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Yesterday, Xinhua hospital Rheumatology ward, who came from
Jiangsu doctor 18-year-old girl portrait in his mother's company
and a goodbye doctors and nurses. Living with Lupus treatment at
the Hospital of spanning more than 20 days after the condition
was stable, and can be discharged to go home. Joe swift, stable
condition to benefit from the hospital a research results. The
"treatment of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus synergy effect" by
Zhejiang Chinese Medical University Professor van wing l lead,
won the Zhejiang Provincial Government first class award of
scientific technology progress, directly benefit has an
incurable disease, Lupus Erythematosus. Zhejiang Xinhua hospital
rheumatism immune kewang xinchang

Participation in the research of rheumatism, Deputy Director,
Dr. Wang xinchang recently special excitement. He is in the
hospital's technology innovation Conference on Science and
technology innovation advanced personal awards. Dr. Wang, after
winning in this study, with Professor van Yongsheng, studying
for master's six years, almost every day in dealing with the

With mouse over family

"In order to test every year, we'll just keep 100 mouse only,
but also a good help, let them out of that situation. "Professor
van wing lift and Dr. King, the experiment period, with mouse
goes far beyond the time with his family. "Each one must do
experiment 3 months to six months, at least every day to spend
half a day together with them. "Wang xinchang wry smile said:"
in fact, put it plainly, we give these mice intragastric, use
exceptional syringes to drug into their stomach, an irrigation
is several hours. "Mice also will bite, almost medical staff
involved in the experiment were bitten.

Experimental procedure nor easy, several experiments team
members would be almost totally lost, "a start there is no
experience on mice take care not to experiment to a critical
moment, batches of mice died suddenly in advance, 2 months of
effort even wasted. "In order to do experiments, these mice are
bought from abroad, each is worth 200 Yuan, so all of a sudden
death ray that let researchers both frustration and heartache.

Results have begun to clinical application

Professor Jean Van Yongsheng and his research team, now many
experimental results have been achieved, some success has
already begun in the clinical treatment of the application. Ms.
Wu Xiao Zhang's mother told reporters, Xiao Zhang only 18 years
old this year, some time ago is probably because reading too
tired, cold, fever, joint pain and face with erythema, is in a
local hospital diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus,
daughter taking prednisone, everyone says hormone ate will
addiction fat, osteoporosis, avascular necrosis, etc., do not
dare to give her. Wang Xin Chang said that systemic lupus red
class, the death of the patient because doping raises body
infection deaths account for 70 per cent more patients because
the liver and renal impairment loss of labor capacity. And our
team of Chinese and Western medicine research, solve the use of
hormonal side effects, so that patients can safely receive long-
term treatment, not only continued the patient's life or to
improve their quality of life, Lupus is no longer the pale of
"terminal illness".

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