Stated Income Construction Loan

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Date __________________________________ Ph __________________________________
Email __________________________________ Fax __________________________________
Where is the property located:
What type of a loan?
___Construction ___Rehab ___SBA ___Investment properties ___Owner occupied
___Non-recourse ___Stated Income/Stated Asset ___Swap ___Hard Money ___Receivable lines
___Factoring ___Non-profit __Other ____________________________________________________
Type of property:
___Apartment buildings ___Bowling Alleys ___Car Lots ___Gas Stations ___Golf Courses
___Motels / Hotels ___Industrial ___Manufacturing Facilities ___Mixed Use ___Office Building
___Restaurant ___Single Tenant s (credit tenants) ___Single Tenants (non-credit tenants)
___Strip Malls ___Vacant Land ___Churches ___Retail ___Other ____________________________
Is property owner-occupied? ___Yes ___No

Is this a Refinance or Purchase? ___Refinance ___Purchase        Purchase price? $____________________

What kind of interest rate type are you looking for ___Fixed Rate ___Variable Rate ___Both Options

Length of time you would like the loan to be amortized over? ___5 years or less ___6 to 10 years
___11 to 15 years ___16 to 20 years ___21years and more ___Not sure – Give Options

What is the Fair Market Value of the collateral $____________________________
What is the least loan amount you can accept $____________________________
What is the largest loan amount you would like $____________________________
How would you rate (your / borrowers) credit?
___Excellent (Pay on time and no bankruptcy or foreclosures ever)
___Good (Minor late pays in the past, any bankruptcy or foreclosures are 10 years old)
___Fair (Recent minor late pays but no recent bankruptcy or foreclosure)
___Bad (Recent serious late pays and / or recent bankruptcy or foreclosure)

What is the inception date of organization _____________________________
Number of giving units _______________________
Gross Income $ XXXX New $______________ 2008 $______________ 2007 $______________2006
Other Information: _____________________________________________________________________

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