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Arizona Real Estate Laws


Arizona Real Estate Laws document sample

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									                               Sonoran Lifestyle Real Estate Buyer Disclosure Statement

PROFESSIONAL ADVICE. Buyer(s) execute this Disclosure/Waiver with the understanding that they should consult with a professional
of their choice regarding any questions or concerns before its execution.

LEGAL ADVICE: Buyer(s) acknowledge that this waiver does not attempt to offer legal advice. If buyer(s) feel the need for legal advice
they should consult an attorney of their choice prior to the execution of this document.

    □ ______ ______ 1. I/We have received a copy of “The Buyers Advisory”. The “Buyer Advisory” contains various information
    important to home buyers. You will find different website addresses for information on numerous topics to help educate you as a buyer.
    □ ______ ______ 2. I/We have received a copy of “Understanding The Pool Barrier Laws”. Arizona Legislature has passed a
    law requiring that new occupants of dwellings with pools, and persons having a pool installed, receive this safety message about steps to
    prevent drowning and the legal responsibilities of pool ownership. “Pool” means an in-ground or aboveground swimming pool or other
    contained body of water 18 or more inches in depth, wider than 8 feet, and intended for swimming. Phoenix, Peoria, Tucson and some
    other cities, and unincorporated areas of Maricopa, Pima and Pinal Counties have different pool barrier requirements. Check with your
    city and county governments to see if they have adopted different pool barrier requirements.
    □ ______ ______ 3. I/We have received a copy of “Mold in My Home: What Do I Do?”. Mold contaminants may exist in the
    Property of which the Broker Agent(s) is unaware. These contaminants generally grow in places where there is or may have been
    excessive moisture, such as where leakage may have occurred in roofs, pipes, walls, plant pots, or where there has been flooding; these
    conditions may be identified with a typical home inspection. Broker recommends BUYER obtain a home inspection to better determine
    the condition of the property. Neither the Broker nor the Broker's Agents are experts in the field of mold contaminants. In the event
    suspect mold contamination is discovered, it is recommended that our buyers satisfy themselves as to property condition by having a
    mold inspection performed. The cost and quality of such inspections may vary. Companies able to perform appropriate inspections may
    be found in the Yellow Pages or on the World Wide Web under "Microbial or Mold Inspections" or "Environmental and Ecological
    □ ______ ______ 4. I/We understand the importance of getting a “C.L.U.E. Report”. Previous insurance claims on a property
    can impact insurance rates and the ability of homebuyers to insure that home. When purchasing a home it is advised to ask the seller of
    the property for a written five year claims history from the Seller’s insurance company OR a Comprehensive Loss Underwriting
    Exchange (“C.L.U.E.”) report regarding the premises ( available at www.choicetrust.com ).
    □ ______ ______ 5. I/We understand that the property may require Flood insurance. If the property is located in a flood zone,
    your home owners insurance may require additional insurance with an annual premium of several hundred dollars.
    □ ______ ______ 6. I/We understand that the property may be located in a Community Facilities District. A Bond may have
    been issued by the District to be used to finance various improvements for a community. If the property is located in a Community
    Facilities District (CFD), every property owner in that district is responsible for repayment of that bond. The calculation for repayment is
    typically based on the assessed value of each property owner.
    □ ______ ______ 7. I/We understand that the property may have Lead Based Paint. If the premises were built prior to 1978
    every buyer should be made aware that they may be exposed to lead from lead-based paint. Lead poisoning poses a particular risk in
    pregnant women and may cause permanent neurological damage in young children. It is highly recommended that if the premises were
    built prior to 1978 that you have a qualified home inspector test for the presence of lead-based paint.
    □ ______ ______ 8. I/We understand that the property is governed by a Home Owners Association (H.O.A.). I/We understand
    that the property is governed by _______________________________________________ home owners association. The H.O.A. fee is
    _____________ per ______________. It is also understood that by purchasing a property governed by a Home Owners Association we
    are agreeing to pay the H.O.A. fees and abide by the rules and regulations set forth by that Home Owners Association.

I/We acknowledge that this Buyer Disclosure Statement was explain to us by our agent and by signing below we fully understand the
contents of this disclosure.

_________________________________________________                           _________________________________________________
BUYER                                 DATE                                  BUYER                                 DATE

                                                                                                                     Created on 7/9/2004 11:43 AM

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