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Texas State Comptroller Unclaimed Funds - DOC


Texas State Comptroller Unclaimed Funds document sample

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Old Outstanding Checks?

Do you have old outstanding checks on your bank reconcililation? Find out what the
State Comptroller's office says is the timeline required to turn these amounts over to the
state as Unclaimed property. The information can be found here. If you have questions
about this, please direct them to the State Comptroller's office and your auditor.

TEA Expenditure Targets

TEA has published expenditure targets for the 65% instructional cost requirement. See
the correspondence and links at . Please
note that if school district adopts a budget that does not meet an established target, it must
adopt and publish a board resolution with a justification of why the target has not been
met. School district should not submit the resulting budget or resolution to the TEA but
should keep these documents as part of their financial records.

TimeClock Plus Users Group meeting

ESC Region XI will host a Time Clock Plus Users Group Meeting on Tuesday, June 17,
2008, from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Participants in this first North Texas regional
meeting will include RSCCC Business school districts and RSCCC Business consultants
from ESC Regions 9(Wichita Falls), 10 (Richardson), 11 (Fort Worth) a nd 12 (Waco).

This training will include instructions for setting up employees and calculating hours,
overtime and/or leave transactions in the Time Clock Plus timekeeping system that can
then be interfaced with the RSCCC payroll system. This is your opportunity to learn how
this technology works. Members of the Time Clock Plus technical, customer service
and/or sales divisions will be conducting the training session and will be available to
answer your questions. Additional information about registering for this meeting and the
agenda will be forthcoming. Reserve this date on your calendar and plan to join us for
this informative training! Registration is here and the session is #712812.

What's New in the FAR guide version 13.0

You will want to make yourself familiar with the changes in the new FAR guide
particularly in the area of funds, use of function 99 and object codes. The link to the
What's New section is

                                                       ESC 12/More News/February 2008/Info Services
Fingerprinting Information

SBEC has a lot of useful information regarding the new employee and volunteer
fingerprinting guidelines. You may find this information at and click on the "Fingerprinting"
button on the left-hand side.

Cafeteria Plan Benefit Information Extract

Did you know that you can extract the Cafeteria Plan benefit information for your third
party benefits administration directly out of RSCCC? We have instructions located in our
Human Resources link.

Maximum entitlements for 2007-2008 have been calculated for the programs included in
the Consolidated Application for Federal Funding

Here is the link for the revised NCLB federal grant entitlements. Please note that roll
forward is not included in the maximum entitlement. Therefore, the approved budget for
the programs included in the NCLB Consolidated Application for Federal Funding
(SAS#NCLBAA08) will be the maximum entitlement plus any roll forward.

RSCCC Business Update Version 430

Documentation is now available on our website for the new Version 430 release of
RSCCC. It can be found through our webpage. Our techs are updating districts and have
gotten the release information to district technology personnel very quickly, so you may
check with your technology person to see when you can expect to be updated. Although
there are some changes in all of the modules with this release, the majority of the changes
you will notice are in Human Resources/Payroll. We have scheduled a session next
Wednesday, May 14, from 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm here at ESC 12 to highlight the changes
in this release. Please register here if you plan to attend.

Postage Increase Announced

The United States Postal Service has announced a price increase effective May 1, 2008.
First-Class Mail letter (1oz) $0.42

                                                     ESC 12/More News/February 2008/Info Services
First-Class Mail letter (2oz) $0.59
Postcard $0.27
First-Class Mail large envelope (2oz) $1.00
Certified Mail $2.70
Price increases for other services will be announced in March

403(b) Annuities: What Educational Employers Need to Know to Do Their Jobs

Financial Audit Reminde rs

      Has to be approved by January board meeting
      Deadline for electronic file submission - January 28
       Mail paper copy
       Make sure auditor or yourself uploads electronic file submission through the
       TEASE network under Financial Audit
      Confirm electronic submission to TEA here
       Or through TEASE under Financial Audits
      Send paper copy to MAC (unless using Disclosure USA)
      Single audit-send paper copy to Clearinghouse(Culumative federal grant amounts
       that exceed $500k for fiscal yrs ending after 12/31/03; Address is: Federal Audit
       Clearinghouse, Bureau of the census, 1201 E 10th St, Jeffersonville, IN 47132
      Bond Debt Issuers
       Disclosure USA
       Do not have to submit paper copy to Texas mAC if using Disclosure USA

PEIMS Report Removed

We need to inform you that Mid-Year report 'PRF3D023, Budgeted vs. Actual
Expenditures by Function Reconciliation' has been removed from the collection. This
report is being removed since the fund codes reported in the Fall and Mid-Year
collections are different. The budgeted numbers (030 records) only include Funds 199,
240 and 599 (as required by PEIMS in the fall submission) while the actual numbers (032
records) include all funds thus making a comparison invalid.

W-2 Replace ments and Corrections: Best Practices

The American Payroll Association has some great information available addressing W-2
replacements and corrections here.

                                                    ESC 12/More News/February 2008/Info Services
Hot News! Required School District Internet Postings
See links at TASA and Texas ISD for the latest information on these requirments. Is your
district in compliance?

TEA News
TEA has posted Electronic Submission requirements for submitting your financial audit
information. It can be found here.

Mileage Reimbursement Increase

Effective January 1, 2008, IRS has increased the automobile mileage reimbursement rate
(in-state and out-of-state) has increased from 48.5 cents per mile to 50.5 cents per mile or
local policy, whichever is less. this does not change from the state reimbursement rate
which remains at 48.5 cents per mile.

RSCCC Update 4.1.420

Documentation for February RSCCC Update 4.1.420 is located in our Documentation

New Conflict of Interest Forms

From Joe at Texas ISD: The Texas Ethics Commission has posted new conflict of interest
forms and information that was adopted in June 07 which everyone needs to review (Link
to Texas Ethics Commission). It appears that all four of these documents will be helpful
in your full and complete implementation of the rules. Note the deadline in HB 1491 is
October 9.

New Financial Accountability Resource Guide (FASRG)

Version 13 is now available for the Financial Accountability Resource Guide (FASRG) at and Version 7 for
Charter School at

                                                      ESC 12/More News/February 2008/Info Services
Electronic filing for 1099s,,id=98045,00.html

RSCCC Updates
Highlights from the RSCCC Updates workshop can be found here, webpages/BUSINESS
HIGHLIGHTS FOR OCTOBER 2007_revised.doc. Please note that the update will
require use of the Fund to Grant table. Please make sure your table is set up before
running any processes.

Curre nt TRS Rates and Information...
...can be found on TRS website,

State Travel Rates
Change in State Travel rates

Effective September 1, 2007, the automobile mileage reimbursement rate (in-state and
out-of-state) has increased from 44.5 cents per mile to 48.5 cents per mile or local policy,
whichever is less.

Lodging and meal reimbursement rates for in-state travel remain as follows:

   1. actual costs for lodging, not to exceed $85 per day (not including tax), or local
      policy, whichever is less
   2. actual costs for meals not to exceed $36 per day, or local policy, whichever is less

School districts are usually exempt from Texas state sales tax on lodging but are not
    exempt from any city taxes or other taxes imposed for lodging. Employees may be
    reimbursed for applicable taxes.

An employee may not be reimbursed for meal expenses if the employee is outside the
    employee's designated headquarters for fewer than six consecutive hours on the day
    the expenses are incurred.

For more information link to TEA letter at .

W-2 Preparation
Do not forget that you will have to change your password in the Social Security Business
Online system every year before submitting your W-2’s electronically. This needs to be
done in November so that you have enough time to receive your authorization and new
password before filing W-2s. The link to change this password is at .

                                                       ESC 12/More News/February 2008/Info Services
W2 and Social Security
Welcome to W-2 News, the electronic newsletter for employers who submit W-2s to
Social Security. You can view the newsletter online

ALERT: Submission of Financial Information for Expenditure of the High School
Fund #428 should be used by school districts and charter schools to record their revenues
and expenditures for the high school allotment funds they have been receiving through
the foundation school program. All revenue and expenditures for the high school
allotment for the 2006-2007 school year should be reported under fund 428. PEIMS data
standards have been updated to accept this code and schools should not roll this fund into
the 429 fund code. More Info...

                                                     ESC 12/More News/February 2008/Info Services

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