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									Classworks Refresher… Spell-It Deluxe

Sometime this week – spend some time exploring – Spell-It Deluxe –

As a part of your 5.7.5 update you received documentation on how to
access printable Spell It Deluxe activities in Classworks. This
document provides information on how to navigate the Spell It Deluxe
activities and extended information on accessing the printable
activities. – in order to become more familiar with this title.

Spell It Deluxe activities can be used in a variety of ways – as a
classroom activity, a center activity or for homework/take home

Spell It Deluxe Activities include 4,000 words with six levels of
    Junior
    Novice
    Intermediate
    Advanced
    Champion
    Grand Master

Spell-It Deluxe printable activities are available as a classroom
activity, station/center activity or as a take home option. As a
classroom hand-out these worksheets can be used to supplement or
drive classroom instruction for a specific skill. A variety of grade level
appropriate spelling worksheets can be placed at an activity table and
be added to a center rotation.

These printable activities are available in demo as a student in
Classworks. Each unit includes a crossword puzzle, a search-a-word
puzzle, a multiple choice worksheet and a fill in the blank worksheet.

Overall, 844 printable worksheets starting at basic CVC words and
conclude with SAT vocabulary crossword puzzles are available.

For Spell It Deluxe Printable Activities:

Step One – In order to print worksheets in Classworks make sure that
you have selected a printer in the office or teacher modules in
Classworks. To set up a printer – while in the office modules or teacher
        1. Select File
        2. Select Print Set up
        3. Select your Printer
        4. Exit out of the office module or teacher module

                                            The worksheets can also
                                            be printed as Adobe PDF
                                            files – however, some of
                                            the print-outs can appear

The fill in the blank and
multiple choice
worksheets work well as
a PDF that can be
shared with others
teachers – as a take
home option.

Step Two – To access the
printable worksheets enter the
student module in Classworks.
Enter the student name as
“demo”. You will not need to
enter a Classworks ID.

Step Three - Scroll through
the product list. A fast way to
move through the list is to
click within the list and then
use your page down key to
scroll through the list of
products. The product list is in
alphabetic order. You are
looking for “Spell it Deluxe:
Printable Activities by

Step Four – Review the unit list.
The units are listed in order of
difficulty starting with
individual phonemes.

Step Five – Each unit includes a
crossword puzzle, search-a-word
puzzle, multiple choice and fill-
in-the-blank printable

The worksheets can be used in tandem as these spelling skills are
presented in the pacing guide or as skills are accessed in Classworks.

Step Six – Select the worksheet
that you would like to print. The
print editor launches
automatically. Press OK. Your
spelling activity is now available on
your printer. In addition to a
black line master – a filled in
answer sheet, a list of clues (for
Crossword puzzles) and a word
list are printed.

Spell It Deluxe Activities:

36 Classworks units include 123 Spell It Deluxe activities starting at
grade 2 and ending
at grade 8. The
activities focus on
an individual spelling
skill. For example,
“th” words use one
Junior word list
incorporated into a
Study It feature, a
Crossword puzzle
and a Correct-It

                                     Study It

                                     This lesson appears initially with a
                                     spelling rule –

                                      The primary lesson screen
                                      includes auditory support. The
                                      word is said. Then you are
                                      prompted to type the word. If you
                                      type the word correctly, it is put
in its place in the sentence and a new word appears.

If you type the word incorrectly, you are asked to try again.

Crossword Puzzle

Type the word that fits in the highlighted boxes and the sentences and
press return.

If you enter the word
correctly, it is put in its
place, and a new sentence

If you type the word
incorrectly, any correct
letters are placed and
you are asked to try

Correct It

This series of activities
caters to our Tactile-
Kinesthetic learners -
those who prefer a more
interactive or hands-on

Correct It activities
appear in two versions.
One in which students
will complete a word
with a missing letter and the second option where student will correct
a misspelled word in a given sentence.

For Individual Word Activities:

When the letter that fits into the word comes above the frog, click
the frog.

If the frog captures the letter, it is put in place, and a new word

If the frog does not capture the letter, wait until the correct letter
comes around again, then click the frog.

For Sentence Activities:

Click the sentence and edit the word that is misspelled.

If answered correctly, a new sentence will appear.

The final activities
in the series -
Spell It Deluxe
SAT Vocabulary
features SAT
Vocabulary lists in
a series of 20
Crossword puzzles.
These activities
follow the same
format as the K-8 version but, with a more rigorous word list.

For Example -

      Note: Spell It Deluxe
      activities have fresh new

     For example:

     Previous Look and Feel –

Current Look and Feel!

                          As a goal for this week – Print
                         and complete one Grand Master
                         or complete an SAT Vocabulary
                         activity without peaking at the


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