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					Stock Certificate
                             Instructions for Using this Stock Certificate Template

This Microsoft Word template is designed to allow you to print via a printer, the blank information on your

To use the template, click on each field and type in the appropriate information.

Where you need a field, just insert an editable region.

Be sure to test each field’s alignment on plain paper prior to printing your certificate.

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                                              is the registered holder of
                                               shares of the above named Corporation,
transferable only on the books of the Corporation by the holder hereof in person or by
Attorney upon surrender of this Certificate properly endorsed.
            In Witness Whereof , the said Corporation has caused this Certificate to be
signed by its duly authorized officers and its Corporate Seal to be hereunto affixed.
                                            this _____ day f_________, ___.
               _______________                        ________________
                               Secretary                               President

             _______________                                 ______________

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