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					                                       Department of Surgery Grand Rounds Schedule
      Date                     Speaker                                                     Topic
    August 2, 2006 M&M Discussion
    August 9, 2006 M&M Discussion
   August 16, 2006 M&M Discussion
   August 23, 2007 M&M Discussion
   August 30, 2006 Mark Kaplan, MD                Management of Complex Wounds
 September 6, 2006 M&M Discussion
September 13, 2006 James McGinty, MD              New Innovations
September 20, 2006 Ethan Fried, MD                Outcomes Project Phase III
September 27, 2006 M&M Discussion
   October 4, 2006 Michael Jensen, MD             Diagnosis and Management of Liver Metastasis and Colorectal Cancer
  October 11, 2006 ACS Clinical Conference - Grand Rounds Cancelled
  October 18, 2006 Arlie Cameron, MD              IRB Protocol Review
  October 25, 2006 Thomas Barnard, MD             Preoperative Cardiac Clearance for Non-cardiac Patients
 November 1, 2006 Nicholas Marotta, Esq..         Legal and Malpractice Issues Affecting Surgeons
 November 8, 2006 Scott Belsley, MD               The Ironies and Applications of Surgical Robotics
November 15, 2006 Richard Cambria, MD             The Stent Graft Repair in the Thoracic Aorta: Present Status and Future Perspectives
November 22, 2006 John Mangiardi, MD, FACS, PC    The Future of the Operating Room
November 29, 2006 M&M Discussion
 December 6, 2006 David Earle, MD                 Training and Assessment Techniques for Minimally Invasive Surgery
December 13, 2006 M&M Discussion
December 20, 2006 Robert Michler, MD              Novel Therapeutic Strategies in the Surgical Management of Heart Failure
December 27, 2006 Holidays - Grand Rounds Cancelled
   January 3, 2007 M&M Discussion
  January 10, 2007 Grace Kim, MD                  An Overview of NOTES - Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery
  January 17, 2007 David Shin, MD                 A History of Laparoscopy
January 24, 2007 Farid Garaghazloo, MD            Robotic Thoracic Surgery of the Lungs and Esophagus
January 31, 2007 Surgical Residents               Journal Club
 February 7, 2007 Robin McLeod, MD                Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Outcomes after Colorectal Surgery
February 14, 2007 Fabrizio Michelassi, MD         Modern Principles and Recent Advances in the Treatment of Crohn's Disease
February 21, 2007 Julie Barone, DO                Advances in Breast Cancer Treatment
February 28, 2007 M&M Discussion
   March 7, 2007 M&M Discussion
  March 14, 2007 M&M Discussion
                                                 Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy: An Approach to the Treatment of Peritoneal
  March 21, 2007 Linda Miyashiro, MD / Ron Landmann, MD Malignancy / Management of the Difficult Colorectal Polyp
  March 28, 2007 Jean C. Emond, MD                State of the Art of Liver Surgery
     April 4, 2007 Rebekah Kim, MD
    April 11, 2007 Journal Club                   articles distributed 4/4
    April 18, 2007 Daniel Rosen, MD               Propofol Infusion Syndrome
    April 25, 2007 John Afthinos                  Open vs. Laparoscopic Appendectomy; A Review of the Literature
     May 2, 2007 In-Service Exam
     May 9, 2007 George Dreszer, MD               Abdominal Wall Reconstruction
    May 16, 2007 Keith Thatch, MD                 Small Bowel Transplantation
    May 23, 2007 Shukri Khuri, MD                 B. Smith Hopkins Visiting Professor in the Surgical Humanities
    May 30, 2007 Royd Fukumoto, MD                Barrett's Esophagus
     June 6, 2007 Martin Karpeh, MD
   June 13, 2007 Resident Research Day            Presentations of Departmental Surgical Research
   June 20, 2007 End of the Year Dinner - No Grand Rounds
                     Department of Surgery Grand Rounds Schedule
   Date              Speaker                                       Topic
6/27/2007   James McGinty, MD         Recognizing and Managing Fatigue in Residency
7/4/2007    HOLIDAY
7/11/2007   Susan Eisner, MpH         Effective Communication Skills
7/18/2007   M&M Discussion
7/25/2007   Beth Boyarsky, MD         Physician Health and Impairment
8/8/2007    Violene Desplantes, RN    Wound Care
8/15/2007   Raymond Wedderburn, M.D. Damage Control Laparotomy in Trauma and Gen. Surg.
8/22/2007   M&M Discussion
8/29/2007   Ward Rounds
9/5/2007    In-Service                Practice ABSITE
9/12/2007                             Interesting Case
            George Dreszer, MD/Linda Miyashiro, MD Presentations - Abdominal Tumors
9/19/2007   Nipa Gandhi, MD           Surgical Management of Rectal Cancer
9/26/2007   Ward Rounds
10/3/2007   John Afthinos, MD         Tracheobronchial Stenting
10/10/2007 M&M Discussion
10/17/2007 JR Nitzkorski, MD          Skin and Soft Tissue Malignancies, A Surgical Perspective
10/24/2007 Susan Eisner, MpH
           Sandhya Balaram, MD and    Stress Management
10/31/2007 Marianne Legato, MD        Gender and Heart Disease: Medical and Surgical Perspectives
11/7/2007   In-Service                Practice ABSITE
11/14/2007 Mary Blyth                 Medicare DRG's
11/21/2007 Melvin Gilbert, MD         Assessment of Medical Decisional Capacity
11/28/2007 Ward Rounds
12/5/2007   John Harvey, MD           Innovations in Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
12/12/2007 Holiday - No Conference
12/19/2007 Juhi Asad, MD              Sentinel Lymph Nodes, Past, Present &….Controversy
12/26/2007 Ward Rounds
1/2/2008    Residents                 M&M Discussion - catch up
1/9/2008    Tracy Zivin, MD           C. Diff New Guidelines
1/16/2008   Residents
            Randall Owen/             M&M Discussion (ABSITE Review)
1/23/2008   Montefiore                Head and Neck Surgery
1/30/2008   Dr. Byrne Lee             Sarcoma
2/6/2008    Joseph Meehan             NSQP - Quality Assurance
2/13/2008   Daniel Vargo, MD          Biologic implants in abdominal wall surgery
2/20/2008   Ward Rounds
2/27/2008   Dr. Bleiweiss             Breast Pathology/ Breast Surgery in the era of Core Biopsy
3/5/2008    Francesco Rubino          Bariatric Diabetes Surgery
3/12/2008   Dr. Roger William Yurt    Burn Injury: The Ultimate SIRS.
3/19/2008   Dr. Kenneth Forde         The Changing Faces of Surgery
3/26/2008   Ward Rounds
4/2/2008    Dr. Emilia Sordillo         Hand Washing Initiative and Infection Control
4/9/2008    Lee Fleisher, MD            Strategies to reduce cardiac risk of noncardiac surgery
4/16/2008   Alyson Jacobsen             Breast Presentation
4/23/2008   Ward Rounds
4/30/2008   Dr. Steven Schwaitzberg     MIS Technology: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
5/7/2008    Dr. JamesGuarrera           Update in Abdominal Organ Transplantation
5/14/2008   Resident Research Day - Department of Surgery
5/21/2008   Sang Jho, MD                Acute Deep Venous Thromboembolism
5/28/2008   Ward Rounds
6/4/2008    Journal Club                Manu Sancheti, Deva Boone, Ryan Swan
6/11/2008   Babak Mehrara               Diagnosis and treatment of lymphedema
6/18/2008   Day after End of the Year Dinner
Contact Info.         Confirmed

                                  $750.00 ; 631-269-7048

Judy Schworm - CPH Medical Society of NY, 99 Washington Ave, Suite 1111, Albany, NY 12210;; 518-436-47

Pager: 4447 Nursing administration: 23-4988



732-672-1486              Yes
rowen@montefiore.         Yes          $500.00
Chris Corwin,

212-241-9159/ Breast Path/ Yes Sinai                $500.00
Bettina DiFranco
email:, office: 212-305-5394
                       Yes        $1000.00 + dinner + hotel NYAC
home: 914-693-1113

Lee A. Fleisher, M.D., F.A.C.C.

Chief of Surgery, Cambridge $500.00 Alliance
Michele Roberts,, 212-305-4199

Chevonne Saunders; 518-436-4723 X. 210
                Department of Surgery Grand Rounds Schedule
Date                  Speaker                          Topic                        Contact Info.                Confirmed
6/25/2008    John Dixon, MBBS, Ph.D. Bariatric Surgery and Diabetes
7/2/2008     Andrew Thomas, MD          History of St. Luke's-Roosevelt
7/9/2008                                RRC Site Visit - Grand Rounds and M&M canceled
7/16/2008    Dr. James McGinty          Fatigue and Sleep Deprivation
7/23/2008                               Compliance…
             Kathleen Gallichio and Norman Werner                         
7/30/2008    Ward Rounds
8/6/2008     Practice ABSITE
8/13/2008    Luke Pittoni, Esq.         Anatomy of Malpractice Lawsuit    
8/20/2008    Rebekah Kim, M.D.          The U.S. Shortage of General Surgeons and Surgical Education
8/27/2008    Dr. Kevin Sanborn          Anesthesia - Carotid CEA
9/3/2008     Lisa Coviello, MD          Diverticulitis; the Old and the New
9/10/2008    Henry Bennett, PhD.        Ongoing Anesthesia Studies at SLR
9/17/2008    William Mackey, M.D.                                                       Antoinette Simmons and what we have yet to learn.
                                        Registries and Trials of Carotid Artery Stenting: What we have learned617-636-5927
9/24/2008    Journal Club               Journal Club
10/1/2008    M&M Catch-up
10/8/2008    Edward Lung, M.D., M.P.H. Update In Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
10/15/2008 Alyssa Gillego, MD           Breast Cancer Update
10/22/2008 Dr. Stanley Goldberg,                                               651-312-1700,
                                        Changing Concepts in the Surgical Management of Sigmoid Diverticular Disease
10/29/2008 Clinical Professor of
           FLS Training                 Ward Rounds
11/5/2008    FLS Training               Interesting Case presentations
11/12/2008 FLS Training                 Wedderburn - In-service / chest tubes
11/19/2008 John Daly, M.D.              The Surgical Treatment of Hepatic Malignancies Durkin (215-707-8773)/ Chante Jeffer
                                                                             Mary Ann
12/3/2008    Practice ABSITE            Practice ABSITE
12/10/2008 Alessio Pigazzi, MD          Robotic Colorectal Surgery
12/17/2008 Holiday Party - canceled
12/24/2008 M&M Catch-up
12/31/2008 Rahul Gupta, MD              Diabetes: A Surgical Disease
1/7/2009     Monica Morrow, MD          The Dilemma of DCIS                                           Honorarium?
                                                                                    Rebecca Hanze Gonzalez 212-639-7754 or hanze
1/14/2009    Martin Karpeh, MD                                                Joyce & GE Junction Adenocarcinoma
                                        New Horizons in the Management of Esophageal 420-4041
1/21/2009                               Absite Review ?
1/28/2009    Mark Hardy, MD             Tranplant Lecture
2/4/2009     Sharon Stein, MD           Doctors without Borders
2/11/2009                               The Use of CT Oncology and Public Health
             David Brenner, Ph.D. Professor of RadiationScans and the Increased Risk of Higher Radiation Exposures
2/18/2009    Ryan Swan, MD              How Does Joe the Plumber Choose a Surgeon
2/25/2009    Joel Cooper, M.D., U Penn Thoracic Surgery                                                     Hotel Empire
3/4/2009     Martha Koch, MD            Racial Disparities in Surgical Treatment
3/11/2009                                Trans-cervical Thymectomy
             Joseph Schrager, M.D., Stanford                                                                Hudson Hotel
3/18/2009    Kenneth Cooke, MD          CT: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
3/25/2009    Ward Rounds
4/1/2009    Frank Tyers, MD              Dr. Todd invitation
4/8/2009    Lee Kaplan - Mass General
4/15/2009   Gary/ Manu/ Rebekah          SLR Abroad: Resident Surgical Missions
4/22/2009   Dr. Denton Cooley            Reflections on Cardiac Surgery
4/29/2009   Journal Club
5/6/2009    Research Day
5/13/2009   Kevin McGill, MD             Updates in Bariatric Surgery
5/20/2009   Ward Rounds?
5/27/2009   Brigid Killelea, MD          DCIS
6/3/2009    Joseph Meehan, RN            NSQIP Year to Date
6/10/2009   Dr. Adie Freidman            Early Intervention for DVT
6/17/2009   End of the Year - Canceled
nte Jefferson - Hudson Hotel reservation made for 11/18.
                                                         Department of Surgery Grand Rounds Schedule
Date                                          Speaker
6/24/2009    M&M Discussion (Catch up)
7/1/2009     James McGinty, MD
7/8/2009     Journal Club
7/15/2009    Ward Rounds

7/22/2009    Leigh Evans,MD, Director, Simulation Training, Yale University SOM
7/29/2009    Practice ABSITE - No Grand Rounds - M&M Conference only
8/5/2009     M&M Discussion - Catch up
8/12/2009    New Defribillator Presentation

8/19/2009    Richard Whelan, MD, Attending Surgeon, St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital
8/26/2009    Ward Rounds

9/2/2009     Grace Kim, MD, Attending Surgeon, SLRHC
             Ethan Fried, MD, Director, Graduate Medical Education, St. Luke's-
9/9/2009     Roosevelt Hospital Center
9/16/2009    Ward Rounds
9/23/2009    Journal Club

9/30/2009    Janice Connolly, Assistant Vice President, St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital
             John Elefteriades, MD, Professor and Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Yale
10/7/2009    University and Yale-New Haven Hospital
10/14/2009   Ward Rounds
             Jeffrey Drebin, MD, PhD*, Professor and Chairman, Dept. of Surgery,
10/21/2009   University of Pennsylvania SOM
             John D. Birkmeyer, MD*, Professor and Chairman of Health Services
             Research, University of Michigan SOM
11/4/2009    M&M Discussion
11/11/2009   Practice ABSITE
             Daniel Albo, MD, Ph.D. Chief, Division of Surgical Oncology and Associate
11/18/2009   Professor of Surgery* Baylor College of Medicine
             Larry Kaiser, MD*, President, University of Texas Health Sciences Center at
11/25/2009   Houston

             David McFadden, MD*, Stanley S. Fieber Professor and Chair of Surgery,
12/2/2009    University of Vermont
12/9/2009    Holiday dinner - conference canceled

12/16/2009   Mandy Greenberg, MD, Breast Fellow, St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital
12/23/2009   Ward Rounds
12/30/2009   Journal Club

1/6/2010     M. Margaret Kemeny, MD, Director, Queens Cancer Center
1/13/2010    ABSITE Review followed by M&M discussion
1/20/2010    ABSITE Review followed by M&M discussion
1/27/2010    ABSITE Review followed by M&M discussion

2/10/2010    Richard Whelan, MD, Attending, St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center,
2/17/2010    Ward Rounds
2/24/2010    Jacqueline Beaulieu, RN, BSN
3/3/2010     Mary Blyth - Coding, DRG, etc.
3/10/2010    Irving Hirsch, Partner, Wilson Elser Law Firm
3/17/2010    Ward Rounds
3/24/2010   Journal Club
3/31/2010   Margaret Crivello, MD
4/7/2010    Scott Gmora, MD
4/14/2010   Sumy Chang, MD - Breast Fellow
4/21/2010   Manu Sancheti, MD
4/28/2010   Beth Freedman, MD
5/5/2010    Dr. Leigh Neumayer
5/12/2010   Resident Research Day
            Mary C. McCarthy, MD, FACS, Trauma Director, Miami Valley Hospital,
5/19/2010   prof. Surg. WSU SOM

5/26/2010   Kevin Holzman, MD

6/2/2010    Julie Freischlag, MD - Johns Hopkins
6/9/2010    Ward Rounds
6/16/2010   Graduation Dinner - conference canceled
6/23/2010   Ward Rounds

6/30/2010   Journal Club
gery Grand Rounds Schedule

          Sleep and Fatigue Awareness

          From Bench to Bedside: Simulation Skills Transfer to the Clinical Setting

          Minimally Invasive Options of Colorectal Resection in 2009 and Rationale for
          each Method

          Surgical Mission to Nigeria - Recap

          ACGME Core Competencies

          HCAHPS - Patient Satisfaction

          Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm: Reading the Enemy's Playbook

          Therapeutic Targeting of Beta-Catenin Colon Cancer
Strategies for Reducing Variation in Surgical Outcomes

Is OR Efficiency an Oxymoron?

A Surgical Approach to a Neurological Problem

Surgical Group Think

Prophylactic Mastectomy

Regional Therapy for Liver Metastases from Colorectal Cancer

Surgical Trauma and Cancer: Is there a role for close neoadjuvant and
immediate adjuvant therapy in Colorectal Cancer patients

QC Metrix
Clinical Documentation Improvement
Legal Ramifications of Proper Documentation

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