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									                      Rachael Jungblut
                      Exec. Director
                      MINCRC Advocates
                      NCRC Senior Program Manager
                      Grand Rapids Community College
          WorkKeys is a measurement tool.

      WorkKeys quantifies skills in the following categories:
      • Applied Mathematics
      • Applied Technology
      • Business Writing
      • Listening
      • Locating Information
      • Observation
      • Reading for Information
      • Teamwork
      • Writing
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Job Profile – identifies the skills and skill levels needed to be successful on the job.
Assessments – shows the current skill levels of an individual.
Training – helps individuals and employers correct skill gaps.

National Career Readiness Certificate Skill Areas:

           Applied Mathematics

           Reading for Information

           Locating Information
• Skill Areas of The Career Readiness Certificates
    – Reading for Information
    – Applied Mathematics
    – Locating Information

    Three Certificate levels:
• Bronze – Minimum of Level 3 in all Skill Areas
    – Qualified for 30% of Jobs
• Silver – Minimum of Level 4
    – Qualified for 65% of Jobs
• Gold – Minimum of Level 5
    – Qualified for 85% of Jobs



 “Employers work to make things: predictable,
             uniform, and certain.
  Predictability, uniformity, and certainty are
universal goals of executives. The NCRC does this
             for the hiring process.”

         Mac MacIlroy, President MMA
        Coming to Michigan:
   National Career Readiness Certificate

Michigan Update:
• Three NCRC assessments in the MME

• Michigan Works! launching state-wide

• Michigan is ranked 3rd in the U.S.

• Unprecedented alignment
College Admissions Analogy:
• 4600 Colleges and universities speak to thousands of high
  schools via the ACT.

• Employers can collectively speak to thousands of high
  schools, colleges, and workforce agencies via the NCRC.

“Ready for College” & “Ready for Work”
           A “Ready for Work” Skills Currency

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The 80/20 Rule

Employers access services available in the
 workforce system to give them 80% of what
 they need, and then add the 20% that is both
 relevant to their job in question, but also to
 their business.
1.      Require the NCRC                     3. Require a specific Level
2.      Require a specific Level             Score on a specific
        of NCRC – Bronze,                    WorkKeys® Test
                                                   Acceptable Documentation:
        Silver or Gold                       Perform a Skill Map or WorkKeys Job
Acceptable Documentation: Perform an         Profile
      Occupational Reference or

     If a required criterion involves a specific NCRC or Level Score hiring
     request, it is important to ask and understand how the criterion was
     determined, what documentation does the employer have on file.


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