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					Katherine Fernandez Rundle, Miami-Dade County State Attorney
Isis Perez, Assistant State Attorney
Public Corruption Unit
1350 N.W. 12th Avenue Miami, FL 33136-2111
ph: 305-547-0664; Ms. Perez's secretary, Sharon:

Miami-Dade County State Attorney’s Office:

Please accept my comments about Rondale Brown and Alan Cockfield, Miami-Dade police officers
who face animal cruelty charges in separate cases.

As you are aware, Officer Brown is accused of deliberately starving his K-9 partner Dynasty, a 4-
year-old bloodhound. Sgt. Cockfield fatally kicked his German shepherd, Duke, during K-9 training
drills. He allegedly jerked and battered Duke until the dog became unconscious.

I respectfully ask that both offenders receive the maximum incarceration and fines allowable by
law. Please assure Brown and Cockfield acquire permanent criminal records and undergo
psychological evaluation and counseling. Both men ought to be barred from personal or
professional interaction with animals. Lastly, convicted animal abusers should not fulfill community
service orders at an animal shelter, where they’re exposed to vulnerable animals and youthful

According to the investigation in Officer Brown’s case, Dynasty weighed a robust 66 pounds in
January 2007. By the following November, she perished at 33 pounds, with hollow eyes, bald
patches and a wounded paw. Dynasty’s necropsy exposed acute malnutrition and dehydration.

Sgt. Cockfield reportedly fell into a “fit of rage” when Duke barked during obedience exercises. The
dog succumbed to a “lethally timed heart-disrupting kick delivered by his handler,” the Miami
Herald stated. Cockfield's blow to the heart resulted in Duke’s excruciating and immediate death.

Brutal kicking and prolonged starvation do not qualify as “discipline.” I call upon the justice system
to recognize the gravity of violence against animals. Criminologists view the viciousness of an act,
regardless of the victim's identity, as a forerunner to more violence. Even police officers must be
subject to penalties commensurate with their actions.

Animal cruelty is a key trait in the American Psychiatric Association's criterion for conduct
disorders. The FBI red flags animal abuse when profiling homicidal criminals and their potential for
recurring violence.

Moreover, police officers are entrusted to protect the public. Both accused men display utter lack of
judgment in volatile or frustrating situations. Their actions should serve as a yardstick to measure
probability of repeat offenses. Please inform me of any progress in these very disturbing cases.

Thank you,

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