trustee questions, Mr. Person stated the holes will vary in
        depths of 30 to 70’; the analysis will be completed within a few months and
        a presentation can be made to the Town Board at that time; the temporary
        road will remain for a period of time until it is determined additional testing is
        not required; the drilling will occur between the hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and
        will operate within the Town’s noise ordinance. The Board expressed their
        appreciation to Mr. Person for the update.


        Administrator Repola stated on March 8, 2005 the Board ordered the drafting of
        an Ordinance to initiate proceedings to adopt a Home Rule Charter with 15
        Charter Commissioners to be elected at large.         Associated costs are
        anticipated to be approximately $6,000 for the August election; and, if the
        Charter Commission is formed, there may be additional expenditures of Town
Board of Trustees – March 22, 2005 – Page 3

        funds with regard to staff time, commission expenses, and the Commission
        may also hire consultants at an estimated cost of $15,000 to $20,000.

       Administrator Repola informed the Board that the news media will be
       notified as to the nomination procedure for candidates, and during budget
       revisions in July, funds that are currently appropriated in the General Fund
       could be reappropriated to the election fund or a line item could be created.

       Dee Pritchard, 650 S. St. Vrain, stated the citizens of Estes Park have the
       responsibility to educate themselves on all aspects of Home Rule, determine if
       they are qualified to serve on the Charter Commission, and enact Home Rule if
       it represents the majority of the citizen’s beliefs. She thanked the Mayor,
       Trustees and Staff for all their work and support on this issue.

       It was moved and seconded (Doylen/Levine) Ordinance 5-05 be
       approved, and it passed unanimously.

        Mayor Baudek stated this is an important step for a Town and if done properly it
        can be positive for the Town.


Following completion of all agenda items, Mayor Baudek adjourned the meeting at 7:30

                                        John Baudek, Mayor

Jackie Williamson, Deputy Town Clerk

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