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					U.S. Venture-Backed M&A Activity, 2009-2010

                                                          2009                                                      2010
                               1Q             2Q              3Q           4Q      Total         1Q         2Q             3Q
# of Deals                      77             80              85         102        344          77
Amount Paid ($M)         $3,447.44      $2,859.48       $2,553.75   $8,495.63 $17,356.30   $3,961.79

U.S. Venture-Backed IPO Activity, 2009-2010

                                                         2009                                                       2010
                                  1Q            2Q           3Q          4Q        Total         1Q         2Q             3Q
# of IPOs                                         3            2           3           8           8
Amount Raised at IPO ($M)                   $232.10      $451.25     $220.25     $903.60     $710.79

Largest M&As, 1Q'2010
  Company Name             City             State               IndustrySegment
                                                      IndustryCode                                         Acquiring Company
                                                                              Round Type CloseDateAmount ($MM)
Acclarent Inc.          Menlo Park CA                              Medical Devices and Equipment
                                                      Surgical Devices         Acquisition  1/21/2010     $785   Ethicon
NuVox Inc.              Greenville SC                              Communications and Networking
                                                                               Acquisition  2/10/2010
                                                      Wired Telecommunications Service Providers          $643   Windstream Corporation
Nimsoft Inc.                       C
                        Redwood City A                Business Applications Software
                                                                   Software    Acquisition  3/10/2010     $350   CA Inc
Quattro Wireless        Waltham    MA                              Business    Acquisition
                                                      Advertising/Marketing Support Services 1/5/2010     $275   Apple
Ahura Scientific Inc.   Wilmington MA                              Medical Devices Kits
                                                                               Acquisition  2/26/2010
                                                      Medical Lab Instruments/Test and Equipment          $145   Thermo Fisher Scientific

Largest IPOs, 1Q'2010
   Company Name           City              State     IndustryCode                  R
                                                                   IndustrySegment ound Type CloseDate RaisedUSD TickerSym
Ironwood Pharmaceuticals Inc.          MA                             BiopharmaceuticalsInvestment
                                                       Biotechnology Therapeutics  Public           02/03/10 $187.50 IRWD
QuinStreet Inc.      Foster City       CA                             Business     Public Investment
                                                       Advertising/Marketing Support Services 02/11/10       $150.00 QNST
AVEO Pharmaceuticals Inc.              MA                             BiopharmaceuticalsInvestment
                                                       Biotechnology Therapeutics  Public           03/12/10  $81.00 AVEO
MaxLinear Inc.       Carlsbad          CA                             Semiconductors
                                                                                   Public Investment
                                                       General Purpose Integrated Circuits          03/24/10  $72.07 MXL
Financial Engines Inc. alo Alto        CA                             Financial Institutions and Services
                                                       Institutional Investment ServicesInvestment  03/16/10  $70.42 FNGN
               4Q YTD Total

               4Q       Total

       Provider of medical devices solely for ear, nose, and throat specialists and their patients.
       Provider of facilities-based integrated communications services across the U.S. Midwest and Southeast.
       Provider of business-focused, service level management solutions.
       Provider of mobile advertising and publishing services.
       Developer of ultra-compact analytical instruments.

       Nasdaq     Developer of drug candidates for the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, dyslipidemia, pain, and fungal infections.
       Nasdaq     Provider of vertical marketing and media on the Internet.
       Nasdaq     Developer of cancer therapeutics.
       NYSE       Provider of radio-frequency analog and mixed-signal semiconductor solutions for broadband communications applications.
       Nasdaq     Provider of independent, technology-enabled portfolio management services, investment advice, and retirement help to particip
mia, pain, and fungal infections.

 band communications applications.
 nt advice, and retirement help to participants in employer-sponsored defined contribution retirement plans, such as 401(k) plans.
                  75   78   70   223

s 401(k) plans.

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