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					“The Emerging Global Governance Paradigm: The
      Role of Business and Its Implications for
     Companies, Stakeholders and Society”

       European Academy of Business in Society
               6th Annual Colloquium

                                20 & 21 September 2007
                                ESADE Business School
                                Barcelona, Spain

                                  With special thanks to:

6th EABIS Colloquium Sponsors             Supporting Partner      EU Commission FP6
         Carlos Losada                       Xavier Mendoza             Viscount Etienne Davignon           Gilbert Lenssen
         General Director of ESADE           Dean of ESADE              Chair of EABIS                      President of EABIS

We are very pleased to welcome you to the 6 Annual Colloquium of the European Academy of Business in Society (EABIS). This
year on 20-21 September the Colloquium is hosted by ESADE Business School with the support of the EU Commission’s Sixth
Research Framework Programme (FP6). A special PhD conference will take place at IESE Business School on 22 September.

Building on the remarkable success of the five previous Colloquia, the theme of this year's conference focuses on "The Emerging
Global Governance Paradigm: The Role of Business and Its Implications for Companies, Stakeholders and Society”. This year’s
event will examine the contributions, commitments and impacts that business can make through governance to address the key
issues and challenges of globalization and sustainable development.

The EABIS Annual Colloquium is increasingly viewed as one of the key events in the international corporate responsibility calendar.
It will again seek to stimulate debate and deepen knowledge on the role of business in society as well as provide a platform for the
exchange of ideas, initiatives and experiences and for the enhancement of relationships, visions and practices.

Given its objective of shaping a new knowledge development and learning agenda in this vital area, the EABIS Colloquium
continues to attract contributions of the highest quality from senior figures in global business, academia, policy-making and civil
society. In 2007, an anticipated audience of over 300 will hear from, among others, the following internationally renowned thought
and business leaders:

    •    Hans Ulrich Maerki, Chairman (EMEA), IBM
    •    Dr. Lex Holst, Global Vice President, Strategic Projects, Shell International
    •    Ramon Ollé, outgoing Chairman & CEO, Epson Europe & Director, R. Llull Business and Engineering School
    •    Dr. Maria Luiza Pinto, Executive Director, ABN AMRO Real
    •    Dr. Andrew White, Managing Director, Innovest
    •    Benjamín Palomo, Repsol YPF Chemicals Executive Director
    •    Daniel Litvin, Director, Critical Resource; Former Environment Editor, The Economist; and Author of “Empires
         of Profit: Commerce, Conquest and Corporate Responsibility”
    •    Chris Marsden, Chair, Amnesty Int’l Business Group & The Business and Human Rights Resource Centre
    •    Dr. Manuel Escudero, Head of Special Projects and Academic Initiatives, UN Global Compact
    •    Mark Goyder, Founder and Director, Tomorrow’s Global Company
    •    Prof. Anders Aspling, Secretary General, GRLI & Dean, Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School
    •    Prof. Gerard van Schaik, Chairman, European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD)
    •    Frank Brown, Dean, INSEAD
    •    Prof. Robert E. Keohane, Senior Professor, Public & International Affairs Dept, Princeton University
    •    Polly Courtice, Director, University of Cambridge Programme for Industry
    •    Prof. Ans Kolk, Research Director, University of Amsterdam Business School
    •    Prof. Atle Midttun, Director, Centre for Corporate Citizenship, BI Norway
    •    Dr. Chris Hope, Senior Lecturer, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

We are therefore pleased to invite you to participate in and contribute to this important gathering. Demand was enormously high last
year and we had to limit participation. With this in mind, we would encourage you to book early to ensure your input to the high-level
reflections on global governance and the changing role of business in society.

We look forward very much to welcoming you to Barcelona this September.

Yours sincerely,
Introduction to the Conference

  The 6th EABIS Annual Colloquium on 20-21 September 2007 event will examine the contributions, commitments and
  impacts that business can make through governance to address the key issues and challenges of globalisation and
  sustainable development. We will approach the issue of the role for business in global governance within a conceptual
  framework that incorporates three levels. A first level examines the role of business in the global economy and in relation
  to global international organisms; it also integrates initiatives across supranational regions such as the EU or the Mercosur.
  A second level asks about business and governance issues within industry sectors, and also at the national, sub-national,
  regional and local levels. Here we cover initiatives that include self-regulation and voluntary standards, clusters, cross-
  sector alliances and multi-stakeholders arrangements. The third and final level addresses the impact of global governance
  issues on both the individual firm and by extension on the development of its individual managers and executives.

  In response to many of the challenges of global governance, we have seen increasing attention paid to new and innovative
  relationships and partnerships between business, governments, civil society and international institutions in recent years.
  These have included public-private partnerships, multi-stakeholder initiatives, as well as industry and cross-industry level
  business collaboration. Such partnerships have arisen from a shared conclusion that many global issues cannot be tackled
  by individual action and or by a single actor. Some have called the system resulting from these arrangements a ‘new
  governance’ or a ‘collaborative governance’. Seen in this light, partnerships will be one area of particular focus in exploring
  the emerging global governance paradigm and the role of business.

  By extension, this year’s Colloquium will delve deeper into the impact, nature, risks and opportunities that changes in
  global governance create for business and distinct stakeholder groups, including national governments, policy-makers,
  NGOs, financial markets, investors, workers and communities. For companies specifically, a number of questions emerge
  in this context relating to their governance, compositions of boards of directors, accountability, transparency, and the type
  of top executives needed. This has significant implications for the way in which leadership and management development
  within companies in the future ─ a vital subject the Colloquium will also address.

  In sum, the Colloquium will break new ground in exploring whether global governance is an appropriate approach for busines
  and all of its key stakeholders to tackle the broad, increasingly critical and complex issues facing global society and the plane
  at the start of the 21st century.

                     Prof. Daniel Arenas Vives                                         Peter Lacy
                     ESADE Conference Chair                                            EABIS Executive Director


  The Colloquium is part of the EABIS-led “CSR Platform" project, which is supported by the European Union Commission’s
  Sixth Research Framework Programme. The “CSR Platform” aims to strengthen links between Europe’s academic
  researchers and those facing the practical challenges of Corporate Responsibility in Europe. By providing an
  interdisciplinary forum for research and reflection on the role of business in society, this year's Colloquium helps the “CSR
  Platform” achieve one of its key objectives.
               Pre-Conference Reception: Wednesday 19 September, MELIA Hotel

               17:30         Pre-conference registration opens

               18:30         Opening of EABIS World Café and Cocktail Reception

                             -   An Inaugural Networking Event to Celebrate and Strengthen EABIS’ Global Partnerships
                             -   An Opportunity to Exchange Best Practice and Insights with Leading International Institutions
                             -   A Recognition of EABIS’ Expanding Global Reach and Collaborations

                             International Partners in Attendance Include: APABIS / Waikato School of Management, Aspen Institute
                             Business in Society Programme, Boston College, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, University
                             of Cape Town, CCC Deutschland, EFMD, GRLI, UN Global Compact, University of South Africa, Vincular,
                             and others.

               21:30         Close of Reception and World Café

                             -   DAY ONE: Thursday 20 September ESADE Business School

               Opening Session
               8:00-9:00     Conference Registration Opens

               9:00-9:10     Welcome:        Prof. Carlos Losada – Director General, ESADE Business School
                                             Prof. Jordi Canals – Dean, IESE Business School

               9:10-9:20     Address:        Prof. Gilbert Lenssen – President, EABIS

               9:20-9:25     Introduction:   Day One Overview – Prof. Daniel Arenas, Conference Chair, ESADE

               9:25-10:45    Plenary I:      The Context of Global Governance and the Role of Business in


                             Keynotes:       Daniel Litvin – Director, Critical Resource, Former Environment Editor,
                                             The Economist, and Author of “Empires of Profit: Commerce, Conquest
                                             and Corporate Responsibility”
                                             “Business and Global Governance Through History”

                                             Hans Ulrich Maerki – Chairman (EMEA), IBM
                                             “Global Governance and the Role of Business in a Globalized Society”

                             Chair:          Morgen Witzel – Contributing Editor, European Business Forum; FT
                                             Journalist; & Senior Fellow, Exeter University

               10:45-11:15   Coffee Break

               11:15-12:45   Plenary II:     New Forms of Global Governance – Self Regulation, Voluntary
                                             Standards and Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships

                             Speakers:       Chris Marsden – Chair, Amnesty International Business Group and
                                                     Business and Human Rights Resources Centre
                                             Ramon Ollé – former Chairman & CEO, Epson Europe and Director,
                                                     Business Engineering School, Universitat Ramon Llull
                                             Benjamín Palomo – Repsol YPF Chemicals Executive Director
                                             Prof. Atle Midttun – Director, Centre of Corporate Citizenship, Norwegian
                                                       School of Management

                             Chair:          Prof. Xavier Mendoza – Dean, ESADE
                  DAY ONE: Thursday 20 September ESADE Business School

                  DAY ONE: Thursday 20 September, ESADE Business School
                  The Emerging Global Governance Paradigm: The Role of Business and Its Implications for
                  Companies, Stakeholders and Society
                  Afternoon Session

                  12:45-14:15    Lunch

                  14:15-16:00    EABIS 3rd Annual Education & Training Exchange – sponsored by Johnson & Johnson

                                 Theme:           Executive Education, In-Company Training and the Changing Role of Business in

                                 Introduction:    Frank Welvaert, Director of CSR (EMEA), Johnson & Johnson

                                                  Simon Pickard, Deputy Director, EABIS

                                 NOTE: Session includes Coffee Break

                  16:00-18:00    Plenary III:     Business, Global Governance and Global Issues – The Challenges
                                                  and Opportunities of Climate Change

                                 Format:          1.      Background context to the key political, economic and business dimensions of
                                                          Climate Change, Global Governance and the Role of Business in Society
                                                  2.      Question Time – Panel responses to audience questions submitted
                                                          online before the Colloquium
                                                  3.      Small group discussions between participants
                                                  4.      Interactive Q&A between the Panel and audience

                                 Presenters:       Polly Courtice – Director, University of Cambridge Programme for Industry
                                                   Dr. Chris Hope – Senior Lecturer, Judge Business School; Lead Author, 3rd and 4th
                                                           IPCC Assessment Reports; Specialist Advisor to UK House of Lords
                                                   Prof. Ans Kolk – Research Director, University of Amsterdam Business School

                                 Panellists:      Dr. Lex Holst – Global VP Strategic Projects, Shell International
                                                  Frank Brown – Dean, INSEAD
                                                  Dr. Andrew White – Managing Director, Innovest

                                 Chair:           Peter Lacy – Executive Director, EABIS

                  Evening Activities

                  20:00          Gala Evening at “La Llotja de Mar”, Barcelona’s Old Stock Exchange

                                 -     Cocktail Reception
                                 -     Introduction and Sponsor Remarks from Prof. Alfons Sauquet (Vice-Dean for Research, ESADE) &
                                       Josep Santacreu, CEO, DKV
                                 -     Dinner
                                 -     EABIS 2007 Awards Ceremony featuring:
                                            Aspen-EABIS European Faculty Pioneer Awards
                                            Ashridge / Microsoft / EABIS MBA 2007 Essay Award
                                            Education & Training Exchange Awards for Innovation

                                 For more information on the venue, please visit:

                                 Full address:    Casa Llotja de Mar
                                                  Carrer del Consolat del Mar, 2
                                                  08011 Barcelona
                                                  Tel: +34 93 423 40 16

                                 Metro stop:      Jaume I
               DAY TWO: Friday 21 September, ESADE Business School

                  Opening Session

                  09:00-10:30   Parallel Sessions I

                  10:30-11:00   Coffee Break
                                -   Launch of 2007 Special Issue of Corporate Governance Journal

                  11:00-12:15   Parallel Sessions II

                  12:15-13:30   Parallel Sessions III

                  13:30-14:45   Lunch

                  Afternoon Session

                  14:45-15:30   The European Unveiling of the UN Global Compact Principles for Responsible
                                Management Education

                                Supported by the European Co-Convening Organisations: EABIS, EFMD and GRLI

                                Introduction:    Peter Lacy – Executive Director, EABIS

                                Speakers:        Dr. Manuel Escudero – Head of Special Projects and Academic Initiatives,
                                                 UN Global Compact
                                                 Prof. Gerard van Schaik – Chairman, EFMD
                                                 Prof. Anders Aspling – Secretary General, GRLI
                                                 Prof. Gilbert Lenssen – President, EABIS

                  15:30-16:45   Plenary IV:      The Changing Nature of Global Governance, Accountability and the
                                                 Role of Business in Society – The Implications for Leaders and
                                                 Leadership Development

                                Speakers:        Prof. Robert Keohane – Professor, Public and International Affairs Princeton
                                                 Dr. Maria Luiza Pinto – Executive Director Education & Sustainable
                                                 Development, ABN AMRO Real
                                                 Mark Goyder – Founder and Director, Tomorrow’s Global Company
                                                 Prof. Anders Aspling – GRLI and Dean, Vlerick Leuven Gent Management

                                Chair:           Prof. Andrew Kakabadse – Vice Dean, Cranfield University School of
                                                 Management and Supervisory Board Vice Chair, EABIS

                  16:45-17:15   Reflections:     Defining the Future Knowledge Priorities for Business, Academia,
                                                 Policy-Makers and Stakeholders

                                Chairs:          Prof. Gilbert Lenssen
                                                 Prof. Daniel Arenas

                  17:15         Colloquium 2008 Announcement & Conference Close

                  17:15-18:30   Farewell Cocktail

                                The EABIS PhD Conference is scheduled for Saturday, 22 September 2007
                                             Hosted by IESE Business School, Barcelona
                    3rd EABIS European Education & Training Exchange:
                         Executive Education, In-Company Training
                        and the Changing Role of Business in Society

Successfully launched in 2005 at EABIS’ 4th Annual Colloquium in Warsaw, the founding objective of the
EABIS Education & Training Exchange is to create an interactive forum that brings together business,
academia and other interested parties facilitating the sharing of new ideas, mutual learning and the
celebration of success stories.

Since 2004 the event has attracted more than 120 initiatives from Companies, Business Schools and
Universities, Training Providers and Think Tanks, and International Organisations and Networks (see to learn more). Last year’s Exchange, held in Milan, saw a 170% increase in
company training programmes and training providers and a 100% increase of initiatives resulting from
partnerships between business and academia.

In 2007, against this backdrop, we have decided to focus the theme on Executive Education and In-Company
Training to reflect this growing demand for “responsible” executive knowledge, learning and new best
practices. Leading institutions have been invited from around the world to profile a superb range of diverse
and innovative executive programmes, and to increase awareness of international best practice.

Format           The Exchange is set up like a ‘fair’ or ‘market place’. Each presenter / presenting team has
                 an independent stand where printed materials can be displayed to showcase the initiative.
                 There will be 30 stands for participants to visit.
Presentations    Presenters will be asked to develop a short 5-7 minute presentation that they will give on an
                 ongoing basis to participants who will be walking freely between stalls.
                 Discussion and questions are strongly encouraged.
Output           A catalogue of all initiatives will be subsequently made available to Colloquium participants
                 and will be made available also online after the event.
Innovations      In 2007 EABIS will allow participants to vote for what they consider to be the most creative
                 and innovative programmes. Two awards will be presented at the Gala Dinner, one from a
                 business school and one to a company or training provider.

Examples to be presented
•        New graduate degrees and innovative management development courses / programmes
•        Tailored executive education courses in Business Schools and Universities
•        Knowledge and learning initiatives in Corporate Universities
•        Management training and development programmes within companies
•        “Responsible” competency and human resource frameworks in companies
•        Training around industry/sector regulations or guidelines (GRI, ISO Standards, etc)
•        Online or digital learning tools
•        Business simulations and experiential learning exercises
•        Collaborative learning partnerships with external providers and/or stakeholders

                                          Generously sponsored by
About the Host Institutions

ESADE                                                  The European Academy of                                          Business in Society

ESADE is one of the most prestigious university-
level academic institutions in Europe and indeed in
the world. It is renowned for its quality training,    The European Academy of Business in Society is
international outlook and its distinct orientation     a unique and growing alliance of companies,
toward the comprehensive development of                business schools, academic institutions and
professional and human competencies.                   affiliate networks that is committed to
                                                       understanding and integrating corporate
Currently, the immense majority of the more than       responsibility into business theory and practice.
26,000 ESADE alumni holding positions of
responsibility at diverse companies and                Launched in 2002 with the support of the EU
organizations are the agents for the dissemination     Commission, EABIS’ membership currently
of these values.                                       numbers almost 70 insititutions and 14 affiliates
                                                       reaching another 3500 companies. It includes
As a business school vested with international         some of the world’s largest global corporations
prestige -Europe's second best, according to The       and most of Europe’s top business schools.
Wall Street Journal-, ESADE has an important role      EABIS' focus is European, but with an inclusive
in society at large, and in the economic world in      and global outlook in answering the challenges
particular, where it is regarded as a frame of         facing companies in developing the corporate
reference in research, and a forum for debate,         responsibility knowledge and skills for today’s
reflection and opinion.                                and tomorrow’s managers.

Over the years, the institution has forged strong      Through its three main activity pillars – Research
ties with the business world, for whom it serves as    & Knowledge Development, Education &
a platform for training, innovation and dialogue. To   Learning, and Partnership, Collaboration &
this end, ESADE works on the quest for progress        Outreach – EABIS has become Europe’s
and new solutions in all that relates to corporate     reference point for sound, accessible, business-
social responsibility, knowledge management,           relevant knowledge in this field. It continues to
entrepreneurship, and the new challenges in the        promote and support cutting edge, collaborative,
management of people within organizations.             interdisciplinary research, cross-border
                                                       partnerships and knowledge dissemination
                                                       around the mainstream managerial skills and
                                                       competencies related to the role of business in

                In close collaboration with our Supporting Partner and PhD Day host:

                  IESE Business School, University of Navarra:
EABIS Members
Practical Details

   Hotel Accommodation

   ■ Conference Hotel:

          HOTEL MELIÁ ****
          ▫ Avenida Sarrià 50 – 08029 Barcelona
          ▫ Price per night including breakfast: € 188,92 single room, € 208,92 double room
          ▫ Distance from ESADE Business School: approximately 10 minutes by public transport
          ▫ Shuttle service from HOTEL MELIÁ to the Colloquium venue will also be available

   For reservation please contact our travel agency: Viajes American Express: E-mail:, specifying participation in the EABIS Colloquium.

   Transportation Information to reach the Hotel

   ■ By Plane (arriving at Barcelona El Prat Airport):

          ▫ Bus: Aerobus Route: Plaça Espanya-Urgell-Plaça Universitat-Plaça Catalunya ·
          Frequency: every 12 min. · Fare: 3.45€ one-way / 5.90€ return (valid for one week) · further
          ▫ Train: Airport to Barcelona center (Plaça Catalunya): 23 min. · Daily 6:13am – 11:40pm ·
          Frequency: every 30 min. · Fare: 2.25€ · From Plaça Catalunya to the Hotel you might get
          a Taxi.
          ▫ Taxi: Approximate cost from the airport: 20€

   ■ By Train/Underground:

          The nearest underground station is María Cristina: Line 3, some 500 m from the Hotel
          (Avenida Diagonal)
          The buses 78 and 63 can be taken from the Maria Cristina Metro Station to the Hotel and
          to ESADE (Avenida Diagonal)

   For more information about reaching Barcelona, its streets and means of transport, please


        For more information about other recommended hotels in different price brackets
                   in the vicinity of ESADE Business School, please contact:

       The 6th Annual Colloquium of the European Academy of Business in Society:
        “The Emerging Global Governance Paradigm: The Role of Business and its
                Implications for Companies, Stakeholders and Society”

PERSONAL INFORMATION                                                            (PLEASE USE BLOCK LETTERS)

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Telephone ________________________________________ Fax ____________________________________________

Email (OBLIGATORY) ____________________________________________________________________________
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I will be staying for day one ___________________________________________________________________                    □   □
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PAYMENT (for EABIS Colloquium and PhD Conference combined)

After sending/faxing your registration form, you will receive an invoice. Payment has to be made in advance of the

  € 825 for Business
  € 725 for Academia, SMEs, NGOs and Civil Society
  € 725 for Affiliate EABIS Members

EABIS Partners receive: 2 free places
EABIS Members receive: 1 free place

* Fee for PhD students attending only the PhD Conference is 60€ after July 16.
Accommodation and travel expenses must be covered by the participants themselves.

PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD □                             PAYMENT BY TRANSFER □
                         The 2007 EABIS Colloquium is pleased to support myclimate and its carbon neutral
     myclimate is based on the concept of voluntary and innovative solutions for climate protection and the
        promotion of renewable energies and energy efficient technologies. All participants who will fly to
      Barcelona are encouraged to contribute by purchasing a myclimate ticket (average cost 16 €) which
    offsets your flight emissions through dedicated international projects. To purchase your myclimate ticket
                                and to learn more about the initiatives, please visit:

Please send your registration form as soon as possible to ESADE Business School:

Fax: +34 932 804 820 or E-mail:
You can also register online via:

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Christina Komrowski:
Tel: +34 934 952 064 or +34 932 806 162, ext. 2452.

Please always keep a copy of your completed registration form!
Please fill in one registration form per person. If several persons within your organization would like to register, please take
copies of the blank registration form.


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All payments of conference fees should be transferred to this account:
Name of Account Holder:           Fundación ESADE
Banking Institution:              Deutsche Bank
Account number:                   0019 – 0222 – 56 – 4010007701
Transfers From Abroad:            SWIFT CODE: DEUTESBBXXX
                                  IBAN CODE: ES85 0019 0222 5640 1000 7701
Currency of Transfers:            €
Reference Code:                   EABIS 2007 + Participants surname

All bank transfer fees must be covered by the participants

  EABIS PhD Conference, 22 September, 2007 – Hosted by IESE Business School

                  Promoting and Supporting the Next Generation of Academic Leaders

  This year’s EABIS PhD Conference will take an innovative approach, led by IESE Business School, as we plan to
  combine presentation of the latest academic research from PhDs with career guidance, in-depth exchange with senior
  professors, and interaction with Editors of renowned journals on publishing avenues and strategies. Doctoral candidates
  will be able to discuss their work in a reflective environment with top academics and business practitioners facing the
  realities of creating and implementing responsible business practices. Senior faculty will include Professors Gilbert
  Lenssen (Leuven and President, EABIS), Antonio Argandoña (IESE), Nigel Roome (Solvay), Maurizio Zollo (INSEAD),
  Andrew Kakabadse (Cranfield) and academics from other leading business schools, as well as representatives from
  multinational companies. For more information please visit the official IESE PhD Conference website: or contact IESE Coordinator, Professor Joan
  Fontrodona directly at:

   At DKV we understand Corporate Responsibility in strategic terms, in line with our mission throughout the entire

   We develop strategic social initiatives, providing not only economy support but also contributing our knowledge and
   experience in the area we are strongest in: Healthcare.

   We know what the strategic stakeholders are for the business and we make a special effort to ensure our relationship
   with these is based on ethics, transparency, dialogue and quality. This is duly stated in our Code of Conduct.

   One of the lines of application of our business culture is our commitment to sustainable development, climate change
   and sensible resource management.

   We develop products and services in which the ultimate aim is to improve our customers’ quality of life. We offer our
   employees an environment in which they can develop professionally, be trained, be acknowledged for their work and
   find a fair balance between their working and their personal life.
   DKV Seguros is the Spanish subsidiary of Deutsche Krankenversicherung AG, which belongs to the German ERGO
   group, a European leader in medical insurance. The insurance Group is present in almost all of Europe, with 31 million
   policy holders.
   In Spain, DKV is established throughout the country, with a broad network of offices and surgeries, employing 686

   At Merck, our business is discovering and developing medicines and vaccines that can make a
   difference in people's lives. As a publicly-held, research-based pharmaceutical company, our primary contribution
   is discovering, developing and delivering breakthrough medicines and vaccines that address unmet medical needs. But
   our mission also entails something more -contributing to the health and well-being of the people who take our
   medicines, as well as meeting the needs of our employees, neighbors and others in the global communities where we
   live and work.

   Acting in a responsible manner over the long term serves the best interests of the people our
   programs benefit, as well as our shareholders. By doing the right thing, we further enhance our Company's
   reputation, our ability to play a constructive role in advancing good public policy, customer trust and, as a result, the
   opportunity to achieve our business goals. We recognize that, more than ever before, companies, investors,
   government and the public are interested in how businesses conduct themselves, and want companies to actively
   demonstrate their commitment to good corporate citizenship.

   Improving global health is one of the single most important contributions we can make to economic
   development around the world.

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