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									                 Hopkins ChemBE Career Network
                  Companies that Hire ChemBE’s
This document contains information on companies that hire Chemical and Biomolec ular
Engineers, including their career websites. The information is broken down into the following
sub-catagories (click on one to go there immediately, or scroll through the entire document ):

I.      Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
II.     Polymers / Materials / Mechanical
III.    Biomedical / Research Supply
IV.     Energy / Fuel / Electronics
V.      Food / Drink / Household Products
VI.     Environment
VII.    Government
VIII.   Other

This list is only a partial list and will be updated periodically. If you have suggestions for new
additions, please forward them to Justin Hanes at

In addition to this list, the following websites may be helpful to you in finding job and internship
opportunities: (ACS career center) (Assoc. of Consulting Chemists & ChemE’s) International servic e provider – search for ChemE placements (job placement site for engineering /science) (engineer position search engine for the UK (search for positions and submit resumes) Searc h Engine for US government jobs

I.      Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

3M pharmac euticals
3M Pharmaceuticals, a division of 3M, develops, manufactures and sells brand ed prescription
drug products related to dermat ology, women's health, sexual health, cardiology, and respiratory
medicine. We are committed to improving life through innovation.
Job opportunities:!ut/p/kcxml/04_Sj9SPykssy0xPLMnMz0vM0Q9KzYsPDdaP0I8

Abbott Biores earch Center
The Worcester-based biotechnology drug discovery and biologics manufacturing unit of Abbott
Laboratories, one of the world's leading health care companies. The rationale behind R&D
programs at Abbott Laboratories and ABC represents a paradigm shift in how innovative
medicines are discovered and developed. Until now, large pharmaceutical houses have, for the
most part, focused only on the development of small orally available medicines while biotech
companies have primarily focused on biologic based medicines. Abbott Laboratories, with its
unique blend of biologics and small molecule drug discovery capabilities at ABC and its well
established and broad based small molecule drug discovery teams in Chicago and Germany, has
the freedom to focus its drug discovery effort on the best disease targets and develop biologic or
a small molecule medicines as needed.

Abbott Laboratories
Building leadership and combining strengths in the areas of pharmaceuticals, nutritionals, and
diagnostics has enabled Abbott to provide total, integrated solutions across the health care
spectrum for some of the world’s most prevalent medical conditions, including A IDS, cancer and
diabetes. We focus on advancing medical science and the practice of health care with expertise
in the therapeutic areas of diabetes, pain management, respiratory infections, HIV/AIDS, men
and women’s health, pediatrics and animal health.
Internships: (deadline: March 1) enter.cfm

Allergan, Inc.
A global specialty pharmaceutical company that develops and commercializes innovative
products for the eye care, neuromodulator, skin care and other specialty markets. In addition to
its discovery-to-development research programs, Allergan has global marketing and sales
capabilities in over 100 countries that deliver value to our customers, satisfy unmet medical
needs and improve people's lives. Driven by technology and innovation, Allergan addresses the
needs of consumers across the world with over 5,000 employees worldwide, 4 world-class
Research and Development facilities and 3 state-of-the-art manufacturing plants. (Also for internships)

ALZA Corporation
The leading provider of drug delivery solutions with the world's broadest array of technology
platforms, including oral, transdermal, implant able and liposomal technologies. ALZA partners
with pharmaceutical and biotec hnology companies to develop and manufacture pharmaceutical
products that enhance healthcare for millions of patients worldwide. a/working

A leading human therapeutics company in the biotechnology industry. For 25 years, the company
has tapped the power of scientific discovery and innovation to dramatically improve people’s
lives. Amgen pioneered the development of novel products based on advances in recombinant
DNA and molecular biology and launched the biotechnology industry’s first blockbuster
medicines. Today, as a Fortune 500 company serving millions of patients, Amgen continues to be
an ent repreneurial, science-driven enterprise dedicated to helping people fight serious illness. (college programs including MBA
programs, internships/co-ops, and opportunities for recent graduates)

Amylin Pharmac euticals, Inc.
A biopharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery, development and commercialization of
innovative medicines to improve the lives of people with diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular
disease. (internships )
 Develops and manufactures innovative drug delivery solutions to enable better health outcomes
and quality of life for patients worldwide. Our delivery technologies are in late -stage development,
supported by an established quality and operations infrastructure.
Aradigm offers two approac hes to enhancing efficacy, safety and/or compliance with injectable
small molecule drugs and biologics: AERx, for inhaled delivery to and through the lung, and
Intraject, for needle-free access to the subcutaneous layer.

ArQule is a biotechnology company engaged in the research and development of cancer
therapeutics. Our mission is to research, develop, and commercialize broadly effective cancer
drugs with reduced toxicities compared to conventional cancer chemotherapeutics. ArQule
develops cancer therapies based on our innovative and proprietary Activated Checkpoint
TherapySM (A CTSM) platform by applying a unique molecular biology approach that leverages
automat ed chemistries and intelligent drug design.

With more than 15 years of experience CyBio develops, produces and sells technology platforms
for the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industries. The portfolio covers a broad range of
solutions for pharmaceutical and agroc hemical research including liquid handling, detection, and
software and system integration to achieve fully automat ed screening technologies. CyBio is a
global market leader in the field of simultaneous pipetting technology.

Genentech is the founder of the biot echnology industry and among the world's leading biotech
companies. We are instrumental in all areas of drug development from research and
development to manufacturing and commercialization.
Internship program: (application
deadline: February 11)
For recent graduates:

A leader in the effort to develop and apply the most advanced technologies in the life sciences to
address a range of unmet medical needs. The company 's products and services are foc used on
rare inherited disorders, kidney disease, orthopaedics, transplant and immune disease, cancer,
and diagnostic testing. Genzyme's commitment to innovation continues today with a substantial
research and development program focused on genetic diseases, immune system disorders,
heart disease, and cancer.

A Bothell, Washington-based company that began operations in 1990 and is dedicat ed to
bringing novel and effective drugs to market that meet significant unmet medical needs, and can
increase the quality of life for millions of people
ImmunoGen, Inc.
Develops targeted anticancer therapeutics. ImmunoGen’s proprietary Tumor -Activated Prodrug
(TAP) technology and strong antibody expertise form the basis for our development of our ow n
products as well as of our partnerships with other companies: Centocor; Biogen Idec; Genentech;
A ventis, part of the sanofi-aventis Group; Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Boehringer
Ingelheim; and Abgenix. These partnerships expand the application of o ur technology and
provide an inflow of cash to ImmunoGen. Our TAP technology uses tumor-t argeting antibodies to
deliver a potent cell-killing agent specifically to cancer cells. Antibodies with or without anticancer
activity can become potent cancer-killing agents with our TAP technology. Additionally,
ImmunoGen has strong capabilities in areas critical to the successful development of antibody -
based therapeutics, including target validation, antibody development and humanization, and
process development and scale-up.

Johnson & Johnson
Johnson & Johnson companies offer a world of new and expanding opportunities for students in
bachelor’s and advanced degree programs. The areas of opportunity include: engineering,
finance/accounting, information management, human resources, marketing, operations, quality
assuranc e, R&D, sales. Johnson and Johnson products focus on three business segments:
consumer, pharmaceutical, and medical diagnostics & devices. ―Whether it is analgesics or baby
care, endoscopic surgery or interventional cardiology, oral care or wound care, J&J decent ralized
companies make products that help people live longer and healthier lives.‖;jsessionid=M3VGY4A CAORWYCQP CCE GU3AKB2IIW

MARKEM Corporation
 A trusted world leader in innovative and reliable product identification solutions for the world’s
leading companies. Our solutions include equipment, software, supplies and services, for
industries such as food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and electronics. In addition,
MARKEM is on the leading edge in the implementation of Radio Frequency Identific ation (RFID)

Mayo Clinic
A charitable, not-for-profit organization bas ed in Rochester, Minn. Its mission is to provide the
best care to every patient every day through integrated clinical practice, education and research.
Locations in Jacksonville, Florida; Roc hester, Min nesota; and Scottsdale, Arizona.

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Cent er
Sloan-Kettering Institute, Memorial Sloan-Kettering's basic-science research arm, conducts
innovative programs in biology, genetics, biochemistry, structural biology, computational biology,
immunology, and therapeutics. Within this broad biological research approach, major scientific
thrusts include:Signals and pathways involved in the control of cell proliferation, regulatory
pathways involved in development al biology and the control of cell differentiation, cell -cell
interactions, adhesion, and prot ein targeting, tumor immunology, immunotherapy, and
transplantation biology, human cancer genetics and molecular pathology, drug development, drug
resistance, and clinical therapeutics.
Sloan-Kettering Institute is located on Manhattan's Upper East Side.
Graduat e education programs:
Summer Undergraduate Research Program:
Makes novel medicines and vaccines to treat millions of people in over twenty different
therapeutic categories and spends over $3 billion annually developing new ones. Merck career
options include research opportunities, manufacturing and engineering, and sales and marketing.
Internships / Co-ops:

Millennium is committed to making a difference in people's lives by developing breakthrough
treatments for important diseases. Our researchers focus on serious disorders, examining in
minute detail every step of the disease process to discover the underlying mechanisms at work,
and to determine how those mechanisms may differ from one person to another. With this
knowledge, we hope to provide patients with the most effective medicines for them, ensuring that
they receive the right drugs, directed toward the right disease targets. We call this approac h
Personalized Medicine.

National Cancer Institute
Internships and Employment: welcome.cfm

Nektar Therapeutics
Formed through the fusion of Inhale Therapeutic Systems, Shearwat er, and Bradfor d Particle
Design, our company offers a suite of leading drug delivery technologies that encompasses
molecule engineering including advanced PEGylation, particle engineering comprising both
pulmonary particle technology and supercritical fluid technology (SCF), and advanc ed drug
delivery solutions for oral, injectable, and pulmonary a dministration.

The biot ech-based world leader in enzymes and microorganisms. Using nature's own
technologies, we continuously expand the frontiers of biological solutions to improve industrial
performance everywhere. Novozymes' 600+ products are a key factor in the production of
thousands of products you use in your everyday life - from the textiles in your clothes to the food
you eat. In more than 40 different industries and 130 countries our biological solutions improve
industrial performance and quality while at the same time saving water, energy, raw materials and
(PhD programs)
9767&id=19719&lang=en (student projects)
(career site)

Pfizer, Inc.
Pfizer is a pharmaceutical company devoted to manufacturing medicines and animal care
products. The creator of such drugs as Zyrtec, Zoloft, Visine, Listerine P ocketPaks, Viagra, and
many more.
Campus recruiting: are/careers/mn_campus.jsp
Protein Forest
Protein Forest, Inc., founded in 2002 as a life science company, focuses on developing innovative
protein separations and analysis products for use in biomarker discovery, scientific research, the
discovery and development of novel pharmaceuticals, and in diagnostic products research. The
company fills a critical need in the life sciences proteomics mark et—to significantly improve the
separation and analysis of proteins.

A leading healthcare company with a uniquely bro ad spectrum of innovative solutions. For more
than 100 years, we have been active in the discovery, development, manufacture and marketing
of novel healthcare solutions. Our products and servic es address prevention, diagnosis and
treatment of diseases, thus enhancing well -being and quality of life. Our focus is not just the
diagnosis and treatment of manifest disease. The integrated healt hcare approach is increasingly
offering ways of identifying and targeting diseases early, when their damaging effects can still be
prevented. Arranged in two operative divisions, our global mission today and tomorrow is to
create exceptional added value in healthcare. These two units are pharmaceuticals and

We focus our efforts on developing medicines and healthcare products that address a wide range
of conditions and that help caregivers improve the quality of their patients' lives. Products include
allergy and respiratory, animal health, anti-infectives, arthritis and immunology, cancer therapies,
cholesterol-lowering/cardiovascular, erectile dysfunction, foot care, hepatitis, and skin disorders
and sun care.

Sigma – Aldrich
A leading life science and high technology company. Our biochemical and organic chemical
products and kits are used in scientific and genomic research, biotec hnology, pharmac eutical
development, the diagnosis of disease, and chemical manufacturing. We have customers in life
science companies, university and government institutions, hospitals, and in industry. Sigma -
Aldrich operated in 33 count ries and has over 6,000 employees providing excellent service
Co-op program: unities/Coop_Program.html

SmartCells, Inc.
SmartCells, Inc. is developing Smart Insulin, a once-a-day self-regulating, injectable formulation
for treating diabetes. It is designed to provide several important advantages for diabetics: reduce
in incidence of hypoglycemia, require fewer injections and less glucose monitoring, control both
fasting and mealtime glucose levels with a single dose.

Synta Pharmaceuticals
Synta Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering, developing, and
commercializing products for extending and enhancing the lives of patients with severe medical
conditions. We have a diverse pipeline of novel, small-molecule drug candidates targeting major
unmet needs in large therapeutic markets, including chronic inflammatory diseases and cancers.
Internships and employment:

Trans form Pharmaceuticals
TransForm is distinctively positioned to expedite drug development to bring new and better
products to the market, and the patients we ultimately serve.
Specifically, we specialize in improving the bioavailability of poorly soluble or unstable drugs
without the added coast, delay or complexity of delivery systems or special processes; improving
the performance and extending the life cycle of branded products; developing novel technologies
to solve pressing, formulation-related bottlenecks.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated
 A global biot echnology company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization
of breakthrough drugs for a range of serious diseases. Our business strategy is to commercialize
major new drugs both independently and in collaboration with other pharmaceutical companies.
Vertex co-promotes with GlaxoSmithKline the new HIV protease inhibitor, Lexiva®, in the United
States and Agenerase® in Europe. Vertex and Merck are collaborating on the discovery and
development of Aurora kinase inhibitors, which hold the potential to play a major role for the
treatment of a wide range of cancers. In North America, Vertex is independently driving forward
the development of several first-in-class drugs targeting hepatitis C virus and inflammatory
Vertex's product pipeline is principally focused on viral diseases, inflammation, autoimmune
diseases and cancer.

West Monarch Analytical Laboratories
A subsidiary of West Pharmaceutical Services, located in Maumee, Ohio.

One of the world’s largest research-driven pharmaceutical and health care products companies. It
is a leader in the discovery, development, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceuticals,
vaccines, biotechnology products and non -prescription medicines that improve the quality of life
for people worldwide. The Company’s major divisions include Wyet h Pharmaceuticals, Wyeth
Cons umer Healthcare, and Fort Dodge Animal Health.

Our mission is to speed medicines to people by providing high speed, high-t hroughput process
development and fast, flexible cGMP manufacturing services to the biopharmaceutical industry.

II.     Polymers / Materials / Mechanical

Adherent Tec hnologies, Inc.
We specialize in the development of adhesives, coatings, foams, specialty polymers and
processes for use in sensors, high -performance composites, recycling processes, air pollution
control devices, testing and consulting. The company consists of three highly interactive divisions;
the Engineering/Environmental Division specializes in recycling, composites technology, and
emission control, the Composites Manufacturing Division specializes in development of fiber
spreading technology, high speed po wder impregnation, and fiber finishes, and the Polymer
Projects Division specializes in resin and foam development as well as providing synthetic and
characterization support in the areas of radiation detection technology, sensors, and adhesion
9621 Camino del Sol NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111
(505) 346-1685
FA X: (505) 346-1686

The Aerospace Corporation
A world leader in the application of space technology, provides advanced scientific and
engineering services for space and related high -technology systems. As a private, nonprofit
corporation based in Southern California, Aerospace performs objective technical analyses and
assessments for a variety of government, civil, and commercial customers. With four decades of
experience and a staff widely recognized for its technical knowledge and capabilities, The
Aerospace Corporation provides leadership and support in all fields and disciplines of research,
design, development, acquisition, operations, and program management. (Special links for recent graduates and internships )

Albany International
World’s largest producer of paper mac hine clothing and high performanc e doors with
manufacturing plants in 15 countries and sales worldwide. f/Content/ Intern+and+Co-op+Opportunities (Co-Ops and
internships) f/Content/Full -Time+ Job+Openings
The Alberto-Culver Company
Throughout its history has demonstrated every year its ability to sustain and build powerful brand
names. The company's original and flagship product, Alberto VO5® Hairdressing is still, by far,
the market leader in its category after 45+ years on retailers shelves. Overall, the company ranks
number seven in the U.S. hair care market and, in a number of important categories in the U.S.
and internationally, we are the leader. We have three of the top five fastest growing brands in the
hair care category.
Beyond growing existing brand names, we've created an environment where innovative new
ideas can surfac e and be acted on quickly. From the internally developed Static Guard® to
Motions® – an exciting new line for African-Americans – we are constantly looking for unmet
consumer needs and building brands to satisfy those needs.

AMI Semiconductor
A leader in the design and manufacture of silicon solutions for the real world. As a widely
recognized innovator in state-of-the-art integrated mixed-signal semiconductor products, mixed-
signal foundry services and structured digital products, AMIS is committed to providing customers
in the automotive, medical and industrial markets with optimal value, quickest time-to-market
semiconductor solutions. Offering unparalleled manufacturing flexibility and dedication to
customer service, AMI Semiconductor operat es globally with he adquarters in Pocatello, Idaho,
European corporate offic es in Oudenaarde, Belgium, and a network of sales and design centers
located in the key mark ets of the North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

Founded in 1880, Anchor Hocking is a leading marketer and manufacturer of a comprehensive
line of glass products including beverageware, candle containers, servingware, ovenware,
storageware, lighting components and other glass products sold under various brand names or
as customized solutions for privat e label lines. Anchor Hocking is the second largest supplier of
glassware in the United States. Its glassware pro ducts cross all price points through the retail,
specialty (business-to-business), and hospitality channels.

Applied Materials
The world's largest supplier of products and servic es to the global semiconductor industry, is one
of the leading information infrastructure providers. As a core information infrastructure company,
Applied Materials innovates and commercializes the processing and manufacturing technology
that helps semiconductor manufacturers produce the world's most advanced chips. To support
customers around the world, Applied Materials employs approximately 13,000 people in over 65
locations throughout China; Europe and Israel; India, Malaysia and Singapore; Japan; Korea;
Taiwan; and the United States.

ATMI has developed a unique port folio of mat erials technologies - our leading-edge materials,
innovative packaging, productive delivery systems, and materials engineering services. The result
for customers is proven productivity modules that speed time to market, enhance production
efficiencies, and improve cost of ownership. As the industry 's source for semiconductor process
efficiency, is pioneering new frontiers for the industry with our innovative materials solutions.

Focused on the researc h and product supply for ion implantation, rapid thermal processing,
curing and cleaning. (follow site to information about employment and internships)

BASF in North America is among the largest producers and market ers of chemicals and relat ed
products in the United States, Canada and Mexico. BASF and its principal subsidiaries employ
about 11,000 people in these countries.
BASF's operations in North America, which are headquartered in New Jersey, rest on two strong
pillars. The first is the chemical and chemical-related business including basic, intermediate and
specialty chemicals, polymers, dispersions, and automotive and industrial coatings.
The second pillar is BASF's increasingly robust life science business, which includes agricultural
products, plant biotechnology and vitamins.

Bayer MaterialScience
One of the largest producers of polymers and high-performance plastics in the world. Our
innovative developments in coating, adhesive and sealant raw materials, polycarbonates,
polyurethanes and thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers enhance the design and functionality
of products in a wide variety of markets.

Internships and recent graduates:
CeraMem Corporation
A Massachusetts Subchapter S Corporation, founded in 1986 to commercialize novel concepts
for ceramic membrane modules. CeraMem's current business is primarily U.S. Government -
funded contract R&D. Our customers include the DOE, NSF, DoD, EP A, and USDA. Our
revenues are over $2,000,000 per year, and we have a staff of fourteen.
Our base technology includes various ceramic membranes for microfiltration, ultrafiltration,
nanofiltration, and pervaporation.

Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
We are a top producer of olefins and polyolefins and a leader in aromatics, alphaolefins,
styrenics, specialty chemicals, piping and proprietary plastics.
College students and recent graduates: frameset/framesetCollege.html

CUNO, Inc.
CUNO is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of a comprehensive line of
filtration products for the separation, clarification, and purification of fluids and gasses. Its
proprietary products include uses in the healthcare, industrial, and drinking wat er markets. The
Company operates a total of eight manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe, Japan,
Brazil, and Australia, and has sales offices throughout the world.

Degussa Corporation
One of the leading chemical companies in North America. We own and operate production
facilities, R&D and applied technology centers throughout the NA FTA region. Our products
include P HARMA POLYME RS,advanced fillers and pigments, chemical catalysts, colorants and
color systems, coatings raw materials, emulsion polymers and superabsorbant polymers,
engineering plastics, feed additives, fine chemicals, silicas, industrial chemicals, methacrylate
monomers and polymers, organosilanes, and acetone and phenol.
Degussa Corporation
Human Resources Services Department
379 Interpac e Parkway, Parsippany, NJ 07054
Specific for current students looking for internships:
Specific for young professionals:

Deren Chemicals Co.
Theleader company in water treatment technology sector in Turk ey. It has been serving in
Turkish industry since 1984. Currently, it has reached 8640 tons/yr production capacity. Deren
Chemicals renders sale, engineering assistance and on-site water quality monitoring over 2500
industrial plants. Major activity of Deren Chemicals is production of water treatment chemicals to
be used in conditioning of process wat er. The company also provides aft er-s ale technical
services with its specially-educated and expert engineering staff. Deren Chemicals is fully
committed to increasing service life of industrial plants and providing high efficiency with low cost
in cooling, heating and steaming systems by reducing wat er& fuel consumption and minimizing
maintanence and downtime. The company has been working on preventing scale, lime and
corrosion in process equipment and utilities. We are able to manufacture outsource products
depending on customer requirements and expectations as well.

The largest producer of poly ester plastics for packaging and is a leading supplier of raw materials
for paints and coatings, inks and graphic arts, adhesives, textile sizes and other formulated
products, and cellulose acetate fibers.
Undergraduate and Graduate Internships:

Essroc Cement Corporation
The North American Division of Italcementi, one of the largest cement manufacturers and
distributors in the world. Italcementi has operations in Europe, Asia, Nort h Africa and Nort h
America. Essroc operates facilities in United States, Canada, and P uert o Rico. The work you will
perform is technically challenging, and will involve projects that modify or improve existing plant
manufacturing processes; expect to work on problem solving across technical disciplines and
gain experience in a variety of fields including all disciplines of mechanical, chemical, electrical,
quality and mining engineering (as related to cement). You can also expect to gain experience in
management. Due to the international nature of our Company and the opport unity to gain
valuable work experienc e abroad, the ability to speak Spanish, Frenc h or It alian at a
conversational level, is preferred.
Esspecially for recent graduates and undergrads interested in int erns hips: 86 (no deadline listed)

GEO2 Technologies
A fast-paced Boston-area technology company developing new ceramic substrates for catalytic
applications. Our advanced composite mat erials serve as catalyst supports, primarily for
applications in gasoline and diesel automobiles, motorcycles, heavy duty tucks, agricultural
equipment, small engines, and in specialty chemical/pharmaceutical industry. The products which
GEO2 is developing have the potential to significantly reduce emissions from internal combustion
engines and other sourc es worldwide.
Dr. Bilal Zuberi
Director of Technical Business Development
GEO2 Technologies
12-R Cabot Rd
Woburn, MA 01801
Tel: (781) 721-6322
Cell: (617) 922-6124
E-mail: or

Hillerich & Bradsby
Maker of the venerable Louis ville Slugger, the company has be en a bane to pitchers for more
than a hundred years: Honus Wagner, Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, and Ken Griffey Jr. are
among the tens of thous ands of players who've wielded the company's baseball bats. In the
1970s and 1980s, little leaguers, softballers, and colleges began using newfangled, more durable
metal bats; H&B was slow to adjust and nearly went out of business. Today met al bats are H&B's
biggest moneymaker. The company also sells baseball and soft ball gloves, hockey equipment,
and PowerBilt golf equipment. The Hillerich family and H&B employees own the company.
Send resume to:
HR Manager,
Hillerich & Bradsby Co.
1800 S. Archibald A ve.
Ontario, CA 91761
Fax: (909) 923-2578

HITCO Carbon Composites
A provider of innovative material solutions and composite structures. Our customers span across
a variety of industries: aerospace, thermal management, metal and chemical processing, and
automotive. HITCO is number one globally in the business of rocket nozzles with more than a
60% market share, a leader in the global aerospac e and defense advanced composites
fabrication business for military and civil aviation, and the pioneer and leader in carbon -carbon
brakes for military, civil and high performance race cars.


JSR Micro
The innovative materials driving the next generation of IC technology leadership
and profitability are in development now. JS R Micro is engaged in strategic and
deliberat e partnerships with leading manufacturers—working in cross-functional
teams on customized materials technologies including photoresists, packaging materials, CMP
consumables, low-k dielectrics.

Lynx Chemic al Group
A leading custom manufacturer of chemical specialties with a focus on technology and products
that are useful in industrial and materials applicati ons. Lynx Chemicals current sites are located in
Smyrna, GA, Dalton, GA and Columbus, GA. These manufacturing sites were once a part of
Callaway Chemicals, Exxon Chemicals, Mayo Chemicals, and/or Vulcan Performance Chemicals.
Human Resources - 800-730-2857 Ex. 5028
MeadWest vaco Specialty Chemicals
A dynamic business that delivers value to customers around the world through distinctive
chemical products and technologies. Specialty Chemicals is the world leader in production of
activated carbon used in emission control systems for automobiles and trucks. The division is
also a global leader in the production of emulsifiers used in asphalt paving. Other products are
used in printing inks, dyestuffs, agrichemicals, rubber, protective coatings, oil drilling, paper
manufacturing, cement, pollution control and many other applications.
http://www.meadwest /Main


National Starch and Chemic al
A leading manufacturer of adhesives, specialty polymers , electronic materials , specialty food,
healthcare and industrial starches. A global company, National produces thousands of
technically advanced products, employs over 8,500 people locat ed in 155 facilities in 37 count ries
on 6 continents.
Recent graduates:

Nort hrop Grumman Corporation
A global defense company headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif. Northrop Grumman provides
technologically advanced, innovative products, services and solutions in systems integration,
defense electronics, information technology, advanced aircraft, shipbuilding and space
technology. With more than 125,000 employees, and operations in all 50 states and 25 countries,
Nort hrop Grumman serves U.S. and international military, government and commercial
Recent college graduat es:

PPG Industries
A leading diversified manufacturer that supplies its products and services worldwide. PPG makes
protective and decorative coatings, sealants, adhesives, metal treatment products, flat and
fabricated glass, continuous strand fiber glass, and industrial and specialty chemicals including
photochromic ophthalmic lenses, optical monomers, silicas, and fine chemicals. bout Us/CareersAtPPG/Spectrumof/Opportunities/defa

Praxair's primary products are: atmospheric gases -- oxygen, nitrogen, argon and rare gases
(produced when air is purified, compressed, cooled, distilled and condensed) - and process &
specialty gases -- carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen, semiconductor process gases, and
acetylene (produced as by-products of chemical production or recovered from natural gas). The
company also designs, engineers and constructs cryogenic and non -cryogenic supply systems.
Praxair Surface Technologies is a subsidiary that applies met allic and ceramic coatings and
powders to metal surfaces in order to resist wear, high temperatures and corrosion. f/AllContent/D1FBF253D77C7DA 0852569E D0078C833?Open
Document&View=LeftNavMenu&Expand=2 (college recruitment page including internships/co-
ops and entry positions) f/AllContent/06E CD86B 027C28AF852569ED0078C0A8?Open
Document&Menu=Careers&ThemeId=336666&View=Left NavMenu

Quaker Chemical Corporation
A worldwide developer, producer, and marketer of custom-formulated chemical specialty products
and a provider of chemical management services for manufacturers around the globe, primarily in
the steel and automotive industries.

A global specialty chemicals manufacturer wit h a streamlined organization focused around nine
Enterprises, and holds strong technological positions in applic ations chemistry, specialty
materials and services and fine chemicals. Rhodia subscribes to the principles of sustainable
development. As a strategic partner to the world’s leading companies in the automotive,
electronics, fibers, pharmac euticals, agroc hemicals, consumer care, tires, paint and coatings
markets, Rhodia combines molecules and innovative technologies to deliver custom solutions
tailored to its customers’ unique challenges. asp
Rohm and Haas
A specialty materials company, with annual sales revenue of approximately US$7 billion focused
on delivering technically advanced products and services that enable the creation of leading -edge
consumer goods and other products found in the following end-us e markets :Building and
Construction Electronic Devices, Computers, Hardware and Communications, Equipment
Packaging, Household and Personal Care Products, Automotive, Paper, Ret ail Food and
Hypermarket/Supercenters, Pharmaceutical
Internships: html#

Scientific Design Company, Inc.
One of the world's leading licensors of process technology. SD offers processes for the
production of: Ethylene oxide and ethylene glycols, Maleic anhydride, Ethoxylates,
Ethanolamines, Glycol ethers, Polyether polyols, Fumaric acid, Aniline from phenol. SD offers a
wide range of other engineering services, such as: plant expansions, revamps, Hazop studies,
development of new third party catalyst processes, and proprietary equipment, training simulat ors
and complete modular reaction units, for certain processes.

As the invent or of wallboard and ceiling tile, USG created North America's building mat erials
industry. Our products are used in everything from major commercial developments and
residential housing to simple home improvement projects. Our flags hip brands include
SHEETROCK® Brand gypsum panels and DUROCK® Brand cement board, which are
recognized around the world.

Recognized worldwide for manufacturing high purity specialty gases and chemical s for emerging
applications primarily related to electronic and photonic devices. Voltaix gas products, chemicals
and gas mixtures are used in ion implantation and chemical vapor deposition for depositing
and/or doping various crystalline, polycrystalline, microcrystalline and amorphous semiconducting
and dielectric films in advanced semiconductor and photonics devices.
http://www. volt aix_employment.htm

W. L. Gore & Associates
Our fluoropolymer products provide innovative solutions throughout industry, in next -generation
electronics, for medical products, and with high -performance fabrics.
While we may be best known for our GORE-TE X® fabrics, all our products are distinguished in
their markets. Our technologies and fluoropolymer expertise are unsurpassed. We create next
generation cable assemblies and components for the electronics industry, set the standard for
outerwear comfort and prot ection, solve difficult industrial problems with innovative materials and
technology, and Gore medical products work in harmony with the body 's own tissues to restore
normal body function. (Internships) (opportunities for new
III.    Biomedical / Research Supply

ALZA Corporation
The leading provider of drug delivery solutions with the world's broadest array of technology
platforms, including oral, transdermal, implant able and liposomal technologies. ALZA partners
with pharmaceutical and biotec hnology companies to develop and manufacture pharmaceutical
products that enhance healthcare for millions of patients worldwide. a/working

Boston Scientific Corporation
The world's largest medical device company dedicated to less -invasive therapies. The
Company 's products and technologies are designed to reduce risk, trauma, cost, procedure time
and the need for aftercare. These products and technologies are generally used for enlarging
narrowed blood vessels to prevent heart attack and stroke, clearing passages blocked by plaque
to alleviate pain, opening obstructions and bringing relief to patients suffering from various forms
of cancer, performing biopsies and ultrasounds, mapping electrical problems in the heart, placing
filters to prevent blood clots from reaching the lungs, heart or brain, and treating urological, renal,
pulmonary, cerebrovascular and gastrointestinal diseases.
Internships: es/tFind.cfm

With more than 15 years of experience CyBio develops, produces and sells technology platforms
for the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industries. The portfolio covers a broad range of
solutions for pharmaceutical and agroc hemical research including liquid handling, detection, and
software and system integration to achieve fully automat ed screening technologies. CyBio is a
global market leader in the field of simultaneous pipetting technology.

A company dedicated to the development, manufacturing and supply of columns and accessories
for the separation, analysis and purification of chemicals and biochemicals. Offering the widest
selection of separation columns and consumables from a single supplier worldwide,
Phenomenex’s objective has been to provide the very best column for every application.
Developing, manufacturing and supplying specific columns for unique applications has proven
quite successful. Phenomenex now maintains the leading position in the market for HPLC
columns, specifically designed for the analysis of basic drugs, polymers, carbohydrates,
enantiomers, proteins and environmental pollutants. While Phenomenex’s range of products
applies to many fields in separation sciences, current product areas have focused on Liquid
Chromat ography (HPLC), Gas Chromatography (GC), Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) and Gel

Sigma – Aldrich
A leading life science and high technology company. Our biochemical and organic chemical
products and kits are used in scientific and genomic research, biotec hnology, pharmac eutical
development, the diagnosis of disease, and chemical manufacturing. We have customers in life
science companies, university and government institutions, hospitals, and in industry. Sigma -
Aldrich operated in 33 count ries and has over 6,000 employees providing excellent service
Co-op program: unities/Coop_Program.html

IV.       Energy / Fuel / Electronics

A globally respected supplier of precision miniature and micro-sized components and assemblies.
With a heritage for innovation and quality that began in 1846 in the S wiss watch industries with
the latest technology, technical assistance, and responsive logistic support. Today, our
manufacturing bases are worldwide with locations in Europe, North America, and the Far east
servicing demanding customers all around the world in industries such as medical, comput er,
automotive, instrumentation, telecommunications. and customer products. Most of the
components supplied by ALCprecision provide a critical function in our customers' products. We
provide "crash stops" for computer hard drives, valve stems in automotive emergency shut -off
valves, and equally critical function components for medical/pharmaceutical diagnostics and

Framatome ANP, a member of the AREVA group, is the world leader in the design and
construction of nuclear power plants and research reactors, engineering, instrumentation &
control, modernization, maintenance and repair services, components manufacture, and supply of
nuclear fuel. A jointly-owned subsidiary with AREVA and Siemens, Framat ome ANP is
headquart ered in Paris with regional subsidiaries in the United States and Germany. The
company 's total work force of 14,000 is active in Eastern and Western Europe, North and South
America, Asia, and Africa.
Employment for recent graduat es:

A transportation construction, chemical, and petroleum company providing innovative products,
services and solutions. A Fortune 500 company, we have sales and operations throughout the
United States and in more than 120 countries around the world. Our operations include four
wholly owned divisions: Ashland Paving And Construction (APA C®), Ashland Distribution,
Ashland Specialty Chemical and Valvoline. In addition, we own 38 percent of Marat hon Ashland
Petroleum LLC, the nation's fifth largest refiner and market er of petroleum products.

The Canadian Microelectronics Corporation
At the centre of a highly successful collaboration that is vital to the evolution of Canada's
information economy. CMC is unique in the world, delivering advanced tools and technologies to
enable leading-edge res earc h in Canadian universities and high-quality training of future
employees in industry. CMC provides university researchers and students with the best available
tools for the design, manufacture and test of microchips. CMC’s integration of industrial
technologies and government resources helps place Canadian university research at the global
forefront. The CMC-university-industry-government partnership helps to produce individuals with
the finest knowledge and skills in microelectronics, related areas of phot onics, optoelectronics
and micromachining, and progressively in nano-scale technologies.

Corning Incorporated is a diversified technology company with a proud history of developing
breakthrough technologies that significantly improve people’s li ves. We have been changing the
world through innovation for more than 150 years, integrating scientific discovery with market
need. We focus on high-impact growth opport unities in the telecommunications, flat panel display,
environmental, life sciences and semiconductor industries.

Exelon Corporation
One of the nation’s largest electric utilities with more than $14 billion in annual revenues. It
distributes electricity to approximately 5.2 million customers in Illinois and P ennsylvania, and gas
to 460,000 customers in the Philadelphia area. Headquart ered in Chicago, Exelon trades on the
NYSE under the ticker symbol E XC. Exelon’s operations includ e energy generation, power
marketing and energy delivery. It has one of the industry’s largest portfolios of electricity
generation capacity, with a nationwide reac h and strong positions in the Midwest and Mid-
Atlantic. Exelon operat es the largest nuclear fleet in the United States, the third largest
commercial nuclear fleet in the world, and is generating nuclear energy more efficiently than ever.

Welcome to ExxonMobil. Formed by the combination of two high -caliber organizations, Exxon
and Mobil, the company is an industry leader in almost every aspect of the energy and
petrochemical business. nglish/ HR/ Jobs/HR_GL_What_kind_work.asp
Internships: _placement.asp

First Energy
A diversified energy company headquartered in Akron, Ohio. Its subsidiaries and affiliates are
involved in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity; marketing of natural gas;
and energy management and ot her energy-related services. Its seven electric utility operati ng
companies comprise the nation's fifth largest investor -owned electric system, serving 4. 4 million
customers within 36,100 square miles of Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our Corporate
Vision is to become the leading retail energy and related services supplier in our region.
http://www. Ho

General Electric
GE is a diversified, technology, media and financial services company dedicated to creating
products that make life better. From aircraft engines and power generation to financial ser vices,
medical imaging, television programming and plastics, GE operates in more than 100 countries
and employs more than 300,000 people worldwide. General Electric Company (GE) is comprised
of 11 businesses: Advanced Materials, Commercial Finance, Consumer Financ e,Consumer and
Industrial, Energy, Equipment Services, Healthcare,Infrastructure, Insurance, NB C Universal and
Trans port ation. RS/jsp/us/index.jsp
Internships: RS/html/us/studentOpportunities/internshipsCoOps/eid_ind

Giner, Inc. and Giner Electrochemical Systems
World-class research and development firms, specializing in the development of proton -
exchange membrane (PEM) based electrochemical technologies. GES applies membrane
technology to fuel cells for power generation, high-pressure electrolyzers for regenerative power,
hydrogen fuel production, and oxygen production for life support. Giner, Inc. focuses PEM
technology on electrochemical sensors and biomedical devic es such as self-contained
transdermal alcohol sensors and environmental gas sens ors.
89 Rumford A venue
Newton, MA 02466

GreenFuel Technologies Corporation
Using the sun as a free energy source, GreenFuel's proprietary algae bioreactor system rec ycles
up to 86% of NOx and 40% of CO2 from smokestack emissions into renewable clean air
biofuels™ competitive with conventional fossil fuel products, generating revenue by dec reasing

H2Gen Innovations, Inc.
Develops, manufactures and mark ets on-site hydrogen appliances that provide a significant
breakthrough for the existing industrial hydrogen market and will be a key enabling technology for
the emerging hydrogen economy. The H2Gen hydrogen generator module (HGM) converts
natural gas to hydrogen using a unique steam methane reformer, producing 2,000 scf/hr. of up to
―five nines‖ pure hydrogen. The all-in cost of hydrogen produc ed with the HGM at the point of
delivery is 35% to 65% less than existing conventional methods of producing and delivering
hydrogen to target end-use customers. We believe that we have the superior technology for on -
site hydrogen production in regard to output, purity and p rice for a remarkably small appliance.
The company was formed in February 2001 by a team of engineers who saw the market
opportunity, and who had been working on the concept and technology for the preceding seven
Employment and internships:

McDermott International
A leading worldwide energy services company. Our subsidiaries provide engineering, fabrication,
installation, procurement, research, manufacturing, environmental systems, and project
management for a variety of customers in the energy and power industries.

MicroCell Technologies
An electrochemical engineering firm focusing on developing compact fuel cells, electrolyzers, and
sensors for government and commercial clients. Our business ranges from providing fuel cells
and related electroc hemical materials to the R& D industry along with providing consulting and
contract R&D services.

Provides technology solutions and experienced-based technical and
management consulting services to electric utilities, energy producers,
petroleum and chemical companies, governments, and energy end -users
worldwide. We leverage our industry knowledge and technical expertise to
deliver target ed services to the energy sector in seven core service areas: Energy policy and
planning, enterprise risk management, pet roleum and chemicals, energy management,
transmission and distribution, electric power net work applications, advanced energy technology.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Pacific Gas and Electric Company is one of the largest combination natural gas and electric
utilities in the United States. The company, a subsidiary of PG&E Corporation, serves
approximately 14 million people throughout a 70,000-s quare-mile service area in northern and
central California. www. (follow links for more information
about college career search and co-op intership programs)

Developer and manufacturer of pat ented, next-generation nickel-zinc (NiZn) batteries. Our high
density, high cycle-life and low-cost rechargeable batteries are specifically designed for DC-
powered products that demand high discharge rate performance. The PowerGenix technology
offers a range of exclusive benefits over traditional nickel -cadmium (NiCd), nickel-met al hydride
(NiMH) and lead-acid battery technologies, including: up to 75% lighter, up to 10 times more
powerful, up to 30% smaller, lower total solution cos t, non-toxic, easily recycled and
environmentally friendly. With our extensive technical experience, high -volume manufacturing
capabilities, and customer-oriented culture, PowerGenix delivers an energy storage solution with
many advantages over other existing rechargeable battery options.

The leading oilfi eld services provider, trusted to deliver superior results and improved E&P
performance for oil and gas companies around the world. From the wellsite, to our global
connectivity centers and our R& D facilities worldwide, we employ over 52,000 people working in
80 count ries to optimize customer performance in a safe and environmentally sound manner.
College students:

Shell (information about employment and internships)

Southern Company
One of the largest generators of electricity, is a super-regional energy company wit h nearly
39,000 megawatts of electric generating capacity in the Southeast. It is one of the largest
producers of electricity in the United States. Southern Company supplies energy to a 120,000-
square-mile service territory spanning most of Georgia and Alabama, southeastern Mississippi,
and the panhandle region of Florida.

TXU manages a port folio of competitive and regulated energy businesses.
In TXU's unregulated business, TXU Energy provides electricity and related services to more
than 2.5 million competitive electricity customers in Texas, more customers than any other retail
electric provider in the state. TXU Power owns and operates 18,300 megawatts of generation in
Texas, including 2,300 MW of nuclear -fired and 5,837 MW of lignite/coal-fired generation

Our vision is to be the world's leading energy resource and project development company -- the
best people, the best partner, and the best performance. We combine the global reach and
technical and financial resources of a major with the agility and aggressiveness of a small
independent. Unocal produces and sells a broad array of essential energy resources and
develops major energy projects that help improve the quality of life for our customers around the
world. Our primary mission is to maximize -- ethically and responsibly -- the total returns to the
owners of the company, our stockholders.

V.      Food / Drink / Household Products



Gillette Company
Gillette recently merged with Proctor & Gamble, but internship and job opportunities can be found
on either company’s websites. Gillette manufactures such products as blades/razors, Oral -B
dental care products, Duracel batteries, Braun products, and skincare products for men.
To learn more about our job opport unities at Gillette, click on the link below: h.asp

Nestle manufactures baby foods, dairy products, prepared foods, breakfast cereals, beverages,
and muc h more. Head-quartered in Switzerland, but with plants all over the world, this company
provides nutritional and quality products essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Proctor and Gamble

International food, home care, and home care company, including such brands as Bertolli,
SlimFast, Lipton, Dove, and Ponds.

VI.     Environment

Advanced GeoS ervices Corp.
An environmental consulting firm headquartered in West Chester, PA with a staff of engineers,
geologists, and scientists. The main services that we offer are: engineering design services,
environmental investigations, environment al construction monitoring, geotechnic al design
services, geotechnical investigations, geot echnical construction services, pavement design and
rehabilitation services, MSE retaining wall services, international consulting services, facility and
real property services, water supply, landfill services, accelerated site closure, sediment
management, innovative treatment systems, risk assessment and risk management. (follow links to career servic es)

A world leader in the forest industry, using today’s best t echnology to produce Elemental
Chlorine-Free (ECF) kraft pulp while keeping far below limits for emissions. We also practice
some of the world’s most innovative forest management approaches, such as ecosystem
management, looking beyond the trees to the forest as a whole in order to maintain biodiversity.

CerOx Corporation
Has commercialized proprietary equipment utilizing patented technology to destroy industrial
waste streams and other hazardous wastes. The Company's systems employ the new CerOx
technology -- using electricity to convert hazardous organic waste streams, found in industrial
processes and laboratory wastes such as biogenic wastes, toxic chemicals, pesticides,
herbicides, PCBs, dilute organics in water, etc. into CO2 and water.

Malcolm Pirnie
One of the largest firms in the U.S. foc used on environmental issues. For over a century, we've
provided environmental engineering, science and consulting services to over 3,000 public and
private clients. Malcolm Pirnie is privat ely owned by the firm's management - assuring our
independence and objectivity, which sets us apart. We respond to today 's environmental needs
and the issues of tomorrow. Malcolm Pirnie has built its practice and reputation on technical
excellence and innovation. Our staff of over 1,300 engineers, scientists, consultants, designers,
architects and technical support personnel in more than 40 offices nationwide are driven by this
focus - to meet and even exceed client's needs and expectations with forward-looking solutions.
The result: more than 100 Pirnie projects over the last ten years have been recognized for
engineering excellence in competitions nationwide. We are also a recognized source in
developing environmental policy, management and techno logy. 2.html
For recent graduates:

The leading provider of integrated water treatment and process improvement services, chemicals
and equipment programs for industrial and institutional applications. We provide innovative
solutions to 60,000 customers in industrial, institutional and commercial activities in 130
countries. Our solutions help our customers reduce costs, increase productivity and meet
environmental requirements in every major industry in the world.

VII.    Government

** Search Engine for US government jobs: http://www.usajobs.opm. gov/ **

Argonne National Laboratory
One the U.S. Department of Energy's largest research centers. It is also the nation's first national
laboratory, chartered in 1946. Over the years, Argonne's res earc h expanded to include many
other areas of science, engineering and technology -- some of which are highlighted in this virtual
tour. Argonne is not and never has been a weapons laboratory. Today, the laboratory has more
than 2,700 employees, including about 1,000 scientists and engineers, of whom about 600 hold
doctorat e degrees. Argonne's annual operating budget of about $475 million supports upwards of
200 research projects, ranging from studies of the atomic nucleus to global climate change
research. Since 1990, Argonne has worked with more than 600 companies and numerous federal
agencies and ot her organizations. Argonne research falls into five broad categories: basic
science, scientific facilities, energy resources, environmental management, and national security.
Undergraduate and graduate programs: Careers/Education/index.html#dep

Defense Threat Reduction Agency
Under DTRA, Department of Defense resources, expertise and capabilities are combined to
ensure the United States remains ready and able to address the present and future WMD threat.
We perform four essential functions to accomplish our mission: combat support, technology
development, threat control and threat reduction. Thes e functions form the basis for how we are
organized and our daily activities. Together, they enable us to reduce the physical and
psychological terror of weapons of mass destruction, thereby enhancing the security of the
world’s citizens.
Civilian employment:
Summer int erns hips: http://www.dt _opp/civilian/summer_prog.cfm

Directorate of Intelligence (DI)
Needs Engineers and Scientists to analyze challenging national security issues such as: foreign
weapons development, weapons proliferation, information warfare, and emerging t echnologies.
These engineers and scientists are professional intelligence officers who apply their scientific and
technical knowledge to solve complex intelligence problems and present their assessments to
senior policy makers. Must be a US citizen. All c andidates for employment must successfully
complete a medical examination, polygraph interview, and an extensive background investigation.

Foster-Miller, Inc.
This company produces diverse products, which range from food stuffs such as FigNewtons to
medical devices, nuclear services, robots, and nanotubes.
General Mills
Brands produced by GM include: Pillsbury, Cheerios, Green Giant, Haagen Dazs, Yoplait, Chex,
Betty Crocker, and Wheaties. They also market leading local brands, many of whic h are the
category leaders in their respective countries.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory
The nation's primary laboratory for renewable energy and energy efficiency R&D. NREL is the
principal research laboratory for the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
which provides the majority of its fundi ng. Other funding comes from DOE's Office of Science and
Office of Electricity Transmission and Distribution.
Internships: hr/employment/

NAVSEA Indian Head Division
 Indian Head, MD is located 30 miles south of Washington, D.C., on a 3,500 acre peninsula on
the Potomac River. Indian Head provides full-s pectrum "Energetic Solutions" to the defense
ordnance community including: energetics research, weapons product development, detonation
science, underwater warheads, chemical/physical characterization, chemical processing/nitration,
nitramine gun and high-energy propellants, extruded products, cartridge -actuat ed
devic es/propellant-actuated devices (CADs -PADs), ordnance test and evaluation, weapon
simulation, quality evaluation, and packaging, handling, storage and transportation. As a civilia n
engineer/scientist, you will be involved wit h explosives, propellants, pyrotechnics, chemicals,
rocket, missile and gun propulsion systems, missile simulators, test and diagnostic equipment, tri -
service cart ridge-actuated devices, propellant-actuat ed devices, and aircrew escape propulsion
systems to name a few. Indian Head provides special weapons support, explosives safety
support, and ordnance environmental support to the US, foreign military, and ordnance industry.

USDA Agricultural Research Service
We are the U.S. Department of Agriculture's main in-house scientific research agency. Our job is
finding solutions to agric ultural problems that affect Americans every day, from field to table —
Protecting crops and livestock from pests and disease, improving the quality and safety of
agricultural products, determining the best nutrition for people from infancy to old age, sustaining
our soil and other natural resources, ensuring profitability for farmers and processors, keeping
costs down for consumers, and providing research support to other federal agencies. (Student / summer employment)

VIII.   Other

AcuTech Consulting Group
Provides process safety and security services to industries handling hazardous materials to
continuously improve their safety, security, environmental, and production practices.

A global science and technology enterprise that develops and commerc ializes technology and
manages laboratories for customers. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, we have a vast science
and technology reac h. With the national labs we manage or co-manage, we oversee 19, 000 staff
members and conduct $3 billion in annual researc h and development.
Develops new technologies, commercializes products, and provides solutions for industry and
government. Our innovations range from medical products and pharmaceuticals to products for
the automotive, chemical, and agrochemical industries. We develop environmental and energy
solutions for industry and government, and we develop practical, technological solutions for
challenges in national security, transportation, and health and human services.

A global engineering and software development firm that leads the process industries in the
following areas: Pressure relief system design, analysis, and management, Upstream front end
engineering design, and Engineering and process safety information management.
Burns and McDonnell
Cons ulting network for various engineering projects worldwide. (for employment and internships)

The CNA Corporation
A non-profit researc h organization that operates the Center for Naval Analyses and the Institute
for Public Research. Through innovative analysis, CNAC provides public sector organizations
with the tools to tackle complex problems. CNAC's objective, empirical research and analysis
help decision makers form sound policies, make better informed decisions, and manage
programs more effectively. In so doing, CNAC has established itself at the forefront of efforts to
make our country safer and stronger, and our government more efficient. The organizati on is
defined by a unique brand of multi-disciplinary, field-based "real world" research and analysis.
http://www.cna. org/
http://www.cna. org/careers/

A multidisciplinary consulting firm offering a broad range of professional services. From offices
across the country, we serve a spectrum of private and public clients, including federal agencies,
state governments, corporations, and universities. ERG’s Chantilly office provides a variety of
engineering, science, information technology, and planning support to clients throughout the
Washington, DC area and the Mid-Atlantic region. Our clients include the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), the U.S. Department of
Justice, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Multidisciplinary teams
of technic al staff members conduct projects covering a wide variety of topics, including the
following: Process engineering and chemistry, Field sampling and analysis, Technology
evaluation, Industry studies, Pollution prevention, Environmental release/ exposure estimation,
Cost/benefit analysis, Information management systems, Facility and environmental planning.

Natek Corporation
A national search firm. We specialize in recruitment and placement of technical and executive
professionals within the Energy, HVAC, OEM, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Environmental
and Homeland Security industries. Since 1990, Natek has staffed well over 800 professionals

Piper Jaffray
A client-focused securities firm dedicated to delivering superior financial advice, invest ment
products and transaction execution within targeted sectors of the financial services marketplace.
We serve middle-market companies, government, non -profit entities, and institutional and private
investors. Positions for engineering graduates to support the Senior Biotechnology Analyst in our
New York office.

Teledyne Brown Engineering, Inc.
 A key business segment of Teledyne Technologies, Inc., a confederation of commercial and
government-supporting companies. Headquartered in Hunts ville, Alabama, with operations and
offices throughout the United States and represent ation in several other countries, Teledyne
Brown is a recognized leader in providing solutions in Space, Defense, Environmental, and
Homeland Security programs. Our strengths in both engineering and manufacturing distinguish
us from our competitors. With over five decades of ex perience, our capabilities are continually
being improved to stay on the leading edge of rapidly evolving technologies and meet the needs
of our customers.

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