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                                                                   Travel Agent
                                                                           Careers         Job Outlook

                                                                                           Employment of travel agents is expected to
       ravel agents help travelers          times, fares, quality of hotel accom-
                                                                                           change little through 2016. Travel agents who
       sort through vast amounts of         modations, and group discounts. They           specialize in a travel destination, type of trav-
       information to help them make        may also visit hotels, resorts, and res-       eler, or mode of transportation will have the
                                                                                           best chances for success.
the best possible travel arrangements.      taurants themselves to evaluate the
                                                                                           There are many consumers who still prefer
They offer advice on destinations and       comfort, cleanliness, and the quality of
                                                                                           to use a professional travel agent to plan a
make arrangements for transporta-           specific hotels and restaurants so that        complete trip; to deal with more complex
tion, hotel accommodations, car             they can base recommendations on               transactions; to ensure reliability; to suggest
                                                                                           excursions or destinations that might oth-
rentals, and tours for their clients.       their own experiences or those of col-
                                                                                           erwise be missed; to save time; or, in some
They are also the primary source of         leagues or clients.                            cases, to save money. In addition, higher
bookings for most of the major cruise                                                      projected levels of travel, especially from busi-
                                            Travel agents who primarily work               nesses and retiring baby boomers will offset
lines. In addition, resorts and specialty                                                  the loss of routine transactions. Furthermore,
                                            for tour operators and other travel
travel groups use travel agents to pro-                                                    luxury and specialty travel is expected to
                                            arrangers may help develop, arrange,           increase among the growing number of
mote travel packages to their clients.
                                            and sell the company’s own package             Americans who are seeking out exotic and
                                                                                           unique vacations and a growing part of travel
Travel agents are also increasingly         tours and travel services. They may
                                                                                           agents’ business is organizing and selling
expected to know about and be               promote these services, using telemar-         tours for the growing number of interna-
able to advise travelers about their        keting, direct mail, and the Internet.         tional visitors.
destinations, such as the weather           They make presentations to social              Earnings
conditions, local ordinances and cus-       and special-interest groups, arrange           Experience, sales ability, and the size and
toms, attractions, and exhibitions.         advertising displays, and suggest              location of the agency determine the salary
                                                                                           of a travel agent. Median annual earnings of
For those traveling internationally,        company-sponsored trips to business            travel agents were $29,210 in May 2006. The
agents also provide information on          managers.                                      middle 50 percent earned between $23,020
customs regulations, required papers                                                       and $36,920. The lowest 10 percent earned
                                            Agents face increasing competition             less than $18,100, while the top 10 percent
(passports, visas, and certificates of                                                     earned more than $46,270. Median earnings
                                            from travel and airline websites for
vaccination), travel advisories, and cur-                                                  in May 2006 for travel agents employed in
                                            low-cost fares, but travelers still prefer     the travel arrangement and reservation ser-
rency exchange rates. In the event of
                                            using travel agents who can provide            vices industry were $29,160.
changes in itinerary in the middle of
                                            customized service and planning for            Salaried agents usually enjoy standard
a trip, travel agents intercede on the                                                     employer-paid benefits that self-employed
                                            complex itineraries to remote or mul-
traveler’s behalf to make alternate                                                        agents must provide for themselves. When
                                            tiple destinations. To attract these           traveling for personal reasons, agents usu-
booking arrangements.
                                            travelers, many travel agents specialize       ally get reduced rates for transportation and
                                                                                           accommodations. In addition, agents some-
Travel agents use a variety of pub-         in specific interest destinations, travel
                                                                                           times take “familiarization” trips, at lower
lished and computer-based sources for       to certain regions, or in selling to par-      cost or no cost to themselves, to learn about
information on departure and arrival        ticular demographic groups.                    various vacation sites. These benefits often
                                                                                           attract people to this occupation.

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Tourism Careers
Educational Opportunities in                        Educational Opportunities                         About Lorain County
Tourism at LCCC                                     through LCCC’s University                         Community College
Associate of Applied Business in                    Partnership                                       Lorain County Community College is one of Ohio’s
                                                                                                      leading colleges delivering distance learning education
Hospitality and Tourism Management                  Kent State University                             via the Internet. The College has expanded its delivery
As our world expands globally, the tourism                                                            of its programs and services through the opening of
                                                    Bachelor of Business Administration-
industry remains one of the largest industries                                                        the Learning Center at St. Joseph Community Center
                                                    Business Management (Optional                     in Lorain, the LCCC Wellington Center, Lorain County
in the United States. To meet the demand
                                                    International Business Minor)                     Growth Partnership in downtown Elyria and the Midpoint
for trained professionals in this exciting and                                                        Campus Center in Brunswick. Partnerships with Lorain
                                                    Kent’s Business Administration (major in
fast-paced field, Lorain County Community                                                             County’s K-12 school districts have also led to important
                                                    Business Management) degree provides stu-
College offers a two-year associate of applied                                                        developments for the community. More than 1300
                                                    dents with credentials that are important to      high school students participate in the Post Secondary
business degree with a major in tourism. A
                                                    getting that first job in business as an entry-   Enrollment Options program by enrolling in LCCC classes,
travel industry focus and hospitality industry                                                        making LCCC the state’s largest community college
                                                    level manager or manager trainee.
focus are offered, providing students with the                                                        provider of PSEO. More than 35 percent of Lorain County’s
training and skills needed in each of these         The program is designed so that approxi-          top high school graduates choose to attend LCCC.

areas. A special emphasis is place on cus-          mately three years of this partnership is         LCCC is one of Ohio’s fastest growing colleges because of
tomer service, marketing, sales and cultural                                                          the variety of learning opportunities it provides. Students
                                                    LCCC coursework and the final year (33
                                                                                                      can choose from more than 80 educational programs.
diversity.                                          semester hours) is Kent coursework. Kent          Students can complete the first half — and sometimes
                                                    courses are taught by Kent faculty either in      more — of a bachelor’s degree. The University Partnership
Note: Some of the courses offered as part of the                                                      brings eight universities to the LCCC campus offering
                                                    person or via distance learning. Students can
Associate of Applied Business in Tourism pro-                                                         37 bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. With the
                                                    complete the business degree with a business
gram apply to professional certification from the                                                     University Partnership at LCCC, the College partners with
                                                    management major in its entirety on LCCC’s        the state’s finest universities to bring the best in bachelor’s
Educational Institute of the American Hotel
                                                    campus.                                           and master’s degree programs right to the LCCC campus.
and Motel Association.                                                                                Students can earn degrees that get them jobs immediately.
                                                                                                      Students can upgrade, retrain and improve current life
                                                    International Business Minor Option
Related Educational                                                                                   skills. Students can learn in the classroom, at home and
                                                    Global business is fast becoming an impor-        over the Internet.
Opportunities in other
                                                    tant part of the U.S. economy. The world
Business Programs at LCCC                                                                             LCCC offers a complete college experience. We understand
                                                    that college graduates are facing will essen-     that there’s more to college life than attending classes. We
Certificate of Completion in Customer               tially be a triad of powers (the United States    offer many of the programs, sports, and activities available
Service                                                                                               at large four-year universities and colleges. But, students
                                                    and, perhaps, Canada and Latin America;
                                                                                                      will not have to stand in line behind juniors and seniors
The customer service certificate of comple-         Europe; and Japan and its Asian neighbors)        in the classroom, on the playing field, or in leadership
tion will provide participants with the knowl-      and a “borderless”world. This suggests a          positions. Students can immediately act in a play, sing in a
edge and skills needed to work in a growing         need to be trained for employment that will       musical group, serve as editor for the college newspaper,
                                                                                                      plan social activities, compete on the playing field, or set
field and to effectively deal with the public       have international implications. Whether the      policy as a student government member.
as customers. Customer service positions are        student takes a major in business, fashion
                                                                                                      In addition to providing a great education for those who
found in many areas of business including           design and merchandising, the hard sciences,      enter college with aspirations of a degree, LCCC helps
manufacturing, banking, retail stores, travel       English or education, some training in global     those who have changed their career goals, who want to
and tourism, and hospitals.                         outreach, cultural diversity, and “business       broaden their horizons, and who want to return to work.
                                                                                                      LCCC provides learning and training for those who want
                                                    cultures” will be necessary. The International
                                                                                                      to move up but find they need new or improved skills for
Certificate of Proficiency in                       Business minor will introduce students to         the kind of professional opportunities they seek.
Entrepreneurship                                    cultural issues of a broad, global nature.        LCCC faculty is recognized locally and nationally for
This certificate offers opportunities for                                                             their work as professors and in other areas. They all
individuals to learn about and develop entre-       Master of Business Administration                 have advanced degrees and real-world experience and
preneurial skills. The entire certificate of        (PMBA)                                            understand their primary responsibility at LCCC is to teach
proficiency in entrepreneurship is accepted in                                                        classes. Classes are small. Individual attention is plentiful.
                                                    The mission of the Kent State MBA pro-
the associate of applied business - entrepre-       gram is to prepare students for management        An LCCC education, prepares students for real jobs and real
                                                                                                      futures. To find out more, call (800) 995-LCCC or visit LCCC’s
neurship major.                                     and staff positions in regional, national         Connections Center, the Learning Center at St. Joseph
                                                    and international organizations through an        Community Center in Lorain, the LCCC Learning Center
Associate of Applied Business                       emphasis on ethical leadership, teamwork,         in Wellington, the Lorain County Growth Partnership
Administration in Entrepreneurship                  creative problem solving, global perspec-         in downtown Elyria or the Midpoint Campus Center
                                                                                                      in Brunswick for all of your enrollment service needs,
This program is designed to prepare individ-        tives and skilled applications of information     including admissions, registration, advising and counseling.
uals for possible transfer or employment in         technology. This mission is achieved through
a variety of management, business develop-          offering a variety of coursework covering all
ment and entrepreneur positions. The focus          the disciplines of business and by utilizing
of the program is skill building in the area of     teaching techniques that help the student to
entrepreneurship.                                   develop and refine skills in these areas.

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                                                                                                                      Elyria, OH 44035

                                                                                                      Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor,   BUL-03-1031
                                                                                                      Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2009-10 Edition, on the          04/09
                                                                                                      Internet at                             5C

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