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									  NM DOH LIMS RFP - Appendix E - Business Requirements Matrix                                                                Appendix E-1
REQ#             REQUIREMENT (See RFP Section for more detail)                                CODE   Y/C,   REF   Comments
       MANDATORY                                                               M
       HIGHLY DESIRABLE                                                        HD
       DESIRABLE                                                               D
       OPTIONAL                                                                O
                                                                 IMPLEMENTATION, TRAINING AND SUPPORT
  1    The offeror shall provide off-site hosting services for the System that
       includes server and network hardware; physical and electronic security;
       adequate and redundant power, cooling, and internet connectivity;
       provision of a secondary site for fail-over/disaster recovery; and support
       for the off-site systems. The hosting proposal shall include                 IV.A.2     O
       recommendations for bandwidth at the Laboratory. Hosting services
       shall not include system maintenance and administration. (Cost
       proposal for Off-site hosting shall be listed separately from other
  2    The offeror’s proposal must include a detailed work plan, including a
       proposed work plan outlining the installation and implementation of all      IV.C.3     M
       systems by Month Day, Year
  3    The LIMS offeror shall include a pre-install owner checklist that covers
       hardware, network components, software and staffing levels that the          IV.C.3     M
       NM DOH SLD must provide.
  4    The selected LIMS offeror or their designated representative shall
       perform the initial installation of the LIMS including configuration, data   IV.C.3     M
       conversion and customization tasks.
  5    The plan shall include all activities necessary for a successful project
                                                                                    IV.C.3a    M
       down to the task level.
  6    The plan shall clearly identify all offeror (including subcontractors) and
       Agency resources required to successfully complete the project.              IV.C.3b    M

  7    The offeror shall provide job descriptions and the number of personnel
       to be assigned to the equipment installation, testing, and                   IV.C.3b    M
       implementation of the project.
  8    The plan shall include appropriate progress/Gantt charts - using
       Microsoft Project - that reflect the proposed schedule and all major         IV.C.3c    M
       milestones, as well as each individual deliverable
  9    The LIMS offeror shall provide training for NM DOH SLD personnel to
       install, configure, use, and maintain the new LIMS, based on the             IV.C.4     M
       requirements stated in this document.
  NM DOH LIMS RFP - Appendix E - Business Requirements Matrix                                                                   Appendix E-2
REQ#              REQUIREMENT (See RFP Section for more detail)                                  CODE   Y/C,   REF   Comments
 10    System Administration training shall be provided for personnel
       designated by NM DOH SLD based on the functionality that applies to             IV.C.4     M
       each area.
 11    Training provided to System Administrators shall include system
       installation, configuration, user interface, instrument integration, data       IV.C.4     M
       review, reporting, data backup, and maintenance.
 12    Laboratory staff training shall include all LIMS tasks and functions
       related to the user’s job duties including uploading instrument results.        IV.C.4     M

 13    The offeror shall supply hardcopy and electronic versions of all training
                                                                                       IV.C.4     M
 14    The offeror shall provide NM DOH a perpetual, unrestricted license to
                                                                                       IV.C.4     M
       reproduce and use all training materials.
 15    The offeror’s proposal shall include a detailed training plan covering all
       training requirements and must include sample training and operations
       manuals for all training required by this RFP, including the following:         IV.C.4     M
       method of training, length of training, scope of training, and a list and
       outline of training materials and samples.
       License Agreement
 16    The pricing shall include licenses for fifty (50) concurrent users.             IV.C.5     M
 17    Offerors shall also include pricing for optional, additional licenses.          IV.C.5     M
 18    The offeror shall include in the proposal all licensing options that will
                                                                                       IV.C.5     M
       support the required number of users.
       LIMS Cost:
 19    The cost for the entire LIMS shall address the items and functionality
       mentioned in this document and clearly state the items that are to be           IV.C.6     M
 20    Any deficiencies or alternative strategies for fulfilling the requirements of
       the LIMS outlined in this document shall be addressed.                          IV.C.6     M

 21    Unless stated to the contrary, it will be assumed that all features
       specified in the requirements documents are included in the total LIMS
                                                                                       IV.C.6     M
       turn-key cost and will be provided at no additional cost to NM DOH SLD.

 22    The offeror shall also provide separate, hourly pricing for additional
                                                                                       IV.C.6     M
       software customization and configuration.
       System Support:
 23    Submittals shall include/describe any warranties or guarantees that are
       applicable to the proposed products and services, which will be                 IV.C.10    M
       considered as part of the submittal evaluation process.
  NM DOH LIMS RFP - Appendix E - Business Requirements Matrix                                                                Appendix E-3
REQ#              REQUIREMENT (See RFP Section for more detail)                               CODE   Y/C,   REF   Comments
 24    The offeror shall define in the proposal the boundaries of the System
       Warranty. At a minimum, the System shall be warranted against
       deficiencies in functionality and defects in operation for a period of one   IV.C.10    M
       year from the date of System acceptance by NM DOH SLD.

 25    The offeror shall also include pricing for extending the warranty beyond
                                                                                    IV.C.10    M
       one year in the form of a yearly maintenance agreement.
 26    In addition to System warranty, the offeror shall include pricing for
       System upgrades in concert with upgrades by NM DOH SLD to the
       server operating system, server database program, and client operating       IV.C.10    M
       systems, as well as any other standard components integrated into the
       System such as Microsoft Office programs.
 27    Submittals shall include a discussion of any service contract options
       proposed by the offeror. The costs for a maintenance contract, as well
                                                                                    IV.C.11    M
       as what is and is not provided, will be considered as part of the
       submittal evaluation process.
 28    The offeror shall include a description of system upgrades/versions and
                                                                                    IV.C.11    M
       procedures for such system releases.
 29    The offeror shall include pricing for all available options for varying
                                                                                    IV.C.11    M
       levels of technical support.
 30    Terms for on-site support shall also be defined.                             IV.C.11    M
 31    The offeror shall provide live support 7AM - 6PM Mountain Time
       Monday - Friday and have procedures for providing support in a
       reasonable timeframe at other times. The response to this item shall         IV.C.11    M
       detail the support systems, response turn-around times, escalation
       paths and limitations.
 32    The offeror shall be capable of providing technical support through the
 33    The offeror shall define terms for on-site support.                          IV.C.11    M
 34    The offeror shall indicate days and hours of availability for telephone
                                                                                    IV.C.11    M
 35    The offeror shall indicate days and hours of availability for e-mail
                                                                                    IV.C.11    M
 36    The offeror shall describe their remote access support technology
                                                                                    IV.C.11    M
       including security measures and limitations.
 37    The offeror shall specify the system support communication and
                                                                                    IV.C.11    M
       download functions and protocols.
       Implementation Approach
  NM DOH LIMS RFP - Appendix E - Business Requirements Matrix                                                               Appendix E-4
REQ#             REQUIREMENT (See RFP Section for more detail)                               CODE   Y/C,   REF   Comments
 38    The offeror shall describe their proposed approach or methodology that
       will be used to implement the System. The offeror should include a
       narrative description of the major phases and threads of work required      IV.C.14    M
       to execute the project lifecycle throughout each phase or
       module of the implementation.
       Testing Approach
 39    The offeror shall describe in detail the offeror’s test methodology.
       Present an overview of the types of testing proposed by the Offeror
                                                                                   IV.C.15    M
       including a complete definition for each type and the completion criteria
       for each type of testing.
       Change Management Approach
 40    The offeror shall detail their overall organizational change management
       approach and highlight the recommended tools and processes used to
                                                                                   IV.C.16    M
       increase the level of system satisfaction and facilitate a smooth and
       rapid adoption of the new LIMS processes.

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