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									?Gallbladder Carcinoma

?Gallbladder cancer early is often no clear clinical signs, easy and
gallstones or confused with chronic cholecystitis, etc. The majority
of outpatients have upper abdominal on abdominal pain, jaundice,
lumps, advanced clinical performance, to radical surgery. In the B-
mode ultrasound and CT is widely used in pre-clinical and early
diagnosis rates lower. B-ultrasound diagnosis rates of gallbladder
carcinoma. More cloud report [2] preoperative ultrasound diagnosis
83.3%, this group of 79.5%. Since B Chaoyi from abdominal hypertrophy,
intestinal effects, such as product gas gallbladder cancer early is
checked out, sometimes polypoid lesions and early identification of
gallbladder carcinoma is also very difficult, if the gallbladder is
full of stones or gallbladder contraction, less judgment. In recent
years undertaken by endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) available on the
structure of the gallbladder wall are clearer images, make the most
of the early gallbladder cancer diagnosed, but currently is not yet
widespread in China EUS. CT scan was affected by the tumor size and
contrast effects of surrounding organs, on the early diagnosis of
gallbladder carcinoma is not and b-scan and EUS sensitive, but in
advanced GBC CT are often better than the b-gallbladder carcinoma
gall bladder cancer (carcinoma of the gall-blader) comes first, the
other a Sarcoma, carcinoid, primary malignant melanoma, giant cell
adenocarcinoma, etc. Carcinoma of the gallbladder is more rare, on a
long time did not arouse attention, according to the textbook
coverage only all cancer 1 percent of the total. As b-scan, CT
Imaging of such extensive, gallbladder carcinoma has gradually been
recognized, the detection rate has improved. However gallbladder
carcinoma incidence significant regional differences.

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