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					?"Basic", knead method to cure the
"interstitial tubal plug": a case


I. basic information and treatment through:

It is located on the 3rd September this year come from Shanghai
Huangpu district of patients, for infertility, on March 7, 2009 at
the Shanghai jianqiao hospital hysterosalpingography, result: right
fallopian tube not Developer (interstitial jam); left tubal and not
smooth. The Bureau rub treatment after November 10 in Shenzhen's
dispensary do angiography revealed: double-sided tubal and less
smooth (two-sided tubal full developer, walking, nature and its
umbrella of Vater no obvious expansion minutes again, visible a
little contrast agent residues in bilateral distal tubal, some
contrast pelvic coating). Shenzhen Futian's hospital obstetrics and
Gynecology-FA hygiene

II. discussion:

The inside of the uterus and fallopian tube angle, outer end free,
tubal from Introversion is divided into interstitial, isthmus, Vater
and umbrella of 4 sections, including interstitial is access to the
uterine wall, narrow and short, about 1 cm long. Since interstitial
outer myometrium by uterine Horn and Horn, almost spherical, and
there are certain activities of the uterus, not fixed, to the Council
and rubbing (up and down by rubbing the squeeze the finger, and so on)
treatment, extremely difficult (than the isthmus and Vater, knead
hard), but feel bad, in the aggregate a set of methods, but manual
(finger) unbearable, extremely easy fatigue; and distal tube
obstruction of fallopian tube is free, and the location close to the
pelvic cavity wall, deeper, kneading, interested patients have enough
loose skin of the abdomen, and distal tube obstruction is also the
difficulty by rubbing, therefore, I publish in the Web site of the
classic answer, clearly inform interstitial blocked and blocking, and
distal tube obstruction adhesion is my Innovation Council rub
treatment of short-Board and 6-7 this year, I have deliberately
treatment: a case of pelvic inflammatory disease with tubal
"interstitial" clogging of patients, through 2 months of treatment by
rubbing, results, pelvic inflammatory disease is cured, tubal
"interstitial" plug still does not open. Confidence for the first
time in the treatment of interstitial jam has failed, and my
confidence. To many infertile patients after treatment with the
Bureau and rubbing, but previously overlooked pregnant "after
angiography confirmed the fallopian tubes blocked part of the"
summary of cases.

This treatment is very successful, consciously, but calm down
unexpectedly, or summarize the following experiences:

1. first inform patients, pelvic inflammatory disease while able to
heal, but interstitial jam hard to cure, their first release pressure;

2. on the basis of interstitial jam features and difficulties,
summing up a potentially effective treatment practices, Bureau of
kneading and finger strength exercise; focus in treatment at stroma

3. Although there is no pressure, but the treatment, do not give up,
not discouraged, take out the "dead-alive hospital" Madang, expect a

Finally, the cases of interstitial clog treatment success (including
improvements to the left and distal tube obstruction adhesive), not
equal to interstitial plug can be successful, this is only one case,
perhaps it was an accident. Although this accident for the patients,
the importance, not only can save thousands of charges, and avoid an
operation Palace laparoscopy. But I will not give up improve my
Bureau kneading of.

Feelings: cure your illness is our pursuit, not your trust and
understanding that my level of operation by rubbing to increase based
on that, I want to thank you for my patients.
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