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 VEMBER 14, 2010 – VOLUME 9, ISSUE 27                             CONTACT US
                                              Dear Friends,

                                              Welcome to another exciting, informative issue of The Frisco Community
                                              Newsletter, now in our 9 th year with 41,000 weekly readers. I started the
                                              newsletter when I was a member of the Frisco City Council as a comprehensive grass -
          @FriscoCommunity                    roots initiative to let people know what was going on in the city and for me to be able
            @ErikaLafata                      to communicate my thoughts about various issues. After being termed out after 6 years
            @MattLafata                       on council in May 2008, my wife Erika and I decided to still continue the weekly
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              Matt Lafata
              Erika Lafata
                                              As I‘m sure you all know school started in Frisco this past week. For some kids, it‘s the
                                              first time going to school. For others, it‘s the first time going to a new school. Whatever
            OTHER LINKS                       it might be, some kids may be excited, and others nervous about being back in school.
    The Lafata Family's Website               This naturally results in kids paying less attention to cars, and more attention to getting
                                              to school. With all the new schools and school zones, ple ase be extra careful when
              Erika’s Blog                    driving around schools when dropping off and picking up your kids as well as driving
              Matt’s Blog
                                              around Frisco neighborhoods because as I‘ve pointed out, kids are not necessarily
 The Puzzling World of HR Technology          watching out for you. It only takes a second for something terrible to happen which
               Blog –                         could change the life of not only a child and their family but yours as well. Please be
                                              careful and more alert at all times as everybody adjusts to being back in school.

                                              In addition, with school back in session, there seems to be so many things happening
                                              in and around Frisco. You may notice this issue is longer than some of the recent
                                              issues, which is a great indicator of the dynamics of our community. We strive to bring
                                              you more happenings and news than anywhere else so we hope you en joy this issue.

                                              Speaking of going back to school, if your kids have left a mess for you to clean up after
                                              this summer, don‘t stress! Call DeBonair Custom Cleaning for help. They are
                                              offering $100 off initial deep clean if you schedule your cleaning in September. More
                                              about them below.

                                              Also, we invite you ―giddy up and get‖ to Tioga Mercantile, our Newsletter
                                              Sponsor. If you like unique western memorabilia and antiquing, then it‘s a great
                                              daytrip for you! Plus, you can enjoy the world-famous Clark‘s Outpost BBQ Restaurant,
                                              just across the street. This Saturday, August 28 th, is Tioga‘s 4 th Saturday trade days
                                              starting at 8am. More about that below as well.
 t‘s almost hockey season and our
                                              Also, check out our Newsletter Spotlight on Adventure Bookshop which recently
 amily is once again excited to be a billet
                                              opened up next to the iconic Randy‘s Steakhouse. The owners have a true passion for
 host) family for Frisco‘s NAHL Texas
                                              books and their shop fits like a glove in downtown Frisco! Young and seasoned readers
Tornado! These young men, 16-20 years
                                              alike will appreciate the charm of the historical building and the knowledge and
old, are trying to secure college
                                              friendliness of the store‘s owners. They also have a Mystery Readers Meetup Group.
  cholarships to continue their education
                                              Read our interview with owner Carol Puckett below.
and hockey career. They‘re recruited
 rom all over the world to play for the
                                              Don‘t forget, we encourage you to visit our website to submit your community listing,
Tornado and live w ith families who‘ve
                                              inquire about advertising your business, check out the archives, and subscribe or
offered their homes for the season.
                                              unsubscribe to the newsletter.
These players are our next NHL stars
and the Tornado have players that have
                                              Have a blessed weekend!
gone on to play for such teams at St
  ouis Blues and Anaheim Ducks. We
attended the Meet the Players event last
weekend at aLoft Frisco with some of
our kids and Taylor Herndon, the
Tornado forward from Oklahoma City
 ving with us for the season. Pictured
eft to right: Matt and Erika Lafata,
Taylor Herndon, and our daughter
Kaleigh Lafata and son Carl Heinrich.

This Frisco Community Newsletter is            Erika and Matt Lafata
designed to bring us all a little              The Frisco Community Newsletter
closer together each week by                   Your Key To Community Since 2001
providing coverage of different
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There are so many amazing things
 n this newsletter, as there are
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sign up to receive it themselves.              NEWSLETTER SPONSOR – Tioga Merca ntile:
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as no citizen should be without this
 mportant information at their

 f there are non-profit community
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 ecognize, fundraising events, or any
newsworthy items you would like to see
added and shared with more than forty
 housand residents and businesses in
 risco and the surrounding areas, please
 end us an email and we‘ll consider
ncluding it.                                   Located just a relaxing, short 40 minute drive from Frisco, on the North shores of
                                               beautiful Lake Ray Roberts, Tioga is the birthplace of America‘s Favorite Singing
 f you received this from somebody             Cowboy, Gene Autry. There, you will step back in time and enjoy the many antiques
else and would like to be added to             and collectibles that can be found in Tioga Mercantile. With quite a unique
 he list, just send me an email. Your          atmosphere they are very proud of their 100+ year old building, formerly ―Sam
email address will never be sold,              Anderson‘s Barber Shop‖ in the early 1900‘s, and the very place where the legendary
 ented, or given to anybody else for           Gene Autry shined shoes as a youngster. Much of the building is still in its original
any reason, as your privacy is of the          state, including the front door and brick façade.
utmost importance to us. All
newsletters can also be found on               For store owner Judy Hollomon, seeing her passion materialize with her new business
our newsletter web site.                       is a dream come true. ―The Mercantile is something that I have dreamed of for a very
                                               long time, having a life-long love for antiques and western memorabilia. My store is
                                               much more than an antique shop, however. Shoppers will find a variety of lovely
Quotes of the Week:                            crystal pieces, florals, Circle E Candles, jewelry, and last but not least, delicious
                                               gourmet cakes, cheesecakes and bakery items from the original Yahoo Baking Co.,‖ she
 If the ladder is not leaning against the      says.
 ight wall, every step we take just gets
us to the wrong place faster.‖ – Bob           Every 4 th Saturday is Tioga Trade Days, and this Saturday August 28 th enjoy the
Proctor                                        vocal sounds of Stephen Pride (younger brother of legendary Charley Pride)
                                               performing at Tioga Mercantile from 11am-2pm.
 Whatever is to make us better and
happy, God has placed either openly            While visiting charming Tioga enjoy world-famous Clark‘s BBQ just across the street
before us or close to us.‖ – Bob Proctor       from Tioga Mercantile . Remember to bring your camera and check out their beautiful
                                               old Chuck Wagon and 1890‘s Doctor‘s Buggy sitting out front of the store makes
 If you really want to do something,           memorable family photo settings.
you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find
an excuse.‖ – Bob Proctor                      Mention The Frisco Community Newsletter and save 10% off your entire purchase.

                                               Tioga Mercantile is located at 207 Gene Autry Drive, just 2 blocks east of Hwy. 377
NEWSLETTER SPONSOR – Tioga                     and is open Thursday-Saturday. For more information call (903) 821-1501.
       Mercantile: 3
Carol Puckett, Adventure Bookshop
           in Frisco: 4
NEW - DeBonair Custom Cleaning
 Back to School Special - $100 off
     initial deep cleaning! 5
  NEW – FISD Superintendent's           NEWSLETTER SPOTLIGHT – Carol Puc kett, Adventure Bookshop in
Letter: Back to School 2010-2011: 6     Frisco:

  NEW - American Cancer Society
Silver Dollar Ball Organizers to Host
   Breakfast With Tiffany Launch
       Event This Saturday: 7
  NEW – Texas Tornado Hockey
 Announces Dancer Auditions This
           Sunday: 7
                                        This week’s SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW is with Carol Puckett who recently opened
NEW - Nelson Cruz and Ian Kinsler       Adventure Bookshop in Frisco. We had a chance to sit down with her to find out more
                                        about her new business.
Rehab with the Frisco RoughRiders:
                                        THE FRISCO COMMUNITY NEW SLETTER: Carol, it’s exciting to hear that you’ve
      Frisco Humane Society's           opened a new bookshop in downtown Frisco – congratulations! Now, this isn’t
       Barktoberfest 2010: 8            your first bookshop venture – tell our readers why you chose Frisco to open
                                        Adventure Bookshop.
   NEW - Hunting in Frisco:             CAROL PUCKETT: James and I owned and operated Book Traders in Conway, AR for six
                                        years while helping our elderly relatives. The store was successful and we were able to
Regulations on Safe Distances from      sell. Our daughter, Kirby Davis, lives in Frisco. Our second daughter, Jamie Cleven,
          Urban Areas 9                 lives in Dixon, CA outside Sacramento. Making Frisco our home allows us to see our
                                        daughter more frequently and fly less expensively to Sacramento. Living in CA is not
   NEW - Town Hall Meeting: 9           an option since our son-in-law is a USAF tech sergeant and is temporarily stationed at
                                        Travis AFB.
   NEW - Lone Star Storytelling
          Festival: 9                   We stayed out of the book business for one year. We had books in storage and decided
                                        retirement is not for us. We love Frisco and want to help the community. We need a
   NEW – Crimes Against Kids            purpose in life. We love readers and the social aspect of owning a store. We are
Eliminated 5K Coming Up Soon: 10        blessed to have a new baby granddaughter to be born December 16. We love our new
                                        church home, Stonebriar Community Church. We are very happy here in Frisco.
NEW - Party in Pink - Zumbathon to
benefit Susan G. Komen Foundation       TFCN: The shop is absolutely charming inside your beautiful historical
                 10                     building! The custom built bookcases really add so much to the feel of the
                                        store and we can tell you really have a passion for books. Please tell us about
 NEW - Pumpkin Patch Splash: 10         the types of books you have in your store.
                                        CP: We carry paperback and hardback fiction. Our inventory contains mystery,
   Frisco Elementary Strings            romance, western, science fiction, thriller, general fiction, Christian fiction, literature,
 Announces Registration for 3-5th       and children. We do not have space to support large sections of nonfiction books. We
                                        brought the excess inventory from our previous store out of storage and shelved it. As
           grades: 11
                                        time goes on, we will listen to our customers and add/delete sections as appropriate to
Frisco Aquatics Swim Team Monthly       support the needs and desires of the community. As our customer base expands, new
                                        inventory will be added. Quite honestly, the key is whether the community will support
            Tryouts: 11                 an independent used bookstore. We are prepared to listen, change, and grow as the
                                        community desires.
 NEW – Upcoming Meeting for the
   Frisco Area Republicans: 12          We are an FISD business partner and approved vendor. We have stocked all the
                                        summer reading list materials. We are making a concerted effort in the children‘s
 NEW - Frisco Square Announces          section to have FISD reading list materials. We have made children selections to meet
   FISD Poster Contest: 12              the needs of homeschoolers.
     NEW – DBU Offers Free             Click Here and scroll down for the rest of our Spotlight Interview with Adventure
     Information Session: 12
NEW - The Real Estate Investor Tip
        of the Week: 13
 UPDATED - Vendors Wanted for
     Holiday Bazaar: 14
                                       NEW - DeBonair C ustom C leaning Bac k to School Specia l - $100 off
 Ninth Annual Mother Son Dance:        initial deep c leaning!
    an “All Star Evening”: 14
 Frisco High School STARS Dance
     Team Holiday Bazaar: 15
  DFW Pug Rescue Club Indoor
       Garage Sale: 15
   NEW - Auditions for "Forever
   Plaid" (30's-40's Welcome to        $100 off Initial Deep Clean!
        Audition, Too): 15
                                       If your kids have left a mess for you to clean up after this summer, don‘t stress! Call
NEW – Star Children’s Charity Star     DeBonair Custom Cleaning for help. They are offering $100 off initial deep clean if you
        Winter Ball: 16                schedule your cleaning in September.

 NEW - Thering Named Regional          Upon receiving a call or an email from you, DeBonair will schedule a meeting with you
                                       in your home and listen to your individual needs and concerns regarding a cleaning
 Assistant Principal of the Year: 17
  NEW – FISD School Dedication         We will take a tour of your home with you while you point out areas of concern that are
    Ceremonies Scheduled: 17           especially important to you. After the tour, the DeBonair Checklist will be reviewed with
                                       you, our cleaning products discussed, cleaning methods and answer any questions you
NEW – FISD Season Tickets on Sale      may have. A specific day will then be determined with you to have your home cleaned
      at Athletic Office: 18           within 1 - 2 weeks. Most homes do require an initial deep clean which will be discussed
                                       prior scheduling. DeBonair does not clean monthly clients, one -time or move in/move
 NEW - FISD Largest Exemplary          out cleanings.
      District in State: 18
   NEW - Free Child Safety Seat
           Checks: 18
NEW - 90th Anniversary Celebration
   of the 19th Amendment: 18
 NEW – Landscape Design/Detail
       (Late August): 19
NEW – 2010 USA Cycling Masters
Track National Championships: 22
                                       ADDITIONAL SPECIAL OFFER: DeBonair is now offering partial home cleanings. We
NEW - 9/11 Gala to raise money for     understand you may not need your entire home cleaned, so we have a solution. We
new Collin County animal shelter:      are now offering a partial cleaning rate that includes Kitchen, Bathrooms and Floors.
                                       DeBonair Custom Cleaning is also an official Partner of the Cleaning for a Reason
                                       Foundation, the non-profit providing free, professional house cleaning services for
NEW – High School Students have
                                       women undergoing treatment for cancer. To learn more about how we can help you or
 until September 17 to apply for       someone you know, please visit
 Congressional Youth Advisory
           Council: 23                 To learn more about DeBonair Custom Cleaning and view our checklist, please visit the
                                       website or email owner Debbie Viverito She can also be reached at 214-886-2588.
 NEW - GENBAND to Move Corp
   HQ to Hall Office Park: 23
 NEW - Plano Family Finalists in
  Pop-Tarts $25,000 Contest: 24
     NEW - Pottery Barn Kids at
Stonebriar Centre presents story time
   every Tuesday in September: 25       NEW – F ISD Supe rintendent's Letter: Bac k to School 2010-2011:

NEW – Frisco Convention & Visitors
 Bureau Launces iPhone App: 25          Whether you are a newcomer or a returning citizen and student of FISD, we welcome
                                        you to the 2010-2011 school year.
  NEW - Smithsonian Institution
                                        Growth continues to be a part of FISD and this year we are ope ning six new schools
 Donates Rare Locomotive to Texas       bringing our total number of campuses to 52 – 30 elementary schools, 12 middle
           Musuem: 26                   schools, six high schools and four special program schools. We are opening Lone Star
                                        High School; Hunt, Maus and Cobb middle schools; and Sonntag and Purefo y
  NEW - Connemara to celebrate          elementary schools.
reopening of Meadow Preserve with
                                        As we look forward to greeting approximately 37,271 students this coming school year,
     dinner under the stars: 27         we anticipate this as being a great year in FISD history. We have hired some
                                        outstanding employees who will join our ranks, and we will be more tha n 5,000
 NEW - Traffic Patterns Change in
                                        employees strong in 2010-2011. Our team is excited about the privilege of working
Collin County to Accommodate SRT        with your children, and we have been busy this summer in preparations for the coming
   Interchange Construction: 28         year. Teams have worked on improving and expanding curriculum resources and
                                        instructional strategies; educators have participated in training and workshops to
 NEW - Construction Moving Full         continue their own learning as part of our ongoing commitment to provide your children
   Speed Ahead on the President         with the best educational experience possible.
  George Bush Turnpike Western
                                        While we move forward in this new decade, FISD will be focusing even more on 21st
      Extension (SH 161): 28            Century skills for our learners. We will continue to leverage technology and work at
                                        opening the world to our students who need to be prepared for whatever path they
NEW - Senator Nelson Announces          choose upon graduation. Many of the jobs of tomorrow do not even exist today and we
Doubling of Air Quality Monitors in     must expand the walls of the classroom and meet the unique needs of today‘s students
        Barnett Shale: 29               as they develop skills to be competitive and compassionate in a global society.

NEW - Capitol Steps – Submitted by      You are probably aware that FISD recently achieved exemplary status in the state‘s
                                        accountability rating system. We believe these ratings are just one of many indicators
State Representative Ken Paxton: 29     of a school system‘s success, but it is a significant accomplishment and a testimony to
                                        the hard work of our students, the dedication of our staff and the support of our
                                        parents. That work must continue and our vision for students includes a commitment to
                                        look at each learner as an individual, to make their curriculum and the assessment of
For advertising opportunities for       their learning meaningful, and to clearly communicate the progress of students in their
your business, please contact Erika     learning.
Lafata. While I continue to handle
 he content of the newsletter (the      One of the biggest factors in the overall success of our students and our district will
bulk of the newsletter that is non-     always be our ability to work in partnership with our parents and the community. We
paid announcements/non-profit           hope that you feel welcome in our schools and that you will become involved in the
events), Erika handles the business     many things that are taking place. We hope we made your back-to-school experience a
commercial opportunities, including     little easier this year with the implementation of online registration and reenrollment
 he Sponsorship and Spotlight           and we hope you will attend some of the many workshops and programs planned for
 eatures as well as other marketing     this year just for parents. A calendar of these events will be posted at
 equests.                      as school begins.

We pride ourselves in not being a       The clock is ticking to the exciting first day of school. As you prepare, please browse
“business directory” but rather a       the website to learn more about the successes of last year that we hope to build on this
place where YOUR business can be        year and to find key information about your school and your district. If you cannot find
showcased and not dwarfed with an       what you are looking for, let us know through the feedback section on our website.
overflow of advertising from your
competitors. Your business will         Again, welcome and welcome back!
SHINE in this newsletter!
                                        Warm regards,
You can find an overview and media              Rick Reedy
kit of the newsletter here                      Superintendent of Schools

The Frisco Community Newsletter
Staff and Contributors                          NEW - Ame rican Cance r Society Silver Dolla r Ba ll Orga nize rs to Host
                                                Breakfast With Tiffa ny La unc h Event This Saturday:
Matt Lafata – Founder – 214-336-3355

Erika Lafata – Sales and Marketing              Organizers of the American Cancer Society Silver Dollar Ball are partnering with Tiffany
Director–214-636-6614                           & Co. to host Breakfast With Tiffany, a stylish launch event for next year‘s annual gala.
                                                The event will begin at 10 a.m. on August 28, 2010 at Gleneagles Country Club in
Kaleigh Lafata – Junior Reporter for the        Plano. Only 100 tickets are available for this exclusive e vent. Tickets are $100 each.
Texas Tornado Hockey Team
                                                In addition to enjoying a champagne breakfast, guests will be treated to a drawing and
Glenn Kopanski – Landscape Design               special fashion show featuring Tiffany & Co. jewelry. Frisco resident Kimberly
                                                Alexander of the Tackle Cancer Foundation will also speak at the event. Her husband,
                                                former NFL star and American Cancer Society supporter Elijah Alexander, lost a valiant
This Day in History – August 26,                battle with myeloma earlier this year.
1939: First Televised Major League
Baseball Game                                   ―We are so excited to partner with Tiffany & Co. to host this exclusive launch party for
                                                the 2011 gala,‖ said Amy Wagner, last year‘s Silver Dollar Ball chairperson. ―The
 rom the History Channel…                       launch is such a fun and stylish way to promote the event and the needed research,
                                                programs and services the American Cancer Society offers. We would certainly like to
On this day in 1939, the first televised        thank Tiffany & Co. for their support.‖
Major League baseball game is
broadcast on station W2XBS, the station         The event is underwritten by Chubb Group of Insurance Companies and Swingle Collins
 hat was to become WNBC-TV.                     & Associates.
Announcer Red Barber called the game
between the Cincinnati Reds and the             This event is expected to sell out and guests are encouraged to reserve their tickets
Brooklyn Dodgers at Ebbets Field in             early. For more information or to reserve tickets, visit or contact
Brooklyn, New York.                             Meredith Schuchard at the American Cancer Society at 214.819.1225.

At the time, television was still in its        The American Cancer Society combines an unyielding passion with nearly a century of
nfancy. Regular programming did not             experience to save lives and end suffering from cancer. As a global grassroots force of
yet exist, and very few people owned            more than three million volunteers, we fight for every birthday threatened by every
 elevision sets--there were only about          cancer in every community. As the nation‘s largest non-governmental investor in
400 in the New York area. Not until             cancer research, contributing more than $3.4 billion, we turn what we know about
1946 did regular network broadcasting           cancer into what we do. As a result, more than 11 million people in America who have
 atch on in the United States, and only         had cancer and countless more who have avoided it will be celebrating birthdays this
n the mid-1950s did television sets             year. To learn more about us or to get help, call us any time, day or night, at 1-800-
become more common in the American              227-2345 or visit

 n 1939, the World's Fair--which was
being held in New York--became the
 atalyst for the historic broadcast. The
 elevision was one of fair‘s prize
exhibits, and organizers believed that
 he Dodgers-Reds doubleheader on                NEW – Texas Tornado Hoc key Announces Dancer Auditions This
August 26 was the perfect event to
 howcase America's grasp on the new
                                                Tryouts for the Texas Tornado Siren Dancers will be Sunday, August 29th from 2:30-
By today's standards, the video
                                                6:00pm at Power House of Dance in Frisco. All applicants must be 18 years of age
  overage was somewhat crude. There
                                                before the tryout date. Selected performer must reside in the DFW area and have
were only two stationary camera angles:
                                                reliable transportation. Must be willing and able to attend all practices, games, and all
The first was placed down the third base
                                                other related activities. For additional information, click here or please contact Matt at
  ne to pick up infield throws to first, and
                                       or 972-335-9800.
 he second was placed high above home
plate to get an extensive view of the
 ield. It was also difficult to capture fast-
moving plays: Swinging bats looked like
paper fans, and the ball was all but
nvisible during pitches and hits.

Nevertheless, the experiment was a
 uccess, driving interest in the             NEW - Ne lson Cruz a nd Ian Kinsler Reha b with the Frisco RoughRiders:
development of television technology,
particularly for sporting events. Though
baseball owners were initially concerned     Texas Rangers‘ outfielder Nelson Cruz will make a rehab start with the RoughRiders at
 hat televising baseball would sap actual    Dr Pepper Ballpark beginning Thursday, August 26th.
attendance, they soon warmed to the
dea, and the possibilities for revenue       Cruz was most recently placed on the disabled list on August 16th with a strained left
generation that came with increased          hamstring – an injury that has already sidelined him twice this season. A 2009 All-
exposure of the game, including the sale     Star, Cruz is hitting .320 with 16 home runs and 64 RBI in 77 games with Rangers.
of rights to air certain teams or games
and television advertising.                  Ian Kinsler is also headed to Frisco this weekend.

Today, televised sports is a multi-billion   The Rangers second baseman will go out on a rehab assignment either Saturday or
dollar industry, with technology that        Sunday, and will not join the Rangers when they play a three -game series in Kansas
gives viewers an astounding amount of        City beginning Monday. He's expected to join the club in Minnesota Sept. 3 when the
visual and audio detail. Cameras are         Rangers and Twins start a three -game series.
now so precise that they can capture the
way a ball changes shape when struck         Tickets are available for this weekend‘s Frisco RoughRiders games by calling (800) 745 -
by a bat, and athletes are wired to pick     9277 or by visiting
up field-level and sideline conversation.

For advertising opportunities,
please contact Erika at or visit

All the opinions, endorsements or
                                             Frisco Huma ne Society's Barktoberfest 2010:
 ecommendations in this newsletter are
mine and Erika‘s alone and they do not
necessarily reflect the opinions or
                                             Save The Date - October 23rd - for our 6th Annual Barktoberfest at Frisco Commons
views of any organization or group with
                                             Park from noon to 4:00 p.m. We know many of you attended previous years and we
whom I am affiliated, or the individuals
                                             hope you will join us again this year. This year's Barktoberfest will be just as much fun
who are a part of such organizations
                                             - for the entire family and your dogs. Tell all your friends and family about how much
and groups. You should not rely on any
                                             fun you had last year as well as helping us raise funds to rescue more dogs and cats!
 tatement made in this newsletter as
evidenced of how I may act as a
                                             Don't miss any of the following events:
member of any organization or group.
 nclusion of news, events and                    Walk of Honor for the Frisco Humane adopted dogs - we love our adopted dogs
                                                    and hope to see many of them at Barktoberfest so we can introduce them as
other information in this newsletter does
                                                    they walk across the stage
not imply an endorsement; it merely
 erves as my effort to be of service to          Dog walk around the lake – it‘s such a beautiful area to walk, both dogs and
 he readers.                                        people love this activity
                                                 Low cost microchip clinic - thanks to Dr. Shelton and his staff from 380 West
                                                    Animal Hospital
                                                 Dog competitions (including the ever-popular Best Costume - it will be really
                                                    close to Halloween)
All About Frisco                                 All your favorite vendors - vendors - vendors, as well as new ones selling their
                                                    animal-related products and services. We all love retail therapy!
                                                 Can your dog pass the Canine Good Citizen test? You can find out thanks to
Clubs, Groups and Organizations in                  our friend and volunteer James Johnson of K9DenSolutions
and around Frisco:                               Canine demonstrations - DAWG will be demonstrating their amazing agility
                                                    dogs for us again this year
 risco is home to a very diverse and             Catnip Corral - fabulous fun feline festivities.
numerous set of clubs, groups and                Great food at The DogFather Grill - there will be even more selections to
organizat ions. If your group or                    tantalize your tastebuds this year
organizat ion is missing, and you would          Bow Wow Buy It Now - our FHS sales table - we have great bargains including
 ke to get it listed, please send us an
                                                    those popular dog beds
email so we can list it and continue to
                                                 Duck for a Buck - vintage t-shirts and surprises for prizes
maintain the most comprehensive list
available.                                      New for 2010 Barktoberfest t-shirts
                                                Take home a framed photograph of you and your dog
                                                Rescue groups - purebreed and mixed breeds
AARP – 972-335-2478
                                         We still have Sponsor and Vendor opportunities available - please email
                                if you would like further information on being a
Adopt A Pet – 972-668-4311
                                         sponsor and/or vendor. Or visit our website for further information and photographs
                                         from all previous Barktoberfests, thanks to our great photographer AJ.
Al-Anon Family Groups For Friends and
 amilies of Alcoholics – 214-363-0461

Alcoholics Anonymous -- Frisco Chapter
– 214-394-0130

Alcoholics Anonymous Frisco Group –      NEW - Hunting in Frisco: Regulations on Safe Dista nces from Urban
972.708.5086                             Areas

Allen-Frisco-Plano Autism Spectrum
Parent Group                             The opening day of dove season for 2010 is September 1st. Hunters who are planning
                                         on obtaining property owners‘ permission to use their land for hunting purposes must
American Cancer Society of Collin        ensure that the tract of land is a minimum of 10 acres, that they are at least 1,000 feet
County – 214-819-1221                    from schools, hospitals, and day care facilities, as well as at least 600 feet from
                                         residential housing and multi-family residential complexes. Additionally, hunters should
                                         ensure—as always—that they fire their weapons in a manner not reasonably expected
American Legion Post 178
                                         to cause a projectile to cross the boundary of property tracts.

American Red Cross of North Texas –      The Frisco Police Department will continue to work with hunters and landowners to
972-542-5642                             ensure that safe hunting practices are followed. Residents are urged to contact police if
                                         they feel that safe and reasonable distances are not being followed by hunters. Frisco
Angel Food Ministries – 214-282-5576     police officers are confident that voluntary compliance can be achieved through
                                         education of the state law and identification of those areas within the city that may be
                                         affected by the new boundaries. For more information on this law, please visit the
AroundTown Kids
                                         Frisco Police Department‘s web site at and click on the
                                         ―Hunting in Frisco‖ link. Our website will provide the details of the law as listed in the
Arts of Collin County                    Texas Local Government Code, Section 229.003, as well as a map that will graphically
                                         illustrate areas in the city that fall within the boundaries of the law.
Association of Frisco Retired School
Personnel – 972-335-3040

Boy Scouts of America – 214-902-6754

Boys and Girls Club                      NEW - Town Hall Meeting:

C.A.K.E. – Crimes Against Kids           Monday, August 30 from 7 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Eliminated! Inc. – 972-955-1629          Location: City Council Chambers inside the George A. Purefoy Municipal
                                                      Center (6101 Frisco Square Blvd.)
CASA of Collin County – 972-529-2272
                                         Get the latest information about city programs, services and projects. For attending the
Celebrate Recovery – 214-282-5576        meeting, you can take home a Frisco logo item to help you celebrate your city pride. ...
                                         read more about Town Hall Meetings.
Centennial Touchdown Club (Centennial
High School Football)

Chamber of Commerce

Christian Community Action – 972-436-    NEW - Lone Sta r Storytelling Festival:

Chronic Hugs: Chronic Pain Support       Friday, October 8 & Saturday, October 9
Group – 214-726-9060                     Time: various times
                                         Location: Simpson Plaza at the George A. Purefoy Municipal Center
                                                  6101 Frisco Square Blvd
City of Frisco – 972-292-5000
                                           The City of Frisco‘s 7th Annual Lone Star Storytelling Festival elevates the art of the
Collin County – 972-424-1460               story with performances from some of the nation‘s best-loved professional
                                           storytellers. More details about the Festival may be found at
                                  Tickets may be purchased online at the festival website, by mail
Collin County Association of Realtors –    using the order form on the website and in festival brochure, or in person at Frisco
                                           Public Library‘s borrow and return desk. Tickets can also be purchased at the festival.

Collin County Central Appraisal District

Collin County Community College

Collin County Community College
Education Foundation                       NEW – Crimes Aga inst Kids Eliminated 5K Coming Up Soon:

Collin County Connection – 214-544-        Crimes Against Kids Eliminated (C.A.K.E!) is hosting the C.A.K.E! Walk, ―Making Strides
0666                                       4 Kids 5K‖ on Saturday, September 11, 2010, at Frisco Commons Park, Frisco, Texas.
                                           This fun family event has something for everyone with music, entertainment, children‘s
                                           activities and on-going vendor displays.
Collin County Early Childhood PTA –
                                           Proceeds from the event will be shared with C.A.K.E! and the United Services
                                           Organization of Dallas/Fort Worth (USO DFW), United Through Reading Room. The
Collin County Event Professionals – 214-
                                           room is a library of children‘s books from which soon-to-be deployed parents select a
                                           book for each of their children. USO Volunteers record the troops reading the books
                                           and when they are finished, the DVD and book are shipped home to the children.
Collin County Gay and Lesbian Alliance –
                                           C.A.K.E! is a nonprofit 501(3)(c) with a mission to educate, motivate and inspire
                                           children, families and communities to take proactive action focused on eliminating child
Collin County Genealogy Association –      sexual abuse across the United States. This organization strives to create communities
972-231-4190                               where every child is valued and able to live up to their full brilliance, free from sexual
                                           abuse and its aftermath. To learn more about C.A.K.E!, register for the walk, or find
Collin County Republican Party             out about other volunteer opportunities, visit or call
Collin County Songwriters Association

Dallas Athletic Rugby Club
                                           NEW - Party in Pink - Zumbathon to benefit Susan G. Kome n
Daughters of the American Revolution –     Foundation

Democratic Party of Collin County          WHEN: Friday, September 17, 2010 - 7 pm

Denton County                              WHAT: We will have a Zumbathon at the Frisco Powerhouse of Dance on September
                                           17, 2010 at 7pm. Tickets are $15, and ALL proceeds benefit the Susan G. Komen
Denton County Central Appraisal District   Foundation. Reserve your tickets by e-mailing Angela at

Downtown Advisory Board – 972-292-

Downtown Merchants Association – 972-      NEW - Pumpkin Patch Splash:
292-5108                         Saturday, October 16 from 10 a.m. - noon
                                           Location: Frisco Athletic Center Indoor Pool
 C Dallas                                  Tickets: $12 (resident); $15 (non-resident)

                                           Put on your swimsuit and join the quest for your perfect Halloween pumpkin. Each
 risco A&M Club – 972-897-7765             participant will get the opportunity to pick one pumpkin from the pool and to decorate
                                           it. Admission includes: a pumpkin of your choice, swim pass for the day and a spe cial
 risco American Business Women‘s           Trick-or-Treat goodie bag. Please arrive at 10 a.m. for check-in.
Association (ABWA)                        Advanced registration only - see the current Frisco Fun Guide - page 24, for complete
                                          registration information. Registration ends October 14.
 risco Al-Anon Family Group – 972-978-
8757                                      Ages 7-8 are required to wear a life jacket that is provided. Life jackets are optional for
                                          ages 9-10.
 risco-Allen Texas Area Alumnae

 risco Aquatics Swim Team
                                          Frisco Elementa ry Strings Announces Re gistration for 3-5th grades:
 risco Area Children‘s Theater – 972-
377-2675                                  The purpose of this program is to provide beginning string instrument instruction for
                                          elementary age students in Frisco. It will strengthen the quality of the strings programs
 risco Area Republican Women              in the Frisco Middle and High Schools.

                                          Traditionally, string students begin at a much younger age than do other
 risco Association For the Arts           instrumentalists. The Frisco Elementary Strings Program is open to 3rd, 4th and 5th
                                          grade students residing within the Frisco ISD. Beginning string instruction at this age
 risco Athletic Network                   will allow this "Strings Program" to be competitive in quality with other schools in the
                                          Dallas metroplex. The program will be held once a week on Mondays 4:30 to 5:30 at
 risco Bar Association                    Lone Star High School.

 risco Baseball/Softball Organization –   There will be a parent meeting on Monday, September 13th at 7:00-8:00 PM. The
                                          "Instrument Drive" and "Registration" will also take place on September 13. Instruction
                                          will begin on Monday, September 20.

 risco Business and Professional Women    An annual registration fee of $275 per a student. This will be paid at the time of
– 972-377-0335                            registration. Students will need to provide an instrument - violin, viola or cello.
                                          Contact Mrs. Christina Wagner at 469-633-5333, or by email. You can also visit the
 risco Cares – 214-705-8200               website.

 risco Chamber of Commerce

 risco Chorale – 972-335-4380 x104

 risco Citizens on Patrol (C.O.P.s)       Frisco Aquatics Swim Team Monthly Tryouts:

 risco Community Band – 972-668-5315
                                          Frisco Aquatics Swim Team monthly tryouts are held the 1st Wednesday of each month
 risco Community Theatre – 972-370-       beginning in October.
                                          We will be holding monthly tryouts the first Wednesday of each month starting October
                                          2009 for anyone interested in joining the team. This trial will be held at the Frisco ISD
 risco Convention and Visitors Bureau
                                          Natatorium.                          Tryouts start at 7:00pm for all interested swimmers. Please arrive at 6:45pm to sign in
                                          and receive a number. Minimum requirement is the ability to complete 25 yards
 risco Cycling Club                       unassisted freestyle or backstroke.

 risco Democratic Party                   A copy of your child‘s birth certificate will be required for registration. We will have
                                          extra copies of the registration forms available when you arrive if you forget to bring
 risco Dog Park
                                          Your child should bring a swim suit, goggles and a swim cap if they have longer hair.
 risco Ducks Unlimited – 972-712-5049     To learn more about Frisco Aquatics go to:

 risco Early Childhood PTA                If you have any more questions or concerns contact Head Coach Dan McDonough at
                                 or call 843-469-9715.
 risco Economic Development
Corporation – 972-292-5150

 risco Education Foundation – 469-633-

 risco Family Services Center – 972-
                                            NEW – Upcoming Meeting for the Frisco Area Republicans:
 risco Family YMCA – 972-335-3222
                                            The next meeting of the Frisco Area Republicans will be held on September 2nd 2010 at
 risco Fire Department – 972-335-5525       6:30 pm at the Texas Land and Cattle Company Restaurant on Preston Road in Frisco.

 risco Football League – 972-712-0558       Our speaker is Denton County Commissioners Court Judge, The Honorable Mary Horn.
                                            Judge Horn will be speaking on the cost of illegal immigration to Denton County. This
 risco Garden Club – 972-335-3812           will be a very timely and interesting presentation. All interested pe rsons are invited to
 risco Gymnastics Center – 972-377-
                                            For additional information, please email,

 risco Housing Authority

 risco Humane Society – 972-498-8980        NEW - Frisco Square Announces F ISD Poste r Contest:

 risco Independent School District –
469-633-6000                                Frisco Square announced a poster contest for Frisco ISD students to p romote the
                                            upcoming Arts in the Square event on March 5 & 6, 2011.
 risco Kiwanis Club
                                            FISD teachers will have an Entry Application for interested students in grades K-12. A
                                            jury of Fine Artists and art teachers will select the winner from the best 80 entries
 risco Lacrosse Association                 received from the students. Grades are grouped into four groups and the winner of
                                            each group will receive a $100 U.S. Savings Bond and that entry will be featured in the
 risco Lion‘s Club – 972-335-2487           poster for the 2011 Arts in the Square festival. Selected entries will be exhibited in
                                            Frisco Square on January 15 and published in a "AITS Winners Circle" book. One copy
 risco Music Teachers Association           of the book will be donated to the Frisco Public Library. Additional copies of the book
                                            will be sold to benefit the Frisco Education Foundation. All entries must be delivered to
                                            the offices of Frisco Square Development, 8874 Coleman Blvd., Frisco, TX 75034
 risco Neighborhood Watch                   between the hours of 3 and 5PM before December 1, 2010. Entry questions should be
                                            directed to Visit for
 risco Pack 142                             updates and information about Arts in the Square 2011.

 risco Parents of Multiples                 Arts in the Square is an annual juried show where artists compete in fifteen categories.
                                            Both visual and performing arts, along with Texas -style fun, activities for children of all
                                            ages and live, local entertainment are included in the two-day event. Admission is free.
 risco Police Department – 972-292-
                                            Frisco Square is a pedestrian-friendly, urban experience that blends shopping, dining,
                                            office space, apartment living, town homes, park space and Frisco's city Hall and
 risco Police Officers‘ Wives Association   Library. Located in the heart of Frisco at the southeast corner of the Dallas North
                                            Tollway and Main Street, Frisco Square is directly across from Pizza Hut Park. Additional
 risco Post Office – 972-335-7453           information about Frisco Square and Arts in the Square is available at
                                   or through the Frisco Square information center at 469-633-
 risco Pride                                1721. Frisco Square is on Facebook and there's a Frisco Square iPhone app, too.
                                            Receive Tweets about Frisco Square at
 risco Public Library

 risco Quilt Guild

 risco Republican Men‘s Club
                                            NEW – DBU Offe rs F ree Information Session:
 risco Republicans – 972-335-9176

 risco Residents of Color                   On Tuesday, September 28, at 5:45 p.m. Dallas Baptist University will host a free
                                            Information Session at DBU Frisco. The Information Session will involve a discussion on
                                            DBU's masters and bachelors degrees. You can earn an entire bachelors degree in
                                            Communication, Psychology, Business Administration, and Management, as well as, a
 risco Rotary Club – 972-701-2801        Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Arts in Management, Master of
                                         Education, Master of Education in School Counseling, Master of Arts in Counseling, and
 risco RoughRiders                       Master of Arts in Christian Education at DBU Frisco. The information session will be held
                                         at DBU Frisco at the corner of Warren and Internet in Hall Office Park (3211 Internet
                                         Blvd, Suite 100, Frisco, TX 75034). If you have any questions or would like to reserve a
 risco Soccer Association – 972-712-     seat please contact DBU Frisco at (214) 333-5777 or You can also
                                         go to the following link:

 risco Square

 risco Sunrise Rotary

 risco Swim Team

 risco Thunder Professional Football

                                         NEW - The Rea l Estate Investor Tip of the Wee k:
 risco Veterans of Foreign Wars Post
#8273 – 972-712-5611

 risco Women‘s League – 972-712-8890

 risco/Plano Christian Women‘s Club –

 risco Youth Volleyball Leagues

Hall Office Park

Heritage Association of Frisco – 972-

Heroes for Children – 214-256-5824                              The Real Estate Investor Tip of the Week
                                                                      Submitted by: Zeke Zucaro
nside Collin County Business
                                                    “Buy When There’s Blood In The Streets” Baron Rothschild
                                                         “Even When It’s Your Own” A really smart guy
KittiCo Cat Rescue – 214-826-6903
                                         Yahoo Headline: August 24, 2010
 abrador Retriever Rescue of North
Texas                                    Low prices and rates can't slow fall in home sales
                                         Low mortgage rates and prices fail to stop home sales from s inking to weakest in 15
 egacy Christian Academy                 years

                                         "The housing market is undermining the already faltering wider economic recovery,"
 ewisville Independent School District
                                         said Paul Dales, U.S. economist with Capital Economics. "With the increasingly
                                         inevitable double-dip in prices yet to come, things could yet get a lot worse."
Meals on Wheels – 972-562-6996
                                         Elphinstone reported from New York.
Miracle League of Frisco

MOMS Club of Frisco – East Central       Economy Caught in Depression, Not Recession: Rosenberg
Chapter – 972-712-1789                   Published: Tuesday, 24 Aug 2010 | 11:23 AM ET
                                         By: Jeff Cox
                                Staff Writer
MOMS Club of Frisco – South Chapter –
214-336-8001                             Rosenberg calls current economic conditions "a depression, and not just some garden-
                                         variety recession."
MOMS Club of Frisco – SE Chapter –
214-227-2418                             The dour outlooks come on the same day that the National Association of Realtors said
                                         home sales reached a 15-year low in June, dousing hopes that the industry had
MOMS Club of Frisco – SW Chapter –       reached a bottoming point.
469-384-8002                             Wall Street Journal Online: AUGUST 24, 2010

MOMS Club of Frisco – West Central       Plunge in Home Sales Stokes Economy Fears
Chapter                                  By SUDEEP REDDY And NICK TIMIRAOS

                                         U.S. home sales plummeted in July to a level not seen in more than a decade, spurring
MOMS Club of Frisco – West Chapter –
                                         fears of renewed weakness in housing prices and the broader economy.
                                         The number of unsold homes on the market grew by 2.5% to nearly four million in                          July. At the current sales pace, it would take 12.5 months to clear that inventory, the
                                         highest level in more than a decade.
Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) – 972-
668-7458                                 "Most Men Live Lives Of Quiet Desperation" Henry David Thoreau

                                         "Let The World Hear You Scream!" Zeke Zucaro
National Alliance on Mental Illness of
Collin County – 214-509-0085
                                         The signs are clear. The blood is flowing. More than likely some of that blood is your
                                         own. I can tell you some of that blood is Megan‘s and mine. I can also tell you that we
Newcomer Friends of Greater Plano        have never stopped buying houses. Even when we were brought to our knees in a
                                         slaughter that was no fault of our own, still we kept buying.
North Collin County Habitat for
Humanity ReStore – 972-548-9112          There is one way out of this me ss and it is forward. Now is the time to buy and help
                                         yourself, and help your neighbor. Count yourself lucky if you escaped the bloodletting,
North Dallas Newcomers and Friends       but do not miss your opportunity, neigh your obligation.

                                                               Now: Get off the Couch and Buy A HOUSE!
North Texas Tollway Authority – 214-
                                         Zeke Zucaro is Full Time Real Estate Entrepreneur and National Speaker an d Trainer on
                                         Real Estate Investing. You can see more of Zeke at
OU Club of Collin County – 972-797-

Overeaters Anonymous – 972-832-5263

Play Pals – 972-839-0312                 UPDATED - Vendors Wanted for Holiday Bazaa r:

Prosper Independent School District
                                         Now accepting vendor registrations for the 9 th Annual Ladies Auxiliary Holiday Bazaar
                                         on Saturday, October 23, 2010 at St. Francis of Assisi, Frisco TX. Additional
Radio Free Frisco                        information and vendor registration forms are available on our website at
Senior Center at Frisco Square – 972-

SPCA of Texas – 972-562-7387

Speak Up – Frisco Toastmasters Group –
                                         Ninth Annua l Mother Son Dance: an “All Sta r Evening”:

Stonewall Democrats of Collin County     Put on your dancing shoes! It‘s time for the 9th Annual Mother Son Dance which will be
                                         held Saturday, October 9. The location has not been set at this time, but it will be an
Texas Democratic Women of Collin         ―All Star Evening‖ of great music, dancing and light refreshments. Participants are
County                                   encouraged to come dressed formal or in their favorite sports attire.

Texas Tornado Hockey                     Tickets for this memorable evening go on sale Sa turday, August 27 at 8 a.m. Tickets
                                         are $12 per person (both mother and son need a ticket) and may be purchased online
                                         at or in person at the Frisco Athletic Center located at 5828 Nancy                        Jane Ln. at the following times:

Toastmasters Club of Frisco – 972-712-   Monday through Friday 5 a.m. – 9 p.m.
4611                                     Saturday, 6:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.
                                         Sunday, 11 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

                                         All tickets purchased online must be picked up at the Frisco Athletic Center by 7 p.m.
Visual Arts Guild of Frisco                  on Friday, October 8. Tickets may be purchased fo r either of the two dance times;
                                             however, you must attend the dance time for which you purchase tickets.
Volunteer Center of North Texas
                                             5:30 – 7 p.m. (ages four to seven)
                                             7:30 – 9 p.m. (ages eight to 12)
Voter Registration Information – Collin
                                             In order to purchase tickets online, you must have an account with a Login ID and
                                             Password set-up in advance. If you already have an account, but have forgotten your
Voter Registration Information – Denton      Login ID and Password or if you need to create an account, log on to
County                             , choose the ‗Classes and Athletics‘ tab and click on the eFun
                                             registration link. Scroll down and follow the instructions on how to get started. It may
Women Encouraging Business – 972-            take up to 48 hours to receive a Login ID and Password once a new account has been
335-9522                                     requested. Please call 972-292-6600 if you have any questions regarding your account.

                                             Photo packages to capture the memories of the evening for you and your son will be
Word of Mouth Productions
                                             available at the event for $22 (payable at the event, cash or check only). The packages
                                             include two 5x7 prints and eight wallet-size photos presented in a customized folder.
WOVI-Frisco: Women of Visionary              Participants are encouraged to arrive early for these portraits.
nfluence – 469-252-4528
                                             For more information about this event, visit our website at or email
Young Life Frisco – 972-424-6339   

Churches and other Places of
Worship in and around Frisco                 Frisco High School STARS Da nce Team Holiday Bazaar:

One of the wonderful things about Frisco
s the many diverse religions you can         The FHS STARS Booster Club is now accepting applications from vendors for its annual
 ind. If your Church is not listed, please   STAR Bazaar scheduled at Frisco High School on November 6th. Vendors, please
  ontact us so we can list it and continue   contact Terri Haarala at for an application and further
 o maintain the most comprehensive list      information.

Apostolic Temple – 972-712-5673

Alter Church of Frisco – 214-733-3069
                                             DF W Pug Rescue Club Indoor Garage Sa le:
Assembly of God Cornerstone
Community Church – 972-335-4704              Saturday Aug 28 from 8-3 at Funtime Bingo Hall at 628 W. Pipeline Rd in Hurst. All
                                             proceeds benefit the pugs and help to pay our vet bills. We will have toys, clothes,
C3 TrueNORTH Church – 469-287-5063           furniture, tvs, books, and much more!!!

Celebration Covenant – 214-387-9833

Central Christian Church – 972-377-

                                             NEW - Auditions for "Forever Plaid" (30's-40's Welcome to Audition,
Church of God in Christ – 972-377-3649

Church of Living Stones – 972-335-3499
                                             Directed by Stephanie Wulfe Epstein; Music Director Mary Medrick; Produced by
Community Christian Fellowship – 469-        Howard Korn
                                             Auditions are Sunday, August 29, 2010, 4:00PM - 7:00PM in the JO Performance Hall
Compass Christian Church – 972-335-          on the campus of the University of Texas – Dallas (between Waterview Parkway and N.
                                             Floyd Road, north of W. Campbell Road)
                                             Map and directions:

Cornerstone Baptist Church – 972-335-
1974                                        Seeking four male singers portraying characters in their 20‘s; One tenor, two baritones
                                            and one bass singer. Experience singing written harmony parts essential;
Cornerstone Christian Reformed Church       Quartets welcome.
– 469-362-7844
                                            Bring headshots and resumes, if available.
Cornerstone Community Assembly –
                                            Bring sheet music in your key--one ballad and one upbeat showing lots of personality.
                                            Be prepared to move.
                                            Be prepared to sing 16 bars of ‗50s type songs.
Cornerstone Community Church – 972-         Accompanist will be provided. There will also be cold readings from the script.
                                            Call 972-370-2266 or email for an appointment time.
Crossroads Community Church – 972-
712-0582                                    Performance Dates: October 15, 16, 22 and 23 at 8:00PM; October 17 and 24 at
                                            Venue: Frisco Black Box Theatre (a brand new facility, this will be our opening show)
Crosswalk Community Church
                                            Rehearsals begin Tuesday, 9/7/10, and will generally be Monday through Thursday
Destiny‘s Place Ministries – 972-712-       Load in to the theater will be 10/11; tech. 10/12 and 10/13; dress rehearsal 10/14.
1130                                        Stipends will be paid to the performers.

 aithbridge Presbyterian – 972-377-         Synopsis: In the ‗50s, close harmony groups such as The Ames Brothers, The Four
9560                                        Aces, The Four Lads and others were very popular. Many singers wanted to emulate
                                            them. This show is about one such fictitious group. In 1964, the up-and-coming male
 ellowship of Frisco – 972-335-1700         harmony group called The Plaids were killed in a car accident. Now, 46 years later,
                                            they are allowed to come back from the other side to do the one big con cert they never
                                            got to do in life. ―Forever Plaid‖ is that concert. They sing the songs they knew then,
 irst Baptist Church of Frisco – 972-335-
                                            of course, a couple of dozen pop hits from the ‗50s and early‘60s that have been
                                            delighting audiences for years.

 irst Pentecostal Church – 972-292-

 irst United Methodist – 972-335-4380

 our Corners Church – 972-867-3000          NEW – Star Children’s Cha rity Sta r Winter Ball:

 risco Bible Church – 972-335-8150
                                            Celebrity Studded Auction and Glamorous Evening Benefiting the Children Of Collin
 risco Church of Christ – 972-335-2118
                                            Star Children‘s Charity kicks-off its third annual Star Winter Ball ―The Magic of the
 risco Community Bible Church – 469-        ORIENT EXPRESS 2010 Star Winter Ball‖ to be held on Saturday, No vember 13, 2010
362-5588                                    at the Embassy Suites Hotel Frisco. The fall social season culminates with The Star
                                            Winter Ball offering a year-end opportunity to support the nonprofit agencies that
 risco Community Fellowship – 972-          contribute to the critical needs of children in the areas of health, safety, shelter and
668-3696                                    violence within our communities.

                                            Not to be disappointed this year, Star Winter Ball returns with an international flair and
 risco Masjid – 972-898-8691
                                            inspiration from the ORIENT EXPRESS journey which brings decades of sophistication
                                            and exclusive access to legendary destinations such as Vienna, Istanbul, London, Hong
 risco Trails Fellowship Bible Church –     Kong, Venice, Paris and Monte Carlo. The evening will full of illusions with the
972-731-5999                                entertainment of Magicians of the Year, ―Kalin & Jinger‖ The Greatest Magic Shows on
                                            Earth with riveting surprises to amaze the audience. Guests will travel through
Genesis Metro – 469-450-6277                destination vignettes to experience the world within the Star Winter Ball including a
                                            chef-inspired dinner, open bar, silent and live auction and end of evening, memorable
Grace Avenue United Methodist – 972-        casino and dancing Monte Carlo style.
                                            The annual Star tickets are completely chic with a His & Hers Vespa Scooters presented
                                            by Vespa. Tickets are only $50 each or 3 for $100. Star tickets are available online .
Grace Church – 469-633-9104
                                            QUICK LINKS:
Grace Pointe – 972-292-3174                 Purpose of Star Children‘s Charity
                                            2010 Star Winter Ball Digital Overview
Hamilton Chapel Baptist Church – 972-       2010 Star Winter Ball Sponsors (listed below)
377-3348                                   Live Auction Highlights
                                                  Once in a lifetime trip for 2 to Sienna and Florence, Italy hosted by chef Ante
Harvest Church International – 214-                Hajduk of Isabella‘s
632-4581                                          2 Superbowl XV Tickets and Game Day Events
                                                  2010 Masters Golf Tournament Package
                                                  Trip on the Orient Express
Higher Dimensions – 214-551-3078
                                                  Authentic Breitling Experience with an aerobatic plane ride and a Breitling
Hope Fellowship – 972-377-8855

glesia Buenas Nuevas – 972-712-0946        Collin County community leaders gathered to organize this significant benefit. The Star
                                           Winter Ball chair is Ronelle Ianace supported by committee members: Doug Bartek,
                                           Mellie Baggett & Tracy Cavender, Jean Callison, David Downs, Pam Hatchard, Marlene
Kingdom Life Christian Center – 214-
                                           Kamholz, Amanda Rogers, Cindy Sutley, Justine Sweeney, Stacy Urtso accompanied by
                                           the advisory committee of co-founders, Michelle Brennan Hall and Linda S. Paulk.

 ebanon Baptist Church – 972-377-3348      SPONSORS: Emerald ($25,000) First Private Bank and Gleneagles Country Club Ruby
                                           ($10,000) Doug and Jodi Bartek, Brennan Financial Services, Haynes and Boone, LLP,
 egacy Presbyterian Church – 972-464-      Neiman Marcus Willow Bend and Southwest Airlines. Additional sponsors include:
8765                                       Bachendorf‘s, Capital Title & Willow Bend Mortgage – Bill Shaddock Companies, Nora
                                           and Joey Carter, Collin Bank, Granite Properties, Michelle and Jeff Hall, IBB Design Fine
 iberty Baptist Church – 972-625-3546      Furnishings, Isabella‘s Italian Restaurant, JCPenney, Marian and Jim Lockey, Newman
                                           Village, Peckham Custom Builders, Sunjack Counsulting, LP, Challenger Freight
                                           Systems, Crozier and Henderson Productions, Gittings Photography, Grand Luxe
 ife-Changing Faith Christian Fellowship
                                           Magazine, The Jan Richey Team, Keller Williams, Sambuca 360 and Sweeney Media
– 214-387-8040

 ife Fellowship of Frisco – 214-886-7810   About Star Children’s Charity:
                                           Star Children’s Charity is a philanthropic leadership organization dedicated to advancing
 iving Waters Family Worship Center –      the well being of children in Collin County Star members, donors and sponsors raise
214-387-9602                               significant funds annually to support the beneficiary nonprofits that serve the needs of
                                           children in Collin County: Children’s Medical Center, City Hous e, Boys & Girls Club of
 iving Word Baptist Church – 469-362-      Collin County, Plano Children’s Medical Clinic, Crossroads Family Services, Texas Health
9010                                       Presbyterian Hospital SANE program, and The Samaritan Inn. Sponsorships and tickets
                                           are available now at

 one Star Baptist Church – 469-358-

Newstart Church of the Nazarene – 214-
                                           NEW - Thering Name d Re gional Assistant Princ ipal of the Yea r:
Northstar Church – 972-712-8282

Parkway Hills Baptist Church – 972-403-    Staley Middle School Assistant Principal Karie Thering has been named the Assistant
1010                                       Principal of the Year for Region 10 by the Texas Association of Secondary Sch ool
                                           Principals. She will be recognized at the 2011 TASSP Summer Workshop.
Praise Fellowship Worship Center – 214-
                                           Thering is a graduate of the University of Houston-Victoria. She began her education
                                           career in 2000 and has been with Frisco Independent School District since 2005. She is
                                           now eligible to apply for the state Assistant Principal of the Year award.
Preston Ridge Baptist Church – 972-

Preston Trail Community Church – 972-
                                           NEW – F ISD School De dication Ceremonies Sche duled:
Primera Iglesia Bautista De Frisco –
                                           FISD opened six new schools this month and the dedications are scheduled for Sundays
                                           through the fall. The dates are:
Providence Church – 469-362-1240
                                           September 12--Sonntag, 2 p.m. and Hunt, 4 p.m.
Rejoice Lutheran Church – 972-540-         September 19--Purefoy, 2 p.m. and Maus 4 p.m.
                                           October 3--Cobb, 2 p.m. and Lone Star, 4 p.m.

Revolution Ministries – 214-649-0623

Rock Hill Church of Christ – 972-346-
                                           NEW – F ISD Season Tic kets on Sa le at Athletic Office:
Shawnee Trail Church of Christ – 972-
377-9106                                   Varsity Football fans are urged to consider purchasing season tickets from th e FISD
                                           Athletic Office located at 6950 Stadium Lane. **All Season Pass** Adult-$75.00
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church –    Student-$50.00 are also available and are good for all High school and Middle school
972-712-2645                               athletic events EXCEPT Varsity Football. In addition, senior citizens may obtain a go ld
                                           card admission pass to FISD events from the Communications Office at 6942 Maple
St. Philips Episcopal Church – 214-387-    Street.

Stonebriar Church of Christ – 972-712-

Stonebriar Community Church – 469-         NEW - F ISD Largest Exemplary District in State:

Stonebridge United Methodist Church –      The Frisco School District received the highest rating of Exemplary from the Texas
972-335-2882                               Accountability rating system this summer. FISD is the largest of the 72 districts in the
                                           state to receive this rating using the absolute standard. This FISD‘s first time to be
Stonebrook Church of Christ – 214-705-     rated exemplary as a district, though many FISD campuses have achieved this rating.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day
Saints – 972-377-4724

The Journey – 214-529-8873                 NEW - Free Child Sa fety Seat Chec ks:

The Shawnee Trail Church of Christ –
972-377-9106                               Motor vehicle crashes in the United States are the leading cause of death for children
                                           ages three and older. One of the most important precautions parents and caregivers
Turning Point CMA Church – 469-733-        can take to protect their children while they are in a car is by properly installing and
3196                                       using child safety seats. For effectiveness, seats must be appropriate for the child‘s size
                                           and age.
United Pentecostal Church – 972-712-
                                           Complicated installation instructions and variations in method of installation between
                                           safety seat manufacturers can make proper installa tion confusing and difficult.
                                           Fortunately, experts who are trained to inspect the installation of child safety seats are
Water‘s Edge Lutheran Church – 972-        available to help.
                                           As part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration‘s Child Passenger Safety
Frisco Neighborhoods and                   Week, organizations and some police departments across the region are offering free
Homeow ner Associations:                   child safety seat inspections. Many of the locations require appointments. For a list of
                                           area safety seat check locations, visit or call your city police
 f your HOA or neighborhood is not
 sted, please contact us so we can list
t and continue to maintain the most
 omprehensive list available. For a map
of where each HOA is located, along
with contact information for each HOA,     NEW - 90th Anniversa ry Celebration of the 19th Ame ndme nt:
visit the City of Frisco HOA Directory

                                           Join us to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the 19th amendment giving women the
Autumn Park
                                           right to vote. This momentous event occurred on August 26, 1920, after 70 years of
                                           struggle by the suffragists.
Bella Casa
                            Saturday August 28, 2010 10 a.m. – noon at Haggard Park 901 East 15th Street -
Chapel Creek                downtown Plano.

                            Andrea White, wife of Mayor Bill White, candidate for Texas Governor, will speak on the
Cheyenne Crossing           importance of the women‘s vote this November.

Country Club Ridge          This is a family event – free and open to the public.

Coventry Oaks               Frozen snacks, drinks, face painting for the kids, a ladies Barbershop Quartet and
Creekside at Preston
                            Co-sponsored with the North Dallas Texas Democratic Women

Creekside at Stonebriar


Crown Ridge
                            NEW – Landscape Design/Deta il (Late August):
Custer Creek Farms
                            Submitted By: Glenn Everett Kopanski, United States Navy (Ret)

Cypress Creek

Dominion at Panther Creek

Eldorado Fairways

Estates on Legacy

 airfield Estates

 risco Fairways
                                                                 Glenn Kopanski
 risco Heights
                            First of all I wanted to touch on our lawns as this is a great time to look at the lawn
                            overall and look for any erosion. Right now with the intense heat and humidity our
 risco Square
                            lawns will begin to pull away from foundations, sidewalks and driveways. Pay particular
                            attention to this because if this is ignored all concrete sources will begin to crack and
Golden Gate Village         become a costly situation for you. It is best to be proactive and write down any issues
                            like this. What I recommend are soaker hoses around the foundation particularly but
Grayhawk                    for driveways and sidewalks I suggest keeping it as moist as you can and honestly
                            sprinkler systems w ill not do much good as each of your stations are set for a 10min
Griffin Parc                cycle. Instead buy a real sprinkler and attach it to the hose and on your water days set
                            the sprinkler down where it will reach your concrete surfaces, this will at least push
                            some soil back in place and now allow anymore to escape underneath the concrete,
Heather Ridge Estates       same goes with brick fences. This has become a critical situation for homeowners and
                            businesses as well. As far as your wood fences are concerned keep a close eye out on
Heritage Green              soil that is pulling away from your posts. If noted fill soil from another location and
                            water it by hose. Sprinkler systems will not help this out at all. Lawns have already
Heritage Lakes              begun their dormancy which is natural seeing as we have not had substantial rainfall in
                            4-6 weeks and temperatures have been over 100 30 or so days this summer. We are
                            setting ourselves in a drought let's hope it breaks this Fall/Winter if not next Spring we
Heritage Village
                            will be in a serious situation. You can water your lawn all day long and it will not make
                            a difference. What you can do is pull back on mowing to 7-10 day periods and/or raise
Hickory Springs             mower blades to a higher position. Doing otherwise your lawn is at risk of dying. I have
                            to say what I see around my home and that is some are setting their sprinkler systems
Hickory Street Village      on auto for mid afternoon. I can honestly say that lawn is at a high risk of permanent
                            damage and the likelihood of disease is very high. Use water systems at 5-6am in the
Hillcrest Estates           mornings. Watering at night can spread mold and disease especially with this extremely
                            high humidity we have had to endure this year. The key for now is to monitor the yard
                            and keep that record for later use or info. If you have a lawn service tell them to pull
                            back to 7-10 days and to raise the mower blades for now. One last thing so many tell
Hillcrest Highlands                   me and that is lawn companies and neighbors that are blowing debris into the streets
                                      or to their own neighbors lawns. I see this is becoming an issue and rightfully so. I
Hillcrest Lebanon/Cecile Place        have many neighbors that are having companies mowing their yards and I can honestly
                                      say I have myself confronted them about blowing the debris into another neighbor‘s
                                      home or into the street. What I recommend is to bring this up to your mowing Co's
Hillcrest Lebanon/Hillcrest Meadows   attention and address the owners not people mowing and tell them they are doing this
                                      even if it is happening to another‘s yard because if we stop this from the top down we
Hillcrest Lebanon/Smith Estates       can live as a community watching out for each other. Plus- blowing debris into the
                                      street will end up in sewers that can easily clog over time plus it makes our homes look
Hunters Creek                         bad. I hesitated to bring this up but the amount of callers plus my own experiences
                                      concerning this I feel it is time to address this and sadly while you‘re working they are
                                      doing this without you even knowing it, so if we all bring this to the companies
Kings Garden
                                      attention maybe they will change their ways and begin sweeping this debris up and
                                      taking it with them. Looking out for each other is what makes our communities strong
Kings Ridge                           and on a friendly basis.

 akes on Legacy - Lakehill            If you note your Trees are dropping leaves or wilting do not pan ic this is normal. Did
                                      you know Oaks and Maple Trees need to be planted at least 15 feet from your Home,
 akes on Legacy – The Lakes           Driveway and Sidewalks. It is true as these large Trees are Top-Root happy and can
                                      crack any concrete surface in little time after reaching to age 3-4. Choose smaller Trees
                                      for the backyard so they can be planted closer to your Patio. You know what I mean if
 akes on Legacy – The Villas
                                      your backyard faces to the west like mine. If you are in doubt on which Tree to select
                                      you can reach me at my home's email address given below at my signoff. I have many
 akes of Preston Vineyard             selections that are Texas friendly.

 onestar Ranch                        We are so late in the year I would not recommend spraying for pest. Most pests like
                                      Whiteflies, Beetles, armyworms etc have already lived past their life expectancies so do
Meadow Hill Estates                   not worry about this. Since our Trees are stressed and there is no rain in the forecast
                                      instead of depending on the sprinkler system to water your Trees consider laying a
                                      hose 1ft from the base and let it drip for one full hour. Dripping e nsures all water is
Northridge                            going to its source and not running off. If you have established Trees I do not
                                      recommend you have a drip system installed around Trees that size instead consider
Oakbrook Park                         what I recommended with the hose. Watering each Tree like this you are saving a
                                      fortune on water bills and saving our Lake levels which are beginning to drop
Panther Creek Estates                 substantially now and saves you your hard earned money.

                                      Most Perennial flowers have peaked their lifespan so if they are also very stressed I
Parkside Estates
                                      recommend pruning them to the ground anytime you want to and that will keep the
                                      garden looking clean and presentable however there is a possibility it could enhance
Pearson Farms                         new growth. Fall plants will be out in September. Mums and Pansies are favorites for
                                      planters and hanging basket. If you choose Mums I have a secret some I am sure
Plantation Estates                    already know but when you plant the Mum and the vivid color plays itself out prune the
                                      plant right to the ground leaving any new growth alone and you will get repeat blooms
Plantation Resort                     that can last into mid-late November and even later depending on Freeze periods. It is
                                      the killing frost that will kill them off however if you then prune it to the ground it is
                                      very likely you will see new plants growing next spring and while Mums are considered
Plantation Resort 2                   Annuals in Texas I tend to disagree.

Plantation Springs                    Last time I mentioned pulling out all old Mulch from your gardens raking the entire
                                      amount of mulch inside the bed. By doing this you will allow the ground underneath it
Prestmont                             to dry properly. Once it is dry you can scoop it right back into the bed and replace it all
                                      next spring or you can replace it when you decide to do that. I do highly recommend
                                      anyone who prefers mulch to do this because Shrubs and Tree bases tend to grow mold
Preston Estates
                                      and it is more likely to die. When you decide to replace your Mulch try and keep in
                                      mind to pull all Mulch from around the bases from all Trees/Shrubs and your Perennials
Preston Gables                        if you can, this ensures proper drying where air and sun can reach it. Also keep in mind
                                      too to prune all Shrubs and debris away from your home's foundation. The reason I say
Preston Glen                          that is you can begin to see what I call "Foundation and Brick Rot" where any sunshine
                                      we get cannot get to the foundation and brick under large Trees and Shrubs. I have
Preston Highlands                     assisted many residents by showing them what I mean by this. I do home visits if
                                      needed and can show the person how this can happen and in all cases it is because
                                      there are a lot of Bushes and Trees closer to the homes foundation and when I show
Preston Lakes/Lakes of Hillcrest      them what I mean by ROT they are amazed to see the Foundation and Brick crumble
                                      when I run my fingers on them. One thing we do not mess with in Texas are
                                      Foundations!!! You can reach me at my email address below if you need assistance.
Preston Manor
                                          Okay lastly before I give you my selections of the week I wanted to continue on each
Preston Oaks                              week with my imaginary garden. By giving you recommendations for a garden you can
                                          get ideas on how to prepare a garden that is very Texas friendly can take longer
                                          periods of drought and excessive heat waves and this garden is almost maintenance
Preston Ridge                             free which all like these days. So, I will lay it out for you and you can apply it from
                                          there. As I say a lot of get the kid's involved with this imaginary garden too. Teaching
Preston Trace Estates                     our next generation on how to respect our ecology and nature itself will ensure their
                                          children will have a world to live on just as we did. I push recycle of all trash inside the
Preston Vineyards North                   home but all debris from outside can be placed in manila recycle bags that can be
                                          purchased at all Lowe's - Home Depot stores and grocery stores, I buy Home Depot
                                          bags because they are larger, fill them and place them out on your trash day and they
Preston Vineyards IV
                                          turn it all into fresh mulch residents can go get anytime they want to. We need to teach
                                          children this because landfills are at their max these days.
Quail Meadow Village
                                          Okay here is this week's imaginary garden. Creating an island which you can design as
Queen‘s Gate                              a circle or my favorite digging out the soil and shaping it like a peanut. You can have
                                          concrete curbing placed which is inexpensive or you can place railroad ties. Another
Red Bud Estates                           idea is to buy some small rocks the size of basketballs in whatever shape you pick out.
                                          All these listed can be bought up on 380 heading towards McKinney. There are
                                          numerous places up there that sell all types of materials for your garden edges. Placing
Russwood Acres
                                          any of these 3in below the ground will keep creeping grass from the lawn fro m slipping
                                          underneath your edgers. Dig the garden down 3-4 inches get all grass roots and place
Saddlebrook Village                       bags of play sand then put your top soil in and then comes the fun part picking plants.
                                          With a figure 8 garden or peanut shaped I would then plant 2 Trees one in the middle
Shaddock Creek                            of each side of the garden. My suggestion is to plant small Trees like an Australian Pine
                                          Tree which is slow growing forming itself into a pyramidal shape at full age is 40ft on
Shenandoah Village/Villages of            the other end place a Purple leaf Plum which is striking in the spring showing off its
Stonebriar Park                           clusters of Pink flowers and at full age is 20ft. Next place a few larger boulders in
                                          various parts of the garden. Place a few Indian Hawthorne's where you feel is a good
                                          location each get to 10in high and bursts with its pink flowers in Spring. You then want
Shepherds Hill                            a good red colored plant to mix in and gives a varied color throughout the garden and
                                          that would be a few Burning bushes which is striking in the Spring and Fall with Red
Starwood                                  flower heads. Place a few Dward Japanese garde Juniper which is a groundcover placing
                                          a few close to those boulders it will be striking in a year or so with deep green colors
Sterling Ranch                            and spreading out some 2-3ft. Placing a few Loriape Grasses ensures a deep green
                                          type foliage with deep purple flowers as well. Lastly let's think perennial‘s and my
                                          recommendations to finish this garden would be Blanket flowers, whirling butterflies
Stewart Creek Estates
                                          and or wall flowers. Once this has all been done then place mulch or rock into your new
                                          I hope that imaginary garden sounds as easy as I could put it for you. I want us all to
Stonebriar Country Club Estates           know adding in your own attitude to your Landscape can be self-rewarding and
                                          something to be proud of and brings attention to your neighborhood a great breaker to
Stonebriar Creek Estates                  meeting neighbors and for all to know this type of gardening increases the value of
                                          your home. If anyone is ever interested in seeing my islands and gardens please feel
                                          free to call on me and I would be happy to show you how an imaginary garden can look
Stonebriar Village                        like. Now for my selections of the Week:

Stonelake Estates                         Tree of the Week: Aristocrat Flowering Pear - This pick is a Pyramidal deciduous Tree
                                          that grows dark green shimmering leaves that makes its distinct from others like it. Fall
Stonelake Estates West                    color brings you a bright yellow to red. Massives of white flowers in early spring will
                                          turn heads making it an ornamental type Tree. Height:30ft Spread: 15ft.
Stonebrook Estates
                                          Shrub of the Week: Old-Fashioned Lilac - This Shrub is best known for its striking
                                          purple bluish lavender flowers that bring a fragrant smell to the garden. Height: 15ft
The Chase at Stonebriar                   Spread: 10ft.

The Creeks on Coit                        Perennial of the Week: Blazing Star Gayfeather - Tall Rose lavender-purple or white
                                          flower spikes will attract many of my favorite Hummingbirds. It's upright position adds
The Enclave at Stonebriar Creek Estates   vertical effect in your garden. No Height/Spread noted.

                                          All of the plants and trees I gave you in this column are very drought and heat tolerant.
The Trails of West Frisco                 We must begin to think on these terms as frequent drought and intense heat over the
                                          last 10 years has forced us to think this way anything else is costly and can truly be a
The Village at Frisco Lakes                 test to us all. Most Landscape plants have gotten expensive over the years and I hate
                                            to see anyone spend that kind of money not knowing what will happen once it is
The Villas/Lakes on Legacy                  planted. We are located in "ZONE 7" so look for that when you are shopping for plants.
                                            If I can be of any assistance please email me at my home:
                                   Watch the hours you are watering and adjust to the 5-
The Vintage/Lakes on Legacy                 7am timeframe. 10min per station is enough to sustain what is alive and remembering
                                            the less your lawn is watered the healthier it is so once a week one inch per station will
Townhomes of Tuscany Square                 sustain your lawn. I recommend watering Tree-Shrubs and Flowers by hose is
                                            recommended because sprinkler systems are just not enough for them. Keeping our
Turnbridge Manor                            City Trash Free is appreciated by all. We have a very active and growing City we can all
                                            be proud of. Treating each person with dignity and respect is what we need to do,
                                            saying hello to anyone is honorable and assisting a Disabled Person/Veteran is always a
Tuscany Meadows
                                            great thing to do for each of them. From the horse's mouth here it is appreciated.
                                            Being in two wars we as Americans need to learn how to love ourselves again, doing so
Villages of Hillcrest                       means we are still a strong country and we care for each other. I cannot help myself to
                                            add in comments like these because I love America and I love the people we have in it,
Villages of Lake Brook Farms                I fought for that in combat myself so let's try to show each other we truly do care, we
                                            are unique and the world should take note and maybe one day we can all live in Peace
Villages of Stonebriar Park                 amongst each other.

                                            Take Care All & God Bless each of you, My Best, Glenn
Villages of Willow Bay

Waterford Falls

Westfalls Village
                                            NEW – 2010 USA Cycling Maste rs Track Nationa l Championships:
Willow Pond

                                            The 2010 USA Cycling Masters Track National Championships at the Superdrome
Windsor Place
                                            Velodrome in Frisco, Texas, September 1-5. Approximately 400 riders and their families
                                            are expected to attend. The Superdrome is an Olympic-style track cycling venue and
Woodstream Hills                            one of only three 250 meter wood surfaced velodromes in the United States. The track
                                            is built upon a specially designed steel frame structure with banking of 44 degrees at
                                            the steepest points and has a technologically advanced non-skid surface for safety and
                                            ease of use. The Superdrome was completely resurfaced in spring 2009.
About Matt Lafata:
                                            Visit for more information.
Matt Lafata and his wife Erika share six
  hildren between the two of them. In
 anuary 1999, Mr. Lafata moved to
  risco from Gloucester, MA. Matt has
helped build several successful
businesses for more than 20 years. A        NEW - 9/11 Gala to ra ise money for new Collin County animal she lter:
ong-time business consultant,
entrepreneur and human resources
professional, he is the Vice-President of   "Give A Dog A Home", presented by Collin County Humane Society takes place 9/11
Sales & Marketing w ith the Frisco-based    from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. in the 46th floor Atrium at City Place. Cocktail hour starts at 7
HR strategy and technology consulting       p.m. with yummy vegetarian appetizers, drinks and live music by International Country
 irm HRchitect. Previously, Matt was an     Music Star Jolie Holliday. A silent auction opens at 7 p.m. as well, and features vacation
Executive Vice-President of a computer      packages (Africa!), shark cage diving, tickets to the Oprah Winfrey show, tickets to the
  oftware company where he was              2011 Music Awards in LA, elaborate gift baskets, salon packages, restaurant gift
 esponsible for corporate development,      certificates, a suite for a Cowboy's game, a suite for a Maverick's game, signed sports
marketing, sales, product development       memorabilia, jewelry, and more. Featured speakers Fred Sanderson and Arthur
and more. He studied finance and            Benjamin and a delicious, three-course, vegetarian dinner round out the evening.
business management at Salem State
College in Salem, Massachusetts.            100% of the proceeds will go towards building a new animal shelter in Collin County.
                                            CCHS hopes to raise more than 2 million dollars over the next few years and begin
                                            construction on the new shelter in 2012 - 2014. Preliminary plans include a glass-
Matt Lafata has been involved in            walled, cage-free cat room and an adoption suite to showcase adoptable dogs as well
numerous organizations throughout           as a grooming suite, dog park and boarding facility designed to provide on -going
 risco in the last 11 years. As a former    revenue. While plans are for Collin County Humane Society to remain primarily foster-
 wo-term Frisco City Council Member, he     based, the shelter will provide much-needed exposure for dogs and cats in their
s or has been involved in the following…    adoption program. CCHS already does around 50 adoptions each month and with the
                                            new facility that number is expected to double.
      Former Deputy Mayor Pro Tem         Tickets are $100 and include two drink tickets, appetizers, three course meal with wine
       on the Frisco City Council          service, validated parking, and a parting gift. Seating is limited. Tickets must be
      Former Planning & Zoning            purchased in advance and are available online. Sponsorship opportunities are still
       Commissioner                        available.
      Graduate of Leadership Frisco
      2005 recipient of the ―21           For more information, email Tressa at
       Leaders of the 21 st Century‖ by
       Inside Collin County Business
      Graduate of the Frisco Citizen‘s
       Police Academy
      Youth sports coach                  NEW – High School Students have until Se ptembe r 17 to a pply for
      Past board member for the           Congressiona l Youth Advisory Council:
       Frisco Family Services Center
      St. Francis of Assisi Knights of
       Columbus Member                     Recently, U.S. Congressman Sam Johnson (3rd Dist.-Texas) officially launched the
      Member of the Frisco Heritage       2010-2011 Congressional Youth Advisory Council (CYAC) when he invited students in
       Association                         the Third District to apply for the distinguished group. The CYAC is open to high school
      Member of the Frisco Area           freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors who are enrolled in public, private and
       Children‘s Theatre                  home schools. Applications for the CYAC can be found in the student section on
      Member of the Frisco Association Students have until Friday, September 17th to apply.
       for the Arts
      Member of the Frisco                ―As a former Prisoner of War in Vietnam for nearly seven years, more than half of that
       Community Theatre                   time in solitary confinement, I take the bounty of America and service to this country
      Community Advisory Board            very seriously. America‘s democracy and liberty – and the many blessings that come
       member for the Frisco Women‘s       with them – like freedom of speech and the freedom to vote – were bought with a
       League                              price. People all over the world do not enjoy these same blessings. I encourage young
      Friends of the Frisco Public        people to cherish them and thrive by loving and serving America and your community
       Library Member                      with all of your heart. Making your voice heard on the CYAC is one way to do that,‖ said
      Board member for the Frisco         Johnson. Johnson created the Council in 2004 to gain insight from students in his
       Square Municipal Management         district and to inspire civic-minded young adults to achieve their full potential.
      City of Frisco Technology           The Council meets approximately twice each school semester in the Third District.
       Committee member                    During the CYAC activities, high-achieving students explore the role citizens,
      City of Frisco Budget and Audit     lawmakers, experts, and institutions play in a democracy. To apply for the CYAC,
       subcommittee member                 students must submit the completed application form, a letter of parental permission, a
      Tax Increment Finance board         current photo for identification purposes only, a short personal essay and two letters of
       member                              recommendation. Selections are based on leadership ability, academic performance,
      Co-Director of the Mrs. Texas       extra-curricular activities and community service. Students must apply (and re -apply)
       United States Pageant               for the CYAC each year and may only serve on the Council two o f four years between
      Honorary Chair for World AIDS       grades 9-12 to ensure as many students may participate as possible. To be considered,
       Day 2007 in Collin County           the completed application must be submitted to Johnson‘s office no later than
      PR Committee for the 2008 Boys      September 17th.
       and Girls Club of Collin County

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While we applaud the anti-spam
ndustry for removing the plethora of         Hall Office Park and the building that was selected exceeded GENBANDs needs in every
unwanted email from many of our              way, providing an optimal location, Class A building quality, an ideal corporate business
mailboxes, from time to time, some           park setting, flexibility for future growth, and high visibility with top of building signage,
egitimate email publications are             says Baron Aldrine, senior vice president at CB Richard Ellis. Jim Gandy and Nancy
mistaken as unwanted.                        Windham with the Frisco Economic Development Corporation and the City of Frisco also
                                             played a huge role in attracting GENBAND to Frisco. We are very pleased with the way
Sometimes, this results in our mailings      all parties were able to come together under a tight timeframe. CBRE is proud to share
bouncing back, with requests for us to       a partnership with such a great, dynamic company as GENBAND.
 espond to challenge/response
messages to prevent future filtering.        The GENBAND corporate headquarters move is being facilitated by the Frisco Economic
However, due to the size of our list, it‘s   Development Corporation.
nearly impossible for us handle the
volume of such requests.                     The GENBAND relocation is a big win for Frisco, said Jim Gandy, president, Frisco
                                             Economic Development Corporation. As a significant employer with a technology focus,
To that end, please realize that we want     the companys profile is right in-line with one of the Citys target clusters for
our readers to always anticipate and         development. We are seeing corporate activity getting more serious with several of our
enjoy the valuable information that this     prospects closer to making final decisions to relocate.
 ommunity newsletter delivers.
                                             Completed in 2001, 2801 Network Boulevard totals 200,000 square feet of Class A
 f you currently use an anti-spam            space in eight stories with a covered parking garage. The buildings two -story lobby
program or service, we ask that you          features high-end finishes and contemporary artwork by well-known international
 ake just a minute or two to add this        artists. With the addition of GENBAND, the building will be 92 percent leased.
newsletter to your “safe” or
permitted email sender list. This            ABOUT GENBAND
usually involves simply adding our
 ending address to your whitelist,           GENBAND is a global leader of IP applications, switching and service solutions. The
 afelist, or list of privileged senders.     company offers the industry‘s most comprehensive, open, standards -based switching
This is commonly known as whitelisting       portfolio, with products deployed in over 600 customer networks and two -thirds of the
a publication. Simply add the email          worlds marquee service provider networks spanning more than 80 countries. GENBAND
addresses of,            is headquartered in Plano, Texas, has legal entities in nearly 50 countries and operates, and                   product, sales and service Centers of Excellence globally. To learn more, visit GENBAND                     on the web at

 If you wish to be removed from
 this ne wsletter, please send an
email or visit
                                             NEW - Pla no Family Fina lists in Pop-Ta rts $25,000 Contest:

                                             The Morris Family will attend the Live Winner Announcement at Pop-Tarts World in
                                             Times Square on 9/1 as 1 of 4 finalists who have a chance to win $25,000.

                                             Sarah Morris and her family entered the Kellogg's Pop-Tarts "$25,000 FUNd Contest"
                                             and were notified on Friday that they are one of the contest's four finalists.

                                             The Pop-Tarts FUNd Contest asked for video submissions (via Facebook) that depict a
                                             family's idea for bringing FUN to families in their community. Sarah entered her video
where she and her family described This Side Up! Family FUN Center, a non -profit place
for moving families from surviving to thriving, that she is hoping to open in Plano,
Texas in early 2011. If they win, they will use the $25,000 prize to help start the
center, which will serve the community by providing parenting education and FUN
values-focused ENTERTAINMENT for the whole family!

Pop-Tarts has awarded the Morris Family a trip to New York City that includes tickets,
hotel and transportation money. They will travel from 8/31-9/2 to attend the Live
Winner Announcement event at the new Kellogg's Pop-Tarts World Store in Times
Square on Wednesday, 9/1.

Pop-Tarts has been bringing fun to families for a very long time and through this
contest they hope to help families across America see the need for more fun in their
lives. This Side Up! Family FUN Center has also recognized that same need in our loca l
area. So, with these common focuses of providing FUN for FAMILIES perhaps a $25,000
"pop" in the right direction is just the right mix!

NEW - Potte ry Ba rn Kids at Stonebria r Centre presents story time
every Tuesday in September:

Special Batman™ story time with stories, activities Tuesdays, August 31 and
September 7

With the bigger kids back in school, little ones and their parents/caregivers are invited
to join story time every Tuesday in September at Pottery Barn Kids at Stonebriar
Centre. The free fun starts at 11:00 a.m. with 30 minutes of reading favorite children‘s

On Tuesdays, August 31 and September 7, Pottery Barn Kids at Stonebriar Centre
celebrates the Caped Crusader™ with a special Batman™ story time that includes
giveaways, activities and stories.

September story times are schedules for four Tuesday in the month, including
September 7, 14, 21 and 28. Story Time is free and reservations are not necessary.
Parents/caregivers must remain with children during Story Time.

Children will receive an official Book Club Card at their first Story Time, and the Card is
stamped for each attendance. When the Card has five stamps, Pottery Barn Kids will
issue the cardholder a $10 coupon that can be used in the store.

Pottery Barn Kids is located on the upper level near the main entrance of Stonebriar

NEW – Frisco Convention & Visitors Bureau Launces iPhone App:

Quick, Scannable Content Is Perfect for a Traveler’s On-the-Go Lifestyle

The ultimate source to discover what‘s next and new in Frisco has arrived! The
VisitFrisco iPhone App provides a solution for enhancing a visitor‘s experiences with a
free download at the iPhone App Store.

The enticing, slide your way through VisitFrisco iPhone App instantly connects to
events, hotels, restaurants and shopping information for those who are looking for
something to do, a place to stay, shop or eat. It‘s like a go-to guide at your fingertips,
and it‘s also handy for Frisco residents looking for things to do in town.

CVB Executive Director, Marla Roe, says, ―We continue to look to technology to help
increase awareness of the great attributes Frisco has, and the VisitFrisco iPhone App is
a great tool to do just that!‖ Compatible with any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with
operating system version 3.1.3 or higher, the application was designed by Single
Serving Media of Frisco.

Founded in 2003, the Frisco, Texas, CVB has grown in tandem with the extensive
growth of leisure travel, sports, and meeting facilities in the area. It‘s our mission to
generate a positive awareness of Frisco as a premiere destination for meetings,
sporting events, conventions, trade shows, and leisure travel and to positively impact
the economic base of the City of Frisco. For more information, visit our website or call 877-GO-FRISCO.

NEW - Smithsonian Institution Donates Ra re Locomotive to Texas

The Museum of the American Railroad has added a rare diesel locomotive fromthe
Smithsonian Institution to its permanent collection. The model PA-1 locomotive will join
the museum's Historic Santa Fe Railway Collection, which comprises several other
prized pieces from the line. Built by the American Locomotive Company (ALC O) of
Schenectady, NY, the locomotive is one of a handful of its type still in existence.
The Smithsonian unit is a rare survivor of the PA-1 design. It was delivered to the
Santa Fe Railway in 1948 as part of a subsequent order placed with ALCO to provide
new engines for the line's premiere passenger trains. This locomotive had a long and
varied career spanning nearly 35 years before a derailment forced its retirement in

The PA-1 represents a zenith in styling during the post-war streamliner era. With its
exterior design by General Electric's Ray Patten - known for his progressive styling of
modern household appliances - ALCO's PA-1 combined the graceful lines of
contemporary industrial design with the famous red and silver Santa Fe paint scheme.
Santa Fe blended Southwest Native American art & color with modern art deco styling
to create its famous "Warbonnet" paint scheme - a trademark emulated on countless
model trains and toys.

The Smithsonian locomotive is one of four that remained in service on the Santa Fe
until 1967 when they were sold to the Delaware and Hudson Railway and later the
Mexican National Railways. Two of the units were damaged in a derailment and
subsequently retired. The other two survive at the National Museum of Mexican
Railroads in Puebla. Seeing their historical significance, the two damaged units were
repatriated through the efforts of the Smithsonian Institution in 2000. One unit was
restored privately by well-known railroad preservationist and President of the Oregon
Rail Heritage Foundation, Doyle McCormack, while the other (ex-Santa Fe 59-L)
awaited disposition.

Plans call for the historic locomotive to be shipped on railroad flatcars from its current
location in Albany, Oregon to Frisco, Texas - the Museum's new permanent home. The
move will take place this fall. The Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railway, has
graciously agreed to assist in the project by providing transportation of the unit to
Texas. The locomotive represents a significant chapter in BNSF's history and its
acquisition by the Museum has generated excitement at the railroad.
The locomotive will need extensive repairs to damage it sustained in the 1981
derailment; however, the basic superstructure remains sound. "This is not unlike
raising an ancient vessel from the bottom and embarking on a major reconstruction.
Once work is complete, we will have a truly one -of-a-kind piece that will be celebrated
nationwide," said the Museum's CEO, Bob LaPrelle. The Museum will seek funds for its
restoration through a national campaign, citing the locomotive's appeal to fans and
supporters across the country. "This is a project that has broad appeal - something to
which everyone can make a contribution and share in its rebirth," said LaPrelle.

The locomotive will be restored in stages, the first of which is to stabilize the unit and
prevent any further deterioration from exposure to the elements. Consistent with the
Smithsonian's original plans, and once funding is in place, the museum will restore the
locomotive to its original 1948 Santa Fe Railway appearance - the only one of the four
survivors to wear the famous "Warbonnet" paint scheme again. The scope of work will
include extensive repairs to the locomotive's exterior, including truss -work repairs and
new stainless steel sides. While mostly cosmetic in nature, the work will not preclude a
mechanical restoration at a later date. The Museum completed a similar project on its
General Motors F-7A diesel locomotive back in 2007. The F-7A is now fully operational
and one of the signature pieces in the Museum's permanent collection.

The Museum of the American Railroad is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit Texas Corporation
chartered in 1962. The Museum is dedicated to the preservation of the nation's railroad
heritage through entertaining and educational programs. Acquisition of the PA-1
locomotive is consistent with the Museum's plans for expansion and relocation to
Frisco, Texas. For more information about the Museum of the American Railroad and
periodic updates regarding the ALCO PA-1 project, visit our website at

NEW - Connemara to celebrate reopening of Meadow Preserve with
dinner unde r the sta rs:

The Connemara Conservancy Foundation will celebrate the reopening of its 72-acre
Meadow Preserve with ―Into The Meadow,‖ a fundraising dinner on Sept. 25. The event,
including a white tablecloth dinner under the stars, will be held in the Meadow on the
border of Allen and Plano. Proceeds will benefit the Connemara Conservancy, which
currently protects more than 3,400 acres of open space throughout North Texas.

"This is definitely not going to be the typical fundraiser,‖ said Scott White, president of
the board of Connemara Conservancy Foundation. ―It's an opportunity for old friends of
the Meadow, as well those who are new to Connemara to come together for an evening
of fun and food under the stars to show their support for our mission of preserving an d
protecting important pieces of open space throughout North Texas.‖

The event will be catered by Pecan Lodge Catering. From their location in the Dallas
Farmer‘s Market, Pecan Lodge focuses on using produce fro m local farmers, which is in
keeping with Connemara‘s mission of preserving these farms and ranches.

"The great thing about this event is that it celebrates the land of North Texas as well as
local farmers who depend on the land for their livelihood and p rovide the food we eat
every day,‖ said White. ―It's a great way to remind everyone why it‘s important to help
landowners protect their land whenever we can."

The Meadow was closed to the public in 2006 for rest and rejuvenation after more than
two decades of use that included hosting sculpture exhibitions and string concerts as
well as providing area residents a place to enjoy the beauty of nature and open space.
In 2008 Connemara began hosting nature walks and guided tours for families and local
educational programs on a limited basis.

Now, the Meadow will once again be open on a daily basis for Connemara members to
come enjoy Texas‘ natural beauty a in its original form. Connemara will also continue to
hold frequent nature walks, open houses and specia l events for non-members.

More details, including ticket information, about ―Into the Meadow‖ is available online
or by calling 214-351-0990.

About Connemara
The Connemara Conservancy is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the
preservation of natural landscapes in North Texas. Connemara works with local
landowners and communities to preserve and protect land to its natural state for the
benefit of current and future generations. The more than 3,400 acres of land currently
protected by Connemara are used in educational and recreational programs and are
home to hundreds of native species of birds, animals and plant life.

NEW - Traffic Patterns Cha nge in Collin County to Accommodate SRT
Interc hange Construction:

Several traffic pattern changes along the Sam Rayburn Tollway (SRT) and Dallas North
Tollway (DNT) will occur over the next 60 to 90 days to allow crews to continue their
progress on both major interchanges at U.S. 75 and the DNT, now under construction
along the SRT corridor.

In the coming weeks at the SRT/DNT interchange, an exit ramp off the northbound
DNT will be closed in Frisco:

       On Saturday, Aug. 21, the northbound DNT exit ramp to Gaylord
        Parkway/Warren Parkway in Frisco will be closed for 100 consecutive days
        (through November 30) so the contractor can remove the old tolling structure,
        re-grade and reconstruct the ramp, and construct a new all-electronic toll
       At the new SRT/U.S. 75 (Central Expressway) in Allen, Fairview and McKinney,
        traffic within the interchange work zone will be shifted onto new pavement in
        stages, making the drive through that area more enjoyable for motorists.

Two major changes in traffic patterns near the SRT/U.S. 75 interchange are listed
below along with their anticipated time frames:

       In late August or early September 2010, all traffic on U.S. 75 within the project
        limits will be shifted onto the northbound side of the highway. Although the
        lanes will be shifted, vehicles still will have two lanes of travel in both directions
        on U.S. 75. This traffic shift will continue until the end of 2010, when traffic on
        U.S. 75 is expected to be routed into its final, regular configuration.
       By late October 2010, two major bridges – one connecting southbound U.S. 75
        to southwest-bound SRT and another connecting northeast-bound SRT to
        northbound U.S. 75 – are expected to be complete and open to traffic.

A link to the list of scheduled lane and ramp closures is also available on the front page
of the NTTA‘s website,

NEW - Construction Moving Full Speed Ahead on the President George
Bush Turnpike Western Exte nsion (SH 161):

Project crews continue to make progress toward the 2012 construction completion date
on Phase 4 of the President George Bush Turnpike Western Extension (PGBT WE (SH

The final segment of the project extends from Interstate 30 to Interstate 20, providing
continual main lanes and two major interchanges. This new corridor will provide
another critical roadway to area destinations including the Rangers Ballpark, Six Flags
and Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie and also offers an
alternative route to SH 360.

In August, crews set up the cement batch plant and the project field office sites. In
addition, crews concentrated much of their work around I-30, including excavation
operations, drilling direct-connector shafts and demolishing a gas station. Workers also
installed a construction barrier along I-30, conducted survey work and installed
advance warning signs.

Crews are also expanding their excavation activities toward the south and beginning
installation of the temporary tracks, or ―shoo fly‖ work (the installation of temporary
tracks to go around an area of construction), at the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR). As a
result, the West 14th Street UPRR crossing in Grand Prairie will close permanently
beginning Aug. 23. The purpose of the closure is to facilitate the construction of the
new crossings at the north- and southbound SH 161 frontage roads as well as the new
Main, Jefferson and UPRR bridges that extend over the President George Bush Turnpike
Western Extension main lanes.

A list of scheduled lane and ramp closures is also available in a link on the fron t page of
the NTTA‘s website.

NEW - Se nator Ne lson Announces Doubling of Air Quality Monitors in
Barnett Shale:

Senator Jane Nelson, R-Flower Mound, joined Senator Troy Fraser, Chairman of the
Senate Committee on Natural Resources, on Monday to announce a doubling of air
quality monitors in the Barnett Shale region.

"Our economy -- especially in Texas -- cannot flourish without energy. But none of us
can flourish without our health, and that has to be our top priority moving forward,"
she said.

Senator Nelson, together with other lawmakers and local officials, welcomed the
addition of eight automated gas chromatograph (AutoGC) monitors. They will bring the
total operated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to 15. The
monitors will collect emissions data around the clock to measure levels of 45 volatile
organic compounds.

Members of the Texas Legislature also directed the state environmental agency to
contract with a third-party to assist in the evaluation of the data.

Senator Nelson, who represents portions of Tarrant and Denton counties, said 42
percent of Barnett Shale drilling sites are located in those counties. "I know that these
new monitoring sites are going to be welcome news to our community," she said.

As Chairman of the Senate Health & Human Services Committee, Senator Nelson has
been working closely with the Department of State Health Services, which conducted a
series of biological tests on residents in Denton County to determine if there are any
elevated levels of the by-products associated with natural gas drilling.

She also asked the state health department to look into whether any cancer clusters
existed. "So far, the Department has found that our area's testing is in line with what
you would find in similarly populated regions. But we have to remain vigilant," said
Senator Nelson.

NEW - Capitol Ste ps – Submitted by State Representative Ken Paxton:

More Federal Stimulus Money is Not the Solution

Last week, President Obama signed into law the Education Jobs and Medicaid
Assistance Act (H.R. 1586), a $26 billion aid package for states. Yet, after the passage
of several other economic stimulus bills, including the failed Cash for Clunkers program,
I, along with many others, are concerned that this latest measure will not stimulate the
economy, but rather add to our continuously growing national debt. Rather than
throwing even more money at the problem, the federal government could better
achieve its goal of stimulating our economy by lowering the tax burden on individuals,
families and businesses and eliminating the heavy regulations on businesses operating
in our country.

According to a recent paper by economists Alan S. Blinder of Princeton University and
Mark Zandi of Moody‘s Analytics, the federal government‘s actions since the passage of
Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) will cost taxpayers over $1.6 trillion. TARP
carried a $700 billion price tag, and President Obama quickly passed a $1 trillion
economic stimulus package shortly after becoming president. Yet, our economy
continues to suffer.

The nation‘s unemployment rate has hovered near 10 percent for many months.
Detroit, the home of General Motors and Chrysler, companies that received billions of
dollars from the passage of TARP, currently has one of the highest unemployment rates
(14 percent) in the country.

Government is the least productive institution in any economy, and throwing taxpayer
money at our nation‘s economic problem is demonstratively not the solution. Rather
than picking winners and losers by targeting particular businesses and industry sectors
with stimulus dollars, the federal government (as well as state governments) should
focus on allowing all consumers, investors and employers to keep more of their money
in order to stimulate the economy.

In particular, a better use of federal dollars would be to extend the Bush tax cuts.
Currently, the taxpayers pay anywhere from 10 percent to 35 percent in federal income
taxes (this excludes the nearly 50% of Americans who do not pay any federal taxes).
If the federal government allows the tax cuts to expire, then the federal income tax
rates will return to their levels in 2000, which ranged from 15 percent to 39.6 percent.
Additionally, President Bush raised the standard deduction in 2001 for married couples
filing jointly. If Congress does not extend the Bush tax cuts, a married couple earning
$80,000 a year may pay approximately $2,200 a year more in income taxes, and a
married couple earning $160,000 a year could pay approximately $5,500 extra.
Couples with children may pay even more, as the per-child tax credit is scheduled to
revert back to $500 from $1,000.

Investors will also be affected. Under President Bush, long-term capital gains and
qualified dividends were reduced to 15 percent, and some lower income filers, such as
retired seniors, actually owed zero percent. If President Bush‘s tax cuts expire, the
capital gains rate will return to a maximum of 20 percent, and qualified dividends
would resume being taxed at the rate of the filer, which, as mentioned above, could be
as high as 39.6 percent.

The effects of the increased taxes will affect consumers, which also affect businesses
(employers). Furthermore, businesses, particularly small businesses, will have reduced
access to capital, which will undoubtedly have an effect on their ability to grow or even
maintain their workforce.

With the passage of H.R. 1586, the federal government is once again ta king taxpayer
dollars and doling them out to specific entities with failing economic policies; this time
to certain states. Texas has a constitutional requirement that prohibits us from
operating with a deficit, a constitutional prohibition against a state income tax, and a
business-friendly climate, all of which have contributed to our State‘s success. While
Texans are certainly feeling the effects of the recession, our unemployment rates are
still well below the national average and existing businesses are staying in Texas and
other companies are re-locating here providing new opportunities for workers in our
State. The federal government should look to Texas for examples on policies that
stimulate our nation‘s economy, rather than dig deeper into the pockets of taxpayers
by allowing President Bush‘s tax cuts to expire to fund failing institutions.

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