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Gynecologic emergency abdominal pain related diseases _83274


									?Gynecologic emergency abdominal
pain related diseases


An abdominal pain which should be considered and Gynecologic diseases:

1. tubal pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy); 2. abortion; 3. acute
salpingitis and acute pelvic inflammatory disease 4. luteum 5.
torsion of ovary cyst. Identification, with the exception of some
other to surgical diseases such as acute appendicitis, acute
enteritis, etc. Tsinghua University, yuquan hospital gynecological
Wang Tong

What is torsion of ovary cyst

For common gynecologic acute abdomen, good fat in the middle of
Timothy long, large, large weight range is to the side of the tumors,
such as young female common ovarian teratoma. Typical symptoms are
sudden side lower abdomen pain, often accompanied by nausea, vomiting
or even shock. Once confirmed, the operation as soon as possible.

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