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									                 SHOWTIME IN
               What went on here…made lighting manufacturers very happy!
                                                          BY LINDA LONGO

     f you build it, they will come” could          of the Mississippi River. There were            thought that attendees would just be
     easily be the mantra for the home              also a lot of international buyers,             taking a look, but they were placing
     furnishings industry’s “field of                more so than at other markets. We               orders! We didn’t trade any custom-
     dreams” in Las Vegas.                                                                                         ers [with High Point
 Skeptics who scoffed                                                                                              or Dallas], these were
 at the initial plans for                                                                                          mostly new clients.
 the World Market Cen-                                                                                             This was a good invest-
 terSM (WMC) had to eat                                                                                            ment.”
 humble pie as crowds                                                                                                  Ken Kallett, the
 thronged the building                                                                                             company’s senior
 despite the unbearable                                                                                            vp/sales & marketing,
 July heat. The official                                                                                            agrees. “These weren’t
 count by WMC man-                                                                                                 buyers who go to High
 agement was 62,000                                                                                                Point or Dallas. I’d say
 attendees and 1,200                                                                                               approximately 80 per-
 exhibitors.                                                                                                       cent of the orders we
      “This was the big-                                                                                           wrote were from brand
 gest opening day I can                                                                                            new accounts.”
 remember in seven                                                                                                     That sentiment was
 years – not just in atten-                                                                                        echoed up and down
 dance, but also orders,”                                                                                          the halls of the WMC,
 exclaims Ye Chung,                                                                                                as one after another,
 president of Dale Tif-                                                                                            exhibitors delighted in
 fany. “I sold more Tif-                                                                                           expanding their cus-
 fanies here than I have                                                                                           tomer base – most no-
 in a long time. Much of                                                                                           tably among West Coast
 the business was from          Mayor Oscar Goodman welcomed buyers and exhibitors to the Las Vegas Market with    retailers and interior
 interior designers west        great fanfare and feathers.                                                        designers.
                                                                                                                              Lighting did
                                                                                                                              not have a
                                                                                                                              space of its
                                                                                                                              own in Ve-
                                                                                                                              gas, however,
                                                                                                                              a smattering
                                                                                                                              of the man-
                                                                                                                              portables and
                                                                                                                              fixtures could
                                                                                                                              be found
                                                                                                                              where they
                                                                                                                              warmth and

     Although the furniture he selected for his vignette
     didn’t turn up, TV star-turned-licensee Doug Wilson
     of Trading Spaces (shown here cutting the ribbon
     for the Harris Marcus Home showroom while com-
     pany executives look on) had plenty to smile about
     during the Las Vegas debut of his lighting line.

“This is it! Vegas is the place to be.
It’s been unbelievable!”

         “What’s been going on here is a
     pleasant surprise,” notes Brad Smith,
     CEO of Elk Lighting. “Our space
     in Dallas is 10,000 square feet, and
     this one measures only 1,000, but it                   These eye-catching windows – created by a Los
     gave us entrée into the building.”                     Angeles design firm for Harris Marcus Home
     Smith particularly appreciated the                     – attracted a lot of attention and favorable
                                                            comments from market visitors.
     different audience that this venue
     attracted. “Retail lighting showrooms
     are our core customer in Dallas,” he                  ness to our clients’ lighting stores.”             Louisiana and Colorado.
     recounts. “In Vegas, we had furniture                      According to Smith, the attend-                   To entice passersby to explore
     and design firms coming in. Now                        ees who stopped by Elk were primar-                what Elk had to offer, the executive
     that these interior designers have an                 ily from the West Coast and Utah,                  team chose appropriate eye candy.
     awareness of us, they can drive busi-                 with a healthy representation west of              “In the window, we wanted real show-

                                                                                      Only a fraction of the size of its Dallas showcase, Elk Lighting made
                                                                                      the most of its square footage by displaying several unusual pieces,
     People lined up to view an expansive array of products at the Dale Tiffany       such as two upscale fixtures from Portugal (at left) that sold very well
     showroom, which overlooks the atrium.                                            at market.

     122/October 2005 HOME LIGHTING & ACCESSORIES
                                                                                               Arizona rep David Stark, president of Lighting Concepts
                                                                                               International, proudly stands near a display of colorful
                                                                                               portables from Lite Source. All of the “walls” dividing the
      An archway of balloons added to the festive atmosphere and beckoned buyers into          vignettes are on casters, allowing the company to easily
      Lite Source.                                                                             change the look of the showroom each market.

Robert Abbey attracted a steady crowd.

      stoppers that typified Elk and would                comments.
      express that, as a company, we have                     David Garcia,
      our own flavor,” Smith explains. They               vp/Ambience
                                                                              Global Views made its customary splash of color and style that never fails to
      selected two high-end pieces to put                and George Ko-       draw in the courious.
      on display: a distinctive, cast bronze             vacs divisions at
      fixture from Portugal decorated in                  Minka Lighting Group, was also taken            cia notes. “I’d say the attendees were
      silverleaf, and a colorful European                aback by the volume of visitors. “We            about 70-percent furniture retailers
      one that had debuted several years                 were slammed right from the first                and 30-percent lighting showrooms.
      ago. Since the chandeliers were ex-                day,” he says. “We thought we had               I think the people who came viewed
      pensive, Smith didn’t expect them to               anticipated how many people would               our company as a one-stop-source
      sell, but rather to serve as beacons of            come, but we ran out of food almost             for furniture, accessories, and light-
      style. However, by the second day of               immediately and had to make a few               ing. Within our large showroom, we
      market, there were at least 10 orders              emergency runs to Costco for soda               were able to merchandise all of our
      placed. “I was surprised by how much               and supplies.”                                  families together – from fans and wall
      business we wrote; I thought people                     While Minka is a well-known                décor to lamps,” he explains.
      would be here to just look around,”                entity in Dallas and High Point, it                  “We wrote a lot, especially with
      he states.                                         wasn’t necessarily a household name             retailers from Nevada, California,
           The manufacturer published a                  in Vegas, even though the company               Oregon, and Washington. There
      brochure specifically for this market.              is located in California. Why? “There           was also a strong sense of optimism
      “It gives sort of the Readers’ Digest ver-         were a lot of furniture stores here             among the retailers we saw,” he adds.
      sion of what Elk is all about,” Smith              who hadn’t heard of us before,” Gar-                 Garcia believes that Vegas is a

      124/October 2005 HOME LIGHTING & ACCESSORIES
                                                                  Interior designers seeking contemporary-style portables found what they were
                                                                  looking for at Cardinal Products’ showroom, which also featured Lights
                                                                  Up!, Judith Edwards, and Red Bird Furniture.

                                                                   times before, but               Lite Source’s brand new LSI Fur-
                                                                   she focuses on              niture collection was also a tremen-
                                                                   the World Trade             dous hit. The timing seemed right
                                                                   Center while                to unveil the casegoods during the
  draw in and of itself. “This is a vibrant   she’s there. She had never heard of              most-talked-about, furniture-based
  city; it’s a more relaxed environment       us before, even though we’ve exhib-              show of the year. “We pretty much
  for doing business. A lot of our reps       ited in the Trade Mart for years,” he            debuted it here,” Kolacz states. “Ev-
  brought their wives and made this           states. “We also had one store owner             eryone loved it! Everything comes KD
  trip into a vacation,” he comments.         [who had not heard of Lite Source]               and is very easy to put together. It’s
       Tim Kolacz of Lite Source made a       who lives 20 miles away from our fac-            contemporary and very functional,”
  similar observation. “We had people         tory in California, and she came in              he recounts.
  come in from Texas, Colorado, Cali-         and bought the line.”
  fornia, and as far away as Ohio. Las           “We wrote
  Vegas is a destination. They’re here        plenty of
  to work and to play,” he remarks.           orders, right
       “This market lived up to the           from the very
  hype. There were so many people             first day,”
  here on opening day, we couldn’t            concurs Ed
  handle them all,” Kolacz relates.           Krasner, Lite
  “Overall, the traffic flow has been           Source’s
  much more consistent than at other          vp/sales
  shows. The turnout has been great;          for lighting
  there have been very qualified buyers        showrooms.
  here and yet it’s a different [type]        “People love
  than at Dallas. For example, we had         being in a new
  one woman stop in who has a $1-$5           venue; they
  million accessories store. She’s been       find it refresh-
  to the Dallas Market Center many            ing.”

“We had a lot of people calling our offices, asking
                                                               Executives at AF Lighting, seen here at the company’s ribbon-cutting ceremo-
if we were going to be showing here. When that                 ny, were thrilled with the turnout at the market. From left to right are: Michael
happens, you know you’re doing something right”                Clawson, general manager; Craig Wicker, president; Kit Bolliger, national
                                                               sales manager/decorative lighting & accessories division; and Paul Spano
                                 — CRAIG WICKER, AF LIGHTING   director of product development.

                                                                                       Whether selling portables, fix-
                                                                                  tures, accessories, or furniture, all of
                                                                                  the exhibitors reported a noticeably
                                                                                  different vibe. “The energy here is
                                                                                  just so great. There was so much
                                                                                  hustle and bustle,” says Ellen Crow-
                                                                                  ley, sales/marketing coordinator at
                                                                                  Adesso. “We saw a lot of California
                                                                                  retailers who don’t go to High Point,
                                                                                  and there were a few companies who
                                                                                  stopped by who didn’t know of us
                                                                                  before,” she comments.
                                                                                        “We had plenty of people call-
                                                                                  ing our offices, asking if we were go-
                                                                                  ing to be showing here. When that
                                                                                  happens, you know you’re doing
                                                                                  something right,” notes Craig Wicker,
                                                                                  president of AF Lighting.
                                                                                       Visitors who regularly peruse
                                                                                  the company’s wares at High Point
                                                                                  and Dallas were in for a treat – the
Cal Lighting offered a well-rounded overview of its product line.                 launch of a freshly produced line of
                                                                                  LED-powered task lamps that offer
                                                                                  a very white light. The task category
                                                                                  is a slight departure for AF Lighting
                                                                                  – and one that required a great deal
                                                                                  of research.
                                                                                       “The LEDs we’ve chosen are re-
                                                                                  ally white. There are many in the
                                                                                  marketplace that have too much
                                                                                  blue; we took care to find a supplier
                                                                                  who could provide the whitest light,”
                                                                                  explains director of product develop-
                                                                                  ment Paul Spano. When asked why
                                                                                  the decorative portable company ex-
                                                                                  plored this utilitarian avenue, Spano
                                                                                  notes that keeping up-to-date with
                                                                                  cutting-edge innovations is tanta-
                                                                                  mount to success. “You’ve got to work
Landmark Lighting presented a range of styles designed to appeal to all tastes.
                                                                                  with what’s going on in technology,”
                                                                                  he advises. Buyers definitely agreed
                                                                                  – the series garnered interest (and
                                                                                  orders) from most everyone who
                                                                                  stopped in.
                                                                                       Realizing that AF Lighting might
                                                                                  not be a household name with WMC
                                                                                  attendees, the company’s principals
                                                                                  displayed the breadth of their capa-
                                                                                  bilities instead of limiting the assort-
                                                                                  ment to only new merchandise, as it
                                                                                  does in High Point for portables and
                                                                                  Dallas for fixtures.

                                                                                  Location, Location, Location
                                                                                  “It’s a hell of an opportunity to reach
                                                                                  potential customers on the West
                                                                                  Coast; it’s only a four-and-a-half-hour
                                                                                  drive from L.A.,” observes Spano. AF
                                                                                  Lighting is also planning to speed its
Buyers flocked to the wares on display from Currey & Company.                      West Coast deliveries by eventually

                                                                                                          Market attendees were
                                                                                                          drawn to the colorful
                                                                                                          presentation of crystal
                                                                                                          found at Glow Light-
                                                                                                             A new design, this
                                                                                                          vibrantly hued crystal
                                                                                                          sign can be customized
                                                                                                          in a choice of 23 col-
                                                                                                          ors, according to Roger

                                                                                                           of lighting busi-
                                                                                                           ness,” he states.
                                                                                                           “Years ago, retail-
                                                                                                           ers would spend
                                                                                                           three days buying
                                                                                                           lighting for their
                                                                                                           stores, but now as
                                                                                                           their assortment
                                                                                                           has expanded,
                                                                                                           they’ve had to
                                                                                                           spend one day at
                                                                                                           market shopping
                                                                                                           for lighting, the
                                                                                                           second day look-
                                                              shared its show-       ing for accessories, and the third on
                                                              room space with        furniture. They don’t want to extend
                                                              fellow High Point      their three-day market stay anymore
                                                              lighting exhibitors    than they have to.”
                                                              Lights Up! and             For that reason, lighting manu-
                                                              Judith Edwards, as     facturers have been forced to com-
                                                              well as Red Bird       pete with other segments of the
                                                              Furniture.             home furnishings industry for the
                                                                  “We would have     same dollars. Broadening their as-
                                                              some California-       sortments to include accessories, wall
                                                              based customers        décor, and occasional furniture is
                                                              visit us in our        one way to remain a contender in the
                                                              High Point space,      fight for retailers’ business.
                                                              but this was a lot         Phil Levy, who heads Arc Lighting
                                          more plus we had Arizona buyers            Sales in New Jersey, appreciates Vegas
distributing from this area.              come in,” enthuses Janice Sparks,          as a destination city. “You can unwind
    Robert Cohen, vp/sales & prod-        president of Featherlight Lamp.
uct development at Cardinal Prod-         “I didn’t know what to expect,         “I believe that once the big guys decide to
ucts, was also pleased with the num-      but it’s been terrific.”
bers. “We’re seeing the owners of             Denise Suzuki, the south-
                                                                                      come, this will be the ultimate show”
smaller, single or two-store operations   ern California rep for Currey                    — MICHAEL HERMAN, GEN-LITE INDUSTRIES
who don’t have the time or desire to      & Company notes, “California
travel to High Point,” he says. “Many     companies came and brought their             here after a busy day of work in a
came from northern California,            senior designers – these are business-       way that you can’t in Dallas or High
Utah, and Seattle. I’d estimate that      es that don’t often go to High Point.        Point. There are plenty of shows,
probably half of what we wrote here       There’s been a lot of interior design        restaurants, and activities for spouses
was with customers whom we hadn’t         firms. I feel like we’re in the 1980s         to enjoy as well,” he explains. “The
seen before.”                             again, it’s been so busy!”                   Vegas market has a more relaxed at-
    To draw in interior designers who         “Every remark I’ve heard at the          titude about it.”
normally shop the Pacific Design           show has been positive,” observes                “People said this would be a ma-
Center for contemporary looks, Co-        Richard St. Pierre, president of             jor market,” observes Roger Chiu,
hen presented a collection of porta-      Richard Sales, a rep firm based in            vice president of Glow Lighting,
bles with brushed and chrome metal        Connecticut. “There has been good            which debuted a fresh look for the
finishes in the front window, a strate-    feedback from buyers. This show is           company’s new showroom. “There
gy that was successful, judging by the    tapping into a different market, the         has been high traffic, especially from
orders received. Cardinal Products        [West Coast] gift shop that does a lot       California. We even had some from

                                                               The mood was merry at
                                                               Mariana Imports, where          Glenwood Designs made a regal statement, ap-
                                                               Brian Wilson (center),          pointing its space with an elegant entryway.
                                                               along with John Morrison
                                                               and Donna Debergalis,           and Florida retailers visit. There were
                                                               reported a fantastic Vegas      many lighting showrooms and acces-
                                                                                               sories buyers here,” he states.
                                                                                                    “I believe Las Vegas will become
                                                              be,” exclaims Bob                the most popular show. The building
                                                              Cooper, director/                is organized nicely and it is new and
                                                              sales at Glenwood                exciting,” notes Michael Herman,
                                                              Designs. “It’s been              president of Gen-Lite Industries in
                                                              unbelievable! I’d                Canada. “There is much more to do
Florida. These are buyers who are          say we had approximately 60 percent                 in Vegas [than other market loca-
very similar to those who visit High       new business and 40 percent existing                tions]. You have everything here.
Point, such as interior designers.”        accounts stop in. During the first few               Once the big guys decide to come,
     Glow Lighting no longer exhibits      days, we had Midwest, East Coast,                   this will be the ultimate show,” he
at the North Carolina market, instead
the firm is banking on Vegas. “High
Point is a small town. It’s not espe-
cially exhibitor- or buyer-friendly,” he
states. “I believe the management in
Las Vegas is committed to working
with the exhibitors to address any dif-
     “We’re such a young company
that being here has been great expo-
sure for us,” remarks Brian Wilson,
president of Mariana Imports. “We’ve
seen many furniture dealers and a
very strong West Coast presence. It
seems to be a high-end clientele.”
     Since many of the market-goers
had not encountered the manufac-
turer before, interest was especially
keen. “The first time that retailers
open with a vendor, I think they want
to be able to touch and feel the prod-
uct,” Wilson recounts.                     A parade of portables at Illumination Station tempted many visitors attending the first Las Vegas
     “This is it! Vegas is the place to    Market. The company principals were pleased by the amount of orders placed.

                                                                                                           New England. I’d say 80 percent of
                                                                                                           the retailers we saw were new to us.
                                                                                                           On the first and second day of the
                                                                                                           market, we already were writing lots
                                                                                                           of orders. Many [people] told me
                                                                                                           they came to see if this was [a signifi-
                                                                                                           cant] show. Everyone seemed excited
                                                                                                           to have a venue here and most were
                                                                                                           making this part of a vacation.”
                                                                                                                   Suá International created a
                                                                                                           splash with a sizable showroom that
                                                                                                           showcased its line. “The foot traffic
                                                                                                           and the quality of the buyers have
                                                                                                               been excellent. “I’m eager to
                                                                                                               come back to the next market,”
                                                                                                               observes Carlos Villanueva, direc-
                                                                                                               tor. “We had many visitors from
                                                                                                               Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Texas,
                                                                                                               and Montana,” he states. “I’d say
                                                                                                               50 percent were brand new to us.
                                                                                                               I think the major realization we
  Suá International exhibited the breadth of its                                                               had was that people really like the
  handcrafted product line in its largest showroom                                                             look and the design of our prod-
  to date.
                                                                                                               uct. That’s been the most striking
                                                                                                               [aspect] to me.”
                                                                                                                   “We had a lot of new custom-
“This market lived up to the hype”                                                                             ers come in, especially from
                                                                                                               California, Nevada, and Arizona,”
                  — TIM KOLACZ , LITE SOURCE                                                                   states Andrew Scamporino, a
                                                                                                               consultant with Bernard Pecaso
  adds. The July market was the first                                                                           Lighting. “We decided to use color
  time ever that Gen-Lite has exhibited                                                                        throughout the showroom, which
  in the USA.                                                                                                  attracted casino [designers].
      The executives at Illumination                                                                           There is a lot of building going
  Station agree that the attendees seem                                                                        on in Vegas, and people from the
  to hail from all over the nation. “We                                                                        architectural community stopped
  thought this would be a regional                      Florida,” comments Becky Pederson,                 in to this show, looking for fixtures.
  show, but we’ve been surprised. We                    one of the company principals.                     We’ve been swamped with visitors.
  had people here from the Northwest                        Her husband, Steve Pederson,                   There were many furniture dealers
  as well as Montana, Texas, and even                   adds, “We’ve seen buyers from every-               who don’t go to High Point who
  Vermont, Cape Cod, New York, and                      where. There have been tons from                   came here and bought a lot.”

                                                                                    Celebrating their top sales award from Pecaso during the summer Dal-
  Bernard Pecaso Lighting occupied a key atrium-facing spot in the World            las market are Henry Guerra of HFG Sales in Florida (left) and Neil
  Market Center building. Its sparkling crystals could be seen from several floors   Caraccio of CCS Associates in New Jersey. (Larry Williams Sales in
  away.                                                                             Kansas also received the honor.)

Retailers Weigh In
Patrick and Cynthia Graf of Accent
Lighting in Kansas came to see what
the fuss was all about. “We wanted to
see the new place, plus it’s inexpen-
sive to get to Vegas and stay here,
even from Wichita,” Patrick notes.
    “It’s too early to say whether we’d
replace one show with another. Dallas
has a great setup, but looking from
the mock-ups of the future plans for
Vegas, it’s very impressive. This is go-
ing to be amazingly big,” he says, add-
ing, “We’ve never carried accessories
before, and we found a line we like
    The Grafs had good reason to
be on the lookout; they are opening
a larger store in November and will
broaden their merchandise mix be-
yond lighting.
    “This is how Dallas used to be         Chuck and Karen Arnold of Phillips Lighting & Home were pleased to meet their longtime industry
years ago – super-busy,” Cynthia           friend Peggy Chandler (left), sales coordinator at Ambella, which was displaying Schonbek chande-
comments. “This was a new building         liers along with its furniture line.
and market, so I came here expect-
ing a lot.” She wasn’t disappointed.       of our sales staff go,” Karen adds.                  the sentiment of many retailers.
“I think this show is going to be a             What was their impression? “We                  No exhibitor is located too far away
factor,” she admits.                       thought the building was much pret-                  from the escalators, and with no
    While the Grafs don’t venture          tier in person than it looked in pho-                dead-end corridors, exploring the
cross-country to North Carolina to         tos,” she comments. “They’ve taken                   square-shaped building in record
buy for their store, there are some        advantage of having only two of                      time is simple.
long-time High Point visitors who          the floors open to the ceiling [with                      The Arnolds say that the future
welcome an alternative.                    skylights] and the rest of the levels                for this market will be “very interest-
    “I won’t go to High Point if I         designed for maximum showroom                        ing” indeed as the other phases of
don’t have to,” notes Craig Motz,          space.”                                              construction are completed and the
owner of Southern Lights in Minne-              “It’s an easy building to navi-                 kinks in traffic flow around the com-
sota. “I’d like to get my accessories      gate,” they both point out, echoing                  plex are eased.
here, if I can.” Motz will attend both
the Dallas and Vegas markets in
January and hopes to fill all of his
store’s needs at that time.
    Chuck and Karen Arnold of
Phillips Lighting & Home in Cali-
fornia drove out to Vegas together.
They say it was a terrific opportunity
for them to spend some quality
time alone – away from the busi-
ness – just chatting about different
things and enjoying each other’s
    “We have friends who go to High
Point. For people on the West Coast,
North Carolina is a long way and you
gobble up one day in air travel and
one more getting back home. We
were hoping this would be a good
source for accessories and furniture,”
Chuck reports.
    “Since Las Vegas is so close to        The vignettes at Pacific Rim were called “charming” by several of the visitors who discovered this
California, we could even have some        source during their Vegas shopping spree.

  If you haven’t heard the name Heller
  Lighting before, you will soon enough.
  Las Vegas has the only market where
  retailers can view the licensed lighting
  products of several major international
  tableware accounts – Gorham® Crystal,
  Portmeirion®, Aynsley®, Spode®, and
  Royal Worcester®. These portables are
  only available through Heller Lighting,
  which has operated sister company Kitov
  Lamp for the past three decades and runs
  a small showroom on the premises of its
  Brooklyn, N.Y. factory.
      “I was the first tenant for this build-
  ing,” comments Chaim Heller, company
  president. “They [WMC management]
  came to me four years ago and asked if I’d
  be interested. I told them Vegas is the best
  place to be,” he recalls. “I’ve been in busi-
  ness for 30 years, but this is the only time
  I’ve agreed to show anywhere.”                   No matter how many markets buyers may have attended before, they have never
      Heller waited until the Vegas summer         witnessed portable lighting from such high-profile, heavyweights in the china
  market to reveal his recently launched           tableware business as Spode®, Portmeirion®, Aynsley®…until now. Heller Lighting
                                                   has the exclusive, and the line can only been seen at the Las Vegas Market.
  crystal line with Gorham. “All of the lamps
  have solid brass bases, 24-percent lead
  crystal bodies, and quality fabric shades that are              shops in particular were enthused about the op-
  matched to each crystal style. It’s a high-class line,          portunity to purchase lighting that coordinated
  and the reaction has been excellent,” he adds. “Our             with some of the most recognizable manufacturers
  customers have been asking us to offer this type of             of fine porcelain dinnerware and decorative acces-
  lighting and we’ve been working on it for the past              sories.
  six months. We are still in the middle of developing                 The Vegas venue was also the debut of Heller
  the series.”                                                    Lighting’s partnership with French Home, which
      For many buyers, it was the first time they had              specializes in Limoges porcelain and signed La Ro-
  come across the Heller Lighting name at all. Gift               chère art glass (hand-blown in the style of Gallé).

                                                                        Company president Chaim Heller is flanked by Peter D. Cash,
  Chaim Heller (left) and Bob Gold, sales manager of Heller Lighting,   president of Royal China & Porcelain and distributor of Spode and
  stand before their freshly introduced Gorham® Crystal line.           Royal Worcester (left) and Joe Kohen of French Home.


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