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									                            South Bay Fun Club
                                  February 2008
          Future Events:
                                                       IN MEMORY Bud Moran
DINNER/DANCE                                     Moran, Marvin DeWitt
Saturday, March 8
Social: 6:00 pm                                  Marvin DeWitt Moran was born Arkansas on
Dinner   6:30 pm                                 November 25, 1912. He passed away
Dancing 7:30 pm to 11:00 pm                      peacefully in his sleep on December 20,
                                                 2007, in Torrance. He was a longtime
The Fun Club will sponsor its                    resident and active member of the
somewhat annual Member                           Homeowners Association of the Village in
Appreciation Party again this year.              Redondo Beach. He was preceded in death
 Good news - mark your calendars -               by his son, Stephen, in 1986, and Alice, his
the Fun Club has reserved the                    wife of 50 years, in 1997. He is survived by
Redondo Beach Elks Lodge dining                  Gayle, wife of four years; Lindsay, his
room and bar for a dinner and dance              daughter; and three grandchildren, Stephen
event on the evening of Saturday,                Pinkham, Veronica Pinkham and Joshua Haz-
March 8th. The event will be free to             Moran. A memorial was held on January
members and each member is                       19th .
permitted to bring one guest. The cost
for members is ZERO and the cost for
the guest will be $20. Call Nina at
310.375.0903 or email her at
<> to
make your reservation. If a guest
joins the club that evening ($35) then
they can get in free just like all other

The theme this year is The Great American
Bandstand Sadie Hawkins Day Extravaganza.

The cutoff date for reservations is Wednesday,
March 5th. All attendees must have made
a reservation in order to attend. This is a
great opportunity to share a fun evening with
fellow members and guests. You must RSVP.
                                                                 Jungle Ball - Women Only
     Mediterraneo Restaurant and Bar                                     Sunday, February 10th at 10 AM
                          Friday, Feb 1        5 – 7 PM
                                                          "Fun" "Fun" "Fun" Join us for jungle ball on the
Join the Fun Club at Mediterraneo in Hermosa              beach at the volleyball net to the left (South) of
Beach for Happy Hour and enjoy two for one                Avenue I in Redondo Beach. Come to have fun,
Tapas ($3 to $7) and $3 Beer and Wine. We will            no experience necessary. Lunch after the games
have a couple of tables reserved in the bar.              with the other Volleyball Players at the Redondo
Remember to bring plenty of quarters for                  Beach Brewing Company. Any questions call
parking-in Hermosa Beach. Location: 73 Pier               Rebecca at (310) 540-9825
Avenue, Hermosa each (310) 318-2666. For
more info. call Larry or Rebecca (310) 540-9825.              Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-b-que
Remember the 20% gratuity rule!                                     Friday, February 15th at 6:00 – 8:00 PM
                                                          Join the Fun Club for good old fashion barbeque
                                                          at Lucille’s in the Del Amo Mall. Lucille’s is
         2008 Super Bowl Party at                         located on the north side of the Del Amo Mall on
        Redondo Beach Yacht Club                          Hawthorne Blvd. The address is 21420
                                                          Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance. The phone number
Party starts 1:00, kick off a 3:00 (Sunday,
                                                          is 310-370-7427. They will accommodate four
February 3rd)
There will be plenty of food, All you can eat             people per check and a 17% gratuity will be
   Menu:                                                  added to the bill. Please RSVP to Vikki Frost by
• 6’ sandwich,                                            Thursday the 14th, at 310-325-3474. Hope to
• Teriyaki wings,                                         see you there.
• Peal and eat shrimp
• Meat & Cheese platter                                            Dinner at Coyote Cantina
        RSVP Jeanmarie                                                   Saturday, February 16 at 5:00 PM
• Potato salad and Coleslaw
        By January 30th•                                  The South Bay Fun Club will be returning to one
Drink specials 310 293 1391•                              of our favorite restaurants, Coyote Cantina for
Raffle prices to be given away,                           dinner on Sat. Feb. 16th at 5:00pm. Owner, Matt
$12.00 donation, $4 special parking in the                McQuaid said they could do separate checks for
Marina (optional)                                         each group of 6. Coyote Cantina is famous for
                                                          "howlin' good food and screaming Margaritas".
    Dart Tournament and Happy Hour                        Located in beautiful Redondo Beach at 531 N.
              Friday, February 8 6:00 - 8:00 PM           Pacific Coast Hwy, Suite B, Redondo Beach
                                                          (next to Petco), phone is 310-376-1066. Please
Please join us at “On The Rocks” in Redondo               RSVP to your host, Susan Shaver at H-310-540-
Beach; located at 239 N. Harbor Drive. The Dart           4687 or B-310-373-3312. If you can't find it, her
Boards and surrounding area will be reserved for          cell is 310-892-1021. Hope to see many of our
us. Your host; Peter Stanhope will be the                 members there.
officiator for the tournament having all
knowledge of Darts and Tournaments from the                        Music Video Performance
old country. We will be paired off in to teams                          Thursday, February 21 at 6:30 PM
based on the number of players. Cost will be
$5.00 per person to enter the tournament with             Please join your host Lou for an evening of
prize money awarded at the conclusion. Well               classical music by Andre Rieu of Vienna Austria.
drinks are 2.75, $1.00 off beer, beer buckets (4           Cost is $10.00 per person to cover the cost of
bottles/bucket) $12.00 domestic and $14.00                food and event will be held at the home of Phil
import. Some appetizers are half price until
                                                          Purpura. Please call Lou at 562-708-4626 by
8:00pm. The manager has agreed to hold the
happy hour prices until 8:00pm for us. They also          2/18 to RSVP and get details and directions.
start a new special at 9:00pm if we're still there!
Please RSVP to Peter at 310-644-4078 by
February 6th.
         Happy Hour at Killians Pub
                   Friday, February 22        5 – 7 PM              Club Planning Meeting
                                                                               Thursday, 28     6:00 Dinner
Please join Glenn and the Gang at Killians for                                                6:30 Planning
Happy Hour. The appetizers are $2 off and
domestic draft beer is $2.50 while imported draft        The Planning Meeting for the April SBFC
beer is $3.50. The house wine is $3.25 and well          Calendar will be held Thursday, Feb 28 at the
drinks are $2.50. The address is 2533 Pacific            Torrance Sizzler Restaurant, 2880 Sepulveda
Coast Highway, Torrance (next to the AMC                 Blvd. located east of Hawthorne Blvd, south
Theaters in the Rolling Hills Plaza). The phone          side of Sepulveda. Plenty of parking in back of
there is 310-325-1212. Please RSVP to Glenn              the restaurant. They have good food and
Dean at 310-339-3221. Remember the 20%                   drinks. Get your selections and carry your
gratuity rule                                            tray to the back room. Eat early to be ready to
                                                         start the meeting at 6:30 pm.

         Palos Verdes Walk/Lunch                                  Happy Hour and Massage
               Saturday, February 23 at 9:45 AM                                Friday, February 29        5–7
                                                                          at the home Of Susan Shaver
Last time we had a ball, so we're doing it
again. We will explore the walking trails at the         Susan will be opening her home to the South
Trump National Golf Club and have lunch in the           Bay Fun Club for a Happy Hour and Chair
club house afterward. Meet in the parking lot to         Massage (neck, shoulders and back only), fully
                                                         clothed, by Certified Masseur "Lin" (male). It'll
the left of the club house at 9:45 a.m., walking to
                                                         be held on Friday night, Feb. 29th from 5-7 PM.
begin at 10:00 AM. The address is One Ocean              Please no early birds. There will be appetizers,
Trails Drive, RPV 90275. For more info and               wine, beer, water, & soda to enjoy while waiting
menu       go      to    the     web     site    at      for your massage. Cost will be $20.00 with We are             massage and $5.00 for just food and drinks.
still working on the menu. The view and                  Please RSVP by Thurs., Feb. 28th W-310-373-
scenery are awesome. Please contact hosts Nina           3312, or cell 310-892-1021, H- 310-540-4687
at 310-375-0903 or Fran at 714-299-7149                  (no answering machine at the moment).
to RSVP by February 22 so we can give a                  Address and directions will be given when RSVP
number to the restaurant.                                is received. Limited to the first 8-10 people,
                                                         since the massage is 15 min. each.

            Oscar Party Pot Luck
           Sunday, February 24 at 4:00 – 11 PM

Join your host Sharon Cavin for a fun evening to
guess who will win the Oscars at her annual
Oscar Party. Empty handed $12 With dish $3
This is her Yearly function where we all have
fun! Potluck ! Bring a dish to share with 10
persons (chip/dip do not count) If you want to
BBQ something, bring the meat. There will be
ballots for you to guess the Winners! Prize for
the most guessed! Wine , sodas , and coffee
furnished. 310-322-7769 Sharon Cavin, El
                                                     Recurring Events:

                                                                  Beach Volleyball
             February Birthdays                                         Every Sunday at 9:30 AM

Bette Ireson    3rd     Patricia Dorfman   10th   This is always lots of fun and exercise. The
Aurora Hanlon 11th      Adrienne Ang       15TH   action takes place on the beach between
Violet Bijelic 15th     Ginger Cordrey     16th   Avenue G & H in Redondo Beach. Call Glenn at
Kaycey Lee     20th     Nola Snider        22nd   (310) 339-3221 for more information.
Eugene Edwards 24th

                                                         Sunday Lunch after Volleyball
                                                                          Every Sunday at 12:30 PM
         Welcome New Members
                                                  Come join the volleyball players for lunch at the
          Elaine Smith, Susan Oryan
                                                  Redondo Beach Brewing Company located at
                                                  1814 S. Catalina, Redondo Beach. (310) 316-
                                                  8477. Remember the 20% gratuity rule.
   Membership Expirations
   Just a reminder that your                                    Beach Walk and
membership will be expiring this                             Happy Hour At El Torito
 month if your name appears                                                 Every Monday     6 - 8 PM

            below:                                If you're looking for a fitness activity capable of
Bill McWaid,Frank Paquette, Gigi Winkler,         improving you in virtually every way 'walking is it'
Kaycey Lee, Lee Angel, Lynne Sutton, Marianne     says Dr. Stutman, author of six books. 'It is the
Alfieri, Nora Holm, Phil Pennington, Sandra       perfect exercise'. We meet at the Elks Lodge
Smith, and Valentina Robinson.                    south parking lot which is at the intersection of
                                                  Catalina and Esplanade at 6 PM. Walking is
                                                  followed by Happy Hour at El Torito - 100 'G'
                                                  Fisherman's Wharf, Redondo Beach. Margaritas
 Members who have renewed recently                are $3.75 and appetizers are half-off. People
                                                  who don't walk can go to El Torito around 7 PM
Adrienne Ang, Ann VanNess, Billy and Nancy        and the walkers will join you there.           Call
Hendrix, and Jack Barsnahan                       Maureen (310) 318-5922 for more information.
                                                  Remember the 20% gratuity rule.

      Welcome Back Members                                        Dance Lessons
                Jay Ankeney                                                   Every Monday 6:30 PM

                                                  Join the South Bay Fun Club for dance lessons
                                                  at Redondo Beach Elks located at 315
                                                  Esplanade, Redondo Beach. The cost is $6 per
                                                  lesson. Call Gigi for info at (310) 318-7945.
                                                  Stay after the lesson to dance with the Band at
                                                  Redondo Beach Elks.
 SBFC Joins the ELKS for Groovin Easy
     Smooth Jazz & Swing Music
                  st   rd
                 1 & 3 Mondays 7:30 – 9:30 PM

Join the South Bay Fun Club and the Redondo
Beach Elks in bringing smooth jazz and swing
music to the South Bay. Come Listen or dance
to the 6 piece swing band. The Cost is your
drinks. Elks Lodge is located at 315 Esplanade,
Redondo Beach. Call Gigi for info at (310) 318-

         SBFC Joins the ELKS for
        the Sounds of the Big Band
                            2nd Monday 7:30 PM

Join the South Bay Fun Club as it goes to the
Redondo Beach Elks to enjoy Big Band music in
the South Bay. The Elks have brought together a
great venue with the Penninsulan's (a 19 piece
big band. Come listen dance and drink. The
General Public is invited to this event. No
charge. The cost is your drinks. Elks Lodge, 315
Esplanade, Redondo Beach. Call Lee for info
(310) 251-8316.

        Beginning Dance Lessons
                        Every Thursday at 7 PM

A new beginning dance class is available on
Thursday evenings at the Redondo Beach Elks
Club Lodge. 315 Esplanade, Redondo Beach.
The instructor is Jon Gatyas and the price is $5
per lesson which start at 7 PM and last for one
hour. Call Gigi for info at (310) 318-7945.
                        SBFC CLASSIFIED ADS/NETWORKING

Service                                                   Phone            Member

Basket Case of South Bay                                 310-538-0675      Sue Myers
       Specialty Baskets for all occasions
European Estheticlas for Men & Women                     310-318-7945      Gigi Winkler
       Facials, Acne Treatments, Body Waxing,
        Eyebrow Arching, Lash & Brow Tinting
       Discount for SBFC Members
Global Travel                                            310-541-1918      Barbara Grasso
       5644 Ravenspur Dr #205, RPV, 90275
Mobile Notary Public                                     310-643-9664       Ann Jones
Notary Public + State Farm Insurance                      310-373-3312      Susan Shaver
RE/MAX Execs Redondo Beach                               310-686-4903       Virginia West
      Competent, Conscientious and Caring
      Real Estate Services
Tennis Adult and Youth Tennis Private Lessons             310-792-1913      Susan Renick
       And 8 Week Clinics - USPTA Developmental Tennis Coach
Time Share in Cancun Mexico for Rent-                     310-540-4687      Susan Shaver
       1 week at the Mayan Palace Resort,
       Playa Del Carmen Master Room sleeps 2 adults,
       floating week available many dates during the year $700 20% off golf.
Wienerschnitzel Restaurant                                310-831-4486       Esther Beard
       230 North Gaffey, San Pedro
Yoga & Pilates Instruction                                310-539-0846       Gale Crandell
        Private Sessions & Group Classes  


Chairperson                  Vic Cavataio        310-316-5216
Database Mgr / Treas.        Kurt Patt        FLYINGADLER@COX.NET          310-377-2549
Membership                   Jeanmarie Witka        310-293-1391
Newsletter Editor             Charlene Hale              714-251-4253
Public Relations              Lee Angel   310-251-8316
Secretary                     Fran Holl        714-299-7149
Social Activities Director    Ginger Cordrey   310-714-5209
Sunshine Care Person         Charlene Hale             714-251-4253

        SBFC Membership Application                                                             February          2008
South Bay Fun Club for Singles email: . Please send this
form with your check for $35 payable to SBFC to: 217 PALOS VERDES BLVD #250 REDONDO BEACH, CA 90277

Name _________________________________ Nickname _________________ Email ________________________

Address __________________________________________ City ___________________________ Zip ____________

Phone (H) (______)________________ (W) (______)____________________ (Cell) (______)__________________

Occupation __________________________________________ Birthday – Month & Day Only __________________

Please indicate:   New Member _____      Renewing Member _____ Rejoining Member _____ (membership had lapsed)

     The Club publishes a roster for use by Planning Committee Members/Officers.      All names, addresses/phones are included
     for functional purposes. If a roster is published for use by all members, please check your preference for release of your
                     No Phone ___________               No Address ____________        No Email _____________
South Bay Fun Club activities are planned, coordinated and run entirely by volunteers. In order to continue to provide exciting and
enjoyable events for everyone, we need your help. Please check below the ways in which you prefer to help.

Coordinating:                  Hospitality:                                    General Club Business:
___ Sports Activities         ___ Greeter/Door Duty                            ___ Treasurer / Membership Database
___ Parties                   ___ Telephone Committee                           ___ PR/Newspaper articles
___ Trips/Camping             ___ Food Prep/Cooking                             ___ Newsletter typing
___ Dinner/Happy Hours        ___ Cleanup                                       ___ Secretary
___ Special Events            ___ Use of your home                              ___ Newsletter Assembly/Mailing
 ___ Other __________         ___ Party/dances decorating                       ___ Web Site maintenance

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