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									?Cervical erosion?


Cervical erosion in women is a very common features, how to handle depends on the
following aspects:

1. first make a cervical cytology (TCT), eliminating cervical cancer or precancerous
lesions. Conditional, it is a good idea to be human papilloma virus detection.

2. symptomatic (Dingbat negative number, intermenstrual bleeding, etc.) in patients
with cervical erosion, if TCT reported as cervicitis, no cervical cancer or precancerous
lesions, you can first select local drug effects on; if not, you can use physical methods
of treatment, such as laser, microwave, etc. But still needs to be done once per year
cervical cytology. Tsinghua University, yuquan Li yuqin hospital

3. has the patient while cervical erosion, but does not have any symptoms, TCT report
no cervical cancer or precancerous lesions, or human papillomavirus negative,
without treatment, each year a cervical cytology can be.

4. the increasing longterm patients with leucorrhea, also consider whether there is a
vaginal inflammation, special pathogens (Chlamydia trachomatis) infection, possibly
with the IUD.

5. the last reminded the huanyou: simple do not have to cervical erosion, cannot do
Cone cutout!

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