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Fixed-Mobile Convergence Market Analysis 2008

  The GSM Association is to test out a carrier ENUM service, which the trade body says will
  make it easier to send IMs, MMS, emails, videos and any other IP content between mobiles
  and fixed line phones, as well as mobile-to- mobile transmissions. The pilot will start in 2008,
  with the aim of going live with a full commercial service later on this year. The GSMA says
  four operators will be involved in the trial: Bharti Airtel, mobilkom austria, Telekom Austria
  and Telenor. Is this the next step in FMC? A brand new report, just published, examines the
  future of FMC and which technological formats will triumph.

  Fixed operators already fully understand the threat of mobile VoIP. The UK will see fixed call
  rates outstripped by mobile, and Europe is following the same trend. They know that FMC
  can allow them to deliver similar services and tariffs. Are you capturing the market s hare you
  need to? This report will help you.

  As VoIP and SIP are deployed, the natural progression to FMC infrastructure for mobile
  networks is clear. The most well known UMA service is represented by dual mode cellular or
  Wi-Fi handsets and other services are entering the market, including femtocells which will be
  both complimentary and competitive to FMC. Home consumers are open to the technology if
  it greatly improves their mobile phone voice quality and provides the necessary coverage. But
  research has found that consumers are resistant to buying, installing, and adding yet another

  With the GSM mobile operator able to offer fully converged connectivity using your existing
  core networks, subscribers will seamlessly roam from your cellular network to a WLAN,
  maintaining the call as they move from one to the other. As cellular operators increase the
  variety of services and applications they offer to their customers the issue of in-building
  coverage increases in significance.

  Both dual- mode handsets and home base-stations will be used by operators to enable them
  fulfil their strategies. Operators in the FMC market have produced FMC services on differing
  technologies. Main players include operators BT, Orange and TeliaSonera have produced
  UMA services. Players such as Telecom Italia and O2 Germany have produced FMC services
  but have stayed away from UMA. Operators and vendors alike will have to decide if UMA is
  the way forward for FMC, or if the technology is old and out dated. Hear independent opinion

  Reading this exclusive management report will tell you the following:

  •       Who are the main players in FMC and what are they doing?

  •       What are the forms of convergence and which forms of convergence will give
operators and vendors the best strategy for the future?

•       How successful will FMC be?

•       What role will quad play have in the future of FMC?

•       What are the drivers and barriers to FMC?

•       What are the main competitors to FMC?

Find out the answers to these and many other questions by buying this vital industry insight.

FMC has had a mixed response and operators need to know the market conditions when
developing their FMC services and this report will give a detailed analysis of the current
findings of FMC services world wide. Are you involved in FMC services? Should you be?
Have you identified the best path to market with these services? This report will help you
decide the right direction to take in the FMC market.

This report will also tell you what kind of a market there is to build on for FMC services and
what kind of convergence is the better strategy for operators and vendors alike.

Why you need to order this report today:

Brands/Marketers- Discover what opportunities exist in the FMC market and what the best
strategies are in this space. Learn about market issues specifically related to fixed and mobile
issues including technology, media types, demographics, past and present service popularity,
subscriber receptivity and trends.

Mobile operators- Gain an insight into the issues affecting FMC and where revenues can be
derived from this opportunity. Discover adoption and usage of new technology and services,
as well as market size data. Obtain analysis of the key market participants a nd their products
and services.

Fixed operators- Gain an insight in to the market and issues regarding FMC and what steps
need to be taken by fixed operators to counter falling voice minutes. Discover the best use that
can be made of the technology available and which areas of the market should be targeted.

Vendors- Should vendors be pushing for Wi-Fi enabled services? Will UMA be the future or
do consumers feel that the technology is outdated and irrelevant to them? Learn whether VoIP
capabilities will be the next killer app on handsets and if this will push UMA out of the
market, and what role will SIP and femtocells have to play in the future of FMC. Also, which
handsets gain the best market traction in FMC?

With mobile penetration reaching 100 per cent in many developed markets, the mobile phone
will soon be in virtually everyone’s pocket. Fixed to mobile substitution is both an active
threat and opportunity to fixed and mobile operators. Do you understand this market? Do you
  know how it will develop? Is this an issue that you need to act on and find out about now?

  Who needs to read this report?

  Directors, VP and Senior managers in:

  •       Mobile/ Cellular carriers and operators

  •       UMA service developers

  •       Handset manufacturers

  •       Fixed line operators

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