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					March 2005


   • warns other cards offer over 150% more cashback
       than Texaco and Shell

Thousands of people this week are taking delivery of their new cars after spending a
great deal of time researching the cheapest way to pay for their new vehicle. But
how many will continue their financial savviness and look for the best way to save
money on every day running costs, such as petrol?

Analysis from Personal Finance reveals that whilst both Texaco and
Shell have their own credit cards that at first glance, appear to offer good cashback
deals, they may not be good value for money.

The table below shows how much cashback a consumer could expect to get over 12
months if they put their average monthly household spend of £793 plus £60 fuel on a
card*. It compares the Shell Visa Card and Texaco Mastercard with the three cards
that currently offer the highest cashback rates on the market (Amex Blue, Amex
Platinum and the Halifax debit card).

A year’s use of the Shell Visa card provides £43.38 worth of points which can only be
exchanged for vouchers or Airmiles. The Texaco Mastercard offers a good 1% rate,
but this is only for purchases on Texaco forecourts and therefore generates less than
£40 per annum. The Amex Platinum card emerges as the product offering the best
value, and provides over 150% more cashback than the Shell Visa Card over the
course of a year.
Table showing the Shell Visa Card and Texaco Mastercard compared with the leading
cashback card provides – their current cashback value on the average weekly spend of
£853 and the standard APR
Card name         amount APR            Notes
                           4.9% APR
                           for balance Up to £3,000.00 expenditure = 0.5% cashback;
Amex Platinum
                  £114.69 transfers.    Between £3,001 & £7,500 = 1.0% cashback;
                           Typical rate £7,500.00 and above expenditure = 2.0% cashback;
                           14.9% APR
                           2.9% APR
                           for balance
                                        Introductory rate for 3 months 2.0%; Up to £2,000.00
                           transfers (6
Amex Blue         £112.94               expenditure = 0.5% cashback; £2,001.00 and above
                                        expenditure = 1.0% cashback
                           Typical rate
                           14.9% APR
Halifax     Debit          -            1% cashback on all debit card purchases, maximum
Card                                    of £100 cashback per annum
                           3.9% APR 1.00% cashback on purchases at Texaco, 0.50% on
                           for balance purchases elsewhere. Additional 1 star point for
                  £62.96   transfers.   every £ spent at Texaco courtesy of We I O U Card.
                           Typical rate £440 spent = £5 vouchers (ie 1.136% cashback at
                           14.9% APR Texaco on We I O U)
                           5.9% APR
                           for balance 43 points per £20 spent on fuel @ Shell + 15 points
Shell Visa Card £43.38     transfers.   per £20 spent elsewhere. 1500 points = £10 voucher
                           Typical rate @ Shell or £10 High Street Voucher or 100 Airmiles
                           17.9% APR
Data provided by Credit Card Calculator. Correct as of 3rd March

Nick White, Head of Personal Finance at comments: “Average
households simply do not spend enough on petrol and other goods at petrol stations
to warrant having a credit card tied to one fuel provider. Unless you have a job which
involves a lot of driving, or choose to do your shopping on the forecourt, it makes
sense to look at the other cards on the market and select one that generates a higher
cashback amount based on your level of monthly spending.”

The difference in terms of the highest and lowest cashback rates on credit cards is
vast – historically deals equated typically to 1% of spending, but in recent months,
several leading providers have cut back to just 0.5% and even 0.1%.

White concluded: “We urge consumers to get wise, do their research and use these
cards to their advantage. Cashback cards are most effective for those who pay off
their balance in full every month, thus avoiding interest charges and reaping the
cashback benefit. However, consumers who do not always pay off their balance in
full each month should be wary of the standard APR that their provider levies. Often
the APR can be higher than other regular credit cards and consumers could therefore
lose any benefit accrued from the cashback facility.”

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