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					?Cervicogenic headache


    Cervicogenic headache refers to from cervical and/or neck of
organic or functional defects caused by chronic head pain as the
main clinical manifestation of a group of syndrome, pain in nature
is a kind of referred pain . Ministry in the headrest, top, temporal,
forehead, orbital area or the area of the simultaneous occurrence of
dull pain or soreness. Headache accompanied by pain, neck on neck
pain, stiff neck, or activities on the neck pain and immobility, head,
and neck injury history. As people work environment and lifestyle
changes, the incidence of cervical headache getting higher and higher.
Therefore, it was predicted in the future 50 years, cervicogenic
headache will become popular with computer use accompanying diseases
of the modern society. PLA 316 hospital ache Yan Yu Qiu

    Cervicogenic headache symptoms manifested

    (1) headache more biased towards one side, double side
alternating episodes of unilateral headache, very few for headache;

    (2) headache neck, along from neck relief to top temporal, few
took place in the forehead or the orbital motion of the neck, cough,
strain would have the effect of increasing headache;

    (3) symptom onset or exacerbation of time, from hours to weeks;

    (4) the early onset of headache after multiple paroxysmal,
becomes chronic fluctuating headache;

    (5) the nature of pain for jump pain, tingling, swelling and pain,
burning pain, can also be a blade-like or radioactive, other-like
pain, usually for a chronic pain or numbness pain;

    (6) headache often accompanied by tinnitus, Vertigo, hearing
impairment, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms, a few eye pain or
enophthalmos interested;
   (7) headache attack, visible gait instability;

    (8) there is a lot of excitation point headache, is located in
the head with muscle, trapezius, sternocleidomastoid muscle and back
pillow, neck and shoulder muscles.

   Cervicogenic headache treatment ?

   (A) the General treatment of

    For short course, the pain of patients can take a rest, head and
neck traction, physiotherapy and acupuncture, and nonsteroidal anti-
inflammatory drugs.

   (Ii) injection therapy

    In the focus in the area of injection anti-inflammatory analgesic
effect of both diagnostic and therapeutic effect to. Whether it is
still acute exacerbation of chronic stage, injection therapy is an
effective means of alleviating pain. On nerve block test positive

   Common methods are:

   (1) next to the cervical lesions injection

   (2) and neck epidural injection

   (3) the treatment of cervical nerve damage

    1. cervical nerves medial branch of radiofrequency

   2. after carotid neural blockade of medial branch of ethanol

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