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Femoral neck fracture?

Trauma or fall back, hip pain patients, do not dare activities for hip, not
standing and walking, consider the possibility of femoral neck fractures. Check
the patient injuries when visible side lower limb deformity of external rotation.
Partially tenderness, tapping pain, pain in extremity, moving noticeably increased.

Femoral neck fracture treatment mainly according to the type of fracture, the
patient's age and physical condition of the hospital, the technical force, to
choose the best treatment options. Fractures are the following categories: (1)
press the fracture line parts into head-, neck medium, head and neck-type, the
base type; (2) press the fracture line direction into outreach and two in-; (3)
according to the degree of fracture displaced fractures by incomplete, complete
fractures without shift, complete fractures shift, completely fracture full
transposition. In General, the basement fractures, outreach-type fracture,
incomplete and without any shift or embedded plug-type fracture are considering
the use of traction therapy, bone and skin traction. The body is not suitable for
surgery patients, you can also use this method of treatment. The injured leg fixed
about 8 weeks, depending on the specific situation of patients with functional
exercise began. Conservative treatment is confined to bed for a long time, likely
resulting in many complications.

Other types of fractures, consider surgery. Surgery is divided into two categories:
(1) reduction and internal fixation; (2) prosthetic Arthroplasty. The former is
mainly used for fractures of the femoral neck part of the base, closed reduction
and successful patients. Optional fixtures including three wing screw, DHS-fixed,
and so on. Hemiarthroplasty for over 60 years, as well as serious or comminuted
fracture displaced fracture and fracture line close to the head of the patient.
Used metal prosthetic replacement of the original bio-femoral head, recovery
activities and mechanical transmission. For young people of femoral neck fracture
treatment should emphasize the positive, early after the reset, the reduction of
avascular necrosis of the occurrence. Surgery should be implemented as soon as
possible, fixed to a solid and reliable, so that early weight-bearing activities.
Although the femoral neck fracture treatment methods, but the doctor should be
based on the patient's condition and fracture condition to select it, try to reach
the functional rehabilitation, and bed time short of requirements.

Why neck bones down-and apparently displaced fracture preferred prosthetic
Femoral neck fracture rather common, accounting for about 3% of the total body
fractures, prevalent 60 years old to 50-70 years of age, for a maximum of femoral
neck fractures of more and more attention to treatment methods, there are many
changes, but as part of a special, still many challenges remain to be solved.
Patients ' medical needs, the former may be suffering from high blood pressure,
heart disease, diabetes, fracture bedridden, and likely to lead to some endangered
the life of patients with vascular complications such as pneumonia, embolism,
heart failure, cerebrovascular accident, mental disorders, urinary tract
infections, ulcers, etc. Before the 20th century, because the treatment only to
stay in bed, patients often died after the above complications, gradually using
the fixation, the fracture healing rates and improved further in problem, but
there is still a part of the fracture is difficult to cure. Or even because of
fracture is healed after fracture of the femoral head insufficient blood supply,
avascular necrosis, and even the collapse of the incidence rate is very high, up
to 20-40%, especially in the head-neck fractures and obvious shift, a non-Union
and aseptic necrosis of femoral head higher probability. Clinic of osteonecrosis
of the oldest in 2 months after injury, not later than four years. Even if the
fracture healing, hip function is also only about 50% of patients can be satisfied
with the outcome, some patients with traumatic hip, so obvious shift or head
fracture, conservative treatment and other surgical treatment are difficult to
heal, avascular necrosis is also extremely easy, as lines of prosthetic
Arthroplasty. This solves the bedridden brings a series of questions that do not
exist for avascular necrosis of bone healing issues, and the patient's hip
functional recovery, so for this type of fracture should choose the prosthetic

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