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                                    Important information for applicants

You would need the following items to obtain an interview, to present to the case worker at the time of
the interview:
    a. Picture ID (license, id card, military ID, etc) for all adults 18 years and older (Sun Tran cards, high
        school ID, etc is not acceptable, must have name, birth date, be of official origin.
    b. Social Security cards for everyone in the household
    c. Birth certificates for kids under 18 years that live in the household
    d. Last 30 days’ income – All paystubs for last 30 days, or letter from employer on their letterhead
        showing pay dates, gross amounts (before taxes).
    e. Eviction notice, late notice, court notice or mortgage late letter
    f. Proof of the crisis that has caused you to not be able to pay for your housing- CANNOT be due to
        regular expenses like food bills, utilities, phone bills, poor judgment, lost money, loans to
        relatives, etc. You will need to provide documentation of a real crisis reason. (For example, if you
        had a medical problem, which caused a loss of income, you would need the medical paperwork
        AND the paystubs showing you did not receive sick time, or if you work and you had to repair the
        vehicle you use to go to work, you would show the expense/receipt for the actual work done to
        repair the vehicle, during the month in question)
    Possible Crisis reasons:
    1. You lost your income/job/cash benefits/child support in the past 30-60 days, have new job assured
    2. You had a medical emergency/crisis causing loss of income, now back to work
    3. You were a domestic violence victim recently, police report is available, or DV shelter document
    4. You had an unexpected emergency, such as a funeral to attend/pay for, car repair (used for work),
        home repair (appliance, cooling, heating, water), other verifiable and necessary reason you spent
Interviews are either home visits, or Saturday/weekday evening appointments, depending on volume of
clients and staff availability.

Once you complete the interview, you will be given forms for landlords/mortgage companies to complete
and return, at which time payment can be made (assuming all of your paperwork above was provided, as
well as satisfactory completion of forms by the landlord/mortgage company. Payments take
approximately 2-4 days after receipt of landlord provided forms.

The applicant is responsible for contacting landlords/mortgage companies to make sure the W-9 and other
forms are returned, AHPS does NOT make sure they return the forms, you must do this.

You may not apply for other services for rent/mortgage assistance anywhere in Tucson/Pima County
through any Pima County ESN agency (Travelers Aid, CPLC, Salvation Army, Interfaith Services,
PPEP, Pima County CAA/One Stop, Tucson Urban League) for a period of 12 consecutive months
following assistance at AHPS.

Utility assistance can be obtained through the following agencies:
City of Tucson residents: Tucson Urban League
Pima County residents (not in City of Tucson limits): Pima County Community Action Agency 243-6688

Other services, please call Information & Referral, at

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