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					              S A R S P E C I A L P R E S E N TA T I O N
    Tuesday, February 10, 2009                                     Foreclosure & REO Properties:
    9:00am - 1:30pm
                                                                          Find, List & Sell!
L O C AT I O N                                                      How To Open All The Right Doors! Learn First Hand From an Expert!
   SAR Mack Powell Auditorium                                       Instructor: Larry Blachman has been successfully involved in real estate investments, sales
                                                                      and education for over thirty years and has an extensive background in purchasing and
C O S T                                                                                     marketing foreclosure and REO properties.
   $59 (Members) $69 (non-Members)                                             Foreclosure properties play an important role in today's real
   if paid by Friday, Feb 6
                                                                          estate market. Unfortunately, most real estate agents don’t have
   $69 (Members) $79 (non-Members)                                        the necessary tools to properly deal with these properties. This
   if paid after Friday, Feb 6                                            live seminar offers a unique opportunity to learn what agents
                                                                          specializing in foreclosure properties don't want you to know!!
                                                                              This seminar is designed for all real estate licensees. No
    4 hours DRE credit (consumer service)                                 previous foreclosure experience is needed.

TO REGISTER                                                                                 PARTIAL LIST OF TOPICS TO BE COVERED:
                                                                          ♦   Detailed explanation of the nonjudicial foreclosure process in CA
    Register online at
                                                                          ♦   How the Trustee’s Sale works
    or fax with payment to 922-4103.
                                                                          ♦   Finding & using notices of default & sale
    Questions: 437-1210                                                   ♦   Saving listings that are in or going into foreclosure
*24 hour cancellation notice needed to receive refund.                    ♦   Helping owners in foreclosure save their properties
                                                                          ♦   Section 1695 of the California Civil Code - a must for all agents
                                                                              and investors!!
                                                                          ♦   List and sell properties in foreclosure & REOs
                                            2003 HOWE AVE.
                                                                                     Students must pass an exam of 25 T/F questions with a score of 70% or
                                            SACRAMENTO                               beter to receive CE credits. Student has 25 minutes to complete the exam,
                                            CA 95825-0176                                               which will be given after the seminar.

                                                                                         This course is approved for Continuing Education credit by the
For a complete schedule of classes,                                                  Department of Real Estate. However this approval does not constitute an
                                                                                     endorsement of the views or opinions which are expressed by the course
visit                                                                            sponsor, instructor, authors or lecturers.

                                       R E G I S T R A T I O N                 F O R M                Foreclosure & REO Properties - February 10

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